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Regaleon was holding me tight in his embrace. His temperature is a little hot. His head rested in my shoulder. I can hear his breathing was heavy. It made me a bit worried.

"Regaleon, are you feeling unwell? Is it because of the drug you inhaled?" I said worriedly.

"Don't worry, I can still endure." Regaleon looked at me and smiled. "Anyways, what are you planning to do with her?" Regaleon gestured his head towards Veronica lying on he ground, unconscious.

I looked at my step sister with anger and hate.

"How dare she do this to my future husband?!" I said with seething anger.

"What ever you are planning, I will support you." Regaleon said. "I am here to back you up."

I smiled at him sweetly and nodded. I slowly inched away from Regaleon's embrace and walked towards where my step sister was laying.

"You." I looked at sir Bradford who is kneeling beside Veronica. "You are Elizabeth's personal knight, correct? Why are you begging for mercy in behalf of my step sister?"

Bradford was silent and didn't answer my question.

"Answer the princess." Dimitri said.

"No need, Dimitri." I gestured my hand to Dimitri prompting him that I can manage this. "Sir Bradford, I guess I know the answer to my own question."

Bradford looked up at me with wide eyes. I guess he never thought that I would know. Actually I am gambling, this was just my theory.

"You have feelings for my step sister Veronica, right?" I looked at Bradford's reaction after this sentence.

Bradford was startled for a while but resumed his blank face.

'Bingo.' I grinned.

"I only realized some of your gestures in the past." I continued. "I saw how you looked at Veronica when we gathered in the past. I never given any thought about it. But now seeing you kneel, begging for mercy for Veronica. Even though you are not her personal knight. Now I know why, you love her."

Bradford's facial expression grimaced. I can see him had a deep sigh and nodded in defeat. His deep secret has been revealed by me.

"What you said a while ago, are you certain you would do anything for her. For my step sister Veronica?" I asked.

Bradford bowed down his head yet again.

"Your highness, princess Alicia. I am a knight of my word. As I have said, I would do anything for princess Veronica." Bradford said. He gave a meaningful look at Veronica.

My step sister has been cunning since before. But what she did right now can't be left unpunished. She had put the crown prince Regaleon of Grendcrest in a love trap.

I myself don't want her to go unpunished. But as I have said earlier, my marriage with Regaleon may be in jeopardy if this comes to light. This has to be settled within this closer doors. Then an idea came up to me.

'A love trap.' I thought. 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.'

"Sir Bradford, you know that what Veronica did was punishable by death." I said with a serious face. But deep down I was smiling wickedly.

"I know her fault is very grave. But still, princess Alicia I beseech you to show mercy." Bradford said. "She is still your blood sister."

"Hmph." I sneered. "Mercy you say. You know what she has done to me in the past, and you ask me to show mercy."

Bradford grimaced and clenched his fists hard.

"Do you know that just now, my life was in danger because of her as well." I said with a flat tone.

"What?!" Regaleon shouted in anger. "This is unacceptable. Princess Veronica just tried to assassinate the future crown princess of Grandcrest. This is also an act against our royal family. Dimitri, what is the punishment of Grandcrest for such a crime?!"

"Answering your highness. If found guilty, it is punishable by death. And not just any death. Her head and limbs would be cut off and she will be buried without a whole body intact."

Regaleon's eyes where as cold as ice. I can feel the fury rising inside of him. He was so angry, hearing that my life was endangered because of Veronica's scheme.

"I have a witness." William's voice was just outside the door. He had just arrived to see the scene. "The maid that led Alicia to the wrong lounge room is now in my custody."

William's voice was also cold. If Regaleon was flaming with fury, then William's rage is cold as the snowy mountains of Jennova.

"Let me handle this." I looked at the two men. I know that they are angry on my behalf, but I want to be the one to sentence Veronica.

I have let Veronica off the hook too many times. She has done me many wrong doings. It is time to pay back all her debts.

"She cannot go unpunished." I said in a serious voice while I glanced at Bradford.

"I know that the first princess has done many wrongs against you. That is why I won't ask you to let her go unpunished. I just ask you to spare her life." Bradford bowed his head and knocked it on the floor once more. "I beg of you."

I made a wicked smile. I have caught Bradford in my grasp. As a knight, he must hold true to his words.

"Do not worry sir Bradford, I won't demand her life. I give you my word." I smiled wickedly. "But she has to pay with the same price as what she has done. She tried to take my future husband away with a love trap, then so shall I bestow to her, her own love trap."

Bradford looked at me with shock. Looking at him so surprised, maybe he never thought that I would think of such a thing to my step sister.

"Let me remind you sir Bradford, her wrong doings are punishable by death. I am giving her an easy way out. Not to mention, you would also take home the beauty." I said.

"But, she would be devastated." Bradford said reluctantly and looked at Regaleon. "She only dreamed of marrying the crown prince, even as a concubine. She really admires you, your highness." Bradford looked at Regaleon.

"Then I just have to shatter her dreams. Because I don't intend to take in any concubines. In this life time, my wife will be princess Alicia and her alone." Regaleon said with firmness. My heart squeezed with love after hearing Regaleon's words.

I looked at Bradford and he seemed to be at a loss. Well I can't blame him. Who told him to fall in love with my wicked step sister. Now that Veronica picked the wrong man that is my future husband to play with, she had to pay the price.

"I won't be asking again, sir Bradford." I said with authority. "Agree with me, or let the law of Grandcrest fall upon her? You choose."

Bradford was debating, but I am sure of what his decision would be.

"I agree." Bradford said. "I agree to your demands, princess Alicia." Bradford seemed defeated.

"Then it is settled." I said with a smile. "Take her to her lounge room." I ordered Bradford.

Bradford picked Veronica up gently, like she was made of glass.

'He really loves her.' I thought.

Bradford is an honorable knight. I only pity him, falling for a wrong woman. Veronica really doesn't deserve such a good man.

"I will be watching you." Regaleon said when Bradford passed by him. "Remember that this crown prince can do anything."

Regaleon's words was a warning to Bradford. I know that what Regaleon meant was if Bradford do something behind our back, then Regaleon won't hesitate to kill.

I see Dimitri walked towards the table where the incense burner was place and picked it up.

"We will be needing this." Dimitri said. He followed Bradford out of the room.
The Aphrodisiac’s Effects (1)

After Dimitri followed Bradford out of the room, Regaleon, William and I are the only ones left.

'Well this feels a bit awkward.' I thought to myself.

Regaleon and William were staring at each other. They looked like they were fighting an inner battle that I cannot see.

"Um, Leon." I tried to break the atmosphere. "William was there to save me."

"Is that so?" Regaleon said with a sarcastic tone. "Then I give you my sincere thanks for saving my 'future wife'."

I know that Regaleon was sincere in giving his thanks. But why is there hostility in his sentence just now?

"No need to thank me your highness." William gave a wry smile. "It is my duty as princess Alicia's knight."

There was a stand off between the both of them for a few minutes. And I was standing at the side, awkwardly staring at them.

"You can take your leave, now that I am here." Regaleon broke the silence. "Me and my future wife have something to discuss."

"Then I will be withdrawing." William bowed his head. "Oh before I go, do you still have difficulty breathing princess?" He asked me.

"No, I am breathing fine now." I answered.

"Then that's a relief. Please forgive me for making a mouth to mouth resuscitation. You were lacking oxygen back then." William said apologetically. But his eyes darted to Regaleon.

"N-No need to ask for forgiveness. It was to save me so it was inevitable." I replied.

But then I just realized that to do mouth to mouth, then William's lips was pressed to mine. I silently felt embarrassed.

"That's a relief to hear." William smiled sweetly at me and I blushed in embarrassment.

William turned around and closed the door behind him.

"Mouth to mouth ehhh." Regaleon's voice was just right behind me. I had goosebumps behind my neck in an instant.

"W-Well, it was an emergency." I reasoned out.

I can hear Regaleon's breath behind my ear and it slowly tickles me. My heart was beating faster and faster, as if there were horses running inside my chest.

"An emergency, you say." Regaleon whispered behind my ear. My whole body cringe as an reaction. "You let another man touch your sweet lips."

Regaleon's voice was dangerous yet seductive. I do not know if my heart racing was because I am being afraid of him, or being aroused by his actions.

"You know that you are mine, right? No one can ever touch what is mine." Regaleon said with a dangerous tone.

"I-I am only yours." I said. My body was feeling weirder by the second. Regaleon's voice had some kind of charm in them, letting my body feel this way.

"Lili, something dirty just touched your lips. You deserve some punishment." Regaleon said. He talks about punishment yet his voice sends sweet electricity around my body.

Regaleon's arms encircled my waist from behind. My back met his hot broad chest. My body's reaction was to flee from danger but my heart says to remain and accept my punishment.

Regaleon's hands started to caress my stomach and make it's way up to my chest. I was breathing heavily, my heart was thumping more faster than earlier.

"L-Leon..." I breathed out his name, but it came out strangely. As if I was trying to seduce and tame a raging beast.

"Lili, your lips need to be cleaned throughly." Regaleon whispered behind my ear.

He cupped my chin with his hand and gently pulled it towards him. Not long I felt his soft and sweet lips on mine.

"Hmmm." I let out a low moan. I closed my eyes to savor the sensation.

Regaleon deepened the kiss even further. His lips ravaged mine, his tongue evaded my mouth and claimed it.

Our tongues intertwined inside my mouth, dancing with each other. After a while Regaleon let go of my lips.

We are both catching our breath. I can see his face flushed with redness and I bet mine is too.

"Lili, I can't hold it any longer." Regaleon said. His eyes were looking at me like I was a prey to be feasted upon.

"What is it?" I asked worriedly. He was trying to resist something inside of him. And he was clearly having trouble to resist.

"The drug... I never thought it to be so strong." Regaleon said. "I am at my limit now. Lili if you don't want me to touch you, please leave while I still can control myself."

I looked at Regaleon and understood right away what he was trying to say.

"The drug, was an aphrodisiac that strong?" I asked but the answer was evident in front of me.

"Hmm." Regaleon nodded gently.

Looking at Regaleon again, his face was flushed. His body that was embracing me felt hot as well.

'Veronica, that b*tch!' I cursed her in my mind. 'How dare she harm my Leon?!'

I slowly turned around to face Regaleon but I was still in his embrace. I lift my hand and cupped his cheeks.

"It's hot." I murmured.

Regaelon took one of my hands and pressed his lips into my palm. His kiss was also hot to touch.

"You can leave now if you don't want to." Regaleon said with closed eyes.

I can see that he was resisting the effects of the aphrodisiac as best as he could. My heart squeezed in pain. It was clear that he was in pain as well.

"I won't leave you." I said with conviction.

Regaleon's eyes opened with shock and looked at me in wonder. I know that the only way to relieve Regaleon from the pain was to give in to his body's car al desires. And with me being here, only makes his desires even stronger.

"I won't leave you." I repeated. "I am your fiancee now. It is my duty to serve you."

Regaleon gave me a sweet smile in return.

"I am happy to hear that." Regaleon said. "But I will be even happier if you don't think of it as a 'duty'."

My heart thumped with what he said. I shook my head to clear the misunderstanding.

"No, not only duty. I am willing, to give myself to you." I said honestly. "Seeing you in pain breaks my heart. If I can ease your suffering, I am willing to do anything for you. You are mine and I am yours. Today or in the future, I am only yours."

I have decided, wether it will be now or after we get married is not important. I was his and he was mine. Making love to him now or later doesn't make any difference.

Regaleon's smile broadened, his pearl white teeth peeked.

"Yes, you are mine and I am yours." Regaleon said as if it was a promise. "Now and forever."

Regaleon hugged me even closer and we resumed our intense kiss. I can feel his hand tracing my back from the nape of my neck down.

Not long I can feel that the zipper of my dress was opened. My whole dress was lose and fell to the ground. I am now only wearing my under garments.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such sweetness. He lifted me up and laid me in the couch gently.
🔞🔞🔞🔞The Aphrodisiac’s Effects (2)

WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such sweetness. He lifted me up and laid me in the couch gently.

After I was laid down the couch, I see Regaleon taking off his cloak and vest. He slowly undo the buttons of his white long sleeves under shirt.

Once the buttons were undone, I saw his broad chest. I unconciously lift my hands and feel his wide chest. His skin was hot, ‘It was the effects of the aphrodisiac' I thought.

While exploring his broad chest, I felt some rough and uneven sides on his skin. Upon looking there were visible scars in his fair skin.

"Don't look at it." Regaleon said sadly. "It's ugly."

I look at his face that gave a sad smile to me. My heart ached just imagining how he got these scars.

‘He must have gone thru a lot when he was young' I thought. I just heard that the fight for the throne in Grandcrest was really brutal. Even killing ones family, just to get the throne, was the norm.

I shook my head. "This is a part of you. I whole heartily accept everything about you. Not just the fame of royalty. I am ready to accept all the hardships as well." I was firm with my word.

Regaleon smiled at me after he heard my words. It was his smile that I so much love. My heart throbed for this man.

I leaned close to Regaleon's chest and started to kiss the scars. One by one I plant a kiss on them, showing to him that I was not disgusted.

"Hmmm." Regaleon moaned lowly.

This gave me the courage of being bolder. I took my tongue out and started to lick the scars in his chest.

"Ahhh... Alicia." I can hear the sensation in Regaleon's voice.

‘I can make him feel this way' I was pleased internally. The courage inside me swelled up and I tried to do much bolder things.

I slowly put my hands down his waist, caressing his skin along the way. I can feel him wiggle with my touch.

"Haha." I giggled lightly. "Your ticklish here?" I asked him.

"That is one of my secrets." Regaleon chuckled.

"I wonder, what other secrets do you have." I joked.

My hands explored down his waist to his pants. Slowly I hovered my hand over his sensitive area between his legs.

I was still nervous but looking at Regaleon's reactions to my touch, I have additional courage. I slowly touched his senitive part. Slowly and gently I squeezed it.

‘It's already hard' I thought.

I have also studied a human's body in one of my classes. I have also studied the sexual intercourse between the opposite sex. But all of that were in books and for educational purposes. Doing it personally made me nervous.

"Ahhh...hmmm." Regaleon was moaning with my touch.

This gave me courage again and slowly unbuttoned his pants and zipper. I pulled down his pants and under garment.

In an instant, Regaleon's long hard rod was in front of me. I have seen many pictures of a man's anatomy in books, but this was the first time I saw it upclose. Being curious, I unconciously touched it.

"Ahhh, Lili. That feels good." Regaleon moaned.

"Does this feel good?" I asked curiously. "Does this relieve the pain?"

"Hmmm." Regaleon nodded.

Knowing that it eases Regaleon's pain, I gently caressed his hard rod with my hands. It was hot to the touch.

"" Regaleon said between every breath.

Because of his reaction, I caressed it a little faster. Some kind of liquid was trickling out of the rod's head.

"Hmmm... Lili please, lick it." Regleon asked gently. I looked up at him questioiningly. His eyes was pleading. "Please." He said again.

I gulped hard and looked at the long hard rod of his. I licked my lips unconciously. After my internal debate, I slowly opened my lips and took him inside my mouth.

"Ahhh...hmmm." Regaleon moaned with passion.

I sucked his hot rod into my mouth gently. His taste was a little salty, but overall I didn't dislike it. In fact looking at Regleon having such pleasure, made me become even bolder in my movements.

My tongue played with the tip of his rod, making Regaleon moan even more. He was clearly enjoying my actions. I sucked him even harder this time, making my actions a little faster.

"Ahhh...Lili...hmmm..." Regaleon was moaning deeply. "Alicia...hmmm...I'm cumming...ahhhh..."

A hot fluid gushed out of Regaleon's hard rod and into my mouth. I instinctively gulped the salty fluid.

I looked up at Regaleon and smiled. ‘I had made him cum, and in my mouth' I thought. This accomplishment made me proud of myself. I have at least satisfied my man.

Regaleon was looking at me with such ferocious eyes, as if a beast was not yet sedated.

"Looking at me like that, is my little fiancee seducing me even more?" Regaleon smiled mischievously.

He slowly pushed me down the couch. His lips found mine in no time and ravaged it.

"Hmmm..." I moaned with Regaleon's deep kiss. His hot touch ignited the fire in my own body.

Regaleon's hands caressed my body, sensing electricity with his every touch. His hands traveled from my shoulders towards my chest. Slowly he pulled out my upper undergarment and kneaded both my breasts.

"Ahhh..." I let out a moan when Regaleon pulled his lips out of mine.

"Does that feel good?" Regaleon smiled mischievously.

"Hmmm...y-yes.." I said while panting.

Regaleon pinched my nipples between his fingers. My reaction to it was my body arched up instictiey.

"Hyah..." I shrieked with the sensation it gave to my body.

Looking at my reaction, Regaleon smiled in satisfaction. Not long his mouth sucked in one of my breasts.

"Oohhh...hmmm...Leon..." I said between the sensations I was feeling. "That...feels good." 

Upon hearing my words, Regaleon sucked my breast even harder, while his other hand kneaded the other.

"Hyahh..." I shrieked again. Regaleon had bitten my nipple lightly. The sensation sent bolts into my whole body.

After his attack with both my breasts, his lips makes its way to the south. His hands slowly caressed my skin on my back towards my butt. His hot touch triggers the sensitivity of my body.

Regaleon's hands found the sim of my panties and gently pulled it down. His hands skillfully caressed in between my tighs and touched my senstive area.

"Ahhh...hmmm..." I moaned with the sudden sensation.

"Alicia, you taste so sweet." I hear Regaleon say while his lips was on my skin.
🔞🔞🔞 The Aphrodisiac’s Effects (3)

WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

"Alicia, you taste so sweet." I hear Regaleon say while his lips was on my skin.

"Hmm~Leon..." The sensation of Regaleon's lips on my skin ignited my body even more. The path that his lips left felt hot.

Slowly Regaleon pulled open my thighs, exposing my secret area down below.

"Hyah~" I was shocked with the sudden invasion of Regaleon's lips, skimming my inner thighs.

"No...that''s not clean." My embarrassment was evident in my voice.

But Regaleon did not heed my words and still moved forward with his lips.

"Ahhh~hmmm..." I can feel the sensation of his lips teasing my inner thighs. I don't know why but it feels so good.

"Do you feel good?" Regaleon asked in between his actions.

"Y~Ye...ahhh." I was about to say yes to his question when something wet entered my secret area.

The sensation bursted thru out my body, I can't understand what I am feeling. This was the first time I am feeling something like this.

I just realized that it was Regaleon's tongue that invaded my sensitive spot. I can hear wet erotice sounds coming from down there.

"Hmmm...Ahhh~L-Leon." I was holding the couch tightly. The sensation was building up inside of me.

"L-Leon...haah~~hmmm...I~I feel weird." I said. My body was feeling sensations I never felt before. Something was building up inside me , I can't explain what it was.

When Regaleon heard my words, he inserted his tongue even deeper. He licked my insides and the juices were overflowing. The sounds coming from down there were even more erotic than earlier.

"N-No...ahhh...if you do that~hmmm..." I can't control my body any longer. "Ahhh...Leon!"

I screamed his name while my body convulsed under him. My body released such pleasure I never felt before.

'So this is orgasam?' I thought.

I have only read such things in books. The pleasure of a human's body once they satisfy their carnal desires. To think that it was this good. No wonder people like doing such erotic things.

"Did you cum?" Regaleon asked while wiping his mouth. His gestured made me embarrassed. To think he did something like that with his mouth. I nodded my head feeling shy.

"That's good. That was your first orgasm and I was the one that made you satisfied." Regaleon had a satisfied grin on his face.

Regaleon slowly closed my legs, this made me look at him in confusion.

"Aren't we...doing it?" I was shy to ask but I was confused by Regaleon's actions.

Regaleon took of his silver mask and I saw his handsome face. My heart thumped loudly whe his eyes looked at me with such affection mixed with lust.

"I can relieve my self without penetrating inside of you." Regaleon said and smiled. "I still want your chastity to be intact before our wedding. It was afterall, my promise to your father."

I looked at his beautiful sapphire blue eyes. I understood what he meant. He will still uphold his promise to father and will only penetrate me after our marriage. He still respects me and my father.

"My Lili, you are so beautiful." Regaleon said with such affection. Looking at his face without the mask was a privilege. I can see his every reaction.

"You are handsome as well, Leon." I replied to his compliment. He gave me his bright smile once again. My heart swelled up with happiness.

"Ohhh...Lili..." Regaleon slolwly eased his hard rod in between my thighs near my sensitive area. He moaned with such pleasure.

Slowly he was moving, in and out, inbetween my thighs. His hot hard rod was rubbinng along the lips of my sex.

"Hmmm~~ahhh..." I was moaning with the sensation that I am feeling. His rod that was rubbing my sensitive area is giving me such pleasure.

Regaleon's slow thrust inbetween my thighs were picking up speed every second. Both of us are at the peak of our pleasure. I look at his face and see him with such an erotic expression. This made me happy, happy that he was craving for me.

" Lili." Regaleon said, breathing heavily. "I'm coming."

"Hmm...m~me too...hmmm...ahhh." I was at my climax.

"Lili....ahhhh.." Regaleon came. Hot fluid came out if his rod and flew on top of my stomach.

"Ahhhh..." I also came with him, my body convulsing with pleasure.

The both of us were panting, catching our breaths. Regaleon gently leaned down on top of me.

"Lili, my Lili." Regaleon whispered in my ear. He licked my earlobe that made me ticklish.

"Haha." I giggled with the sensation of his tongue.

"I love you, my Lili." Regaleon ssid with such a sweet voice. He looked at me with affection and love.

"And I love you too." I replied to him with equal affection of my own.

We may not have done the deed, but I feel much closer to Regaleon than ever before. This actions are done by lovers only.

'We have progressed by another level.' I thought. And in the future we will be experiencing even more.

Regaleon picked up his silver mask, lying on the floor and placed it on his face again. I sighed sadly because I still wanted to look at his handsome facial features.

Sensing my sad smile, Regaleon inched his face towards me and planted his lips onto mine. The kiss this time was gentle and serene. The fire of our passion a while ago has lowered down, and the sweetness was left lingering.

Then I heard the door opened and the lights were turned on. I never realized when Regaleon turned off the lights.

Foot steps were coming towards us but Regaleon didn't ease up on our kiss. And so I just followed his actions.

"What is this?!" I hear a man shout. If I am not mistaken, this voice came from father.

Regaleon stopped kissing me after he heard father's words. He slowly eased up on top of me but still covered me with his body.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" It was the voice of my step mother the queen.

'So she is also here?' I thought. ‘Well, this is interesting.' I smiled.

Regaleon was protecting me from the gaze of the group of people that came inside. I was naked under him and that made me nervous. He took his coat from the floor and covered me up.

'Luckily Regaleon's coat is big and long.'
The Love Trap Gone Wrong

"What is this?!" I hear a man shout. If I am not mistaken, this voice came from father.

Regaleon stopped kissing me after he heard father's words. He slowly eased up on top of me but still covered me with his body.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" It was the voice of my step mother the queen.

'So she is also here?' I thought. ‘Well, this is interesting.' I smiled.

Regaleon was protecting me from the gaze of the group of people that came inside. I was naked under him and that made me nervous. He took his coat from the floor and covered me up.

‘Luckily Regaleon's coat is big and long.' I thought. It covered my naked body, but my feet were still exposed.

"Prince Regaleon, what is the meaning of this?" My father roared.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I just can't resist your daughter's charm." Regaleon said.

I can hear a hint of teasing in his voice. I giggled lightly. Because I don't want to get caught giggling, I hold Regaleon's coat tightly.

"Sister, what did the crown prince do to you!" Elizabeth suddenly said.

'The show is beginning now.' I smiled.

Elizabeth pulled Regaleon's coat that was covering my face. I took a peek outside and saw the group of people who are present.

"Y-You! What are you doing here?!" Elizabeth asked dumbfounded. "Where is sister Veronica?!"

"What do you mean Elizabeth?" I asked confused. "This is my lounge room, correct? Then why are you surprised to see me?"

"Why are you looking for princessVeronica here?" Regaleon's voice was cold beyond negative zero.

King father looked at Regaleon and me and heave a sigh.

"Explain this prince Regaleon." King father looked at him seriously.

"Like I said, your majesty. I can't resist your daughter's charms." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "I can't see any problem with this. We are officially an engaged couple. Having some intimacy isn't bad between us."

Regaleon's piercing eyes fall unto Elizabeth. The girl shivered with fright.

"Your majesty, this is a little bit awkward, can you please leave first." Regaleon looked at me who was still naked underneath his coat.

"Hahaha, young people are hot blooded indeed." Prime minister Murdoc's laugh broke the tension around the room. "Your majesty, let's give them some space, the situation is embarrassing princess Alicia."

King father nodded in agreement.

"Let's give my fiancee some time to dress." Regaleon said cooly.

The group exited and left me behind to dress up. When the door was closed, I slowly stood up. I inserted my small body inside Regaleon's coat.

The coat I am wearing still has the lingering smell of Regaleon. I sniffed the long sleeves and smell his scent.

The sleeves were dangling in my arms. The coat was big compared to my small frame. Then I imagined Regaleon's broad back and chest. His strong muscular arms and six pack abs.

I felt embarrassed when I realized where my thoughts were headed. I quickly covered my face with my hands and shook my head.

"Oh my, Alicia. What were you thinking?" I scolded myself.

Regaleon and I had an intimate moment togther. And thinking that we were caught by the adults, maked me embarrassed even more.

"Let's stop thinking about that for now." I told myself. "I need to get dressed first."

As I recall, I have instructed Tricia to prepare me an extra dress in case of an emergency. And I was glad I planned such things in advance, because this was an emergency. Who would have thought than my beautiful gown would be stained tonight?

I see the dress cabinet in the corner of the room and walked towards it. I opened it and inside was the spare dress Tricia prepared for me.

It was a simple white gown with pink accent. It is not as beautiful as my mother's gown, but at least this can do.

"Well the evening isn't young anymore. The party will surely come into a conclusion soon." I said.

I took off Regaleon's coat and carefully put on the white gown.


I was all dressed up neatly now. I arranged my long platinum blonde hair into a sophisticated bun and out on my tiara.

Sad that the beautiful braids were undone when Regaleon and I made some naughty things. Just by remembering made me embarrassed.

"No!!!" I suddenly hear Veronica's shout from the other room. "I won't marry you. I wont marry anyone other than crown prince Regaleon!"

'I wonder what was happening at the other room.' I thought.

It's a pity I can't watch the show over there. But I am sure that Regaleon is putting those wicked step mother and sisters of mine in their place.

I sit down again on the couch, waiting eagerly for Regaleon to come back.

Not long after, the door opened and Regaleon entered followed by Dimitri.

I stood up and walked towards Regaleon, eager to know what happened. He opened his arms, ready to take me into his embrace.

"Leon." I throw myself into his embrace. I can smell his familiar scent.

"Missed me already?" Regaleon chuckled. He kissed my head that was neslted on his broad chest.

"So, what happened?" I asked Regaleon.

"Your plan was played successfully." Regaleon replied approvingly. "Veronica is to be wed to sir Bradford as soon as possible."

I smiled knowing that my plan was a success.

"I just think that they deserved a much harsher punishment." Regaleon said.

"You think so?" I asked. "Well I think that having Veronica's dreams shattered was a huge blow to her."

I am sure Regaleon was thinking harsh punishments in the physical aspect. But the plan that I have thought of was more at the emotional side.

"Well an emotional scar is much more harder to heal rather than physical ones." Regaleon said. "As I thought, my future wife is also cunning."

"A best fit of a wife for a devlish crown prince." I giggled.

"Yes, no other woman can stand beside me other than you." Regaleon said with a smile.

"Ahem." I hear Dimitri coughed. I forgot that he was also hear with us in the room. I felt embarrassed instantly.

"Your highness, I believe you and the princess need to show yourselves right before the party ends." Dimitri said while trying to avoid looking at our romantic actions.

"Oh yes. I nearly forgot we are at a party." Regaleon chuckled. "Get me a change of clothes."

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and left the room.

Now that we were alone again, I felt a little shy. I just remembered the intimate things we have done.

"How cute, my future wife is getting shy again." Regaleon teased.

I was still in Regaleon's embrace. He cupped my chin and tilted my head to look at him.

"You look cute in white and pink. You look like a little lamb, very tasty for this hungry black wolf." Regaleon smiled mischievously.