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No words left

Back in the alley, Kelly stood there panting, as the three men around her groaned in pain, crawling like they've been disabled.

Kelly clapped her hands together, as if she was trying to remove the dirt from her hands. The anger in her eyes slowly dissipated and she became calmer. The little tigress had slowly returned to a bratty young lady.

Kai, who was still there in the shadows, leaning on the wall, smiled widely. He almost wanted to clap his hands and praise her but he didn't want to be seen by her, so he remained quiet.

The girl then started to move. She stretched her arms and cracked her neck as she started walking away.

Kai also sighed and turned around to leave when suddenly, he heard a small yelp come from her.

Kai's head snapped back towards where she was a moment ago and to his surprise, the girl wasn't there anymore. He looked at the men on the floor and they were all still there so they couldn't have done anything to her.

So where the hell did she go?

Kai hastily ran towards the spot where he last saw her. He looked around but he couldn't see her anywhere! Hooligan… where did you go?

"Ugh!! Damn it!! Damn it!!" an echoey voice cursed.

His eyes looked at where the voice was coming from and when he saw why she seemed to have disappeared, his jaw just fell.

The hooligan actually fell into a hole?! This was unbelievable. She was so cool and badass a moment ago - she might even be the coolest girl he had ever seen - but she actually fell into a hole… Way to go, Hooligan! I have no words left to describe you… Kai just shook his head in disbelief.

Kai squatted down and looked down the open hole in the alley. It appeared that some trouble maker removed the hole's cover so that some idiot or drunkard would fall victim to it.

"Aishh! Stupid hole!!!" The girl seemed to be in pain but Kai could tell that she was trying to get up and climb up. She didn't yell for help which he found very strange. He knew that the first word girls would normally scream out if they ever got into any kind of situation, was the word help. But she didn't. She just cursed and struggled to help herself.

Shaking his head, Kai switched on his flashlight and once he saw her, he wasn't even surprised anymore. She was already standing up and was about to climb up.

Kai extended his hand.

"Come, take my hand and let me help you," he said and Kelly hesitated for a moment. She recognized that voice but she thought she might be mistaken because why would that person be here? Anyway, she didn't want to waste time to ponder the whys and hows while she was still literally holed up.

After accepting his hand, the man effortlessly pulled her up. "Thank you," she said without looking up as she fixed her dress. She then tried to stand and walk but she couldn't. It seemed she may have sprained, and possibly broken, her left ankle. She winced in pain every time she put pressure on her left foot but she was determined to go because she had to return to get Abi!

She had left Abi by herself for too long and who knew what might have happened to her during this time. She was really worried and she cursed herself for being careless and succumbing to her anger.

"Your ankle…" Her attention was drawn away from her thoughts to the man who helped her out of the hole and the moment she looked up, her eyes almost bulged out. It was him! What was this person doing here?

"P-p-prince Kai? What are you doing here?" she stammered in surprise.

Some unknown emotion flashed in the man's eyes the moment she called him prince. "Don't call me that. I'm not a prince."

"Don't lie. I know who you are," she insisted and the man sighed. "I saw you in country –"

"I think you should go to the hospital or you might never be able to wear heels again." He cut through her words and when she looked down and saw her very swollen ankle, her eyes widened.

"Wait a moment," he said and then he turned around and just left.

Kelly tried to walk but the pain was excruciating. She had never been injured to this extent in her life! She breathed in and out deeply, trying to make the pain go away. Just as she forced herself to move despite the pain, a man on a black bike halted before her. It was the prince. He looked so majestic and hot that Kelly almost drooled as she spaced out. The bike, the black leather jacket, his face; the combination of all three things was a sight for sore eyes. She wondered how people didn't stare at him everywhere he went, like how she was staring at him right now.

She snapped out of her daze when he put the helmet over her head.

"Wait… I can't go to the hospital. I must go back and get Abi out of the bar first," she said as she tried to remove the helmet. But Kai just put his hand on her head, keeping the helmet in place.

"Don't worry. Alex is with her."

"Huh? Alex… Alexander Qinn is with her?!"

"Mn. He will take care of her so worry about yourself for now, Miss Hooligan."

"Who the hell did you just call a hooligan?! Ouch!!"

Kai went up to her and put her arm around his shoulders as he slid an arm around her waist and helped her get on the bike. She had no choice but to follow. She knew she wouldn't be able to walk to the bar in her current state. Besides, if Alexander Qinn was with Abi, she was sure that nothing bad would happen to her.

"Wait… can I borrow your phone? I want to call her first."

Damned prince

Kelly called Abi's phone multiple times but no one answered. She started to worry that something bad might have happened to her friend as she frantically dialed her number once again.

Gladly, the call was finally received after another three rings.

"Hello? Abi? Are you alright? Where are you right now? Are you by yourself? Why didn't you answer your phone for ages?" Kelly immediately rattled her questions like a mother hen, when to her surprise, it wasn't Abi who responded. Her first thought was that something bad did happen to Abi, otherwise why would a random guy answer her phone?! Her brain stopped working and just jumped to the worst possible conclusions because it was flooded with thoughts of guilt and worry and panic!

"She's with me." The voice was deep and pleasant, definitely masculine. But all he said was that Abi was with him! Who the hell was this guy? He better not have hurt her Abi! She had completely forgotten, in her panic, that the person on the other end might have been Mr. Qinn.

"Hey, bastard, where's Abi? Why are you answering her phone? Let me talk to her, right now! You have better not have hurt her or I swear I will rip your arms right out of their sockets and feed them to the wolves!" Kelly ranted like a madwoman, but she was so worried that she couldn't help it.

She yelled so loudly on the phone that Alex held it away from his ear at arm's length. When the yelling stopped, he held it back to his ear and spoke calmly. "This is Alexander Qinn… and you can try but I think you will be quite unsuccessful," he rebutted against her comment about tearing his arms apart, as confident and arrogant as ever. "I'm bringing her over to you. Where are you now?" he continued.

Before Kelly could answer, Kai snatched the phone from her.

"Alex, I'm going to take Miss Hooligan to the hospital… Nope. She hurt herself… It's pretty bad, I think she broke her ankle… She said she's happy to leave her friend with you –"

"What are… OUCH!!"

"She's nearly dying from the pain now, Alex. We're leaving now. Bye."

Kai then slipped his cellphone back into his pocket and without another word, he lifted Kelly up effortlessly and put her cute little bottom back on the bike. He then put her helmet back on, hopped on the bike, grabbed Kelly's arms and wrapped them around his waist before he finally accelerated away.

The man rode the bike so damn fast that even Kelly, the fierce hooligan, was scared to her bones. She just barely managed to hang on to his waist and she shuddered to think what other injuries she might have gotten had she not been able to hold on!

"Hey! What are you doing… Are you really going to bring me to the hospital?! You might as well bring me to a funeral home if you're going to keep this speed up, you damned prince!!" Kelly started yelling and thankfully, it seemed like her words somehow worked.

The damned prince slowed down, but this time his speed was so damned slow that she could almost see a bloody turtle overtaking them!

Oh god! This man was definitely not a prince charming!! Argh! Was he trying to annoy me or something?!

Time ticked by but he kept the same slow pace. He didn't accelerate at all! Kelly was inwardly fuming by this time.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing? A damned turtle is overtaking you, look!" She complained and then she pointed a finger towards an imaginary turtle that was overtaking them on the lane beside them. "I can probably hobble my way to the hospital faster that this!"

Shaking his head, the man finally spoke.

"Miss Hooligan, if that is your wish, I can let you off here and you can 'hobble' your way to the hospital from here," his elegant voice taunted her. Kelly looked around and she realized they were on the highway and it was dark and there was nobody else around because it was very late at night.

"No." She was quick to take back her words. She tried to suppress her annoyance because despite what she said, she was in pain and she knew she needed this man's help right now. So she restrained herself, with a lot of effort, or she might end up being abandoned here. Who knew how this prince's brain worked? "How about you let me drive?" She tried a different tactic instead.

"With your injury? Oh sure, go right ahead," his voice was full of sarcasm.

"I can handle it," she insisted and the man just chuckled.

He sighed and finally accelerated. This time, his speed wasn't as fast as a damned rocketship, thank goodness!

This man… was definitely just trying her patience!

At the bar, Alexander put Abi's phone back in her bag and carried Abi along with the girls' belongings to his car. No one paid him any attention as he left, as if this happened all the time in the club, as if they were invisible.

He put her in the back seat so that he could lie her down on her side. He put her bag, and a jacket on top of it, under her head so she had something to lie on. He then checked that she was still breathing. Her breathing had become steady and even. It seemed like she had fallen asleep and he was sure that it was because of the cocktails she had drunk.

Alexander Qinn now faced a dilemma. He knew where that Kelly girl lived and he was sure that he would find the key in one of the bags but… that girl was going to the hospital and he didn't know how long that would take. Would this little lamb be ok if he dropped her off there by herself?

Left without much choice, Alex sighed. He glanced at the sleeping lamb for a long while before he started the engine and drove away.

After some time, Abigail finally woke up and found that she was lying inside a car. Her head throbbed in pain, her mouth was dry and her vision was a bit blurry. She blinked a few more times to get a clearer picture of her situation and she began to remember the things that happened before she passed out.

She felt her hands tremble a little from the memory, but when she saw the silhouette of that perfect figure sitting on the driver's seat, her increasing panic and accelerating heartbeat slowed down.

The man was leaning his head on the headrest with his eyes closed. She would never get used to seeing the perfection of his face. He was like a jellyfish, beautifully emitting its own light under the dark ocean, but if you touched it… you'd be poisoned. And Abigail had the strongest desire to touch this beautiful, mysterious jellyfish, even knowing that it might lead to certain death.

As Abigail stared at him, she slowly recovered from her lightheadedness. It was outrageous but she momentarily forgot that horrific experience just by staring at him.

Suddenly, the man spoke but his eyes were still closed. "Miss Lee… I hope you already learned your lesson. Never attempt this again. I'm telling you one more time; someone like you doesn't belong in my world. You belong in your own peaceful paradise," he said, still not throwing her a glance.

She could hear in his voice the blatant warning and she clenched her fists tightly. She felt like there was something caught in her throat and the words he said before she passed out echoed in her head. 'I told you… you can't handle it…'

Abigail felt the urge to cry.

She didn't understand… all she wanted was to fall in love. All she wanted was to experience saying those three words - 'I love you' - to the man she loved, and to know how that would feel. Was that really too much to ask? That was all she wanted, her only wish… so why can't things just go smoothly as she wished?!

Should she really give up now? Should she really just burrow herself back into her rabbit hole like a scared little bunny and go back to living that safe, uninteresting, loveless little life that she had been? Should she just sit still and just wait for the day when she finally leaves this world?

Just the thought of it made Abi's heart break. She had been a good girl for twenty-two years. Was it really wrong for her to desire this? She had never asked for anything else. She never cursed God and got angry at him, nor did she ask why, of all people in the world, she had to be the one who got sick. She accepted everything and only wished for one thing…

But it seemed like that single wish of hers was like a balloon on a fragile string that was being forcefully pulled from her grasp no matter how much she tried to hold onto it. She could see it slowly fly away from her and it didn't feel right. It was more painful than the pain she felt when Alexander rejected her. She knew in her heart that she didn't want to give up because she just felt that she would regret it. She didn't have the luxury for another lifetime or second chances and she was well aware that her time was running out.

"Go home and stay there, Abigail. That's where you belong. You've seen the outside world and there is nothing good out there," he added and Abi looked away.

"You're right. The world is not always a nice place… it can be scary…" she trailed off. Her voice was weak, almost a whisper. Sadness and pain could be heard in her voice. "But I don't agree with you that there's nothing good out there."

Alexander furrowed upon hearing her words. He finally looked at her as he opened his mouth to speak. However, when he saw her eyes glimmering with tears that were threatening to fall, he was forced to hold back.

"Alexander…" she called out his name in a really sweet yet sad tone. "Why did you come and save me?"

What followed Abi's question was a deafening silence.

What happened tonight rocked her world. It was terrifying. She never wanted to experience anything like that ever again. She finally understood why this man believed since the beginning that she couldn't handle it. Her actions and reactions tonight proved it even if she started to deny it now.

However, this man came and saved her. No matter what she said, no matter what she thought and no matter what she saw, this man came and saved her. This single act from him was enough for her to persevere and try to catch the balloon again. She decided to try again, one last time. If she couldn't get him to agree tonight, then she would stop, once and for all. She would accept that this was probably her fate.

"I think that there is something good out there…" she lifted her hand and gently poked the man's cheek. "You."

Alexander's lips parted in disbelief. He caught her wrist and held it as he closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

"Abigail, you don't know what you're saying," he said and then, out of nowhere, he moved closer to her. His eyes blazed again with ice cold fire as his fingers traced her jaw. "Didn't you see how much more dangerous I am than that man? I have and can still do far, far worse things than that. I have done things you can't even imagine, Abigail… Believe that!"

"But you saved me."

"I did that out of impulse."

She ignored his words. Even if he was just being impulsive, he still saved her. And really? Out of impulse? Didn't he just acknowledge the fact that he had some good in him?

"I believe that I'll be fine out there, as long as I'm with you."

Alexander leaned back, now pinching the skin between his brows.

"You don't get it! I'm the one who's much more dangerous for you, Abigail." He looked at her again. His eyes were still cold and filled with urgent, dangerous, warnings. "If you become my girlfriend… I might ruin you… In fact, I know I would. You don't know what I am capable of doing to you."

Abigail swallowed.

"Why don't we try it then? How about you give me a month? If I really can't handle it, I will run away from you on my own."

Alexander let out an enchanting but chilling laugh. He was speechless. He could see that light in her eyes again, that light that was blinding for someone like him, that light that he knew he could probably never kill no matter what he said or did.

"Tell me, why me?"

"Because you're the most handsome man I have ever seen?"

He twitched, obviously not pleased. "There are tons of fish in the sea, Abigail. You're only saying that because you've never jumped into the ocean! I just happened to unknowingly jump out of the water right in front of you."

"I have seen my share of fish but you're right, you were the first one to jump out of the water and the first one I truly noticed. You're also the only one that has ever sparked something in me. I-I… can't explain it. I just have this feeling that we… that I…"

… will never find another man like you again for the rest of my life.
Gutsy little lamb

Alexander's grip on the steering wheel tightened. A calculating look flashed across his cold, intimidating eyes before another chuckle filled with disbelief escaped his lips.

"What a gutsy little lamb…" He said out loud, then sighed as he lifted his hand and ran his elegantly long fingers through his hair.

"One month, huh…?" he leaned in on her and cupped her small face again. "Abigail Lee, are you sure about this one month? Are you sure you don't want to start with small steps like a day or a week first?" The crooked and playful smile, that he showed her many times the night they first met, was now carved on his face.

"I am very sure!" Abigail didn't hesitate. Her emotions were not easily hidden on her innocent face so Alex couldn't even question her resolve, because he could see that she had already decided to do this. As he scanned her face, he saw a certain something that radiated from within her that rendered him speechless for a split second.

He averted his gaze to avoid her soulful, bright eyes and looked out the window when suddenly, his eyes slightly narrowed and it glimmered with something Abi couldn't comprehend. Abi followed his gaze but she saw no one at the spot he was looking at, but then again, it was pitch dark outside. She returned her gaze to him just to see that his eyes had returned to normal, as if what she noticed a moment ago was just in her imagination. This jellyfish was emitting some new mysterious illuminations again…

"Fine. Do what you want." Before she knew it, he finally gave in.

Abi gasped upon hearing him. This was totally unexpected. After rejecting her so fiercely before, he finally caved in. 'What?! Really? I heard him right, right? I didn't imagine that, right?' were the thoughts that ran through her head.

Like a child who finally caught her escaped balloon again, Abi beamed and her eyes shone joyfully.

Alexander looked away; there were some lingering regrets in his eyes but he blinked them away. He had said it; given his word to her and that was that. He jumped out of the water and she caught him, or at least, he let himself be caught by her.

"Don't come crying to me afterwards…" he murmured as if he was more than certain that this girl would.

"I won't." Abi raised her hand like a girl scout stating the preamble and Alex smirked as he lazily rested his head on his palm. The jellyfish seemed to be tired now from relentlessly swimming away from this persistent, vigorous and hell-bent little chaser.

"Uhm… where's the contract? I want to sign it now." Abi's big eyes questioned him. She even seemed excited, something that rendered him speechless once again.

"Little lamb, why do I feel like you're treating this as an exciting field trip or something?"

"That's not it. I'm just afraid you'll change your mind."

He twitched. "So you actually do know that you can't trust people so easily, huh?"

"I just learned it a while ago at that bar. I can't trust any man's words so easily like that." She shuddered when she remembered that man again but the sound of Alex's fascinating chuckle rang in her ears and it pulled her thoughts away from that terrifying experience.

"Sigh… little lamb... I really don't know how you survived in this world this long and not been broken yet." He looked somewhat amazed. This jellyfish had changed again. He was nothing like the man who appeared and saved her not that long ago.

Abigail ignored his words again. She instead held out her palm before him, silently asking for the contract.

Alexander stared at her palm. "Abigail, actually… I think what you need to sign isn't a contract."

Abigail blinked.

"I think… it should be a waiver." He playfully smiled again and she was mesmerised. Alexander scowling and growling at her was quite outrageously pleasing to the eyes but his smiling face was just an out of this world type of incredible. She wondered how would he look if his smile reaches those ice cold eyes of his. "But we're not going to talk about that now. I'll give you time to come to terms with yourself one last time. You're still under the influence of alcohol, after all, little lamb," he continued.


"Shh… don't worry, I already gave you my word."

Abi wanted to insist. She didn't want to waste any more time, but she needed to restrain herself or he might get suspicious if she acted even more desperate than this.

"F-fine," she bit her lips.

He brought out his phone and typed something in it and then, Abi heard her phone beep.

"That's my address," he said, his eyes probing again as he stared at her.

"I can come here once I'm prepared right?"

He nodded and Abi stared back at him, showing him that she was already more than prepared.

"One last thing for you to know, Abigail…" his voice switched yet again to a serious and firm tone that left no room for any doubt or any other possibility. He was suddenly more authoritative than his aura already suggested, causing Abi to swallow in anticipation.

"I require my girlfriend to live with me in my house. So make sure to think about this properly, understand?"

Something good

Abigail gulped at his serious words.

"Live with you?" she echoed, her eyes slightly circled in shock.

"You heard me," he replied, as a wry smile played on his face again. "Afraid now?"

He waited for her reaction but…

"R-really? So we'll be like newlyweds?" was all she blurted out, even looking quite amazed while Alexander was again rendered speechless.

What he said definitely made Abi pause, but she thought that the more time they spent together, the better the chances of her falling for him, right? So she thought that maybe, that might not be such a bad thing?

While Abi moved to put her phone away into her bag and noticed that there was another bag under it.

"Ahh… Kelly!!" She immediately shrieked as her mind was triggered by the reminder. As she started to panic, Alex informed her of her friend's whereabouts.

"Don't worry about her. She's currently at the hospital."

What he said made her panic even more! What? Why was Kelly at the hospital? What happened to her? How did he know she was at the hospital? So many questions ran through her head and she didn't know where to start. Alex saw her immobile figure and sighed.

"Stop panicking. She's with my friend. I'll drive you there now so sit back and put your seatbelt on." He spoke calmly, his voice rippling like ocean waves and it cooled her panic.

He started the engine and smoothly wound his way to the hospital. Abi was quiet but her mind was running a marathon. 'What could have happened to Kelly that she ended up at the hospital? How badly was she hurt? Did someone do something to her? I hope it's nothing too serious…' and with those thoughts, her mind brought her back to the bar with that man and she prayed with all her might that the same thing hadn't happened to her friend. No! Kelly was stronger than that. She wouldn't fall for such tricks. There had to be another reason.

The moment Alex parked up by the hospital entrance, Abi opened the door and scrambled out of the car. She noticed that he didn't move.

"Are you not coming?"


"Oh. Okay. Well, thank you for the ride. I'll see you soon," she said before hurriedly going inside the big building. She didn't think twice about leaving him this time because he already promised her and he even gave her his home address. Besides, her friend was more important right now.

Abi found herself in the hustle and bustle of the hospital emergency department and her head almost spun. There were so many people running around that she didn't know where to start. She looked at the long line at the reception desk, intending to ask for information about Kelly but that would take too long.

So she looked around to see if she could see any sign of her friend. In the next moment, she saw a familiar face! Not wasting another second, she beelined her way to him and was about to ask him where her friend was when she heard her name being called out.


Abi turned to the direction of the voice and she saw her friend on the bed, with one foot wrapped up in bandages.

"Kelly!!" she cried.

Completely forgetting about Mr. Black Leather Jacket, she ran to her friend and gave her a careful hug. She felt so relieved to see that her friend was ok, apart from the obvious leg injury.

"What happened?!" Abi asked.

"I fell down a hole, haha." Kelly looked a bit embarrassed but she laughed it off - well, it was pretty funny.

Abi's face turned blank. "Huh? Fell… down a hole?"

"Yeah, I know. Silly, right?"

Abi looked at her friend doubtfully. "How much did you have to drink?! And what were you doing outside?"

"Wha…? Ahem. I didn't have anything to drink cos I didn't make it to the bar! I just, uh, went outside for a bit to, uh, get some fresh air! Then I fell down a hole and luckily, Leather Jacket over there was around and helped me out. But enough about me! What about you? Are you okay? Nothing happened at the bar while I was gone, right?"

"Something did happen but Alexander Qinn came and saved me." Abi said succinctly. She saw Kelly's expression and sighed before she started to recount what had happened.

Kelly's expression darkened as she listened to Abi's story. She couldn't believe that this happened to her friend. She was so angry at that man for putting Abi through that! Argh!!! If that man wasn't already beaten to pulp, she would have raced to him and done it herself - broken ankle and all! What a piece of sh*t, a**hole!

But, she wasn't just angry at that guy. She also scolded herself for forgetting to tell her friend those basic rules before they went inside the bar, for letting those men distract her and for leaving her alone to fend for herself. She felt so horrible at failing her friend and not being able to protect her that she beat herself up for it.

Abi saw her friend's anguished expression and comforted her. "It's okay, Kelly. I wasn't hurt. Alex saved me. I'm fine."

Kelly felt even worse to see her friend comforting her when it should be the other way around, so Kelly manned up and pushed her self-deprecating thoughts aside and focused on Abi.

"I'm sorry, Abi. I shouldn't have left you. Are you sure you're okay?"

Abi nodded. It was true. She was okay. She knew that nothing bad would happen to her as long as Alex was around. His presence shielded her from being drowned by those negative thoughts and emotions that had threatened to overwhelm her. She felt calm and settled when he was around so yes, she was okay.

Kelly nodded as if she heard Abi's thoughts. It seemed like there was at least something good that came out of this - Abi had found her hero, her dark knight.

"Wait… where did that guy go?" Kelly suddenly asked.


"That damned pri…"


In the meantime, Kai had walked out of the hospital when Abi and Kelly were talking and headed straight towards the black car parked not too far away.

Kai jumped into the passenger seat and hounded Alex.

"So? Did you become the hero tonight, aye?" he grinned but Alex's face remained serious, more serious than ever, that Kai immediately felt that something was off.

"What is it?"

"Kai, go and deal with those lurkers… I don't want a bloodbath tonight," he lazily ordered and Kai immediately followed Alex's line of sight. The moment he saw what Alex was talking about, Kai's eyes blazed dangerously.