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Taking care of the princess

Leon went out for a while when I was eating the lunch Tricia brought on bed. The kitchen made me some hot porridge that is easy to digest as per Dr. Andrew has specified.

While I was eating my porridge, I taste and smell some herbs in it.

"Is there some herbs mixed in the porridge?" I asked Tricia who was standing at the door.

"Yes princess. Those herbs are the ones Dr. Andrew brought a while ago and specifically said to include in your meals." Tricia replied. "He said it will help you in healing."

"Oh." Is what I just said.

Maybe this is what Dr. Andrew said that would help me strengthen my body.

"And he had also left the medicine he prescribed to you princess. You must take them after every meal." Tricia said respectfully.

"I understand." I replied.

I was halfway done with my porridge when someone knocked on the door. Tricia opened it and Leon came inside. He was looking fresh with new clothes. I guess he bathed when he left a while ago.

Speaking of bathing, I also feel sticky with sweat.

"Am I allowed to take a bath?" I asked no one in particular. I forgot to ask the doctor this question.

"Yes princess." It was Tricia who answered me. "The doctor said you can take a bath with lukewarm water. He gave us some herbs to put in your bath that can help your muscles relax."

'Thank goodness.' I thought to myself and sighed in relief.

"Are you done eating?" Leon asked me. He took his regular seat in my bedside.

"I think I can't finish my porridge." I looked down guiltily.

I hear Leon sigh. "It's fine. It is your first meal in the past three days. I don't want you to have a stomachache if you force to finish it."

Leon got the tray where the bowl of porridge was placed and gave it to Tricia.

"Is her medicine brewed and ready?" Leon asked Tricia.

"Yes sir Leon." Tricia replied. "It has already been prepared. I'll go and get it in the kitchen." She slightly bowed to me and Leon and left the room with the tray.

"How are you feeling?" Leon asked looking at me with a warm smile.

"I'm doing a lot better, thank you." I answered politely.

"That's good." Leon replied.

Not long there was a knock on the door and Tricia came in with the bowl of medicine.

"I will be serving the medicine to the princess." Leon reached for the bowl of medicine from Tricia. She looked a little flustered handing the bowl of medicine to him.

Leon sat down on the bed side chair and held the bowl of medicine. He took a spoon full and blew the lightly. He slowly served the spoon to me.

"I-I think I can do it myself." I said shyly.

"Hush now. You're hands are still shaking. I'm sure your muscles are still aching right." Leon said.

I blushed in embarrassment. Leon can know with just looking at my actions that my muscles are still aching.

"Just be a good girl and say ahh." Leon said. I shyly followed him and opened my mouth.

The medicine is bitter when I tasted it. My face contorted slightly.

Leon chuckled. "Just bare with it. The more bitter the medicine, the more it is effective."

After a few spoons full, the bowl is now empty. Leon took a towel from Tricia and wiped my face.

"You know, you really don't need to do this." I said embarrassed. "You are my knight. Tricia can do this for me."

"Don't you want me to take care of you?" Leon said with a hint of a sad smile.

"I-It's not that." I quickly corrected. "It's just, well you are a knight. It is not your job to serve me."

"It's okay. I am fine with taking care of you." Leon said with a smile. "When my mother was also ill in bed, I was the one who took care of her. So this is not new to me."

"Really?" I asked. "Your mother must be a beautiful and kind woman." I smiled.

"She was." Leon has a sad smile.

I heard the 'was' from his sentence and I felt his sadness.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." I apologized instantly. I never thought that Leon's mother had already passed away.

"It's okay. I am sure she is in a good place now." Leon said. He placed a loose stand of my hair behind my ear. "Get used to me taking care of you. I will be by your side, always."

I looked at him wondering if what he said was a promise. Then there was a knock on my door. Grandpa Robert came inside my room.

"Hello grandpa." I greeted.

"It's good to see you awake Alicia." Grandpa said.

"Is Richard not with you?" I asked wondering if Richard came to visit me as well.

"He wanted to come with me but I said he can visit you later this afternoon." Grandpa said. I looked at him curiously. "I am sure you have many questions you want to ask me and Leon. With what just happened with you."

Then I remember the things that happened in my abduction. The questions I wanted to ask resurfaced in my mind.

Physients Stories

Hidden lineage (1)

"I am sure you have many questions you want to ask me and Leon. With what just happened with you."

Then I remember the things that happened in my abduction. The questions I wanted to ask resurfaced in my mind.

"Tell me, has your mother told you anything about where she came from?" Grandpa asked me.

I tried to remember my youth, when me and mom were living together as common folks. We were mere peasants but we were happy back then.

I reminisce a time when I was five years old. My mother and I were outside our small home at night. We were watching the twinkling stars in the dark sky.


"The stars are beautiful mommy." My five-year old self said.

"Yes they are." Mother replied.

"But your are the most beautiful mommy. You look like a princess." I smiled at her. My mother giggled.

"Thank you baby girl." Then mother smiled sadly.

"Why are you sad mommy?" I asked looking at her worriedly.

"There was a time that I was called princess." Mother said while looking at the stars.

"Really mommy?" I asked excitedly. My eyes twinkling in excitement, wanting to know more.

"It was in a dream." My mother smiled. "I lived inside a big and beautiful palace. Common people adore me and nobles admire me. It was a time where I was living in luxury and don't have a care in the world."

"I thought that life will be like that forever. That was before my father went mad with power. He waged war with the neighboring countries, wanting to rule over all the continent."

"That was when my life change. And for the worse. I lost my family and friends. We lost our country and nation. We were scattered all over the continent without a place that we can call home. Then my dream turned into a nightmare."

"Don't worry mommy, I'm here." I hugged my mother tightly. "I will never leave you."

My mother smiled at me affectionately. "I know my baby girl." She pinched my cheeks and carried me and put me down on her lap.

"Here, I'm going to give this to you." Mother took of the necklace she was always wearing and placed it around my neck. I look at the pendant. There was a blue gem at the center of an exquisite silver carvings of roses.

"What is this mommy?" I asked her curiously.

"This is my only treasure." My mother said. "You keep it safe okay. You guard it with your very life. Never tell anyone about it. You hear me? ANYONE."

I looked at her with wide eyes and nodded. "Okay mommy. I promise."

"That's a good girl." Mommy said and kissed my forehead.


My reminisce stopped there. The necklace that my mother gave me was always around my neck under my clothes. I do not know why I need to protect it. But I remember my promise and never told a soul about it.

"I can't remember any specific details that my mom told me about her past and upbringing." I said. "She just took care of me as a mother would to a child."

Grandpa sighed. "Did your mother never told you that she was a princess of a lost country?"

I looked at grandpa confused.

"She might have mentioned something about being a princess. But that was in a dream." I mentioned.

"In the past, this continent had four countries, four kingdoms." Grandpa said.

"Four kingdoms?" I asked curiously.

"Yes. The three countries you know. Our own country of Alvannia, Grandcrest, and Jennova." My grandpa continued. "But what the young people don't know, what only the old people now remember, was the country of Atlantia."

"Country of Atlantia?" I asked. I never heard of that country even once.

"Yes. This country was the biggest and most powerful of all the four countries in the past. It lies in the east of Alvannia and Grandcrest." My grandpa continued.

"But what lies in the east of Alvannia and Grandcrest is the Atlantian sea." I said while picturing the map in my head.

"Precisely, the Atlantian sea." Grandpa repeated the name of the sea.

Then it dawned to me, Atlantian sea, country of Atlantia. Does that mean the name of the sea derived from the country's name?

"The country of Atlantia was prosperous. Their citizens can wield magic arts. Their intelligence are also remarkable. Like I said their country was the biggest and most powerful." Grandpa said.

"But then a mad king sat on their throne. That king saw their race as more superior and wanted to rule all over the continent. A war broke that lasted for five years. The continent was plunged into chaos and disaster. It was five years of hell."

I see my grandpa look melancholic. He must have experienced pain and loss in this war.

"Twenty years ago the final battle was waged in the borders of Atlantia. The battle in the Upgrove Plains. The forbidden magic was unleashed by the mad king. We made the necessary precaution with the help of Atlantian citizens that saw their king as crazy and mad. We never thought that the forbidden magic was that powerful. It backfired on Atlantia. The country crumbled, the seas came flooding in and claimed all of it. The whole country of Atlantia sank beneath the depths of the sea."

I process all of the information my grandpa was telling me. So there was a country much more stronger than Grandcrest. They can wield magic arts. But because they had a mad king that ruined it, their country now lies in the depths of the sea.

"But what does my mother have to do with the country of Atlantia?" I asked. "Don't tell me that she is a princess from Atlantia?"

My grandpa looked at me with seriousness. "You are correct there."
Hidden lineage (2)

I process all of the information my grandpa was telling me. So there was a country much more stronger than Grandcrest. They can wield magic arts. But because they had a mad king that ruined it, their country now lies in the depths of the sea.

"But what does my mother have to do with the country of Atlantia?" I asked. "Don't tell me that she is a princess from Atlantia?"

My grandpa looked at me with seriousness. "You are correct there."

I looked at him with shock.

"You are telling me that my mother is really a princess form the country of Atlantia?" I asked again.

"Her distinct features that you also share says it all." Grandpa said. "As I know the last king of Atlantia had three children. The eldest, the crown prince, I know was with us in the Upgrove Plains in the last battle. He also perished with his father. The other two were twin girls. They were only ten years old when the battle on the Upgrove Plains occurred."

"So you mean my mother is one of the twins? That she was able to escape the distraction of Atlantia." All of these information are now processing in my head.

"The first time I saw your mother, I knew instantly that she is the lost princess." Grandpa said.

"But how could you tell just by her features. I mean, yes platinum blonde hair and silver eyes are rare indeed. But how could you tell that she really is the princess?" I was really searching for proof that what my grandpa says is true.

Grandpa sighed. "I told you that Atlantian's can use magic arts, correct?" He said.

"Yes." I replied.

"I saw her with my own two eyes using magic when she was still a maid here in the palace." Grandpa said. "It was a small harmless magic, she used it to make the dead flowers in the garden bloom again. A feat only the royal family of Atlantia can do. She didn't know that I was watching her in secret."

'Magic arts.' I thought to myself. Then something dawned on me.

"The young man that abducted me..." I said unfinished.

"What you are thinking is correct." It was Leon that spoke. "That man could manipulate water, like I could manipulate fire."

I looked at Leon in shock. If I recall correctly, when he was dueling with the young man, he too manipulated fire. Then is he an Atlantian too?

"Yes, Alicia." Leon answered my unspoken question. "I have Atlantian blood. My mother was Atlantian."

"Then if my mother is an Atlantian, then that makes me one as well. I have Atlantian blood flowing in my veins." I said in realization. "But I have never exhibited or had signs of using any magic abilities."

"That is where you are mistaken." Leon said. "You have used magic before, you just didn't know it."

I was confused. 'I have used magic back then? But how?' I asked myself.

Then my white cat Snow jumped on my bed and curled up beside me.

"Snow is one example." Leon said.

"Snow?" I asked confused.

"Do you remember the incident with your step sister Elizabeth?" Leon asked.

"Yes, of course." I remembered clearly that day. I had enough of Elizabeth accusing me of a sin I did not commit. I felt anger for the first time with their bullying.

"And Snow came out of nowhere and scratched Elizabeth's face relentlessly." Leon said.

"That was Snow?" I really can't remember if the cat that scratched Elizabeth's face was my Snow. The cat came and go like a flash.

"Your anger has triggered her to take action. Something you can't do yourself." Leon explained. "And after that Snow never left your side. She has became your familiar. She will never part from you."

Yes, I remember how I want to wound the precious face of Elizabeth. Knowing she was just faking the burn in her face, I want her to really have wounds so visible that everyone could see.

"Magic wielders that were not yet educated with the magic arts like yourself can tend to use their emotions as a trigger for magic abilities." Leon explained. "This also happened when the man abducted you."

I looked confused. What I can only remember that night was before Leon was trapped in the water bubble. And after that I passed out.

"The time before you passed out, you unleashed your magic." Leon explained. "You might not remember, but the damage your body took is proof. Your magic was so powerful that even your body was in danger. With your current body, your magic abilities can also destroy you. It was just luck that you have survived that night. My training made your body a lot stronger than before, making it withstand your erratic magic abilities. But I am afraid that if it kept on a little while longer, then your body would break."

Leon made a face like he was in pain. Maybe when he saw me in danger, he was also in pain. Like I was when I saw him struggling in that water bubble.

I reached out to touch his face and gently caressed the lines that appeared between his eye brows. Then I gently stroked my hand towards his cheek. His eyes looked at me full of affection and worry. His took my hand from his cheek and gently kissed it.

"So, I'm an Atlantian." I said. "My mother was a lost princess of Atlantia. That young man that abducted me was correct then. He said I was a princess of their country and they need to take me back with them to start building their country again." My head started to throb.

I was still confused by all of this. My brain is processing so many information at this moment that my head will burst in pain. Leon saw this and looked at me worriedly.

"Lie down and rest." Leon said. "We still have plenty of time to talk about this. No need to rush."

"Sir Leon is right." Grandpa said. "Your body is still recuperating. Let's talk about this another time."

Leon helped me lie down on bed and tucked me under the sheets.

"For now try not to let your emotions stir. Your magic is still erratic and it can burst out depending on your emotions." Leon explained. "You have to know that magic is taboo in this continent after the war. I practiced my magic abilities in secret and as my mother instructed. But it looks like it wasn't enough when dueling with an Atlantian with wider knowledge and experience with magic arts."

I nodded slowly at him. I am sure that Leon is telling me this for my own good. I have zero knowledge in this magic arts that it scares me.

"Sleep. You need to rest." Leon said. "Once you wake up I will continue explaining to you what you need to know."

I close my eyes slowly. My head was throbbing and that the darkness gave relief with the pain.

"Let's go out so she can take a rest." I hear grandpa say. "Tricia, close the windows and the curtains so that she can sleep peacefully."

"Yes general." I hear Tricia say.

I can hear their footsteps going out of the room, the closing of windows and curtains, and then the doors closed.


I can feel snow rubbing herself on my head. She curled up just beside me. I will myself to sleep.

 Getting back up

It has been three days since I woke up. I diligently followed everything that Dr. Andrew has prescribed. I drink my medicine and let my body rest these past three days.

"Good morning princess." Tricia greeted me when she came in. "The warm bath is ready."

Tricia has been helping me take a bath and massaging my sore muscles after. Herbs are place in the bath with warm water.

"Thank you Tricia." I said. I slowly sat down and stood up. Tricia ran by my side to help me

"Princess take it easy." Tricia told me. "Let me get the wheel chair for you."

"Don't worry. My body is not sore now. And didn't Dr. Andrew said that I can start to walk after three days." I said.

"B-but princess." Tricia still looked worried.

"All of you have helped me a lot when I was sick in bed. I am very thankful to you." I expressed my heart felt thanks.

"Of course princess. I am happy to serve you." Tricia smiled at me. "At least let me help you walk."

"Okay." I smiled.

I took Tricia's helping hand and walked towards the bathroom.

My bathroom in the mansion is as big as two rooms combined. The bath is like a mini pool at the center.

Once we went in the bathroom the smell of herbs ate lingering in the air. Slight steam is seen inside.

"Let me help you with taking your clothes of princess." Tricia said.

I blushed embarrassed. It was normal for princesses to be waited upon by maids even when they bath. This made me awkward when I first came here. My mother thought me to become an independent young girl when I was little, so the maids that were helping me in every and any way makes me shy. I let them serve me in other things except in taking a bath. I always take a bath by myself since then.

But now that my body is weak, I am happy that Tricia is here to help me. It is quite embarrassing but I appreciate the help she was giving me.

Tricia took of my clothed gently and helped me in the pool of warm water. I sat down and let my body submerge. I can see the herbs floating on the water. I pick up a lead and smelled it. It smelled of menthol that helps me calm my senses.

Three days ago my body was sore and stiff the first time I entered the herbal bath. But after one dip I feel my muscles relax and loosen. Now I can feel my body refreshed and energized. This bath really helped a lot.

"Princess let me wash your hair." Tricia said politely. I nodded my head in agreement.

Slowly, Tricia wet my hair and applied scented liquid to wash my hair. Tricia massage my head and it started to bubble. I felt relaxed with Tricia's massage that I can feel my eyelids become heavy.

"Would you like me to wash your body as well?" Tricia asked.

I became wide awake in no time. "Oh no need Tricia." I said abruptly. "I can manage."

I took the soap from the corner and started to wash my body thoroughly.


I was back in my room after the bath. I felt refreshed and energetic again. I can feel that I can move without pain anymore.

"Tricia can you prepare my breakfast in the dining room." I asked politely. "I would like to start trying to walk slowly."

"As you wish my princess." Tricia slightly bowed and left my room.

The past three days I was taking my meals in bed. Being confined in bed was a little boring but Leon has been accompanying me quite often.

Leon has slowly thought me about the country of Atlantia. Its history and its down fall. The remnants of the country has been scattered all over the continent, not having a country or home of their own. Some blended with the other citizens of the country they are in but some lived as outcast, never really accepted their new home as their own.

Then I remembered the young man that abducted me. He was so bent on taking me back with him. He mentioned about bringing the country back.

The young man looked like he was in the early twenties. Meaning he was born before the war ended. He was born in the country of Atlantia and he was young when he was driven away from his own country and see it now under the bottom of the sea.

I was never born in their country so I cannot feel the sentiments they are feeling now. But I think I can feel their sentiments about not having a home, a country they can call their own.

I was never once accepted as a part of the family when I moved into the palace. I was shunned and neglected, I was an outcast in my father own home. If it not grandpa Robert and Richard, I would not have been living comfortably.

'Meow' Snow came up on bed and affectionately rubbed her body against me. It was like she was comforting me. I smiled with her gesture.

I remember Leon telling me that after the incident with Elisabeth, Snow has been beside me ever since. She had been my 'familiar' as Leon called it. He said that Snow can feel what I am feeling as well.

"Than you girl. Don't worry, I'm all right." She must have felt that I was being sad remembering that my own father doesn't want me.

I gently stroke her white thick fur. She purred with my gesture. I remember Leon telling me that Snow helped him show the way when I was abducted. When the candy trail ended because I ran out of candies, Snow was there like she was waiting for Leon. And as Leon told me Snow led the way to where I am.

"You're a good little cat." I told Snow. Thank you very much."

'Meow' It was like she was telling me welcome and I giggled.

'Knock knock'

"Come in." I said.

When the door opened, it was Leon who came in.

"Good morning Alicia, how are you feeling today?" Leon asked with a smile.

"I'm feeling great, thank you for asking." I was happy to see him smile again.

These past few days Leon's face was a mix of worriment and guilt. I have told him many times that it was not his fault that my magic powers was so erratic. He told me that it won't happen again and he will be personally teach me the magic arts so that I can control my magic abilities well.

"Breakfast is ready." Leon said. "I'll help you walk."

"Okay, thanks." I smiled at him. He offered his hand and I placed my hand in his.
A premonition?

"Okay, thanks." I smiled at him. He offered his hand and I placed my hand in his.

The time our hands touched everything around me went dark. And in a flash my surroundings lit up. I saw flames burning around me. I can feel the heat in my skin and I can smell the smoke in my nose.

I look around, wanting to know where I was. Then I saw a familiar structure. I saw the gazebo at the back of my courtyard where I spend my time leisurely reading books. I was sure it was the gazebo in my courtyard because of the cherry blossom tree beside it. In all the courtyards in the palace, there is only one cherry blossom tree and it was lucky to be in my small courtyard.

All of the estate was burning. I was standing at the edge of the small pond in the back yard when some flash caught my attention.

I look at the direction where the flash came from and then I saw Leon was dueling with a man dressed in black robes. I cannot see the features of the man clearly with the smoke interfering with my vision. All I could say is that the man in the black robes has a similar built with Leon.

They were exchanging sword blows, one after the other. None of them was yielding, both are fierce with every blow.

I can see Leon gaining the upper hand. His sword skills are far more superior than the man in the black robes. Then I hear a whistle, like the wind was being cut in two. And out of nowhere an arrow came flying down from the sky and pierced Leon from the back.

"NOOOO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. But I can't seem to hear myself. I tried to run towards him, to help him, but I can't seem to move.

I just sat there on the ground in shock, looking at the wounded Leon. The man in the black robes was standing in front of him, pointing his sword towards Leon. My heart was racing, fear was engulfing every inch of my body.

Then Leon turned to me. He gave me a smile that I so love to see on his face. Then his mouth opened, trying to say something.

"Run." That was what I read from Leon's mouth.

I looked at him wide eyed. 'How can I run? I can't even move.' I wan to run, but I want to run towards him.

The flames around him burned savagely as if it was trying to keep the man in the black robe from escaping. Then man faced me not even bothering with Leon. He was unfazed with the fire around him and was walking towards me. I want to move but my body wasn't listening to what I want. Then a sword pierced thru the man's body. I can see Leon was behind the man, holding him in place. Leon looked at me one last time and mouthed some words to me.

"I love you." I read from his lips. I felt tears trickle down my face.

Then the raging fire engulfed them. All I can see now are the flames around me, burning everything in their way.

"Alicia, Alicia." A voice was calling me. Then I snapped back to where I was. I can see that I was still in my room and Leon was still holding my hand.

"Alicia?" Leon asked worriedly. "Are you alright? Do you feel any pain? If you feel uncomfortable then I will tell Tricia to send your food here in your room."

"Huh?" I was still in a daze collecting myself. "Ah no, no. I'm feeling fine. I just got dizzy a while ago but I'm fine now." I force a smile.

"Are you sure?" Leon asked. He was looking at me with worried eyes.

"Yes, I'm sure." I said.

"Tell me immediately if you are not feeling well. You don't need to push yourself. You can take it easy." Leon said. "Promise me you won't overexert yourself." His eyes were burning with intensity.

"I promise. You have my word as a princess." I smiled at him and then he sighed in relief.

"Come. Let me take you to the dining room." Leon never let go of my hand even once. He pulled me gently and escorted me out of the room with care.

I look at him one more time, looking at the perfect features of the man beside me.

'The vision I saw just earlier, what was that?' I thought to myself.

I just knew of my magic abilities not long ago and now I am having visions. A vision that I don't want to see and don't want to happen. If it really was a premonition then I will do anything I can to stop that kind of future, that kind of outcome. I will do everything to make myself much more powerful to protect the ones I love.