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Consequences (1)

"You look cute in white and pink. You look like a little lamb, very tasty for this hungry black wolf." Regaleon smiled mischievously.

Regaleon inched his face slowy towards mine ang caught my lips with his. He nibbled my lips gently, his tongue licking.

His arms encircled my small waist, his chest was sticking to mine. My body is starting to feel hot again, with such intimate actions.

'Knock knock'

"Your highness." Dimitri called from outside the door. "Your change of clothes are here."

Regaleon leaned his head on my shoulder and sighed lightly. I hear him chuckle.

"I guess our sweet moment will be cut short." Regaleon said with a smile.

I nodded and agreed with him, giggling.

"Oh, now your laughing at me." Regaleon pinched my nose softly. "Well, wait until we get married. You will surely have sleepless nights ahead." He grind wolfishly.

I stopped giggling and blushed with what he just said.

Regaleon leaned on my ear. "I am looking forward to our future." A hint of teasing was carried in his words.

After that Regaleon changed his clothes quickly. We get back to the party hand in hand, as if nothing happened.


(At the King's office)

The engagement party last night was a success. Starting today the royal family's of Alvannia and Grandcrest has ties together.

The king was sitting behind his desk with a serious face. His hands are clasped together on the desk, his forehead nestled on his hand. Anger was eteched on his face.

"Your majesty, the queen asks an audience with you." An attendant asked from outside the door.

The king sighed heavily. "Let her in."

The doors opened and the queen came in with a crying face.

"Your majesty." The queen wiped her tears with a handkerchief. "Please have mercy on your eldest daugther. She hasn't eaten since last night."

The king looked at the queen, he was reeling his anger in.

"My decision is final." The king said with a flat tone. "She will marry sir Bradford."

The queen walked towards the king and kneeld in front of him.

"Veronica doesn't love that knight." Don't force her in something she doesn't want." The queen begged with her tears.

The king scoffed. "Sir Bradford in an honorable knight and comes from a distinguished noble family. What more can she ask for a husband?"

"Your majesty, our daughter is still young. She is still enamored with the thoughts of love. She loves the crown prince of Grandrest." The queen reasoned. "Maybe we could do something.."

Hearing the words coming from the queen's mouth made the king's anger flare out. "You are still going on with this nonsense!" The king shouted. "Prince Regaleon himself saw what happened. Do you want to make such a fool out of me, the king?"

The queen backed some distance after seeing the king's rage. "Your majesty, I didn't mean..."

"Veronica was caught in the act making out with a man, by prince Regaleon himself. Have you no face and still want to marry Veronica to him?" The king scolded. "You have spoiled your daughters far too long. Now that they are of age, they need to face the consequences of their own actions."

"Husband please, at least talk to Veronica. Talk to our daughter." The queen was at the king's feet once more. "Just for the sake of our many years married."

The king looked at the queen that was kneeling in front of him. He cannot tolerate this woman anymore. This woman was the wife he married for the sake of obtaining the throne.

"For the sake of our many years married?" The king scoffed. "You have always used your family's backing and power to hold me tightly on a leash. Well not anymore."

The queen looked at her husband with shock and confusion. "What do you mean, husband?"

"I have tolerated you for this long because of your family's militray might and the usefulness in court." The king looked at the his wife with disdain in his eyes. "Now I have all the power that I need. These following days, you will see the changes in court."

The queen was taken back with her husband's words. "What do you mean, your majesty?"

The king looked at the queen with hatred in his eyes. He has tolerated this woman for quite so long now. At last he can be free of her.

"You have done so many things against me, Erica. And those things you have taken away from me, I won't ever forgive you." The king said with calmness.

The queen's face turned sour. This was the first time her husband has talked back against her. Anger was rising up inside of her.

"Are you talking about your mistress, that slut?!" The queen scoffed. "So you know that I was the one behind her illness and death. Well she deserved it. She was trying to steal what was mine."

"What was yours?" The king asked. "I have given you the position of queen as what you have asked for. She was never a threat to your position."

"Of course she was never a threat. She can never have my position as queen, even with your help." The queen said with a sarcastic tone. "It was you she tried to steal away. She tried to steal you away from me. She tried to break our harmonious family."

The king was shocked with the queen's words.

"I was never yours in the first place. Before we got married, we had a deal. That I will make you queen once I get the power of the throne. I have already told you before that I can give you power but I cannot give you my love."

The queen was displeased with the king's words. "I have always loved you, since when we were young." The queen looked at her husband with sad eyes. "I have always longed to be your wife. That is why I have sought help from father, to use his power and get you to make that deal. I only agreed to it at first. I thought that once we have been married, then the feelings can be cultivated and make root."

"You were never reflected in my eyes, Erica. All along, I only have one woman inside my heart." The king said with an apologetic face.

The queen's face turned sour. She has done everything to get the king's love. She has even made him king and sit on the throne that wasn't even his in the first place.

"That slut! She is already dead but you still can't forget her." The queen shouted in anger. "I have already killed her and she still occupies your heart. Then I will make her daughter pay for this!"


The king wasn't able to contain his anger anymore.


Consequences (2)

That slut! She is already dead but you still can't forget her." The queen shouted in anger. "I have already killed her and she still occupies your heart. Then I will make her daughter pay for this!"


The king wasn't able to contain his anger anymore. The queen held on to her cheek that was starting to get red and swollen. She looked at her husband, wide eyed in disbelief.

"You have done many things against my loved ones for far too long. I have tolerated you in the past. But it ends now." The king looked at his wife with contempt.

They have been married for many years now. Their relationship has always been codrial, mutual respect for one another. The king had kept a blind eye with the bullying the queen had done to Alicia. But taking his daughter's life was far out of line.

"How dare you?" The queen hissed in anger.

"I have tolerated your bullying Alicia since the beginning. I thought you will at least let her live, if I don't give her importance. But I was so wrong." The king sighed heavily. If he knew that the queen would still target Alicia's life, then he should have showered her with love and affection since the beginning.

"Hahaha." The queen laughed wickedly. "Your bastard of a daughter looks so much like that slut. The anger inside of me never left with that slut's death. Your daughter has always been a thorn in my eyes. It's better for your bastard to accompany her slut mother."

The king was fuming with anger once more.

'SLAP' another slap was given to the other cheek of the queen.

"I will never let you lay a hand on my daughter!" The king roared. "She is the daughter that Leticia left. I have regretted greatly, that I wasn't able to give her the love I have for her, before she goes to marry to another country."

"I won't let her, she won't make it out of this country alive!" The queen said with an equal rage.

The king looked at his wife with such contempt. How could he be so blind to marry her just for the sake of getting the throne?

'Oh Leticia, how ever would you forgive me?' The king deeply regretted his decision when he was younger.

"GUARDS!" The king shouted.

Not long, royal guards swarm inside the king's office. They surrounded the king and queen. The queen looked around with fear in her eyes.

"What are you doing?" The queen asked.

"Seize the queen immediately." The king ordered. "She is charged with the attempted assasination of the third princess Alicia and the murder of my second wife, royal consort Leticia."

"What?! Second wife, royal consort?!" The queen was shocked.

The guards quickly restrained the queen on both sides.

"You can't do this to me, let me go!" The queen was shouting in rage. "I am the queen of this country. You can't do this to me!"

The guards payed no heed to the queen's words. They just proceed as their king ordered to.

"Your allegations againsts me is irrelevant. Your mistress is nothing but a maid, a slave! I am the queen, I have power above commoners." The queen reasoned out.

"I have a secret that I wish to tell you." The king looked at the queen seriously. "After you have banished Leticia out of the palace, I have secretly and legally married her in holy matrimony. Making her my legal royal consort. You are charged, not by the murder of a commoner, but by the murder of the king's royal concubine. Even if you are a queen, you cannot ran away from the law."

"Impossible." The queen said with disbelief. "When the law was passed in court that the king can take in royal consorts, I have dealt with her."

"I have deliberately put on hold the news of the passing of the law by a few years." The king said. "When you heard of the news of the passing of the law, it has been passed years before. Hence, my marriage with Leticia was legal by the Alvannian law." 

The queen was in disbelief. Her legs went limp and should have fallen down if the gurds weren't holding her.

"If you just have been good and just stayed in your bounderies, I could have let you off for the sake of our long time being married and you being the queen. But you never changed and even tried to harm Alicia once more." The king said with a distant voice. "Escort her to her courtyard. She will be on house arrest until her judgement has been made."

The guards escorted the queen out of the king's office.

The king was left alone inside his office. He looked outside the window, looking far away and deeply sighed.

"Leticia, if I just had the power I have now, you would still be here." The king said with sorrow in his voice.


At a big mansion, there was a woman in her mid thirties. She had long platinum blond hair and silver eyes.

She was sitting beside the window near the fireplace. The room was colored with amber, from the fire that was burning.

The woman was looking outside the window, snow was covering the land outside. She had a melancholic aura around her.

"Sister, don't sit near the window. It's freezing there, you could catch a cold." A woman that looks exactly like her came inside the room. The other woman has her platinum blonde hair tied into a bun, a crown was placed on top of her head.

The woman sitting by the window looked at her sister that came in, her face traced with sadness, her eyes were blank.

The other woman walked towards her sister sitting beside the window. She took off her fur coat and put it on her sister's shoulder.

"Do not worry sister, I will make them pay for what they have done to us." The woman with the bun said. "The ones that had hurt us, I will make them pay ten fold."

The woman sitting by he window doesn't have any reaction. She still blankly looked oustide the window, on the snow covered land.

"Do not worry too much, my dear sister. You will see her again, your daughter." The woman with a bun said.

The woman sitting had a small reaction after hearing the word ‘daughter'.

"I will make sure of the reunion between the both of you. And with that, the power of our people." The woman with the bun smiled wickedley.
An Unexpected Visitor

The palace was busy even after the engagement party. The parade on the streets of the capital is yet to be prepared, and so the busy preparations are being made.

The engagement of the crown prince of Grandcrest and the third princess of Alvannia is a joyous news. Such news are starting to circulate in the commoners' world, and so this parade will give them the confirmation of the future of the two countries.

While people on the palace are busy with such preparations, a group of people in horse back came. They look liked they were knights, and they were surrounding and guarding a grand looking carriage.

They stopped right in front of the closed gates of the palace.

"Halt!" A guard exclaimed. "What is your business here? You cannot go inside the palace uninvited."

A knight moved his horse near the guard that stopped them and gave them an envelope. The guard read the contensts and was surprised.

"I am sorry for the disrespect." The guard kneeled down. "Quickly, open the gates. And infrom his majesty of the guest that arrived."

"Thank you." The knight in horse back nodded in respect and resumed his post, guarding the carriage.


"Your majesty, a visitor has come to request an audience with you." An attendant to the king said.

"A visitor?" The king was curious. "Who?"

"It is the crown prince of Jennova." The attendant replied. "Prince Gladiolus."

"Crown prince Gladiolus?" The king was surprised. "Hurry, let him in."

The attendant bowed his head and exited the king's office.

‘Why is the crown prince of Jennova here?' The king thought.

These past few years, the king of Alvannia has been building relation with the country of Jennova. The other country always sends emissaries with their negotiations and vise versa. This would be the first time someone from the royal family of Jennova came to see him.

Not long the door opened. The attendant ushered the guest inside.

"Your majesty, crown prince Gladiolus is here." The attendant addressed. He bowed and left.

From outside a young man came in. The king was surprised with his features. The crown prince of Jennova has a well built body, excellent for a young man like him. But what the king was surprised was his platinum blonde hair and silver eyes.

"Very similiar, so similar." The king whispered to himself.

This young man has the same facial features of his second wife Leticia and his third daughter Alicia.

"Greetings your majesty, king Edward of Alvannia." The crown prince of Jennova nod his head respectfully. "I am Gladiolus Ascoff Sinclair, the crown prince of Jennova."

The king snapped back from his daze. "Ah yes, welcome to Alvannia, prince Gladiolus. Please seat down."

"I am sorry for the sudden visit here in your palace. Especially in such a time." Prince Gladiolus took a seat. "It looks like the capital is very busy with an event."

"Oh yes, haha." The king replied. "It is in preparation for the parade to commemorate the engagement between crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and my daughter, third princess of Alvannia, Alicia."

"I see." Prince Gladiolus replied.

There was a moment of silence.

"Ah, what can I do for you, prince Gladiolus?" King Edward asked curiously.

Prince Gladiolus looked at the king with seriousness.

"I have come here with the same intention as the crown prince of Grandcrest came here for." Prince Gladiolus said. "I came here to ask for the bride you have promised our country of Jennova."

King Edward was taken by surprise. Yes, it is true that he has offered marriage with the crown prince of Jennova, to seek strong foundations with their country. But his first plans was shattered with the incedent at the night of the engagment party.

The king's plans were to marry off his eldest daugther Veronica, as a politcal marrige of alliance between Alvannia and Jennova.

"Ahh, yes yes. I have offered a political marriage to your country for the sake of alliance between us." The king said. "I was just surprised that you have come without any notice."

"It was my fault in not informing you of my arrival, I deeply apologize." Prince Gladiolus said. "It is just that I am always outside our palace on missions, so I haven't had the time to go back to send a formal letter here. And because I was near Alvannian borders, I just had the urged to come by and visit."

"I see." The king cannot retort with the reasoning of this prince.

"I am also twenty years old now." The prince continued. "I am of marrying age. I would like to take my bride to our country and marry her as soon as possible."

"You are going to take her back now?!" The king was surprised. This was going a bit faster than expected.

"Well, not today." Prince Gladiolus replied. "I will be staying here for a while, I guess. Your capital is rather festive these coming days. I also want to stay and relax, enjoy the festivities. I am planning to see the grand parade of the crown prince of Grandcrest."

"I-I see." The king sighed in relief. At least he still has a few days to find a solution for this dilemma. "Then I will order my attendants to prepare living qaurters for you here in the palace, while you are staying here in the capital."

"Thank you, your majesty." Prince Gladiolus nodded resepctfully again.

King Edward had a good impression with this crown prince of Jennova. At least he gives him respect, unlike that brat Regaleon.

"I hope you enjoy your stay here, prince Gladiolus." King Edward said.

"I will be sure to enjoy my stay, King Edward." Prince Gladiolus smiled.


(Alicia's POV)

After my breakfast I decided to take a stroll at the royal garden. Regaleon was busy again, preparing for the parade that will be held a few days from now.

For the eveing party, I was the one who was busy organizing. For the parade, it was Regaleon's responsibility. Therefore, I have some leisure time to relax.

"Princess, I heard that the crown prince of Jennova arrived a while ago for a surprise visit." Tricia who was walking behind me said. "The palace maids that saw him said he was the most handsome man they have ever seen. They said he looks like an angel, sent from the heavens above."

I giggled. "An angel, really?" I said sarcastically. "Is that why you asked me if I want to walk here at the royal garden, near my father's office?"

Tricia shyly blushed. She was caught red handed. "I-I thought maybe you would like to also see what he looks like."

"Is it me that wants to see or you?" I turned around to look at Tricia to tease her more.

"I-It's not like that princess." Tricia was shaking her hands in denial. "Well I just tought..." Then she got blank all of a sudden.

Tricia's eyes went past behind me. She had a dreamy stare in front of me. That was when I felt a presence behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

When I turned around I saw a young man, dressed finely in white and gold. His hair was flowing with the wind, the rays of the sun reflected on his silver strands. His eyes were shining silver orbs. I was stunned speechless, standing before this young man.

"Good morning." The young man beam with a smile. "You must be third princess Alicia."

I snap back from my daze. "Ah yes, I am Alicia Roselyn Von Heist." I gave a cursty. "May I know who the young gentleman is?"

"I am sorry for not introducing myself first." The young man said. "I am Gladiolus Ascoff Sinclair, crown prince of Jennova."

‘So he is the crown prince of Jennova.' I thought. ‘But those features, could it be that he...'

"It is a pleasure to meet you princess Alicia, in person." Prince Gladiolus said. "The rumors were true, that your beauty is exceptional. Second to none."

Prince Gladiolus bowed down in front of me. He took my right hand and kissed it's back. I was stunned with his sudden gesture.
The Two Crown Princes

Prince Gladiolus bowed down in front of me. He took my right hand and kissed its back. I was stunned with his sudden gesture.

But then in a second, a wind passed by me. In an instant my hand that was held by prince Gladiolus was snatched away. I look at my side and I see Regaleon, dressed in his princely attire of black and silver. He held my hand possessively. 

"I think we haven't been introduced before." Regaleon said with a cold tone, looking intently at the young man in front of me. "I am crown prince Regaleon Yosef Astley of Grandcrest. And fiancé of the third princess of Alvannia, princess Alicia."

If seems to be a normal introduction, but if you look at Regaleon further the translation would be ‘I am princess Alicia's future husband, so f*ck off.'

I giggled internally, knowing Regaleon too well.

Prince Gladiolus stood his ground, even with Regaleon emitting intimidating aura towards him.

"It is nice to meet you, prince Regaleon." Prince Gladiolus smiled brightly. He extended his hand as a gesture. "I am the crown prince of Jennova, Gladiolus Ascoff Sinclair."

Regaleon gauged him intently. After a few seconds, he took prince Gladiolus extended hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too." Regaleon replied, also displaying a curt smile. "This is the first time we have met."


Regaleon means that even though Gladiolus is a crown prince of the country of Jennova, he never showed his face to social gatherings, which is important as a member of the royal family.

"It is because I don't attend formal events or parties that often. And I don't get out of my country that much." Prince Gladiolus replied. "Jennova isn't like Grandcrest. I need to work hard for my people to have something to eat and roofs above them, to shelter them from the cold."

Tension was arising between the two crown princes. Thay are still holding each other's hand, I bet they are gripping each other now.

"What brings you here in Alvania, prince Gladiolus?" I asked to ease up the tension. It was my turn now to snatch away Regaleon's hand from prince Gladiolus.

"Please, you can call me Gladi." Prince Gladiolus said with a smile.

"Ah, okay." I smiled awkwardly. "Gladi then. You can call me Alicia."

Gladiolus smiled brightly when I called him by his nick name. By that time I felt Regaleon's arm encircle my waist protectively and pulled me closer to him.

"I am also here to meet my faincee." Galdiolus answered my question. "Your father, king Edward, has also formed a political marriage with my country. I am here to take her back to Jennova and proceed with our marriage."

"Oh, is that so." I said. This was news to me. I never thought that father had that kinf of relationship with Jennova. I have been away for two years now, so I guess there are some news I do not know of.

"I am planning to stay here until the festivities in the capital is over." Gladiolus said. "I will be looking forward to your grand parade, prince Regaleon."

"I won't let you down, prince Gladiolus." Regaleon smirked.

"Well then, I won't be taking your time. I am sure you are tired from your long journey." I said.

"It is nice meeting you again, Alicia." Gladiolus said nodded his head.

"To you too, Gladi." I replied.

Gladiolus and his party walked passed us and left.

I looked at Regaleon curiously. He was wearing a serious face.

"Come, walk with me." Regaleon took my hand.

"Okay." I replied.

I gestured Tricia to stay behind for now.


Regaleon and I walked hand in hand in the royal garden. Flowers are in full bloom now.

We have been walking for a few minutes now. Regaleon has been silent all that time. I sneek a peek at him and he was wearing a serious face. I didn't dare to talk first.

"The crown prince of Jennova, I know you noticed." Regaleon said.

"Hmm." I nodded, knowing what he ment. "He is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia, like me."

"I don't trust him." Regaleon said. "The first time I laid my eyes on him, I have a feeling he is up to no good."

This must be the sixth sense of a man that I could never understand. Because when I was with prince Gladiolus, I felt different. I felt warm and cozy inside, like we have known each other for a long time. He felt like family.

"Lili, promise me to be on guard from him." Regaleon said to me. We stopped walking and he looked at my eyes, waiting for my answer.

"Okay." I promised.

"He will also be staying here inside the palace. There will be times that you could bump into each other while I am not around." Regaleon said. "I am worried."

"Are you jealous?" I giggled. "You know that you are the only one for me." I teased.

Regaleon smiled at last. He was being serious since meeting Gladiolus.

"Yeah I am a little jealous. What will you do about it?" Regaleon asked.

He is being playful and I love it. My playful Leon.

I gestured him to lean down slightly. Seeing me, Regaleon leaned closely. I hook my arms around his neck, pulling him close to me. Then I planted a kiss on his soft sweet lips.

Once I felt his lips in mine, I slowly nibbled them. Playfully, I bit his lower lip gently.

"Hmm." I hear him moan after I bit him.

This gave me courage to stick out my tongue in search for his. I found his tongue and hooked them with mine.

Regaleon's arm now encircled my waist. His hands lingers upwards towards my nape. His touch sends electricty, jolting my whole body awake.

After a while we part our lips. The both of us are panting, catching our breaths.

"Hmm. I liked that." Regaleon whispered to my ear, his hot breath tickling me. He smiled seductively. "So that's how you repay me when you make me jealous. But I warn you, make me jealous again and it won't stop with only kissing." He teased.

My cheeks started to burn with what he just said. It made me a little embarrassed, remembering our intimate times together.

"But Alicia seriously, be careful around him." Regaleon was serious again. "He also uses magic. And I am sure he has much more experince than you, doubled with his royal blood line. I am sure his magic abilities are stronger."

"I understand." I replied. "I won't put my guard down, I promise."

Regaleon embraced me in his arms. "If only we can bypass the parade. I would take you away from here and bring you to Grandcrest immediately."

"I know." I hugged him back.

I also want to be with him even longer. Am I being too greedy?
First Day on the Job

Regaleon can't keep me company for long. He was busy with the preparations of the grand parade in a few days.

"Why the sad face?" Regaleon caressed my cheeks with his slightly calloused fingers.

By this time, I am used to his hands. I know that his hands have callouses from training with weapons. I know he is adept in using a variety of weapons because of the training he has given me. But of all the weapons he has used, Regaleon specializes with the use of the sword the most.

"I just want to be with you a little longer." I answered his question.

"I know Lili, me too." Regaleon said, gently comforting me. "After this parade ends, we will be traveling back to my country. We will spend most of the time with each other."

I sighed sadly and nodded.

"I promise, I will come and visit you in your courtyard tonight. Let's have dinner together." Regaleon said and kissed my forehead.

"Hmm okay." I replied. I slowly encircle my arms around his waist and give him a hug.

Regaleon chuckled lightly. "I like this spoiled Lili." He hugged me back.

"I guess it's not bad to be spoiled a little." I giggled.

I let go of him after some time. I know I can't keep him from his responsibilities. When we go back to his country, I will make sure to do good in my studies and help him with his work.

"See you later." Regaleon said. "I miss you already."

"I miss you too." I repled with a smile.

Regaleon smiled brightly, the one I love so much. Then he pulled me gently to him and caught my lips with his. I close my eyes to relish in his sweet and smooth lips on mine.

When we parted, Regaleon looked at me with his sapphire blue eyes and smiled.

"I can't wait to marry you, Lili." Regaleon said.

"Me too Leon." I replied.

Regaleon was about to leave when he stopped after a few steps. I was curious on why he stopped and looked in front of him.

Just a few meters away, I can see Willaim. He was walking towards us with a smile. He was wearing a white knights unifrom, his sword on his side.

"Good morning your highness, prince Regaleon." William greeted. "Good morning princess Alicia." He gave us a warm smile.

"Good morning, sir William." Regaleon replied with a neutral voice.

"Good morning Will." I smiled back.

"I will be starting my job as the princess' knight today." William said.

"Oh yes." I just remembered. "King father mentioned it. Then I will be in your care."

"It is my pleasure to be of service to you, princess Alicia." William smiled.

"Thank you sir William." Regaleon said. He was still wearing his neutral face. "Then I will be leaving my fiancee in your care."

"Of course your higness." William slightly bowed.

Regaleon have one final look at him. "Wait for me later, Lili." He said before leaving.

William and I were left alone when Regaleon left.

"So, what do you want to do?" William became casual towards me once Regaleon left.

I looked at William knowingly. He has been my first friend afterall, I don't want our friendship to be tarnished.

William looked at me as he has done before, with a warm and comfortable feeling. I smiled at him, knowing that he was still my best friend, Will.

"I heard that the capital is holding a festival until the event of the parade." I said. "Would you accompany me to look around?"

"Of course, it's my duty after all." William smiled. "But I think we need to dress you down a bit."

I looked at him, not getting what he meant.

"You are the most famous third princess of Alvannia afterall." William teased. "The commoners will flock around you if they see you walking around the streets."

I give Willim a knowing smile. He was right, I can't stroll on the streets of the capital like before. If the commoners see me, they might try to congratulate me and such. With many people, of course my safety won't be guaranteed.

"Then I need to change, I guess." I agreed with William.


William and I are now walkng the streets of the capital. I was wearing an ordinary light brown commoner's dress, and with a scarf on my head to conceal my platinum blonde hair.

William on the other hand was wearing a simple gray commoner's attire as well. His sword was still by his waist.

Th streets were busy. Diffetent kinds of decorations are hanging all around, vendors are seen on the side walks. There were many people out on the streets either looking around or buying stuff.

"What would you like to see first?" William asked me.

"Let's look at the stalls." I said.

William and I walked towards the stalls at one corner of the side walk. Many kinds of things are being sold such as accessories, food, and clothing.

I was looking around leisurely, not searching for anything particular.

"This brings back memories." William said.

"You're right." I looked at him and smiled. "You, Richard and I used to take strolls here in the capital."

'But the one I was with when there was a festival like this here in the capital, was Leon.' I thought. ‘How I wish he was here.' I sighed.

We were walking towards the business district of the capital, and the people out in the streets are getting many. It was getting crowded and getting lost would be easy.

I was just thinking about getting lost when I felt a hand hold mine. When I look up, it was William who held my hand.

"If it is okay, can I hold your hand?" William asked. "It is getting a little crowded. I don't want you getting lost."

Thinking about William's words, he has a point. And so I nodded. He replied at me with a smile.

And so William and I walked the streets hand in hand. I just felt a little awkward. This was the first time in a while since I have held William's hand again. I felt a little guilty and uneasy inside.