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"Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you to their level, then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain. 


Zamiel sat with Heaven in her bed while he explained to her the book that she had been studying. He was impressed by her keenness to learn and her ability to ask the right questions. She was passionate about learning and helping others. It didn't take long for Zamiel to explain to her what she didn't understand, and then he closed the book. 

Heaven was still very concentrated, and seemed to think of what she had learned. "It is much more difficult than I thought." She said thoughtfully. 

"Change takes time." He told her. 

She nodded. "I realized I don't know much, and I still have a lot to learn. Maybe it was for the best that I didn't become a general. I would only embarrass myself." 

He knew that she had a lot to learn, but with the strong will that she had, she could do anything she set her mind to do. 

"Whatever you decide to do, I know you will do it well." He said, but she didn't seem to believe it. 

For a brief moment there was a sadness in her eyes, before she dismissed it quickly. 

"You didn't tell me why you came here. It is surely not just because you missed me." She said. 

"Why not?" He asked curiously. 

"You usually come to me when I need you. Otherwise you let me take care of myself." She explained. 

Zamiel knew she was a young woman with ambitions and he didn't want to stand in her way, but did she like it or not? He couldn't tell. 

"Would you like me to be different?" He asked. 

She shook her head with a smile. "I like you just the way you are. I like that you treat me like someone who is capable of doing things on her own. It makes me feel strong. I like that you are there when I need you but you let me try on my own first and even when you help me, you don't do things for me. You give me an inkling on how to do it myself and encourage me to believe that I can do it." 

She took his hand and intertwined their fingers. "Your hands are always cold." She said putting her other hand on top of his and then rubbed it gently. 

Zamiel smiled. That wouldn't help. For some odd reason ancients were cold, and when they went into slumber, their bodies would almost freeze. There were theories that they needed to be cold in order for their bodies to stay the same. But that didn't stop them from feeling warm or feeling the heat from a touch or a kiss. Heaven warmed him from within. She warmed his heart and soul. 

"Have you learned to draw power like your father?" He asked. 

She nodded. "Yes." 

"Could you draw power from me?" 

"I probably could. Grandma told me not to use very powerful sources until I have harnessed the skill to draw only as much as I can handle." She explained.

Zamiel nodded. She was more human than her father, so she wouldn't be able to draw more power than him, but suddenly her eyes lit up. "Could I try?" She asked curiously. 

He chuckled. "Maybe you should listen to your grandmother." He didn't want her to hurt herself. 

"You are here. Nothing will happen to me." She said. "Besides, I have to practice if I want to be better."

She was stubborn and lovely when she was curious, so he couldn't deny her. "Alright. Be careful." He said. 

She adjusted herself so that she was sitting exactly in front of him while still holding his hand. "I will do it now." She said. 

Zamiel nodded. 

Heaven closed her eyes and mumbled some unknown phrases, and Zamiel felt the strange sensation that he had felt before. Then he felt his power being pulled out of his body, but Heaven could only draw an even less amount than her father before she pulled her hand away. 

She shot her eyes open. "I almost froze." She spoke surprised. "Even your power is cold. Very cold." She shivered. 

She rubbed her hands together that looked paler than they were before. She was really cold and for a moment he wanted to take her hands in his and warm her up, but his hands were cold too. 

Drawing power from another creature wasn't very helpful unless you wanted to fight that creature. Heaven couldn't draw power from him and keep that power to fight someone else. As soon as they stopped touching, his power came back to him. 

Witches usually used the skill to draw power so they could perform powerful spells, and they used sources that were constantly available or available for a longer time. Sunlight and moonlight were two powerful sources that were known to be used by witches. 

"Well, being from a line of powerful witches doesn't help when I am mostly human." She smiled. 

Being half human restricted her powers, but with practice she could become more powerful. 

"You don't need that kind of power to be powerful." To him, the most powerful people were those who were in control of themselves. 

Heaven nodded in agreement. "I met another ancient today. Do you know Darius?"

Most ancients knew each other, so Zamiel knew him. "Yes." 

"He said that he could sense that I was special, but he didn't know how. He suggested I ask you if you feel the same. He said it was something ancients could sense and maybe it could be why my grandfather wanted me." 

Zamiel used his senses to see if he missed anything other than what he already knew. His senses would have already told him if Heaven had any special preternatural power that he should be aware of. 

Ancients were very good at sensing power rank and he could tell her speciality had nothing to do with her power rank. Especially not if that rank were to be compared to the rank of an ancient. Lucifer wasn't looking for power or strength. He already had those things. It had to be something else. Something that he didn't have, and if Zamiel was right about what was special about Heaven, then that couldn't be what the devil wanted.



"A smart person will give you smart answers, but a wise person will ask you smart questions." - Unkown.


Heaven's special qualities were actually of disadvantage to Lucifer. Zamiel remembered when he tried to get into her mind while he was in the coffin. It had been difficult to do that. She fought back and as an ancient even with her fighting back, it should still have been easy for him to get inside her head. But it wasn't. 

He remembered that he could only watch her from a safe distance at first. He couldn't get closer, but then her curiosity opened the doors for him. Somewhere deep down she had wanted to see him, had been curious to know him, and that is when he was able to get inside her head. 

Lucifer was of course more skilled when it came to manipulation and getting inside people's minds. But Zamiel guessed that he must have faced some struggle as well. There must be an explanation to why he hadn't been able to manipulate her so far. 

Usually someone as young as her wouldn't have been difficult for him. She was at the age where people looked for more in life, wanted more from life. She was at the age where she doubted herself and tried to find out where she fit in to the world. Lucifer could have used all that against her, but Zamiel already knew that wouldn't work. Because more than anything, Heaven cared for people. 

She cared for her loved ones. She had no selfishness or greed inside of her that could be used against her. If there was one thing that could be used against her, it would be her love for him and her family. But love only behaved as a weakness. 

Love itself wasn't a weakness. Fear was a weakness. The fear of losing those you love. 

Love itself was the ultimate strength. Lucifer was fighting someone who held so much love in their heart, and love covered many sins. 

"What is special about you is that you have a strong mind and a gentle heart." He told her. 

Heaven smiled widely while shaking her head at him. She believed he was only praising or charming her. 

"I don't have a strong mind and I am not sure if having a gentle heart is something special." 

"You have both, and having them at the same time is what makes you special."

"Is that it?" She asked. 

He chuckled. "Did you hope for something else?"

She shrugged. "I don't know what I was hoping for." 

"Do you think your grandfather wants you for the sole reason to rule? Or do you think he wants something else?" He asked. 

Heaven was quiet for a moment before she spoke. "I don't know what he wants. I don't understand why he needs me to rule when he has other children. I have been thinking about it and I think he wants something else." 

Zamiel felt proud that she thought differently. "What could that other thing be?" He asked, pushing her to think. 

She became quiet again, her thoughts drifting away. "Maybe he just wants to have someone from our family on his side. When I was little, my family refused to follow him. Maybe he wants to show that someone is willing to follow him." 

Zamiel frowned. "You think he wants some kind of revenge?" 

Heaven shrugged. "Not revenge. Perhaps, he just want to prove that it is not that bad to follow him by tempting me to do it." 

Zamiel became more confused than before. This could be a family thing that he didn't understand yet. 

"Is it really impossible for grandpa to leave his mission and be with us? Doesn't the mate bond affect him?" She asked. 

"It probably does. But how much? Does he have a heart that cares when the bond connects him to his mate? Or does he merely feel the connection, but he doesn't care? It is hard to know." 

Zamiel knew that the bond was attached to feelings. For it to be effective, feelings had to be involved. The bond itself couldn't create feelings. It only strengthened and confirmed the ones you had. Did Lucifer have feelings? Zamiel suspected he did, but maybe not enough. 

Suddenly Heaven grimaced in pain and held her stomach. "Heaven?" Zamiel reached for her, but she flinched and drew back from his touch. She quickly got out of bed and distanced herself from him. 

Zamiel got out of bed confused, but before she could approach her, she held her hand out to stop him. "Zamiel, please. Don't come closer." Her voice was pained, and she pleaded. 

"Why?" He asked, feeling torn. He wanted to rush to her, but from the way she looked at him, terrified, he was afraid she would run away if he did. 

"Please, Zamiel. Just listen to me. Leave. I am hurting." She wrapped her arms around herself and backed against the wall. 

Zamiel felt anger bubble inside of him. He suddenly wanted to punch something but stormed out of the room instead, unable to see her in pain anymore. While walking back to the carriage, he thought of how much he wanted to kill Lucifer. If that was only possible, he would risk his life doing so. 

Lord help him and the people around him because they shivered as he passed by. He knew he was giving off that cold energy that made people freeze. He needed to calm down or he would end up killing someone. 

The blood in his veins was boiling, but the heat wasn't enough to make him stop from turning autumn into winter. His hands were clenched and his eyes probably gleamed the brightest silver. 

When he walked outside, he felt the cold breeze against his face, but it didn't calm him. He had to tell himself repeatedly to calm down. 

Zamiel wasn't angry because she told him to leave. He was angry because he had to see her like that, knowing his presence somehow inflicted the pain and he couldn't do anything about it. He was angry because he couldn't protect the one he loved once again. 


He took a deep breath when he saw Irene approaching him. He didn't want to release his anger on her. 

"Are you going home already?" She asked, coming to stand in front of him. 

"Yes." He replied. 

"I didn't get the chance to thank you earlier for your advice. You were right. I am letting hatred blind me and it is stopping me from helping my granddaughter the way I should." 

Zamiel was really not in the mood, and it was probably visible. He just wanted to say 'good that you know' but he bit his tongue. 

"I felt like what I said about Heaven upset you." She continued. 

Did it? Maybe it did. Or maybe he just didn't like the way she thought of Heaven. He had expected her to know more about her granddaughter and to put more effort into helping her. 

"It is sad that you had to protect her from me." She added. 

"I was not protecting her from you. I was defending her. I know you love Heaven, but you do understand that your thoughts are concerning to me. You seem torn and I understand that but I can't sympathise with you since this is about Heaven's Safety. Heaven is my priority and if she not yours in this case then I am afraid we are on apposing sides." 

The only reason Zamiel was polite to Heaven's family was because of her, but if they didn't prioritize her the way she prioritized them, then there was no need for him to be polite. 

Irene smiled at him. "I am glad she has you, and I don't mind you protecting her from me as well. You should protect her from everyone that seems like a threat."

Zamiel knew she was doubting herself, and what she might do that put everyone in danger. "Heaven loves you dearly. I hope you stay strong for her."

Heaven would be devastated if her grandmother made a bad decision. 

Irene nodded with a weak smile. He knew she was doing her best and he couldn't comprehend how hard that must be. 

"And if you need to talk to someone…" Was he really doing this? "I'll listen." He said. 

Her smile widened. "Thank you. I thought I would be upset that you could hear my thoughts, but I feel less burdened now that someone else knows." 

He nodded. 

Irene always felt strange every time she talked to Zamiel. There was something about his demeanor that she liked so much. She had liked him from the beginning, before she even knew him, and just from the things she had heard about him. 

Today he had opened her eyes to the things that she had been suppressing and denying. It was the realization that made her sad and not him. 

Earlier she had seen his gaze harden when she told him she worried for Heaven. He didn't like that and she could understand. 

While she expressed worry for Heaven, what had she done really to help her granddaughter? She hadn't even tried. At that moment he stood up for his mate. He told her that Heaven had her priorities straight, reminding her that she was the one confused. 

It was a polite way of putting someone in their place. The demon knew how to speak. 

While she doubted Heaven in that moment, he showed utmost trust in her. Irene knew she had to do better as a grandmother, and she was glad that Zamiel didn't judge her, even though she felt ashamed of her own thoughts. Maybe that was why she liked him and felt strangely comfortable with him. 

He always surprised her with his choice of words and his way of thinking. She could see the goodness that Heaven spoke of in his eyes, but he also made it clear that if he had to turn bad for Heaven, then he would. Her mother had told her once that when good people turn bad, they turn really bad. Hopefully nothing of that sort would happen because behind those disturbingly calm silver eyes, there was a hidden threat. A dangerous storm.



"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." -Albert Einstein. 


This was bad. What was this feeling? Why was she feeling like this?

Heaven tried to fight it and calm down. She paced back and forth in her room, telling herself that everything would be alright and that she was afraid for no reason. But the heavy feeling in her chest and the pain in her stomach was so strong that she became nauseous again.

Walking outside to her garden, Heaven breathed in the fresh air in order to feel better. Something was wrong. This had to be more than normal fear. No matter how those nightmares affected her, they shouldn't make her feel this way, especially when her brain couldn't see the danger. It was only her body alarming her. 

Suddenly she felt a rush of cold air, and in front of her stood her grandfather. Heaven frowned upon his arrival. She didn't need him here right now. 

"I see you are not feeling well." He said. 

Heaven narrowed her eyes at him. "What do you want?" She asked. 

"That illness of yours, you should take seriously." 

"What do you mean?" 

He crossed his arms behind his back and tilted his head to one side. "I mean, you can hurt your mate. You could possibly end his life." 

Heaven stiffened. Why hadn't she thought of his before? Of course he knew she could hurt Zamiel, but he wouldn't use that against her. Would he? She had always thought that he wanted her to follow him willingly, but it was never something he had said. It was just what she and her family thought. Would he force her now? By using Zamiel against her. 

No, please! Oh lord, no! 

She gave him a hard glare, and he chuckled. "I won't do anything if you come to me on your own." 

"And if I don't?"

"Then unfortunately what you are really afraid of will happen." He said. 

Heaven's stomach turned, but she swallowed her fear. This is probably what he wanted. To make her so afraid that she would go to him. 

"I would never hurt Zamiel." She said. 

The smile left his eyes, and now he gave her a deadly stare. "I'll give you time. You have until tonight to decide. If you don't come to me by then, know that there will be consequences." 

Heaven felt her legs wobble and her breath came out in shallow pants. Her heart was beating in her ears. "What... will you do?" She asked, afraid. 

A corner of his mouth lifted. "That will be a surprise." He said and then vanished before she could say anything else. 

Heaven fell to her knees when he left. The world around her started to spin and this time the fear kicked her in the stomach with such force, she thought she would vomit blood. 

Now she understood why she had been so sick. This was not only fear, it was a real danger. She was a danger to Zamiel, and the bond and her demon had been telling her to stay away in order to protect her mate. 

How stupid she was. What was she supposed to do now? She started to panic and shake. This wasn't the way she thought her grandfather would make her join him. 

She was so confused and terrified. 


Yes! She needed her grandma before Zamiel came back to see her, but she couldn't even get up. She tried to use her magic, but it wasn't working since she wasn't focused. She couldn't focus. 

Taking a deep breath, Heaven told herself that she had to calm down and think of what was important at the moment and it was protecting Zamiel. 

Using all her strength she stood up, and she rushed back to her room, but before she could go looking for her grandmother, Irene came in through the door. 

"Grandma!" Heaven almost yelled. 

Her grandmother looked at her, confused and worried. "What happened, dear?" She rushed to her side. 

"Grandma! I need your help. I need to you to help me. I need you to…" She was a mess, and she didn't know what do to. She was panicking again. 

Her grandmother put her hands on her shoulders. "Calm down. Breathe." She told her noticing that Heaven was hyperventilating. Her head spun again. 

Irene took her to sit down on the bed so that she wouldn't fall. Heaven looked around. The world around her was out of focus. No! No! No! She wouldn't faint now. 

"Grandma Zamiel is in danger. You need to take away my magic so that can I never go to see him, and then you have to tell him to stay away. Take me somewhere far. Very far away. Please, grandma do something." She almost began crying, knowing deep down that none of that would help because her grandfather could find her anywhere. 

"Why? Why is he in danger?"

"I can... I can kill him and grandfather knows that. He wants to use that against me." 

Irene frowned. "What do you mean you can kill him?" 

"I just can. I am the thing that can kill him. " More tears fell down her cheeks. "Oh, God! What am I supposed to do? I have to go to grandfather or he will hurt Zamiel." 

"No! Calm down. You don't have to do anything. He is just scaring you." Irene said wrapping her arms around her granddaughter, but Heaven shook her head. 

"He is not. Something bad is going to happen. I had been feeling it and if I don't do what he says, then he is going to hurt Zamiel." 

"Stay here. I will go talk to your grandfather." She said sounding furious, but Heaven grabbed her hand to stop her. 

"Don't go. I don't have time. I only have until tonight."

"You are not going anywhere, Heaven. I will take care of this." She said. 

"How?" Heaven asked. 

"I don't know. I will find a way." 

Heaven shook her head. She didn't want her grandmother to be in danger as well. It was enough that Zamiel was in danger. He had already suffered enough. Why did this have to happen to him?



"The villain plays the victim so well." -Unknown.


Lothaire was having a good day, sitting comfortably on his throne and sipping his wine while watching everything that was happening with his family through The Eye. 

This wasn't the way he had thought or planned on doing things. Manipulation had been his plan, but Heaven, despite her young age, surprisingly had a strong mind. Even stronger than her father's. Getting into her head or manipulating her had not been easy. He knew manipulating Zamiel wouldn't be easy, but Heaven had shocked him and reminded him to never underestimate the enemy. 

Usually as the devil he worked with desires. What people truly desired, he presented it to them. But Heaven desired things for the people she loved more than for herself. There was nothing she desired more than the happiness and safety of her family. Those were not dark desires that he could manipulate in a way that was beneficial to him. 

Even with Zarin, she had surprised him. While his daughters suggested that Heaven might follow him because of Zarin, Lucifer knew that she cared for her family too much to do something like that. So his plan had been to create hatred between them. If Heaven hated Zarin, then she would be taking a step in his direction. Because nothing good ever came out of hatred. But after everything Zarin did, she was still concerned for the boy. Her love was still stronger than her hatred, and since she refused to hate, he would have to use her love against her. He had already lost his patience, and that never happened. 

Lucifer had to admit to himself that Heaven succeeded to annoy him. He never let people control his feelings, but he couldn't help it with her. He was annoyed to the point where it made him angry. He hated how her constant love stood in the way of his plans. 

But why bother using the right method now. His new plan would of course make Irene hate him even more, which was why he had been avoiding it, but he would at least get her faster. With time she would adjust to the circumstances and accept him. How long would she fight him if she saw him every day and knew that there was no way out? 

Not too long. 

He would slowly remind her of all the good days they had together, and eventually she would surrender to him. All women did. All women longed to love and to be loved. He would show her again what love and passion felt like. 

A satisfied smile curved his lips when he saw Irene calling him. She was furious, just like he expected. But what would be the best thing to do? Ignore her or go to see her? 

He knew she would keep calling until he went to see her. 

"I know you can hear me. Show yourself you coward!" She called, which caused him to laugh. 

Closing The Eye, he went to see her. As soon as he arrived, he smelled her delicious scent. He could still not pinpoint what she smelled like. It was a unique scent, and it reminded him of their days together. 

That until he saw her green eyes, that glared at him with such hatred it could burn his soul. "How could you do that? She is your granddaughter. How can you make her feel like this? Don't you have a heart?" 

A heart? 

He did have a heart, but she wasn't talking about the physical one. But what did the other one exactly mean? Having a heart was still a mystery to him. How could people have so much heart? And why care to have one? 

He ended up like this because he once let himself have a heart and love this woman, and now he was miserable and acting this way just to get her back. Nothing good came out of it. He just made himself vulnerable. 

"I don't have a heart and you know that." 

The important thing right now was to never let her suspect that it was her he wanted. He had to make it seem like he wanted Heaven and only her. 

"Can't you just let her be? You have other children who are willingly staying with you. Why do you have to force her?" 

"Because I want her." 

"But why her?!" She yelled. 

"You have Lucian. Why can't you just let me have Heaven? She is also my grandchild." 

"No, she is not because you are not behaving like a grandfather." 

"If you hadn't turned her against me, I might have behaved like a grandfather and not like this." He told her. 

She looked at him, baffled. "So it is my fault you are behaving this way?" 

"It is indeed." He said simply. It wasn't her fault, but he just wanted to say it. 

It infuriated her, and he didn't know why he enjoyed it. 

"I am not responsible for your behavior." 

He looked at her for a long moment. "You are not?" 


He nodded. "But you made me a bad grandfather in your granddaughter's mind before I became one. I only became what you said I would become. You made her dislike me, you created distrust and distance between us, when I never did anything to harm her. You let the fight between us affect her. You made me her enemy and now you want me to be a good grandfather? Why?" 

She opened her mouth but then closed it again. She blinked a few times, her mind going a thousand directions while processing what he said. 

"You said you wanted her to rule your kingdom?" 

"Did I say I would harm her or force her? Of course I wanted her to rule with me because I knew she would be a good ruler. I wanted Lucian to do that as well. Did I force him? Or manipulate him? What made you think I would do that to Heaven? When you easily made me into the enemy in your minds, why wish for anything different now?" 

Lucifer was happy with himself. He knew he got into her head. His words affected her and now she was questioning herself and wondering what she had done wrong? 

At least one of them was easy. 

"Don't stand in my way now. I will have Heaven no matter what. You wanted an enemy, now you have one."


"You can't keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you are still in hell." - Unknown.


Irene was stunned. She didn't know what to think or believe. Did she really make him into a bad grandfather? Did she go that far with her hatred? 

Maybe she did. 

She was still burning with hatred. This man had once been her everything. She had no one but him. No parents, no siblings, no children, nothing. And she couldn't even blame him for losing all of that since she was part of it. She fell for him and she payed for it dearly. 

With him, she had been both happy and sad. She never had a moment of full happiness. How could she? Her own blood and flesh was out there and she couldn't see him or hold him. 

And then, after many years of pain, they were all reunited, but that happiness only lasted for a short time. Lothaire wanted suddenly to go back to his world, and he wanted them to follow him. 


He had left all that behind, and they had lived a peaceful life. Why did he want to go back and be the devil again? That is not who she wanted him to be. She didn't want to tell her children and grandchildren what their father or grandfather did. She didn't want to call him the devil, and she had already paid for her sins. She didn't want to sin anymore. The price was too heavy. 

Now she wanted to lead a good life and be a good example to her family. She was proud of the good man her son had become; she wanted him to be proud of her as well. Therefore, she didn't accept Lothaire's offer, but she had asked him to stay. 

She was even willing to forgive him and forget that he approached her with the intent to experiment. To create an unique offspring because she believed him when he said he fell in love with her despite his previous intentions. But his love wasn't enough to make him leave his mission for her. 

How foolish and desperate she had been. Even after admitting that he deceived her, she had believed everything he had said and even expected and hoped he would stay with her. 

Both Love and hatred had blinded her, and she seemed to be the only one confused. Lucian hadn't even been surprised when his father wanted to go back to being the devil. It was almost as if he had been able to see through him, knowing that he couldn't change his nature easily and maybe that was why he never got close to his father. 

But Heaven loved her grandfather. 

Did she really make grandchild hate her grandfather? 

It seemed like she did. Irene didn't know if Lothaire ever tried to manipulate their son, but he never forced him. So yes. Maybe she made assumptions and let hatred misguide her, but that didn't make him right. She might have made him the enemy in her mind, but he made himself on in reality. 

"I was wrong. I shouldn't have let our fight come between you and Heaven. Heaven should have been given the choice to make a judgment for herself. But now… now after what you did, I am not sure if she will ever call you her grandfather again. Do you even love your grandchild? Do you have any love for her in your heart to blame me for making her hate you? Did you have any love for her to begin with? Because if you loved her, if even a little part of you loved her, no matter what I did or said, you wouldn't do this to her." 

Lothaire narrowed his eyes. "I love differently. Can you say I never loved you?" He asked. 

Irene shook her head. "I don't know you anymore. I can only speak from what I see and you hurting our grandchild, that can't come from a place of love. If people we love can hurt us like that, then we don't enemies." 

"Heaven is hurt now, I know that. But she won't be later. She will like being with me because she will have the freedom she never had here." He explained. 

Irene glared at with fury. "How will she be free? How will she be happy? You are taking her away from her mate. Do you know how hard that is? Do you think she will just forget and be happy?" She was yelling now. 

"Yes, she will. With time she will forget." 

"She won't." Irene shook her head. She knew very well that even when you hated your mate, you could never forget them. 

"How do you know?" He asked. 

Irene just stared at him, not wanting to reply. "Did you forget me?" She then asked. 

"How could I?" He smiled. "I think of you all the time. It makes me sad that none of you wanted to come with me, but now I will have Heaven. A piece of us and she looks just like you." 

The way he looked at her reminded her of old days. When he looked at her with so much love and tenderness. 

"Can't you just leave her? I… I will come with you instead. I know I am not a good ruler, but I am capable of many things." 

He laughed while shaking his head. "No. Unfortunately, I can't. I want Heaven." 

He couldn't let her know that it was her he wanted. He had to insist to have Heaven, and he was going to have her. If Irene ever found out that it was her he wanted, then she would try something foolish. He wanted his mate alive, safe and by his side. 

Irene took a deep breath to calm down. "Why? She doesn't want to be with you. I am telling you I will come with you, willingly." 

He walked up to her, his hand itching to touch her face and before he knew he was caressing her cheek. "You can come with me if you want, but I still want Heaven." 

"Please." She whispered, her eyes tearing up before she closed them. "Please leave her alone. Whatever it is you want from her, I will do it for you." 

Lothaire took a step back before he did something foolish, like pulling her into his arms and holding her tight. The right thing to do would be to go back home and act as if he didn't care, but he wanted to be with her a little longer. 

"I don't think we have anything else to talk about and I need to go back." He said. 

Her eyes widened. "No! I am not done talking. I am begging you. Please, don't do this to her. What do I have to do to make you stop?" 

"There is nothing you can do." 

"Wait!" She grabbed his arm, walking closer. Almost too close before she looked him in the eyes. "For the love and bond that we once shared, can't you do this one thing for me. It is all I ask." 

No! He couldn't give in. He shouldn't. 

"Please." She grabbed his other arm. 

He looked at her. She was a beauty so breathtaking she even tempted the devil himself. But temptation was his thing, and if she thought she could win against him, then she was wrong. 

Lothaire leaned down and kissed her. She stiffened but didn't pull back. It was only a brief kiss, a taste, and it left him burning to have more. But he couldn't. 

This was a game, and he couldn't lose. A taste right now would confuse her more than a proper kiss. A taste would remind her of what she could have and make her long for more. 

"I can't, my sweet." He whispered and then left her.