✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 84 || 85....90✍️✍️✍️✍️




"No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot."
Lothaire took Zarin on a tour around his mansion that was more like a castle. This time no illusion was involved. He let him see the luxurious interior and the people that were a part of his life. Not all of them, of course.
There was Hezznin and Tezznin. They were like his two hands. Tezznin was the vicious one. There was no job she couldn't get done. She was born to manipulate and make sin look like a garden in heaven. She was very tactful and could tell someone's weakness by only a look. Bringing out the worst in people was not only her skill, but also her enjoyment. Demons like her made his mission much easier.
Hezznin was the one to act less and observe more. Lothaire liked to have her around because she brought a different perspective, but also made them think carefully when they got too confident. She was the one to bring them down on earth when they needed to. She was also the one to welcome the new demons that joined his cause because she had a nature that made other's feel comfortable around her and trust her. 

He had two other daughters and five sons, including Lucian. All of his children were five hundred years and older except for Lucian. Most of his children's mothers passed away, except for three. Lucian's mother and the only two female demons he mated with. Once they found their mate, they moved on with their lives. Lothaire didn't care since he only mated with them to get offsprings and eventually he found his mate as well. Who would have thought his experiment with a witch would turn out like this?
He didn't think that he, the devil, would have a mate, let alone a mate like Irene. She managed to get through him and make him feel things he didn't want to feel. Feelings he never thought he had in him. Many times she made forget who he was and why he was here on earth. She made him feel happy and miserable at the same time. But Lothaire was too proud to lose. Too proud to give up his mission for a woman and settle down with her. So he went back to who he was and to complete his mission.
He had many times tried to convince Irene to come with him, but she was determined to stay with her son right where she was. He could feel her hatred toward him. Lothaire had seen how far a mother would go for their child. No love was stronger than a mother's love for her child, and Lothaire knew he could never win against Lucian.
But Irene was his and his only. He would have her no matter what. He had been waiting for the perfect opportunity and for a way to make her his again. What better way than to take away her family since that was what held her back. Heaven was the weak link. Having her by his side would make everyone else come to him. He could already see Lucian offering himself as an exchange for his daughter.
Lothaire smiled wickedly to himself. The fight would not be easy, but it would be worth it. He couldn't wait to have Irene in his arms again.
"So you want me to get rid of Zamiel?" He asked as they walked.
Zarin looked around, fascinated. The castle had a dark, disturbing interior. It was like walking through hell, except the flames were black and red.
"Yes." He said.
"You know that will hurt Heaven's feelings?"
Zarin slowed down and looked at him. "I will take care of Heaven. I will make her forget about all the hurt."
Lothaire came to a halt and stared at Zarin. The boy really believed he could do that. He was baffled. Now he understood why Roshan had a hard time raising him. Zarin was the type to only see, hear and believe what he wanted. He turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to everything else.
"Why did you come to me? Why didn't you ask your parents for help?"
Zarin scoffed. "They don't understand. They think I should stay away because he is her mate. They treat me like I understand nothing and always talk about taking responsibility."
They treat you right, Lothaire wanted to spit.
The boy really understood nothing, and sloth was one of his many sins. His father would be heartbroken once he found out that his son came to see him.
Roshan also loved his parties and women, but he was a clever man from a very young age. Even when he and his father worked with him, Lothaire knew it was only a matter of time before they left. They were demons with strong morals, and those were hard to bend. Lothaire thought Zarin would be the same, but there was always one person who differed from the rest. And who would know that better than him, the devil?
The first of his kind to go against God.
"You have kind parents. I killed one of my sons because he didn't take responsibility."
Lothaire heard Zarin's heart skip a beat, and he halted. His eyes widened as he looked at him, and Lothaire could hear all the questions swirling in the young boy's mind. At last he decided it was a joke.
Lothaire let him believe that if it would put him at ease.
He laughed a nervous laugh and then continued the walk.
"They are kind. It is just that I have a long life ahead. Why do I need to rush to learn things?"
"You are right. You should enjoy your time while you are young. You can always learn things later." Lothaire agreed with him, encouraging him to to continue down the same path.
"Then what about Zamiel? What will you do?" He asked.
Zarin wasn't willing to let go of Zamiel.
Lothaire had no intentions of separating Heaven and Zamiel. Having them together benefited his purpose for now. In the beginning he had other plans for Heaven, but now he decided to take another route. A faster route that was unlike him.
A route that would shake things up, but he was the devil. No earthquake could make him sway.c



"Your child will follow your example. Not your advice."
"Grandpa!" Gina came running, and Roshan's father stood up from his seat and wrapped his arms around his granddaughter. He lifted her up from the ground and then put her down while chuckling softly.
"My sweet." He grabbed her face between his hands. "How come you only get more beautiful?"
Gina chuckled. "What grandfather looks like you? You look like my brother." She told him with a wide smile.
He laughed. Putting his arm around her, he made her sit next to him on the couch. "Where is your brother?" He asked.
Gina shrugged. "Probably somewhere with his friends."
Darius turned to Roshan. "You should talk to your son." He said.
His father knew the struggles he had with Zarin. Roshan had tried many methods and nothing seemed to work. The only thing that was left was to throw his son out of his house and make him take care of himself. But then he would just go to one of his many wealthy friends, or maybe even worse, Lucifer. Lucifer wouldn't miss the opportunity to take in a young lost demon.
Klara and him would have many arguments about how to raise Zarin. It was their first child, and both didn't know how to be good parents. Klara was a very loving mother. Roshan saw another side of her once she gave birth. He saw the soft, vulnerable side. As both their children grew, Roshan realized he had to be the tough one of them and therefore Zarin would go to his mother when he needed something.
Roshan didn't mind that Zarin thought he was hard on him. He knew he would appreciate that later, just like he appreciated the way his father raised him.
Darius had raised him well as a single parent. Roshan remembered many times when he hated his father for being hard on him, but when he grew up, he realized it was for his own good. Roshan wanted to be that kind of parent for Zarin. One that pushed him toward the right path. Zarin might prefer his mother now, but hopefully one day he would understand his efforts as a father.
"Father, advise me to do something other than talking. That is not working."
Talking was not Zarin's thing. He ran away from talking, let alone listening. Roshan had tried to be a friend and listen to him, but the advice he offered afterwards went into one ear and out from the other one.
It was the same with his mother. Klara had a soft spot for Zarin being their first born. Roshan would blame her sometimes for letting being too kind, but he learned that they had to play different roles as parents and complete each other when they come together. Both of them couldn't be strict.
Klara was simply the nurturer while he was the one to give structure. But sometimes she even took his role when Zarin went out of line. Roshan couldn't count how many times she had dragged him to his lessons and stayed there until he finished, or how many times she made him do different chores because he broke her rules.
Both of them hoped it was only a passing phase that all children went through and that once he grew up, he would apply everything he learned from them in his daily life. But Zarin remained the same. Or maybe they got worse.
Now that he was a grownup, he got friends that didn't affect him positively. They would drink and party and he would end up coming home late or not at all. Roshan didn't mind the parties, as long as it wasn't every day and as long as he took responsibility, but that was not the case.
Now that he wasn't a child anymore, he couldn't be dragged to lessons. All that was left to do was to keep talking to him and set rules. Rules that were very easy to break when your children were demons. You wouldn't even notice. Having their demon powers only made the upbringing even more difficult. Consequences of actions rarely worked.
Darius had suggested to throw Zarin out of his house. "He is a man. He should be able to take care of himself."
Roshan did understand his father's perspective, but he didn't want to throw his son out when he was lost. He wanted to keep guiding him. He didn't know if it was the right thing to do. Should he have let his son leave and learn things on his own?
"You can't control your children. Sometimes you just have to let them walk alone." Darius spoke as if reading his thoughts.
His father had offered Zarin to work for him, but even then Zarin declined. Recently Gina asked for permission to work in her grandfather's business. Darius had been thrilled, and now she was doing an amazing job. Impressing all of them. Maybe seeing his sister now, Zarin would change a little.
"The best thing you can do is set an example for your children. If your son doesn't want to follow you footsteps, then it is his choice." Darius continued.
Good example? Roshan had stopped everything bad he used to do. He didn't even drink anymore. He had never come home intoxicated or late. Just to set a good example for his children. Klara was no exception.
Now, what was left to do?
Roshan felt lost.
The whole family had dinner, and Zarin still didn't arrive. Roshan went to his room with many thoughts swirling in his head. He had to talk to Zarin again, but he didn't know what to say. They had agreed that he should be home at dinnertime and eat with the rest of the family.
Klara was brushing her hair when he walked into the room.
"Is Zarin home yet?" She asked.
Roshan shook his head.
She stopped running the brush through her hair and her shoulders sunk. A sigh left her lips. "He is changing." She said.
Changing? Roshan hoped she meant for the better, but that wouldn't make sense since he wasn't home.
"I don't know. He was always been mischievous and hard to handle, but lately I feel there is something different about him.

If she said so, she was probably right. As a mother, she could see things he couldn't sometimes.
"He was never the angry type. Not even when we scolded him. He would say he would do it, but then he wouldn't. But now there is anger in his eyes." She explained with concern.
It was true that he was angry lately, but Roshan thought it had to do with Heaven. Both him and Klara had told him how mates worked. They had told him he would find his mate one day. Klara went as deep as telling him about her own experience with love and finding her mate. But Zarin didn't seem convinced.
Roshan knew he would get over it with time.



"People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusion destroyed." 


Roshan decided to wait for his son in his room. He needed to talk to him. He didn't know whether to be the tough father now or the friendly one. He would have to wait and see when Zarin arrived. 

After a few hours, Zarin finally materialized in his room. His eyes widened in shock when he found his father waiting. 


Roshan who was almost falling asleep forced himself to wake up. 


Zarin ran his fingers through his hair, knowing very well why Roshan was there. 

"You are very late and you missed dinner." Roshan pointed. 

Zarin sighed. "I know, father. It won't happen again." It was his most used line. 

Roshan wanted to point out that he had said so plenty of times before, but decided to try something else.

"Where have you been?" He asked. 

Walking to his bed, Zarin sat down. "I was out with friends." 

"You know we spoke about the friends th…"

"I know. I know:" Zarin cut off annoyed. "Father, I am really tired. Can't we talk about it tomorrow?" 

"No, we can't. If you hate to talk about this, you should change your ways." 

Suddenly Zarin stood up. His hands clenched into fists at the sides of his body. Roshan watched him carefully as his eyes hardened with anger. He was still angry. 

"Father, I have endured enough. I am tired of you and mother telling me what to do all the time. I want to go my own way now." 

Roshan frowned. What did that mean?

"What do you mean?" He asked, standing up. 

Zarin avoided to meet his gaze. "I want to leave this house." 

Roshan felt his heart sink and his chest felt heavy. 

"You want to leave because I tell you what to do?" 

"What is happening?" Klara was suddenly standing at the door. 

Zarin lifted his gaze, his eyes filled with guilt as he looked at his mother. 

"Our son want's leaving." Roshan said calmly. "He wants to leave this house." 

Klara walked into the room, her gaze focused on her son. "You already do leave the house. Or do you mean you want to leave this family?" 

Closing his eyes, Zarin unclenched his fists and then taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes. 

He looked at his mother. "Mother. I feel like I don't belong here." 

Pain swirled in Klara's eyes. "This is your home, Zarin. You belong here." 

Tearing away his gaze from her pained eyes, he shook his head. "Please mother, let me go." 

Klara bit her lip, fighting back the tears. "Did I do something wrong?" She asked. 

He shook his head again. "You are wonderful, mother. I love you. I just...taking responsibility, learning, and being good is not who I am." 

His eyes went from being sad to lighting up. It was as if he was seeing a dream when he began to speak again. "I want to be free. I want to be somewhere where I can live the way I want and feel the way I feel without feeling guilty about it. I want to live on my own terms, mother. I am not a child anymore."

Roshan felt as if someone punched him in the stomach and his Klara's eyes turned from pained to confused. 

But Roshan wasn't confused. He knew where this was going. Without throwing his son out, he had already sought the devil. 

"You went to Lucifer." It came out as a whisper.

Zarin's eyes widened, but only for a brief moment. "Yes. He will help me win Heaven." 

Klara was shocked. "You went to the devil to win Heaven? You put her in danger." She said now sounding angry. 

"She is already in danger now, but none of you understand. It is her grandfather. He won't harm her." Zarin spoke, raising his voice. 

Roshan was in a state of shock. His son knew the devil wanted Heaven to rule one of his kingdoms, yet he went to him. 

"You think the devil will save her, and then give her to you? She is a human being, Zarin!" Roshan pointed, both angry and ashamed of his son's actions. 

Klara grabbed her hair as if tearing it out. Roshan could see she was completely at a loss of words. 

"Zarin listen to me carefully. Heaven's grandfather is trying to take her away from her family, so she helps him rule in his kingdom. He is not the one to help her." Klara explained carefully. 

"Maybe he is. The humans are making her go through so much because she is a female. Her grandfather is only trying to help. She can rule somewhere where she is accepted."

"That is what he wants you to believe." 

"No mother. I don't want to argue with you. He is the only one willing to help, and he actually accepts me for who I am." 

"And who are you?" Roshan asked. 

Zarin turned and looked at his father. "I am your son, father. But I am not like you or like mother. I don't belong here. I found my home and I am leaving." He said with finality. He had already made up his mind. 

Roshan couldn't force him to stay, and if talking didn't help before, it certainly wouldn't now. 

"So you will go to the devil? Is that where you belong?" Klara asked. 

"Yes, mother." This time there was no guilt or shame in his eyes. "I am sorry." 

"If you are sorry don't leave." Tears filled her eyes, threatening to fall down. 

Roshan was utterly disappointed. He went and put his arm around his wife, whose tears started to fall down her cheeks. Then turned to his son and gave him a hard look. 

"Me and your mother have wanted nothing but your best. It is a shame you can't see that, but one day you will remember our words. The path you are on is wrong and me and your mother don't approve of it. I really hope you think through this and choose to do the right thing." 

They looked at each other for a long time before Zarin spoke. "I have already decided father. I am leaving."


"Seek respect. Not attention. It lasts longer" 


After having breakfast with Zamiel, Heaven decided she needed to go back home fast. She wished that she could just enjoy her time with Zamiel and ignore the rest of the world, but she couldn't. She had things to do, and she didn't want many questions because she was absent too long. 

Zamiel had showered her with kissed and praises and fed her till she was full. But that didn't help. It only added to her dizziness, and she wobbled as she arrived back home. Her mind was a fog, her stomach still fluttered every though every muscle in her body complained as she walked. She felt funny and sore at the same time. 

Before her mother could come to her room, she changed quickly into something new and brushed her hair so that she looked decent. Just then her mother knocked on the door and peeked inside. 

"You are awake." She said walking inside. 

Her mother gazed traveled along her body before she looked at her face and smiled. She probably knew that she was absent the whole night. 

"I brought you some breakfast." She said not asking anything that would cause an embarrassing moment for both of them. Heaven was thankful for that. 

Her mother went and put the tray in her hand on the table. Heaven felt her stomach turn. She was already full. 

"Thank you, mother. I was thinking of going to see father for a while. See how things are going with Valish." 

"Your father will be here soon and you can talk to him. There is a risk you will be seen if you go to Valish." 

It was true. Heaven just felt bad that she couldn't help, even though she knew there wasn't much she could do. She failed to get her title that would allow her to help her father. Now, she was still just a princess. She wasn't supposed to get involved in political matters unless for training purposes. 

After a while, her father came to her room while she was eating breakfast. She tried to force herself just to appease her mother, who complained about her weight. 

"Heaven." He opened his arms for her as usual and she walked into his embrace. "Did you rest well?" He asked, looking down upon her. 

"Yes. Did you get any rest? How are things going?" 

He led her to the table, and they sat down. "Everything is going well. Valish is now part of Decresh. We have announced it to the people and set the new law and rules. The citizens seem to be accepting and we haven't faced any problems. The King and the prince were executed."

Heaven nodded. After the mission none of the decisions were hers to make and Heaven trusted that her father made the right choice. 

"I am glad everything went well. I wish I could help." She said. 

"Do you regret risking your title?" He asked. 

Heaven shook her head. "No." 

Her father smiled. "Good. You can't help me without a title, but you already did a good job." He told her. 

A smile lit up her face. Maybe she was worried that her father wasn't proud for no reason. 

"You might not have gotten the title general but I think you gained respect. That is more important. With time you will also gain your general title." He continued. 

Heaven nodded. 

"But…" he added, taking her hand in his. "Right now, I want you to focus on yourself. You need to rest and be strong." 

"Is this about grandfather?" 

Some unknown emotions shifted through his eyes. "Yes." He said. 

The joy she felt this morning suddenly died. Heaven was mostly hurt because he was her grandfather. He was supposed to take care of her, love her and cherish her. Not manipulate her and make her miserable. 

"Is there really no way we can stop him?" 

Her father was silent for a while, and Heaven understood that whatever way to stop him would cause them a lot of harm. 

Her grandfather was supposed to roam earth and manipulate people for as long as they existed. Killing him or locking him, none of that would work. Not that Heaven wished those things to work. What she truly wished was for her grandfather to be a grandfather to her. To come back to their family and bring happiness to her grandmother. But she knew that wouldn't happen. 

Even worse, now he threatened their happiness.

Heaven put her hand on top of her fathers. "Don't worry, father. I will be alright. I am strong." She smiled at him. 

"You are very strong." He said kissing her hand and then he noticed the ribbon still tied around her wrist. 

"Do you wear ribbons like this these days?" He asked, completely oblivious and confused. 

Heaven forced her smile back. "No. I just like it this way." She said, and it wasn't a complete lie. She did like it around her wrist. It reminded her of her bond with Zamiel. 

Heaven wondered if Zamiel sorted out the things he needed to do before getting married. She knew he was making a name for himself so he could be seen as someone worthy to marry a princess. Heaven didn't doubt that he was capable of that and even more. 

But something at the back of her mind alarmed her about getting married. The thought of it made fear crawl into her skin. The excitement she had been feeling was gone. Her stomach churned, and she suddenly felt nauseous. She could feel it in her gut that something bad was about to happen. Or was this her grandfather playing tricks on her?

"Is everything alright?" Her father asked.

Heaven nodded with a smile. "I think I ate too much." She said. 

But she knew that was a lie. What was disturbing her suddenly? This was the time she should dance in happiness. She looked at the ribbon and tried to remember the good memories, but all she remembered was promising herself to protect Zamiel. 

Something told her she would fail.



"The will must be stronger than the skill." 


Heaven decided to do something productive with her time, even though her parents had asked her to rest and not think about her goal to become a ruler for a while. She understood their concern, but she couldn't just rest and do nothing. She was becoming restless and thinking of things that only made her feel more worried. 

The feeling of sickness returned, and she thought of doing something quickly to distract herself. She touched her necklace to call Ilyas. It didn't take long for him to materialize into her room. 

"Lady Heaven." He greeted. 

"Ilyas, how are you?" 

"I am doing alright, my Lady." He looked at her carefully as if trying to see is she was alright as well. 

She smiled at him. "I was thinking of going out and I need you to go with me." 

He just nodded. He was a man of very few words. 

Heaven wanted to see what the world outside looked like and how people lived. As a ruler in the future, she needed to know her people. 

Ilyas knew the outside world and showed her around. He took her to different villages, and she got to see how people lived. Some lived comfortably and others made her heart ache in pain. She witnessed old people and children without homes or decent clothes. She gave them all she had, but she knew more people like them still existed and needed help. 

Ilyas noticed her worry and spoke, "there will always be poverty somewhere. You can't save everyone."

Heaven knew that, but she wanted to save as many as she could. She already has a plan, something her teacher taught her about society structure that would help the helpless. She would have to visit him to learn more. 

Ilyas then took her to the market. He explained to her how trades worked and what the prices of different items were. This was the first time Heaven walked outside feeling unafraid. With the mark, she knew Zamiel would sense if anything happened to her. It was a bond she didn't have with her parents. They could never sense if she was in danger. 

Speaking of bond she looked at the ribbon tied around her wrist. Ilyas noticed it but didn't say anything. Heaven wondered if he knew something. 

"Do you know about the ribbon?" She asked as they walked. 

"You got married." He said simply. 

He knew! 

"How did you know?" She asked. 

"I only guessed. My parents were different. They didn't only mate, they also got married, and that is how they did it." 

Heaven was fascinated. Usually the mating was the marriage in the demon world, but his parents also got married the human way. 

"That was thousands of years ago. It is not how you get married today." He pointed. 

He was right. According to today's laws and traditions, she wasn't married to Zamiel. Being a princess only added extra rules to how she should get married. If people knew about her relationship with Zamiel, it would be scandalous. Her reputation would be ruined together with her family's reputation. Ilyas probably wondered why she got married this way, but it was embarrassing to tell. 

She removed the ribbon from her wrist, not knowing who else could know. She didn't want to have to explain to anyone. But thinking about her and Zamiel brought a heavy feeling to her chest. As if something was squeezing her heart, making it unable to beat rhythmically. She felt sick again and breathing became difficult. 

The feeling refused to go away as they walked around discovering new places. At one point Heaven couldn't ignore the nausea that built up, so she ran around a corner and threw up. From the corner of her eye she could see Ilyas standing next to her but not looking at her, which she was thankful for. Once her stomach felt empty and she felt more at ease, Ilyas reached inside his pocked and gave her a handkerchief. 

"Thank you." Heaven said taking it away and wiping her mouth. 

She took a moment to just stand still and recover. What was wrong with her? 

"Are you alright?" Ilyas looked at her, concerned. 

"No." Heaven admitted. 

She was feeling something in her gut, a bad feeling that warned her of something, and a mix of her dreams and promises came back to her. 

Everyone would be in danger because of her, especially Zamiel. The nausea came back and Heaven felt exhausted. 

"You don't look well. Allow me to take you back home." Ilyas said. 

Heaven nodded, and within a brief moment they were back to her room. Having difficulty standing, Heaven quickly sat down on a chair with a sigh. She looked at Ilyas, embarrassed. 

"I can't be a leader like this. I am too weak." She said feeling disappointed with herself. If her muscles were aching before now they hurt after the long walk. She felt weak, exhausted and confused. If she was really honest with herself, then what she truly felt was fear. She was afraid. 

Her grandfather was undefeatable. He was granted an eternal life and the power to manipulate and be invisible. His kingdoms were spread over the whole world but couldn't be found by anyone. 

That is why he could only be called but never found. Those who joined his cause were said to be given access to his kingdoms through a portal guarded by his most loyal servants. In fact, only loyal demons could serve her grandfather. He had access to every demon's mind except for ancient ones. He would know immediately those who plan to betray him. If they dared. 

Her grandfather was not to be underestimated. 

"You are only weak if you give up." Ilyas told her. 

Heaven nodded. "Thank you for taking me out. I'll rest for a while now." She told him. 

Ilyas stared at her for a short moment, then nodded before disappearing. Heaven looked around her empty room. How did her life turn out like this? She was supposed to be happy now. Dancing around in her room, thinking about love and getting married. Not about her grandfather, who was trying to hurt her. 

There was a knock on the door, but no one entered. "Come in." Heaven called. 

The door opened with a creaking sound and Kate peaked inside. 


"My Lady." Kate stepped inside with a smile on her face. "Her Majesty told me you came back. I am glad you are safe." She said walking further in before a frown settled on her face. 

"My Lady. Apologies, but you look awful." 

Heaven chuckled. "I have been without your care and this happened to me." She joked. 

Kate chuckled. "Now that you are here, I will take good care of you again." She promised. 

"I am sure you will." 

Since her mother announced that she came back, Heaven thought of going outside her room since she didn't have to hide anymore. It felt like she had been gone from home forever as she walked through the large halls. When she neared the parlor, she heard several familiar voices, sounding both sad and serious. 

Slowly, she tiptoed forward and peeked inside. Her parents were sitting with Klara and Roshan. All of them looked disturbed and bothered, but it was Klara who caught her attention. Heaven had never seen Klara with tears in her eyes. She looked like she had cried a lot. Her nose, cheeks and eyes were read and there was so much sadness in her eyes. 

What was going on? 

"I am sure Zarin will come back. He won't be staying with Lucifer forever." Her father spoke. 



Was Zarin staying with Lucifer? Why?!


"People will hurt you, then act like you hurt them." 


Roshan was just on his way out from the room when Klara walked in with tears in her eyes. 

"He left." She said crying. 

Roshan wasn't surprised, and after thinking the whole night he came to the decision to let his son go if he wanted to leave. It wasn't easy to come to that decision, but it felt like the right thing to do at this point. 

He went to his wife and wrapped his arms around her. 

"We have to do something." She said pulling away from him. 

"There is nothing we can do." He said. 

"There has to be." She cried. "We have to bring him back." 

"Klara, we can't force him." 

She shook her head violently, more tears streaming down her cheeks. "Are you just going to let your son go? Are you not going to do something?" She yelled, wiping her tears away. 

"What do you want me to do? I can't force him here and lock him somewhere." He grabbed her face and made her look at him. "He is a grown man now, and he made the decision to leave. We have to let him go." 

She began to shake her head again while bursting out in tears. 

Roshan cursed. He could feel her pain and it mixed with his own. He never hurt this much before. 

"Please bring back our son." She said grabbing his shirt then crying into his chest. 

He put his arms around her shaking body and stroke her back. He wished he would never have to let his son go, but now was the time to let him learn on his own. And this time he was going to learn the hard way. 

Roshan remembered what his father told him. "When you teach your children to walk, you have to let go of their hand at some point so they can learn to walk on their own. Someday, no matter what, you will have to let go." 

This saddened him, but he had to let his son go. This might be the only way for him to learn. 

"We can't just let him go." 

"We have to." He told her. 

"He will never come back to us." She sobbed. 

"If we were good parents, then he will." 

Klara pulled back and looked at him. "And what if we weren't? What if we pushed him too hard or let him get away too easily? We must have done something wrong." She was blaming herself like usual. 

Roshan was hard on Klara in the beginning because she was too nice to her children, but with time he understood why she was the way she was. Raising demon children for someone who grew up as a human was very difficult. It came as a shock to her, and she had no clue what to do. 

Being a turned demon was very different from being a half demon. Turned demons had no supernatural abilities. They just got stronger and their aging slowed down. Klara knew nothing about what it was like to have those abilities so she always felt like she was lacking as a mother, not understanding what her children were going through or what kind of things they had to deal with as half demons. So she tried to compensate for her lack of understanding with love. 

Roshan had told her several times that he would help them with their demons and that she didn't have to worry about it. But he knew she still felt guilty. 

"Maybe we did something wrong. In fact, I am sure we made a lot of mistakes. We are not perfect, but we are not terrible parents either." 

If they were so terrible that they caused their son to seek the devil, then they deserved this punishment. 

"I will find Lucifer and make him give my son back." She spoke, stifling her cry. 

"Lucifer is not holding our son hostage. Zarin went to him." 

It would have been different if Zarin was forced. Then Roshan would fight for his son, but now to bring him back he would have to fight his son instead. 

Grabbing his wife's face, he looked into her eyes. "You are a warrior and if your son has any of your blood in him, he will come back. Now we have to…" He took a deep breath. He didn't even want to think about it. "We have to go talk to Lucian and Hazel." 

Klara had just calmed down a bit, but now she started crying again. "Oh, Lord. How can we face them? I can't." She said. 

There was a knock on the door and then Gina peeked inside. "Is everything…" She stopped when she saw her mother. 

Stepping inside, she looked at them worriedly. "What happened?"

Roshan knew she would find out anyway, so he told her the truth. Suddenly the lines on her face hardened, and she looked like she was going to beat someone. "I will kill him." She said with clenched teeth. Then turning around, she rushed toward the door. 

"Gina! Gina!" 

Lord! What was happening to this family?

Roshan let Gina go. If she could convince her brother and beat some sense into him, he wouldn't interfere. But that was unlikely to happen. 

After staying with Klara and holding her in his arms until she calmed down, they decided to go meet Lucian and Hazel. 

Klara was panicking and Roshan felt terrible and ashamed. This was their son, but Hazel and Lucian had loved him as their own. Him and Heaven and been inseparable and now….

Roshan knew the devil didn't have the power to give someone's else's mate to their son, but Lucifer was tricky and none of them knew what he was planning. They had lost their son, but they didn't wish the same for their friends. They wanted to do everything they could to prevent it but if there was one thing Roshan knew it was that the devil was unstoppable. 

Lucifer could bring hell on earth when he wanted to. And he would burn everyone while he danced in the fire.


"If you don't like where you are. MOVE. You are not a tree." 


Heaven shouldn't have eavesdropped. Now, after knowing why Zarin went to stay with her grandfather, the sickness and nausea she felt hit her ten times harder than before. She could barely breathe or stand on her legs, so she crouched, focusing on her breathing while she listened to the rest of the conversation. 

Both Klara and Roshan felt ashamed and guilty as they spoke to her parents. Klara's sad voice went straight to Heaven's heart. She had never heard her sound like that before. She was always this strong woman, who even with her loving nature was straight with them about what they needed to do. She was a woman Heaven looked up too and Roshan was like a father figure to her. 

Now their son and her childhood friend left because of her, and because of stupid promises that her grandfather made. 

Oh Lord! What was he trying to do? 

Heaven couldn't listen anymore. She felt her stomach tighten, pushing what was left in her stomach up to her throat. She needed to throw up. Standing up, she went wobbled back to her room and then let herself fall into her bed. The room around her was spinning, and her eyes become heavy before darkness swallowed her. 

When she opened her eyes again, Kate was looming over her. "My Lady." Her voice seemed distant at the beginning, but then slowly became clearer. "Are you alright?" She asked. 

Heaven sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Yes. I am fine." 

She looked around and felt at ease when she saw that it was still day. She had things to take care of. 

"Kate, I need to be alone." She told her. 

Kate gazed at her with worry, but then nodded and left. 

Heaven stood up and made sure she was steady on her feet before walking out to her garden. She inhaled the fresh breeze and sat outside for a while, just trying not to think of anything for a moment. Once she was calm and fully awake, she allowed the horrible thoughts to flood her mind. 

She knew what she had to do. She would call her grandfather and ask him straight what he wanted, and that she had no plan to join his cause. Ever! 

But first she needed to see Zarin. She needed to talk some sense into him. But how would she call him? She would still have to call her grandfather first. 

Standing up, she just called out loud, "Grandpa!" Like a crazy woman. 

"Grandpa! Grandpa! Lucifer!" 

After waiting for a while, she thought this wasn't working and decided to go back to her room. When she turned around, she was startled to find her grandfather standing behind her. 

"Heaven." He smiled at her. 

"Grandpa!" She didn't realize how much she had missed him before this. 

He looked just like she remembered and it was hard to believe in this moment that he was the one causing her all the pain and worry she was going through. 

Strangely, this time he didn't open his arms for her like he used to do, and Heaven was thankful for that. She didn't know if she would feel comfortable enough to hug him. 

"Where is Zarin?" She asked, getting straight to the point. 

"Zarin is where he wants to be." He replied simply. 

"Let him go." She said. "Whatever you promised him will never happen." 

"I am not holding him against his will, Heaven. Zarin chose to stay with me and I made him no promises."

"I don't believe you." Heaven said, shaking her head. "Why would he leave his parents just to stay with you if you didn't promise him anything?" 

"Maybe he found a place where people don't judge him." It felt like he was referring to her. 

Heaven wanted to laugh out loud. Now he was going to pretend he cared for Zarin, and she didn't. 

"What do you want? What are you trying to do?" She asked. "Why is it so important I join your cause? You have many children." 

His expression changed and some unknown emotion passed through his eyes. 

"Because I see things that others don't see. I see that you have a special gift that will make you a great ruler one day. I want someone like you by my side." He explained. 

"Don't waste your time. I will never join your cause." She told him. 

Slowly, a smile curved his lips. "You will change your mind later." He said with confidence. 

Heaven wondered what made him so confident. 

"I will never change my mind. This is where I belong. With my family, so stop putting nightmares in my mind." 

He gazed at her with a serious expression for a moment before nodding. "Alright." He said. "I will stop putting them in your mind, but I will put them somewhere." 

Now he was showing his true colors and trying to frighten her. Heaven decided to not show him any fear. She told him what she had to say and now she wouldn't speak to him any further. He would only get inside her head. 

"If you are not holding Zarin against his will, I want to talk to him." 

"I will let him know." He said and then vanished, probably knowing she had no intention to keep talking to him. 

Heaven just stood there, waiting for Zarin to come and see her. Her first thought was to punch him in the face and then scold him, but she decided to be smarter than that and not let her emotions rule her actions. Doing that might only distance him further. 

She had to be smart like her grandfather, even though she didn't know how. A part of her was still very upset and hurt after what he did to her, and the fact that he went to her grandfather to bargain about her made her even angrier. 

While telling herself to stay calm, Zarin materialised in front of her, looking like his usual self. Except, there was no smile or even a hint of happiness on his face. 

"If you called me to convince me to come, then I'll just leave." He said before she could even speak. 

All the effort she put into calming herself down was gone now because his attitude. 

"Why do you think I called you otherwise? To congratulate you for joining my grandfather, who is making my life miserable. Don't tell me he is trying to help, just like you say you are trying to protect me." 

His gaze hardened and she could see him clench his jaw. 

Heaven took a deep breath. She didn't want to chase him away. "Your parents are very sad. Have you thought about how your absence affects them?" 

He turned his gaze away from her. She could see that there was a part of him that was hurting for leaving his parents. She was thankful for that. 

"They told me to make a life for myself. That is what I am doing." He said. 

"And your sister… she will miss you. All of us will miss you." She was going to work on the guilt that he felt. 

He looked back at her, so many emotions swirling in his eyes. 

"I thought you were angry with me?" He said. 

"I am, but no matter how angry I am with you or was, I wished nothing but good things for you." 

He shook his head. "Heaven, I am not coming back here."

"Could you at least come to see me sometimes?" She asked. 

She would slowly convince him to come back.