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Inner Demons

By the time I noticed, the boss was a few meters away from me. I quickly stepped back and between us, I make make ice spikes that shoot up from the ground.

"Aaahhh." The ice spikes impaled the boss' body. He cried out in anguish and pain.

The boss' blood trickle down the floor. It seems like he was still alive but barely. His breathing was getting heavier by the second.

"Y-You...are....monsters." The boss coughed out blood.

"Who are you calling a monster?" Regaleon was now in front of the impaled boss. "Compared to you that plays with innocent lives, we are the lesser evil."

"Hahahaha." The boss laughed while blood was spitting out of his mouth. "At least... I will take that girl with me in death."

Regaleon and I were surprised with his words. I can see Regaleon looking at me with wide eyes.

"Alicia, behind you!" Regaleon screamed in fright.

By the time I heard his words, I quickly turned around. I see the brawny man this morning behind me, his sword in the air ready to swing towards me. I was late to react.

I was taken by surprise. The brawny man's blade was a mere inches above me.

I put my arms up, trying to conjure something or anything that can block the slash of his sword coming my way. That was when a tip of a sword plunged thru the chest of the brawny man from the back.

"I warned you before, you can't lay a hand or even a finger on her." A familiar voice said behind the brawny man. It was William's.

William pushed his sword all the way thru the brawny man's chest. Blood trickled from the wound and the man's mouth. He breathed one last breath and then his body fell to the ground.

William then pulled out his sword from the dead man's body. The sword's blade was coated with blood. I look at William with a shocked expression. He was also covered with blood and wounds.

"Alicia, it's okay. You are safe now." William gave me a reassuring smile.

I just nodded at him, hearing his words but not comprehending it.

I look around in a daze. Dead bodies are littered all around me, the smell of blood is in the air.

I look towards the boss' body that was impaled at the ice spikes I created. It sent shivers down my spine. Then I remember Anna's words.

'You will either have dominion over the whole world, or destroy it into nothingness.' Anna's words resonate inside my head.

'Death surrounds you.' I hear my inner voice telling. 'You bring death with you. First your mother, and now this. Who will die next, is it the ones who are near you now?'

I look around me and there was William and Regaleon. They were trying to says something, but I cannot hear them.

'Who would you kill next, will it be your best friend that is so much in love with you. That even though you know it hurts him deeply being near, you can't push him away.' My inner voice said.

"No." I denied what my inner voice was saying. "I don't want to hurt him."

'Or is it the crown prince of Grandcrest. Your fiancé and the love of your life. Would you let him die, like what happened to your mother?' My inner voice said.

"No, I don't want him to die. I can't live without him." My heart was crying out in pain just by imagining Regaleon die.

'You are cursed, Alicia. Everyone around you will die.' My inner voice torments me.

"No, no, no!" I shouted at my inner voice. Tears are now overflowing from my eyes. My body was shivering in fear with my inner voice's words.

"Alicia, what's wrong?" William was full of worry. He tried to extend his arms towards me but I flinched away, frightened that I would only hurt him. I was frightened that if I was really cursed, then they will only get hurt.

William had a bitter smile on his face. He was clearly hurt with my retreat just now.

"Lili, what's the matter?" Regaleon was trying to get near me.

Step by step, he was pacing towards me with caution.

"It's okay Lili, it's me. It's Leon." Regaleon said with a calming voice.

"Leon." I said in a daze. "No, don't come near me. I don't want to hurt you."

I take a step back. My fear of hurting the two people in front of me was numbing my senses. I can feel my body getting colder and colder.

Unkowingly, I set the temperature around me to drop. The things around me started to freeze.

"What's this?" William felt the coldness in the air. His breath gave out a smoke from the freezing temperature. "Why is it suddenly freezing?" He asked with confusion in his eyes.

But Regaleon did not answer. He knew that my magic was being triggered by my emotions right now.

"Lili, it's alright. You are safe now." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "Can't you recognize me? It's me, Leon."

Regaleon took of his silver mask that was stained with blood. His face was now in full view in front of me. I can see his beautiful sapphire eyes twinkling.

Regaleon was taking his steps towards me carefully. The air was freezing, especially a few feet radius around me.

"It's okay, you are safe. We are all safe." Regaleon was giving me reassurance.

'But I am the one who is a danger to you all.' I told myself. The tears that comes out of my eyes are frozen instantly with the freezing cold around me.

Regaleon was just an arms length from me. I want to run away, but his gaze towards me hooks me in place. He slowly extends his arm towards me, touching my cheeks. His thumb gently brushed the frozen tears away.

"Please don't be afraid." Regaleon said with a pained voice. "Please don't get scared of me."

"Scared of you?" I asked in confusion. No it should be the other way around. He should be the one afraid of me.

I held his hand that was pressed on my cheek. I feel the warmth that his hand was emitting.

"Why would I be afraid of you?" I asked with a gentle voice and smiled at him.

Regaleon smiled back at me. He took me in his embrace. Once I felt the warmth radiating from his body, I became at ease in an instant. The worries that I was thinking awhile ago was washed away with his warm embrace.

After feeling secure in his arms, I felt my body become lighter and my eyes getting heavier. And then darkness overtook me.


At a distance, there were two cloaked figures standing at one ot the rooftops.

"I am sorry your highness, my powers were blocked when the prince was near princess Alicia." One of the cloaked figure said and kneeled down in front of the other cloaked figure. It was a voice of a man.

"No matter, at least we have inserted such thoughts inside of her." The other cloaked figure was none other than the crown prince of Jennova, Gladiolus. "Their feelings for each other are deep that your mind abilities were blocked instantly. No matter, they will surely separate sooner. After all she is my wife to be by birth right."

"All of our preparations are done your highness. Everything will go according to plan." The cloaked man said.
His Dark Side

I open my eyes and see that I was now inside my room, lying on my bed.

With only a dim light illuminating my room, my eyes adjusted it's sight to the darkness. That was when I saw a shadow at the corner of my room.

My heart felt like it leaped out of my chest in fright. After my encounter with so much death earlier, I was still jumpy.

"Do not worry, it's only me." It came from Regaleon's voice. After hearing his voice, I sighed in relief.

Regaleon stepped out from the shadows, the dim light illuminating his body. He was wearing his casual white shirt and black pants. What caught my eyes was his face. He wasn't wearing his signature silver mask. His beautiful face was out in the open for me to behold.

Regaleon's clean appearance now is a very far difference from earlier from the blood 

soaked 'Black Devil.'

After Regaleon stepped out from the shadows, he stopped just a few feet away from my bed. He was not coming near me. I look at his face and it has a trace of uncertainty and sadness.

"Why are you standing so far away?" I asked curiously. "Come and sit here with me." I gave him a reassuring smile.

I patted the space beside me, at the edge of my bed. Seeing my smiling face, Regaleon heaved a sigh and walked towards me. Carefully, he sank right beside me.

There was a short silence between the two of us.

"I'm sorry." I said apologetically.

"Why are you apologizing?" Regaleon asked.

"Because I was being careless. If I didn't go out of the palace, maybe this might not have happened." I said with guilt.

Because of my actions, many peoples lives ended. Their blood are on my hands.

"It's not your fault. Even if you haven't gone out today and stayed here in the palace, they will find ways to harm here." Regaleon said. "The one at fault is the one who paid for your assasination."

I can see Regaleon's hand trembling in anger. Then I noticed he was maintaining a safe distance from me. And he was not touching me. After noticing this, my heart squeezed from pain.

'Is he angry at me? Does he not want me any more? Is he disgusted with me because of the blood on my hands.' These thoughts are swirling in my head and tormenting me. My chest was getting heavy and I can't stop my tears from falling.

"Lili, what is it?" Regaleon become perplexed. "Why are you crying? Are you in pain? Please tell me." His voice was full of worry.

Regaleon reached his hand towards my face. I can see him having second thoughts but still extended his hand to touch my cheeks. He wiped my tears gently.

I can feel the warmth of his hand radiating on my face. I held his hand and squeezed them gently. I looked at his sapphire eyes, searching for answers to my questions.

"Why are you so distant just now? Are you angry with me?" I asked. Pain was etched on my face and my chest was being squeezed.

"Silly girl." Regaleon's lips curved up slightly. He tucked a lose strand of my hair behind my ears. "Why will I be angry with you? With what just happened, I was scared to death of losing you."

"Then, why are you being so distant just now? You won't even touch me." I said, holding back my tears. "Are you disgusted with me? Is it because I killed someone?"

Regaleon looked at my face with gentleness and then heaved a deep sigh.

"Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Regaleon asked. "After you saw me covered with blood of those men that I have killed, you looked at me with fright and retreated back from me. Aren't you disgusted with me? With this dark side of me?"

I blinked my eyes, confused. I let Regaleon's words sink into me.

'So that's what it is? That is why he didn't come near me because he was afraid I am disgusted with him?' I thought to myself.

I shook my head, letting him know that what he was thinking is wrong.

"I am not disguted with you. I am not afraid of you." I said with conviction.

"Really?" Regaleon asked. "You just saw me bathing in blood. I have killed those men mercilessly, not sparing anyone of them. Are you not really afraid of me?"

"They were bad men." I said. "I know you did that to rescue me. I understand why you did that."

Regaleon looked at me intently, trying to gauge my reaction. When he saw me looking at him with seriousness, he knew what I was telling is true, that I wasn't afraid of him. And then he sighed with relief. He pulled me into his embrace.

"Oh Lili, I am so glad. I would not know what to do if you were disgusted with me." Regaleon said. "I don't know what will happened to me if you despised me for my dark side. I was so afraid you would leave me."

I wrap my arms around his waist. "I could never hate you. How can I leave you? I love you so much."

"And I love you." Regaleon said. He released me from his embrace and looked straight into my eyes. "Just now you have seen my dark side. This is what I can do to my enemies and how cruel I can become. Tell me, will you still accept me, all of me?"

I nodded back at him. How can I not accept him? He is my love and my life. He may be cruel but his cruelty has a justified reason behind it. And even though he has a dark side, his good side also shines brightly.

"Oh Lili, my love." Regaleon smiled at me sweetly. I can see his relief after telling all of his fears to me.

Regaleon gently placed my cheeks into his palms and slowly pulled me into a kiss.

My worries was washed away with his passionate kiss. I can feel his love for me was still there and held firmly in place.

Not long, the kiss deepened even further. I can sense hunger coming from Regaleon's lips as he ravaged my mouth with his hot kisses.


Downfall of the Queen’s Maternal Family (1)

Not long, the kiss deepened even further. I can sense hunger coming from Regaleon's lips as he ravaged my mouth with his hot kisses.

"This is not good." Regaleon parted his lips from mine. "If I go on any further, I am afraid I can't stop myself from eating you up." He smiled.

My cheeks felt hot after our kiss. Regaleon's words made me shy instantly.

"T-Then let's talk about something else. So we won't do unnecessary things." I suggested.

"That sounds good." Regaleon nodded in agreement. "Then what should we talk about?"

Regaleon adjusted his seating position. He sat beside me with his back leaning against the bed frame. I on the other hand, was nestled in his broad chest with his arms encircled my waist perfectly.

"You know who is behind the assassination attempt against me, right?" I asked him. Regaleon's smile quickly faded and his expression became serious. He nodded in confirmation.

"Can you tell me who ordered it?" I asked.

"It was the queen's grandfather, general McGregor." Regaleon replied.

This I am not surprised. After the incedent with Veronica, I heard that my step mother the queen was under house arrest. I didn't know the specifics or what is the accusation against her because the higher ups are tighted lipped about it.

"Is the general doing this because of the queen's wrath towards me?" I asked again. I may be an eyesore for my step mother but for her fraternal family to take action against me is a little bit too much.

"The queen has gone mad. She has already forgotten that you are my fiancee and the future crown princess of Grandcrest. She won't get away with this." Regaleon said. I can feel anger in his every word.

"You have a plan?" I glanced at him and asked.

"Of course I have." Regaleon smirked. "I have already set the stage. You will watch a good show tomorrow."

My eyes widened in disbelief. "Tomorrow? Already?" My voice was a little high pitch.

"Of course. Your future husband is very much capable of anything." Regaleon said with a smile.

I giggled. "Yes, the 'Black Devil' has many tricks up his sleeve." I joked.

"Oh I have got many other tricks other than making people suffer." Regaleon said. "I can also make my special someone feel so good that she would cry from pleasure." He gave a wolfish grin. I can feel a blush creep on my cheeks instantly.

"Hahaha." Regaleon laughed out loud. "But for now you should rest. You had a very tiring day. Go to sleep."

I nodded instantly and laid down on bed. I take my sheets and covered myself from my toes up to my nose, only half of my face is exposed.

"Good night, my dear Lili." Regaleon kissed my forehead gently.

When he was about to get up, I unconciously held his sleeves back. Regaleon looked at me in surprise but then smiled.

"You want me to stay with you?" Regaleon asked.

I nodded shyly.

"Then I will stay with you until you fall asleep." Regaleon smiled brightly. "Can I hug you between the sheets?"

I nodded shyly once again. Regaleon laid down in bed right next to me and wrapped me in his arms. With the sheets between us, there was no skinship. I felt at ease and safe with in his embrace that I felt sleep come to me instantly.


(Regaleon's POV)

"What did you say?!" King Edward roared in anger.

I was in his office the very morning of the next day. I have told him of the assasination attempt on Alicia the night before.

I was calmly seating in front of him sipping my tea in peace after relaying the events of last night.

King Edward's face was now bright red with anger.

'Good. At least I know that he still cares about his third daughter.' I thought.

"All of what I said is true." I said to him. "I have evidence here that can show truth." I looked at Dimitri who was standing beside me.

Dimitri bowed and gave the pile of papers he was holding to King Edward.

King Edward took the papers and started to read them.

"I have found evidence not only for the assassination attempt to the princess but also for other illegal doings." I said with a calm voice.

King Edward browsed thru the papers. At every turn of the page, his eyes would get wider and wider with shock. 

"Is this...all credible?" King Edwards asked.

"Your majesty, have you forgotten who I am?" I looked at him with a cold gaze. "I am the crown prince of Grandcrest. If I want to know any information, then nothing in this world can stop me from getting it. And not to mention, if I want someone to be guilty, then he will be guilty without a doubt."

King Edward shivered with my words. He knows that my words isn't an empty threat.

"I also have eye witnesses to attest to such accusations." I told him. "With an attempted murder against the third princess of Alvannia, not to mention this crown prince's fiancee and future crown princess of Grandcrest, it will be punishable by death of his immidiate family. For the other crimes, I leave you to their punishment."

King Edward was speechless after my words have been said.

"I would like to see the judgement be given by this afternoon." I stood up. "I am confident that all of the evidence that you need is in those papers. I sugget you start working on it right away. I heard that general McGregor got wind of this accusations against him and is ready to flee the capital today with his family."

King Edward snapped back from his daze. "Guards!" He shouted.

The guards stationed outside the door came in running after the king's call.

"Yes, your majesty." The guard kneeled down in front of him.

"Take the first and second platoon of the royal guards and go to general McGregor's estate. Arrest him with charges of treason and the attempted assassination of the third princess of Alvannia!" King Edward roared.

"Understood your majesty." The guard quickly left the office.

"I am afraid that your royal knights won't be enough, king Edward." I said. "Dimitri, let's lend a hand to the Alvannian royal knights. Give order to the first platoon of my 'Black Dragon Army' to assist the royal knights in caputring the mastermind of the assasination attempt against this prince's fiancee."

"Understood." Dimitri bowed.

"Well then, your majesty. I will take my leave." I said. "I will be anticipating a good show later." I smirked.

I turned around and walked out of the office.


Downfall of the Queen's Maternal Family (2)

Author's Note: Last chapter I had an error in the title. It should be "Maternal Family", so sorry about that. And I would like to point a change, general McGregor will now be the queen's "Maternal Uncle" instead of grandfather.


(3rd Person POV)

At general McGregor's estate before day break, everyone was in disarray. It was still dawn and the sky was still dark. The staff and maids of the estate were busy moving things inside the carraiges.

"Come on, pick up the pace you damn seevants!" General McGregor scolded.

Two of the male servants are seen carrying a heavy chest.

"Be careful with that. The contents of that chest are precious. Not even your lives can pay for it if you damage them." The general glared at the two servants.

"Dear, what is happening." The wife of the general asked. "Why are we leaving the capital in a hurry?"

"What I am doing now is to save our lives." General McGregor replied. He was wearing a bitter face.

"Did something happened to our business?" The wife asked. "Did the king caught wind of our illegal business?"

"It's because of that brat crown prince of Grandcrest, Regaleon. He knew that I was the one that ordered the assasination towards his fiancee, princess Alicia." General McGregor said. "His information network is really something. To think that he knew right away that I was behind all of this. And it was because of my stupid niece, Erica!"

General McGregor punched the wooden table by his side. The table broke into pieces. All of the staff that were busy stopped in their tracks in fear.

"What the hell are you all staring at?!" General McGregor roared. "Finish loading all the things here. We need to get out of the capital before sun rise!"

The staffs snapped back and continued their work.

"Don't talk bad about your niece. She is still the queen." The wife scolded.

"Hmph. Have you not heard of what happened inside the palace?" The general asked.

The wife just looked at him confused. It is because the news regarding the queen's house arrest was not spread to the public. Erica was still legally the queen in name by marriage, and just by knowing that the queen is being detained under suspicion can turn the country into chaos. It was better to put the news out in the open after the investigation is done and the queen is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

"The queen has lost favor from the king. She is now on house arrest because of the crimes of killing the king's concubine and harming the third princess." The general said with gritted teeth.

"What?!" The wife yelled in surprise. "But those things, you helped the queen in doing those crimes."

The general nodded. He was lucky that the left minister Stanley caught news of this and told him right away. That is why he was now departing the capital, to escape persecution.

"Then we must make haste." The wife said. "Have you informed our son? Fortunately, he is out of the country. We need to tell him not to come back because of this incident."

"I have already sent someone to inform our son of the situation." General McGregor said.

"What is your plan in our escape?" The wife asked. She was now grasping the gravity of the situation they are in right now.

"We will take the south gate to exit the capital. That parts of the capital are the slums, the won't expect us to use that road out of the capital." The general explained. "Also, my soldiers will be escorting us all the way. They are my men loyal only to me. They are best of the best in combat and warfare. They can be on equal footing with the royal knights, maybe even better."

The wife sighed in relief. She knows that her husband is capable in this particular area of expertise. He was also a war veteran in the last war and his men were beyond capable in fighting.

"Prepare anything what you only need. We should travel light as much as possible. Our treasures will be travled on a different route. Our son would be the one to get them at the planned location." The general said.

His wife nodded in agreement and quickly walked away to prepare.

"If you just listened to us Robert, then our family should have been the one sitting on the throne today." General McGregor clenched his fist hard.


At the palace, the first and second platoon of the ropyal knights are assembling by the king's order. General Robert was briefed with the situation at hand.

"We are here to take your orders, general Robert sir!" The first and second platoon's captains gave a salute in front of general Robert.

General Robert nodded his head. "At ease." He looked at the knights in front of him. "We are ordered to arrest general McGregor with the crime of treason and murder. As you know, he handles the west army of our country. The men under him are one of the best."

"General Robert sir. Will we be engaging into battle against the west army's men?" The first platoon's captain asked.

"I am saddened to just think that we may be engaging in battle with our own country men. But with general McGregor's crimes, it is our job to arrest and detain him." General Robert had a sad expression on his face. "But we need to be ready if they attack us. Never let your guard down at any cost. Understood?!" He yelled.

"Sir, yes sir!" The knights replied in unison.

"We will be departing in ten minutes. Gather at the palace's gate by then. Dismissed." General Robert ordered.

The knights then dispersed. General Robert heaved a deep sigh.

General McGregor was his brother in law and friends in arms in the last war. He never imagined that he would be the one to arrest him in the end.

"General Robert." A male's voice called out. The general turned around to see prince Regaleon walking towards him, with his personal aide Dimitri by his side.

"Greetings, your highness." General Robert greeted.

"No need to be formal." Regaleon waved his hand. "You are the one tasked to arrest your brother in law?" He asked.

"Yes." Robert nodded.

"Such irony." Regaleon smirked. "Your wife's family is very ambitious. If you have just played the part they wanted, you should have been king, ruling Alvannia today." Regaleon said with such arrogance.

General Robert smiled awkwardly. 'How did this brat know such information?' He thought. But he remembered that this prince's information network gathers information pretty well. If he wants to know something, then even the deepest darkest secrets might be exposed.

"I have never even once thought of taking the throne. That is why I have turned down my in laws' plans after the war." General Robert said with sincerity.

General Robert didn't know that his brother in law was still seeking more power and tried to covet the throne of Alvannia to this day.

Regaleon gauged general Robert thru his words and then smiled.

"That's a pity." Regaleon exclaimed. "I am sure you would have been a better king if you have taken the throne that time. Pity that you have such loyalty to the royal family of Alvannia."

"My loyalty is not with the royal family of Alvannia but to it's people." General Robert said. "At that time, the war just ended. And if my in laws pushed thru their plans of a coup de ta, then our country would have been devastated. We could not have gotten the country back up to it's current glory today."

Regaleon sighed. "That is why I said it was such a pity. But I belive your successor will make use of your ideology as well. I am looking forward to the future of Alvannia."

General Robert was taken aback. Yes, his successor that he has groomed since childhood, the crown prince of Alvannia prince Richard. He was sure that his grandson would be a fine young king in the future.

"By the way, my black dargon army's first platoon would lend a hand. You might need it." Regaleon smirked. "Dimitri, you know what to do. I would be in my fiancee's courtyard, if you need anything."

After that, Regaleon walked away leaving Dimitri behind.

"General, I would be coming with you as prince Regaleon had ordered." Dimitri bowed his head and general Robert nodded.

'Having the prince's personally trained army would be a huge help. My eastern army is in the outskirts as of now and cannot come on time to help me.' General Rober thought.

Confrontation Between the Two Armies (1)

The sun was just about to rise when the carriage boarded by general McGregor and his wife left his estate.

As general McGregor planned, they travelled light with only one horse carriage. Their fortune and valuables were taken in a different route out of the capital.

"It's quiet." General McGregor exclaimed with a confused face.

"What do you mean by quiet dear?" His wife asked in confusion. "It is not yet day break, so there are no people out in the streets by this time."

"I know that. But I don't like it. It is too quiet." General McGregor gritted his teeth. "You, soldier." He called a soldier in horse back that was escorting them.

"Yes general?" The soldier pulled his reigns and got near the carriage window.

"Is the west army at the location I have ordered them to be?" The general asked.

"Yes general. They are just a few kilometers away from the walls of the capital." The soldier replied. "They are on standby, awaiting orders from you my lord."

General McGregor nodded in satisfaction. Once they are out of the capital and he is reunited with his army, they plan to beseige the capital. He will take the king off of his chair and replace him as the new king of Alvannia. A smirk was formed on his lips.

"General, the south gate is in sight." The soldier said.

"Good." The general said. "Once we are out of the gate, let's pick up the pace. Tell the other men about this."

"Understood." The soldier replied and nodded. He quickly left to relay the general's orders to the other men.

The streets are really too quiet. The sun has just shined the first rays of the morning. General McGregor cannot be ease with such silence. No commoners has gone out yet, not even stray dogs or cats are seen out on the streets. He felt that this area has been deserted.

"General, we have passed the south gate." A soldier yelled from outside thr carriage.

The general felt relief knowing they have made it out of the capital. "Then go, make haste."

"Understood." The soldier replied. "You heard the general, let's make haste towards the camps." He relayed the orders to the other men.

"Hiyah!" The soldiers said one after the other. The sound of horse hooves stomping the ground is heard. The carriage where the general and his wife also dashed forward.

After a few minutes of dashing, there momemntum slowed down and halted.

"What's the matter, why are we stopping?" The general roared in anger.

"My lord, there is a blockade in our way. The royal knights had made a check point." One soldier reported what was happening.

"What?!" The general was surprised. He never thought that the royal knights would make a check point just a few kilometers away from the capital.

Thinking about it, the soldiers escorting him is quite a big number. If a fight broke out within the capital, then many civilians would become casualties in their skirmish.

"This is your doing huh Robert?" General McGregor clenched his fists hard. 

"McGregor, I know you're there." General Robert's voice was heard.

General McGregor smirked and was about to open the carriage door when his wife pulled him back.

"D-Don't leave me behind." The wife's face was full of fright. She has grasped the situation that this will end in a battle between the royal knights and the western army's platoon that was escorting them.

"Tsk." General McGregor looked at his wife in irritation. A battle field is no place for a woman. For sure his wife will just be a burden to him.

"You," The general pointed to one of the soldiers. "Take my wife and find a safe way towards the western army's camp."

"Understood." The soldier bowed. "My lady." He extended his arm towards the general's wife.

The wife took the soldier's hand and was lifted up on his horse.

"With just the two of you, I am sure you can slip past the royal knights." General McGregor explained to his wife.

"Dear, please be careful." The wife said.

"Do not worry, I won't let Robert defeat me here." General McGregor said confidently.

After a few words, the soldier taking the general's wife went into the thick woods lining the road and vanished in it's shadows.

General McGregor stepped out of the carriage and saw general Robert leading the royal knights.

"Robert, brother in law. How ironic that it was you that the king sent to arrest me." General McGregor said with a sarcastic tone. "Don't you think that the king is also suspecting you as a traitor?"

General Robert knows what McGregor's words meant. It is true, that king Edward was also suspecting him. That is why he ordered general Robert to be the one to arrest his brother in law, to see if his allegiance was still with the king.

"Robert, it is not yet late to come with me. With both our armies, we can take down that king and rule Alvannia together, with you as my right hand." General McGregor said. "What do you say?"

General Robert looked at McGregor seriously. Such an ambutious man holding a mighty army and having such power is really frightening. Such power can twist a once honest and good man and be turned into a power hungry monster, like the one in front of him.

General Robert heaved a deep sigh. It is regretful that his brother in law that was once his brother in arms in the war has become an enemy of the country.

"McGregor, why not just surrender yourself." General Robert said. "Once you are arrested, I will surely plead for you in front of his majesty so that you won't get the death sentence. We can still prevent this. The ones who will suffer will be the civilians inside the capital if you push thru this."

"Hahahaha!" General McGregor laughed out loud after hearing general Robert's words. "How foolish of you Robert. You know that the punishment for treason is death. I have no other option left but to push thru and fight. Robert, do you think that puny royal knights with you are a match to my men from the western army? Why not let's see and find out."

General McGregor waived his hand, making a signal to his men. The soldiers pull out their swords and are ready to attack.

"Tsk, McGregor you give me no other choice." General Robert also waived his hand and the royal knights get ready for the attack.

With such a situation now, a battle is inevitable.