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So... what?馃敒馃敒


Abigail's hand reached out towards it but halted right before she was about to touch the little monster through his pants. She could feel her heartbeat getting wilder, as if there were horses having a bloody race inside her veins.

Biting her lips, she slowly turned and looked at Alex.

"Abigail, I told you. Don't make the little monster wait or you'll regret it," the man said. There was a playful smile on his face but the intensity in his eyes was giving her a real warning that the little monster might really go berserk if she kept delaying things.

"I- I'll do it," She then replied and she returned her gaze towards his bulge.

Alexander waited in anticipation as her hand inched closer to his member. She was so damn slow that Alexander felt like he was going to lose it at any second. But truth be told, he never once thought that that pace was slow when the other girls did this to him. He didn't understand why he was feeling like this towards this little lamb alone. What was so different about her that she had this strange and unnerving effect on him?

Finally, Abigail's forefinger touched it - or more like poked it - and as if she just touched a certain unknown creature inside a box, she flinched and pulled her hand away at lightning speed. Her expression looked like she just touched something dangerous as her eyes snapped back to Alexander's face.

Alex let out a deep sigh of surrender as he bit his lips hard.

He took her hand and put it on his cheek, gazing at her with his signature intense gaze, as his fingers crawled and covered the back of her hand.

"Little lamb… the little monster is really not a good guy once it goes berserk. So I think I better help you out in taming him," he whispered in a hypnotic voice before he intertwined his fingers with hers.

And then, he slowly moved her hand towards his groin.

The next moment, Abi's hand finally landed on it. She was still spellbound by Alex's intense gaze, so her mind only vaguely registered that her hand was on a long, solid object.

She was only startled back into the present when she felt something move from under her hand and she immediately looked down to see what it was. Her eyes slowly widened as she realised that her hand was on top of his…

For the nth time that day, her face turned beet red and she squeezed her eyes closed. She didn't know if that was a good idea because now, all she could concentrate on was her hand and his 'feel good' telltale.

The material of his pants felt a little rough in her palm and her hand started to feel very warm from the heat coming from both on top and below it. Her whole body was as still as a statue but in the next second, she felt it move again, as if it twitched. She bit her lip and then she slowly wrapped her fingers around him, through his pants.

Abi gasped because she finally realized how thick it was. She couldn't wrap her hand all the way around it because of his pants, but she thought that her hand might have been too small to wrap around it even without this hindrance.

"I-it's so… so… b-b…" she stammered, flushing hard.

"So… what?" he teased and Abi subconsciously attempted to move her hand away. Unfortunately, Alex's hand was holding her hand in place so she couldn't even let go of the little, no, big monster.

"Abigail, I should warn you. If you pull away, the little monster will get displeased and he will become an even bigger monster if you do that," he added as he cupped her face with his free hand. "Come, let's continue."



Before Abigail could say anything, the man pressed her hand on the big monster again.

Abi was in a state of shock and bewilderment but surprisingly, she also became curious. This was the first time she had ever touched a man's member and as her fingers wrapped around him, that curiosity undoubtedly increased.

"I know this is your first time touching a co… a little monster, so why don't you help yourself and familiarize yourself with it? I know you're curious Abigail… this will be an important part of your quest for knowledge after all." He encouraged her although deep inside, he was quite surprise because he actually stopped himself from talking dirty just now. Why did he stop? Was he being guilty or something about tainting this pure little lamb? No, he must have just restrained himself. He thought that he'd only fluster her even more if he also starts talking dirty. There were still plenty of days for that, he thought.

While Alex was reasoning with himself, Abigail swallowed. She was utterly nervous but utterly curious at the same time. He was right, she had to familiarize herself with this or else she would never calm down. Actually, she was glad that he was at least giving her time to adjust and feed her anxiety and curiosity.

As if she was about to jump onto an unknown adventure realm, Abigail took a deep breath and then, an intense concentration blazed in her eyes.

Finally, she started moving. She used her forefinger and thumb to squeeze the hidden monster, curious to see if it was really as hard as a rock or maybe it had some soft bits as well. As she squeezed it, she felt it react to her touch, so, as if she was conducting an experiment, she squeezed it again to see if it would do the same thing again. To her surprise, it did!

Feeling braver, she used two fingers this time and she got the same reaction again. She then moved along his shaft, stopping and squeezing him with her forefinger and thumb every now and again, like a child who found a new toy to play with.

After she got tired of that, she took her forefinger and she placed it on the tip of this hidden monster and then, as if she was drawing a line, moved her finger from the tip towards the other end, curious to know where it started and where it ended. Afterwards, she walked her fingers from the end of his hard little monster back to the tip. She noticed that when she touched the tip of this big monster, it would always jump out at her, every single time. She poked the tip of his arousal once, twice, three times and then once more before she was finally satisfied that his reaction wasn't a one-off reaction.

Alex had taken his hand off of hers when he saw her start to interact with his very excited little monster. At first, he felt quite gratified to see that she had taken the initiative to explore this part of his body but as time went by, and as she continued to explore, he felt like he was being tortured. He tried to be patient and he tried very hard to let her get familiar with him but this really was testing his patience to the core!

Everything she did extracted an involuntary reaction from him. As hard as he tried to keep his body still, he just couldn't! All he could do was prevent the groan that crept up to his throat and threatened to come out at her every touch.

He thought that this would be a good practice run, something to ease her into the more intimate relations that were bound to happen sooner or later within the next 30 days but instead, he just felt like he ended up torturing himself. This wasn't how it was supposed to go! But then again, nothing ever went to plan when this little lamb was involved.

Abi, who was still unaware of the torture she was putting him through, continued to explore. This time, she wrapped her hand around it and tried to push it to the left, wondering if it would spring back to the middle on its own.

She never got to know the answer because It was at this point that Alexander finally intervened. He could not take it anymore. He felt like his big little monster was about to burst like a damned water balloon, so he held her hand to stop what she was doing.

"Abigail," he uttered, his voice sounding a little pained. "The time for playing is over," he added.




She turned to look at him and what she saw made her gasp. She was utterly shocked. The man who had lain there, silent and unmoving, all this time, the man who always seemed to be in control, seemed like he was struggling, and quite badly too. She saw the beads of sweat that lined his forehead, saw a few drops make its way down from his neck to his smooth, perfectly chiseled chest and his chest also glistened with a layer of sweat. He looked so damn sexy that Abi couldn't help but stare.

"Hmm? Why are you looking at me like that, Abigail?" he asked mischievously and Abigail still couldn't seem to get over this dreamy vision and continued to just gape at him.

Gladly, the man waited until she finally snapped out of it.

"Abigail, are you paying attention?" he asked as he placed her hand back on him.

Before Abigail could say anything, the man slowly moved her hand up and down his big little monster. He continued to guide her, wrapping his hand over hers so that her hand wrapped over his member and she complied. She watched as their hands moved up and down and concentration was etched on her face, as if she was mentally putting this information away somewhere in her memory bank labelled 'How to calm Alex's little monster' so that she could pull it out when required.

As his pace continued to increase, she looked back at him and she didn't know how to feel when she saw him close his eyes in pleasure and bite his lips sexily.

She started to feel funny, like there was a fire that started at the bottom of her belly that spread throughout her body. It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling and as she thought about it, she figured out why. This was the feeling she got when Alex had touched her body intimately. She didn't know that looking at him while he was being pleasured could make her react this way.

Abigail felt overwhelmed. She fell in a daze watching him. She never imagined that he could look like this. Was this how she looked when Alexander did that to her that night? She felt her throat dry up like she was in a desert.

She kept looking at him. She couldn't avert her eyes away from his face, from his expressions. Why? Was it really okay to watch him like this? And why does it… why does it… why does it feel this good?

Their pace increased even more and a few more moments later, Alex exploded in pleasure.

She watched him gasp for air after that and felt the little, no, big monster turn soft and she was surprised.

Alexander opened his eyes and saw Abigail's gaze on him. A smile curved on his gorgeous face and he even licked his lips sexily - though he probably didn't know it would look so damned sexy. He meant to tell her that she did a good job just now but Abigail spoke first.

"I-it's little!" she exclaimed with a slight hint of wonder and Alexander gaped at her for a moment before he chuckled.

"A tip for you, Abigail. You should never use the word 'little' to describe a man's appendage. You might give them a complex," Alexander said, with some amusement.

But then, something unexpected happened. Abigail started moving her hand on her own. Curiosity had taken over her again and she deliberately squeezed it.

Alexander was utterly speechless. This girl… this little… He didn't even know what to say!

"Ah! It's big again!" she exclaimed, shocked and amazed as she immediately pulled her hand away.

Alexander gritted his teeth and in the next second, he yanked her and pinned her down on the bed. This little lamb… how could she do this to him? How could she make him act like this?

"Abigail, you're unbelievable," he said, his eyes suddenly intense again.

The girl blinked in confusion.

"You finally made it fall asleep and yet you poked it awake in the next second? What were you thinking? Do you actually want more, huh, Abigail?"

Abigail was confused. She couldn't understand what he was saying at all.

"Oh well, the night is still young and I think you've adjusted enough… now, what should we do next?" he asked her as he caressed her cheek with his free hand. "Do you want to touch it directly now?" he asked again, and the dazed Abi finally opened her mouth.


"Mm. Directly. Without clothes covering it, Abigail," he explained and as expected, the girl froze in shock.

Her reaction made Alex chuckle and he caressed her face again.

"I didn't plan on tiring your little hand on the very first day of your stay here with me, but, this is your fault, little lamb. You should take responsibility for your actions. You are going to have to tame the monster again."


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 It's not little

Alexander then moved his hand and the moment he slipped his hand under his trousers, Abi suddenly covered her face and closed her eyes.

"There's no use in hiding now, little lamb. You have to tame the monster you awakened and lull him back to sleep," he said. "It's out, Abigail, you can now look at it," he teased but the girl determinedly shook her head.

Amused, Alex moved his hands to her wrists to remove her hands from her face when suddenly, Abigail's stomach roared. "Groooooooowl."

"No, I won't! I think I'm not ready to see it yet, Alex! T-t-there's still tomorrow for that, right? Or all the other days after tomorrow!" she protested, not even hearing the call of her very own little monster, although her little monster didn't desire pleasure; it desired food.

Hearing those sounds she didn't even seem to hear herself, made Alex calm down. It seemed his little monster voluntarily fell asleep, which surprised Alex himself. So this girl could even control his desire that way? He was bewildered.

"Okay, I got it. Since you did a really good job, I might as well grant you another request," he said.

Abi was about to rise and open her eyes to leave the bed but she halted midway.


"Yes, open your eyes now, Abigail."

"D-did you hide the big monster already?" she asked, sounding doubtful and Alexander let out a pleasant laugh. His laughter this time was different. She could feel that it seemed lighter or maybe his laughter this time just didn't have any malice like he always had when he laughed?

"Abigail, the big monster is perfectly hidden now, trust me. I'm not going to joke around with you anymore tonight as your reward for working hard," he said and finally, Abigail listened to him and opened her eyes.

She was relieved to find that he had indeed put the big monster away. When she opened her eyes, he was already sitting on the edge of the bed, putting on his shirt and buttoning it up.

He looked at her and spoke while he continued buttoning his shirt. "Did you even notice that your very own little monster had been screaming for a while now?" Alexander said and Abigail straightened up, a slight frown on her forehead.

"H-huh? What are you saying? I don't have a little monster!" she argued, feeling a tad frantic and flustered. She had to forcefully stop herself from looking down just to make sure she didn't have a little monster. T-this bad man!

As if he heard her cursing him, Alex just smirked then he stood up and bent over her.

His lovely face hovered over hers. "You do have one, Abigail. It's right…" He stopped as he pointed a finger towards…

"Here," he continued as he pointed at her bellybutton.

Abigail looked down in confusion, but the moment her stomach growled again, she finally realized what he was saying.

"I'll just go get changed. I'll be back in a moment and then we can go get something to eat," he straightened up and left her room.

In the dining hall,

Abi tried to forget the things that happened in her room but she kept on being distracted.

"Abigail, eat." Alexander pulled her from her train of thought and Abi shook her head.

It was so obvious to Alex that she was trying to set aside the thoughts in her mind. He wanted to tell her that she must not do that, because they were important experiences for her, but he refrained. He didn't want her to get overloaded, after all. He could see that her experience tonight may have been a little too much for her. He maybe should've restrained a little, considering the type of person this little lamb was but…

Alexander quietly stared at her. This girl was still an enigma to him. He finally confirmed his first impression of her that night they first met; that she was someone dangerous, at least for someone like him, and she was actually very different from what he had expected. His expectations weren't even close!

"Why are you not eating? You should eat, too," said Abigail when she noticed that he hadn't touched his food at all.

"Don't worry about me. The monster in my stomach is well fed so he's behaving quite well. Worry about your little monster, instead. You should feed her well to make her calm down. Who knows what she'll do if you upset her? She might go berserk," The handsome man lazily said, resting his head on his palm.

Abigail blushed. Why did he have to use the words 'little monster' for this? Just as she nearly forgot about what happened in that room, he easily brought it back to her mind.

"Please don't call my stomach that. First off, it's not little! It can devour a whole cake on its own!" she said snottily and Alexander just chuckled.

He enjoyed watching her little expressions when the butler moved towards him and whispered something in his ear again, much like earlier today.

Abigail was busy trying to eat her food when she suddenly felt a chill run down her back. She looked at him and he looked like he heard some bad news again. Did he have more unwanted visitors again? Abi thought and it seemed like she was right.