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She didn't have it

Abi grabbed her luggage and unpacked her things. She opened one of the doors to the far left and was right when she thought that it was a wardrobe. However, what she hadn't expected when she turned the lights on, to see a humongous room! It was the size of her lounge back at home! One wall was covered with lots of square shelves - for shoes, she presumed - and another wall with rectangular shelves for bags and other accessories? There was a big island table in the middle with plenty of drawers on either side and the mirror and there was a rectangular mirror situated in the middle. This made her think that this was probably where women kept their hair and makeup accessories. The other two walls had large rectangular shelves built for hanging dresses and jackets and scarves and all sorts of different clothing and there were drawers galore! It almost felt like it could be a small clothing and accessories store if the shelves were filled with clothes and shoes and belts and hats and such. This was beyond crazy! Imagine if all those empty spaces were actually filled up with clothes! Who could afford that luxury? This then made her wonder if Alexander's closet looked the same, without the makeup area and if his one was filled to the brim with clothes.

She opened her luggage and started to put away her things and was dismayed by the fact that it didn't even take up a meter of the shelves. Never mind! She wasn't going to be staying here long, anyway.

After unpacking her things, she grabbed her phone and gave Kelly a call to give her an update.

Kelly picked up on the third ring. "Abi! Are you okay? How are things?"

"Hi Kelly. Yeah, I am totally fine and things are, uh, a bit overwhelming to be honest…" Abi said honestly.

"Oh? How come?"

"Well, first off, his house is not even a house, it's like a mansion but better?"

"Can I have a look Abi?"

Abigail hesitated since she and Alexander still didn't talk about this – if she was allowed to do this. But in the end, she agreed because she didn't want her friend to worry if she refuse.

"Whoah! Oh my god, that's HUGE!" Kelly yelled and as Abi continued showing her the room. Kelly started to worry. She knew that Alexander Qin was ultra, mega rich but this was a whole other level of rich and she knew what rich looked like, after all, her family was pretty well off as well. She somehow felt like when someone was as rich as this guy, he could very well get away with everything. After all, with money comes power and if you had a lot of money, you also had a lot of power.

"This place is just… out of this world." Abi mumbled after she finished showing Kelly the room.

"Exactly! Are you sure you're not in Europe?!"

"Kelly, you know I'm not."

"Ugh, that Alexander Qinn, Who the hell is he? Abi… just remember that you don't have to do everything he asks of you. If it doesn't feel right or comfortable, don't do it, okay? You have the right to say no and he can't force you to do anything against your will. If he tries, just come back, you understand?" Kelly ran on like a worried mother hen but she couldn't help it. This was her innocent best friend that was taking some pretty big leaps and she just wanted her to be safe. Who knew what Alexander Qinn was capable of? She just wanted to remind her friend that she had the right to refuse anything at all that she didn't want to do!

"Kelly, I'm really okay. I promise I won't do anything that I am not willing with. You don't have to worry so much. It's only for one month and I promise I will leave if things don't work out."

Somehow, Kelly was relieved. She knew that once Abi promised something, she would keep it so her words brought some relief to her mind. In the end, she rooted for her friend. She even ended up advising Abi to make the most of it and follow her heart and most of all, to enjoy the new experiences. This made Abi smile and made her feel relieved as well. Kelly's words helped her feel more comfortable with this whole thing knowing that she had her friend's support and blessing.

Once the call had ended, Abi laid down on the fluffy, comfortable bed. She stared at the ceiling and repeated Kelly's words of encouragement to herself before she stood up and walked towards the bookshelves.

As she looked at the books, Abi's brows started to knot. The first time she entered, she had a feeling that no one seemed to have settled in here for not just a while but a very long period of time. She had shrugged the feeling away but now that she flipped through some books, she started to believe her gut instincts. These books were obviously hundred-year-old classics but the strangest thing was that no one seemed to have opened them for a very long time. It wasn't like they were dusty or covered in cobwebs - they were very well maintained - but the book cover and pages stuck to each other the way they would do if they hadn't been opened for some time. Could it be that Alexander Qinn's past girlfriends never once bothered to open the books? That was the only thing she could think of and she thought that it was such a waste that they ignored these treasures. In saying that, judging from his last girlfriend, she didn't really seem like the bookworm type so maybe his other past girlfriends were the same.

She ran her fingers softly along the spine of the books and sighed with great longing. If only she had the time, she would have loved to read all of these. But sadly, she didn't have it; the luxury of time.

As she was lost in her thoughts, Abi's stomach suddenly growled. She looked at the clock and saw that it was already lunchtime. She was about to leave her room to go find something to eat when a maid knocked on her door.

"Good day, Miss. I'm here to let you know that lunch is ready." A polite woman around her early thirties bowed at her. She was wearing a maid's outfit and she was quite good looking.

Abi couldn't help but remember the romance stories she had read where the maids were often bullying or scheming or hating on the female leads that their masters brought home. That thought made Abi a little wary but the maid acted politely and respectfully and gave her no reason to be, so without anymore thought to that, she merrily went downstairs to tame her hungry tummy.

Three rules

Abigail was brought to another enormous hall which was the dining hall. This room was also enormous but she was starting to get used to that. What she wasn't expecting was a long dining table that could sit about 20 people on each side. The table was made of wood, sealed and varnished, and had shiny bronze candelabras with thin long candles, placed at meter long intervals. On the roof, there was another chandelier hanging from the rooftop. There was a golden chair at the head of the table and then rows of them on either side of the table.

She walked towards the other end of the table where the plates and dishes were laid out waiting for her. She took to the right of the golden chair in the middle, which obviously Alexander's, because this was where her plate was laid out. As soon as she sat down, Charles, the butler, appeared beside her.

She finally realized that everyone in this house, except Alexander Qinn, was actually nice to her and she felt like they treated her like she was a princess, which made Abi feel a little uncomfortable.

She looked at the extravagant plates of food on the table which looked so delicious as if they had been made by highly talented Michelin chefs, and wondered who else was coming. She looked around the table and saw that the table was only set for one. What? All of this just for one person?

"The master's still asleep and we can't make you wait for him, so please enjoy your meal, Miss," Charles, the butler, suddenly said and after he finished speaking, all the maids as well as Charles, all stepped to the side, quietly waiting for her.

Abi wasn't so ignorant that she didn't realise how things worked around here. She had at least watched and read about this kind of lifestyle but now that she was sitting there, actually experiencing it, she felt a little awkward and utterly sad. All of these luxuries didn't feel like a luxury at all when you were eating by yourself with no one to share it with. This really was a very different life compared to hers where, even though their food wasn't fancy or plentiful, they were content and happy because they had each other.

Was Alexander Qin always eating alone like this? Could this be the reason why he asked his girlfriends to live with him? Was he lonely?

Abigail tried her best to eat as much as she could to show some respect to the cook. It was delicious, yes, but she found it hard to enjoy it, perhaps because she was used to her family happily eating together happily. She definitely wasn't used to eating by herself and she definitely wasn't used to having people watch her eat. She finished her meal quickly and thanked Charles and the maids for the meal before she headed out of the dining room.

As she walked into the corridor, Abi decided to roam around the house to familiarize herself with it. It really was a beautiful house. Wherever she went, whatever room she ended up in, she would stare in awe at the design and at the furniture and the paintings and decor on the walls.

Abi then found herself in the empty ballroom and what caught her eye was the grand piano in its lonely corner of the room, with only the sunshine keeping it company. Although it was clean and shiny, Abi somehow could tell that it hadn't been used for a very long time. She walked towards it, drawn to its lonely soul and wondered why such a beautiful thing had been left by itself for so long and her thoughts were drawn back to the man who lived here.

It was already about four in the afternoon and Alexander Qinn's shadow was nowhere to be seen. Was he still asleep? Abi was a bit puzzled. She really couldn't imagine that godly creature being such a sleeping log. 'Or,' she thought, 'he might really be exhausted or sleep deprived.'

Her fingers were lightly caressing the piano's keys when she felt a gaze on her. She turned around and there he was. Alexander was standing by the pillar, leaning there, looking like a model. He had changed his clothes and his hair was a little damp.

"Little lamb is interested in pianos?" he asked and Abi gaped at him for a moment as he approached her.

"Yes, I like pianos."

"Do you want to play?" he asked, curious.

"I'd love to, but…"


"Shouldn't we talk about the contract first?" Abi was not beating around the bush.

"Oh, gutsy little lamb," he laughed as he bent and touched her cheek. "I think I should train you about patience."

Abi subconsciously gulped because of the way he looked at her. He just seemed like he was thinking about something she couldn't even imagine.

"No, it's not because I'm impatient. I just think that that should be the first thing we should talk about. I want to know what I am allowed or not allowed to do as your girlfriend," she explained, looking as serious as ever.

Alexander found her way of thinking quite amusing. It seemed like this girl was all about doing things ever so properly.

"There's no need for you to sign a contract, Abigail."


"Because… I think you're too naïve to plot against me. Those contracts were just for formalities, in case things turned… sour." He said with a serious tone and playful smirk as he tilted his face and his dark grey eyes downward to look at her.

"All you have to do is follow three rules, Abigail…" He started and Abigail held her breathe in anticipation. She was a little nervous. "First, you will be home before or during twilight. Any later than that and you'll be punished. Understand?"

Abi blinked. She didn't expect that this was actually his first rule.

"I understood… I just thought that my curfew is pretty early." She trailed off but Alexander just looked at her with eyes silently saying the words 'my house, my rules'.

"Second, while you're in this house, you will listen to no one but me. Only do what I ask you to do. Understand?" Abi nodded again. "And last, but not the least –"

"I won't ask or demand for your love. Got it." Abi took the words out of his mouth and Alexander eyes glittered with something she couldn't fathom, as a smile curved on his face.

"If you abide by those three rules, then, we'll be fine, Abigail…" he trailed off as he cupped her face again. A glorious, chilling hue popped against his long dark, lashes as he stared at her. "If not…"
Like ice and fire

"If not… you already know what will happen, right?" Alexander's expression changed again and he was now looking at her like he was challenging her.

But Abigail stood her ground and stared back into his cold, icy eyes. "Yes."

"Good girl." He smiled, seemingly amused again.

"I-is that all?" Abi meekly asked, and when he answered a firm and solid as a cold stone "Yes," Abi was relieved but somehow, a little doubtful. This was really unexpected.

Noticing the disbelief in her eyes, that crooked and playful smile curved on Alexander's face.

"Why? Would you prefer more?" he asked and Abigail quickly shook her head.

"No, no, of course not. Your rules… I understand them very clearly… I have no complaints."


"But I just have some questions."


"Uhm… What are the things I should do during my stay here? You said I should only do the things you want me to do… but what are those?"

"Good question. Come here, Abigail." Alexander was already sitting gracefully on the piano chair as he spoke. Abigail pressed her lips tight and slowly moved closer to him. Once she stood right before him, Alexander turned her around so that she was now facing away from him, placed his hands on Abi's waist and pulled her towards him, making her sit on his lap.

"Of course, you will fulfill your duty as my girlfriend," he whispered and that warm breath that caressed the crook of her neck along with that languid, enchanting voice by her ear, left Abi dumbstruck.

"C-can you tell me, specifically? This is my first time in a relationship so I'd like to be prepared –"

"Shhh… Don't worry about that, Abigail. I've already put a plan together on how to teach you everything you need to know. I will raise you into a good girlfriend."


"That is if… you can handle my training and won't run away screaming."

She couldn't see his face but she knew he was wearing that dangerous smile of his again.

"I'm not going to run away." She persevered and she heard him chuckle.

"Well, we shall see about that. Any more questions?"

Abigail tried to turn to look at his face but the man didn't let her. "Don't move, just ask," he ordered and Abi slightly shuddered again. Alexander Qinn was like both winter and summer, like ice and fire. He switched from both without any warning. He would either blaze like a roaring fire, burning her or appear out of nowhere like a blizzard, freezing her. He was too unpredictable and she could find no apparent reason for why he kept changing. At that moment, he was simply cold. His voice, his eyes, his smile and chuckles, everything about him was breathtakingly beautiful but he was just… too cold.

Despite that, Abigail didn't want to get burned or just let herself get frozen to death by him. She had to deal with him, learn how to handle him, and get used to him or else things would always go his way. She would try to love this beautiful ice king but she would do it her way. She didn't want to just get swept away into the dark ocean without a paddle in her hands.

"Since the only thing I can't ask for is for you to love me, that means I can ask for any other requests, right?" she said and she felt him become still under her.

When he finally moved, he turned her around and made her face him. He gazed up at her with his probing and playful eyes while a smile played at the corner of his lips.

"It depends on the request. And… Abigail… if it isn't money you're asking for, I will have you work hard for every request you make."

Abigail didn't know why but from the way he said those words, she felt like he would make it extra hard for her. It was as if he was telling her that it won't be easy to request anything from him.

"Work? Okay, I got it," she replied enthusiastically and Alex smirked.

"Are you going to ask me to do my girlfriend duty tonight?"

"No, not yet Abigail. Why? Are you that eager to get on with it?"

"That's not it. I just thought that since you weren't planning to do anything tonight then, would it be okay for me to ask for a request now?" she asked and Alex let out a laugh.

"You just got here Abigail… and you're already asking for a request? What a brave little lamb."

"But I… I have listed the things I want to do with you within the thirty-one days. I have to do one thing on my list to achieve my daily quota," she explained in an utterly enthusiastic voice, like a child reporting her father about the list of things she had to accomplish during her one month vacation.
First request

Abigail had aimed to at least do one of the things she had listed every day, because if not, she would not be able to complete her list. She knew she had to at least wait to familiarize herself with him but if she wanted to finish the list she must do at least one everyday in these 31 days.

Alexander was utterly speechless. He couldn't believe this girl at all. Was she really not fearful of him at all? How could she be like this? She actually made a list? A daily goal? And he was involved in her quest for experience and knowledge? Was she only using him to complete these things on her list? Was that why she wanted to be his girlfriend so badly? Alexander could only smile in disbelief.

But for some reason, he also felt curious. What were these things on her list? Could it be that this little lamb was much more daring than he thought?

"Fine, but I can't guarantee whether I will agree to it or not. Now tell me."

Abigail stared deeply into Alexander's eyes before she opened her mouth.

"Play a video game with me," she said and what greeted her after her words was just utter silence.

". . ."

Alexander was dumbstruck. He looked at her with a quizzical expression because he couldn't tell from looking at her whether she was serious or not. When she didn't jump out and follow her statement with an "I'm joking! haha", he saw that she was more than serious and he smiled at her smugly. He couldn't believe that this girl's first ever request would be something like this. What the hell was this little lamb thinking?! This girl was just utterly unfathomable in his eyes.

"What? Are you a gamer?" was all Alexander said. His eyes remained fixated on her, as if he was still dissecting every little expression she made.

"No, but I want to experience playing a game with my boyfriend. I think it looks fun so it made it to the list as one of the things I'd like to experience," she explained. From all the things on the list she had, she chose this because apart from being one of the easiest, she thought that this was the perfect way for her to get familiar and comfortable around him. She thought that it would definitely help her to at least loosen up her stiff nerves around him. Plus, it was the truth. She included this on her list because she really found this quite romantic. Playing a game with one's boyfriend was such a romantic gesture, since she always swooned everytime this scene appeared on tv or in the books she was reading.

"Oh right! I need to work hard to make you agree, don't I?" Abi snapped before Alexander could speak. "Ah, do you want a massage?" she asked and without waiting for his response, she hastily moved to stand behind him and started massaging Alexander's shoulders.

Alexander was speechless. He really could not comprehend what went through this woman's brain. She was like an alien! What was the use of trying to decipher her when she made no logical sense!

As he was internally moaning about her, the fact that she was massaging him, that she was touching his body finally registered in his mind. Her touch was firm and fluid and he actually felt his muscles relaxing under her ministrations.

"C'mon, it's an easy request. Just play a game with me. If you agree, I'll massage your back too!" She urged enthusiastically.

Although her massaging skills weren't bad and even admitted to himself that he quite liked it, a solid "No," was still his answer.

Abi stopped the moment she heard his answer. She knew this wasn't going to be easy. She knew that Alexander Qinn wasn't the type of man who would easily mellow down and agree to her requests just like that. What should she do to melt this ancient glacier?

"Don't stop," he suddenly ordered, causing Abi to snap back to present. She was thinking about how to persuade him but this man was not even giving her enough time to think.

Abi still didn't move her hands. She could just feel that he had that damned smirk on his face again.

"You dare to disobey me? Huh? Little lamb?"

"I only need to obey you when I'm doing my duty as a girlfriend," Abigail blurted out without thinking and she instantly bit her lips after she said it.

"Abigail, this is one of my girlfriend's duties." The man looked sideways at her. His voice was domineering but Abigail didn't even flinch and immediately retorted.

"Mr. Qinn. I, at least, know that giving a massage is the job of a massage therapist, not the job of a girlfriend." She blurted this out so confidently as if she was stating a certain universal truth, causing Alexander to laugh a soft enchanting laugh. `This little lamb…'

"I'm not going to continue unless you agree to my request." She pouted and Alexander narrowed his eyes. "Why are you so against it? Is it because you suck at games? Don't worry, I'll teach you," she added, as she started urging him and coaxing him. She even encouraged him like she suddenly became a department store's sales clerk.

"I promise, it'll be fun. And… as a reward, you will get a fine massage from me. This is like a buy one take one sale. You're getting a bargain!"

Alexander was bewildered. He couldn't believe she was already acting like this. Not even a day had passed yet and she was already treating him this way. She was already being this persistent, even treating him without a tiny bit of fear at all. All the girls he had met had never acted this way around him. They all knew he was dangerous; a man they couldn't afford to mess with or joke with or even dare to disobey. All of those girls beforehand had always acted like they were around a king but this girl, this little lamb… why was acting she like this?

He was sure that she knew it and felt it. Everyone who got close to him always felt it - the immense coldness and utter darkness that acted like an invisible shield around his body. He knew she could feel it, just like everyone else, and yet, she still acted like this; like a child who kept trying to touch a dangerous wolf without any care about the dirt and disease that pulsated within its body, as if she didn't care if she ended up being beaten to death.

Because of Alexander's silence, Abi tilted her head down to look at his face when suddenly, Charles walked into the room.

"Excuse me, Miss Abigail," the butler said and Abi stepped aside as the man whispered in Alex's ear.

The air around Alexander immediately became heavy, causing Abi to deduce that whatever the butler said wasn't good news to him.

He looked at Abigail with a pretty serious gaze.

"Abigail, go back to your room first. Don't come out until I say so." His twisted smile had long left his lips.

"Huh? But you still didn't –"

At that moment, a merciless chill was suddenly emitted from those intense eyes, intimidating and locking her down on the spot.

The look only lasted a second, but it chilled her so much that the hairs on her arms stood up. Abi flinched and just froze there.

Alexander stood majestically before her as he cupped her face. "We'll play after this. Now go," he said.

Abi wanted to celebrate but she didn't, not when he agreed to her request looking this emotionless. She wondered, 'why was he so cold?' Would those glaciers in his eyes really never melt?

Abigail looked down as soon as his eyes released her and she obediently nodded at him. "Okay."

Inside her room, Abigail couldn't stop herself from thinking hard. She didn't want to become gloomy. He had agreed so she should be delighted, right? But so many questions ran through her head. Why did he ask her to stay in her room? Was he trying to hide her from someone? Or was he hiding something from her?

These questions continued revolving around her head, relentlessly like the solar system, for a long time. She tried to distract herself by preparing everything they were going to need for when they played. When that was done, she fixed her bed, browsed through a few books that she found interesting, re-read the items on her list and listened to some music.

Before she knew it, three hours had passed. It was already dark outside but Alexander still hadn't come. She wondered what was going on and curiosity got the better of her. Abi went to her window which overlooked the vast front yard. She saw four black cars, which were obviously very expensive looking and she figured whoever his visitors were, they were loaded. She could see that these cars were those types of cars that the country's president would use during a parade.

She stood there for a long time until she saw a few people start to come out. The men in black, who were standing by the cars, finally moved.