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The Prophecy (2)

"This crystal will glow when one of the stars that are connected to you are near. It will glow with the same color as their star in your vision." Anna explained.

"It will glow with the same color as the stars in my vision." I repeated. I looked at the crystal I was holding.

"I suggest you try to find information about the prophecy, Lili. It can help you, if my hunch is correct and you are the chosen one." Anna said.

"But, how can I find information about the prophecy? Atlantia is now submerged under the ocean." I said with a heavy heart.

"My father's colleagues also survived the destruction of Atlantia. As I know, they are scattered all over the continent" Anna said. "I only know of one person that is father's former colleague. His name is George Wilson. I heard that he was a wanderer now, wandering the continent and still persuing knowledge."

"If he is a wanderer, then it will be difficult searching for him." I said, thinking of how to search for this man.

"I am sorry princess, this is the extent of my abilities to help." Anna bowed her head with sadness.

"Of course not Anna. You have been of big help to me." I said instantly at her. "If it not for you, I wouldn't know of such things."

"Then I am happy to be able to help." Anna smiled.

I looked at the clear crystal in my hands. This will help me find the person that I needed to search for. And I also need to find this George Wilson.


I was just outside the tent, waiting for William. After my talk with Anna, she proceeded in reading Will's fortune inside the tent. I didn't stay with them, telling them I needed some fresh air outside.

"Alicia." I hear William call me. "Sorry for making you wait." He gave me a warm smile.

"I didn't wait that long." I responded to him with a warm smile of my own.

Anna came after William and also came out from inside the tent.

"Mommy." Cecilia ran towards her. Anna caught her daughter that ran into her arms and picked her up.

"I would like to say thank you once again, for helping Cecilia." Anna said. "If you need anything, here is my address. I will gladly give the help I am able to give."

Anna gave me a piece of paper. The address was also in downtown.

"I have a store there that selles antiques and second hand stuff. My husband is the ine managing it." Anna explained. "Please feel free to visit us anytime."

"Yes visit us." Cecilia chimed. "Let's play again, big brother Will."

"If we have time, we will come to visit and play with you Cecilia." William patted her hair.

"Then we will be going ahead." I said with a smile. "See you again Cecilia, Anna."

William and I started to walk away.

"Please take care in your way." Anna said while waving her hand.

"Let's play again big brothet and sister." Cecilia yelled.

Willim and I walked along the streets. I looked at him our of curiosity.

"I never knew you were good with kids." I said.

"You know that I am the eldest of us five siblings." William said. "Even though we have maids and servants, I still helped in taking care of them, in my mother's place." 

William was ten years old when his mother, the duchess of Cunningham passed away because of sickness.

"I have always felt it wasn't fair for my younger siblings." William said. "I was at least given ten years to spend with our mother. But they were robbed of the time with our mother."

My heart clenched with William's story. I too, was robbed of my time with my mother. I know the feeling of losing a parent that you have loved all your life.

"I'm curious." I said abruptly, thinking of changing the subject.

"What are you curious of?" William looked at my way.

"What did you see in the fortune Anna read to you?" I asked.

William was silent for a while. Maybe he doesn't want to tell me.

"I'm sorry." I said remorsefully. "If you don't want to tell, then it's fine."

"It's not that." William had a sad smile. "I still believe that we are the ones to shape out own future."

"Oh," Is what I only said. Maybe William still doesn't believe in fortune telling. But with Anna's magical abilities, I am sure her fortune telling is accurate.

"Well, iIf you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. I am still your best friend." I gave him a smile.

William nodded and returned a smile back at me.

"Oh yes." William said. "I forgot about the cream puffs."

"Oh, I totally forgot!" I said. "Where did my cream puffs go?"

I looked at William seriously, with my hands on my waist. I looked like a mother scolding a child.

"I am sorry. When I saw you being harassed, I instantly threw the cream puffs and ran towards you." William clasped his hand and begged for forgiveness.

"Aww, I was looking forward to eating those cream puffs." I pouted my lips.

"So sorry. If you like, let's head back to the stall and buy some." William was looking really apologetic.

"Pfft, hahaha." I started to laugh. William really looked apologetic that I can't keep my facade of being angry at him. "I was just joking Will. Don't look like that."

"Haha, you got me there." William laughed. "But really, if you still like to eat it, we can go back to buy some."

I looked at the sky and it has an orange glow. The sun is setting and night was just a few minutes away.

"Maybe next time." I said. "It's getting dark. We need to get back to the palace."

'I want to get back before dinner. Leon promised to eat dinner with me.' I thought.

I would like to tell Regaleon about what just happened today in my trip downtown and the fortune telling.

While we are walking, I recognize a white cat walking towards us.

"Snow?" I called to her.

'Meow' Snow jumped up to my extended arms and rubbed her head against my chest.

"Is that your cat?" William asked. "She looks beautiful."

'Hmm, I like this guy.' Snow said to me telephatically.

'You like him just because he told you were beautiful?' I raised my right eyebrow at her sarcastically.

'Well, I love his sense of taste.' Snow said. She started to lick her body.

"Why are you here?" I asked out loud to Snow.

"Maybe she missed you." William exclaimed. He moved closer towards Snow and started to pet her. "She is an independent little kitty. She knows where her owner is."

Snow started to purr.

"Well I am sure she won't get lost." I smiled.

'Of course I won't get lost. I know the back streets of the capital, even with my eyes closed.' Snow said. 'Well abou your question, I was just taking a stroll when I saw you walking with this good looking guy.'

Snow was looking at William and gave him a lick on his nose.

"Haha, that tickles." William laughed out loud.

"I guess she likes you." I giggled.

But then Snow looked vigilant. Her ears pointed upwards.

"What is it Snow?" I asked curiously.

'I can feel a malicious intent.' Snow told me.




Paid to Kill

'I can feel a malicious intent.' Snow told me.

'What do you mean?' I asked Snow telephatically.

Snow jumped down from my embrace. She hissed towards a dark alley.

"Who is there?!" William was alert. He could feel the evil intention in the air. He made a defensive stance in front of me, holding the hilt if his sword.

Slowly, men came out from the dark alley. At least two dozen men with malicious intent surrounded us from the front.

Then I saw the two brawny men from this morning. They were the ones that attempted to kidnap Cecilia.

"We meet again missy." The skinny man from earlier said.

"They were the kidnappers from earlier." I said in a hushed voice to William.

"It's good we found you at last." The big brawny man from earlier said. "Boss, she is the one we told you about."

A man with authority within the group was at the center. He looked at me directly. William saw this and used his body to block me from their view.

"Indeed, she looks like the one." The boss said. "Girl, you are princess Alicia, correct?"

William and I was taken by surprise. How did they know my identity?

The boss took a piece of paper from his pocket and opened it. He held it out and showed it to us. The paper he was holding has a drawing of me.

William was more alert after seeing my picture on the piece of paper.

"Who sent you?" William roared in anger. He drew his sword from the sheath and pointed it towards them.

The boss gave us a sinister smile. "Who sent us is none of your concern. What you just need to know is, someone gave us a big sum of money to take the princess' life."

Hearing the boss' words sent a shiver down my spine and traveled all over my body.

"Someone wants me dead?" I said in disbelief.

'Who would want me dead? Who did I offend to have such a death threat?' I thought.

There was only one whom I know, that want me to die. And that someone was my stepmother, the queen of Alvannia, Queen Erica.

"We were having a problem of how to excute the plan on killing you. But who would have thought you would be the one marching in out here in the open, with only one knight to protect you." The boss said and laughed out loud.

"I won't let you get near the princess." Will said out loud.

The boss' attention fell upon William. "I am sure you are a royal knight with great skills. That is why I took dozens of my men with me." The boss said. "Do you think you can defeat us all?"

William assessed the situation we are in. There were really at least two dozen men in front of us. Even if William is a good fighter, he can't take on two dozen men all at once.

"Alicia, I will distract them. Use the time to make your escape." William murmured to me. "Find help as soon as possible."

"No, you can't fight them all at once." I said with a worried voice.

"I will be more distracted with you here." William said. "It would be better to run and find guards for help."

William was right. With me here, I will just be a burden to him while fighting and in turn defending me. I was hesitant but still nodded in agreement. I am confident in William's fighting skills. I just have to find help as fast as I can.

"Boss, are you sure you want to kill her?" The skinny man asked. "I mean, look how beautiful she is. I am sure she will sell at a high price if we sell her to those easterners. With her out of the continent, she is good as dead to the client who wants her dead."

The boss looked my way and stroke his chin with a beard. "You have a point there. Then take her alive, be careful to not injure her beautiful face. I would like to have a taste of her first before selling her." He smiled wickedly.

That boss' stare disgusted me to the core. William shaked in anger after hearing what the boss just said.

"You will never lay a hand on her." William roared in anger. "Alicia, go."

I nodded and do as I was told. I retreated and ran as fast as I could.

"No! Get her!" The boss yelled at his men.

William was there to defend my retreat. I can hear the skirmish of swords while I was running away. I resisted to look back, thinking that I need to find help and fast.

"Snow, lead the way towards any guard post." I said.

Snow was running in front of me. 'Okay, just follow me.'

Snow led me thru the streets and alley ways. I look around, trying to find someone or anyone that can help us. But there was no one outside the streets.

"That's odd. Why is there no one out the streets?" I asked.

'This is not good.' Snow said.

"What is it Snow?" I asked.

'I can feel people's presence, but I am afraid that they are with those bad group of men.' Snow said.

She trotted into a stop and so I stopped as well. This part of the capital was quiet and dark, with only street lamps illuminating the path way.

I look around and feel my surroundings. I was feeling danger in every corner.

'I thought running this way would be the fastest. But it seems we fell into the enemy's trap.' Snow hissed. 'I am sorry, Alicia.'

'No Snow, it's not your fault.' I said to her telephatically. The one at fault here is the one who wants me dead.

I clenched my hand in anger.

"Now that you are not favored by father, you want me dead, stepmother?" I said. "I won't let you have the satisfaction of my death."

I grabbed the knife I have put inside my dress' pocket and made a defensive stance.

"You made us run after you missy." The skinny man was panting. He and some other dozen men came out of hiding from the dark buildings around us. "Too bad, this part of the capital is one of our dominion. Even if you shout for help, the people around here won't help you."

I look around the buildings and see people peek from their windows. But they quickly close their windows and curtains in fear.

'Does this group inflict fear on these people?' I thought. 'If I get out of here, I need to open this up with grandpa. We need to put an end to this group.'

I looked around and make my plans on how to get out of this predicament alive.

'Snow, I will need your help.' I said to her.

'I am ready anytime, Alicia.' Snow said and hissed right at the men surrounding us.

"Don't think you can get me that easily, just because I am a girl." I put up my hand holding the knife and make a defensive stance. I give the skinny man a smirk.
My Fiancee is in Danger

(Regaleon's POV)

I was in the office located at a temporary courtyard given to me for my stay here inside the palace.

I was sitting behind a desk with a stock pile of papers on top. I give out a sigh of boredom.

'How I wish I am with my beautiful Lili, doing naughty things to her.' I thought.

Then I remembered the night of our engagement party. The memory of my beautiful fiancee underneath me. Her warmth radiating all over her body. The intense kiss we shared and the intimate things we have done, was so clear on my mind.

Unknowingly, a smile crept on my face while I was remembering those naughty things with my beautiful Lili.

"Ahem." Dimitri coughed. I totally forgot that he was with me inside the room.

"Your highness, it would be best to finish your work fast so that you could spend the rest of your day with princess Alicia." Dimitri said respectfully.

"Why do I need to do this, even though I am outside of the country? Can't father get one of his other sons doing this paper work?" I grutned.

"Your highness, this is the work of the 'crown prince', which is you. You can't just take the title and power of being the official corwn prince and not do the official work needed." Dimitri said it like he was scolding me.

"Hah, I know, I know." I said ang sighed. "No need to nag me like you are my mother Dimitri."

Dimitri had a solemn face after I mentioned my mother.

"You know that I have promised your mother that I would alwayd keep you safe, Leon." Dimitri said with a seriois look.

Dimitri was six years older than me. He was like a big brother to me, not to mention he also was an Atlantian.

Dimitri was an orphan living out in the streets of Grandcrest. Being an Atlantian was a problem in itself, no one was willing to help him. One day my mother who was pregnant with me, saw him being bullied out in the streets by kids bigger that him, he was still a little boy. That time, he displayed magical abilities that are yet fully developed and scared the other kids.

Afraid that those kids would call for adults to punish Dimitri, my mother saved him and took him in and cared for him. And thus, Dimitri was forever grateful, promising to always be by my side to help and protect me.

"I know you also love mother like she was your own. I have always seen you as a big brother, Dimitri. I am happy that someone I can trust is always here by my side." I said to him.

"Thank you, Leon." Dimitri gave me a rare and warm smile.

"If you often smile like that, then you wouldn't have any problems finding a wife. For sure girls will swoon over you in an instant, hahaha." I joked.

"Stop teasing. I still don't have any plans of marrying until you sit on the throne." Dimitri gave me a scolding look.

"Okay, okay." I raised my hands in defeat. "I also hope you find the right woman you will fall in love with. You are always serious in your work. I also want to see you happy."

Dimitri just nodded as a reply. And so I resumed with the paperwork right in front of me.

I have at least done half of the paper work when a carrier pigeon flew from the window. The pigeon perched on Dimitri's shoulder.

Dimitri then untied the canister from the pigeon's foot. He opened the canister and pulled out a piece of paper. He gently unrolled it and silently read it's contents.

"Yor highness, this message seems urgent." Dimitri passed the piece of paper to me.

I took the piece of paper and silently read it. The contents infuriated me to the core.

"How dare she?!" I crumpled the piece of paper in my hand with anger. "Dimitri, let's head to Alicia's courtyard at once."

Dimitri bowed in agreement. I quickly stood up and strode my way out of the room.


Dimitri and I rushed towards Alicia'a courtyard. Just as we entered the gate, I saw Alicia's personal maid, Tricia.

"Y-Your higness." Tricia was taken by surprise in my visit. "Greetings, your highness. I thought you would be back later this evening. We aren't prepared for your sudden visit." She bowed down.

"Rise." I said. "No need for formalities. I just want to see Alicia. Is she in her small library at the moment?"

I have known Alicia for the past two years. In her idle time, she loves to read books. She said it is because she wants to widen her knowledge. That is why I have gifted her many books of various things since then, resulting to a small library.

"The princess...your highness the princess is not here as of the moment." Tricia replied.

By that time my heart clenched. It's like my intuition is saying something bad is going to happen.

'I don't like this feeling.' I thought to myself.

"Did the princess say where she was going?" Dimitri asked Tricia.

"Princess wanted to see the festivities in the downtown of the capital. Sir William accompanied her. I am sure she will be back before night fall." Tricia replied.

My heart leaped from my chest, kowing that Alicia is outside of the palace at the moment. I quickly turned around and walked away with Dimitri following me from behind.

When no one was around I gave my orders to Dimitri. "Assemble the shadow guards. Find her as soon as possible." I said coldly.

"Understood." Dimitri said and vanished from behind me.

I look at the blue sky above. Dark clouds started to form. It seems like it is going to rain this evening.

"Lili, please be safe." I whispered to myself. "Tempest!" I call my familiar.

From a tree, a huge shadow flew up in the sky. It hovered right above me, it's wings spread wide.

I stretched my right arm out and Tempest perched on it.

'What can I do for you, young master?' Tempest asked.

"Help me search for Lili." I said to him. "She is at the downtown of the capital. My fiancee is in danger."

'I understand.' Tempest said. 'I will go and look for her.'

"When you find her, you know what to do." I said.

'Yes.' Tempest replied. He spread his wings once again and took fligt.

"That b*tch of a queen!" I am seething in my anger. "You dare harm my fiancee. I will let you see the consequences of your actions."

I whislted and not long Midnight came running towards me.

"Good boy." I patted his mane. I quickly held on the reins and bolted on top of Midnight. "Let's go find Lili. Hiyah."
Saving Oneself

Five men encircled around me with weapons in their hands. They might be thinking because I am just a weak girl, only five men will do to capture me.

'Well they are wrong with their assumptions.' I smiled internally.

"Come now missy, we don't want to hurt you. Just put down the knife and be a good girl and come with us." The skinny man said with a sinister smile.

"Who are you fooling? I won't go with you peacefully. I would rather die than be enslaved by the likes of you people!" I shouted with anger.

"Hahaha, then suite yourself. Men take her, but remember not to damage the goods." The skinny man laughed.

The men then launched their way right at me. I was ready for their movements and calculated my movements to dodge their attack.

One of the men launched in front of me. I side stepped swiftly and hit him at the spot on his spine just below the head with the hilt of my knife. The man became unconscious instantly.

'Good thing I was able to learn the weak spots of the body from Leon.' I thought to myself.

"Hiiiyaaah!" Another man just at my right was about to swing his sword. But then Snow jumped in front of him and clawed his face out.

"Uwaaahhhh!" The man screamed.

This gave me the opportune moment to kick him in the groin. The man moaned in pain. I used my magic to gather all my internal force in my right fist. I give the man a powerful punch in his stomach and that made him slump on the floor unconcious.

With two down, the other men was more defensive in their stance.

"Tsk, I never thoght that a princess like you would know how to fight like that." The boss said. "All of you, go and get her!" He ordered.

And because of that, nine men now stalked around me.

'This is bad.' I thought to myself. With this many men, there is no choice but to use my magic powers. And if they see me use magic, they can't be left to live. No outsider should know my secret.

'I want to try and prevent death as much as possible.' I told myself. I really never have taken a life and I am not confident that I can.

'Alicia, let me take over.' Snow said to me telephatically.

'Are you sure?' I asked.

'Don't worry, I have gotten a hang of it after some practices. I can hold that form for at least ten minutes now.' Snow assured me.

I nodded in agreement.

At the dark alley way, fog started to form around me and Snow. It started to engulfed us.

"What is this?" A man asked, startled with the sudden fog that came out of nowhere.

"Where did this fog come from?"

"This is strange."

"What are you men looking at?! Take the girl, the girl!" The boss shouted at his subordinates. 

The men regained their composure and focused on me once again.

The fog surrounding me was starting to dissipate.

"W-What is that?!" One man shouted.

"What do you mean?"

"T-There, the silhouette."

"It looks like a big cat."

Then a growling is heard from where I was standing.

When the fog dissipated completely the men was shocked. Before the men's eyes was a young girl and just beside her was a huge white tiger, protectively standing.

"Grrrr." The white tiger was growling.

"Where the hell did that tiger come from?!" The slender man asked in shock.

The men started to step back with fright. The white tiger took a step forward, ready to prounce in any second.

"Are you all sissies? Take down the tiger and get the princess quickly!" The man solded.

The men stopped their retreat and held their swords more tightly.

Seeing that they won't back down or retreat I sighed in regret.

"I really didn't want anyone to die tonight. Snow, get them." I whispered to her.

'ROOOAAARRR' Snow roared loudly and pounced towards the men.

The men was caught in surprise and fright.

"Uwwaaahhh.!!" The man that Snow got on her paws shouted. I can here the onslaught while Snow teared him apart.

Some of the men was caught in Snow's rampage. They tried their hardest to stop her.

The skinny man was shocked and was backing away when he saw me left there defenseless. 

"Hahaha, missy you are mine!" The skinny man rushed towards me with his sword.

I saw him rushing in front of me. But I stood my ground. I held up the knife in my hand in a defensive position. I know that the slender man won't give me a lethal attack, so I was confident with my stance.

The skinny man was getting nearer and nearer. He raised his sword and ready to prounce at me. But then he stopped just some feet away from me.

The skinny man looked at his chest in shock. A red patch of blood started to gather on his clothes.

" this?" The man coughed some blood. "I-Ice?"

The slender man looked at me. I was holding the knife right in front of him. The only difference is, the blade strenched out and extended with an ice blade.

"H-How can...this be?" The slender man dropped on the ground.

The boss was getting inpatient. He saw that the men with him was losing in front of the white tiger. Snow was mauling out his men.

"Tsk, call back up right away!" The boss ordered one of his subordinate. The man quickly nodded and ran.

I can see that Snow was victorious in her end. The bodies of the men littered the streets. The smell of blood is being blown by the wind.

I walked towards Snow slowly. The only one standing was the boss.

'It's good I didn't show my magical powers that much.' I thought.

"I suggest you retreat Mr. boss, if you don't want my tiger to maul on you too." I taunted him.

'Grrrrr' Snow was looking at the boss like she is going to eat him.

The ten minutes of Snow in that form is nearly up. All I can do now is act superior and scare him away.

But not long I can feel the presence of so many people.

'Tsk, did he call for reinforcments? This is bad. Snow's time is almost up.' I grimaced.

Many men came out from the shadows. All has the feeling of bad intentions.

"Hahaha. With this many men here, your tiger will be of no problem to us." The boss laughed out loud.

In one of the alleys, I here someone running towards my direction. The bad men in the way dropped dead one after the other.

"W-Who's there." The man that was clearly frightened dropped dead in an instant. A sword sticking out of his body.
A Group’s Annihilation

A sword was sticking out of the man's body. Blood oozed out from his wound and not long the man dropped down dead on the floor.

A dark silhouette was seen walking towards us from the dark alley.

"W-Who is there?" The boss asked, clearly frightened. "Show yourself!"

Then I hear a hawk's shriek. When I look up, a big hawk was flying above us.

"It's Tempest." My heart felt at ease in an instant.

'That's good. Because I am at my limit.' Snow exclaimed.

When I looked at my side, the big white tiger was no more. In it's place was a white snow cat.

"How dare you harm my fiancee." It came from a voice I am so familiar with.

The dark silhouette stepped out from the darkness of the alley, the light from the street's lamp post hit his body.

There I saw him, Regaleon. He was holding the sword that had just pierced thru the man just now. The blood was dripping from the sword's blade.

Regaleon was walking with calmness. His eyes were staring like daggers, ready to pierce anyone in his way. He was emitting an aura of killing intent.

The men that was surrounding us are seen taking a step back. They can feel such menacing aura coming from Regaleon.

"What... f-fiancee?" The boss was shocked. "Then you are prince Regaleon of Grandcrest."

After hearing their boss' words, his subordinates shivered with fright.

"Boss, is he really that prine Regaleon? The one that they have called the 'Black Devil'?" One man asked.

'Black Devil?' I didn't know that Regaleon had such a nickname.

"Boss, let's just back out. You know why they call him the 'Black Devil' right? He never spares his enemies, not even those that have surrendered. He kills them all, none is left alive." One man said.

"What are you being afraid for?!" The boss shouted. "As you can see, he is just one man against all of us. What can he do?"

Regaleon heard the boss' words and gave a devilish smirk.

"Not to mention, if we kill him, we can claim a big amount of money. His name is on top of the assassin's list with a huge sum. We will be filthy rich after killing him and the girl." The boss gave his men a good enough reason to stand their ground and fight.

'Someone wants Leon dead?' I was surprised with this news.

The assasin's list is a list from the underground organization where those who have money can pay to kill someone. The price of this, of course is not cheap, and people such as assasins and bounty hunters from the underground organization takes such jobs.

"You think you can beat me with your puny little group. Well you can dream on." Regaleon said with a cold voice. "I am afraid none of you will see the sun rise. I do not intend to let anyone live, after you have harmed my beautiful fiancee. Prepare to die!"

Regaleon's voice rang in the darkness of the night. A chill went down my spine. I can sense Regaleon's rage in his voice.

"The one who will die is you! Prepare yourself." The group of men charged towards Regaleon.

As the men got near him, a bright light was seen flashing quickly. One by one the men dropped down dead on the floor. Blood was pooling from under them.

"W-What are you waiting for?! Go and get him you fools!" The boss shouted.

All of the men dashed towards Regaleon. But Regaleon wasn't fazed one bit in the presence of a much bigger group.

Regaleon was swift with his movements. He was moving his sword like it was a part of his body, like it was an extension of his arm. Every slash of his blade, an enemy drops dead on the floor. Blood was sparying all around.

I was hooked on my place, my eyes can't stray away from Regaleon's sight. I can see him with an expresionless face, devoid of any emotion. He was slashing thru the enemy, cutting thru their limbs like it was just butter.

I can hear the screams of the men as they were wounded, the agony they were feeling as they were hurt, and the silence after Regaleon gave them the deadly blow. Blood was sprayed all over the street, pooling under the pile of bodies.

I looked at Regaleon, he was soaked in the blood of the men he had just killed. With blood covering his black royal garb and sword, he really looked like a devil. His nickname the 'Black Devil' was a fit to what I was seeing right now.

With many men that had fallen, there were still others coming and charging towards him.

"Hiyaaaahhhh." The men shouted a battle cry while charging.

Regaleon looked their way, his sapphire blue eyes were glowing in the darkness of the night. Then out of nowhere, fire sparked from the men's bodies. They were ignited in flames and not long engulfed in them.



"Make it stop!"

I can hear the cries of the men. Fire spread towards the dead bodies as well. The streets were now like a sea of flames.

Behind this flames, a silhoutte was walking. Regaleon then emerge from the flames, walking proudly. Blood covered his whole body, his sapphire blue eyes were glowing reflecting the flames.

"Devil! Monster!" The boss shouted while pointing at Regaleon in fear.

The other men that were still left was now shivering in fear. One by one they dropped their weapons and ran away, like dogs with their tail between their legs.

"Where are you going, you cowards?! Stand your ground." The boss was scolding his men. But the men didn't listen to him and left him behind.

"Dimitri." I hear Regaleon said. Out of nowhere, Dimitri emerged beside Regaleon.

"Yes, your highness." Dimitri said while kneeling beside Regaleon.

"Annihilate all of them. I don't want any of them left alive." Regaleon said with a cold voice.

"Understood." Dimitri then vanished into thin air.

Regaleon resumed his pace, his direction towards the boss.

"Don't come near me." The boss was shivering in fright. "I will tell you who ordered the assassination of the princess, please just don't kill me."

"I don't need you to tell me, because I already know who sent you." Regaleon replied with a cold tone.

The boss was stepping back slowly, just by realizing that there was a wall behind him. He looked around him, hoping to find an escape route when his eyes fell on me. I was only a few feet away from him. Then the boss darted towards me.

I didn't realize this at all because I was still in a daze. I was seeing so much blood and death in front of me that I felt my body froze in place.