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Chapter 356: The Crown Prince’s Message (2)
(Regaleon's POV)

The projection started to talk and relay his message.

This is a little bit awkward, having to record this myself in such a way. I do not plan to lose my life in the battle to come, but just in case that I ever lose my life I have this recorded. I will leave this to my most trusted aid and dear friend. I hope that you will not ever have to watch this Patricia, but if ever this came to your hands then that means I have lost my life.

I have sent you and Leticia away to both protect you from what is to come, especially now that you are carrying our child as well. You might not have noticed, but because of my magic I can feel the new life just starting to bloom inside of you. That is the product and proof of our love for each other, and I hope that you will be happy once you find out about it yourself, like I was when I found out.

It has been a while when I suspected it, but now I am sure that father is not in his right mind. I have tried many times to persuade him to think twice about waging war but he never listened to me. When the war started, I had my full trust in him that we were truly the dominant race which should have ruled over this continent. But while the war was raging on, I saw how the other human races were fighting just to survive. I tried to change father's mind but he was so closed off to me and his other adviser's words.

And now that the war is in its grand scale, he is planning on using the forbidden magic that was found not long ago. I already asked him to send you twins to a safe place but it was like my words fell on deaf ears. His eyes were only focused on the power he would obtain when opening the forbidden magic. I used my power as crown prince to send both of you away just to be safe, hoping that we could see each other once again after this war ends. But if ever I do not make it, please take care of yourselves and our baby. Please remember how much I love you, my beautiful Patricia.


There was a few seconds of blank projection that I thought was the end of the message. But then another projection of the crown prince appeared. His appearance was different from the last time, now he looked haggard, bloodied and muddy all over. His appearance was disheveled and his face looked pale and sunken. On his background, it looked like a battle took place.


Patricia, my love. I have linked this last message and I hope this finds you well. We were defeated here in the final battle in the plains. I have already raised the white flag and accepted defeat. The united army's general in command accepted our surrender and promised to spare the lives of our country men and talk about the treaties with them as winners of this war. But father, he did not accept defeat and activated the forbidden magic and now all is in chaos. Father was not able to control the forbidden magic and it is out of control.


I will try and control the raging magic that father has unleashed. My love, I am sorry if I cannot go back to your side. Please remember that I love you. I hope you live a good life with our unborn child. Please raise him or her well, without having him to know of this dark time. Tell him or her that I love you both. Do not seek for revenge my love. I will offer my life to save you and our fellow Atlantians. I only wish for you to live in peace with our child.

Goodbye, Patricia my love.


The message cut off after that.

Hearing the late crown prince's last words made me realize that he did not agree with the mad king's plans in the end. He surrendered when he saw that winning was not in their hands and defeat was eminent. He was a good leader, thinking of his people in the battle. It was unfortunate that his father was so crazy to activate the forbidden magic that destroyed the whole country of Atlantia. The late crown prince as a hero that tried to save his countrymen by trying to control the raging magic, giving the people time to run.

"He gave the people ample time to run to safety, the united army and also Atlantians in that battle field." Dimitri said. "He is a hero that saved the lives of those present in that battlefield."

"The general of the united army if I am correct, is my father." I said. "So the late crown prince surrendered. I am sure that my father accepted it with open arms and offered amnesty to the Atlantians that surrendered."

"The late crown prince's last words are proof that the united army did not slay the Atlantian royal family in cold blood, as Patricia believes." Dimitri said. "This can help change the tide of the battle with the Atlantians under her as well." He said with hopeful eyes.

"No wonder Jeremy had a change of heart. But I am doubtful that Patricia will change her mind, even after hearing this message." I said. "With her current mindset, she is not far from her father the mad king. She is delusional and crazy with obtaining power and seeking revenge. But you are correct in one thing. This message can help us with the Atlantians under her wing. Maybe even Gladiolus will have a change of heart, after I have already planted seeds of doubt in his mind against his mother."


"Your highness, it's me William." I heard William's voice.

"Come in William." I replied.

The door opened and William came in.

"Chris has just arrived your majesty." William informed me. "He came with a big group of men."

"That is good to hear." I stood up knowing that the lycans had heeded my call. "It looks like Belgor had came to offer us some help." I beamed a smile.

I quickly got up and exited the room to recieve the guests I have called upon. When i arrived at the foyer of the mansion, what i saw was not only a handful of lycans but it can be called a small army.

"Belgor, it is good to see you once again." I quickly walked towards him. "Thank you for coming."

"It is also good to see you as well this soon brother." Belgor opened his wide arms and caught me into his embrace. His expression looked so joyous that there was no doubt he was happy to see me.

"Y-Your majesty!" Dimitri was taken by surprise by the sudden closeness of Belgor to me that he saw it as a threat and was about to go to my aid but I quickly waved my hand telling him it is alright.

"I am happy that you have called for my help." Belgor said while releasing me from his arms. "Now tell me what happend brother and how can we help you."

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Chapter 357: Helpful Allies
(Regaleon's POV)

I have told Belgor everything that happened so far. When we left the lycans lair, to the passage thru the mountain pass, and then the trap that Gladiolus and his men set up in our rendezvous point. Belgor listened carefully, nodding his head every now and then.

"So what you are saying right now was, this Gladiolus something person had stolen the key that your subordinate was carrying?" Belgor affirmed. "And this key thing was the thing that you got from that room that was sealed with magic?"

"Yes, that is what happened." I said and sighed.

Belgor was rubbing his chin contemplating something. I was nervous that maybe he will not lend me a helping hand because I let Gladiolus steal the key.

"Well, that girl made such a disgraceful thing backstabbing that young man Alex. It is just sad because I am quite fond of that young man." Belgor shook his head with a sad face. "Do not worry Regaleon, we lycans are here to help you." He pumped his chest with his fist.

"Really?" I asked in surprise. "That is good to hear. I am so grateful that you are here now."

"Of course, what are blood brothers for?" Belgor patted my shoulder with such force. "What your enemy did was a cowardly act. I also would like to avenge that young man Alex."

"Thank you Belgor." I said with utmost sincerity.

"Haha, do not mention it." Belgor replied. "Those b*astards are also Atlantians you say?"

"Yes, that is correct." I replied with a nod. "They are from Patricia's faction, the one that started the war that is currently raging on this continent."

"I see. Then that will help us greatly, since there are not many Atlantians left." Belgor said. "Grey, pick lycans that are fast in speed and with a good nose. They will set out at once and you will lead them to search the east coasts. You know what to do."

"Understood." Grey said with a respectful bow and left.

I looked at the father and son, thinking what could they be planning. Belgor looked at me once again and smiled.

"As you know, we lycans are fast in speed. We can run one hundred miles per hour in our beast form. My brethren would help sweep the whole east coast in stealth and unnoticed." Belgor said. "And our nose are very sharp as well. You Atlantians have a different scent compared to regular humans. I do not know why, but maybe that is because of your magic abilities. Your people have a fresh sweet scent, like a field of flowers with morning dew."

I was bewildered with how Belgor described our scent that I sniffed myself unknowingly, but I did not smell any different.

"Is that so?" I just said. "I do not smell such a scent on me or anyone of my comrades."

"That is why I told you our nose are sharp." Belgor grinned. "Do not worry Regaleon. My son will surely bring news by morning. I am confident of my brethren's capabilities." He patted my shoulder once more.

"Thank you once again, Belgor." I also patted his shoulder, expressing my deep gratitude fir his help. "You are most welcome to take shelter here in Duke Destia's estate. I have already sent someone to inform him of your arrival."

"No need my brother." Belgor refused. "We would be more at ease to spend the night in the woods. We are not accustomed to take shelter in someone's home, especially if we are not even acquaintances." He explained for me to understand and not be offended.

"I understand." I nodded in reply. "Then when all of this is over, I will surely invited you to my own residence in Grandcrest. I will make sure the our hospitality will be equal to the one you have shown me and my men when we were in your lair."

"Then I am looking forward to that. I have not yet visited that far off Grandcrest, let alone in the capital where Atlantians resides. We make sure to avoid places with Atlantians you know, so that we will avoid unnecessary fight." Belgor replied with a smile. "It will be a good thing to travel at that side of the continent. We have been staying here in the east for quite some time now."

I was happy to hear that Belgor was open in visiting Grandcrest because of my invitation. The lycans are good allies to have, and I will keep it that way for the future generations to come.


I woke up the next morning before dawn and I had a restless sleep. Even though I tried to rest my mind always drifted to my wife Alica's safety. I also cannot help but worry about Patricia's next move, now with the half of the key fragment in her hands.

I quickly got up from my bed when I knew that sleep will not visit me anymore and put on my clothes and get ready to go outside. Once I exited my door, the hallways of Duke Destia's estate are still quiet. I am sure that the servants and the masters of this estate are still sleeping peacefully.

I walked outside and saw some of my men doing their rounds with some of the duke's guards.

"You majesty." They bowed in my presence.

"Arise." I said. "Is Dimitri still sleeping?" I asked.

"Yes, your majesty." One replied. "The captain turned in for the night after you. Would you like us to inform him that you are awake?" He asked.

"No need." I shook my hand. "Let him get some rest. I will just take a walk by the shore. If anyone searches for me, tell them I am there."

"I understand your majesty." He replied. "Have a pleasant walk sire." They bowed once again. I nodded my head and left for the sea shore.

The surroundings are quite except for the calm waves washing by the shore. I looked out to the horizon and saw the glow that I am sure is coming from where Alicia was right now.

"My love." I whispered my longing to the wind blowing by the seashore. "I am so close but cannot even approach you." My heart felt an ache from the longing for my wife.


I heard foot steps running on the sand towards my direction. When I looked around, I saw a group of big wolves running towards my directions. They were lycans in their beast form. I recognized the two lycans in front, the gray one was Grey and the black towering one was surely Belgor. They all stopped right in front of me.

"What is wrong, Belgor?" I asked anxiously.

"Grey had just returned with news." Belgor said. "They have caught scent of Atlantians some miles north from here. It was an estate by the east shore with a small port. We have not yet made a move because we are not yet sure if these Atlantians are the one you are looking for."

"I understand." I nodded. "But this is still a lead. It would be best to send someone to investigate quietly first, as to not alarm them of our presence." I said.

"We can do that." A voice from the sea said.

I turned around and saw Anatalia's head bobbing out from the waves.

"Anatalia." I called out.

"I will send my sisters to investigate the small port and mansion you speak of. It will save us more time because we can move quickly in water and we can charm a few men to tell us what they know." Anatalia said.

"That sounds better than interrogating people." I said in thought, knowing that interrogation will also need some time that we do not have in hand right now. "Then please, I will ask for the sirens help on this." I asked solemnly.

"No worries Leon." Anatalia said with a wink and a thumbs up. "We are here to help."

The sirens dived under the waves and were gone.

"So you also have an alliance with the sirens, I see." Belgor said.

"It is something that just happened along the way." I smiled innocently.

"Haha, I am afraid you have a charisma that attracts beasts like us." Belgor laughed. "I was right to follow my instincts and have you as a blood brother, I am sure you will do great things in the future."

I smiled thinking that I am thankful having these ancient creatures at my side. They will be someone that are good to have relations with in the future. It is something that my children and their children after them, a good relations to have. It maybe somnething benefitial in the future, but I want to invest into this relarionship, knowing what it can give in the future.

"I am really thankful of all your help." I said. Belgor grined, flashing his sharp teeth.

"They say that good things come to good people." Belgor replied. "I am sure that you are a good person, for having such good allies be by your side."

"More like good friends." I smiled back at him. "Don't you agree, brother?"

"Hahaha, yes, yes." Belgor replied. "I have gained a good brother."

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Chapter 358: The Beginning of the Final Battle (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

After I got the information the lycans gave, I rushed back to the estate towards the room where Dimitri is sleeping. I knocked at his door in a rather hastily manner that I heard Dimitri scrambled up inside his room and opened the door in tremendous speed.

"Your majesty, has something happened?" Dimitri asked with worriment. His clothes were in a disheveled manner that I thought was because he was such in a hurry when he heard my knock at the door.

"I am sorry to disturb your sleep." I said apologetically. "But I got good intel from the lycans."

"I understand your majesty." Dimitri said, fixing his disheveled clothes. "I have slept quite enough. I am ready to do the task you need me to do, your majesty." He said with a solemn expression.

I nodded thankfully at Dimitri. He was really a loyal subordinate and an older brother figure to me. Having sleepless nights is not anything new to us. With the fight with my half brothers, having a good sleep was something we cannot have. Being in the battle field also added to having only four to six hours of sleep, just enough to rest. My subordinates have been through a lot to achieve where we are right now, and to win this battle might be the key to having the peace we are craving to have for so long to achieve.

"Please assemble the men an hour from now. I will brief them at once of the information the lycans have given." I replied.

"I will tell them at once your majesty." Dimitri replied with a bow.

"We will wait for the sirens' intel." I said. "Anatalia took the task of infiltrating the said location to gain intel. I am sure they will be back soon."

"I understand." Dimitri nodded. "Then I will be back to tell the men. I will let them assemble in the training grounds after an hour."

"Thank you, Dimitri." I patted his shoulder. "If we ever confront Patricia today, I wish this will be our last encounter with her. I would like this war to end with Patricia's death by my hands." Dimitri nodded in understanding.

I want this battle to be the last one to be fought in this war with Patricia. Jennovia has already surrendered to me and made a treaty. We just need to end Patricia's life, to make sure that there will be no one biting our backs after the three kingdoms have been combined and become an empire.

"This will be the final battle." I said with conviction.


After an hour had passed, I headed to the training grounds for the knights of Duke Destia's estate. Once there I saw a significant amount of men standing in rows, it was a mix of knights and soldiers. Some were wearing soldier's uniform of the Alvannian kingdom. They were the soldiers that Dimitri and William recruited. Others were wearing specific knight's garbs, depending on what family they were associated with. They were knights of noble families that were called to our aide. And the last group was Dimitri's own elite unit of Atlantians. They were wearing there signature black uniform with the crest of the country of Grandcrest.

I headed towards the platform in front of them. Already standing there were Duke Destia and his son Raphael, Dimitri, and William. I have called Belgor to attend this gathering as well, but they were not yet here. The lycans are still wary of humans and does not linger much with them. I also did not want to force them if they do not want to.

I was about to step up the platform when I heard the men murmuring loudly. I looked at the entrance of the training grounds and saw the lycans making their entrance with Belgor in the lead. Lycans were basically much larger and bulkier than a normal human. The human knights and soldiers were surprised by the entrance of these unknown people, but Dimitri's men were who were with me the time we confronted with the lycans were calm with there sudden presence.

"Sorry for being late." Belgor said with a huge grin. "We did not want to surprise the humans, but I guess our presence gives off a dominant vibe."

"It is okay." I reassured him. "Well, you did have huge impact for being late. Such a big entrance, I might say." I joked and chuckled.

"I know right? Hahaha…" Belgor laughed out heartily.

"Well then, let us start the briefing." I said. "After you." I gestured him to go up to the platform first.

"Why thank you." Belgor smiled and went up with me behind.

Belgor stood with the others while I took the center stage. I looked at the gathering of human knights and soldiers, my Atlantian men, and the lycans. I smiled, seeing that we all have come together to face one foe that could threaten our entire continent.

"Greetings Alvannian knights and soldiers, my subordinates from Grancrest and the lycans that I recently made an alliance with." I started. "I know you might have been informed as to why you are here today. I have asked aid from the current regent of Alvannia Richard because of the threat of a certain person and the group she is leading. And the safety of your princess Alicia who is now my wife, is threatened by this same person."

The men before me who was restless a while ago with the lycans entrance were now listening intently to me. They have been briefed before hand on what was going on, but still I want to tell them with my own words of what is currently happening.

"I have sent the lycans on a reconnaissance mission in order to find Patricia, the dethroned queen of Jennovia." I said. "As you know, we were at war with her for more than two years now. The Jennovian kingdom has surrendered, but she was able to escape before she can pay for her sins. She poses a threat to all of us in this continent, because she wants to covet and revive the forbidden magic that sunk nearly half of this continent under the sea."

Low murmurs started between the Alvannian soldiers and knights. I am sure that they have heard some stories from their grandparents of the war that happened in the past.

"I know you have heard stories about the Atlantian people. But I beg of you to see Atlantians individually and not as a whole. They may be the culprit of the tragedy from more than twenty years ago, but the main culprits are now dead, and the remaining Atlantians now are also victims that lost their home land." I explained. "I myself have Atlantian blood running thru my veins. My people that are standing with you right now, are also carrying Atlantian blood."

The Alvannian men were surprised by my words but they did not have any negative reaction.

"I hope that you also see them as fellow men." I said solemnly. "And the lycans here right now are beings that have been in this land far more longer than us. They are beings that would like to live with us peacefully, that is why they formed an alliance with us. They are here to help us as well and will be fighting along side us. I implore of you to lend me your strength now and in the future as well." I bowed my head in front of them.

As a ruling monarch, bowing in front of someone lower in status may seem to be disgraceful, but for me it is a sign of respect towards the other party. They are still under Alvannia and I am merely borrowing their power right now, and this army with diverse people cannot work well if they have animosity towards one another. That is why I am bowing my head right now, to gain their trust.

"We believe in you!" The Alvannian men shouted.

"We will lay our trust in you as our commander!"

"We have heard great stories about you, and we are willing to fight along side you."

"It is a great honor to fight under your command, your majesty."

I smiled hearing their words. I can feel tears at the rim of my eyes but I hold it in. It is unsightly to see a grown man let alone a commander that will be leading you to battle tear up.

"Thank you, everyone." I give my upmost gratitude. "To tell you of the intel we have gathered will be Belgor, the lycans' leader. They have probably found where our enemy's army is hiding. We are also waiting for the intel of someone that is currently infiltrating as we speak." I gestured Belgor to take the stand in my place.

Belgor walked by my side and looked at the people in front of us.

"I cannot believe that a day will come and I will be fighting along side humans." Belgor grinned. "But as Regaleon had said, we are here to help. We have found the possible hiding place of the enemy. I will disclose to you the locations and the terrains. We can plan our approach after that." He started to disclose the information they have gathered thus far.

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Chapter 359: The Beginning of the Final Battle (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

We have formed an army consisting of Alvannian people, my Atlantian men under Dimitri's elite group, and the lycans under Belgor's leadership. This small army has its pros and cons.

One of the cons is that this army has been built just today. They have no experience working with one another. That is why I have lowered my head in front of them a while ago, so that we can work with each other beyond their differences from one another.

But on the other hand, the pros of this army is that we have diverse talents. The Alvannian men are for sure trained hard in the military, having General Robert as the head of the military for the longest time here in Alvannia.

We also have magic by our side that comes from Dimitri's elite group of men. They are trained hard under Dimitri's strict training. They also have experienced many battles under my command, and I can vouch for their prowess in battle.

The lycans on the other hand have brute strength, speed and agility that gives us big advantages in battle. The lycans have demonstrated their strength and tactics in battle against my men who are Atlantians, that is why I am sure they can hold their own with Patricia's army that consists of Atlantians that are experts using magic in battle.

The meeting with the army that we have just formed ended after Belgor have told us everything that they got from their reconnaissance on the place where are enemies are currently residing. We have let the men retire to their make shift quarters and wait for further orders. I came back inside the estate with Duke Destia and his son Raphael, Dimitri, William, and Belgor.

"I will be taking my leave your majesty." Duke Destia said. "I will leave my son to take my place in this battle. As you know, I am old in age and I am afraid I will be more of a burden than help. I am sorry."

"Do not worry duke, it is fine by me." I replied and patted his shoulder. "I understand. Your son here is someone I know I can trust."

"Thank you, your majesty." Duke Destia expressed his gratitude and retreated.

The five of us left had gone to the study room that I have been using as my make shift office. While walking, Raphael walked to my side.

"Thank you for having trust in me your majesty." Raphael replied. "I am sure to give everything I have got to help."

"You are a good person Raphael." I replied. "I just wish that your sister is the same as you."

"Thank you for showing mercy to my sister." Raphael bowed his head. "She is still young. I am sure she had learned her lesson and still has room to change."

"I hope so, for your sister's sake." I replied.

Once we were inside the study room, we talked about the approach we will be taking. As Belgor had explained, the estate was situated in a valley by the east coast. It was a terrain that could be advantageous for us, because we could block both their escape routes by land or by sea. The army can be split in to two groups, one that will traverse on land while the other will travel by sea on ships.

"The estate is some miles away from here. If we can depart by noon, we can arrive at the location by early evening." Belgor said.

"But it will be good to wait for the sirens intel." I replied. "It will be good to know that it is really Patricia's army residing in that estate. And if the sirens can tell us more after they get information, then we can have the upper hand in this battle. I want this battle to be the last one to end this war. I want Patricia's head." I said with a glint of hate in my eyes.

"This Patricia b*tch really got to your nerves, huh?" Belgor asked.

"She gave his majesty many hardships in the past few years." Dimitri replied to Belgor's question.

"I want to be the one to end her life with my own hands." I said with fury, remembering everything she had done these past few years.

"Your enemy is my enemy as well." Belgor said. "I will help you brother. If we find that b*tch, we will deliver her to you fresh. You can do as you please with her." He grinned.

"Patricia is not someone that can be easily captured." William said. "I have seen her in person when I was under disguise in Jennovia. The air around her is something that I can only explain as… dark. She is feared by the people under her, and I think that fear comes from her power."

"To explain it to you Belgor, she is not an ordinary Atlantian like my subordinates." I added. "She has the blood of a royal of Atlantia like me. Her magic abilities are at the top of the charts, same with her son Gladiolus."

"The one that you fought with? The one that snatched the key you were looking for?" Belgor asked.

"Yes." I nodded.

"So they are as powerful as you in a sense?" Belgor asked.

"That is correct." I replied.

"Well damn." Belgor said. "It is good that we formed and alliance and was able to make this army with having such short notice. You will need all the help that you could get. I know because I could say that after fighting against you is not a joke. And you say there are two of them in your caliber… that is going to be a heck of a fight I tell yah."

"That is why we need to plan this carefully." I replied. "If only Alicia was here as well. The odds will be even." Thinking of my wife under the sea alone made me worry for her once more.

"Do not worry your majesty. There is nothing we cannot achieve with proper planning." Dimitri assured.

"And we also have the sirens in our side." William reminded. "You remember their abilities, correct?"

"I have only heard of the abilities of the sirens but unfortunately never met one until this morning." Belgor said. "Is it true that their song can put you under their spell?"

"That is true." I replied. "I also fallen under their spell in the past. And it was not any other siren, it was the queen of the sirens that put me and my group under her spell."

"Really? Then how did you break it?" Belgor asked with amazement.

"It was my wife who helped us break from the spell." I said with a smile, remembering how she fought with the sirens to save us. "She fought hard by herself to wake us up from the charm."

*WHISTLE* Belgor whistled.

"Your wife must be a good fighter." Belgor said with a grin. "She must be a good woman that is proud to stand by your side. We lycans are also mated to the ones that are a good match to us, like me and my wife."

"I can say that I am the lucky one to be married to my wife." I said in honesty. "She has been the light of my life. That is why I want to get her back as soon as possible."

After thinking about how I want to get my wife back, there was a knock on the door.


"Your majesty, Anatalia is here to see you." The guard outside said.

"Let her in." I replied quickly.

The door opened and Anatalia entered in haste.

"Leon… Leon…" Anatalia called and rushed to where I was.

"Anatalia, how was your trip?" I asked at once when she was right in front of me.

"Good news." Anatalia said while panting hard. She must be running before arriving here. "That estate the lycans mentioned was filled with Atlantians and they are really under that Patricia you have mentioned."

"That is good. Now we are sure that is the place where they are hiding." I replied. "What else have you found out?"

"We also found out their plan. They know where you are right now, and they are planning to attack by dawn tomorrow." Anatalia said. "They are planning to depart by sea using ships and will make a surprise attack."

"That is good intel." Dimitri replied. "Your majesty, now that we know their plan we can attack earlier to surprise them."

"Yes, that is the best way to counter." I replied. "Tell the army to prepare to depart. We will be departing by noon. We will split the army into two groups as planned. The lycans will be included in the group that will go by land, the sirens will be included in the group that will travel by sea." All of the people present nodded their heads in agreement.

"I will relay your orders to the Alvannian men." Raphael said.

"I will go with you." William said to Raphael. "I am also a knight from Alvannia. I will be helping to lead."

"And I will tell my men of your orders, your majesty." Dimitri said.

"I will be telling my brethren of our plans." Belgor said.

"Then I will tell my sisters." Anatalia said.

"Thank you, all of you." I said sincerely. "Let us make this work. After this is all over, we can have a peaceful future ahead." All of them nodded in agreement.

One by one they exited the study room to go to there respected assignments. I walked towards the corner to get the sword that I have ordered from the blacksmith. My old one was broken in my fight with Gladiolus and I ordered this to be made in haste.

I pulled it from its sheath and checked the blade. It was made in a rush and so it was not as good as my old one, but this will do. I swing the sword back and forth to get a feel of it.

"This will do." I said. "This will be the last battle, and I need to prepare."

I then opened a curtain that was covering my armor in the corner of the room. I have made them send this to me from Grandcrest.

"The last time I wore this was when I slayed my half brothers in the last battle for the throne. After that, I was crowned victor and became the king of Grandcrest." I said.

I touch the breast plate that shows the engraving of the crest of the royal family of Grandcrest, the blue rose with thorns.

"This time I will slay Patricia." I promised. "And then I will get you back, my wife." I told myself.

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Chapter 360: Departure for the Battle Ahead

(Regaleon's POV)

The army we have built are now preparing for the battle to come. The men are busy sharpening their swords while others are preparing their suit of armor to wear. I myself is now preparing to suit up my armor I had prepared.


"Your majesty, it is me." Dimitri said from behind the door.

"Come in."I replied.

The door opened and Dimitri came inside. He was wearing his own armor that is black in color with the crest of Grandcrest engraved in the breast plate.

"I have come to help you wear your armor, sire." Dimitri said solemnly.

"Thank you." I replied with gratitude.

Since back then, Dimitri was always by my side as my right hand man. In every battle, he was the one to suit me up in my armor and now was no different. He walked towards the corner where my armor is, and carefully lifted it up one by one. He carefully placed each piece on my body, carefully tightening every part to fit perfectly. The last piece he placed was the breast plate, where the engraving of my family's crest is placed.

"I am done, your majesty." Dimitri bowed his head.

I adjusted my gauntlets and chest plate a little before looking at myself in the whole body mirror just situated behind me. I saw myself wearing the shining bright armor once again and sighed.

"I wish this will be the last time I wear this." It was my simple wish that I dearly want.

When I wear this armor, I know that it will be stained with the blood of many of my enemies. It was a sign of many deaths to come.

"I also wish that peace will come after this battle, your majesty." Dimitri said.

I know many of us hoped that this fighting would be over once and for all and peace will be achieved in this continent.

"Your majesty." Dimitri then handed me the last thing that is only missing in my armor, my sword.

I took the sword from Dimitri's outstretched hands. This was the sword that I have ordered for the blacksmiths to be made in haste. I have already sharpened it earlier but I still unsheathed it and looked at my own reflection on the shining blade. Like before any major battle, I pressed my thumb on the sharpened blade of my sword to draw up some blood. I let my blood drip unto the tip of the sword and closed my eyes.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley, swear upon this sword to slay my enemies before me." I chanted like what I do before every major battle. "This sword will taste the blood of my enemies until our victory is achieved."

I opened my eyes after my chant and quickly swung my sword and put it in its sheath once more.

"Dimitri, tell the army to prepare to depart." I ordered.

"As you wish, your majesty." Dimitri knelt down taking my order and then stood right back up and walked out to do the task I have ordered him to do.


The army was patiently waiting on the training grounds. The men are now wearing their designated armor with the crest of their designation. The lycans does not have any battle garb they use and came with their fur clothes. The sirens that Anatalia came with were wearing normal woman attires but their beauties cannot be hidden with their somewhat shabby commoner clothes.

"We are to depart now towards the estate we have talked about this morning." I started once I was standing on the platform. "Your respective captains in charge must have already briefed you of our plan. I have designated Raphael to be in charge of the Alvannian unit that will travel by land along the valley while William will be in charge of the unit that will travel by sea. Belgor will lead the lycans that will also travel with the Alvannian unit by land, while Anatalia will lead the sirens that will also travel by sea with William's unit. Dimitri on the other hand will be leading the elite unit with me that will take the mountain pass."

I looked around seeing the army with diverse people in front of me. They are looking up to me at their leader in this battle to come. I can see that the Alvannian soldiers and knights that were called upon had minimum to no experience on big coordinated battles such as this. I cannot blame that because unlike my men that were in constant battle since they were young, Alvannia had never experienced encounters bigger than apprehending bandits and such.

"I understand that you are feeling fear and nervousness in this upcoming battle." I said. "But with such capable captains leading you, I guarantee that if you follow them diligently you will have the luck of seeing tomorrow. I myself will be there to fight by your side. I will lead you all to victory!"

"YEAH!!!" The army before me had their fear and nervousness fade after my speech. "VICTORY!!! WE WILL GET VICTORY!!!" They were all fired up after my promise of victory.

I smiled knowing that my speech had fired up the army. I had not given them empty words. I am sure to gain victory in this upcoming battle.

"LET US NOW DEPART AND FACE OUR GREATEST FOE!" I yelled to add to their burning passion.

The army then marched, headed out to our designated paths to take. I walked down the platform with the other leaders of every unit I have appointed.

"I wish you all a good journey." I told them. "Let us meet tonight in our destination."

"Be careful, your majesty." Raphael said.

"I will also be going with this human Raphael." Belgor said. "Let us meet in the battle field later on." He patted my shoulder.

"Yes, be careful on the road." I told the both of them. Raphael bowed his head and Belgor grinned before both of them walked away.

"I will also be leaving now your majesty." William said. "The journey by sea will be much faster, so we will arrive their earlier than you. I will be the one to lead the unit that will go to shore and incapacitate their ships stealthily."

"Be careful William." I patted his shoulder, giving him my sincere worry.

"Do not worry Leon, me and my sisters will be there to accompany them." Anatalia winked.

"That is good to hear." I smiled.

"Then we will be on our way." William bowed his head and departed but Anatalia did not move a muscled and looked at me like she wants to say something.

"What is it, Anatalia?" I asked curiously.

"Well… I swam near where Alicia is to take a look and make sure she is okay." Anatalia said, but she was reluctant to continue. I felt nervous seeing her reaction.

"What is it?" I said with urgency. "Tell me, Anatalia." I urged her.

"Alicia she… she seems to be in pain." Anatalia said at last. "It looks like she is currently in labor. She will give birth any time soon from now."

"She is in labor?" I knew what that meant in a sense.

My heart was thumping really hard in my chest right now. I am now getting anxious to get to my wife as fast as I can. I combed my hair with such irritation and anxiousness, now being conflicted to drop everything and go to where she is right now.

"Your majesty, please calm down." Dimitri said.

"How can I calm down knowing that my wife can give birth any time soon!" I yelled at him.

"I am sorry. I am so sorry." Anatalia covered her face with her hands in guilt. "I know, I should not have told you anything before the battle. But I thought that you should know."

"your majesty, I understand. You are feeling anxious to get to her majesty. But please think of the operation we are to do right now." Dimitri scolded. "This army needs you to lead them. And also to get to her majesty, you need the half of the key that is in Patricia's hands right now."

Dimitri's scolding brought me back to my previous goal. It is true that we are in the middle of the operations to suppress Patricia's army and to get back the half of the key she stole from us. If I want to get Alicia back, then I have to get the half of the key in Patricia's hands.

"I understand, thank you Dimitri." I replied. "Thank you for telling me as well, Anatalia." She smiled when she saw me getting sober from my previous fit.

"Let us depart at once your majesty." Dimitri said. "As Anatalia had said, I think we need to make haste."

"I agree." I nodded in agreement. "Anatalia, you move along. Please be careful."

"Thanks Leon." Anatalia replied and was on her way.

I walked to where Midnight was and mounted him. Dimitri as well mounted on his horse.

"Tempest!" I called out. Not long, I heard Tempest's screech and hovered down. I extended my arm for him to land on.

"I am ready master." Tempest said.

"Please be my eyes like before, Tempest." I closed my eyes and touched my forehead to his.

"Of course." Tempest replied. "I am always here to help you."

"How is Snow doing by the way?" I asked in worry.

"She is in Tricia's care." Tempest replied. "I am worried that she seems to be in pain."

I worried for Snow because I know she was linked to Alicia. But I am sure that Tricia will be taking care of her. What I need now was to get Alicia back to my arms so that Snow will also be okay too.

"I am sure Snow is in good hands. Let us get her master back so that she can also recover." I replied and Tempest nodded his small head. "Let us depart!" I let Tempest fly back to the sky.

Dimitri's elite group all mounted their horsed and followed my lead.

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