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Downtown Plaza

When William and I reached the downtown of the capital, it was more lively.

We arrive at the plaza in downtown. It was a big area in a circular shape. A big fountain was found at the center. Many stalls are gathered here today.

We look around many stalls and my eyes were caught in a stall that sells pretty accessories.

"You want to take a look?" William asked with a smiling face.

"Yes, please." I replied.

William who was still holding my hand, guided me in the pool of people. We reach the stall with pretty accessories.

"Welcome, dear customers." It was an old lady that was selling the items. "There are many fine crafts here in my stall. I am sure you will like them." She said.

"Oh, then can I have a look?" I said.

The accessories are mainly for women. But there are some for men as well, such as cufflinks and tie clips.

I look at a pretty hair clip with small sapphire gems in the group of ribbons and hair clips at one side. I instantly thought of Regaleon's blue eyes.

"Oh missy, do you like this hair clip?" The old lady asked then looked at William who was beside me. "I am sure this will look good on your beloved, why not buy it for her?"

"Wha...N-No, no." I denied what the old lady had just said. "Will and I are not a couple." I felt embarrassed instantly.

"Oh-ho, is that so?" The old lady laughed. "Well you need to pick up the pace young man. This young lady is very beautiful, she can be snatched from you if you do things slowly." The old lady teased.

'Oh my gosh, this is bad.' I thought. This is a topic I have been trying to avoid with William, and this old lady just blurted it out in one go.

I looked carefully at William, and he was wearing a sad smile. My heart ached for him. I cannot answer his affections for me.

"How much is the hair clip?" William asked.

"No, Will. No need to buy it for me." I said.

"This hair clip is a little expensive. It is worth five silver coins young man." The old lady replied.

William got his pouch from his pocket and took five silver coins. He gave it to the old lady.

The old lady then handed the hair clip to William. Carefully, he place the hair clip on my exposed hair.

"It looks good on you." William said with a smile.

"T-Thanks. But really, you didn't have to get me this clip." I said feeling guilty.

"I insist." William said. And so I just accepted it as a gift from him.

"How much is this?" I took a simple silver chain bracelet.

"That would be three silver coins." The old lady replied.

"I will buy it then." I replied and took three silver coins from my pocket and gave it to the old lady.

The old lady gave the silver bracelet to me. "Thank you very much, dear customers." She seems very pleased with her transactions.

"Hand me the hilt of your sword." I told William.

Willim looked at me puzzled but still did what I asked. At the hilt of his sword, I carefully encircle the silver chain bracelet around and locked it in place.

"There," I said proudly with my work. "We are now even. This may not be as expensive as the hair clip, but this will symbolize our relationship as master and knight. This will symbolize the bond between us."

William who was looking at me in surprise turned to me and smiled gently.

"Thank you. I will cherish this for the rest of my life." William said. I smiled back at him as a reply.

We resumed our walk and looking around the plaza. I smelled something sweet and tasty. My steps was drawn to the sweet smell.

"Wow, cream puffs." I exclaimed in excitement.

"You like cream puffs?" William asked.

"Yes I love them." I replied.

When Regaleon was still my knight Leon, he brought me some cream puffs after his trip from the capital. And I fell in love with this sweets.

"Then let's buy some." William said and I nodded in agreement.

"Okay, wait here while I buy some." William said.

I picked a spot under the shade of the tree and stood there to wait for William to come back. Then I heard a child crying. When I looked around there was a five or six year old littl girl.

'Maybe she was separated from her mother and got lost.' I thought.

Then two brawny looking men came near the little girl.

"Are you lost little girl?" The bigger man asked.

The little girl looked up and got frightened. No wonder, the big guy really looked frightening from a child's perspective.

"Don't be afraid, we will get you to you mommy." The skinny other man said.

'I don't like the look of those two men.' I thought to myself.

My instinct says that they will do something bad.

"Come with us." The big man pulled the little girl's hand and dragged her away.

"No, let me go." The little girl said with fright. "Mommy said not to go with strangers." She waw trying to get away from the big man's grip.

"We are no strangers. We will take you to your mommy." The skinny one replied.

I didn't like what I was seeing so I stepped in instantly. I quickly pulled the little girl back.

"She said she doesn't want to go with you." I said to the two brawny men. The little girl looked back at me and felt a little relieved. She ran behind me and hid behind my skirt.

"And who might you be?" The big man asked.

"I am a friend of her mother." I lied instantly. "I will be the one taking her back."

"Oh is that so?" The big man said sarcastically.

"Hey wait." The skinny guy said. "That little missy seems of high value. Why not let's take those two with us." The look on the skinny man disgusted me.

'They are human traffickers, not doubt.' I thought.

I looked around, thinking of getting help when I noticed I have strayed a little far from the plaza. There were no people around, and the stalls were some meters away.

Fortune Teller

They are human traffickers, not doubt.' I thought.

I looked around, thinking of getting help when I noticed I have strayed a little far from the plaza. There were no people around, and the stalls were some meters away.

The little girl behind me gripped the skirt of my dress tightly, visibly frightened. Holding the little girl, I take a few steps back slowly.

The brawny men were looking at us with wicked stares. Their kind disgusts me to the core. They took steps towards us stalkingly.

'Good thing I had concealed a knife in my dress.' I thought.

With these two men, I am confident that I can win this fight with some use of my self defense and magic skills.

I slowly put my hand inside my dress' pocket and found the hilt of my knife. I gripped on it hard, calculating what moves will I do once the two men attack us.

"That's as far as you go." I hear a familiar voice. Then out of the blue, William was in front of us. Shielding us from the men in front.

"And who might you be?" The big man asked menacingly.

"Are you a knight and shining armor, ready to save the damsel in distress? Hihihi." The skinny guy asked and laughed wickedly.

"As a matter of fact, I am." William said with a voice ice cold that can freeze anyone that heard.

The two brawny men stopped in their tracks when they saw William brandish his sword. Each knight has a brand in their sword's hilt, making their identy known.

"Tch. Let's back out for now." The skinny guy said. "We're not prepared to fight head on with an armed knight."

The big guy nodded in agreement. The two men backed away in a dark alley.

Once they were out of sight, I inhaled and sighed in relief.

"What were you thinking?!" William scolded me right away. "Didn't I tell you to wait for me? Why did you leave? I wasn't that long and when I got back, you weren't there. Did you know how worried I was? My God, if something happened to you, I can't forgive myself. I was the one that left you. I should have taken you with me in the first place. This is all my fault. What was I thinking leaving you alone?"

I was hanging my head down low. I know that I was the one at fault. I have taken all of William's scolding and put it to heart.

"I am sorry." I said apologetically. "It's not

your fault, it was mine. So please, don't put the blame on yourself. I was the one who was careless."

I held my head down, still expecting some scolding from William. But he was silent for a while, then I heard him sigh deeply.

"Okay, I forgive you. But please don't do that again." William said with a warm tone. I looked up and his face was carved with worry.

"I'm sorry." I said once again.

"It's okay." William patted my head." But why did you leave the spot where I said for you to wait for me?"

Then I remembered the little girl behind me. She was still gripping my skirt.

"Oh, it's because of this little one." I said. "She seems to be lost. Those two guys seemed like bad people and wanted to take her away. I can't just look away without doing anything."

William looked at the little girl who was peeking behind me.

"It is good to have helped. But I hope you think of your safety first. You should have called me for help." William said.

'But I was afraid it would be too late if I called you. I am afraid those guys would have taken this little girl when we got back.' I thought but I didn't say it out loud. I don't want to argue with William. I know I was the one at fault. And he doesn't know about my abilities.

"I know Will. Please don't be mad. I promise next time, I will definitely call for you." I said with my head held down.

The little girl behind me was peeking.

"Please don't be mad with big sister." The little girl said. "She was just helping me."

Her sweet voice sounded so cute.

"Don't worry, I'm not mad." William smiled warmly to the little girl. "What's your name?"

"C-Cecilia." The little girl that was hiding behind me blushed shyly.

"Cecilia, what a beautiful name." I said.

"Are you lost?" William asked and Cecilia nodded cutely.

"Were you with your parents? Do you know where you last saw them?" William kneeled down and asked gently.

"Mommy and I were at the plaza. I was playing around when I saw a butterfly and started to chase after it. But I got lost after." Cecilia explained.

"Hmm I undertstand." William said. "Then let's go back to the plaza. Maybe your mommy is searching for you there."

William extended his arm to Cecilia. She hesitated a bit, looking pretty shy. But then she put her little hands on William's big sturdy hands.

"Then let's go little miss." William smiled and pulled Cecilia up and carried her on his shoulders.

"Whoa, careful." I said in surprise.

Cecila held to William's head for support.

"With you up there, you can find your mommy." William explained. Cecilia nodded in fascination.

William and I walked towards the plaza side by side, with Cecilia sitting on William's shoulders. Once we got to a crowded area, people were gazing at us.

"What a cute little family." I heard someone from the crowd say.

"They are both good looking, no wonder the child is pretty."

"They look good together."

I felt awkward with the misunderstandings of the people around us.

"Um Will, why don't we go to the fountain." I suggested. "It is a well known spot. Maybe Cecilia's mother will look there."

"Good idea." William replied. He grabbed my hand gently and walked towards the fountain area.

Once there, we looked around. There was plenty of people. If we can't find Cecilia's mother in this crowd, we would have to take her to the authorities and have a notice for a lost child.

"Oh there, there." Cecilia who was still in William's shoulders, pointed at the crowd excitedly. "Mommy, mommy!"

"Cecilia!" A woman was waving at us. She walked towards us.

William put Cecilia down gently. The woman opened her arms and Cecilia ran towards her embrace.

"Oh my, Cecilia." The woman was crying. "Thank God you are safe."

"Mommy, mommy, big sister and brother saved me from the bad men." Cecilia said with a cute voice.

Cecilia's mother looked at us and bowed half her body. "Thank you, thank you so much for finding my daughter and keeping her safe."

"No need to thank us." I said sincerely. "I can't just stand by and do nothing when she was in danger."

"Then at least let me repay you for your kindness." Cecilia's mother insisted.

"Really no need ma'am." I said.

"Then let me at least read your fortune for free." Cecilia's mother said.

"Oh, you are a fortune teller?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, my stall is just around there." Cecilia's mother pointed.

I was a little skeptical, but I wanted to try.

‘Maybe she is an Atlantian?' I thought. If so then at least I wanted to know her and try out her fortune telling.
What the Future Holds (1)

Cecilia's mother led us to a tent not too far from where the fountain was. The tent has a dark violet color and it was normal in size.

"Right this way." Cecilia's mother said. "By the way, my name is Anna Marie. You can call me Anna." She said with a solemn smile.

"Hi Anna, my name is Lili." I gave the nick name Regaleon gave me. "This here is Will." I gestured to William and he nodded as acknowledgment.

Anna opened the way inside the tent. Inside was a normal sized interior, illuminated by candles that gives a mystic vibe. At the center of the interior, there was a round table. On top of it was a purple crystal stone, as big as a normal sized flower vase.

"Please, take a seat." Anna gestured towards the two chairs in front. "Please forgive the mess, I was just starting to set up."

Anna put away some stuff and tidied up quickly. William and I took our seats while Anna took the seat opposite us.

"Cecilia dear, you can take a seat on the side." Anna said.

"Okay mommy." Cecilia replied with a bright smile. She happily hopped to the side. Her gesture made me smile.

"You like children?" William who was beside me asked out of nowhere.

His question caught me by surprise. "Do I like children?" I thought. "I guess I do." I smiled.

When I first came to the palace and knew that I have a little brother, I was overjoyed. I adored Richard, who was younger than me, and also spoiled him.

"Well then, let's start." Anna said. "Before we start, I would like to know if you are open minded about fortune telling. What are your thoughts?" She asked.

"I am rather optomistic about fortune telling. I believe that there is some kind of force that governs our fate." I answered first. "This is my first time to do this and I am also curious as to what will happen."

Truthfully, I know that magic exists. If Anna was an Atlantian, then maybe her fortune telling is her magic of some kind.

'But how can I know if she is Atlantian?' I thought.

"To tell you the truth, I am a little doubtful about this kind of things." William answered next. "I believe that we oursevles, shape our own future."

Anna nodded acknowledging our answers.

"Both of your answers are in a way correct." Anna said. "As humans, we tend to believe that there is a predestined fate that molds our path, as you have said Lili. But Will is also correct, that we have power to shape our own future ahead."

Anna touched the crystal at the center of the table and is started to give a purple glow. My eyes looked towards the glowing crystal, mesmerized by it's soft light.

"What I am about to do is a kind of fortune reading." Anna said. "With the use of this crystal, I will read the predestined fates you have. But nothing is written in stone. Your fate can be changed with every action and decision you will take. The future is not certain, it can be changed with the course you yourself, will take. My fortune telling can give you a glimpse of what's to come. The final outcome will always depend on what you will do with this information."

William and I nodded after listening to what Anna explained.

"So what you mean is, whatever you will tell us today, it will be up to us on how to interpret the reading?" I asked and Anna nodded in agreement.

"I can only read what I can see in your fates, interpretting them will be up to you." Anna replied. "So who wants to be first?"

William looked at me and smiled. "You can go first."

I nodded in agreement. "Okay."

"Lili, put both of your hands on the crystal." Anna said.

I look at the glowing crystal in front of me. I slowly placed my hands on it and felt the rough and pointy edges.

"It's warm." I murmured. While touching the crystal, I have the sense of warmth and coziness. As if I am back at home, feeling safe and sound.

Anna placed her hand on top of mine. "Okay Lili, now close your eyes and relax."

I do as Anna told me. I closed my eyes and try to feel relaxed. I made my breathing even and my heart beat was at the right rythm.

As my eyes are closed, I can only see darkness. But then there was some kind of light, like a lone star twinkling in the blackness of the sky. The start has a white warm color.

"Lili, can you see that star?" I hear Anna ask.

"Yes." I replied.

"That star represents you." Anna said.

"That's me?" I said out of curiosity. Then the light started to get brighter and brighter. Many twinkling stars started to appeat around my star.

"The stars that are appearing now represents the people around you." Anna explained. "They are the people that in your life that will affect your decisions. And vice versa, your decsions will affect them."

I see the light of the others stars are dim, compared to the brightness of my star.

"Can I interpret the other star's brightness as to how that person will affect me in the future?" I asked.

"In some ways, yes." Anna said. "The brighter the other star is, the bigger his or her role in your life will be."

Then out of the other dim stars, four stars started to shine brightly. Those stars are revolving around my own star. Their colors are blue, yellow, red, and silver.

"Those four stars around me, they have big roles in my life?" I asked.

"As I can see, those four will have a huge impact in your life." Anna replied.

I look at the stars dancing around my star. It was like they all have a pattern while revolving around mine. I looked closer and the blue star was the most closest to mine.

'Leon?' I do not know why, but my mind just registered that the blue star is him.
What the Future Holds (2)

I look at the stars dancing around my stars. It was like they all have a pattern while revolving around mine. I looked closer and the blue star was the most closer to mine.

'Leon?' I do not know why, but my mind just registered that the blue star is him.

The blue star is revolving around mine, as if defending me. The yellow star was just at a safe distance from mine, but like the blue star it was protectively revolving around my star. The red star was the furthest out of the four stars. It was slowly revolving at a right distance from mine.

The silver star was the only one stagnant. It was just at the corner, not so near yet not far as well. Like it was just observing.

Then my own white star started to shine brightly. The other four stars seem to get agitated.

"What is happening?" I asked nervously.

"I-I also do not l know?" Anna's voice was at a loss.

As my star started to shine more brighter, the blue star, which I identified as Regaleon, was getting nearer and nearer to my own star. I started to panic.

"No, no you can't!" I said frantically. "If you get nearer, you will burn out."

But the blue star still got closer to my own star. Then the stagnant silver star moved instantly. It shot thru the yellow star which was guarding mine. But the blue star blocked it's way. The two stars clashed with each other. They were fighting against each other, not giving any openings for one another.

As this was happening, the red star was giving off a strange light. As if it was trying to do something, but I do not know what. The yellow star was gaurding mine while the blue and silver stars were clashing against each other.

Then my own star was getting brigther and brighter. The night sky brackground was now engulfed with light. The other dimmly lit stars started to disappear one after the other.

My heart was racing frantically. My breathing was getting heavier by the second. And then a blast came from my own star. A blinding light engulfed everything and I was momentarily blinded by it.

"Lili, Lili?" I can hear Anna calling me.

"Lili." I hear William right beside me.

Then I opened my eyes instantly. I was still inside the tent, holding the crystal. But my relaxed state was now replaced with a distraught one. I can feel a drop of sweat trickle my forehead. I was panthing heavily. I retracted my hand from the crystal.

"What happened? How long was I out?" I asked.

"It was just a few minutes when you and Anna closed your eyes." William replied. "The two of you were silent, but then you seemed agitated."

"I woke up first." Anna said. "But you were still inside your vision. So we tried to wake you up."

"Is that so?" I said. "Anna, did you see that? Did you see what happened in the vision?"

Anna shook her head. "I am sorry Lili, I was out of the vision by the time something weird happened. But if you like we can talk about it."

I look at William beside me. It is not yet time for me to tell him my secret yet, that I am a descendant of the Atlantian race.

"Um, Will." I called him carefully. "Can I have some time with Anna, privately?"

William looked at me firmly then nodded. "I will be just outisde the tent if you need me."

"Cecilia, baby. Go play with big brother Will for a while." Anna said to her daughter.

"Okay mommy." Cecilia skipped happily towards William. "Big brother, let's play."

"Okay." William stood up gently and took hold of Cecilia's hand. He smiled our way and both of them walked out of the tent.

Anna and I are left inside the tent. There was silence at first. I have so many things that I want to ask about.

"I know you have many question. Please, feel free to ask. It is the least I can do after you have saved my daughter." Anna encouraged me.

I sighed deeply and hardened my resolve to ask the most important question first.

"Anna, I know you will be surprised with what I will ask first. But keep in mind that I am not an enemy." I said firmly. "Anna, by any chance, are you an Atlantian?"

Anna had a surprised face at first but then it became calm. She nodded slightly.

"Yes, I am." Anna replied. "This is my first time saying this to anyone. My parents have told me not to tell anyone about our nationality, for the sake of our safety. But looking at you, and reading your fate, I have felt that you are a fellow Atlantian also, correct?"

I nodded as confirmation. "I am Atlantian on my mother's side. But I was born here, in Alvannia."

"I understand." Anna nodded. "As for me, I was born in Atlantia. I was but a toddler when the war years ago started. We have fled the country safely before it fell into the ocean."

So Anna was an Atlantian born in Atlantian soil. I wondered what Atlantia looked like back then, before it sank to the bottom of the ocean, before the war happened.

"My magic isn't that strong. As you can see I need some conduit to harness some magic. And all I can do is read the fates of people." Anna explained.

"That crystal is a conduit?" I asked. I looked at the innocent looking crystal on top of the table. The glowing from a while ago now stopped. Now, it only looks like a normal crystal.

"Yes. This crystal is a conduit that can harness magic from inside of an Atlatnian's body. These crystals can only be found in Atlantian soil. My parents had brought it with them before Atlantia fell." Anna further explained. "There are other crystals of different types and colors that serves as a conduit for Atlantian's to use. They can enhance ones magic power greatly, depending which crystal an Atlantian is using."

This information is something new to me. Of course only an Atlantian would know of such information.

"There are many things I still want to ask. But for now what I want to know was the meaning behind my fortune reading. What happened in my vision?" I looked at Anna worriedly.

"I understand. Then let us talk about what you have seen after I exited your vision. Maybe I can interpret some of them." Anna said with a calm voice.
The Prophecy (1)

Anna and I was left alone inside the tent. I have told her what I saw after she exited my vision.

Silence engulfed inside the tent. Anna was thinking very deeply about what I have just told her.

"Lili, with your star shining that brightly only mean one thing. Your magic abilities far surpass that of a normal Atlantian's." Anna explained.

This I am not surprised about. Having the blood of the royal family of Atlantia, my magic abilities far exceeds that a normal Atlantian has.

"Are you perhaps...from the royal family?" Anna asked with hesitation.

I looked at Anna's face, trying to figure out what she was thinking. Her face showed curiosity but doesn't have any malice in it. I decided that Anna is not someone bad. And as a fellow Atlantian, maybe I have found a friend.

I carefully took of my scarf, releasing my long silky platinum blonde hair. It flowed like a waterfall of silver strands.

Anna's reaction were surprise and shock. When she got back into her senses, she stood up from her chair and kneeled down in front of me.

"Your highness." Anna exclaimed. "Please forgive me for my prior rudeness."

I was taken by surprise with Anna's actions. I quickly bend down and helped her up.

"Anna, you don't have to kneel down." I said in a surprised voice. "I maybe of Atlantian royal blood but we are just the same. We are citizens of Alvannia now."

Anna looked up at me and scanned my face. And so I smiled at her gently, letting her know that I prefere to be of equal standing to her right now.

Anna slowly got back to her seat, and I to mine as well.

"Princess, we maybe living as commoners of Alvannia now, but the fact that you have royal blood will never change. You are born with such strong magic, and it can change the course of life and the world we know off." Anna said.

"What do you mean by your words?" I asked curiously.

"My father was a known scholar and researcher once in Atlantia. He was knowledgable in every aspect of magic and ancient prophecies." Anna explained. "Before the war broke out many years ago, his team of researchers found some ancient text pertaining to a prophecy. And I am afraid that this has something to do with your vision of the future, I believe."

"An ancient prophecy?" I was rather curious. "Did your father tell you of this prophecy, Anna?"

"My father, he felt guilty of what the mad king have done. Because of the research that him and his colleagues have made and the prophecy they have found, the mad king started the war." Anna explained. "He didn't say in full detail what the propechy was. But I can tell you what he has told me."

"Then please tell me, Anna." I clasped her hand into mine. "I would like to know what your father has said about the prophecy."

Anna nodded in agreement. "My father said the prophecy was about a descendant of the royal blood of Alvannia. A chosen one will be born from the royal lineage, that can wield the forbidden magic."

"The forbidden magic? Isn't that the one that destroyed the country of Atlantia?" I asked.

"Yes. It was forbidden because of a reason. The reason was that magic is so much powerful and unstable, it cannot be used by anyone." Anna said. "But as the ancient prophecy has said, one of the descendants from the royal lineage can wield and use it. And that someone will either have dominion over the whole world, or destroy it into nothingness."

"Dominion over the whole world or destroy it?" These words were the ones that was stuck to me.

"The mad king thought that he was that person, the chosen one to rule over the world." Anna said sadly. "But I guess he was wrong. And because of that our homeland of Atlantia, paid the price for his sins."

This information was big to me. Such a prophecy existed. What does it mean?

"Princess, your vision, you said your star exploded and engulfed every other star near you?" Anna said. She held my hand in hers. That was when I felt my hands were shaking.

'Why, why is it shaking?' I thought. Is it because of fear? Is it because I know what will happen?

"I am not sure if you really are the chosen one in the prophecy. But with you strong magic abilities, I am afraid that your own powers might hurt the ones near you." Anna explained.

"No." I said in disbelief.

And then I remembered the blue star. The blue star that represented Regaleon. He was trying to get close to my own star, burning himself in the process. And the explosion that destroyed everything, is that my doing? Will I destroy the whole world and turn it into nothingness?

"Will I be a danger to the ones I love?" I asked. My body was shaking. I can feel tears welling in my eyes. "No, I don't want this."

Anna saw me panicking and hugged me gently.

"Your highness, what you have seen may be the future. But as I have said, the future is not written in stone. It can be changed." Anna explained.

I tried to hold my tears away and hear what Anna was saying.

"Princess, the red star you have mentioned. The person that red star represents might have a way." Anna said.

"The red star?" I remember, when my own star was shinging brighter and brighter, the red star was beginning to move. The star's own brightness twinkled as if it was trying to do something.

"I believe that star might hold a key to change the course of fate." Anna said seriously.

I wiped my tears away. "Then I have to find that person." I said with conviction. "But how will I know who that person is?"

"Then let me help you with that." Anna stood up from her seat and walked towards a chest. She bended down and opened it, searching for something.

Not long after, Anna took something and closed the chest. She walked towards me and put something in my palms.

I look at the object in my hands, it was a clear white crystal as big as a chestnut.

"This is?" I asked curiously at Anna.

"This crystal can help you find the stars you have seen in your vision." Anna explained. "I will put some of my magical abilites in it so that it can help locate the stars you need to find."

Anna held onto my hands that was wrapped around the crystal. She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Not long her hands started to glow. Her hands holding mine felt warm. It passed thru my hands and into the crystal I was holding and it had a faint glow.

"This crystal will glow when one of the stars that are connected to you are near. It will glow with the same color as their star in your vision." Anna explained.