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"Love is when you give someone else the power to destroy you, and you trust them not to do it." - E. Lockhart. 


Heaven looked outside the window, getting more and more scared for each time. Hopefully, her grandmother would come soon and if she didn't come after a while, then she had to tell her parents. 

As she waited, she panicked even more. 

Oh, lord!

She shouldn't have let her go. It was really bad. What if her grandmother made a bad decision because of her? Now her stomach hurt because of her grandmother, and she ran to find her father. 

"Father!" She barged into his study and he looked up, shocked by the way she threw the door open. 


"Grandma went to see grandpa because he was here and threatened me. I told her, I shouldn't have and now she left to see him and she hasn't come back yet. It is all my fault. Please… go find." She rambled until she was out of breath and she didn't even know if what she was saying was making any sense. 

She leaned against the door, feeling dizzy again. 

Her father quickly came to her side and caught her before she could fall. "Grandma! Hurry!" She said before everything turned dark. 

When Heaven opened her eyes again, she found herself in her bed. Confused, she sat up and realized that the morning sun was shining through the window. Next to her, her grandmother was sleeping. 

What happened? 

Slowly, she remembered everything. Her meeting with her grandfather, his threat, and then her grandmother's disappearance. And now she was here. She also found her mother sleeping on the couch. She had made them all worry, but now her grandmother was back. Was she able to make her grandfather change his mind?

Irene stirred in her sleep, and then slowly opened her eyes. "Heaven." 

Heaven looked over. "Grandma, are you alright?" 

Irene nodded. "Yes." She looked tired, as if she had been awake the whole night. 

Did she cry? Her eyes looked swollen. 

"What happened with grandpa?" She asked. 

"He is a bastard." She said and Heaven's eyes widened in shock. 

She had never heard her grandmother or anyone in her family speak like that. 

"Were you able to convince him?" 

Her sleepy eyes opened wide and looked sad. "I am sorry, Heaven. I couldn't do anything." 

Heaven panicked. She was still here, and her grandfather waited for her the whole night. What would he do now? She had to warn Zamiel, even though he wouldn't listen. She had to warn him and do something else. But what? 

"Grandma, I am going to see Zamiel." 

What? No!

She had wanted to tell her grandmother to go see Zamiel and warn him. She couldn't go there herself, but she was already getting out of bed. 

"You are not afraid anymore?" Her grandmother asked. 

"Should I be? I would never hurt my mate." 

Her grandmother pushed herself up on an elbow. "I am glad you are better." She smiled. 


She wished her grandmother understood that it wasn't only fear caused by manipulation. She could really kill Zamiel. It was real. No illusion, no bad dream, no manipulation. It was a reality. Her grandmother was taking this lightly, probably thinking her grandfather got inside her head. 

"It seems like you didn't have enough sleep. You can sleep some more." Heaven smiled. 

"Alright then. I will sleep a little more." She said tucking herself under the covers. 

Heaven was strangely calm. Even though she was telling herself she shouldn't be, she kept staying calm. Something was wrong with her, but she kept going. She got clean, got dressed and then brushed her hair. Katy was there to assist her. 

"My Lady, do you want me to serve you breakfast now?" Katy asked. 

"No. I will eat once I come back." She said. 

When Katy left, Heaven looked at her mother and then grandmother. Both were sleeping soundly. 

She turned back and opened her drawer where she kept some of her personal things, including her daggers. She had been carrying them around lately for protection. She only grabbed one of them now before staring at it. Roshan had given her the easiest daggers to carry yet sharpest. A light brush against the skin and it would still cut. 

Heaven held it firmly in one hand before standing up. She imagined where she wanted to be while mumbling the spell she had learned and shortly after she was inside Zamiel's home. 

She should have put the dagger in its sheet and tied it to her thigh or her arm under the sleeves, but she was holding it in her hand. Just hiding it behind her back in case she came across Zamiel's old maid. Heaven went slowly but steadily to his room. Just like she expected, she found him sleeping. 

As usual, he was sleeping on his back and was completely still, as if he was dead. 

Now her heart raced. Somewhere in the very back of her mind a voice was telling her to turn around and leave, but she took a step closer instead. 


And she took another one. 

No! No! Go back! 

And another one. 


But she kept going and now she stood right next to his bed, towering over him. 

Zamiel! Wake up! 

The words didn't come out, but her hands came out from behind her back. One of them held the sharp dagger in a steel grip. 

Heaven looked at the sharp tip of the dagger, and then her eyes went to his neck. She could see the visible veins, the pulsation. She could hear the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

Her gaze slowly went lower to his chest, where his heart was beating behind his ribs. 

There, between two ribs, she could stab him right in the heart. She grabbed the dagger with both her hands, positioning it above where she wanted to stab him. 

Her hands began to shake. Something was wrong. She wanted to stab him, yet not. She was stuck between holding back and wanting to stab. And then she lost control and drove the dagger right into his chest. 

She felt it cut through flesh, and she even cut herself in the process from the force she used. 

Shocked, she stepped back and Zamiel shot his eyes open with a gasp.




"Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution." - Albert Einstein. 


Once she stabbed him, Heaven stumbled backwards and Zamiel shot his eyes open with a gasp. His breath came out in short rapid gasps and his face twisted in pain. She could tell breathing was difficult for him, but she couldn't do anything to help. Her legs refused to move, her body refused to obey her. 

She stood frozen, while the voice in the back of her mind was slowly fighting its way through. Commanding her to move, but her body defied her. 

It felt like her body didn't belong to her, and her mind felt like it became two separate parts. Somewhere far in the back of her mind was what she thought to be her real voice, and the front part, the one controlling her body, was unfamiliar. It made her stay calm in this horrifying situation. 

Zamiel sat up and stared at the dagger in his chest before he turned to her. His eyes held so much pain she wanted to die right there. His eyes made her voice become louder and louder, fighting through with more force. Her heart raced, and she felt the panic slowly built up. 

Zamiel grabbed the dagger and pulled it out. So much blood seeped from the wound and stained the white bedsheets. 

He grimaced in pain before looking at her again. Those silver eyes looked tormented. They looked like the ones she had seen when she first met him. She had hoped she would never see that look in his eyes again, but here she was. Gazing into a pair of agonizing silver eyes. 

  "Did… did you have to poison it?" He asked, not sounding angry but hurt. 


No! She didn't poison it. She would never! But even as she was thinking, nothing came out of her mouth. 

Heaven felt as if she was suffocating. She was trapped in her own body. 

Her body betrayed her, and she betrayed Zamiel. How could she do this? This wasn't her. She would never….

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She had to move or else she would kill him. But if she could move, would she run to him or run away? She wanted to help him, run to him, save him. She was desperate, but she knew she would have to leave him. 

Come on Heaven! Move!

Zamiel looked like he could barely breathe. His face turned all shades and colors until no color was left. It turned pale while he lost more blood. He placed one hand on the wound to stop the bleeding, but his eyes never left hers. He looked her straight in the eyes and she wondered what he was thinking. 

Hurt. He must be hurt and feeling betrayed and disappointed if he didn't hate her already. He must be angry. 

But she wished his anger would make him move. Make him leave, since she wasn't leaving. Did he have a death wish? 

Move Zamiel! Leave! 

She prayed to God to give her the strength to move since Zamiel wasn't doing anything to save himself. She refused to think he would die. She couldn't let that happen. 

More tears fell down her cheeks. Was she just going to watch her mate die? 


Her voice became louder, slowly getting through, and then suddenly she moved. But it was too sudden. Almost as if she woke up from a trance or a force left her body. It threw her off balance, but she didn't take the time to think about it. Her first instinct was to run to Zamiel, and that is what she did. 

She shouldn't have, but her brain wasn't functioning right. 

"Zamiel!" She pressed her shaking hands against his wound and over his hand, while bursting into tears. "What should I do? What have I done? I am so sorry. I have to... what... I need to…" 

She was a mess and Zamiel looked at her with those dead eyes. Almost as if he couldn't see her or couldn't focus on looking at her. He was in too much pain and too weak. She was killing him. 

His heartbeat was slowing down. She had to leave, and it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. "I am sorry. I...I have to go!" 

How could she? It killed her. She felt like a part of her died as she teleported back home. 

Heaven jumped straight into her bed and shook her grandmother violently to wake her up. Her cheeks were wet with tears and her hands covered in blood. 

"Grandma!" She cried loudly. 

Irene jumped out of her sleep. 

"Heaven." When she saw the blood in her hands sat up hastily.

"Heaven. What is this? What…" 

"Zamiel! I… I stabbed him. him. I can't... he... die." She could barely speak. She was shaking, crying, panting. 

"What… why?" 

"I don't have time." She got out of bed and dragged her grandmother out of bed as well. "Please, just go help him." 

"Alright, alright." She said. 

"What is happening?" Her mother woke up and when Heaven turned to her with the blood on her hands, she could see the horror in her mother's eyes. 

Her mother hurried to her side with a thousand questions. "Did you hurt yourself? What happened? What is this blood?" 

But Heaven was focused on her grandmother, who just wrapped a cloak around herself. "He will be fine." She assured before teleporting away. 

Heaven didn't realize that she had been holding her breath and ignoring her mother completely until she shook her. "What is happening, Heaven?!"

Yes. What just happened? 

"Heaven! You are frightening me!" 

Heaven turned to her mother, feeling completely helpless and lost. She felt defeated. She had no strength left to even cry. She became numb for a short moment. 

"I stabbed Zamiel. With a poisoned dagger. I stabbed him right in the heart." She spoke in a flat tone. 

Her mother frowned. "He will be fine. He is ancient." 

Heaven chuckled darkly. 

She had promised Zamiel only one thing. To protect him. To never let him go through the same pain again, and now she stabbed him in his sleep. With a poisoned dagger. The thing he hated and feared the most. 

This might not have been her doing, but it was her fault. Her grandfather had warned her, but she insisted on finding other solutions. 


More than her grandfather, she was angry with herself. She was warned many times. Through the dreams, through the bond and now her grandfather. She ignored all of that. 

"Mother, I want to die." It came out as a whisper, yet the words left her mother shaken. 

She was usually very protective of her mother and never made her worry, but right now she wanted to be held. She wanted to hide. Disappear. 

"N0! Don't say that." Her mother hugged her tightly and stroke her hair. "Everything will be alright." 

"No mother. Nothing is or will be alright."

Her grandfather kept his promises, and he must want her desperately if he was using such extreme methods to get her. She still couldn't understand what happened to her.

"Why did you leave?" Her mother seemed confused. 

But Heaven understood everything. The way she had observed her mother and grandmother sleeping soundly. That must also have been her grandfather. The observations had been intentional to show her his power. He set up everything. He could do anything. He could put her whole family to sleep if he wanted to. She was powerless against him. They all were powerless against him. 

Sometimes Heaven forgot that her grandfather was an ancient and not just any ancient. He was the devil. She should never forget. Forgetting was her first mistake. 

She should have realized earlier that fighting was pointless. If she had just followed him, none of this would have happened. 

She couldn't let her grandfather hurt anyone else because of her. 

Who would he hurt next? Her father? Her mother?

He had so many ways to hurt her. 

A shiver went down her spine as she thought of all the people she loved. One of them was already….

Tears burned her eyes. Her heart felt heavy, as if weighing on her lungs and making it harder to breathe. 

It was killing her to be away from Zamiel when she knew his condition. She wanted to stab herself in the heart, but she didn't have to. Her heart was already bleeding. 

Zamiel. She couldn't live with herself if anything happened to him. She would never forgive herself if anything happened to him.


"Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already." -Dave Willis. 


"Father! What have you done?" Tezz looked at him as if he had become crazy. 

He had done nothing like this before, but again he had never been this desperate before. Heaven annoyed him. The girl was impossible, and she never listened. 

"What have I done?" He asked calmly. 

Lothaire hadn't told Hezz and Tezz the whole plan, and now both were shocked. 

"You want Heaven to rule. She has to do it willingly so your job is to tempt and manipulate her. Not control her."

She was right. Except it was not Heaven he wanted.

Manipulation and temptation rarely worked on Heaven. She had strong moral values and her desires were good ones. Besides, he tempted and manipulated those he wanted to sin because sin must be done by choice and if he controlled them to sin, then it wouldn't be their choice. 

But he wasn't interested in making Heaven sin. Not now, anyway. Right now, he just wanted her to come to him and stay with him, and what better way to do it than to threaten the existence of her mate. 

"I will tempt her once she is here and she will be here soon." 

Lothaire had no other choice. Heaven was strong and her family made her even stronger. Whenever he managed to manipulate her and make her weak, her family would help her find strength again. 

He was tired of playing that game and doing the same thing over and over again and have her family ruin it for him. As long as she stayed with them, she would remain strong. It made him realize that he had to change his plan. He had to separate her from her family if he wanted to manipulate her successfully. 

Creating fear in her of what might happen wasn't very affective since she knew he had something to do with it. So he had to show. He had to make her believe that what she feared wasn't just a mind game but could actually happen in reality. 

If she had just been weak and surrendered sooner, then this wouldn't have happened. But she fought back, and now this was what she got. 

"I don't understand. You have always been patient. Why go to such extreme just to get her now? Does she have something you need right now?" Tezz asked. 

She was confused, and it scared her that she couldn't predict his actions anymore. She was worried he would do something reckless. In fact, she already thought that his actions had been reckless. Possessing someone wasn't safe. But it was the fastest route, and he was willing to take the risk. 

Heaven would never hurt her mate simply by being manipulated. He had to use her body. 

Lothaire had only once possessed someone before. That wasn't what he did as the devil. He could have just compelled Heaven to do what he wanted, but he wasn't sure if his compulsion would be strong enough to make her go against her strongest desire, which was to protect her mate. He had to make sure that his plan would work this time, and possessing her body was the surest way. She wouldn't be able to fight him once he possessed her. 

The nightmares he gave her didn't completely go to waste. It might not have affected her moral values, but it made her body and mind weaker, and while she was unconscious, he could easily enter her body. 

Tezz and Hezz took care of the rest. Poisoning the dagger with the deadliest poison they could find and making everyone tired and sleepy. 

Lothaire made sure everything was under control, but there was one thing he wondered. Would Zamiel's healing slow down if Heaven stabbed him while possessed? Because even if it was her body that stabbed him, she wouldn't be the one who made the decision to do so. 

He didn't want Zamiel to heal fast. He needed Heaven to believe that her mate was going to die.

Lothaire added the poison in case the stabbing didn't work. Poison was the only thing that could bring a demon to the brink of death before they could recover. He also added it because it was Zamiel's greatest fear and that would have an affect on Heaven. She would blame herself even more. The guilt would eat at her soul. 

The possession itself would also affect her. Losing control completely was the most frightening thing humans could experience. It would make her lose complete trust in herself and in her abilities, which would also benefit him in the future. 

He would have to tear her down in order to build her up the way he wanted her to be. At that moment, he almost forgot he was doing all of it to get Irene. He found excitement in this new experiment. Experimenting was his next favorite thing after manipulating. 

Would he be able to change Heaven completely? 

And would she be the only one changing? Possession had consequences for both parties involved. What would the consequences be for him?

"Father, you don't just possess someone. Especially not someone who doesn't share your values." Hezz looked at him with judging eyes. 

"I know. Don't worry. A simple possession won't change me." 

Possessing someone could make you end up with their memories, or their feelings and thoughts could affect yours, sometimes so much that you could start liking the things they like. The longer you stayed in someone else's body, the worse the consequences would be. 

But what could staying inside Heaven's body really do to him? He wasn't the least worried about any consequences. Changing his mind was not an easy task for anyone. 

"I hope you make no more hasty decisions." Hezz spoke. 

Lothaire looked at both of his daughters. Both of them seemed worried and suspicious. 

"No more decisions. Now we just have to wait." He assured. 

He would give Heaven some time. He didn't give her time earlier because he already knew she wouldn't come to him by just scaring her with words. So he gave her little time with the purpose to make her panic. That would make her weaker. 

"What should we do with Zarin? It seems like your son is pulling him back." Tezz crossed her arms over her chest. 

"Don't worry. Once Heaven is here, he will be pulled equally from both sides." 

Lucian had a way of speaking. Lothaire had no doubt that his son's speech had an impact on Zarin. He had already expected that. No parent would watch their child walk toward hell without trying everything they could. Roshan was only restricted by Gina, and he knew what it meant to raise a finger against him. 

"When will Heaven come here?" Tezz asked. 

It would depend on Zamiel's condition and her own. Lothaire knew she would want to make sure that Zamiel was alright first. 

"Soon." Was all he said.