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Abigail craned her neck to get a better view. She waited in anticipation to get a glimpse of who these people were. Maybe she might even recognise some of them. Her head was almost touching the glass on the window as she looked towards the entrance. She was thankful that this house had a very good lighting system.

A few seconds ticked by before she finally saw a woman dressed in a beautiful evening gown walk out. Abigail just gaped at her. She couldn't see her face but she could tell from her silhouette that she may be slightly older, perhaps around her forties, yet still breathtakingly beautiful. She had that figure and aura of grace and elegance as well as authority that reminded Abi of the images of queens in many fantasy movies she had watched. Abi wondered who she was. If only she would look up so she could see her face!

Abigail stared at her as the woman walked towards the car where a man in a black suit held the door open for her.

Abi bit her lips as she thought that she would not be able to see her face but then, the woman suddenly halted. Abi didn't know why but her heart accelerated. She just knew that the woman was going to turn around and look up towards her.

Holding her breath, Abi didn't want to blink as she didn't want to miss this chance. However, the moment the woman was about to turn around and look at her, a pair of large hands covered her eyes and pulled her away from the window.

Abi instantly knew it was Alex.

"Alex! You're here! I see that your visitors are just leaving…" Abigail uttered the moment he removed his hand from her eyes.

"Unwanted visitors," he stressed and Abi swallowed at the displeasure in his eyes. As she stared at him in that moment, she saw that his eyes seemed to swirl with many secrets but he held them locked inside a treasure chest so beautiful you wouldn't dare to open it for fear of what you might find within.

It just looked as if he had a secret she wouldn't enjoy hearing about. But if she could, she would still want to know it. She didn't know why but she didn't only seem to be fascinated by the lights that this jellyfish was emitting, she was also curious about the poison he carried. And maybe it was outrageous of her but she was not scared, and even willing, to unravel whatever mysteries he was hiding.

Trying to elevate the mood, Abigail spoke cheerfully. "Are we going to play now? I've already prepared everything." She looked up at him and smiled, her eyes shining with excitement.

"No. We're not going to play."

"But you said we were going to play!" She pouted like a spoiled little child who got told no.

"That was a joke," a rueful grin finally curved on his face but Abi just puffed her cheeks. She had been waiting for a whole three hours, patiently waiting for him to come and even prepared everything to make it easy for him but he just turned around and said he was joking?!

"No, you already agreed!" She protested but the man just chucked again.

Tilting his head, he smirked evilly at her. "Were you expecting me to be a chivalrous person, huh, Abigail? I am that type of creature who spouts out jokes and whenever he wants to. I'm certain that you already expected that."

Abigail was speechless. Here he was again, emitting a coldness that was like frozen ice. She really couldn't read any of his expressions so his thoughts were closed off to her. What should she do to make him agree to her request? If she failed tonight on such a simple request, it would be a devastating loss for her because it meant that going forward, she may not succeed in ticking off anything from her list at all! However, if she succeeded in persuading him to do this, then it might not be hard for her to make him agree to her next requests.

"Tell me, what should I do to make you agree to my request?" Abi asked and Alex smiled.

Without a word, he climbed on her bed and made himself comfortable. He sat there and leaned against her bed's white headboard. He stared deeply at her as his sexy deep voice rang in her ears.

"Come, little lamb. I'll agree to your request if you show me how hardworking you are. Make me feel good."

Abigail slowly walked towards the bed and climbed on it, her eyes locked onto his.

She knelt on the bed, at his feet while Alex leaned on the headboard.

"If I can make you feel good, will you play a game with me?" she asked, gazing at him with serious and determined eyes.

"Hmm… you heard me, Abigail."

"And you're serious this time, right? This isn't another one of your jokes?"

Alexander smiled, knowingly.

"That's the right attitude, little lamb. Confirm the details. Make sure of things first, don't just believe any man's words so easily," he said, staring back at her intensely. "Rest assured… I'm not kidding this time."

Abigail let out a deep breath before she finally moved again. She inched a little closer to him but then she stopped, as if a thought just popped in her head.

"What signs should I look for to know if you're feeling good?" she asked again, causing Alex's brows to arch. "You did say I should make sure I confirm the details."

Another smirk left Alexander's lips. This girl was simply interesting. She never ceased to surprise him with every little thing she did and said.

"Good question, Abigail… but are you sure you want signs, and not just a word from me?" he asked, smugly.

"Since you have the tendency to joke around, you might claim that it's a joke later on so I think I want physical signs. Just to be sure."

"But Abigail, physical signs could be faked as well. Are you confident enough that you can make my body react?"

Abigail pressed her lips tightly and stared at him before she nodded confidently. She remembered her grandmother's words when she was teaching her how to perform a relaxing massage, saying that this massage would make anyone feel good. She believed her grandmother and she herself had experienced how nice it felt, so she was certain she could make him feel good.


"Okay, how about this? If you make my body react even a little, then you win," he challenged her and Abi swallowed before she nodded.

"Okay! Please remove your shirt so we can start," she said as she stretched her hands but Alex chuckled again.

"Abigail, that's not nice. You should undress me, don't you think? Think of it as foreplay."


"Yes, foreplay."

Abigail tilted her head. She was trying to remember where she heard that word before.

Alexander, of course, noticed that she seemed to be brainstorming and he shook his head in amusement.

"Abigail, foreplay is an alien's language. Do you want me to translate it for you?"

"You're joking again. I, at least, have heard of that word. I think it means action or behavior that precedes an event."

Alexander chuckled. "Did you read it in the dictionary?"

"No, I just once asked my teacher what that word meant back when I was in grade school because I overheard some people in the park saying it."

"So you didn't check it in the dictionary. Your teacher omitted the most important meaning of it, though," he smiled, seductively. "Do you want to know?"

Abigail blinked at him and then her head snapped towards the dictionary on the shelves.

"You won't find that word in that old dictionary, Abigail. The first known use of the word foreplay is in the 1920's after all," he explained, looking amused.

Abigail returned her gaze towards him. She looked amazed.

"Okay, listen little lamb. Fore is short for before and play means just that - except the game is for adults. Basically, foreplay is sexual actions that people do to each other before having sex," he said with a straight face and Abi blushed.

"B-but, we are not going to have s-sex. I'm just going to massage you," she replied, a little flustered, and Alex just flashed his mischievous smile again.

"Well, you can treat this as part of your training. Now, come undress me, Abigail," he sexily muttered. The way he looked at her at that moment was as if he was a forest spirit luring her with his bright, shimmering eyes.

Abigail was immediately lured out and she finally moved, as if she was hypnotized.

She shuffled closer to him so that she could reach the buttons of his shirt. However, before she could start unbuttoning them, Alex stopped her.

"That's not the right way, little lamb…" he whispered. "Do it while straddling me."

Black Dragon🐉

Abigail turned red again but she still did what he said. She sat up on her knees, lifted a leg over his torso and placed it on the other side so that she was straddling him, as instructed.

"Good," he said, smiling in satisfaction.

Abi looked at the top button on his shirt. Her expression was still peaceful, so peaceful that it made Alex's eyes squinted. She was about to unbutton them when Alexander stopped her again.

"Look me in the eyes, Abigail. Unbutton them without breaking your gaze from mine," he uttered and Abigail just innocently nodded.


Abigail looked up and the moment she met his intense gaze, she suddenly felt something strange. She felt like he was looking deep into her soul, as if he was searching if there were any dark hidden secrets while she just became lost in his. His eyes were like a black hole, sucking her in without warning, without mercy and without a way out.

She gazed at him more intently, trying to see as deep as she could, but she could only graze at the surface of who this man was. She felt mesmerized, hypnotized as she swallowed in a subconscious gesture. Her breathing became less even and her mouth became dry and the heat from his body slowly crept into her as if she was slowly sinking into a boiling hot bath.

Feeling like she had no control of her body, she felt herself lean forward as she ran her hands from his chest up towards his neck, blindly looking for that top button of his shirt. When she found it, she slowly unbuttoned it, trailed her fingers down to the next and unbuttoned that one and then the next and the next one after that, all without looking away from him.

"You're a fast learner, little lamb," he flashed a satisfied smile, almost as if he was proud of her excellent work.

His words broke the spell he cast on her and she finally tore her gaze away from his. Unfortunately, her eyes went down to check her handiwork and was met by a sight that was just as mesmerising and alluring.

Abigail subconsciously swallowed as she gazed at this perfect creature. She flushed as she slid her hands over his smooth shoulders and down along his arms to fully remove his shirt. She then got up and moved from on top of him and asked him to lie down on his front.

Alexander just smiled and obediently did as she said.

But the moment his bare back was exposed to her, Abi gasped with what she saw. There was a tattoo on his back. The tattoo covered most of his back and it was in the image of a black dragon. Its head started from Alexander's right shoulder and its body wound its way down his back, ending with its tail on his lower back. The details were amazing and very well defined, almost as if it could jump into life at any moment. It's cold and piercing eyes looked out towards the world, as if it was guarding its master back and it looked menacing as if it would show no mercy to whoever was caught in its sharp claws. Its sharp teeth were bared, a signal to everyone else to keep away and its scales were as black as midnight, a symbol of the darkness of the world it lived in.

She was dumbstruck. The dragon was breathtaking. It was undoubtedly a work of art, as eye catching and beautiful as its master but she didn't know why looking at it made her heart feel sad. The dragon looked like it reeked with nothing but immense power and darkness. Its eyes were as cold and terrifying as Alexander's but for some strange reason that Abi couldn't quite put her finger on, something made her feel like she wanted to touch it and embrace it, the same way she felt with Alexander.

"Stop staring, little lamb. Or did my tattoo scare you?" he asked in a mocking tone.

To his surprise, the girl reached out and touched his back, hesitantly traced the dragon and caressed it as if she was trying to tame it. Alexander was speechless. He obviously didn't expect this reaction from her.

"D-did this hurt when they drew this little guy on your back?" she asked and Alexander's body became stiff as a rock.

After some moment, he smiled.

"You're talking as if it's alive, Abigail. Don't you know that girls usually get scared of it?"

"Why? I guess looking at it, it does feel like it's gonna eat me alive. It does look scary but… I'm not scared… Because, I think, this guy here looks just the same as you."

Strangely, Alexander didn't respond anymore. He fell quiet for a long while and his silence made Abi a little anxious. What happened? Did she say something wrong?

"I… I'm going to start now," she said to change the topic and finally, the man spoke again.

"You better. I'm almost reaching my limit here waiting for you to start."



Abi then started the massage. She straddled him again and sat on his lower back to get better leverage while giving the massage. She started on his shoulders, moulding and kneading in a circular motion, and worked her way down to his lower back. She used her thumbs to put more pressure in areas that needed it. She put her back into it, giving it everything she had but as time went by, a frown started to form on her face.

She did everything she was taught and more but she didn't get even a little response, not even a twitch!

She thought back to how her body reacted when her grandmother massaged her back and she remembered herself letting out a groan or moan and her skin became hot and relaxed.

But Alexander was like a lifeless mannequin. He didn't even utter an 'ouch' when she purposely pressed a painful spot. He didn't even flinch. There was no reaction at all.

Abi was starting to feel demotivated. She was already sweating from her hard work but there was no way she would give up! She didn't believe that he was not feeling good at all. Could it be that he was trying to suppress his reactions? Or did she miss it? Or could it be that men have different and subtle ways of feeling good?

Now that she thought about it, Abi realized that she had never massaged a man before and she didn't really know how men would react when they felt good.

"Uhm… I just need to go to the bathroom for a moment," Abi excused herself and grabbed her phone before dashing to the bathroom.

Once she was inside, she quickly browsed the internet.

[How to know if a man is feeling good?]

After reading some answers, Abi quickly put the phone away and jumped back on the bed next to him.

"Uhm… Alex, I'd like to massage your front as well," she said as she blushed.

Alex smirked at her but he didn't waste a moment and quickly flipped over and laid on his back, showing her his perfectly hard and defined abs like delicious chocolates.

He lifted his hand and caressed her cheek.

"What a bold little lamb. I'm not complaining, though," he smiled sexily.

"C-can you close your eyes? They're a little bit distracting…"


She was glad that he agreed. After he closed his eyes, Abi's eyes fell on his groin. She swallowed before she started massaging him again.

She started from his shoulders and moved downwards exactly like she did on his back just a moment ago, except this time, she didn't straddle him. She kept going, massaging all his perfect muscles, all the while glancing at his groin every minute or so.

Her hands worked their way towards his hard abs and massaged it thoroughly before moving towards his lower abdomen. She massaged around there and was about to reach his v line when…

Abigail suddenly stopped.

"Yey!! I won!!" she suddenly declared happily, like a child who won a race.

Alexander rose, frowning at her. He made sure that he wouldn't show any reaction, even if her massage felt extremely good. Actually, he never felt this relaxed for a long long time which was why he was going to agree to her request, even if she technically failed. She deserved a reward for a job well done and he was just playing it all cool because he wanted it to last longer.

"Abigail, who told you to stop?" he asked and Abi faced him with a triumphant look on her face. "Who said you won? I didn't –"

"Don't lie, Alex. I know you felt good. Look, it's bulging..." she exclaimed as she pointed at his groin.

Little monster

A while ago, the first answer Abi had read on the web was:

[Pretty easy, just look at his groin, if you see a bulge there, then he definitely feels good or even feels really good.]

She didn't have time to read anymore than that so she didn't look any further.

Thankfully, the thing she had read was actually telling the truth. She could now see the bulge she was waiting for!

Alexander on the other hand, was speechless as his eyes fell on his bulge. He seemed a little surprised. No, he was very surprised. He didn't even realize that he was actually hard. He, of all people, actually got hard just because of this girl's massage.

'Little lamb, you sure are dangerous…' he muttered in his head before he finally looked at her. This silly girl…

She was still smiling triumphantly but what caught his eye the most was her glistening from her sweat. Her hair was stuck on her face, sweat ran down her neck, and her big wide eyes… for some reason, they were damn so seductive, just looking at her made him even harder.

The next moment, he yanked her and made her kneel again, with him between her legs. She subconsciously sat down on him but the moment she felt his bulge on her, she suddenly sat up on her knees again.

"My little lamb… you made me lie down facing you so you could see the moment my little monster woke up, huh?" he said with a mischievous and sexy smirk on his lips.

Abigail flushed. "L-little monster? W-why would you call it t-that?" she was flustered. 'And… it doesn't look so little at all!' she thought.

Her reaction made Alexander smile even wider. He just loved to tease this innocent, little lamb. Watching her reactions towards him was like watching fireworks blow up in the night sky. He knew that they would be spectacular but he didn't know what colours and shapes would pop out next and the anticipation of what would come next was the best part.

He moved closer and whispered in her ear. "Do you want to see it?" he asked sexily and Abi felt her blood rush to her face. She didn't know how many more times she could blush within a space of a day! This certainly had beaten whatever measly record she had in the past. In fact, she had never blushed like this until she met this Alexander Qin!

She covered her face with her palms and shook her head. "N-no, I don't want to see it."

A low and enchanting chuckle echoed inside the room.

"Ah, Abigail, what should I do with you?" he asked, his face brimming with amusement. He found it extremely entertaining just watching her and he couldn't help but want to see more. "You don't want to see it, huh? I think you should start familiarizing yourself with it now, though. So it won't scare you when the time comes."

He smiled and Abi gulped. "Look what you've done, Abigail. The little monster got angry because you woke it up from its sleep."

Abi looked at it and the bulge seemed to become even bigger. She even saw it move and her eyes widened.

"I-it moved?" she asked, surprised as she looked at Alex.

Alexander laughed again.

"Mm. It moved. Take responsibility, little lamb, and tame the little monster or else it won't calm down. It might even go berserk."

"Y-your joke is not funny."

"Nope, it's not a joke Abigail," he looked totally serious and then without warning, he moved her and made her sit beside him.

"Touch it, Abigail," he whispered in her. "We can't play the game unless this little monster calms down."

Abigail froze as her thoughts ran wild. W-what? How did things get to this point?! One moment she was celebrating because she had achieved her goal, and the next moment, this happened. She didn't know what to do. What should she do?

As she thought about it, Abigail was surprised in that she didn't feel repulsed or scared. She didn't feel any negative emotions at the thought. She guessed that maybe giving him a massage just before helped with it. She had straddled him, touched him and she didn't feel like it was a bad experience at all. Maybe having control over the situation helped as well. Alex just lay still and didn't do anything at all so she felt quite safe. Although to be fair, she didn't intend for things to turn in this direction but as she thought about it all, she felt a bit calmer.

However, she did feel some apprehension as she had obviously not done anything like this before. She had no idea what to do!

"Don't be scared, Abigail. Don't worry, it won't bite," he uttered and Abi swallowed as she slowly moved her hand towards his bulge.