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Battle between magic users

"I suggest you let go of the princess or there will be major consequences." Leon said.

"I am afraid I can't do as you say." The young man said. "She belongs to her own kin. She doesn't need to go back."

I look at Leon and the young man exchanging glances. Their gazes were firm and unwavering.

"Then I have no choice but to fight you." Leon said with a chilling voice. He looks at me and his face became gentle. "Just wait a bit. I'm going save you." He smiled his bright smile.

Then Leon looked at the young man again with fierceness. "You'll going to regret abducting the third princess of Alvannia."

Leon unsheathes his sword from its scarab and pointed it towards the young man. So the young man do the same.

"You are also a knight I presume?" The young man said. "Then I challenge you to a duel. If you win then I will gladly give you the princess and also my life."

"Are you sure?" Leon asked.

Leon looks at young man, gauging him. Just one look at him and he knew that this man had been poisoned by he dagger he had gave to me a while ago.

"You have my word as a knight." The young man said. "If I don't get the princess back to our prince then I am as good as dead. I will be much better of dead."

Leon looked at the young man with scrutinizing eyes.

"I am against this your highness." Dimitri whispered. "We can quickly subdue him with the two of us."

"But as a knight, I can't just let his words go." Leon said. "I accept your challenge." He said to the young man and unmounted Midnight.

"Your highness." Dimitri whispered more forcefully.

"Light a torch, just in case." Leon ordered him.

Dimitri do as his prince ordered and light a torch.

Leon and the young man were now standing in front of each other. Their swords both in their hands. Then not long they engage in battle.

The sounds of swords clashing is heard in the dead of night.

In the fight, the young man was clearly in a disadvantage. Leon was easily pushing him back with every swing of his sword.

The young man was panting heavily. His movements become unstable and sloppy. Not long he dropped his sword to the ground.

Leon points his sword on his throat with a triumphant gaze.

"Yield!" Leon said with authority. "I know that you are at a disadvantage. And I am not that cruel of a person to kill a person who is lying on the ground."

"Never!" The young man yelled. He raised his hand and the water from the pond near us also raised.

"Leon, look out!" I yelled. "He can control water."

The young man waved his hand towards Leon. The water turned into spears and flew towards Leon.

Leon was surprised with the sudden attack. But he was able to dodge the water spears effectively.

"You really are an Atlantian." Leon had a mock smile.

"I will get the princess to our prince whatever it takes." The young man said. But then he coughed some blood.

"I am afraid that you can't stay alive to take her. I think you only have a few hours left." Leon said mockingly.

The young man looked at Leon in anger. The water spears multiplied in number.

"Dimitri!" Leon yelled.

Dimitri threw the torch he was holding in a pile of dry leaves. The fire flared up.

With a swish of his hand the fire grew bigger. The young man stared in awe with the burning blaze behind Leon.

"You can control fire?" The young man asked in disbelief.

"I won't accept a challenge from and Atlantian if I also don't have some cards up my sleeve." Leon said.

Leon raised his right hand and the some fire was detached from the blaze. They were shaped into balls of fire.

The balls of fire were sent flying towards the young man. But he countered it with his water spears.

Leon multiplied the fire balls and launched it at the young man. The balls were sent flying towards him. He can't get up with the poison acting, his body felt heavy and weak.

The young man took the water from the pond and made a water wall around him. The fire balls the were flying to him dissolved after it touched the water wall.

"You have strong magic." The young man said. "You must have Atlantian blood to use magic."

"I just use magic if I have to." Leon said.

"I must not be defeated here." The young man said. "I have to take the princess at any cost. It is for the future of our country."

The water wall vibrated violently.

"You know that water can extinguish fire, right?" The young man said.

He raised his hand high. The water wall changed its shape into droplets and rained over them. The fire was extinguished in no time.

"You are good." Leon said. "But after your stunt, all the water in the pond has been spent. You also don't have anything to use."

Leon was right. The water in the little pond has dried up. With Leon still having his strength, the young man was still in an disadvantage.

"Have you forgotten." The young man smiled. "I still have some water left."

Then the water around me changed its shape, leaving me falling to the ground. My clothes was soaked and wet, my body felt the chill of the night.

The water that just left my body encircled Leon. He made a defensive position slashing the water to pieces. But the water still comes back.

The young man made a water whip and hit Leon on his arm. Leon loosen his grip of his sword.

With this moment, the young man enveloped Leon's whole body with water. He was inside the water bubble grasping for air.
Something brewing up inside of me

"No!" Dimitri charged with his sword unsheathed. He tried to slash the water bubble but to no avail. The water retains its shape.

"Your efforts are useless." The young man said. "The water will stay the shape as I want it to."

Dimitri looked at the young man with rage. He launched towards the young man.

"If I can't undo the water bubble, then I will just have to kill it's wielder." Dimitri yelled while charging.

But then a young woman came in suddenly, blocking the attack of Dimitri with her sword.

"Jeremy, what the hell are you doing!" The young woman with dark brown hair yelled to the young man.

"Clara, you came." Jeremy smiled with relief but coughed up blood.

"You are poisoned?" Clara said in surprise. She looked at Dimitri with rage. "How dare you hurt my brother!"

Clara was enraged. She raised her hands up and the wind around us was swirling like a tornado.

Dimitri cannot do anything but thrust his sword to the ground and hold on to it.

The wind around us was strong, it was making the objects around us fly in every direction.

The siblings position and mine are out of the vortex of the small tornado so we were unharmed. Looking at Dimitri, he was holding onto the sword rooted on the ground so he won't be swept away by the strong winds. But he won't last long. The winds are picking up strength.

"What the hell were you doing out here?!" Clara yelled at her brother while still maintaining the tornado.

"I found a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." Jeremy told her sister.

Clara was surprised by this. She looked at her brother in disbelief. Jeremy made a gesture to my direction. Clara's sight fell onto me, her expression was first shock and then determination.

"Can you get up? I am at my limit" Clara asked her brother. "The guy in your water bubble has only seconds left before he runs out of air. But the guy in front of me seems to be powerful. I cannot beat him head on. We need to make a run for it."

My heart squeezed after hearing the girls sentence. I looked at Leon who was still inside the water bubble. Minutes have passed since he was trapped inside. For sure he was running out of air.

Fear engulfed my body. The fear of loosing him was unimaginable. He was the first one to accept me as who I am and not just as a princess of Alvannia. He has taught me many things, he was also the reason I have felt feelings I have never felt before. Just by thinking of loosing him, the pain I was feeling right now was unbearable. I hold my chest in pain.

"Jeremy! Make her unconscious, NOW!" I hear the girl Clara yelled.

My body was feeling hot all over. The pain was engulfing my body. I can feel something brewing up inside of me.


(POV of Leon)

I was in the water bubble for about three minutes now and I am at my limit.

I look outside and there was a young woman preventing Dimitri from attacking the young man that put me into this water bubble. Looking at it, she was also a magic user, an Atlantian that can manipulate the wind. Dimitri can't do anything but stand his ground or he will be swept away by the wind.

My consciousness was starting to fade. The lack of oxygen was beginning to take a toll on my body.

'No, it can't end here.' I thought to myself. 'Many people are counting on me to finish my mission. And Alicia, my Alicia. She needs me.'

I was scanning the area searching for Alicia when I saw something glowing. My eyes went wide when I saw it was Alicia. Her body was engulfed in blue light.

'This is bad.' I thought.

The magic brewing inside of her was immense, there will be a catastrophe if it will be unleashed in one go.

The ground was starting to tremble and crack. The water bubble that I was imprisoned in started to vibrate violently.

I looked around to see what I can do to manage to escape this water bubble. If I don't hurry, all of us including Alicia will be in grave danger.

I saw that there was still fire embers left on the wood not far from me.

'Lucky!' I thought to myself.

I was a fire manipulator. When I was young I showed signs of being a fire caster. This element was my calling and my mother has thought me early on how to handle my magical abilities. She knew that if other people saw my magical abilities, then there will be huge consequences. My mother was a good teacher and I was able to perfect my magic in an early age.

Even with just a little fire ember, I can make it big. I concentrate on the wood with ember and it started to flicker and burn. The fire was starting to get bigger, I make it have a shape of an arrow.

'Good, now just some velocity will do.' I thought.

I concentrated on the fire arrow, making it suck all the air around it. Then I let go. The arrow was now flying with the speed of sound. I aimed it just inches from me. The fire arrow zoomed right past me, splitting the water bubble into two.

Having the attention of the young man away from me also helped the water bubble lose its shape and so I was free at last.

"Hah, hah, hah." I was gasping for air. My head throbbed with the lack of oxygen earlier and now with the sudden intake made it feel so big.

I looked around me. The ground was shaking so hard that it looked like there was an earthquake. The wind around us was so strong, like we were inside a storm.

"Ahhhhhh." Alicia yelled out loud.

My heart was thumping fast. I was searching for her amidst this chaos.

"Alicia!" I yelled out loud, trying to find her.

Then I saw her at the center of all this chaos. Her body was glowing with yellow light now. She was yelling as if she was in pain. My heart squeezed in pain seeing her like this.
Profession of love

(POV of Leon)

I looked around me. The ground was shaking so hard that it looked like an earthquake. The wind around us was so strong, like we were inside a storm.

"Ahhhhhh." Alicia yelled out loud.

My heart was thumping fast. I was searching for her amidst this chaos.

"Alicia!" I yelled out loud, trying to find her.

Then I saw her at the center of all this chaos. Her body was glowing with yellow light now. She was yelling as if she was in pain. My heart squeezed in pain seeing her like this.

Then fire came out of the ground, like red pillars. I looked around to see if Dimitri was okay.

"Dimitri?!" I yelled.

"Your highness!" Dimitri was at the edge of this chaos.

'Good, he was fine.' I thought.

"I need you to be prepared." I ordered. "Call the other shadow guards and have them stationed in the vicinity."

"They are on their way your highness!" Dimitri yelled. "What are you doing?!"

I was trying to get closer to Alicia. I need to stop her or her body won't handle this much power.

"Your highness, don't do it!" Dimitri said. "Let me do it!"

"Stand your ground!" I ordered him. "You cannot step inside her vortex. It will be the end of you."

"But your highness." Dimitri showed fear for my wellbeing.

"Do not worry. I will come out of this alive and with my future bride." I said with resolve. I smiled at Dimitri confidently.

I made a wall of fire around myself just to make sure any debris won't get in my way.

"Alicia!" I yelled out to her.

"Alicia, it's me. It's Leon!" I tried to call out to her.

Every step I take is heavy. The wind was against me pushing forward.

"Alicia, can you hear me?!" I yelled at her again.

I was getting near her. I saw her kneeling on the ground, crying.

"Leon, don't leave me." Alicia cried.

"I won't leave you. I'm here. Please hear me." I yelled to her. "I promise I will never leave you."

It was as if she can't hear me. I tried to get closer to her but the wind was even harsher around her. My fire wall was crumbling, debris was starting to come right at me.

I felt the debris on my body, it was scraping me every time it hits. I can feel my body is now filled with wounds and scratches but I pressed on.

Every step I take was getting heavier. But I can see Alicia just a few meters away. She was just within reach.

"Please don't leave me. Don't die, please." I can hear her crying.

Alicia was in arms reach. I hold on to her trying to wake her up.

"Alicia, it's me. It's Leon. Can you hear me?" I look into her eyes and I was shocked.

Her eyes where all white, her pupils was nowhere to be found. Her tears were flowing not stop.

"Leon don't die. Don't leave me. I haven't even told you how I felt." Alicia was having a monologue.

"Alicia, please hear me. I'm right here." I tried my best to reach her. "Can you not see me? Can you not hear me?"

My heart squeezed in pain. I can't stand seeing her like this.

"Leon, I haven't... I haven't even told you... that I love you." Alicia said between sobs.

Those words made my heart in pain feel warmth. The girl in front of me loves me. Never have I heard those words coming from others. I have only heard them from my mother when I was young and she was still alive. Hearing those words from Alicia made my heart felt joy and warmth.

At first I only thought of Alicia as a beautiful princess, worthy to be my official wife. She was an Atlantian that I knew I can use as a chess piece in my quest for supremacy. But now, after the days I spent with this young princess. I became her knight, her teacher, her mentor. And I know in myself I want to be her husband in the future. I want her to be always by my side. I want to protect her with all my power and I want to give her everything her heart desires.

"I love you too." I replied to her confession. Even though she can't hear me now, I want to express what I was feeling inside of me now.

I cupped her face and kissed her in the lips. Her lips trembled in mine. I savored her sweet mouth, claiming every bit of it.

I can feel the chaos around us subside slowly. The wind that was blowing hard a while ago has calmed down. The ground around us stopped shaking violently. And the fire pillars seized to exist.

I never left Alicia's lips. I savor the sweetness in them, wanting to devour them. I licked her lips and inserted my tongue on her mouth, exploring it and claiming every inch of it.

I don't want to end the kiss but I want to look at Alicia's face. So I parted my lips from her.

When I looked at her, her face was flushed. Her eye pupils have returned. She looked at me with her eyes full of affection and also curiosity.

"You're alive?" She asked me in disbelief.

"Yes I am." I smiled at her. I held her left hand and gave it a kiss. I raised her hand and let it press my chest. "Can you feel that? My heart is still beating. And it's beating for you."

Alicia's face flushed even more. This amused me even further.

"I will never leave you, I promise you that. I will forever be by your side." I promised her. "I love you."

"And I love you." Alicia replied but then fainted in my arms.

"Your highness." Dimitri was by our side in no time. He made a defensive stance.

"She just fainted." I said to him.

Then I looked in front of us and the Atlantian siblings were there, preparing to make a move.

"Do you think it's wise to still press forward even you are at a disadvantage?" I asked them.

Then my shadow guards came flying down and surrounded us.

"You are outnumbered. I suggest you surrender." I told them with a cold tone.

"Brother we can't do anything." The young woman said.

"But the princess?" The young man still insisted.

"We are outnumbered and you are poisoned. It is better to live and fight another day. Our priority now is to get out of here alive and report to the prince." The young woman said.

"I understand." The young man said in defeat.

The young woman put the young man's arm around her shoulder and supported him. She was holding something.

"Stop them!" Dimitri yelled.

But it was too late. The young woman threw the thing she was holding to the ground. There was a loud bang and we were blinded for a moment. Then black smoke emerged and covered the area.

I was coughing and so was the other people around me. When the smoke cleared, the siblings was nowhere yo be found.

"Dammit!" Dimitri yelled in irritation.

"Find them immidiately. They couldn't have gotten that far." I ordered.

"Yes!" My shadow guards said in unison and then vanished.

"Your highness are you all right?" Dimitri asked.

Now that the adrenaline stopped pumping, I can feel my body ached all over.

"Don't worry about me." I said. "What I am worried about is Alicia."

I look at the girl in my arms. She was like a sleeping beauty. Her face was so serene and calm. Her eye lashes was long and beautiful. Her cheeks wore a blush and her lips were pink just after the kiss we had made.

I caress her beautiful face. Looking at her made my heart thump like crazy. I really do love this girl in my arms.

"No one will ever harm you again, I promise you." Looking at her sleeping face made me smile.
Strengthen myself

(POV Leon)

A day has gone by after the night of the festival. Alicia was still sleeping soundly in her room. I was sitting right beside her bed, not wanting to leave her even for a second until she wakes up.

I hear the door open and I look into that direction. I see general Robert come inside.

"It has been a day and she hasn't shown any signs of waking up?" The old general asked me.

I shook my head. I look at Alicia, still holding her warm hands. At least I know she is warm and breathing.

"I called the royal physician to take a look at her." Robert said.

I looked at him in surprise. Alicia's identity as a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia is now delicate. If anyone knows of her true identity, then different kinds of people will be coming after her.

"Do not worry. He is on my side." Robert said.

"Are you sure about this general?" I asked him seriously. "You know that Alicia's identity must be kept a secret at all cost. I am having a hard time with the Atlantians the other day, knowing about Alicia. And they are still at large."

"I trust this royal physician with my life." Robert said firmly.

I sighed and nodded in agreement.

"Let him in." Robert said just beyond the door.

A young man came inside the room. When I look up I see none other than Dr. Andrew.

"Sir Leon, this is Dr. Andrew, the royal physician I was telling you about. Dr. Andrew, this is Sir Leon, Alicia's knight." Robert introduced us.

"Sir Leon, it's a pleasure to meet you again." The doctor extended his hand.

"Same here doctor." I took his hand and shook it.

"You two have met each other?" Robert asked in confusion.

"It was a coincidence that I met princess Alicia and her knight the night of the festival." Andrew explained. "My carriage almost ran over the princess. Thankfully sir Leon here was quick to pull her away." The doctor smiled.

"Yes, we met coincidentally." I said.

"Let me check the princess first." Andrew said and walked at the bedside of Alicia.

He took Alicia's pulse and started to check it. Next he opened both of Alicia's eyes to inspect it. He also took her temperature.

"How is it doctor?" Robert asked.

I was attentively looking at him while he was doing his check up on Alicia.

"It seems her body is over fatigued. The stress that her body took after releasing such power was too much. She is not yet prepared to wield such magic. Her body is resting now and recuperating. She will wake up after her body has been well rested." Andrew answered.

"So, you know that she is Atlantian?" I asked Andrew. I looked at him seriously.

"I have known for quite some time." Andrew answered. "Do not worry, I am on the general's side. I won't do anything to harm the princess."

"Yes he is correct." The old general seconded him. "And Dr. Andrew here had been all around the continent. He has learned many things about Atlantians in the books he had acquired in his travels."

"Well they are forbidden books. As you know after the last war ended, the three countries did whatever they could to erase the existence of Atlantia. But I was able to acquire some of those books." Andrew explained.

"I can't imagine how you got your hands on such rare and forbidden books, I wonder." I said. Even I was not able to acquire such information about Atlantia other than what my mother has left for me.

"My means are of no importance. What's important right now is that I can help the princess with her magic, albeit in the medicinal aspects of it." Andrew said.

"You have studied how magic works?" I asked curiously.

"I have read books on the Atlantian's knowledge in their own physiology." Andrew replied. "I can help the princess to regulate her magic with some herbs and medicine."

"May I ask? In your books, are their any knowledge on how to strengthen ones magic power and abilities?" I asked.

The doctor looked at me in confusion at first, then looked at the general. Robert just gave him a nod.

"There are some information there about such things." Andrew said. "If you want, I can lend the books to you."

"Yes, if you can lend it to me please. I would really appreciate it." I said and lowered my head to him.

This may seem that I lowered myself as the crown prince of Grandcrest, to lower my head to a mere royal physician. But I will do anything to strengthen myself in the future to come. Knowing that my magic skills are inferior to the more advance skills of the Atlantians I have encountered. I know I need to improve myself.

"If I can help in anyway to protect the princess, then I will lend everything that I have." Andrew said.

"Thank you very much." I said.

I looked at the sleeping Alicia. She seemed so calm and serene. I will do everything to protect my future wife.

Waking up

I opened my eyes with the rays of the sun shining down on my face. I scan the room I was in and realized I was in my own room. I try to move my body and get up but I can feel my body is heavy and sore.

Then I felt someone holding my right hand. When I look at my side I saw Leon sleeping soundly beside me.

I try to take my hand away gently, trying not to wake him up. But with just my little movement I see him move a bit and squeezed my hand. Leon slowly opened his eyes. He looked at me gently and his mouth curved up in a wonderful smile.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." Leon said to me.

"G-Good morning." I greeted him back.

Leon just woke up but he looked even more handsome in the morning light.

"How are you feeling?" Leon asked me.

"I feel that my body is sore all over." I confessed. "It aches if I move even just a bit."

"Stay still for a while. I will tell Tricia to call Dr. Andrew to come over." Leon said then he stepped outside the room.

I tried to recall what happened to me. All that I can remember was that at the night of the festival in town, I was with Leon. And while I was waiting for him in the stables I was abducted by an unknown young man.

My last memory was Leon fighting with the young man that abducted me. He was winning the fight but then the young man used his magic to imprison Leon in a water bubble. I remember Leon holding his breath inside that water bubble, time is running out and he couldn't breath.

I remember the pain of seeing him like that, he was in pain and struggling with what breath he has got left.

My head throbbed in pain. I can't remember anything after that. I held my head, the headache is starting to intensify.

"What is it?" Leon said abruptly. He just got back and must have seen me flinch in pain.

"Don't worry. It's just that my head hurt when I tried to recall what happened last night." I said. "How are you by the way? I remember you were in the verge of drowning in the water bubble."

Leon still looked worried while trying to massage my forehead. "Do not worry about me. As you can see I am fine. It is you that you need to worry about." He said.

"I can't seem to recall what happened after you were imprisoned in the water bubble." I said. "When I try to remember my head starts to throb."

"Then try not to remember for now. I will tell you the details later after Dr. Andrew have checked you, okay?" Leon said to me gently and I nodded in agreement. He continued to massage my forehead to ease the pain.

After a while a knock came from the door.

"Come in." Leon said.

The door opened and Dr. Andrew came in. He was wearing his regular attire as a royal physician, a white coat and pants. He was carrying his black medicine bag with him.

"Good morning princess Alicia, sir Leon." Dr. Andrew greeted us with a warm smile that a doctor often has.

"Good morning Dr. Andrew." I greeted in return.

Dr. Andrew looked at us puzzled at first and then had a knowing look.

"Are you having a headache princess Alicia?" Dr. Andrew asked.

Leon was still massaging my forehead. No wonder the doctor seemed puzzled at first. I blushed in embarrassment. Leon was my personal knight and not my maid or nanny. He should not massage me like this. I was carried away with the comfort his massage has given my headache.

"Um... yes." I nodded shyly. I gently smiled to Leon. "My headache is a little better Leon, thank you."

"Are you sure?" Leon asked. I nodded to him in reassurance. He stopped massaging my head after.

Dr. Andrew walked and stood at my other bedside to check my pulse. Then he checked both of my eyes.

"Princess can you please open your mouth." Dr. Andrew asked. And so I opened my mouth. He took a stick from his bag and checked my mouth while pushing my tongue down.

"How are you feeling after waking up?" Dr. Andrew asked.

"My whole body feels sore and aches. And then when I tried to remember what happened last night, my head ached as well." I answered.

"Hmm that's normal." Dr. Andrew said. "Knowing that you have been sleeping for three days. Your muscles have been dormant and they will surely ache."

"T-three days?!" I said in astonishment.

"Yes, you were asleep for the past three days." Dr. Andrew confirmed.

I looked at him surprised then I looked at Leon. Leon gave me a gentle smile but I can see under that smile was worry. Then I realized Leon's clothes were looking a little disheveled. He must have been looking after me for the past three days in worriment.

"I will prescribe you some medication. I will give it to your maid and tell her the time you will need to intake it." Dr. Andrew said. "This will help your aches and can get you up in no time." He smiled at me.

"Thank you doctor." Leon said with gratitude.

"You are welcome. It is my job after all" Dr. Andrew smiled and looked at me after. "You just lie down and rest. I will instruct your maids to massage your muscles, so that the muscles can wake up. After two days you can start walking around."

"Thank you doctor." I said with gratitude.

"Just rest and regain your strength. I will take that as your payment for my services." Dr. Andrew patted my head and smiled sweetly at me. I don't know why the air inside the roomed became heavy soon after.

"Hahaha. Well I will be going then." Dr. Andrew said and stood up. "I will report to the general after this. I am sure he will be visiting you later."

Dr. Andrew have a slight bow at me and then he smiled at Leon. When I glanced at Leon, he was giving the doctor a knowing look.

The doctor was almost outside the door when he stopped and turned around.

"Oh yes, sir Leon." Dr. Andrew looked at Leon. "I have sent the books you want to lend from me in your quarters."

"Thank you doctor. It would be of big help." Leon slightly bowed.

"Well then I will be going." Dr. Andrew said.

"Have a safe trip doctor." I said.

"Thank you princess." The doctor slightly bowed and left.

I looked at Leon with curious eyes.

"You want to know what happened?" Leon asked me and I nodded.

"It would be best if we wait for your grandfather before I tell you." Leon said. "There are some things that is best to be said by him."

I looked at him in confusion.

'What could it be that Leon still needs to wait for grandpa before telling me?' I wondered.