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Kelly was soon discharged that night.

Mr. Black leather jacket was nowhere to be found so Kelly called someone from the Young residence to pick her up. Unfortunately, her mother also came the instant she heard that her daughter was hospitalized and she insisted on taking the girl home to watch her closely until her ankle was healed.

Kelly and her mother spent a long time arguing over the matter but in the end, Kelly's mother won.

With that, Mrs. Young arranged a chauffeur to send Abi back home. Just like Kelly, Mrs. Young adored Abi and the madam already knew the kind of girl Abi was, so she made sure that she would be sent back home safely. She even asked one of her female companions to go with her along with the driver.

"I'll come visit you soon, Kelly," Abi said as she held her friend's hand.

"Mn, call me once you're home, okay? And don't even dare to do anything or go anywhere without telling me, understand?" she nagged and Abi just nodded. She carefully hugged her friend before they finally parted.

During the trip home, Abigail rested her head on the car window as her gaze focused on the darkness outside. Everything that happened that night started playing in her mind. There was so much for her mind to process! She thought about it the entire trip home and still found everything overwhelming.

When she finally reached her house, she thanked the chauffeur and the lady bodyguard, and watched the car leave. Abi didn't go straight inside. She stood out there and just stared at the house.

As always, it was peaceful; so peaceful that it soothed her heart just by looking at it. This was her home, the place Alex said she belonged. Just by comparing the gentle, peaceful and soothing atmosphere at home, she couldn't help but think that her world really was different from what was out there.

She knew that she was blessed with having a loving and peaceful family. She knew she was blessed to have a home like this, a home that protected her heart and smiles, a home that loved her. However, she had always felt this void in her heart. It wasn't that she didn't like the peace - in fact, she loved it and was thankful for it - she just wanted to feel more, to experience more even if she ended up getting hurt.

Abigail breathed deeply and finally entered her house.

Her father was still awake. He was there again, sitting by the window, looking at the moon - perhaps, thinking about his late wife again.

Abigail walked closer to him.

"Dad," she started.

"Hmm? I thought you were going to sleep over at Kelly's."

"I came home to speak with you."

Andrew Lee, her father, was surprised. His daughter wasn't outspoken and he knew that she would only talk to him privately like this when she wanted something or to ask for his permission. He also knew that his daughter rarely asked for anything. In fact, the last time she spoke to him to ask for something was back when she was seventeen.

"Dad, I… I want to move out," she said and her father looked at her in surprise.

"Abi… what do you mean you want to move out?"

"I have decided to live with Kelly for a bit. I will still go to work and come back here on the weekends."

"Abi, you're sick."

"I'm still perfectly fine, Dad. And I will be fine. I'll only be away for a month."


"Please, Dad. I want to experience life in the city, visit some beautiful places and go explore. I might not be able to go out anymore after this so… please let me go, Dad. Don't worry, I'll come back home safely."

Her father couldn't say anymore when he heard her say that she might not be able to go out anymore. He knew what was ahead of her and it was painful to think about it. His daughter was still so young. She was such a nice and sweet girl. She never caused any trouble for the family. She was that girl old people adored so much because she was always shining and smiling brightly despite everything, but Andrew knew that she was lonely, being here all alone. She was still just a girl and he knew she wanted to experience things outside her sheltered life, just like other girls her age.

The truth was, Andrew was waiting for his daughter to do this. He knew the risks but he understood. Life was unpredictable. No one knew when someone's time was up that was why he completely understood Abi's decision. As a father, he also wanted Abi to go and do whatever she wanted now because he knew she may never get to do them at all.

"Okay, but I have to remind you not to do anything dangerous, okay? Promise me, Abi."

Abi was surprised. She had prepared herself to persuade her father but he actually agreed quite quickly!

"I promise, Dad," Abi raised her hand to show him her determination.

In her room, Abi didn't waste another moment and she started packing her things. While she was grabbing things to put into her luggage, she found and picked up a small notebook. She opened it with a smile carved on her face.

'List of things I want to do' was written on the notebook's front page.

She put it inside her bag, finished her packing and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Not far from the house, a black car stayed there the entire night and only left at daybreak.

Let me be selfish

Abi woke up bright and early, feeling full of life as she got ready for the day. After she said her goodbyes to her family, she headed out to visit Kelly.

She had been to the Young residence quite a few times and the servants already were familiar with her so she was immediately brought to Kelly's room.

"How's your ankle?"

"It's fine. I'm recovering fast, Abi. Mom's just exaggerating."

"I see. That's great. Uhm… Kelly, I have something to tell you…" Abi said hesitantly as she looked down on the floor instead of meeting Kelly's eyes.

Kelly creased her brows.

"Hmm? What is it?"

"I'm… I'm going to live with Alexander Qinn."

Kelly choked.

"W-what?! What the hell, Abi! What are you saying?"

"I'm sorry for telling you just now."

"Abi, look… why… why? Why do you need to live with him?!"

"Alex requires his girlfriends to live with him."

"Oh my god!! What nonsense is that?! Did he mistake dating as marriage?!"

"Kelly… I know it's outrageous. I know why you're worried. But this is my choice. I am going to live with him for a month."

Kelly was speechless. She didn't know what to say. She knew Abi never joked about these things and she knew her friend was deadly serious and determined from the sound of her voice. But no matter how much she racked her brain, she couldn't comprehend why. She held Abi's hands and knelt before her, with worry clearly written on her face.

"Abi, listen to me. I don't know why you suddenly decided this but this is too sudden. D-did Alexander Qin do something to force you?"

Abi shook her head and then her face became severe. Abi knew she had no choice now but to tell her friend about her illness. She had hidden this from her for years because she didn't want her friend to look at her with pity, like everyone else. She wanted Kelly to treat her just the same and she didn't want her friend to worry about her. But now, she had no choice but to tell her.

"Kelly… I'm sorry that I hid this from you for many years. I… I tried many times to tell you but I was a coward. I've been a coward until I met Alexander Qinn. When I met him, I suddenly became daring. It was as if I became braver since that night I encountered him. I was afraid to tell you because I don't want you to worry about me. And I didn't want you to treat me differently once you found out about my condition."

"Abi… what are you saying? What condition?"

"Kelly… I'm sick. I was diagnosed with the same illness that killed my mother. And… and my time is running out."

"Abi… you're lying. H-how could that be? You're healthy and…" she bit her lips. She suddenly remembered all those times when Abi had to go and visit the hospital. This was a total bombshell being dropped on her lap right then.

"I'm sorry for hiding this from you, Kelly… please forgive me."

Kelly was silent for a while and she felt like the sky was falling down. Kelly's tears started to fall like rain. She couldn't believe that her friend had kept this life changing news from her! She was in turmoil. She didn't know how to feel or react at the thought that she could be losing her best friend soon. She was utterly devastated. Why? Why did it have to be Abi? There are so many bad people out there. Why did it have to be her? This nice angel? Was it really true that… that nice people were always the first to…

After a while, Kelly was able to calm down. She was still hurt that Abi didn't tell her earlier but knowing the kind of girl her friend was, she knew that her reason was pure and she was just thinking about her.

"So this is why you're suddenly determined to experience the things you never experienced before?"

Abi nodded and Kelly felt like crying again. Abi was the nicest girl she had ever met. She was that dazzling girl who shone like the sun and could infect everyone around her with her enthusiasm and kindness. And yet, this girl was actually sick and running out of time? Kelly couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"And… because you want to experience everything, you agreed with everything that Alexander Qinn said?"

"The truth is, Alexander kept refusing me. He tried to scare me away many times, telling me that he wasn't the one for me but… Kelly, he's the only man I have ever wanted. I want to experience how it feels to fall in love. That is my only wish before I… I know I sound crazy but this is my choice, Kelly. Don't worry, I know Alexander won't hurt me… physically."

"You know you'll get hurt… emotionally?"

"Mm… I at least know that falling in love isn't just sunshine and unicorns. But I still want to experience it," she smiled and Kelly felt her heart clench. What should she do for this girl? She knew she could only do one thing – support her.

"Fine… so I presume you told your family that you'll be living with me for a month?"

She nodded.

"Sigh… I don't know what to feel right now, Abi. You're messing with my emotions."

"I know. I'm sorry…"

"So? When will you go to Alexander Qinn's?"


Kelly choked. "Abi!" she wailed.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to waste any more of the little time I have left."

Kelly was speechless.

"I'm sorry. Please let me be selfish and unreasonable just for a month, okay?"

Kelly could only bite her lips. No one ever made her so emotional like this. It was painful but she knew this girl had been suffering so much for many years.

"Fine… you know I can't resist you. You just have to promise me one thing. Please make sure to take care of yourself, okay?"

"I will, don't worry. I'll call you lots and actually, I still would go to work and am planning on going back home on weekends."

"As you should!"

"Mm. I'll come visit you in the morning before I go to work."

"Oh, my Abi… I… just take care, that's all I can say."

"I will. But can you do me another favor? Can you please not tell anyone about me being sick? I don't want anyone else to know, okay? Promise me."

Kelly agreed and after a long hugging and coaxing session, the two finally parted.

Of course, the first thing Kelly did once the taxi left was to call the damned prince to make sure that Alexander Qinn was not going to harm her best friend while she lived in his house.
Really unbelievable

Abigail looked out the window as a taxi cab stopped in front of a huge mansion. Her jaw immediately dropped as soon as she saw it. She didn't know what to call it, but a house it was not! It was way bigger than that! It was so huge that Abi thought her whole village could actually fit in there.

She slowly walked towards it as she looked around. The garden in the spacious front yard wasn't that colorful; it was quite simple and the design looked like it was purposely made that way not to attract people's attention.

As she walked closer to the entrance, Abi felt that the huge house wasn't as simple as it looked outside. Now that she was closer, she noticed the exquisite white marble steps to the front door, which dwarfed her, and slowly took it all in. She could now see that everything, from the walls to the window to the glass, all looked like a magnificent work of art. 'What on Earth would the inside look like?!'

After pressing the bell, Abi held her breath as she stood by the bronze and glass double door as it creaked open.

An old man in a butler suit stood before her with a smile. The butler had been told by his master when he came home this dawn that a lady named Abigail Lee might arrive in the mansion in the future. But the lady actually came just hours afterwards? His master shouldn't have used the word future… it should be later, sigh.

"Good morning, Miss. Are you Miss Abigail Lee?" he immediately greeted and Abi nodded.

"Please follow me," he then said and the moment she stepped inside, she was awed. She never thought that the interior would actually look like this.

The white, marble floor beneath her feet that seemed to stretch out for miles and the enormous, beautiful chandelier that welcomed her dangled elegantly from the high ceiling. The hallway had large and beautiful molded panels which looked very expensive but tasteful.

As she walked through, she also saw small receiving rooms that must have been rooms where people waited when they came to visit. She was sure that this interior was definitely like those small ancient chateaus, the kind of dwelling one expected to see in Europe. She could even bet that this house might be built in the 1800's or possibly even earlier than that.

As the butler led her further inside, the hallway opened up to a larger space, with a large staircase in the center of it. The white marble steps, the bronze handrails on either side as it swept grandly towards the upper floor, made Abi gape. She even started envisioning men in tailcoats and women in evening gowns walking up and down those stairs.

But it didn't stop there. There was another gigantic chandelier of an incredibly vast scale, far prettier and breathtaking than the first one she saw. There was also a gigantic fireplace on one side with exquisite marble mantles and mirrored panels.

Abigail had never seen extravagance like this. The party that Alexander took her too didn't even compare to the scale of this place! It was like comparing a mouse to an elephant. This place was built with money and prestige and the fact that everything was still in a magnificent state, despite its age, was testimony to how rich Alexander Qin was. Just imagine the cost of maintaining everything in this place!

She had read about places like this but she thought that these places didn't exist anymore in this millenia. She felt like she was suddenly transported back to hundreds of years ago.

She was utterly impressed. She thought she would only see a place as beautiful as this in her imagination.

"Please wait here, Miss. I'll tell the master that you're here." The butler led her to a sofa and Abi quietly sat there. She was still looking around with great curiosity. 'Why is Alexander Qinn living in a place like this? How many of them were living here? Did his entire clan live here?'

Abigail thought about what Kelly had told her; that Alexander Qinn was ultra-rich and ultra-mysterious. It seemed she was right. She couldn't even imagine what was on the next two floors. This place was absolutely fit for royalty. But for some reason, Abi felt an odd, eerie sensation the moment she entered the house.

Time passed and Abi finally heard some noise coming from the grand staircase.

And then, Alex appeared. He was wearing dark toned trousers and a simple white shirt. His dark hair was tousled and he obviously looked like he just woke up and had rushed down to see her.

His eyes were wide open, obviously in shocked surprise, as he looked down at her.

Abi's heart raced wildly the instant she saw him. He wasn't wearing a tailcoat or a suit but he was still so breathtaking as always, so breathtaking that Abi thought that she would believe him if he told her he wasn't human but a god of some description. He had this aura about him that made him so incredibly mesmerizing that she was afraid he would pop out and disappear from Earth to whatever heaven he came from.

The man's shoulders dropped as he ran his fingers through his hair before putting his hands inside his pockets. He walked elegantly towards her.

"Abigail… you're really unbelievable, do you know that?" he said as he approached her. He looked like he couldn't believe that she was there. It was obvious he never expected her to come the very next day!

She told him just last night that she would think about it and she actually showed up at his house in less than 24 hours?! He was damn speechless. That was some damned fast thinking on her behalf!

"Did you even take the time to think about all the things I said to you last night? Are you in such a rush? Huh? Abigail?"

"I-I did think about it and I'm not in a rush. It's just that… today is the first day of the month."

". . ."


Elegance and grandeur

Alexander moved closer to her, so close that their noses were almost touching. Abi tried her best not to close her eyes or look away. She didn't want him to think she was scared and she was sure he was only doing it to try and get a reaction from her. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of looking away.

"So what if it's the first day of the month, huh, Abigail?" he asked, looking down deeply into her eyes.

"I-It's easier to count the days. To complete the month," she blurted out, a little dazed and Alex laughed. His pleasant laughter echoed inside the luxurious place.

But then, he sighed.

"Little lamb… I really have no words left for you." He was both amused and frustrated at the same time. Only she could give him such a childish answer like that and get away with it.

She looked around the large room and noticed that it was very quiet. "Are your family not home?" she asked innocently and Alexander lifted her chin with his finger.

"I live alone, Abigail," he said, suddenly becoming serious. "But it looks like this house now welcomes its new guest."

Abigail's eyes turned wide. W-what? He lived alone in this massive house?!

"A-alone?!" She looked at him with shock and disbelief.

"Oh, well, the butler is here and maids as well. They do count as people living here, too, I guess…" he smiled wryly and Abi didn't know how to react.

Alexander's eyes then fell on her luggage and he took another deep breath.

"You didn't run away from your house, did you?"

She shook her head. "I talked to my dad properly last night."

"But I bet that you didn't tell him the whole truth, did you?"

Abi pressed her lips tightly, causing Alex's lips to curve up again.

"Let me see… You told him that you're going to stay with that friend of yours, right?" he said and Abigail flushed. This man, she realized, was not only dangerous because of his physical capabilities, he was dangerous because he seemed to also see through her like a glass window.

"Well, well, well. This good little lamb actually told an untruth to her family. What a gutsy little lamb," he murmured.

"Didn't you sleep well last night?" she asked innocently as she looked at his face, and successfully diverted his attention from her actions to his.

Alexander bent forward that their foreheads almost touched.

"I just got home, Abigail. Actually, right now, I very much want to punish you for disturbing my sleep." He smirked playfully. "But I'll let you off the hook for now," he added as he straightened up and called out a name.

"Charles," he said and the butler immediately appeared as if he was in the corridor this whole time, just waiting for his name to be called.

"Yes, master."

"I'll leave her to you," Alex ordered before he looked at Abi again and whispered in her ear.

"I'll go to sleep first, Abigail. You rest, too. We'll talk later."

She shivered as she felt his warm breath touch her ear and she swallowed subconsciously. Before she could say 'Rest well or Goodnight', he was gone.

As she watched his back as he walked up the stairs, the butler coughed and drew her attention. He then introduced himself to her.

"My name is Charles Brown, but you can call me Charles. Nice to meet you Miss Abigail."

"Nice to meet you, too, Mr-, I mean, Charles."

"Come with me please. I will show you to your room," he said respectfully. "Don't worry about your luggage, I'll send a maid to bring it up."

The butler led her towards the grand staircase which led to the second floor.

As expected, it was even more breathtaking than the ground floor. What she saw was another large, and fancy open space. Velvet curtains were tied back to let the sunshine through the windows and she saw antique looking, brass candelabras which hung on the walls in between the windows. They each held three candles and she wondered if those candles had ever been lit. As soon as she saw this area, she immediately thought that if it were back in time, this room would be where grand balls were held like the ones she once saw on television when she watched a documentary about how royalty lived a century ago.

She could also see two doors on the far wall and wondered where they led to. She imagined that these would perhaps be the rooms where the men went to play cards or drink or talk business while their wives gossiped in the main ballroom - at least that was what she deduced from watching that documentary.

Abigail was speechless. There were no words in the English language that could describe this place. It was definitely a 'one had to see to appreciate it' type scenario. Again, Abi was curious beyond belief. Why was Alexander living in a place like this? And why was he living by himself?! She was getting more and more curious by the minute.

They continued up the stairs and up the third floor. Again, she was met with a large open area in the middle, but this was smaller than the second floor. It seemed to be the lounge area as there were couches and coffee tables neatly arranged by the big window overlooking the garden area. This seemed to be where the living quarters were located because she saw doors on either side, which she presumed, led to the bedrooms.

Charles stopped in front of tall, heavy looking double doors and pushed it open. The room she walked into was so beautiful and welcoming and Abigail had never seen this kind of grandeur and elegance before.

But then again, as she looked around at the cavernous room that was in front of her, she didn't know why but even with all this beauty and display of elegance and grandeur, she felt a little sad.

She could tell since the moment she stepped inside this house that this was a whole different life and what she wondered about the most was if Alexander Qinn had been happy living in this huge and majestic place.
Within 31 days

"If you wish to make some changes, all you have to do is say the word, Miss," the butler said and Abi quickly shook her head.

"No, everything is absolutely beautiful. Thank you."

"I'm glad you like it, Miss."

As Abigail stood there looking around the vast room, a room as big as her whole house! Straight in front was a lounge area with some lounge chairs and a coffee table. To the right of that was a tall floor to ceiling bookshelf which covered the right wall. Each shelf was filled to the brim with all kinds of books! To the left of the lounge area, she saw a massive four poster canopy bed dressed with light yellow, chiffon curtains hanging from them. They were pulled to the side and tied to the post which showed the bed that was inside it. It looked like a king size bed that had blankets and duvets covered in sheets of a floral yellow design. The pillows were inside matching pillowcases. It looked so soft and Abi had the sudden urge to climb on it and jump around like a little kid.

Further to the right, she saw a couple of doors which she presumed would probably be the bathroom and closet but she didn't investigate those. There would be plenty of time to do that later on.

As she looked around, she noticed that her luggage was already in the room! She looked at the butler in surprise. She didn't see anyone pass them by as they were climbing up the grand staircase so how come her luggage was already here?!

The butler seemed to have understood the questions and surprise in her eyes and he smiled.

"I forgot to tell you, Miss, but there is an elevator. If you get tired of using the stairs, you can always use it."

Whoa!! This house even had an elevator?

Abi's mouth could only form an 'O' before she nodded at him.

"Well then, Miss. You have a rest now, too. You must be tired. Please just call me if you need anything." He smiled politely before he slightly bowed to her and headed towards the door.

Abi followed him to the door and as the old butler stepped out, he spoke as he pointed to the next room.

"Miss Lee, that's the master's bedroom," he said. The doors of the room he pointed out were even bigger than hers! It was the biggest of all the rooms inside this house and it was located in the center. If this was a palace, his room would be the King's! She was glad that at least, it was easy to tell which room was his so she wouldn't just wander off into it by accident.

When the old man was gone, Abi just stood there, staring at the huge door of Alexander Qinn's room. She was somehow surprised that he actually gave her her own room. She really didn't understand what went on his mind at all. He kept on trying to scare her ever since the very start so she had already thought of every possible scenario that was waiting for her in his house but what was waiting for her was actually this?

While she was in the taxi cab, she kept thinking about his words and how he told her that he lived in a hellish world. She had imagined all kinds of things, from the kind of house he had and the kinds of people who were around him and that he might be living in a cold, dark, chaotic and dangerous place. However, to her surprise, this was where she ended up, which was the furthest thing from her imagination as it could be. In fact, it was the complete opposite of what she had imagined! This place could be called a paradise.

Abigail shook her head as she entered her room. She knew this was too good to be true. She knew there had to be some reasons why Alexander Qinn kept telling her that he was dangerous but right now Abi wanted to believe that everything was alright.

Looking around again, Abigail couldn't help but think of how many girlfriends Alexander Qinn had brought here before her. Why did he need his girlfriends to live with him? What was that all about? Alexander Qinn, who was he and what was he hiding?

Too many questions flooded in Abi's head but she decided to stop thinking about those matters. She didn't come here just to gather more questions and bug herself about them. She came here today because of her limited timeframe. Yes, this was the first day of their one-month deal, and she wasn't going to waste the very first day just asking questions that might never be answered.

Sitting on the bed, Abi brought out her small notebook. She had listed a number of things she wanted to do with him within 31 days.

She was smiling as she read the lists in her mind. These were like the daily wishes she wanted to experience and surprisingly, she didn't find it hard to imagine doing all these things with Alexander Qinn.

However, how would she make him agree to do all these things with her? That was the dilemma she was currently having.

Remembering his ice cold gazes and the smirk on his lips, Abigail couldn't help but heave a long sigh. She could already tell that this won't be easy but after a moment, she lifted her hand and her fighting spirit blazed in her eyes again. She was going to do this! Hell or high water - bring it on!