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Chapter 176 Birthday girl

Everyone gushed the moment they saw the birthday girl. They all knew that Abi had always been beautiful but at that moment, she was at her prettiest. She was glowing, the kind of glow a woman exuded when she was genuinely happy and in love.

She was dressed in a simple white dress and wearing minimal makeup. Her straight hair was curled and she just looked breathtakingly stunning. The birthday girl, their angel, was truly the true star of the night tonight, and she was shining brighter than anything else.

Everyone started to sing happy birthday as she descended the stairs slowly, making her lips curve into her sweetest, brightest smile. She looked around and saw that everyone that she had invited, had arrived.

"Thank you so much for coming tonight. I am truly happy to see you all here," she said and then Abi was immediately approached by her grandma and was embraced really tightly as she was greeted 'happy birthday'. Her grandma then led her to the middle of the room and showed her the birthday cake.

She smiled seeing the cute peaches on top of the cake before she looked around to find Alex. He was there, sitting quietly on the couch near the window. Her eyes glimmered as she looked at him before she returned her gaze to the cake.

She took a deep breath as she stared at it. But then, she looked around again, first making eye contact with her family, then Kelly, then the other guests, and then Ezekiel Qin and Chris, with a huge smile as if she was memorizing each of their faces. Lastly, her eyes landed on Alex.

When their eyes met, she felt like everyone temporarily disappeared. To Abi, this was her happiest birthday ever, simply because her special someone was here, celebrating this day with her. Nobody knew how happy she was right now.

Honestly, though Abi had not really been looking forward for this day because she knew that this would be her last. She thought she would never smile like this once this day came but here she was smiling from ear to ear.

All of these feelings she was experiencing were all thanks to Alex. If she hadn't met him, she would've never experienced these kinds of emotions, including the feeling of loving someone with all your heart and soul. It was incredibly overwhelming and she had never felt so alive.

As she blew on the candle, Abi had only one wish.

Everyone clapped and her grandmother teared up. Kelly was also emotional, watching her best friend. Gladly, Abi somehow managed to stay cool and immediately started the dinner party.

The elderlies who adored Abi so much monopolized her as they gave her their blessings in the form of gifts, while Kelly served the five gentlemen wine. Two of the gentlemen were staring intently at Abi the entire time.

Once the last of the elders gave her a gift, Chris stood up. Alex, the statue, immediately reacted and his eyes narrowed as his gaze followed Chris.

"Happy Birthday, Abi," Chris greeted as he reached out a golden small box to her.

"Chris… thank you for coming and for this gift," she replied and the man suddenly hugged her. Abi's eyes immediately fell on Alex and she sighed in relief when she didn't feel cold chills coming from him.

Chris let her go and spoke to her. The elders joined their conversation until the conversation turned to Abi's and Chris' childhood antics. Abi's family were the ones who kept saying how close the two were when they were younger until they were teenagers, even talking about the stories behind the pictures on the wall.

Xavier and Kai were nudging each other as they looked at the still unmoving stone next to them.

"Alex, why don't you go and join them?" Zeke was the one who spoke. But Alex remained unfazed, as if he didn't hear a thing. "Make sure you won't explode here, then. Don't forget that her family is here," he added as he sipped his wine and Alex heaved a quiet sigh.

Abi kept glancing at Alex as she was waiting for an opportunity to excuse herself or to call Alex over but the conversation was solid and the talk only kept getting hyped up. That was until someone brought up if the two were now dating.

Chris's smile immediately faded while Abi looked like a lightbulb finally appeared in her head.

"Uhm… I have a boyfriend now," Abi replied with a smile and then she ran towards the couch. She took Alex's hand and pulled him with her. Xavier and Kai's shoulders dropped. They've been subconsciously holding their breath because they knew Alex was on the very edge of exploding. They couldn't even imagine what might have happened if Abi didn't come to get him.

"Damn! I didn't know Alex actually had a real rival!" Xavier whispered. "Did you know about that guy, too? Is that why you tag along? Huh? Zeke?" he asked but the man didn't answer as he was busy twirling the wine in his hand, as calm and unbothered as a drifting paper plane, as if he was in his very own different world.

The group of elders all looked at the man Abi brought with her.

"Uhm… he's my boyfriend," she introduced and everyone gaped at Alex. She looked up at Alex and the man cleared his throat before he began introducing himself.

"I'm Alexander Qin," he simply said but everyone waited for the rest of his words. Little did they know that the man actually had no more words to say. He was not used being polite to anyone because he was usually the one everyone was being polite to in his entire existence. The first person he actually said the polite words 'nice to meet you' was Abi's father.

"Uh, he's very shy towards elders so he rarely speaks," Abi butted in and the elders looked at her as they laughed.

"Oh dear, no need to be shy, son. You're such an extremely gorgeous man too." The atmosphere somehow lightened up and Abi smiled at him. "Uhm I think we should eat now. The kids must be hungry," Abi diverted the topic to avoid the elders questioning her more about Alex.

"Oh yes, oh yes. We have to eat now," her grandmother said and Abi finally excused themselves to head to where the bachelor's group was sitting.

Kelly was already with the other three and Xavier was talking intently with her.

Abi sat next to Alex and thanked Zeke, Kai and Xavier for coming. The men also handed her their gifts, except Alex.

It was then that one of the elders came to serve them the cake.

The old woman handed the plate to Chris and then to Zeke. It was obvious that she chose the famous duo to be the ones to receive food first. Well, nobody really cared except for Alex! His cold aura suddenly burst because those plates Zeke and Chris received had the two peaches he created that were supposed to resemble Abi's twin peaches.


Chapter 177 Advantage

Abi's gaze flew towards Alex the moment she felt the cold chills coming from him. His eyes were incredibly sharp as it focused towards something. Abi followed his line of sight and was speechless when she saw that he was glaring at the peaches on Ezekiel's and Chris' plates.

"Alex…" Abi called out in a whisper to get his attention. Somehow, she got through to him and he immediately looked at her. His chilling aura was controlled again as their eyes met but Alex was obviously restraining himself to the extreme. She could see him frowning and his hands were clenched at his sides. She looked at him and felt a bit worried, but also elated at the same time, because he was doing his best to behave for her.

"Aren't you supposed to be the one to eat those?" he suddenly asked seriously and Abi could only press her lips tightly. She couldn't believe that Alex seemed unhappy because the peaches he made ended up being served to someone else.

But seeing that this seemed to be quite serious to him, Abi quickly started to coax him. Even though he promised he would behave, and she could see that he was truly doing his best, Abi didn't want him to be like this and resenting Ezekiel and Chris for eating his peaches.

Abi held his hand, pulled him with her and stepped out of the back door. Abi faced him as she held his hands, pressing them gently as she looked up at him with a big smile.

"It's okay, Alex, those peaches are just chocolates. Don't worry about it, okay?" she said and Alex's eyes slightly widened before he cleared his throat.

"Who said I was worried about it?" he glanced at the door and Abi just smiled again.

Seeing her smile, the man straightened up and then he pinned her against the door. He bent down until their faces were close.

"Why should I care about those when I could always eat the real ones right here?" he pointed on her chest sexily, causing Abi to feel like all her blood just rushed up to her head.

Abi caught his hands before he could touch her peaches as she bit her lips.

"A-alex, you said you would behave. Don't take back your words!" she complained with her flushed face and Alex somehow mellowed down. He turned his back from her and looked up the sky, a smirk forming on his lips.

He was thinking to himself, trying to remember if he ever did anything like this before. He was used to doing whatever he wanted without restraint so restraining himself to not do something had never been added to his dictionary. Whatever he wanted, he did. He didn't care about the result or consequences at all; he just did whatever he wanted and had been living that way ever since he could remember. But, here he was, actually trying to suppress himself and it seemed that he had been doing this since the day he met her without him realizing.

"Alex?" he heard her call his name softly as she tugged his shirt from the back.

Turning to her, Alex bent down and kissed her lips gently. "Don't worry, little fruit, I will not go back on my words and I will behave for the rest of the night," he said before taking her hand and bringing her back inside. Abi smiled as she looked at his broad back. The kiss he just gave her reminded her of her first kiss when he gave her a simple yet gentle kiss.

The heartwarming event then continued. Everyone had a good time and it was lively until the end.

The guest slowly dispersed until the only ones left were Kelly and the five gentlemen.

Chris was having a good time chatting with Abi's family and they truly looked like they were close to him as well as Abi. One could tell in one glance that Chris almost looked like he belonged to the family.

"That movie star seems to have won the favor of your girlfriend's family, Alex. It's quite obvious. Ah, that's the advantage of being a childhood friend, eh? If they didn't get separated, or if they had reunited before she met you, those two might have been a couple by now –"

Xavier suddenly clamped his mouth and he slowly hid behind Zeke. He was saying all this because Alex was unusually calm the entire time, so calm he wasn't even talking anymore. He thought the man was just bored and he didn't care about that guy but just a one glance from Alex at the moment, made his heart jump. That one look was one of those serious warnings he gave out before killing his enemies. Ah, did I barely escape death?

Xavier patted his pounding heart and was relieved when he saw that Alex was looking at the family again.

"Uncle, grandma, grandpa, Abi, I will drop by again soon," Chris said, looking at Abi intently. It was obvious that the way he looked at her was different. He clearly adored her and he wasn't even hiding it. He then hugged everyone and gazed at Abi before he hugged her again. "Happy birthday, Abi," he whispered in her ear.

It was then that Alex, the statue, finally moved from his spot and walked closer to them.

Xavier's eyes widened as he looked at Zeke. "Zeke, what should we do? It seems like he has reached his limit! Do something! He's going to kill that childhood friend!"

"Shut up, Xavier, he's not going to do that in front of Abigail."

"How can you be so sure? You know how ruthless Alex is, he wouldn't care!"

"Relax, did you forget? He's not the same Alexander we know."

"Well… but…"

As Xavier was panicking, something unexpected came out of Alex's mouth as he approached Abi and her family.

"Abi," he called out and Chris let go of her upon seeing him. Alex stared at Chris as he spoke. "I've decided to stay and sleep here with you again tonight."

Everyone: ". . .?!"


Chapter 178 Sexier

Everyone was dumbfounded with what Alex had just spouted out. Andrew sighed but seeing that Alex was glaring at Chris, the elders could already tell that the guy was jealous.

Abi's family finally realized that their attention had been on Chris this whole time that they almost forgot about Abi's boyfriend. No wonder the young man looked unhappy but they couldn't blame him. They totally understood why he was jealous and they felt sorry for being inconsiderate especially when they recalled that all they've been talking about were Chris and Abi's childhood since the party started.

Looking at how Alex glared at Chris, the old grandma smiled. She could tell that he must have been holding himself back a lot for a long while, considering the fact that he never came and joined their conversation or took Abi away from them the entire party. They had monopolized Abi and this young man stayed in his seat the entire time. She thought that this young man seemed to be pretty disciplined and had such a great self-control for staying calm this whole time despite him being jealous of Chris and she truly commended him for that.

"Oh, sure, sure, Alex. I told you before, right? You are always welcome in our home," Abi's grandma said with a warm smile, causing Chris to look at her in disbelief but as the great actor that he was, he didn't show any negative reaction at all.

Alex, on the other hand, was surprised with what he heard that because he didn't expect Abi's family to favor him at this point, since it was obvious that they adored this Chris guy so much.

"Yes Alex, you are always welcome to stay," Andrew also said as he patted Alex's shoulder, surprising Alex even more. Well, Alex didn't know but Andrew felt bad as well for ignoring him because Chris was here. Andrew knew that it wasn't Chris whom his Abi loved, but this man and this man, Alex, was the one who put sparks in his daughter's eyes. This man was the one who made Abi this happy, not Chris.

"Well then, Chris, looks like it's time for you to go. Your manager is waiting," Andrew told Chris as he looked at the idling car waiting for Chris outside.

Chris smiled and everyone said goodbye to him. He glanced at Alex one last time before he finally entered the car. Once the car door was closed, his calm and cool fa?ade crumbled and he closed his eyes. He loosened up his tie as he looked at Abi through the window.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?" his manager asked but he didn't reply. He just tugged his hair, looking defeated and then he laughed.

"Sigh… I can't believe I have lost before I could even start," Chris muttered. "Why I didn't look for her earlier?"

The man seemed so damned upset. His manager never saw him act like this before.

"Wait, don't tell me that the birthday girl is the first love you're always talking about."

"Mn, it's her. But she already has a boyfriend. Ridiculous, right? She has always been the only one in my heart but she… damn it!" He dropped his head, clenching his fists tightly. "F*ck!I didn't think it would feel this bad."

The manager sighed. It seemed like he would need to drop by a store and buy some alcohol for him. "Don't be too devastated, Chris. He's just her boyfriend, not her husband. You don't know what will happen in the future," he said and Chris immediately lifted his head.

"That's right, it's not over yet!" His dead spirit was resurrected in a second. How could he give her up so easily? Besides, he still didn't trust that mysterious man. What if he hurt his Abi?

With a newfound determination in his eyes, Chris decided not to give up on Abi just yet.

Back in front of Abi's house, Abi and Alex were the only ones left in the front yard as they watched the others leave as well.

"Okay, let's go back in," Alex spoke as he turned around when Abi tugged his shirt from the back. He turned and looked at her.

Abi stared back at him. "You called me 'Abi' a while ago without me asking," she told him and Alex blinked before he glanced away for a moment.

"Well, all the people close to you call you that. It'd be weird if I, your boyfriend, still called you by your full name," he explained. "Abi is cute, though. Although, I still prefer saying all the three syllables of your name because it sounds sexier than just 'Abi'. Don't you agree? A-bi-gail?" he pronounced her name so slowly with his deep voice it almost sounded like a melody, causing Abi's ears to redden.

"I… I prefer Abi at times like this, Alex," she could only reply and Alex smiled.

"Fine. I did promise that I would behave. Now let's go inside, A-bi."

"S-stop teasing me."

"I'm not teasing you, Abi."

The duo then entered the house as Alex kept on repeating Abi's name, seemingly enjoying himself as he chuckled every now and again.

"Okay, stop now, Alexander," Abi retorted once they were inside her room, preparing to go and take a shower.

Abi, calling him his full name seemed to have worked as Alex stopped and his face became serious.

"Fine, I'll stop. So don't call me that," he said and Abi gazed up at him, amused.

"Oh, so you don't like me calling you Alexander?" she teased but Alex pinched her chin and pulled her face closer to him.

"Call me that again and you might see me go crazy, Abigail. You sound like you are seducing me when you call me like that," he told her and Abi immediately swallowed.

"Oh, okay, let's go, Alex. The shower is waiting." She somehow managed to escape. She suddenly felt nervous when he said he'll go crazy. Sigh, this man…

"I'll go first, okay?" Abi told him and without waiting for his response, she entered the bathroom.

When she was done, she came out looking fresh. Her make-up was gone and her hair was now tied up into a bun.

"Alex, you're turn," she said when to her surprise, she couldn't see Alex in the living room. Where did he go?

Abi thought that he might have gone to the kitchen so she went to check on him. But he wasn't there. Thinking that he returned in her room, she climbed upstairs but Alex wasn't there as well.

Where on earth did he go off to?

Chapter 179 Can't help falling in love

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Abi was starting to worry. She stepped out of her room and looked around. She walked towards the veranda but there was no sign of him either. Abi finally brought out her phone to call him but she stopped before she could dial his number. It was because the moment she looked down, she saw Alex standing there by the road side. He seemed to be talking to someone who was leaning on the parked black car.

Who was he talking to?

Abi tried to zoom in at the man but she couldn't see his face. Worried, Abi hastily walked downstairs but when she opened the door, the man had just closed the door and the car accelerated away.

Alex stood there, watching the disappearing car. He didn't move even when the car was long gone.

Looking at him quietly standing there alone, Abi couldn't help but walk towards him. He was exuding that seemingly lonesome vibe again. Did that man tell him about some bad news? Or problem?

Abi didn't even try to conceal her presence but Alex didn't seem to notice her yet. This made Abi crease her brows because she knew that Alex could sense her presence even when she was still far away.

She stood behind him but the still didn't move. So Abi hugged him from behind and the man seemed surprised, something that was really unusual for him to do.

"Alex? Is everything alright?" Abi asked as she craned her head to look at him.

Alex cleared his throat and rubbed her head.

"What are you doing out here?" he asked.

"I should be the one asking you that," she replied but Alex held her hand and led her back to the house without giving her an answer.

He went straight to the bathroom once they entered the house, making Abi feel that there was something off with him again.

She looked at the clock which said it was already eleven pm. She heaved a long breath as she walked to the living room to wait for him there. She didn't know why but she was kind of scared that he might disappear.

Sitting there, Abi looked around the living room until her eyes fell on the old piano that was her mother's. She never used that since her mother died even though she loved playing the piano.

She stood up and walked towards it. She opened the cover and tapped on it, creating a sound.

"Oops," she said but her family actually didn't mind even if she played music in the middle of the night, as long as it was a soothing music. Her family was just like her. They loved music and it was their lullaby. Abi sometimes played the piano out there or played the guitar in bed to make her dad fall asleep whenever his insomnia kicked in.

Suddenly, Abi felt the urge to surround the house with melody. She pulled the chair out and sat on it. It was then that Alex came out, already dressed up in his new clothes.

"You're going to play?" Alex asked, jolting her.

"Ah, yeah… I am planning to serenade you, Alex." she said and Alex smiled. He took a seat right next to her, placing his elbow on the edge of the piano as he rested his face on his palm, looking at her.

"Oh, really? Sure," he replied and he looked at her like he was ready to listen. Abi smiled at him. She could still see the indifference in his eyes and she knew he was hiding something again. She wanted to at least calm him down before they went to bed.

Abi then took a deep breath and her fingers started to gracefully tap on the piano. The melody that echoed from it was incredibly soothing. The instrumental introduction of the song she was playing was slow and heart touching.

But that was just the introduction. When Abi started to sing, time seemed to have stood still for Alex and everything else faded away. The only thing left in his world was her, her voice and the soft sound of the piano. Her voice was like invisible hands of an angel touching him, caressing the deepest corner of his frozen heart, burning it with its warmth. He couldn't explain what he was feeling. All he knew was that the moment she started singing, she had captured every bit of his attention and the world ceased to exist. All he could see and hear was her.

"Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you…"

Abi lifted her face from the keys of the piano to see Alex's face. She didn't know why she had chosen this song. This was just the song that first came to her mind upon her fingers tapping on the piano. Maybe her heart had reached its limit and had now burst out of control? She didn't know. All she knew was that she couldn't stop herself anymore. Her heart was now singing this song for him. Her confession.

"Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin?

'Cause I can't help falling in love with you"

Their eyes locked together as she continued singing. She was incredibly emotional. She wanted to pour everything that had been locked inside her heart out to him until there was nothing left. How could this song have everything she wanted to say? Would it be a sin if she wanted to stay even after these eight days were over? Would it be a sin if she wanted to stay with him and love him until her last breath?

The song was reaching its end when Abi's hands left the piano. Her warm palms landed on both sides of his face as she sang the last lines while staring deeply into his eyes.

"Take my hand,

Take my whole life, too,

For I can't help falling in love with you."

As the song ended, Abi gently kissed his lips before she slowly pulled away and uttered those four forbidden words to him.

"I love you, Alex."
Chapter 180 Anything

"I love you, Alex." As these heartfelt words came out of Abi's lips, everything seemed to stand still. Seconds slowly ticked by as their eyes locked and Abi started to realize what just came out of her mouth.

Her pulse accelerated, her heart started to beat loud like a drum and fear began to sprout in her heart the longer she looked at him just looking back at her, still as statue. She didn't mean to say it. Her plan was just to let him know she had fallen for him through a song because she thought she still wasn't brave enough to say it. She was scared that things would change for the worse if those words ever came out of her mouth. But she had said it. Her heart made a move on its own before she realized it and now, she didn't know what to do.

Abi tried to open her lips but it just trembled slightly and no words came out of it until Alex finally moved. He blinked a few times like he was waking up from a dream. His pupils dilated for a split second, his jaw clenched and he half bit his lip. Just like her, he seemed to have lost his tongue as well as no words came out of his mouth.

But it was then that Abi finally found her tongue. "Uhm… d-don't worry, Alex. I… I'm not going to ask you to love me back," she stuttered as her hands on his face slightly trembled. And then, she hugged him tight, as if she was trying to chain him down using her arms, as if she was so scared that he would leave and never come back again. "I… I am not going to demand for your love so please don't get angry with me, okay?" she added, her voice weak and fearful.

"I just wanted to tell you what I feel towards you now. And… you didn't forbid me from loving you. You only forbade me from asking for your love so I am allowed say that I have fallen in love with you, right?" she asked again as her grip on him tightened, determined to hold him.

Alex's Adam's apple moved. His eyes were dark and his face was stiff and hard as he silently gritted his teeth before he spoke. "That's right," was all he responded and Abi pulled away with wide eyes.

"Y-you're not angry with me, right?" Abi looked at him and the man stared at her before he replied decisively.

"I'm not, Abigail."

Abi hugged him again. She was so relieved and even though she saw something odd in Alex eyes right now, the most important thing was that Alex wasn't angry and that he wasn't going to disappear.

Alex shut his eyes closed the moment his face was hidden from Abi. His brows knotted so tightly that the veins on his forehead and neck were bulging out.

"Thank you, Alex," she uttered and she moved her face away slightly without letting go. Her lips landed on his, gently, causing Alex's face to loosen up. "Please let me love you. I won't ask for anything. Just let me love you, okay?" she pleaded against his lips and Alex's jaw tightened again.

He lifted his hand to her head and pulled her into his embrace. He gritted his teeth once again, hiding his expression from her before he forced out his next words.

"Do what you want," he replied and Abi smiled, thanking him again. She was so relieved and she couldn't deny that this made her happy. Having the freedom to love him, to tell him 'I love you' every time she wanted to and as many times as she could, was just a wish before, but now, it was actually going to become her reality. He granted her a wish once again. This was the best birthday gift she received today and she couldn't ask for more.

With a smile on her face, Abi let him go and stood.

"Let's go to bed now, Alex." She pulled him up, holding his hand tightly as they went upstairs.

Abi was animated as she lay on the bed. Once Alex sat next to her, Abi jumped on him and she cuddled him. She wrapped her arm around his torso as she snuggled herself closer until their bodies were sharing heat.

"Alex… you made this day my happiest birthday ever. Thank you for everything," she told him, her eyes glistening with genuine happiness.

Alex suddenly pulled her towards him but he made her back face him and spooned her from behind. Abi didn't notice but Alex seemed like he was trying to stop her from looking at his face.

They were silent for a long while before Alex spoke again. "I didn't buy you a present so you can ask me one thing and I will fulfill it," he suddenly said, causing Abi's eyes to widen in surprise. She tried to move to turn and look at his face but the man didn't let her. "You can ask me anything, Abigail," he added and Abi swallowed.

"A-anything?" she echoed, still looking at him with wonder and disbelief.

"Yes, anything."

"E-even if it's against your rules?" she asked in hesitation. Her heartbeat raced wildly as she waited in anticipation even though she already knew the answer based on his silence. She knew his rules was surely an exception.

But Alex's answer made her mouth turn agape.

"Yes," he replied and Abi couldn't believe it. She struggled and slipped away from his arms before she sat up and looked down at him in disbelief.

He wasn't smirking and there was no mischief in his eyes. He was serious and Abi just couldn't believe it. She couldn't talk for a long while until Alex broke the silence again.

"I'm serious, Abigail. Ask me anything and I will grant it," he repeated as he looked her deeply in the eyes.