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The Sister’s Scheme (1)

It has been some hours since the engagement party has started. Regaleon and I have been talking with guests since the announcement.

"Leon, let's rest for a while." I said to him. "I am a little tired."

"Alright." Regaleon said with a smile. "Would you like to get some fresh air in the garden near by?"

"Mm-hmm." I nodded. "Some fresh air sounds good."

Surrounded by so many people can be a bit tiring and suffocating as well. A breath of fresh air maybe is what I need.

Regaleon led me by my hand towards the exit. Once outside I inhale the fresh air around. The night was bright with a full moon shining.

Regaleon's attendants came to give us our cloaks. Regaleon put his on and helped me put mine. I smiled at him as thanks to his small gesture.

"Let's sit down there." Regaleon led me to a small gazebo. Inside are some chairs and a table.

Regaleon, being a gentleman, pulled a chair out and helped me seat down. And he sat down on a chair beside me.

"Still tired?" Regaleon asked.

"No. Fresh air is really what I needed." I replied. "I never thought dealing with nobles can be tiring."

"Haha, trust me. It really is tiring, based on experience." Regaleon said. "You need to always act in front of them. And you have to be always on your guard. Just one wrong move, you will be shunned by the noble society in an instant."

"That is scary." I said shivering while thinking about it.

As a forgotten princess, I wasn't accustomed to being with nobles. So I don't know how to deal with them.

"Don't worry Lili." Regaleon squeezed my hand on top of the table. "You have me. I will be always here to protect you."

"Thank you." I said. "But you can't always be beside me, you also have work as a crown prince. Don't worry, in no time I am going to be accustomed in dealing with them. I am not going to bring you any shame."

Regaleon ruffled my hair and chuckled. "Silly, I am not worrying about you shaming my name or anything. You can do what ever you like, I will always have your back. I just want you to be safe."

"Oh really?" I said jokingly. "Even of I do something silly and crazy, you promise to be always there for me?" I giggled.

"Of course. I will be always backing you, whatever silly or crazy things you do." Regaleon said with a smile. "That is because I love you, more than anyone in this world."

The joke was dispelled after Regaleon said the last sentence. A warm feeling covered my whole body.

Regaleon touched my cheeks and slowly caressed it. He slowly inched towards me and gave me a gentle sweet kiss on my lips.

"Be careful with nobles. They can be smiling in front of you but when you turn your back, they can do or say the opposite." Regaleon looked straight into my eyes. I nodded, knowing what he meant.

"And be very careful especially with your step sisters." Regaleon had a serious face now. "I had an intel a few days ago that the queen bought some things from foreign merchants from across the seas to the east."

"The merchants from the east?" I was curious. The people from the east have many kinds of things to trade, things that can't be found here in our continent.

"Yes. The people from the east are adept with herbal medicines and other things. I wasn't able to know specifically what the queen bought. But I am afraid it is not good. So be careful, okay?" Regaleon said worriedly.

"Don't worry. I will be very careful around those two and the people around them." I said.

"I know you are smarter than them." Regaleon smiled and kissed my hand.


Regaleon and I were walking back inside the ball room, when suddenly someone bumped into me.

It was a young noble woman that was holding a glass of wine that bumped into me. The wine splattered into my dress.

"Oh no, your highness. I am so sorry." The young noble woman said in surprise. "I didn't mean to spill the wine into your beautiful dress. Oh whatevere would I do."

"Don't worry, it's fine." I answered. I was just sad that the beautiful ball gown of my mother was stained.

The noble woman took her handkerchief to clean the stain.

"Really, there is no need to." I was afraid the stain would just spread.

"My fiancee said it is okay. You don't need to burdened any further." Regaleon took a step between me and the noble woman. He was looking at her with coldness.

"T-Then I will taking my leave, your highnesses." The noble woman looked frightened with Regaleon's stare. She gave a curtsy and hurriedly left.

I looked at my dress and sighed. The red wine left a stain.

"I think I need to change Leon." I said. "I have a spare gown in my lounge room."

"Do you like me to accompany you?" Regaleon asked.

"No need. I will be quick." I replied. "And some of the high ranking nobles are walking this way. I am sure they would like to talk to you."

"Hmph, they just want to curry favor from me and Grandcrest." Regaleon said sarcastically.

"But you still need to act, being you are the crown prince of Grandcrest." I smiled teasingly and winked at him. "Don't worry, I will be back shortly."

I gave him a peck on his cheek.

"Be quick. It is lonely without you by my side." Regaleon said teasingly and I giggled.

I turned around and walked towards where the lounge rooms are located.


(Regaleon's POV)

It has been a while since Alicia left to change her gown. I have been talking to high nobles since she left.

"Sorry, I need to excuse my self for a while." I said.

"Of course your highness."

"It's was good talking to you, your highness."

"Please go ahead crown prince."

I nodded my head and left.

"Dimitri." I whispered and in no time Dimitri was walking right behind me.

"Yes your highness?" Dimitri said.

"Show me the way to Alicia's lounge room." I ordered.

"Right this way your highness." Dimitri led the way.

We walked towards the lounge rooms and arrived in front of a door. Dimitri gestured respectfully that this was Alicia's lounge room.

I knocked twice. "Alicia." There was no response.

"Alicia, I am coming in." I said. I gestured to Dimitri to stay outside and guard the door.

I came inside the room and closed the door. I scanned inside, and at the far corner I see Alicia seating on a chair with her back facing me.

'She is still wearing her stained gown?' I thought it to be curious. I can feel something is wrong.

I walked towards her carefully.

"Lili, are you okay?" I asked.

When I was coming near her I smelled a fragrant scent. The scent was coming from an incense burner in front of Alicia.

"This smell!" I covered my nose with my hand quickly. But it was too late. I have inhaled some of the smoke.

"I have been waiting for you, your highness." It was not Alicia's voice.

The woman seating in front of me turned around, it was Veronica.

The Sister’s Scheme (2)

The party is still ongoing in the ball room. All the nobles are having a good time.

"Father!" Elizabeth looked to be in distraught. She walked hurriedly to her father.

"Elizabeth! Mind your manners." The queen who was beside the king scolded Elizabeth. "We are in the middle of a party. Why are you in a panic?"

"I-It's sister. Sister is being assaulted." Elizabeth's face was in panic.

"What?!" The queen acted accordingly. She looked around and see the high rank nobles that heard Elizabeth.

Before Elizabeth came running in a panic, the ones with the king was prime minister Murdoc, left minister Stanley, and Duke Cunningham.

"Please father, she needs help." Elizabeth was in a panic.

King Edwards face contorted in an instant. Why has such a thing happened in this occasion. Looking around, it was good that only his trusted ministers and duke Cunningham who have heard such a thing.

"Quick, take me to where your sister is!" King Edward said with anger. He doesn't want such a thing to be spread out in the noble society.

"Yes father, this way." Elizabeth turned around in a rush and lead the way to the group of people.

"Duke Cunningham, may I trouble you in helping me to cover this up?" The king whispered beside the duke.

"Of course your majesty." The old duke knew what the king meant.

Now that the noble society is present, this news about the daughter of the king being assaulted isn't good to be heard by any of the people present here.

Hence the group of people that followed Elizabeth was the king, prime minister Murdoc, left minister Stanley, and the queen.

The queen was following the king from behind. She looked at minister Stanley and the left minster looked back. They had a silent agreement in there eyes.

The queen was sure that the left minister will follow her lead. The left minister has always been under her faction, she knows minister Stanley always thirsted for power. That is why she has promised marriage of her younger daughter Elizabeth to the son of left minister.

This marriage will secure a place for minister Stanley in the royal family, as a father-in-law of one of the princesses. This comes with much more power than he was holding right now.

Of course Elizabeth doesn't have any idea that her marriage has been arranged already. Because until now she is in the impression that she will be promised marriage to William Cunningham.

"Father it's here." Elizabeth was outside the door of a lounge room.

When king Edward recognized which room this was, his face was red with anger. He bursted inside.

Inside the room was dark and the lights were off. They were hearing a faint sound. These sounds were rather erotic.

After hearing these sounds, the king's anger bursted out.

"Quickly, open the lights!" The king shouted in anger.

Quickly, Elizabeth opened the lights. At the far corner the room, the couch's back was facing them. A glance of a hunched back was seen briefly. The erotic sounds came from there. With rage the king's strode inside the room. The group of people followed the king.

Upon gazing at the couch. Two people were on top of each other. Their clothes were disheveled and their bodies were entwined in an erotic manner. At such position, both of their faces cannot be seen.

"What is this?!" The king shouted in rage. That was the only time the two bodies on the couch stopped.

The male on top slowly looked up to look at the king.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" The queen was surprised. This wasn't in her plans. What did her daughter do?

Regaleon looked at the crowd and took his coat lying on the ground to cover the body of the woman under him.

Elizabeth looked briefly and smiled. Her sister Veronica's plan was going smoothly.

"Prince Regaleon, what is the meaning of this?" The king roared.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I just can't resist your daughter's charm." Regaleon said.

The woman under Regaleon was still covering her face under the coat, somewhat embarrassed with the presence of the group of people around.

This was Elizabeth's cue. "Sister, what did the crown prince do to you!"

Elizabeth pulled the woman's hand covering her face. Then a beautiful face emerged.

"Y-You! What are you doing here?!" Elizabeth was surprised. "Where is sister Veronica?!"

"What do you mean Elizabeth?" The beautiful voice of Alicia rang into the ears of the group. "This is my lounge room, correct? Then why are you surprised to see me?"

"Why are you looking for princessVeronica here?" Regaleon's voice was cold beyond negative zero.

The king looked at Regaleon and Alicia and heave a sigh.

"Explain this prince Regaleon." The king looked at him seriously.

"Like I said, your majesty. I can't resist your daughter's charms." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "I can't see any problem with this. We are officially an engaged couple. Having some intimacy isn't bad between us."

Regaleon's piercing eyes fall unto Elizabeth. The girl shivered with fright.

"Your majesty, this is a little bit awkward, can you please leave first." Regaleon looked at Alicia that was still covered with his coat.

Alicia's bare shoulders and legs were peeking out of the cover. Her face was all red with embarrassment.

"Hahaha, young people are hot blooded indeed." Prime minister Murdoc's laugh broke the tension around the room. "Your majesty, let's give them some space, the situation is embarrassing princess Alicia."

The king nodded.

"Let's give my fiancee some time to dress." Regaleon said cooly.

The group exited the room leaving Alicia to dress. Regaleon followed them outside.

When the group of people came outside, Regaleon closed the door. Then Dimitri walked towards them and bowed down.

"Prince Regaleon, the first princess Veronica is in her lounge room." Dimitri said.

"Is that so?" Regaleon looked at Elizabeth piercingly. "Weren't you searching for your sister a while ago?"

Elizabeth was startled. "W-Well yes." She stuttered.

"The sister you were talking about being assaulted, was it your sister princess Veronica?" Regaleon asked cooly.

"Y-Ye... I-I mean no." Elizabeth was about to slip. "I-I was just walking along the corridors when I heard erotic sounds coming from inside. I never thought..."

"Erotic sound you say?" Regaleon looked at Elizabeth with cold eyes again. Elizabeth shivered, she felt those eyes had a killing intent in them. "Then maybe you walked inside the wrong room."

"What do you mean?" The queen was the one that answered. She was afraid that her daughter will say things she shouldn't.

"I admit, we made some noise." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "But can't you hear that loud noise?"

All was silent, thinking what the prince was talking about. Then they heard strange sounds, just at the other door beside them.

"Isn't that princess Veronica's room?" Regaleon mentioned.
Eating your Own Poison

"Isn't that princess Veronica's room?" Regaleon mentioned.

The king caught the prince's meaning in an instant. He rushed towards the other door and for sure heard loud moaning and erotic sounds. Much louder than in Alicia's room.

"Dear, dear... this must be a misunderstanding." The queen has grasped the situation. Knowing the crown prince's temperament, the queen knew what would happened.

The queen cursed her eldest daughter. 'Why didn't she just follow my plan. Why did she implicate and included the crown prince.' She thought deep inside.

"What misunderstanding?!" The king flared up again in anger. "Can't you hear those lewd noises?!"

"Father, that may not be sister inside." Elizabeth said. "S-She must be still in the ball room."

King Edward looked at Elizabeth and then the queen. Then he understood the situation in an instant.

'These mother and daughters, what were they up to again?' Blood boiled inside king Edward, he clenched his fists hard. Then he looked at prince Regaleon. It was good that the prince was here to protect Alicia.

Not looking at the group any longer, the king opened the door to Veronica's lounge room.

After opening, they can smell an intoxicating scent.

"All of you cover your mouth and nose." The king said. "Leave the door open and open the lights."

Similar to what happened in Alicia's lounge room, this room was also dark. And the lewd and wet noises of a man and woman was heard.

In no time the light of the room turned on. At the center of the room were a naked couple doing the deed.

Prime minister Murdoc saw the incense burner that emitted the intoxicating smell and closed it quickly. After a while the room was free of the scent and the people around can breath fresh air again.

After the light opened, the naked couple stopped what they were doing. They felt the presence of people around them.

"Ahh father?!" Veronica screamed. She looked at her self fully naked and started to cry.

"You harlot!" The queen was furious. She walked fast and got a blanket from a couch nearby to cover her daughter. But after that she gave Veronica a slap on both of her cheeks. "What have you done?!" The queen scolded.

"Mother, I didn't mean to... I was... I was assaulted." Veronica was in tears. "The crown prince came in and assaulted me. Father you have to seek justice for me. chastity was taken away."

King Edward looked at his eldest daughter. Fury and sentiment was mixed in his feelings. He knew what this daughter was up to. The king looked behind him where prince Regaleon and his assistant were standing.

"Preposterous!" Dimitri scolded.

"Are you saying that this crown prince assaulted you." Regaleon said cooly. "Because as I know I was the only crown prince here in this party except for your brother, prince Richard."

"P-Prince Regaleon?!" Veronica was surprised. 'Then who was....?' She looked at the man that was now half naked. The man has a great body full of muscles, he was now wearing his pants.

The group of people were looking at the man that was half naked now. It was sir Bradford, princess Veronica's personal knight.

"Why... why is it you here?!" Veronica scolded.

"Sir Bradford, explain." The king was looking at Bradford, waiting for his explanation.

Bradford got into his knees in front of the king.

"Your majesty, I have no excuses to what I have done." Bradford said respectfully. "But I am prepared to take responsibility, your majesty. I have taken princess Veronica's chastity, therefore I will marry her and take her as my wife."

"Noooo!!!" Veronica shouted. "I won't marry you. I wont marry anyone other than crown prince Regaleon!"

Then a loud slap was heard. It was the king slapping Veronica very hard. This was nothing compared to the slap Veronica got from the queen. Her cheek instantly swelled and was red.

"F-Father?" Veronica looked at the king in surprise.

"Silence!" The king roared. "You are still saying that while your chastity has been taken by another?"

The king knew what was going on. If Veronica still insisted to implicate prince Regaleon into this, then he was sure that Regaleon will investigate thoroughly what has conspired tonight.

King Edward knew that prince Regaleon knows what Veronica was up to. And what is in front of him now was the prince's pay back to his daughter.

This was considered still a lite punishment. If Veronica still insists on marrying prince Regaleon, he was afraid that the prince will do something even more sinister.

The king looked at Regaleon. The prince gave him a wicked smile. He knew that the prince was observing him, waiting for his decision.

King Edward knew that even though he doesn't want to dance in prince Regaleon's tune, he doesn't have a choice but follow. Veronica was still his daughter, even if he was dissatisfied with her now, he doesn't want her to be killed or even worse than death.

"Then I will give you my blessing." King Edward looked at sir Bradford. "You will marry my daughter Veronica."

"Thank you for your blessings, your majesty." Sir Bradford's head was still bowed down.

"" Veronica was crying silently. The queen was consoling her.

The king turned around. "Minister Stanley."

"Yes, your majesty." Stanley bowed his head.

"Make sure this incident won't leak out." The kind ordered. "And prepare Veronica's wedding as soon as possible."

"Yes." Stanley walked out of the room in an instant.

King Edward looked at Veronica one last time. She was crying on the floor.

'You did that to yourself you foolish girl.' The king thought and walked out.

By the door the king saw prince Regaleon. He was wearing a wicked smile.

"You made the right choice your majesty." Regaleon whispered when the king was right beside him. "I won't tolerate anyone that bring's harm to me or my fiancee."

The king understood and nodded. He walked away from the room.

Regaleon looked at the scene in front of him. The crying Veronica was being comforted by the queen and Elizabeth.

"Is this enough, your highness?" Dimitri asked.

"This is enough, for now." Regaleon replied. "She is still my sister-in-law. This is me giving her face. But if she does things against us again, I will make her life a living hell. She will be wishing she would rather be dead."

Regaleon's face looked devilish. Dimitri knew that this was the face the crown prince wears when he is angered. No one has had a good ending when the prince wears such a face.
What Really Happened (1)

(Thirty minutes before)

I was walking towards the lounge area where the rooms are located. I looked at my dress that was stained with the red wine and sighed sadly.

'This was mother's gown' I thought. 'I hope the stain can be taken off.'

And then I thought, can magic help cleaning things? 'I better try it when I get back to my room tonight.'

When I was at then lounge area, there were many doors. I do not know which one is mine.

"Excuse me." I see a maid in the corner. "Are you the one in charge of the lounge area?" I asked.

"Yes, your highness." The maid bowed half her body. "Would you like me to lead you to your lounge room, princess Alicia?" The maid respectfully asked.

"Yes, please." I replied.

"This way, your highness." The maid gestured the way and walked. I followed behind.

We were walking along the corridors. The lounge area is rather big. There are many doors lined up.

After a while the maid stopped at a certain door.

"Princess, this is your room." The maid gestured and opened the door.

"Thank you." I said to the maid.

I slowly walked inside the room. The inside was all lit up, it was a normal sized lounge room. I looked around searching for my spare gown, but it was no where to be found.

"I think this is the wrong room..." I said and turned around to look at the maid.

'Slam, click' the door was closed and I heard it locked.

I was stunned. I walked hurriedly towards the door and tried to open it. And like I thought, it really was locked from the outside.

"Hello, please open the door." I was knocking on the door. My heart was thumping really fast. There was no answer from the outside.

'This isn't good.' I thought to myself.

Maybe it wasn't a coincidence that the noble woman bumped into me and spilled her wine onto me. Then I remembered Regaleon's warning.


"And be very careful especially with your step sisters." Regaleon had a serious face now. "I had an intel a few days ago that the queen bought some things from foreign merchants from across the seas to the east."


Remembering Regaleon's warning, I thought that maybe this is one of my step mother and sisters' schemes.

"I have to get out of here, and fast." I told myself.

I prepared to use my magic to open the door, when gas started to come into the room from the vents.

"What is this?" I was alarmed.

Then the smoked came into my nose. I started to cough. I covered my mouth and nose with my handkerchief but it was useless, with smoke covering all the room. My body was starting to loose it's strength.

'Knock out gas?' I thought. 'No I have to get out of here quickly.'

I concentrated my mind on the door knob. The knob started to jerk. But my vision was getting blurred by the second.

'No. I am starting to lose consciousness.' My body felt numb and I fell on the ground.

'Cough cough' My consciousness is starting to fade. My vision is now all blurred.

"I can't... I can't lose consciousness." I said.

I tried with all my might to pry the door knob open. The knob was jerking but the strength got weaker by the second.

'I was careless.' I scolded myself. 'After Leon warned me, I should have been more careful.'

"L-Leon." I call his name with my last breath.

My vision went dark. But my consciousness was still clinging.

"Alicia!" I can hear a voice from outside the door.

'Bang bang bang' the door was being hit hard from the outside.

"Alicia!" The voice called again.

"I...I'm here." I yelled with what's still remaining from my voice.

"Alicia, wait for me." The voice said. "I'll get you out."

'Cough cough' My last remaining consciousness was now fading. I am also starting to suffocate.

Breathing is starting to get harder. Maybe this wasn't just knock out gas?

'Bang bang BANG!' Then the door was pried open.

"Alicia, Alicia!" The voice was now on top of me. It came from a man.

I can feel the man's arms carefully hold my body and lifted me up. He carried me out of the room.

I can feel that the man carried me out in a short distance and carefully laid me down.

"Alicia, how are you feeling?" The man asked worriedly.

"Breath...can't...breath..." I said with difficulty.

This was the first time I felt this way. As if something so heavy was on my chest. I was trying to breath but with such difficulty.

Then I felt someone pinch my nose and opened my lips carefully. After that I can feel lips on mine, air was blown thru my mouth.

Who ever this was, his action is helping me. I can feel my lungs being given fresh air. After some breaths in my mouth, that someone was pushing my chest.

"Come one Alicia, breath. Please breath." The man said. "I can't lose you. I can't live without you. Please God, please. Don't take her away."

I can hear the sweet words of the man. This words gave warmth to my heart.

'Cough cough cough'

I coughed hard. Then I was breathing at ease slowly. At last I can breath freely again. I can feel tears go down my cheeks.

"Oh God. Thank you." The man said with relief. "Alicia, can you hear me?"

I was still disoriented and my body felt so much heavier. I opened my eyes slowly.

My eyes were adjusting and I saw a man looking at me. On top of me I can see a blurred vision of the man, blonde hair and wearing a white suite. I tried to look closely, letting my eyes adjust.

Then I saw his pair of blue eyes, shining on top of me.

"Alicia, how are you feeling now?" I can feel his hand touch my cheeks carefully. Now that my consciousness was back, I recognized the voice instantly.

"W-Will?" I asked.

"Yes, it's me." William's voice sounded relieved.

"William... you saved me." I said. Now my vision was clear again. I can see William clearly now on top of me, looking down on me.

"Yes, I followed behind you just now. Thinking that I would escort you." William explained. "And just after you got in the door, I was surprised that the maid locked you in. When I saw this, I tried to confront the maid. She tried to escape so I incapacitated her."

William gestured his head towards the maid lying down, unconscious on the floor.

"When you stopped knocking on the door, I was nervous." William said.

"There was some gas inside." I explained. "At first I thought it was a knock out gas. But then I had difficulty in breathing."

Then William's expression turned sour in anger. He punched his fist on the wall behind me.

"Who the hell did this to you?" William said in anger.

I looked at him carefully. I have an idea who had done this, but will William believe in me?

"You know right, Alicia?" William asked, looking at me straight into my eyes. I can see trust in his look.

"I have an idea, but I don't have any proof." I said.

"Tell me, I will believe you." William said to me warmly. His voice carries his trust in me.

"My step mother and step sisters." I said truthfully. "Do you believe me?"

I looked in his light blue eyes. There was no doubt in them.

"I believe you." William said. "They will pay for this." He said ferociously.

I was taken back with William's tone of voice. I was used to the gentle and kind William. This was the first time I saw him so angry.

I sat down carefully, my body was still heavy but at least I can move.

"Why not lie down for a while?" William said but still helped me up.

"No need, I'm fine." I said. The truth is our position is a little awkward. I am embarrassed to tell William that.

'Meow' then Snow came out of no where and jumped onto my lap.

"Snow?" I was puzzled how Snow got here.

'Hurry, Leon needs you.' Snow said to me via telepath.

What Really Happened (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

"This smell!" I covered my nose with my hand quickly. But it was too late. I have inhaled some of the smoke.

"I have been waiting for you, your highness." It was not Alicia's voice.

The woman seating in front of me turned around, it was Veronica.

'Dammit!' I cursed inside me. I let my guard down, thinking that if was Alicia in front of me.

Veronica stood up from where she was sitting. She was wearing an identical blue gown and a wig similar to the color of Alicia's hair.

"Do you like the smell of the fragrance, prince Regaleon?" Veronica opened the incense burner fully. The smoke coming from within intensified.

I can no longer block the smoke with my hand. Bit by bit I was inhaling the fragrance from the incense burner.

'Cough cough' The smell is fragrant but it was so strong that it hurt by throat and nostrils.

"What is this?" I asked. My body was starting to become hot. My heart beat was getting faster.

Veronica had a smile of satisfaction on her face. "Can you feel it now prince, the effect of the drug?"

"What?!" I was not really surprised. If I am Veronica's target, then this drug she speaks of would be an aphrodisiac.

'But what kind of aphrodisiac is this?' I thought.

Since I was young, I have been served with many drugs, poisons and the likes. With the battle for the crown prince title, I have been poisoned so many times. My body has grown immune with most of the harmful drugs there is in this continent.

"I can feel it too, prince Regaleon." Veronica said. "My body is also getting hotter by the second. This drug that came from the east is so amazing. Coupled with incense that stimulates the body's carnal desires, it really is perfect."

"From the east?" So this drug was really purchased from the merchants that came from across the sea to the east.

Veronica started to walk seductively towards me.

"Prince Regaleon, I can feel it now. My body is craving for your touch." Veronica said with seduction.

Her words let me feel like I wanted to puke. Just thinking that a girl like her lusts for me, sickens me to the bones.

"Do you think with this drug, I would be attracted to you?" I looked at her with disgust and hatred. Veronica shuddered when she caught my gaze.

"Hah, dream on!" I shouted. "You are unworthy to be beside me, let alone be my princess consort. That place is for Alicia, and Alicia alone."

The heat of my body just elevated the anger that I am feeling right now.

My arms extended and my hand encircled her slim throat. With the anger I was feeling, my hand squeezed her little neck.

"P-prince, cough cough." Veronica was looking at me with fear in her eyes. "P-Please... don't...cough."

Her pleading just made me sick. After doing such a thing, to me the crown prince of Grandcrest. She should have expected that I won't let her keep her life.

"Cough cough, save" Veronica's pleas became weak while I was squeezing her fragile little neck.

Seeing her struggling wasn't enough. My anger was to the point that I want to break all of her bones. I want to see her in agony.

"Your tried to plan against this crown prince?! It's too early for you to try and scheme against me!" The heat of my body was intensifying. I can feel the blood rise to my head.

Veronica was looking at me with agony. Her eyes started to close. Without air coming in to her lungs, she will pass out any minute now.

"Your highness?!" The door behind me slammed open. It was Dimitri that shouted.

"Your highness, please calm your self." Dimitri was right beside me in an instant.

There was another person, it was Veronica's personal knight sir Bradford. He came to Veronica's side and tried to pry open my grasp from Veronica's neck.

"Your highness, please stop!" Bradford said with eagerness. But he can't open my grasp in his princess' neck.

"This girl tried to scheme against this crown prince." I said with my authority. "Do you know what the sentence for her action is? Death!"

My anger made me squeezed her throat with more strength.

'Cough cough'

Bradford was still trying to pry my grip open.

"Does she think she can sew discord between me and my beloved? I would never let her!" My anger was at it's maximum.

"Your highness, you have to calm down." Dimitri pleaded. "Please think of where we are right now."

I understood Dimitri's words. For sure there will be consequence if I kill this first princess of Alvannia, and at my engagement party to top it off.

This made me weigh the pros and cons of killing this scheming woman. I loosened my grip but didn't let go of her.

This scheming witch tried to pry me away from my beloved and take her place. Hah, she can dream but I won't let her do as she wishes.

'She's better off dead.' I thought. 'I will deal with the consequences after.'

"Leon!" Then I hear Alicia's voice. In no time she was beside me. "Let go, okay. She's not worth it."

After Alicia's words, I let go of this witch. Veronica's body went limp and fell on Bradford's arms.

Alicia saw the incense burner that was still emitting smoke at the far corner. I can see her silently used her magic, making a force filed like bubble around it so that the smoke won't reach us.

"How is she?" Alicia asked Bradford.

"She is alright princess. She lost consciousness." Bradford was on the floor nestling Veronica in his arms. "Thank you." He said to Alicia with gratitude.

"Hmph, she doesn't deserve to live!" I looked at Veronica with resentment and hatred. "What she did to this crown prince, is only punishable by death."

Bradford shivered while holding Veronica. I am sure he knows the consequences of his princess' actions.

Bradford laid Veronica down on the floor and kneeled in front of me.

"Your highness, please have mercy." Bradford pleaded. "I know what she did was wrong. But she did it because of her love for you."

Seeing such an honorable person kneel down because of this witch just irritates me. Veronica doesn't deserve such a person beside her.

"Her offense is against the crown prince of Grandcrest!" I said. "If it was done to others, then it can be pardoned. But because she made the offense against me, don't expect her life to be spared."

"Please, your highness. I would do anything, please just don't take her life." Bradford slammed his head on the floor. It made a 'bam' sound.

"Leon, I think it is also not good to take her life now." Alicia said. I looked at her, curious to know what she is her meaning. "If we take her life because of her offense against you now, then our marriage agreement can be put into a pause or be canceled. Our two countries would have conflict, and it can also dissolve our marriage. I don't want that to happened."

Alicia looked at me with sad eyes. She caressed my face with her soft hands. I held her hand and put a kiss on her palm. I looked at her with affection.

I nod, understanding Alicia's explanation. "I am happy to know that you are thinking about our future." My heart felt warmth, a smile crept on my face.

"We can make Veronica pay for her offense without taking her life." Alicia said with an innocent smile. "She tried to covet my man, of course I won't let her out of the hook."

Seeing Alicia with an innocent smile but talking about punishment make me love this girl more.

I hugged her inside my arms and whispered. "Then do what you want. I will support you." I said. "Just make it quick, I am at my limit."

Seeing and hugging my love in front of me, the reaction of my body was getting hotter by the second. The effects of the drug was getting stronger with Alicia in my embrace. My body it now so hot that I am struggling with myself not to pounce on my beloved Alicia.