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"You can't be wise and in love at the same time." 


After Zarin went back to his new life with the devil, Heaven was left confused and disappointed. She felt lost, angry and sad. The heavy feeling in her chest and the sickness in her stomach returned. She could barely eat at dinner because her body refused to let the food in. She felt ill just looking at everything served on the table. Forcing herself to eat a little, she just longed for her bed. 

Her eyelids felt heavy, her mind was chaos and her body felt sore. When she went back to her room, she looked at herself in the mirror. She noticed that the bruises on her body were still visible. Her healing ability got even slower, and it didn't surprise her. 

She had been stressed the whole day, and she didn't get enough food or rest. The mirror showed her a thin, tired and a sluggish woman. There was nothing attractive about the woman staring back at her. Her self-confidence went out the window. 

While wondering how she could make herself look better, her mother came to see her to make sure she was alright before going to bed. Heaven knew everyone was worried for her while she was worried for them, but right now after feeling sick the whole day she just wanted to forget about her worries and have a good rest. 

Changing into her nightgown, she put her hair up and then slid under her warm blankets. At least while she was asleep, she wouldn't have to think about anything. This was her escape. But just as she closed her eyes, she remembered Zamiel. 

Heaven knew she had promised to sleep with him tonight, but both her body and her brain objected to the thought. Her body refused because she was exhausted and her mind because it warned her of something. The thought of being with him frightened her and brought back the feeling of sickness. 

What was she supposed to do now? She couldn't break her promise and even if she did, he would come looking for her anyway. She swallowed the fear that crept up her throat and decided to go see him. 

When she arrived at his home, it was dark as usual. With heart pounding, she made her way to his room where the only light seemed to come from. Before she could enter she heard the crackling of burning wood and when she walked in a few candles were lit. 

Zamiel was nowhere to be seen, and she couldn't feel his scent. Before she could wonder where he was, he appeared from thin air. He was dressed nicely, like a wealthy man with a high status. Heaven guessed he must have been outside doing business. 

"Heaven." He didn't hide that he was pleased to see her. 

Heaven felt her stomach turn, fear threatened to take control over her, and she saw images from her nightmares that she didn't want to see. She was mostly scared for him. Her brain kept sending her a thousand warning signals to stay away, yet she was here. 

She looked at him closer in the dim light. He looked perfect standing there, so beautiful, and his scent mixed with the scent of burning wood brought a strange sense of warmth and security. 

Before she knew he was already kissing her, as if he had been waiting the whole day just to have a taste. He kissed her fervidly, his tongue exploring her mouth with a delicate gentleness while he held her against him in an unbreakable grip. Heaven moaned against his lips. She wrapped her arms around him as a wave of heat surged through her body and she melted into him in a dizzying pleasure. 

Zamiel removed the robe she was from her shoulders, only leaving her with the simple gown she wore beneath. Then he pushed her down on his bed, his arms still holding her to ease the fall while their lips still locked in a heated kiss. His body weight down on her, trapping her beneath him and covering her with his warmth. 

The warning signals went off again in the back of her mind but before she could shut them out Zamiel pulled his lips away from her. He grabbed her face gently, caressing her cheek with his thumb. 

"Heaven, I won't do anything to make you uncomfortable. I only intent to please you." He assured her. 

Heaven already missed his lips on hers. She had shut down the warning signals long ago. Right now all she could focus on was Zamiel's fiery mouth moving over hers. His tongue traced along the seam of her lips and Heaven opened her mouth for him in response. 

He grabbed her gown, pulling it up to reveal her bare legs. His hand slid under the gown, caressing her thighs with his palm. That was enough to make Heaven lose her mind. Then she felt the tip of his fangs graze her lips, before his mouth moved down her jaw and to her neck. He bit her teasingly, causing her to whimper. 

His hands stroke the insides of her thighs, increasing the heat of her body. She writhed beneath him, her body responding to his touch by sending waves of heat deep into her core. Her fingers entangled in his soft hair in a desperate manner, urging him on. Her back arched as his hand slowly and teasingly traveled up her thigh until he was touching where she was aching the most. 

A gasp left her mouth and then she bit her lips to not cry out of frustration. 

Zamiel began to stroke her gently and rhythmically, setting the blood in her veins on fire. Heaven's lips parted in a silent cry and her breath came out in shallow pants. 

The tension in her belly got tighter with every stroke, slowly building up, causing every muscle in her body to tense. It felt like she was hanging from a cliff, waiting to fall into the ocean. 

Heaven grasped the sheets in a desperate need when the tension became unbearable and then she cried out in an intense sensual relief that sent tingling heat all the way down to her toes.


"Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you will be criticized anyway." 


Heaven just lay still in bed for a moment, her body left in utter bliss. She could feel the sparks of pleasure going through her body, and her legs were still trembling slightly. 

How could she feel like this just from being touched? 

The ceiling seemed to sway as she stared at it, while catching her breath. Her heart was beating fast and loud in the silent room, as if she had been chased by someone. 

Zamiel was lying on the side next to her, propped up on one elbow with his hand supporting his head. He watched her with satisfaction while she took her time to recover.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked, his fingers traveling up her leg and thigh. 

Heaven nodded as she turned to him. Her gaze fell right on his mouth, on the sharp tips of his fangs that peeked behind his lips. His eyes were locked on her neck before he looked at her. 

There seemed to be some kind of pleasure in biting beside marking, and Heaven wanted to please him as well. She touched the other side of her neck where she didn't feel sore. 

"You can bite me if you want." She told him. 

A frown settled between his eyebrows. "Your healing seems to be slow. You need to recover first." He looked at the bruises on her body. "I will be more careful." 

"I am fine. It didn't hurt at all." She said. 

He brought his hand to her face and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "You look tired." He pointed. 

"I am." She admitted. 

"What happened?" 

Her lips curved into a smile. "First tell me what did I promise? And what did you promise?" 

He smiled back. "Are you negotiating?" 

"Well, you made me promise things when I was in a vulnerable state. That is called taking advantage." 

Zamiel chuckled. "I don't need to get you in a vulnerable state to make you promise things." He teased. 

She shot him a hard glare, which made him chuckle even more. "Don't forget that even if you are ancient, you are vulnerable with me." Even though she was being playful, she felt a sting in her heart when she said those words. 

"That is not a threat coming from someone who promised to protect me, even in her vulnerable state." 

Was that what she had promised him?

His eyes narrowed. "What is it with the protecting promises?" He asked her. 

"I…" She sat up and turned to him before taking a deep breath. 

Zamiel got himself up as well and sat facing her. 

"I am afraid to hurt you. You know that." She spoke. 

His eyes softened. "I know. And I told you I know you won't do it. You are letting the nightmares affect you." 

Maybe she was, but there was this gut feeling that she couldn't shake off. Something inside of her was warning her. 

"I feel like something bad is going to happen." She admitted. 

Zamiel watched her for a moment before he spoke. "I am sure something will happen, but you can't let the fear of it happening prevent you from living your life. If you are scared and worried, it will make you more tired, and that will benefit your grandfather." 

Heaven nodded. He was right. She was feeding her fear, making herself sick instead of recovering. She should try to not think about it. 

"Rest now." He said, pushing her down playfully. 

Heaven let herself fall back with a smile, then adjusted herself so she was lying right. Zamiel stood up and took his jacket off. He loosened his shirt and then got in bed with her, covering them both with the blankets. 

She snuggled against the warmth of his body, and he wrapped his arms around her. Even though she just wanted to enjoy this moment, she had to tell him what happened today with Zarin. 

"Something else happened today." She began. "I find out Zarin joined my grandfather." 

Zamiel pulled back to look at her. "Why?" He asked. 

Heaven shrugged. "Grandpa made him promises that he would help him get me." 

It was so stupid she shook her head. She felt anger rise within her again. She wanted to punch him, kick him and yell at him. She wanted to fight him. How could he cause his parents so much pain? 

While she didn't even want to think about what would happen to her parents if the devil took her away, he went there on his own. She wondered what was going through his mind? Her grandfather would now exploit him in every way, and the Zarin she once knew would be gone forever. 

Zamiel popped up on an elbow. "How do you feel?" He asked her. 

Angry, was her first thought. She was angry. Angry at two people she called family hurting her this way, and angry for still wishing and hoping they would be better. 

But she was also sad. Sad for the ones hurt and sad for the ones inflicting the pain. They were blind to the truth. 

"I feel so many things." She admitted. 

"I don't want you to think it is your fault." He told her. 

Heaven chuckled. Wouldn't it be easy if it was her fault? She would have just apologized. 

"I know." 

"Good." He said stroking her head. 

"I spoke to him and grandfather today." 

She expected him to panic, but he remained calm. "What did you talk about?" 

Heaven sighed. "Is it wrong that I feel disappointed when I see him? That I keep hoping this is just some nightmare and my grandfather is actually good." 

"No. It is your grandfather. We don't easily accept when our family becomes our enemy." He said. 

Just hearing those two words, family and enemy, in the same sentence made so many emotions run through her. 

"He seemed so sure that I would join him." She added.

"Don't let that affect you. He wants you to feel unsure of yourself."

"I know." And Zarin was probably part of his plan as well. Why would he promise him someone else's mate when he has no power over such things?

"Why do you think grandfather let Zarin join him?" She asked Zamiel. 

Zamiel seemed thoughtful for a moment. "He probably knows about your fight and his fight with his family." 

Fight? So her grandfather was using the fight against her?

His parents were blaming and questioning themselves. Maybe he wanted her to feel the same way.

And by his parents telling her parents about why their son joined the devil, maybe he wanted to plant hatred between them. Cause a fight that would split them up. That way he could easily defeat them if the families were separated. 

But her grandfather was so wrong. He didn't know her or her family. Her parents had already told Zarin's parents that they would try to talk to him. When her grandmother finds out, Heaven was sure even she would try to talk some sense into Zarin. Maybe Zarin needs to hear the truth from different people than just his parents, in case he thought his parents' views were wrong or that they were too demanding. 

She knew he had a soft spot for her father. She hoped he would get through to him and her grandmother was good at showing the light in the dark. But her mother, hopefully her mother's kindness, would be what affects him the most. 

Heaven didn't know if she would be able to persuade him. She had seen a hint of guilt when she spoke about his parents, which gave her hope, but she didn't know if that guilt would be enough. Maybe with the help of her parents and everyone else, they could make him see the truth. At the end of the day, all they could do was talk to him and show him goodness. If her friend had any goodness in him, which she believed he had, then he would choose the right path.

What about her grandfather? Did he have any goodness in him? Would he ever leave her alone even if he couldn't be a good grandfather? 

She hated herself at this moment for even thinking that so she pushed the thought away. 

"I have tried to talk to Zarin and… I asked him if he could meet me again. I know you don't like him." She began. "I don't want to do anything that upsets you." 

She wanted to help Zarin and his family. Roshan has raised her like his own daughter, spending more time with her than her own father when her father was very busy with state affairs at the beginning of his rule. Klara was a teacher to all of them, including her mother. She was someone who supported them unconditionally. 

Klara and Roshan were her second parents, and it hurt to see them hurt, but if helping Zarin would come between her and Zamiel, then she would leave it at that. 

Because now, Zamiel was her family as well.




"If you can't be kind, be quiet." 


Zamiel had been busy the whole day taking care of and expand his business. He had to make a name for himself so he could be someone worthy of marrying a princess. 

A princess had to marry a man of either wealth, status, or both. She couldn't marry a common man. 

Establishing a business wasn't difficult, but he had to find trustworthy people to work for him. The trading of his items had already reached other kingdoms, and now he needed more people to work for him. Zamiel wanted to select the workers personally. He wasn't the type to trust easily. 

While taking care of his matters, he had felt something through the mating bond. It was a diffuse feeling, but he knew Heaven wasn't feeling well. Despite knowing that, the bond never urged him to go look for her, and Zamiel wondered why. Leaving everything else behind him, he went to see her. 

Heaven was dressed simply to not attract attention and was walking around the market with Ilyas by her side. He could tell she wasn't feeling well but now that he was closer to her the bond between them urged him to leave her alone. 

That is when he understood what was happening. Heaven wasn't feeling safe to be around him right now. It probably had to do with her constant promises that she wanted to protect him. She was still afraid of hurting him. 

Zamiel wanted to walk over and shake her. She was so stubborn, and he wished she would listen to him and trust herself around him. But he couldn't blame her when he had felt the same way before. Now, after saying goodbye to his family successfully, he rarely had any nightmares. Still, he was careful. It could all be the devil tricking him to feel relaxed and then suddenly strike. 

Before he knew his feet were taking him toward Heaven and the closer he got, the more the bond tried to push him away. The mark was all about the mate's safety and protection and right now she didn't want him around. Clenching his hands at the sides of his body, he took himself back home. The last thing he wanted was for him to be the reason she felt sick. 

If Heaven wanted to be with him, then she would have to get over her fear of hurting him. They couldn't be together this way. 

Zamiel decided to leave her alone for now and give her some time. If she didn't get over her fear until tonight and didn't come to see him as she promised, then they needed to have a serious talk. 

Going back to his business, he had to work until late at night, because he had left earlier and all that time he couldn't get Heaven out of his mind. Would she come to see him tonight? Or would she let her fear hold her back? 

Only time would tell. 

When he arrived at his home, he was so relieved when he smelled her heavenly scent that filled his home. And then there she stood in the dim light of his room, looking as tempting as always, and all the scolding he had prepared left his mind at that second. All he could say was her name and nothing else. 

What followed was his demon taking over, and he kissed her without a second word. 

Zamiel could still feel her fear sometimes while he pleasured her, but this time she wasn't pushing him away. And then she opened up about her fear to hurt him, which he appreciated, but he realized maybe he should take it a little more serious this time. She was clearly scared for a reason, and he became worried for her. 

Heaven calling her grandfather wasn't a surprise to him, but Zarin joining the devil came as a surprise. Zamiel knew that Zarin was full of hatred, but he never thought he would be such a fool to believe anything the devil promised him. That was completely reckless, and he was being self-destructive.

Zamiel knew very well what it was like to be self-destructive. He had walked that path once before, where he was completely blinded by the hatred he felt. 

Love and hate were powerful emotions. They could either save or destroy. 

Heaven's love had saved him when he thought the only way he could find peace was through his death. Even if he hated her being with Zarin, he couldn't stop her from helping someone who had been so close to her and who was in the same situation he had been in. Especially not after saying that she didn't want to upset him. 

"Heaven, you do what you feel is right. I won't be upset with you." He told her. "I will only be upset if you distance yourself from me. Don't let fear come between us." 

She looked at him in silence for a moment, and he wished he knew what she was thinking. "Alright. I won't let that happen." She spoke at last. 

"Good." He said stroking her head. Then he remembered what he had found while walking by the marked. "I have a gift for you." 

"A gift?" 

"Yes." He sat up and reached inside his pocket for a golden anklet that he bought for her after seeing it in a store. 

Heaven pushed herself up and stared at the item in his hand. 

"Let me help you wear it." He said grabbing her leg. 

Heaven watched him with a smile as he tied the anklet around her ankle. She had never worn an anklet before. It was a chain with moons and stars hanging from it. It was beautiful. 

"It is beautiful." She said touching it. "Thank you. I have never worn an anklet before because no one can see it." 

"That is why I bought it for you. It is something only I can see you wear." He said looking at her intimately, which caused her to blush. 

Then he wrapped his strong fingers around her ankle and pulled her leg, causing her to fall back in bed with a chuckle. He leaned over her and kissed her. 

"Your body doesn't need adornment, but I intend to adorn it with kisses and touches from now on." He spoke between the kisses. 

She smiled against his lips before kissing him back. "I would love to be adorned, dear husband." 

Zamiel pulled back surprised, before staring at her. She looked at him with a blush. 

"You will be adorned if you call me that from now on." He said. 

"Are you trying to bargain with me?" She asked him. 


"Your are shameless." She said.

"Iit is give and take." He reminded teasingly. 

After teasing and talking for a while, she fell asleep in his arms. 

Zamiel watched her sleep peacefully while he listened to her breathing and her calm heartbeat. How he wished she could sleep like this every time. He hated that he was one of the reasons she had to worry so much. It tugged at his heart. 

Once again he found himself in a situation where he was useless. How could he protect this woman? The devil was immortal, invincible and untouchable. Even if Zamiel caused destruction, everyone would be destroyed, but the devil would still be standing. 

What could stop the devil? 



" Fear does not stop death. It stops life." - Unknown.


Heaven woke up as soon as the sunlight peeked through the window. Yawning, she stretched in bed. Her muscles felt better today, which she was thankful for because she had a lot to do. She couldn't let fear make her weak and stop her from living her everyday life and being productive. 

She glanced at Zamiel, who he was sleeping next to her. He made minimalistic movements when asleep; she realized. Even his breathing was nearly nonexistent. Almost as if he was dead. It must be an ancient thing, she thought. 

Pushing herself up on an elbow, she reached for his face. Removing the hair, she let her fingers slide over his sculpted cheek and jaw. "Zamiel." She called gently. 

When he didn't wake up, so she shook him slightly. She didn't want to leave without letting him know, and she had to go back home fast before her mother visited her. Heaven knew she would since she had been worried. 

Zamiel stirred in his sleep. "Hmm." 

"I need to go." She whispered then turned to climb down the bed when he wrapped his strong arm around her waist preventing her from leaving. 

"Zamiel. I need to go." She repeated, but he didn't let go. 

"I would like to stay, but I don't want to worry anyone and I have a lot of things to take care of." She explained calmly.

His tight grip around her waist loosened, and Heaven pulled herself away from his grip and climbed down. She looked back at him and he gazed at her through squinted eyes. 

"Don't exhaust yourself and make sure to eat." He told her. 

His morning voice sent butterflies straight to her stomach. "I will." She said sliding her arms into her robe and then tying it around her waist. She kissed him goodbye, then went back to her room. 

Since it was very early, she felt at ease knowing Kate couldn't have visited her yet. Heaven was used to taking care of herself, so she changed and then combed and her hair. She braided the sides of her head, then pinned the braids in the middle with silver pins. 

Just when she was done, her stomach growled loudly, reminding her of her empty stomach. The little she had managed to eat yesterday, she ended throwing up. But it was too early for breakfast, so she decided to pay her grandmother a visit. 

Her grandmother liked to wake up early for some reason. She would make her favorite tea, water her plants, and take care of her garden. But most importantly, she would feed the animals in her house. She had plenty of birds, two cats and other creatures. Some of them scary, like the snake. Her home was like a colorful forest and you wouldn't know what beast you would come across next. 

Not that there was anything worse than demons. Even the animals would flinch and run away from them. 

When Heaven arrived, she smelled the aroma of herbal tea and flowers. Her grandmother sat on the porch and was knitting something when she sensed her presence and looked up. 

"Heaven." A smile lit up her face. "What brings you here so early? You should rest." 

Of course. Everyone was worried for her and talking about resting all the time. Heaven didn't want all of them to be worried, then they would all be weak and tired instead of strong. 

"I rested well, grandma." Heaven assured and went to sit with her at the table. 

Her grandmother lived all alone in her house now. Even though she spends most of the time at the castle, she didn't want to move in with them. She liked living in her home, but Heaven thought it was lonely to live alone. Especially in a house where she built memories with her grandfather, and now he left them all. 

"I called grandpa yesterday and spoke to him." Heaven began feeling a little nervous to see her grandmother's reaction. 

But her grandmother only nodded. She wasn't even surprised. "What did you talk about?" She asked. 

Heaven tried to read her grandmother's expression, but she was completely calm and gave nothing away. "Are you not disappointed I called him?" She asked. 

Irene frowned. "Why would I be?" 

Heaven shrugged. "Because you warned me about him, yet I called him." 

She had wanted to call him several times before but refrained from it. Even though she trusted her grandmother's words completely, Heaven only had good memories of her grandfather. With only those good memories of him, it was difficult to see him as her enemy. Now, she didn't regret calling him. It helped her see with her own eyes who her grandfather truly was and she was more convinced than before. 

"When I warned you about him, I didn't expect you not to seek him out. He is your grandfather, after all. He was there most of your childhood. I didn't expect your feelings about him to change because of a few words that I said."

Heaven was surprised when she shouldn't be. Her grandmother had always been the understanding one. 

"I am sorry. I must have made you feel like you had to choose sides when I asked you to tell me if your grandfather visits you. It felt like I was asking you to hate him when I told you about his plans, but I don't expect you to do that. It took me a lot of time to accept who your grandfather was and let him go. I know it will take time for you as well." 

Sadness settled in Heaven's heart as she listened to her grandmother. Letting go of her mate must have been very painful. Heaven couldn't imagine leaving Zamiel or him leaving her. How would she live without him? What kind of life would that be? 

"You didn't make me feel that way. I know you were only trying to protect me." 

Truth was if her grandfather wanted to meet her and talk to her, no one could stop him. Now she wondered why he didn't come to visit her more often if he wanted her to follow him. 

"Have you spoken to grandpa?" Heaven asked when she already knew the answer.

Her grandmother must have already tried to convince him. 

"Your grandfather made it clear that there is nothing he care for more than his mission." She replied. 

Why was his mission so important? Even more important than his mate. 

"What did you talk to him about?" She then asked Heaven. 

Heaven shrugged. "I didn't say much. I only told him that I had no intention of joining his cause. I called him mostly because I wanted to talk to Zarin. Do you know what happened?" 

Irene nodded looking sad. "Yes. I never imagined that to happen." 

Neither did Heaven. This was a shock to all of them. Klara and Roshan had been very sad but Heaven almost forgot how sad her grandmother would be. They were all her children. Both the children and grandchildren and now all of them were hurt in some way. 

"Don't worry grandma. I am sure he will come back." She said with more enthusiasm than she intended. 

Heaven was only hoping but when her grandmother looked up and stared into her eyes she saw determination. "He will come back." She said confidently. 

Oh God! What was her grandmother going to do?


"Thinking is difficult. That is why most people judge." - Carl Jung 


Heaven had a bad feeling. Irene would do anything for her children, and Zarin was her child as much as she was. She didn't like the look in her eyes. Her grandmother had always been calm and very careful with her actions. She hoped she had a plan and wasn't acting on emotion. 

"What are you planning to do?" Heaven asked worriedly. 

"I'll talk to him." She said. 

Heaven tilted her head to one side. That look in her eyes earlier couldn't have meant only talking. "Talking to him is good. I am sure you will lend him some wisdom but you don't have to do anything else." Heaven reminded. 

Irene smiled. "Don't worry. I will only talk to him." She assured. 

Heaven wondered what kind of talking would happen that made her so confident that Zarin would come back. Hopefully, her grandmother didn't have any other plans that she wasn't telling her. 

After helping her grandmother feed the bird and water the plants, both of them went to the castle and had breakfast with her mother. Heaven was able to enjoy her breakfast this time, and she emptied her plate. 

"I am glad you have the appetite to eat again." Her mother spoke. 

"I am happy too." Heaven said. 

After a while, her father joined them. He leaned down pretending to want to kiss Heaven but turned his head to kiss his wife. 

Heaven gave him a hurt look, and he chuckled as he sat down. 

"Your father is just a very romantic man." Her mother spoke, finding excuses for her husband. 

This was the time when the two of them gathered to tease her. 

"I am sure he is." Heaven said picking an apple from the fruit basked. "But not the most romantic one." She said taking a bite. 

Her father raised a brow. "Really?" 

Heaven nodded while chewing. 

Irene leaned back in her chair with her cup of tea and a smirk on her face. 

Her father looked at her mother for help. He didn't want to brag about himself. 

"Your father took me to the woods at night to see a thousand flying lights, and we shared our first kiss there." 

Heaven swallowed the food in her mouth. Why did her mother have to bring up kissing? That did sound romantic, but not more romantic than her first kiss. She had shared her first kiss with Zamiel among a thousand stars in the ocean. 

They both looked at her, waiting for her to say something. Right. So this was how they were going to make her talk?

She would not share her first kiss with her parents. That was embarrassing and an inappropriate behavior. But they were demons, so they acted a bit differently when it came to affection. Still Heaven kept her mouth shut. 

"Father is indeed very romantic." She agreed, knowing she couldn't win this one without telling much about her relationship with Zamiel. 

Her mother smiled, taking her father's hand. "Your father makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth." She said feeling more romantic herself today. 

Oh. So her mother would not give up this time? 

Heaven smiled. She was happy for her parents, of course, but if they wanted to play, then she would kill their mood for a while. A little revenge wouldn't hurt. "Zamiel makes me feel like the most powerful woman on earth. I am already beautiful." She shrugged. 

Her father chuckled, but her mother looked at her baffled. "Are you saying I am ugly?"

"No, Your Majesty." She held out her hands as if afraid. "I wouldn't dare. Who do you think I inherited my beauty from?" 

Her mother smiled at her, but just then Heaven added. "From grandmother, of course." As soon as she spoke, she quickly rose from her seat with a grin while everyone chuckled and her mother glared at her while nodding. 

Heaven chuckled. "I love you, mother." She said wrapping her arms around her mother's shoulders and kissing her cheek to console her. "I wish I could inherit everything from you." 

"One of you is enough." Her father joked. 

"Yes. You two take turns to tease me." Her mother complained. 

"It is because we love you the most." Her father replied and then winked at Heaven. 

But both of them knew it was true. No matter how much time Heaven and her father spend together at the end of the day, they would often end up fighting for a place to sleep next to her mother. 

Now that she grew up, her father was probably happy to be rid of her. And he made her room several quarters away from his so she wouldn't end up running to their room in the middle of the night. 

Clever man. 

After some fun with her family, Heaven went to see Klara and Roshan. She wanted them to know that nothing of what Zarin did was their fault. She loved the same as always and would never blame them. She also missed Gina and hoped that everything was alright with her friend. 

Klara was the first person Heaven came across. It looked like the woman didn't sleep for days. Oh, lord! 

"Heaven." She seemed to panic for a moment. 

"Princess Klara." Heaven smiled. "I am sorry I came uninvited." 

"Don't be a fool. Come in." She said. 

She led her to the parlor and where Roshan was sitting with another man that resembled him, but his aura was something else. It was like the one of her grandfather and Zamiel. Cold, calm yet powerful. He was an ancient and Heaven already guesses that he was Roshan's father. 

She thought she must have seen him once before, but when he smiled at her, she became sure. 

The man stood up from his seat and walked up to her with such ease and elegance. 

"Princess Heaven." He bowed to greet her, which she found odd. Roshan never did that unless he was teasing her, but this man was serious. "You have grown into a beautiful woman. You look just like your grandmother." He spoke when he lifted his head again. 

"Thank you." Heaven said, trying to keep her composure. 


Heaven turned when she heard the call of her name. Gina stood at the entrance with a displeased look in her eyes. Heaven felt her heart sink. Oh, no! What did that look mean? Please, not Gina. She didn't want to lose the only friend she had left.