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Chapter 351: Preparations for the Final Battle (1)

Tempest landed on a clearing near where we were. I quickly ran towards their direction. Once I arrive I see Dimitri and William who I were suspecting to meet, but I saw another one that I was surprised to see. It was none other than Clara's brother, Jeremy.

As I remember, we were able to capture these siblings in the battle of Duess Canal. Clara was the only one that was able to escape captivity, and her brother Jeremy was left.

"We greet your majesty, the king of Grandcrest." The three knelt down at my presence.

"Rise." I replied. My eyes did not leave Jeremy, looking at him curiously. He also kept kneeling, while William and Dimitri stood up after my words. "What is this person doing here?" My question was aimed at Dimitri.

"Your majesty, please give me the chance to explain." Jeremy was the one that replied.

My blood was still burning with fury after what his sister did to Alex, but I kept my composure.

"Before you speak, I would like to inform you that your sister was here not long ago." I said with coldness. I can see Jeremy's body shudder with my words. "She killed one of my good men, I intend to kill her with my own hands. If you are here to plea to spare your sister's life, then I am afraid that I will decline."

"I-I understand your anger your majesty." Jeremy said, clenching his fist. "It is my fault, to have been so blind and follow Queen Patricia blindly. Captain Dimitri have opened my eyes when I was in captivity, and the other Atlantians under your command had showed me kindness even though I was your enemy. I know now that Queen Patricia was only using us to achieve her own selfish desires. I am here today to promise my allegiance to you, King Regaleon of Grandcrest." I looked at him with scrutinizing gaze.

"How can I trust your words?" I asked with doubt. "Your sister had just killed one of my men, a young fellow Atlantian who could have had a bright future ahead. Can you fight against your own sibling?"

Jeremy was still kneeling before me, with his head bowed low. His words just a while ago was firm and I can see he has resolve. But having promised his allegiance to me will come to him being against his sister that was still by Queen Patricia's side.

"Yes your majesty. I am willing to fight my own sister." Jeremy replied firmly. "But if you please give me a chance to talk to her and let her surrender, I only ask you of this and spare her life if she do so. I know we have gravely sinned when we were under Queen Patricia. I am also willing to be punished along side my sister if that is what you wish." He bowed his head and bumped the ground very hard that I was sure that his forehead could have been bruised.

I was caught of guard with the sudden declaration of Jeremy's allegiance to me that I was still conflicted. I was still hot in ager for what his sister had did to Alex. I looked at Dimitri, asking for help with making a decision.

"You majesty, if I may speak?" Dimitri knelt on one knee before me.

"Speak." I gave him permission.

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"What Jeremy said is all true, no lies have been mixed in his words. I assure you." Dimitri said.

Having Dimitri give his approval about Jeremy's words made me more assured. Dimitri had the instinct to detect any lies a person is saying, and that is because of the black magic he possess. As opposed with my white magic, black magic can detect dark emotions and desires of people which can help in detecting spies or people with dark hidden thoughts.

"In addition as to why we brought Jeremy here, he has something that can help us." Dimitri added.

"Something that can help us?" I asked and looked at Jeremy.

"Yes, your majesty. I have something that can help lessen the resolve of the queen and prince Gladiolus." Jeremy said.

"And what would that be?" I asked not really that interested because I have already decided to kill Patricia before this war ends.

"It is the hidden last will of the late crown prince of Atlantia, their elder brother and the prince Gladiolus' father." Jeremy said. "It is a recording of him stored in a magic artifact that my father gave to us. You see, my father was the late crown prince's right hand man and aide that also died in the war. He gave this to us for safe keeping, without us knowing what it truly was, until later."

"Then, why did you not give it to Patricia?" I asked curiously.

"I was already in your hands when I found out what this truly held." Jeremy took off a pair of blue earrings from his ear and gave it to me. "Me and my sister both wore one of the earrings separately as a memento from our dead father. But when she escaped and I was not able to, she left her earring to me. When the two were side by side one night, the recording emerged. This also helped me decide to take your side, your majesty."

I took the earrings and looked at it in the palm of my hands. They looked like normal sapphire earrings, but thinking that it was a magic artifact, it might have the same magic as the pendants that projected the map.

"I will look into this." I replied. "But for now I will take Dimitri's words of favor you and accept your allegiance. But I can only promise to spare your sister's life if you can really make her surrender and repent. But if I see her before you do, I am afraid you cannot see your sister alive again." I said with a cold tone. I can see Jeremy's body flinch by my words.

"I accept your words, your majesty." Jeremy said. He took out his sword from his waist and rested its tip on the ground. He held the blade with his right palm until blood oozed out of the blade and towards the ground. The blade was glowing slowly while the blood trickled down it. "I, Jeremy Bayron, swear allegiance to King Regaleon of Grandcrest. I swear upon my name to be your sworn knight as long as I shall live, and you be my only master."

What Jeremy did was an oath of a knight of Atlantia to a chosen master that was embedded with magic. It was a sign of loyalty to a knight's chosen master until the day of his last breath. Doing this just means that he has not given his oath to Patricia, because an Atlantian knight can only choose one master in his entire life. Breaking such an oath can also lose a knight's life.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley, king of Grandcrest accept your oath. From this day forth, you will be a knight under my command." Because I do not have my sword to knight him, I used my hand to touch his shoulder. "Arise, Sir Jeremy."

Jeremy stood up and looked up at me with eyes that do not falter. I was certain that I have gained good comrade. I patted his shoulder to let him know that he was now accepted as my own.

"Dimitri, we have no time to waste." I said with urgency. "Gladiolus stole the half of the key fragments and is headed to where Alicia is right now."

"I understand your majesty." Dimitri replied. "We were also attacked on our way here, albeit it was Queen Patricia's men."

"Thanks to Tempest, we were able to escape the trap they set out for us." William added. "It was a good thing that Tempest could fly much higher than the clouds. They used freezing weather to hinder our way."

"I am thankful that you arrived unharmed." I said.

"It was also thanks to Jeremy's water magic, the ice particles that hurled our way turned to water." William said patting Jeremy's shoulder.

"I-It was the least I could do." Jeremy replied with a shy face. "His majesty's familiar also helped because he had fire attribute that melted the ice fast." It looked like he was not used to compliments.

"I know how strong you are. We also have clashed our swords in the past." I said. Jeremy was surprised with the memory I remembered.

"I-I am sorry to have attacked you back then your majesty." Jeremy bowed his head. "I am deeply ashamed of myself for my ignorance."

"It is fine. All of it is in the past." I replied. "You were also young back then and was blinded with Patricia's words. By the way, do you have any idea of what she would be planning. You have been serving by her side for a long time. You could have some idea." I asked.

"Yes, since she became the queen of Jennovia, she recruited every Atlantian she could find and let them serve under her." Jeremy replied. "She might be powerful, magic wise, but she is rather hot headed. The brains of her plans comes from only one man. Head Priest Hector."

I had heard of the Head Priest Hector, and I think I have also encountered him when I saved Alicia in the Jennovian palace.

"The head priest may look like a normal frail human being, but his brains are something not to be taken lightly." Jeremy said. "He had conjured many plans and wicked schemes that you would shudder with the thought."

"So we are up against a wicked strategist." William said. "But why is he working with the queen? He is not Atlantian too, correct?"

"He is not." Jeremy replied. "I do not know the specifics, but as I know Queen Patricia had promised him something that can only be achieved with the forbidden magic. What it is, I do not know." Jeremy shook his head.

"Then we might go up against the remaining men that are still loyal to Patricia, and they are not normal humans but Atlantians. Having to call upon the black dragon army in the capital of Gandcrest would only take time that we do not have. We can make do with our numbers here but it will not be enough." I said. "Dimitri, send word to Alvannia. Tell Richard to send his royal decree for us to use the soldiers that we can find near the coast. We need to be more than prepared against Patricia's forces. We cannot underestimate them in the least."

"As you command." Dimitri bowed.

The upcoming confrontation with Patricia's forces could be the final battle to end this war. I would never let them get to Alicia and my child.

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Chapter 352: Preparations for the Final Battle (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

After the battle with Gladiolus' I let my men rest and set up camp in a more safe place. It was well past midnight but sleep evaded me. Many thoughts have been running inside my head that I cannot rest easily. I gave up sleeping and went out of my tent to reorganize my thoughts. After stepping out, I saw Dimitri sitting quietly by my tent entrance.

"Your majesty." Dimitri bowed and greeted me.

"Why are you not resting Dimitri?" I asked. "You have traveled without stopping. I am sure you are also fatigued."

"I cannot just let his majesty rest without someone guarding your tent." Dimitri said with a solemn voice.

I remember ordering all my men to sleep and rest to restore enough energy for the trip back to the city of Veluria. I have rejected them having to take turns guarding me, since I know all of them are fatigued after the battle with Gladiolus' men. Some of them are also injured and wounded, and unfortunately some also lost their lives in the fight.

"How about you, your majesty? Don't you also need to rest?" Dimitri asked. "Can you not sleep, thinking about her majesty?" I sighed deeply hearing Dimitri's words.

"You know me to well, Dimitri." I made a faint smile.

"I have been by your side since you were young. If anyone would know you quite well, then that will be no other than me." Dimitri said with a faint smile. "In fact, I see you as a little brother your majesty." I smiled hearing his words.

"I also look up to you as an older brother." I said with all honesty. "You were all I have when mother left this world. And I am grateful that you have never left me alone in that palace that were filled with snakes, just waiting to snap at me once I let my guard down."

"It has been my pleasure serving you, sire." Dimitri replied.

"Sleep seems to not want to visit me tonight." I sighed. "I cannot but help worry, now that Gladiolus has the other half of the key."

"I understand your majesty's worries, but please rest assured that he cannot go near her majesty with just half of the key." Dimitri said. "The other half is still in our possession, and because of that they are surely to have to change their plans."

What Dimitri just said was true. Gladiolus cannot do anything with just the half of the key. At least I was relieved knowing that he cannot go to where Alicia was, with the divine beast guarding. But the threat is still there. As Jeremy had said, Patricia had a cunning tactician on her side. High Priest Hector is not someone to be taken lightly.

"They will surely need ships to board if they want to reach the forbidden magic's location. It would be best to station guards on all ports on the east coast." I said while deep in thought.

"I have already sent a letter to his highness, crown prince Richard in the capital with the request of deploying nearby forces of Alvannia." Dimitri said. "But with such little time to prepare, I am not sure if we can have the numbers to face off Queen Patricia's army of Atlantians. If only my special unit can travel here with the speed of light." He said with regret.

"We did not anticipate such things to happen Dimitri, so do not blame yourself." I patted his shoulders. "I would be thankful to my brother in law if he can deploy Alvannian forces nearby to aid us. At least we can face off Patricia's own army."

Richard is currently his father, King Edward's proxy at the moment, feigning illness as a cause. But in truth, Edward was planning to step down from his position after a Richard gains experience. As for Dimitri's half of the special unit, they have gone back to Grandcrest when William picked him up. Even if Dimitri send orders summoning them, it will takes at least two weeks for them to travel the fastest by the southern seas. Traveling by land will take them a month to get from end to end of the continent even without much stops along the way.

'Normal humans are no match to Atlantians with fighting magic, and I am sure Patricia's men are not some weaklings to look down upon. They might be not that big in number, but even a handful of them could be equal in strength as one battalion of humans.' I thought. 'We would need Dimitri's unit to keep them at bay or at least someone as powerful as an Atlantian.' That was when I remembered the sirens and lycans that had just become my ally.

"Dimitri, send word to Anatalia in Veluria." I said. "She was left in Duke Destia's estate to keep an eye on Alicia. Tell her I will be needing the help of her race."

"Consider it done your majesty." Dimitri replied humbly.

"And tell Chris that to make a detour to the ruins where we found our key fragment before going to Veluria." I said. "I have a message to give to the lycan leader Belgor."

"L-Lycan leader?" Dimitri gave me a shock and confused expression.

"It is a long story, but to explain it we met the lycans of ancient times and I was able to become allies with them." I replied. "I guess I formed a relationship as a blood brother to their leader."

"I believe that what happened was not an easy task." Dimitri sighed. "I am sorry for not being by your side, your majesty." He said apologetically.

"It is fine because Alex was with me." I felt a bitter pain in my chest remembering the young man. Dimitri saw my expression and knew right away what I was feeling.

"Do not worry, your majesty. I have already sent a letter to the capital informing of your orders about his younger brother." Dimitri assured.

"Thank you as always, Dimitri." I replied. I was feeling tired after our discussion. With making plans, I guess my heart felt at ease. "It is already late and we have a busy day ahead. Take some rest Dimitri, I will need you by my side with our battle with Patricia's forces. And I hope this will be our final battle with them." I plan in ending Patricia in our next confrontation.

"I understand, your majesty." Dimitri bowed. "Please rest as well." I smiled, knowing that Dimitri is acting as a nagging older brother.

"I will, so be sure to take some rest as well." I smiled.

Looking up at the night sky full of stars, I cannot help but think about my wife Alicia.

'How long has it been since we have been parted from one another? I think a month has passed.' I thought and lost count of the days. I was only focused on getting the key fragments that I lost track of time. 'I still have a few hours to sleep until dawn breaks. Might as well get some shut eye before departing. I will need to be in full strength and with focused mind for the battle coming.'


My consciousness was returning ever so slightly. I can feel my body floating in mid air. The feeling was strange but I felt safe. I tried opening my eyes but I can feel my eyelids being heavy, as if they do not want me to wake up.

I was able to open them a little, getting a little glimpse. I looked at my surroundings feeling confusion.

'Where am I?' I thought, but then remembered about my conversation with the Almighty One. 'Oh yes, I remember. I am at the depths of the sea.'

My body felt heavy and I cannot really move. To top it off I still feel drowsiness over me. I looked at my body, and I was actually floating in mid air. But that was not what caught me by surprise. What I saw when I looked down was my bulging stomach. It was huge, as if I was in my late months of pregnancy.

'How long was I asleep?' I wondered. 'Why hasn't Regaleon come and get me?' I felt a pain in my heart, thinking that maybe Regaleon has forgotten about me and our child.

I want to scold Regaleon in my mind for not finding me much earlier, but the drowsiness came back in full power. My eyelids closed on their own and I was pulled in deep sleep once more.

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Chapter 353: Chess Pieces (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

Once day broke, my men and I prepared for our departure. Chris who was hurt in the fight yesterday was now in full vigor after I have healed him. Others who were also injured seriously was healed with the help of my white magic. I tried to persuade them to rest and leave the fight to those that are still in full capacity, but they were adamant and refused to be left out in the fight that could be the last battle with Patricia and her men.

"Good morning, your majesty." Chris greeted me. "Captain Dimitri had given me orders to send word to the lycan leader Belgor." I bowed as a reply to his greeting.

"Yes." I replied. "I will need you to make a detour before returning to Veluria. Take some men with you and give this letter to the lycan leader Belgor. Tell them that I sent you."

"I heed your orders." Chris bowed.

"How are you feeling?" I asked in genuine worry.

"I am quite all right now, thanks to your white magic your majesty." Chris replied.

"You know that I have excused you and the others that were injured from the upcoming battle." I said. "You do not need to push yourself. Even if I have healed your external injuries, your body is still recuperating from within."

"I understand your majesty's worry, but me and the other men would like to stand and fight by your side in this upcoming battle." Chris replied. "We will need all the help we can get." I sighed, knowing what he said was correct.

"Then at least promise me that you will do everything in your power to stay alive." I patted his shoulder. "Losing my men is also hard for me, as a leader." My words hit Chris, as if he was in the brink of tears but held back.

"We will try our best, your majesty!" Chris said with a burst of emotions. "We are happy to serve you, and plan to until the day we die."

"I am happy to hear that. But I would prefer you fight to stay alive as well." I smiled.

"Your majesty, all the preparations to depart are done." Dimitri walked towards us.

"Hmm, then let us depart." I ordered.

The plan was to journey back to Veluria. My men will be traveling in horseback while me, Dimitri and William will ride Tempest back to the city. Chris will take three men with him to make a detour to the lycan's lair.

With this arrangement, my group will arrive first in Veluria with the group of men arriving after a day in horseback. Chris' men will be the last to arrive. I have planned to get back first to prepare Alvannia's forces, once a reply to my request from Richard came. Using messenger falcons, I am sure that a reply would arrive before the afternoon.

"Tempest!" I called.

Not long, I saw Tempest's falcon form hovering from above. In a blink of an eye, he transformed into his phoenix form and landed smoothly in a clearing near me.

"Long time no see, master." Tempest said while bowing his head low for me to reach.

"It really has been a while." I carefully rubbed his head. "Have you rested well?"

"Yes, I have." Tempest replied.

"I am sorry to overwork you like this." I smiled apologetically.

"If you my master is restless, I probably will not rest easily as well." Tempest replied. "I am also worried for the mistress."

"Thank you, as always." I replied. "I will need you by my side."

"And I will be here to help you, like always, my master." Tempest replied.

"We are ready your majesty." William said and Dimitri nodded.

"Then let us go." I said.

The three of us mounted Tempest. And in no time, we were airborne.


We arrived in the port city of Veluria at noon. Once we landed, Duke Destia greeted me.

"Your majesty, welcome back." Duke Destia said. "I am happy to see you unharmed."

"Thank you for your concern, Duke Destia." I replied to the old man. "Has a letter from the capital of Alvannia came?" I asked.

"A letter?" Duke Destia asked in puzzlement. "None so far has arrived, your majesty."

"I see." I replied. "Then please inform me instantly if a letter comes. I will be by the shore."

"As you wish, your majesty." Duke Destia bowed.

"Where is your son Raphael by the way." I asked.

"My son is currently by the port, your majesty." Duke Destia replied. "He is ensuring that no ship will set sail to the eastern sea. As you know, some people do not follow orders easily if no one in a high position is standing guard. That is why he had taken the position to keep watch."

"That is good to hear." I replied. "At least this port is in watchful eyes."

I walked quickly, making my way towards the shore, where I knew I could find Anatalia. Not long, I can hear the waves of the sea splash in the shores. The brown sand that was listening with the sun's light looked like gold in my eyes. My strides were quick, and I was by the shore in no time. I was about to call for Anatalia when I heard her voice.

"Hey, Leon!" I heard Anatalia's voice. I looked around the wide sea searching for her until I spot her I few meters away.

"Anatalia!" I waved at her. I saw her swim swiftly in the water until she came walking out of it.

Anatalia was completely naked without any care in the world. I knew that she was still young, but all of us here are men. I quickly took off my coat and draped it around the young Anatalia.

"Thank you." Anatalia smiled.

"You need to be careful in the future. Not all human men are gentlemen, like the ones here." I scolded. Dimitri and William were avoiding their gaze when they saw Anatalia rise from the sea without any clothes on.

"I will keep that in mind." Anatalia smiled. "By the way, I got your letter sent by a bird. I have already sought help from my siren sisters. They are now scouring the east coast as we speak. They are keeping an eye out for suspicious ships."

"Thank you so much." I said with gratitude.

"It is the least we could do to help." Anatalia replied. "Do not worry, we will not let any bad people near Alicia." She said with conviction and smiled.

"How is Alicia doing?" I asked Anatalia. She have kept watch under the sea near to where Alicia was. I am really grateful that a siren like her is in our side.

"She is still in deep sleep as I what I can see from afar." Anatalia replied. "But there is something a little off?" She pinched her chin in thought.

"What is it?" I asked in worriment.

"Only a month has passed by, but her stomach is getting bigger every single day." Anatalia said. "If my predictions are correct, she could give birth any day from now."

I combed my hair with my fingers feeling anxiety with this new predicament. Alicia's pregnancy was anything but normal. If I can put it in words, this was a magical pregnancy. That just means that time was not working in our favor. I do not want Alicia to give birth all by herself in the cold depths of the sea.

"We need to find Patricia's forces and get the half of the key fast." I said.

"Your majesty!" A servant from Duke Destia's estate was running towards us. "A letter has arrived from the capital!" He was waving a white envelope.

The servant was panting when he reached us and respectfully handed me the envelope. The enveloped was sealed with the Alvannian royal family's crest. I opened it in a hurry and unfolded the letter in no time.

As expected, Richard had given a royal edict for me to use the Alvanninan forces nearby. That means with this letter signed by him, I can mobilize Alvannian soldiers near here and also give orders to other ports in the east coast to seize ships from departing. Not only that, Richard has mobilized the royal army of Alvannia to aid us. The royal army has departed the capital at dawn and is now marching as we speak.

"Dimitri, take this letter and get as many Alvannian soldiers to be on stand by and prepare for battle." I ordered.

Alvannia's east coast cities have at least a proper amount of soldiers. It would be better to have them on stand by if ever we need them in the slightest. The royal army of Alvannia has been deployed, but it will take at least two days to get here from the capital. And time is not something we can take for granted.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri bowed.

"William, you go to the other ports in the east coast of Alvannia. Tell them to seize any departure of ships, big or small." I ordered. "We cannot overlook small ports. Patricia can make use of any modes of transportation necessary to reach her goal. And with Hector as her adviser, I do not know what other schemes they have." I said.

"I receive your orders, your majesty." William bowed.

"You can take Tempest, so that you can travel much faster." I told the both of them.

And with that, the chess pieces are all in place. 'What will be your next move, Patricia?' I thought.

With my defenses in place, I only need to wait for Patricia's next move.

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Chapter 354: Chess Pieces (2)

(In a mansion somewhere in the east coast of Alvannia)

"Are you sure about this?" A short stout man that looked like a noble was looking afraid. "What if you do not succeed and I was implicated in aiding you?"

"Do not worry baron. I assure you that we will win in this war." High Priest Hector said with a confident smile.

The baron shivered seeing Hector's smile. He seemed like a demon under the disguise of an angel.

"And with this amount of magic stones in your disposal, you can defend yourself even if the royal army came." High Priest Hector said. "And after we win this war, we will keep our promise to you. You will be given the title of archduke and be given dominion of all Alvannia. The nobles that have looked down upon you will be under your hands, you can do as you please with them. The royal family that turned a blind eye towards you will be kicked off from their place. Well if you want, you can take the eldest princess as your mistress after you make her a widow. I heard she was quite a beauty."

The baron's eyes that was filled with fright a while ago was now glowing with lust. The tempting words of the high priest rubbed his lust for power and for beautiful women.

"My ships are at your disposal." The baron replied eagerly. "My private port is small, but it can surely accommodate most of my ships."

"It is enough for us." High Priest Hector replied. "Then we will be under your hospitality tonight. I bid you goodnight."

"Yes, yes. Please rest well here in my mansion." The baron said.

High Priest Hector walked away and ascended the stairs towards a room. He knocked before opening.


"Come in." A voice of a woman is heard inside.

The high priest opened the door and came inside. "Greetings, my queen. Have you situated yourself comfortably?"

"Hmph, what do you think?" Queen Patricia said with an irritated face. She was seating by the window looking outside.

"I apologize if this mansion is shabby. But this is the best place to lay low for a while." High Priest Hector said. "The baron's estate is the best choice because of the small private port and ships he has. It will be the easiest way to go to the eastern sea undetected."

"Do you think that the baron will keep aiding us?" Queen Patricia asked.

"Human's that are greedy are the easiest to manipulate, your majesty. I assure you that he is of use to us." High Priest Hector said with an innocent smile.

"You look like a humble old priest, but you spout such evil words. And to think that I am still not used to your looks until now." Queen Patricia grumbled. "Just do not betray me in the end."

"If you hold your end of the bargain, I will be forever be loyal to you your majesty." High Priest Hector knew that Patricia was still wary of him even after so many years of their collaboration.

"I will give you what you want, do not worry." Queen Patricia replied.

What the high priest wants was eternal youth, a body that does not age. And to achieve that, obtaining the forbidden magic is necessary.


"Your majesty, his highness crown prince Gladiolus has arrived." A servant said from outside the door.

"My son is back!" Queen Patricia quickly stood up from her seat and pushed aside Hector and the servants that were in the way.

"The only time she looks genuinely concerned is only to her son." High Priest Hector said with a scoff and shook his head slowly.

Meanwhile down stairs, Gladiolus and Clara were about to go inside when Gladiolus staggered in his step and fell off balance. Clara was quick to lend a hand by his side.

"Your highness, you can lean on me for support." Clara said while holding Gladiolus.

"I do not need your help. Get off me." Gladiolus said with irritation and pushed her away. Clara was clearly hurt by his words.

"But… I just want to help you your highness." Clara said with sorrowful eyes, like a puppy thrown away by its master.

"I do not want any other woman to touch me other than my future wife." Gladiolus said with anger.

"Gladiolus, my son." Queen Patricia was seen running down the stairs. "You have come back. Did your trip become fruitful." Gladiolus shot a glance towards his mother. Patricia was taken aback from his son's hateful gaze.

"Is that the first thing you will ask your son that just got back from a fight?" Gladiolus words were coated with frosty coldness. "Wouldn't a mother ask the well being of her son first before everything else."

"O-Of course…" Queen Patricia was startled with her son's cold words. "How are you my son? Are you hurt anywhere."

"Heh…" Gladiolus scoffed. "Why did I not see it before?"

"W-What do you mean… Gladiolus?" Queen Patricia was clearly confused with her son's cold tone.

*cough cough*

Gladiolus had a coughing fit just then and coughed out some blood.

"Gladiolus!" Queen Patricia showed genuine concern and wanted to tend to his son.

"Do not touch me!" Gladiolus slapped her hand away with force.

"G-Gladiolus?" Queen Patricia was surprised with what had just happened. It was the first time that her son had done something like this to her. She showed a painful expression on her face.

"Is this what you want?" Gladiolus took out half of the key fragment that he had obtained.

"The key fragment!" Queen Patricia smiled happily after seeing the key fragment in her son's hands. "I knew you would be triumphant in obtaining it. You really make me proud, my son."

"Make you proud?" Gladiolus scoffed. "Did you know what danger I faced just to get this item? I had to fight to the death just to get it!"

"I know you are strong my son. You will not be defeated by some half blood." Queen Patricia said.

"So you knew that he had Atlantian royal blood flowing in his veins, mother?" Gladiolus asked. "What other things are you keeping from me?"

"I-I did not think it was something important. He is not someone special." Queen Patricia stuttered. She did not know why her son is becoming hostile towards her.

"And Alicia… do you plan on killing her once we get to her?" Gladiolus asked.

Queen Patricia was caught off guard with Gladiolus' question. She had planned to kill Alicia once she find a way to transfer the forbidden magic to her. But his son genuinely loves her, and she knows that she cannot tell him of her plans.

"Of course not. How can I kill my niece?" Queen Patricia lied. "She will be your wife, and you will make offsprings that have pure Atlantian royal blood once more."

Gladiolus was silent for a while. He looked at his mother with a serious gaze.

"I will be holding on to this." Gladiolus put the half of the key fragment back in his pocket. He walked towards his mother, and stopped just by her side. "I do not know if I can still trust you, but I will not let you near Alicia. Once I get her back, I will take her to a place where you cannot find us. If you really love me as your son, then you will let us be on our own." He whispered to her and went upstairs.

Queen Patricia was surprised with her son's words. She does not know what happened that made him this hostile towards her, his own mother.

"It looks like your son became hostile to you." High Priest Hector had seen what happened from up stairs. "It looks like you will have a problem with obtaining the forbidden magic for your own."

Queen Patricia clenched her fist in anger after hearing High Priest Hector's words. She looked at him with a piercing gaze.

"We will still proceed as planned." Queen Patricia said. "We will let Gladiolus do what he wants at first. But after he gets Alicia, that is when we will strike. I will deal with my son in the aftermath."

"As you wish your majesty." High Priest Hector bowed. "But we only have half of the key. That means the other half is in King Regaleon's hands."

"That damn brat!" Queen Patricia said with fury.

"Do not worry, we still have a chance." High Priest Hector said. "We just need the two halves of the key to be in the same place at the same time." He smiled deviously.

"What do you mean?" Queen Patricia looked at the high priest questioningly.

"We just need to bait the king to the location of the forbidden magic." High Priest Hector said.

Queen Patricia quickly understood what the high priest was saying. There was no law saying that the key should be whole to be able to get to where the forbidden magic was. And now that Alicia was clearly at the center of it all, there was no lock to be opened using the key. They only need to take that woman and they clearly have won.

"I understand." Queen Patricia smiled after understanding High Priest Hector's plan. "And being in open sea is a great advantage to my Gladiolus."

"Yes, his highness prince Gladiolus will have great advantage in fighting in open sea. With all that water at his disposal." High Priest Hector said. "We can defeat the king of Grandcrest in this battle."

The two have their plan set in place.

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Chapter 355: The Crown Prince’s Message (1)
(Regaleon's POV)

Dimitri's men that traveled by horseback had returned to Veluria by nightfall. I can see their tiredness from the trip, and so I ordered them to rest the night. Chris' small group on the other hand had not come back. It was because of the mission I gave to him. I have sent him on a detour to the lycan's lair to seek their assistance in this upcoming battle. I was not sure if Belgor and the lycans will heed my call to arms, but I have my hopes up that they would.

I have sent Dimitri and William on an errand earlier when Richard's letter arrived. While riding Tempest in his phoenix form, they have gone to the nearby coast cities to mobilize the soldiers there and be on stand by when we would need them. They also had gone to every port found in the east coast of Alvannia to cease any departure to the eastern city, and to keep an eye on suspicious individuals that would ask for ships to rent.

I was currently standing at the balcony of the room that Alicia and I used when we first got here in the port city of Veluria. The balcony overlooks the eastern sea, where Alicia is currently. The faint glow in the horizon came from the location where she was at. I sighed, knowing that I am so close to her but I could not even go near her.


"Your majesty, it is me." Dimitri's voice came from outside the door.

"Come in." I replied.

The door opened and Dimitri walked inside holding a tray with a tea set and some snacks.

"Tricia made this for you, your majesty." Dimitri put down the tray on the table. "She said this was to help you rest well. She knows that you are tired your majesty and is worried about you."

"Please deliver her my thanks." I smiled with the simple thought from Tricia.

"She is also anxious and restless, your majesty." Dimitri said. "She wants to help it the littlest ways as possible such as this. She also made some for my men."

I took a sit on the couch and let Dimitri pour me some tea on my cup. I smell the scent of the tea, and it had a calming effect on me.

"I am sure that she is also worried for my wife." I took a sip from my cup and my body instantly felt relaxed. "It is good that she also served this tea to your men. It has a calming effect. Why don't you seat and have tea as well, Dimitri."

"Thank you for the offer, your majesty." Dimitri bowed and took a sit in front of me. He also poured tea in an empty cup and accompanied me in drinking.

"Is there still no information where Patricia's forces are hiding?" I asked.

"There is still no word your majesty." Dimitri replied. "But do not worry, we have already have soldiers stationed in every port in the east coast. If ever there is something suspicious, they will send a word immediately and let us know."

"That is good to hear." I sighed. "But I cannot help but feel anxious. They might only have half of the key but we do not know what they are planning. They may try to get this half that is in my hands."

I took out the other half of the key I have kept safe with me in all times. I have made it to be placed in a chain that was tied around my neck for safe keeping.

"If only I can go to where Alicia is with just half of the key." I sighed once again, remembering my wife that was in the depths of the sea all alone. I cannot but help fell worried about the safety of her and my unborn child.

"I know that waiting is the most frustrating to know you majesty but until we see what the other side's next move is, we are in the dark and blind." Dimitri replied. "But I feel that we do not need to wait that much longer anyway. The light coming from her majesty's location is getting even brighter, like the first time it flashed. I believe something might happen at any time now."

I remembered what Anatalia had just said a while ago. Alicia's tummy is already bulging and she may be giving birth any time soon. This was another problem that I was very anxious about. At the very least, I want to be by my wife's side once she gives birth. I want to be there when my child goes out into this world. I want to hold them both in my arms.

"Do not worry your majesty. Anatalia is watching her majesty carefully. We will know once something happens." Dimitri saw the worry etched in my face. "The sirens as well are helping us monitor the easter coast's shores. With there help, we would know any valuable information."

"Thank you as always, Dimitri." I appreciate Dimitri's help. I know that he is helping me in every ways possible.

I was drinking tea when I saw something sparkling at the top of the table by the bedside. When I focused my gaze there, I realized that it was the pair of earrings the Jeremy had given to me. It contains the message from the late crown prince of Atlantia, Gladiolus' father.

I put my cup down and walked over to the bedside table. I picked the earrings and put them in my palm, looking at them curiously.

"Have you seen the message inside, your majesty?" Dimitri asked me.

"I haven't yet." I replied. "I just feel that seeing it is like prying into the late crown prince's last will. I feel like I am invading his private message."

As per Jeremy had said, the message that this contains can help make Patricia and Gladiolus stop this fighting. I am not really think that it is very important because I have already planned to finish Patricia by my own hands, but I am a bit curious of the contents of the late crown prince's message.

"Are you not even a bit curious your majesty?" Dimitri asked. "Jeremy had entrusted the message to you, meaning he trusts that you would use this for the good of everyone."

"You are correct." I replied. "I guess it would be good to at least see its contents."

I placed the pair of earrings on the center table side by side. It then started to resonate with one another. A white light bursts out and enveloped the whole room. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them, I saw a projection of a young man. The young man looked much like Gladiolus, except for the long waist length hair. His eyes were more calm looking, rather than Gladiolus' sharp eyes that I think he got from his mother Patricia. The young man I am sure is no other than the late crown prince of Atlantia. The projection started to talk and relay his message.

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