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Confrontation Between the Two Armies (2)

"Tsk, McGregor you give me no other choice." General Robert also waived his hand and the royal knights get ready for the attack.

With such a situation now, a battle is inevitable.

Both parties held their swords, pointing them at their opponents in the opposite side. The men were wearing serious looks, readying themselves on the enemies attack.

"Charge!" The men from the west army roared.

"Charge!" The royal knights replied with their own battle cry.

The men on horses charged towards one another. Not long, both of the armies met and the sounds of swords skirmishing was heard.

The men from both parties were fighting hard, not one was letting the other get the upper hand. At first, they look equal in strength. But after some time, a difference in abilities could be seen.

The west army's soldiers were all trained in warfare. They are commoners who enlisted to have financial support for their families. Some of them joined the last war when they were young, making them more experienced in the battle field. Such experienced soldiers trained the new recruits of the west army, making them more knowledegable in fighting opponents. They are also stationed at areas where bandits are rampant, so their skills are enhanced with additional experience.

As for the royal knights, they were tasked with the safety of the capital and also the royal family. They are all of noble born, giving honor to their family name after becoming a knight. Their training is also fierce, their skills is said to be more than that of a normal soldier.

 But the only advantage the men from the west army has over the royal knights, is their experience with life and death.

The soldiers have experienced fighting for their lives in the battle field. As for the knights, they only experienced sparring against fellow knights or fights with petty criminals inside the capital. But nothing with such life threatening.

With this advantage, the west army's men are pushing back the royal knights. With this fight, blood were spilled and flesh were cut open. Casualties are increasing in both sides.

"Men, do not falter!" General Robert yelled. "We were tasked by the king himself to arrest the traitor. Show your spirit as the shield of the king!"

"Yeah!" The knights yelled in unison. The general's words gave them a boost of confidence.

"Admit defeat, Robert!" General McGregor was on his horse and rushed towards general Robert, brandishing his sword. As general Robert saw this, he lifted his sword to parry general McGregor's attack.

'Qing, clang,' The sounds of the swords hitting one another was heard.

"I see that your reflexes are still sharp Robert." General McGregor said.

"Stop this now, McGregor!" Robert said with anger. "You don't have to do this."

"But I have passed the point of no return now, Robert. There is no turning back for me. There is only moving forward and winning." General McGregor said with fierceness.

The two generals started their sword fight atop their horses. They were both equal in power.

The battle had casualties at both sides, but the knights were at a disadvantage. The difference in experience in the battle field is a big advantage to the men of the west army.

The two generals fighting were fierece. Not lont, both of them fell from their horses, but they still resumed their fight in the ground.

"Just give up Robert. You will never win against my west army." General McGregor said. He was now seen panting, trying to catch his breath. "If it were your men from the eastern army, maybe we would have been on equal footing. But with this inexperienced knights, you won't stand a chance against me."

General Robert grimaced. He doesn't want to admit but general McGregor was right. The royal knights are not less in abilities or strength, but in experience instead. If it was his men in the east army, which he trained strictly and harshly, there could be a fighting chance.

"You are right on that point, McGregor." General Robert said. "The knights maybe in a disadvantageous state."

General McGregor started to smile. He thought that general Robert will admit defeat now.

"But luckily, we are not alone." General Robert smirked.

Then a flare fired up towards the sky with red smoke. The men of the west army's attention was caught for a second.

The shadows behind the trees around the area started to move. And then men in black uniform rushed out from the woods. They were not that many, more or less it consists of one platoon.

The men in black uniform attacked the men of the west army. The west army was caught of guard and many dropped dead on the ground with just the first attack.

"Regroup, form the lines!" General McGregor yelled orders.

The men of the west army listened to their commander and reformed the lines. They looked at the new comers who seemed to be fierce.

"Don't falter men. They are only one platoon, compared to our numbers!" General McGregor roared. "Let them see how strong our west army is!"

"Yeah!" The men of the west army roared. With the reformed line, they started to charge.

"Aaahhhh!" The men on both group roared.

The clash of swords was once again heard, but now the tables have been turned. They didn't expect that the men in black uniform were good in fighting. They looked like the elite of the elite. With just one swing from the black uniformed man's sword, one soldier from the west army dropped dead.

Even with the big numbers of the men from the west army accompanying general McGregor, the men in black unifrom was overpowering them.

If you look at the men in black uniform, they have the skills of the royal knights and the extensive experience of soldiers in the battlefield combined. They are best of the best soldiers an army can ever 0have.

General McGregor looked at his men. Now that the tables have turned, the numbers of his men are decreasing fast. He looked at the men in black unifrom in disbelief and awe.

'If I have such an army at my disposal, I won't just stop in taking Alvannia. I can conquer the whole continet.' General McGregor thought.

After seeing that he was in such a disadvantage, he was now thinking of retreat.

"General, you better retreat to our camp." One soldier that was defending the general said. "You will be safe there. We will handle the enemies here."

General McGregor nodded in agreement. A soldier gave him a horse and with just one step he mounted it.

"Go general, we will stop any pursuers in your way!" His men was faithful to general McGregor till the end. He looked at his men fighting a fight they cannot possibly win, just to let him escape. 

General McGregor clenched his fists holding the reigns tightly. "I won't forget your courage and loyalty to me." He whispered to himself. "Hiyah!"

General McGregor's horse galloped away thru the woods.

"General Robert, McGregor is escaping." A knight informed general Robert and pointed to the horse entering the woods.

"We will pursue him after we are done here." General Robert said without urgency.

"But general, what if he escapes?" The knight was shocked with general Robert's words.

"Do not worry. He has only one destination to go to." General Robert said. "I bet he will be in for a big surprise."

The knight was confused with what the general said but still obeyed his orders.
Prince Regaleon's Men

Not long after general McGregor escaped, the men of the west army surrendered. Their numbers were now few, the remaining that are alive were taken as prisoners.

"General, all of those that are still alive have surrendered. They are all tied up and captured." The captain that led the Black Dragon platoon said. He was a young man in his mid or late twenties.

General Robert looked at the captain meticulously. These were prince Regaleon's men from Grandcrest. He has heard the rumors about the Black Dragon army that is personally led by the crown prince himself.

It is said that these men were hand picked and trained personally by the crown prince of Grandcrest. These men's backgrounds were unkown, thus they cannot be used against their own master. These men are sworn to their master himself, their loyalty is binded with their oath. It is said that there is only one way to get out of the Black Dragon army, and it is only when you are dead and not breathing anymore.

General Robert has seen the ferociousness of the Black Dragon army first hand. He was just relieved that he was an ally, and not standing against them in this battle. It is true as they said, the Black Dragon army's capabilities in battle is impressive. General Robert is not sure, that if ever his east army is to battle against the Black Dragon army, will his army win or is loss inevitable.

"What is the situation in the enemy's camp?" General Robert asked the captain.

"Replying to general, sir Dimitri is the one tasked to take the enemy's camp." The captain replied respectfully. "Crown prince has ordered him to seize the enemy's camp before mid day. I am sure sir Dimitri won't betray our crown prince's expectations."

"Before miday?" General Robert asked in disbelief. "Dimitri is against the whole west army. Do you think he can do such a feat? Even your Black Dragon army is impressive with it's fighting abilties, but prince Regaleon only brought three platoons with him in Alvannia as escort. This can't compare to the whole west army that is in camp right now."

General Robert knows that the crown prince can't bring his whole Black Dragon army here in Alvannia because others might think of it as an invasion. That is why the crown prince brought only three platoons as his escort and body guards in his journey.

One platoon heleped general Robert now, the other one is sure to be with the crown prince for his protection. So the remaning platoon is with Dimitri, ths on who is tasked to seize the camp. With such small numbers, they can't possibly fight head on with an army.

"You are wrong general, it is not the Black Dragon army that is accompanying sir Dimitri right now." The captain said.

"What?!" General Robert was shocked. "What do you mean? If not the Dragon Army, then who are the people that Dimitri is leading to seize the west army's camp?"

"The crown prince only ordered one platoon from the Black Dragon to help you general Robert." The captain replied. "The people with sir Dimitri right now is his own men."

"His own men?" General Robert was cofused.

"Sir Dimitri is in charged of the most skilled men under the crown prince. They are his shadow guards, much more powerful and notorious than us normal soldiers of the Black Dragon army."

General Robert was surprised. The soldiers of this platoon of the Black Dragon army with him now has showed exceptional skills. If what the captain says is true, that these shadow guards are more powerful and skilled than them, then they can be called monsters in the battlefield.

"Sir Dimitri's men are trained 'shadows'. They won't need to fight face to face to win a battle. But they also are monstorous in the battlefield. You won't want to stand against them." The captain said. "For sure, they can seize the west army's camp before miday."

General Robert was taken aback with such information. He has just seen prince Regaleon's men first hand. And there is also the shadow guards that is said to be much more powerful than these soldiers. To think that the crown prince's men are this strong, if they engage in war the against Grandcrest, they will surely have a tough time defeating them. And what if the other armies of Grandcrest joins the fight, then Alvannia's army will not stand a fighting chance.

"Grandcrest's army might is really frightening." General Robert said to himself. 


(Before sun rise)

At the west army's camp, it was still dawn. The soldiers were not on high alert because no one knew that the west army of general McGregor was here and preparing to attack the capital.

Majority of the soldiers are still sleeping soundly in their tents. Guards are stationed at the entrance of the camp and also making rounds around.

Not too far away from the camp, a group of twenty men wearing all black are hiding behind the shadows of the woods. Their heads are covered in hoods and the bottom half if ther faces were concealed in masks, only their eyes are out in the open.

"Sir Dimitri, we are ready." A man said.

In that group of men emerged Dimitri. He was wearing the same black clothing as the other men without the hood and mask.

"Remember our plan. Follow everything accordingly. Failure is not an option. Anyone that makes a mistake will be punished accordingly." Dimitri said with authority.

"Yes." The men replied in unison.

Dimitri wore his mask, covering the bottom half of his face.

"Remember that our deadline is miday. The camp must be seized before then." Dimitri said.

"Understood." The men replied.

"Now go." Dimitri ordered.

After hearing Dimitri's order, the men in black dispersed and vanished into thin air.

Dimitri looked at the camp in front of him with predator eyes.

"You have targeted the wrong person general McGregor. If you have just left the princess alone, then prince Regaleon won't even bat an eyelash in your coup d'etat against the Alvannian empire. But because of your foolishness in harming the prince's most beloved, he will crush your dreams throughly." Dimitri said with a cold tone. "You and your family won't have a good end."

The West Army's Downfall

General McGregor escaped the battle between his men and and the royal knights that was led by general Robert.

"We should have won that confrontation." General McGregor said with gritted teeth. He clenched the horses reigns with anger. "If those men in black uniform didn't come to help them, we should have won."

General McGregor was full of regret. He lost a lot of trusted and loyal men and the ones that were still alive sacrificed themselves so that he could escape.

"Do not worry, I will avenge all of you. I will surely take the throne and let then pay ten fold." General McGregor swore.

General McGregor maybe hungry for power, but he still values his men's loyalty and honor. He believes that every ruler should have trusted men around him, and an army backing him. That is why he had nurtured his west army so much because it will be his power.

While his horse was galloping, general McGregor noticed smoke in the direction of his army's camp. His heart beated fast in nervousness. He knew that such big smoke coming from his army's camp is something not good.

"Hiyah!" General McGregor made his horse pick up more speed.


At the west army's camp, tent's started to get on fire.

'Clang clang clang' a soldier sounded the bell.

"FIRE! FIRE! The tents are on fire!" The soldier screamed to alert all the soldiers inside the camp.

The soldiers that were sleeping in tents was bolted awake with the alarm. Some spring out of their tents to help put out the fire.

"Hey, wake up!" A soldier inside the tent just woke up. He was shaking awake another soldier beside him. "We need to help put out the fire."

'Cough cough' the soldier was coughing because of the smoke he had inhaled. The soldier sleeping beside him didn't wake up even after shaking him up. When he leaned for close inspection, he saw the soldier beside him with bloodied clothes. His throat was cut.

"Aaaahhh!!!!" The soldier screamed in shock.

The soldier just realized that someone came inside the tent and killed his comrade. And maybe the same intruder was the one that started the fire.

The soldier got up instantly to warn his other comrades. But before he was about to shout, a shadow from behind him emerged. And in just a second, his throat was slit open.

Blood oozed out the cut fdom the throat of the soldier. Gurgling sound was heard from him. He was still alive, holding his throat and trying to stop the bleeding to no avail.

"Too bad, I won't let you alarm your comrades." Dimitri said. He was wearing his mask on. "This will be the west army's annihilation."

Not long, the soldier with the slit throat breathed his last breath and passed away. Dimitri looked at the soldier with cold eyes.

Shouting is heard from outside the tent. The soldiers were trying to stop the fire, getting buckets of water and splashing them to tents that was caught on fire. Dimitri on the other hand blended again in the shadows.

"Put out the fire, help the other soldiers!" One of the soldiers that seems like the one in charge, was shouting orders. "Where are the other soldiers?!"

"Sir!" A soldier came to report. "Some of the soldiers didn't make it out the burning tents. I am sorry to say but we lost a lot of men."

"What?!" The soldier in charge was shocked with this news.

The fire just broke out inside their camp. And now, many of their fellow soldiers didn't make it out alive. He can sense that something is wrong.

"You, take the other soldiers with you and survey the surrounding areas. I feel that the fire was set up by our enemy." The one in charge said.

"Yes sir!" The soldier saluted and took other soldiers with him to inspect the surroundings.

"Sir, how could the enemy know we were here?" One soldier beside the one in charge asked. "No one knows we are here. This is a secret operation."

The soldier in charge made a grimaced face. "I do not know. But it would be best to be on guard." He said. "Everyone, be on your guard while putting out the fire."

"Yes!" The soldiers that were tasked to put out the fire replied. 


The sun had just risen up. After putting out the fire, a group of soldiers were remaining.

"Soldier, report!" The soldier in charge asked the soldier beside him.

"Sir, the casualties are big. I have sent some of my men to see and assess damages at the other side of the camp ane look for survivors." The soldier replied.

"What about the one I ordered to survey around the camp." The soldier in charge asked. It has been some time when he ordered those soldiers to scout the area for intruders. The group that was led by the soldier he ordered was big, so he was sure that if they encounter intruders they can subdue them easily.

"Sir, the general's wife just arrived at the east side of the camp and coming here now." A soldier that came running reported.

"I understand." The soldier in charge nodded.

Not long, the general's wife with the soldier escorting her, came on horse back.

"What happened here?!" The wife of the general was shocked in disbelief.

"Madam." The soldier in charge greeted and bowed. "A fire broke out in camp at dawn. We are still assessing the damage and casualties. May I know where the general is?"

The one in charge was wondering why the general's wife came alone with only one escort.

"Sir, we were ambushed on the road." The soldier escorting the wife replied. "The general and our platoon was left to fight them. I was ordered to escort the madam here to safety."

"What did you say, ambushed?!" The soldier in charge shouted. Now he was sure that the enemy made a move against them.

"Men, let your guard up." The soldier in charge shouted.

The soldiers around him pulled out their weapons at hand and put up their defenses.

"Sir." A voice said. The soldier that was ordered to survey the surroundings was seen walking, limping towards them. He was covered in blood and wounds.

The soldier in charged rushed towards the wounded soldier before he collapsed.

"Sir, they are too strong." The wounded soldier said.

'Cough, cough' he was coughing out blood.

"Save your breath soldier. Where are the others?" The soldier in charge asked.

"We...cough...out numbered them. B..But they..cough..are too...strong. Our comrades..they are...all dead." The wounded soldier said between coughs. "The enemy are monsters...cough... Sir run, escape now." Then the soldier breathed his last breath.

The soldier in charge can't belive that the men around him now are the only remaining soldiers in all of the west army.

"Who could have done such a thing?" The soldier in charge said. "Cowards! They are cowards! Why would they do such underhanded tricks and not met us in the battle field?!" He roared in anger.

"You still talk of a soldier's honor to fight and die in the battle field. But what you are doing now is treason against your country." The voice came from not far away.

The soldiers make their defensive stance towards the voice. They see a group of black clothed men with masks covering their faces.

"Your treachery doesn't deserve an honorable death." It was Dimitri who said this.
General McGregor's Arrest

General McGreagor was pushing his horse to gain speed. He had a bad feeling when he saw thick smoke come up from the direction of the camp.

Not long his horse came into the clearing. There he saw the camp that his west army set up. He saw smoke coming up from burned tents. There was no one on sight.

"Hiyah!" He let his horse gallop towards the camp.

General McGregor's heart was pounding like drums inside his chest. He remembered his wife who had come to the camp prior to him.

'Is she alright, is she safe?' These thoughts were swirling inside his head.

"Anyone here?" General McGregor shouted. "Anyone, please answer me!"

The general got of his horse. He pulled out his sword and treaded slowly. The camp seems to be deserted. He looked at the tents that have been burned, they were still some embers left burning.

While walking slowly, he assessed what had happened. He deduced that the fire broke out at dawn, and because the tents were made of flamable materials, it burned instantly. The fire ate at least all of the things inside the camp.

"But where are my soldiers?" He asked himself. He hasn't seen any bodies yet.

It was so quiet in the burned out camp, it was like a ghost town. That was when the general heard foot steps. He put his guard up at in instant.

In some meters from him, a man wearing black clothing with his face covered with a mask emerged behind some debris. He then saw this man holding his wife hostage.

"Dear!" The general's wife was crying in fright. Her face was stained with tears. "Help me, husband." She pleaded.

"Who are you?!" The general asked the masked man. "Let go of my wife!" He howled while pointing his sword towards them.

"Easy there, general McGregor." The masked man said. It was Dimitri who was holding general McGregor's wife hostage. "You wouldn't want your wife to get hurt now, would you?"

Dimitri pulled a knife from his waist and held it againts the wife's throat.

General McGregor gritted his teeth in anger. "What do you want?" He asked.

"What I want is simple, I need you to surrender peacefully." Dimitri said calmly.

"May I ask first, where are my men?" General McGregor looked around the empty camp. He can't feel any presence in the vicinity.

"More than half of your men was killed before sun rise." Dimitri replied with a flat tone.

"What?!" The general can't believe that his west army's men that he had trained and nurtured for years was defeated just within a few hours.

"Do not worry general, we have left alive the ones that surrendered. Well there are some which are still loyal to you. I am sure they would like to see their general before they die." Dimitri said with a frightening tone.

With a wave of Dimitri's hand, a handful of soldiers with their hands tied at their backs, were escorted by men with the same black clothing. The men in black let the soldiers kneel on the ground.

"General, I am so sorry." The soldier in charge said. He was covered with blood that was flowing out if his wounds. "I wasn't able to protect the camp. Our men died in such a pitiful state."

"I do not blame you." General McGregor said to his subordinate. "I will surrender, if you let my remaining soldiers live." The general tod Dimitri.

The general knew that the men in black were not normal people. He can see the ruthlessness in these men eyes. He knows that the safety of his men that surrendered are now tied with his surrender.

General McGregor may have committed treasons against his country, but he still has honor as a general. He still has compasion towards his subordinates that was with him all these years thru thick and thin.

"No, general!" The soldier in charge shouted. "We would rather wish to die than you surrendering to these monsters!"

"Yes, yes!" The other soldiers shouted in unison.

"You..." The general felt his soldiers loyalty. He felt a prick on his heart.

"General, please escape and fight another day." The soldier in charge said. He pried himself out of the man that was holding him down and charged towards Dimitri.

"Hyaaahhh..." The soldier in charge shouted.

"Nooo!" General McGregor shouted. He knew that the soldier in charge made a suicide move for him to have a chance on escape with his wife.

"How foolish." Dimitri said with low breath. He held the knife in a defensive position.

When the soldier in charge was just a few feet away, Dimitri stepped forward and swing his knife in front. The soldier stopped in his tracks and fell down on the ground. Blood pooled under his body in an instant.

"Aaaahhhhh!!!" The wife scremed in fear.




The soldiers were screaming in hate.

Dimitri resumed in holding the wife who was looking at him in fear.

"General, I suggest you surrender peacefully. If not, this people here will be killed one by one. Starting with your wife." Dimitri said in a cold tone. His blade resumed it's place on the wife's throat.

"Dear, please save me." The wife pleaded.

"Alright, I understand." General McGregor said with gritted teeth. He let go of the sword he was holding. "I surrender. Just, let them live."

'Clang' the sound of the sword hitting the ground was heard.

"No general!" The soldiers shouted. They followed the soldier in charge's example and made their own suicidal attacks.

"General, escape from here."

"We would gladly risk our lives to you, our commander!"

"No, don't do this." General McGregor tried to stop his men. He was ready to surrender to ensure the safety of his men and his wife. He was not such a selfish man to escape when he knew that he was at a dead end.

The men in black were prepared to kill the soldiers that were charging towards them.

"STOP!!!" A man's voice was heard. It was so authoritive that both sides stopped in their tracks.

They see thay the man who shouted to stop was none other than general Robert himself.

"I order you all to stop this instant." General Robert said with anger. "So much blood has been spilled today. Now that your general has surrendered, so should you his subordinates. You lost this fight, so give it up."

The soldiers was shocked with general Robert's words. Then they started to cry. Some fell on their knees in defeat while some were still standing while crying.

"Take this men into custody." General Robert ordered the captain of the royal knights.

"Yes sir." The captain saluted and proceeded to take the soldiers into custody.

General Robert walked towards Dimtiri who was still holding the wife.

"It is over, we will take it from here." General Robert looked at the cold eyes of Dimitri.

"I understand." Dimitri's cold demenor changed into a submissive one. He bowed down and let go of general McGregor's wife. A royal knight took the wife into custody.

"The other soldiers which surrendered are taken custody by my men at the other side of the camp." Dimitri informed. "Then my work here is done. I will take my leave." Dimitri bowed and walked away. The other men on black followed him.

General Robert heaved a sigh of relief. He was glad that he made in just in time or there might not be any soldier that is still loyal to general McGregor left alive.

"Prince Regaleon's men are really frightening." General Robert whispered to himself. He turned around and walked towards general McGregor who was being tied up by the royal knights.

"General McGregor." General Robert said.

General McGregor looked up at him with discontent in his eyes.

"Under his majesty, king Edward's orders. You are hereby under arrest with the charges of treason and rebelliom against his majesty and the country of Alvannia." General Robert said with an authoritive voice.
Afternoon Tea

Regaleon has been spending time with me in my courtyard since this morning. He haven't left my side since then.

"Leon, are you not busy today?" I asked while sipping my tea.

Mid day has went by. Me and Regaleon are leisurley taking our time indoors, drinking afternoon tea with some snacks. He was sitting across me, inbetween the tea table.

"I have finished all my work beforehand. And so, I have time to spend it with my beloved fiancee." Regaleon said while sipping his tea. "And you just had such a bad experience last night. Of course I would want to accompany and comfort you."

I remember what just happend last night. Last night there was an assasination attempt towards me. Good thing William and Regaleon was there to help me out.

I internally sighed to myself. 'I am still soft hearted.'

I know fully well that the men last night were bad and ready to do bad things towards me. But I still hesitated to take their lives with my own hands.

"What are you thingking?" Regaleon asked me. He was looking at me worriedly.

"Hmm, oh it's nothing." I simply answered.

"It is not nothing, is it?" Regaleon stood up from his seat and sat right next to me. "You are worried about something, I can feel it."

Regaleon gently encircled his arms around my waist from my back and pulled me into his embrace. He sank his face at the back of my neck. I can feel his steady breath and hear his heart thump.

"If you don't want to tell me what you are worrying about, I understand. I just wish I can do something that can help ease up your worries." Regaleon whispered behind my ear.

Regaleon's breath tickled me and shivers ran from my shoulders to my arms.

'This man can really stir me up with just a whisper.' I thought to myself, embarrassed.

"I-It's not that I don't want to tell you." I said shyly. "I am just ashamed. After everything you thought me, I wasn't able to become strong. I still needed you and Will to protect me."

I can feel Regaleon's arms thightening his embrace around me.

"You are strong Lili." Regaleon said. "It's just that your heart is pure. And I would want to leave it that way."

Regaleon really knows me well. He knew that I was hesitant to kill other people.

"I wouldn't want your beautiful hands to be stained with so much blood." Regaleon said with a sad tone. "Leave such things to me Lili. I will not let you dirty your hands so much."

Regaleon took hold of my hand and pulled it towards his lips. He gently kissed the back of my hand with such sweet action that my heart was beating faster inside my chest.

"Leon, my hands have now been stained." I said softly. "I have killed someone."

I remember the man thay I stabbed with my ice sword. It sent shivers down my spine. Regaleon hugged me tightly once more.

"I know." Regaleon said. "But it was for your own safety, Lili. You didn't kill him because you wanted too. You did it because you 'needed' to. You are still my pure Lili."

My heart felt calm with Regaleon's words. He was right, if I was forced to kill that man for my own safety.

"I don't want to admit it, but William also did a good job protecting you." Regaleon said.

I was shocked that Regaleon praised William. He was always at odds with Will when they are in the same vicinity.

"Well he did a good job until he let you run off alone to fend for yourself." Regaleon made a mocking tone. "What would have happened if I didn't get there on time? And so I will only give him a seven out of ten score."

I giggled with Regaleon's mocking tone. He really won't praise William a hundered percent. He will still give some leaway to mock him.

"It's not Will's fault." I defended. "William was outnumbered by that time. I would have been only a burden of I didn't escape."

After that incedent, I insisted Regaleon to go and find William. I didn't know what happened to him after I have escaped. William was faced with so many enemies and I was worried about him.

When we arrived where I left William, we see all the enemies lying on the floor. I am sure that most of them are dead, with so much blood spilled on the ground. William was barely standing at the center of the street, with the men he defeated scattered all around him either dead or knocked out.

William was using his sword to keep himself standing. He was panthing heavily with sweat, mud and blood staining his clothes. When he turned around he saw me safe and sound, he smiled in relief and fell to the ground because of fatigue.

Thankfully, William only hand minor wounds and bruises. He was a good swordsman to begin with so his opponents, even in big numbers, were not match for him.

Because William is my personal knight now, he is residing here in my courtyard. I have ordered him to rest and let his wounds heal.

Regaleon suddenly bit my right ear. I was surprised with his sudden action.

"Ahhh.." I screamed. "Why did you bite me?" I turned around and slapped his broad chest mockingly.

The bite was not painful, but still there was a stinging senstation and I felt something weird creep in my body. I felt shy all of a sudden.

"It's because you are defending another man." Regaleon said with a pout.

"Pfftt..." I tried to surpress my laughter. Regaleon looked like a child, throwing a tantrum.

"Are you laughing at me?" Regaleon asked. His eyes flashed with playfulness.

"N-No..." I avoided his gaze, still trying not to laugh out loud. "You are just imagining that."

"Ohhh... is that so?" Regaleon said with a playful tone.

And then abruptly, Regaleon pushed me down on the couch.

"Yaaaahhh.." I was caught by surprise.

Regaleon held my hands up with his grip. I was pinned down under him.

"L-Leon?!" I said with a surprised expression.

"I get jealous when you show concern towards other men." Regaleon said with a playful tone. "What can you do to lift my jealousy?"

I blinked my eyes at Regaleon. I know he was joking but his words still held some truth in them. I also want to do something to appease me.

And then I thought of something. Because Regaleon held my hands above and my body pinned under him, I lifted my head and reached his lips with mine. My lips caught his and I gave him a sweet kiss. I sucked his lower lip gently, tasting it. There is still a lingering taste of the tea he had drank. Then my tongue licked his lips before I released them.

When I look at Regaleon, he was wearing a shocked expression. This was my first time initiating a kiss. I am still feeling embarrassed, I can feel my cheeks burning.

"Well that surprised me." Regaleon recovered from his shocked expression and beamed a wolfish grin. "You better be prepared. You are the one that started this."

"Whaa..." I was about to ask what, when my lips were caught in his kiss.

Regaleon's lips were burried within mine, devouring every bit of it hungrily.