✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 181 - 185 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 181 Officially ended

Abi was so shocked that she pinched her cheeks to check if she actually fell asleep a while ago and this was now a dream because it was just too hard to believe. Was he really going to break his own rules? What if she would ask him to love her? Did he even think about that?

"Ouch!" she immediately rubbed the skin she just pinched. It appeared this wasn't a dream.

"Come here," Alex stretched out his arm seeing that the girl was having a hard time believing what he just said.

Abi moved and the man pulled her down, making her lie on his perfect, masculine chest.

"You're not dreaming. So tell me what you want now, Abi," he said weekly near her ear and Abi's heart pound even harder.

She fell silent for a moment and then she suddenly pulled away and looked into his eyes.

"Marry me!" she exclaimed.

Alex looked dumbstruck. It seemed this was something he didn't expect her to say. He had been expecting this girl to ask for his love in return, like all the others did after they confessed to him but she had surprised him, yet again.

Abi bit her lips and let her body fall on him again. She knew that that request was too much especially as he had told her before that he would never get married. But there was no way Abi would ask him to love her. She would never do that. You couldn't force someone to love you, even if you begged until your voice was gone.

But… asking him to marry her was over the top as well. She couldn't possibly marry him just to leave him after eight more days. No matter how much she wanted this to happen, even if this was her ultimate wish, she would never force Alex to marry her.

"Kidding, hehe," she muttered. "Give me ten minutes to think, okay?" she asked and she fell quiet again.

Alex on the other hand lifted his free hand and covered his eyes with the back of his hand. He took his phone and saw that it was still twenty minutes before 12, before her birthday officially ended.

Deep lines formed in his forehead before he closed his eyes again.

After a minute or two, Alex opened his eyes and tapped something on his phone before he rose and sat on the bed.

"Ugh, I have too many wishes to ask that I can't choose!" Abi grinned at him but Alex didn't reply. He just stood up, walked towards his window and opened it.

The moon was out, big and bright. He looked up at it silently as Abi watched his back. He seemed to be letting the cold wind blow on him. Was he trying to cool his head?

Looking at him that moment, Abi saw it again, that profound ancient and lonesome feeling he was emitting. It was only for another fleeting moment but Abi felt that strange tinge of pain in her chest as she looked at him.

She frowned. She was about to climb off the bed to approach him when the man turned and walked back towards her. He sat at his spot but he didn't lay down. He quietly leaned against the bed's headboard.

"It's 11: 50," said Alex as he glanced at his phone and Abi straightened.

"Give me five more minutes," she negotiated. What should she ask him? What were the things she wanted the most? She racked her brain but she always ended up with just two things – him, marrying her or loving her – two things she wished would come true but something she could never ask him to do. She couldn't be greedier and more selfish than she already was. She'd rather bury those wishes than force him to do those things and hurt him in the end.

Thinking hard, Abi didn't notice that her five minutes was up. Alex, glanced at the time on his phone before his eyes fell on the window.

After a couple of minutes,

"Abi, go close the window," he suddenly told her. Abi's head flew towards him and she blinked, a little confused.

But she still climbed off the bed and walked towards the window.

She held the window and was about to pull it closed when she noticed the moon. She smiled at it as she said muttered the word 'beautiful'.

Letting out a quiet breath Abi pulled the window in when she heard a sound of flapping wings. 'A bird?' she thought. She shrugged and was going to pull it again when a bird suddenly landed on the window frame.

Abi blinked. Eh? A white dove? In the middle of the night?

"Oh, little whitey, where did you come from?" she smiled at it. She just couldn't help it because the bird was beautiful.

"Did you escape from your owner or something?" She lifted her hand, attempting to touch its cloud-like smooth feathers when her hand paused in midair.

Her gaze flicked with shock because she finally noticed that there was something in the bird's beak.

It was a ring!

Abi just stood there frozen.

"A-alex, there's a bird," she said and the bird put the ring down and flew away. "Wait!"

She reached out her hand but the bird had already flown away. She looked at the ring on the windowsill. Her heart was beating damn so wild as her hand moved to pick it up.

She lifted it so slowly as she stared at it. The ring was an emerald ring and seemed so ancient

Abi turned and looked at Alex.

"Alex, look…" she uttered as she slowly walked towards him.

Alex looked at the shock and disbelief in her face and spoke, "That's the only ring I possess right now. We can replace it tomorrow if you –"

"You… t-this is yours?" she stammered, cutting him off. She felt like her heart was about to explode.


"And, you're giving it to me?"

"Yes, Abigail."


Alex eyes flicked with something unfathomable before he stood up and gracefully walked closer to her without tearing his eyes off her. He stared at the ring in her hand, took it and then he lifted her left hand.

He gazed at her intently for a while. "Because I'm going to grant your wish," he said and he put the ring on her ring finger before he looked up again. "I will marry you, Abigail."
Chapter 182 Somewhere

"I will marry you, Abigail," he said and Abi felt like her blood had been drained out of her. Her heart hammered erratically and her lower lip began to tremble.

And then, her eyes welled and tears began to flow from her eyes. She bowed her head as she wiped her tears away but the tears didn't stop flowing. Were these tears of joy? But why did her heart ache at the same time?

Her ultimate wish was going to be granted. She had accepted that it would remain as a mere dream that would be buried along with her one day. She thought that it would only happen in her dream yet here he was, telling her that he would make it happen in reality.

Abi was happy, so happy she couldn't express it in words. But she was also scared, deathly afraid, and she didn't know why. Was she scared for Alex?

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Alex pulled her out of her thoughts. He sounded confused and she understood why. He must have been expecting her to jump in happiness since he knew just how much she had been wishing for this.

She gulped nervously as she lifted her face again and looked into his eyes, and with everything she could muster, she opened her lips to speak but not to respond his questions.

"B-but why? You said you would never marry?" she asked him, her eyes still red. She remembered his words clearly from that night so why? Why was he doing this?

Alex's unmoving gaze was accompanied by deliberate slow breathing, like he was fighting to hold something back but he remained calm and serious as he replied, "I am doing this because this is my gift for you, Abigail."

A tear fell from her eyes again and she hugged him.

"Y-you're not forcing yourself to grant me this wish, right?" she asked against his chest.

"I'm not," he answered without a hint of hesitation.

Abi's grip on him tightened. This was still too hard for her to believe. Must he really go this far for a birthday present?

"I'm so happy, Alex… but, I don't want to force you," she mumbled and Alex held her shoulders to make some space between them. He held her face up and stared into her eyes.

"If you're happy, then stop crying."

Abi sniffled. "I'm sorry, I'm just finding it hard to believe this is real, Alex, and I still don't understand why…"

The man gently pinched her check before kissing it and a smile curved on his face.

"Well, I guess I just want to see what you would be like as my wife. Just as you said, why don't I try it?" he said as he brushed away the remnants of tears from her face.

And then, he lifted her up and tucked her into bed. He went and closed the window before he laid beside her.

Abi was gazing at him, her eyes still filled with wonder and disbelief.

"So? What do you want to happen next? What kind of wedding do you want?" he asked and Abi felt like her mind was shutting down. He just proposed and now he was actually going to talk about the wedding?

Seeing her dumbstruck expression, he bent and kissed her lips.

"Fine. We'll talk about that tomorrow. It's already midnight," he said and pulled her close to him.

Abi snuggled closer to him, holding him tight as they cuddled. Her mind was spinning around so she closed her eyes, as if that would stop the dizzying thoughts. She didn't want to sleep. She wanted to think about this, but her body betrayed her and she easily fell into a deep slumber, as if the day had been so tiresome and all her energy had been drained from her.

Noticing that Abi was already asleep, Alex let out a deep, long sigh. His eyes were shut closed and his brows knotted tightly as he lifted his hand and rested it on his forehead. He looked like something was tormenting him.

He stayed like that for hours, but when he turned and wrapped his arm around Abi, embracing her tightly, the lines on his forehead slowly disappeared and he, too, finally joined her in the realm of dreams.

The next morning, Abi was the one who woke up first. Alex was still sleeping which was really rare.

Abi then slowly remembered everything that happened last night and she gasped. She stared at the ring on her finger and it appeared that everything she remembered was real. The emerald ring on her finger was beautiful despite it looking really ancient and old.

Abi couldn't hold back her smile as she stared at Alex. She lay down again as she watched his immaculate sleeping face.

She clenched her chest and she didn't feel that scared anymore. She just felt delighted. There was no reason for her to hold back anymore. Maybe, this was heaven's gift for her. She also understood that maybe, Alex just really wanted to experience it too. If that was the case, there was no reason for her not to rejoice. This was his gift and she didn't have the right to reject anything that Alex was giving her. She could never do that.

Abi slowly moved and kissed the sleeping man's forehead with all the feeling she could muster. She wished that she could do something for him too. She wished that he too had a dream that she could fulfill.

Time passed and Alex woke up. The breakfast was lively and pleasant as always but Abi was visibly happier. She was all smiles and happiness was radiating from her skin, infecting everyone around her.

Alex loved the look on her face. He could see that she was genuinely happy, making him feel glad as he too smiled from watching her.

Abi had taken the ring off and wore it as a necklace because she didn't want her family to ask about it. She didn't want them to know about her getting married because Abi knew that they would surely be against it, since they had not been dating that long. She also didn't want to cause any trouble and heartbreak for her family when she returned after eight days back home because she knew they wouldn't understand why.

Once they left the house, Abi and Alex began to talk about the plans. Abi had thought about it and decided that it would be best for them to marry in secret. The less people who knew about it, the better.

They talked about it and Abi was talking so excitedly while Alex drove slowly, listening to her.

"But I think I should really ask you first to see if you already had a plan, Alex. Do you?" she asked him with curiosity and interest.

The man glanced at her and parked the car on the road side. He faced her and stared into her eyes.

"I do have a plan, Abigail," he told her and Abi stared back at him in great anticipation. "I would like to take you somewhere tomorrow."


"Yes, some place where no one else will be around but us."
Chapter 183 Warning

Abi felt her heart accelerate. Excitement, nervousness and anticipation flooded her eyes as she looked at him.

"Where will you be taking us?" she asked but Alex just smiled. He stretched his hand and pulled her into his lap.

"You will see, Abigail," he said and he suddenly kissed her. He didn't kiss her deeply this time around. His kiss was incredibly gentle and tender.

When he pulled away, he brushed her pink lips with his thumb. "We will stay there for the rest of the month, Abigail, just the two of us," he added and Abi gaped at him.

"Y-you mean… l-like a honeymoon?" she stammered.

"Mn," he nodded and Abi gushed. Her palms flew and covered her lips. "Since our marriage will be done in secret, I think you should tell everyone that you are going somewhere for a holiday and will return at the end of the month. You can't disappear just like that or people will be worried about you and ask the police to look for you." He smirked and Abi fully understood what he meant.

Abi agreed. She told him she would tell her work, her friend and her family today so Alex dropped her off at the orphanage. The man told her he would wait for her at home, even telling her not to worry about the wedding.

Abi just smiled widely as she waved at him. She understood that this man wanted her to leave everything to him but she wanted to do something as well so she planned to go home early that day.

However, once Abi entered the orphanage, some bad news welcomed her. She was told that little Betty was in dire condition so she rushed to the hospital, forgetting to inform them about her being away for the rest of the month.

A doctor had just left little Betty's room in the ICU when she arrived. She rushed towards him to ask about Little Betty when to her surprise, the man in the doctor's coat was actually Ezekiel Qin!

"M-mr. Qin is also a doctor?!" she exclaimed and the man nonchalantly replied her.

"Yes, I'm also a doctor."

Abi was speechless. How come a tycoon like him was actually working as a doctor?

"Uhm. D-dr. Qin, h-how's Little Betty?"

The man glanced at the door where he came from before he stared at her. "Come to my office in fifteen minutes," he simply said and just like that, he left.

Abi could only watch his back when the nurses that were with him began to speak with her.

"Are you the little girl's relative?" they asked and when Abi nodded, one of the nurses whispered to her. "Miss, you should be thankful. Mr. Qin was the one who saved the Little girl. Only a few people in this country know he is a doctor. In fact, he was known as one of the greatest doctors in the west but he doesn't work as a doctor anymore. That was why we were all shocked when he suddenly came into the operating room this dawn after he got the information that the girl was about to die."

After the nurse left her, Abi walked towards the glass window and watched Little Betty. She could see her peaceful sleeping face and she sighed, holding back her tears. She was glad, so glad that at least this little girl was saved. She should really thank Ezekiel Qin for saving this little angel.

Fifteen minutes then passed so Abi went to the CEO's office on the building's highest floor. They said that Ezekiel Qin was only visiting this place since his real office was at his headquarters but seeing the interiors of his office, she thought that this place seemed too big and too luxurious for an office that he rarely visited. But what did she expect with a tycoon like him?

Abi stood in front of his huge desk. The man was already wearing his usual elegant suit and he was sitting there like the powerful man he was. It was really such a shock that this man, the richest man in this country went and saved little Betty. Did he grow an affection for Little Betty? It appeared that he may have and Abi truly admired him for it. This man really was the opposite of the rumors she heard about him. He was a hero, Little Betty's hero.

"Dr. Qin, I… thank you so much for saving little Betty." Abi bowed her head as she give him her sincere gratitude.

"She's still in danger," was all he replied. His expression didn't change at all but she was already used to his ever so stoic expressions. "As long as the transplant doesn't happen, her life is still in danger."

Abi fell silent for a moment because he was right, but the fact is he still saved her.

"But you still saved her, Dr. Qin, and for that I am truly grateful." She smiled at him when the man stood up. He leaned on the edge of his desk as he looked out the window. His face remained unfathomable. She wondered if this man ever smiled because she never saw him smile even once.

"Miss Chen," he called out, without looking at her face. "I called you here because I have something to tell you."

Abi blinked at him and when he looked at her in the eyes, Abi didn't know why but she suddenly felt incredibly nervous, as if whatever this man was going to say was something she didn't want to hear.

She gulped before she spoke. "Uhm… what is it? Is it about Little Betty?"

"No. It's about you and Alex," he answered. Her eyes widened and the man walked closer to her. His intense aura seemed to be pushing her back and her feet moved on their own, until her back reached the wall.

"D-dr. Qin, wha –"

Abi couldn't continue her sentence because the man leaned in on her and whispered, "Don't marry him, Miss Chen," he said and Abi froze in shock. H-how did he already know about this?

"H-how did –"

"It doesn't matter, Miss Chen. I'm telling you not to marry him." His voice hardened. It was clear he was warning her.

"I don't know why you are telling me this, Mr. Qin, but I am not going to listen to you," she bravely said, mustering all her courage to stand her ground. She could see that this man was acting a little unusual. He was usually as calm as a lifeless mannequin but this time, there was a tenseness he wasn't even trying to mask. Still, there was no way Abi would listen to him or to anyone else.

But what Ezekiel Qin said next made Abi's soul go numb.

"If you marry him, Alex will die."

Chapter 184 Ashen

"W-what are you saying?" Abi was shaking her head. She didn't want to believe him. Why would Alex die just by marrying her? Her Alex was… strong and invincible! "You are not making any sense, Mr. Qin. You don't have to… you don't have to tell me such a ridiculous lie just to stop me because I'm not going to believe you," she added, bravely, despite her hoarse voice.

Ezekiel Qin leaned away from her, not tearing his eyes off her.

"I'm leaving, Mr. Qin," she said and was about to walk away when the man stopped her. He slammed his hands on the wall, trapping her in between them before he leaned in on her again and whispered something in her ear.

The whites in her eyes turned pure black, as if a black hole had just sucked all the light in them. And then her hand clung to his jacket to keep herself from losing her balance. Abi's world seemed to be spinning out of control. The world that was so steady and bright had all of a sudden become grey and cold. Abi could feel herself losing her determination and her happiness dwindled down to ashes. These emotions were slowly being replaced with a painful, desolate, hopeless feeling that settled in deepest corners of her soul.

Ezekiel let her cling onto him. He didn't say a word anymore until Abi left, looking like her world just crumbled down.

Ezekiel leaned on the wall as he watched the door that had just shut closed. His brows knotted into a hard knot as he stared at the floor.

"I know you're there, Kai," he then uttered without lifting his face and Kai suddenly appeared.

Kai was looking at him with great displeasure.

"Zeke, what did you tell her?!" Kai asked him. His voice sounded urgent and extremely worried.

Zeke finally looked at him but his face was still unreadable.

"I suggest you go now and follow her," he casually said and Kai gritted his teeth.

"Zeke, I don't understand why you're doing all this. Alex is… Alex is finally looking really alive and happy. Why can't you just let them be?"

Ezekiel's usual calm gaze became a little sharp as he moved and grabbed Kai's shoulder. "I know you are going to stay neutral until the end but hear me, Kai, you will understand why I needed to do this when the time comes." His voice was firm, brimming with unquestioned authority. "Leave now and don't take your eyes off her. Also, I'm sure you won't do it but I still want to remind you not to even think about saying anything about this to Alex. You wouldn't want a pointless battle to break out because of this," he added before he walked towards the door and left, while Kai closed his eyes with a creased brow and drew his lower lip in between his teeth and bit it hard.

Abi spent hours in the hospital just watching over the sleeping little girl. She never spoke. She looked like she was being crushed by a tonne of bricks. Her shoulders drooped her whole body emitted a kind of sadness, the kind that one would feel after they had just suffered a loss of a loved one, and her eyes were unfocused. However, there were no tears in her eyes, despite her complexion being ashen.

The usual cheerful, optimistic girl looked like she just taken a huge step back from life.

When she left the hospital, Abi didn't even know where to go. She went home just to ask the driver to turn around and go back to the city. She didn't want her family to see her like this. She went to the orphanage just for her to stay outside, unable to make herself enter the house. She knew that she looked awful and there was no way she could show her devastated face to the lively children inside.

She went to the park and sat on the swing. She looked around, noticing every single mundane thing; the grass swaying in the wind, people walking about minding their own business, even just watching the leaves fall from the trees. The sky had turned grey but she didn't even react.

A lone star appeared in the sky and she lifted her hand, as if to grasp it in her hand. She smiled but there was no glimmer in her eyes. It was an incredibly bitter smile.

"Abi?" A voice startled her and she immediately stood up and looked at the face of its owner. It was Chris.

Abi attempted to speak but her voice cracked. So she cleared her throat first and did her very best to fake a smile.

"C-chris… what are you doing here?" she asked and the man walked closer to her with a bright smile.

"Thank god I managed to catch you here. I just came from your house and uncle Andrew told me to come here to find you. You were not answering your phone so…"

"Oh, it's… I'm sorry, I didn't see it because I put my phone on silent mode," she replied and the man looked relieved.

"I actually thought you were deliberately ignoring my calls because you didn't want to speak with me anymore. Haha." He grinned and Abi faked another smile back. "By the way, uncle Andrew said you were living with your friend Kelly. Are you going back now? I will give you a lift there," he offered but Abi politely declined.

"Uhm, thank you but I'll be fine. I don't want to trouble you so I'll just take a cab."

"Abi, I understand we were separated for many years but I am still the Chris that had been with you since we were young. That's why… please don't treat me like I'm someone you can't bother bothered with. Besides, it's already getting dark, it's dangerous for a lady like you to ride a cab alone."

While Chris was explaining Abi finally realized that it was already dark.

Chapter 185 I'm sorry

It was long past her curfew. She started to panic but a moment later, something seemed to make her calm down. It was like she had realized that there was no point of her panicking anymore and the pain began to flood her entire being once again.

"Okay, don't be shy Abi, come." Chris held her wrist before Abi could even agree with him and he began to pull her towards his car.

Suddenly, Abi was grabbed by a strong arm away from Chris.

Abi's lower lip instantly trembled. She already knew just by the chill running down her spine that the arm holding her belonged to Alex.

Chris balled his fists as he turned around but the instant he saw the man who grabbed Abi from him, Chris eyes widened. It wasn't because he was surprised to see that it was Abi's boyfriend, it was because this man looked so terrifying that he felt intense shivers in his nerves just by seeing that look in his eyes.

He looked like the man - no, the demon - was going to slaughter him once he made a single move. Chris couldn't believe that his knees were unable to move as if he was paralyzed by just the sight of him. This man looked like those mad villains in movies who wouldn't hesitate to kill. He had seen a lot of actors playing the roles of psychopaths and serial killers but he had never seen a man as horrifying as the one who stood before him now. In fact, those villainous actors couldn't even hold a candle against this man.

As he froze there, looking at him, the man shot him with what he thought was the deadliest look he had ever received before he began dragging Abi towards his car.

It was then that Chris moved and blocked them.

"Mr. Qin, you can't just drag away Abi like that," he said, his instincts kicking in. He had already prepared himself in case this man was going to attack him.

But Abi suddenly pushed him away. "Chris, please. I will talk to you later, okay?" she pleaded as she pushed him, wanting him to go away.

Chris was so confused. "Abi, this man is… are you really going to go with him?"

"Yes. So, please, Chris, go home now, okay?" she told him and then he watched her voluntarily climbed into that man's car.

Chris saw the man cracked his fists as he gnashed his teeth in intense anger towards him before he entered the car. The car accelerated off, leaving Chris standing there, confused and utterly worried. How… how did Abi find that kind of man?

The reason why Chris came to see Abi was because he wanted to ask her to break up with that man. Chris was so curious about Alexander Qin that he asked his many sources, even the underground ones, to find anything related to him. But they couldn't find anything. The most mysterious thing was that, one of the pieces of information that he received was that 'Alexander Qin' might be a fake identity. The fact that they couldn't find any photo of him when he was young, or other records of his birth or parents, made them conclude that. In short, Alexander Qin was fooling everyone, most especially Abi, and that he was a notoriously dangerous being.

He wanted Abi to cut ties with him before that man would do something to her but this happened and Abi willingly followed him despite what he looked like just now. Was she not scared? Couldn't she see the madness in his eyes? Couldn't she see how deadly he was?

Even a man like him felt utterly intimidated so why did a fragile girl like her still choose to go with him?

Inside the car, which was moving like a bullet, Abi was gripping her skirt tightly.

The car was filled with an ominous, suffocating cloud of anger. He was burning with anger. Rage was flashing like a storm of lightning in a pitch black night.

Abi didn't speak until the car screeched into a halt. They were already in front of the mansion. Abi glanced at his whitened knuckles before she voluntarily stepped out of the car.

And then Alex held her hand and dragged her inside.

Upon the door closing, he pinned Abi against the huge door, slamming his hands on them hard that Abi jolted in shock due to the loud noise right next to her ears.

His pupils dilated, coated with pitch black anger, as he looked at her.

"Abigail… what were you doing with that man? You ignored my calls… deliberately broke my rule… just so you could be with him?" his eyes narrowed and his voice was utterly hard, cold, rigid.

Abi didn't speak. She didn't try to thaw his anger like she used to do. She didn't reach out her hand like what she used to. She didn't move to kiss him anymore. And that only made Alex become even angrier.

"Are you… are you really trying to anger me?" his glare intensified, as if he was now really closed to exploding. "Say something!!" his voice thundered. That was the first time he had yelled at her like that.

Abi swallowed, biting her lips so hard to keep herself from crying. Something painfully heartbreaking was burning in every nook of her bones. Her blood seemed to have turned into a flowing lava, burning down everything inside her.

"Alex…" she called out, her voice choking. "I'm sorry… it looks like I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry, Alex," her voice cracked again as she kept saying sorry. "I'm sorry, but I… I want to go back home now," she continued as silent tears began to flow from her eyes. And then, she smiled, a smile akin to a child's smile who was determined not to weep. "It seems like you were right all along when you said that I couldn't handle it."