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"Our strength grows out of our weakness." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Gina." Heaven watched her friend as she crossed the distance between them. She had never seen Gina look so serious and angry before, and it made her feel nervous. 

From the way she walked, Heaven expected a slap, but Gina ended up wrapping her arms around her friend. 

Heaven let out a breath of relief and hugged her friend back, but then Gina spoke in her ear. "We need to talk." Thankfully, she didn't sound angry. It sounded more like she wanted to scold her about something. 

Heaven could only guess what. 

"Alright." She responded. 

"I'll wait for you upstairs." Gina said pulling back and then she left. 

Heaven sat next to Klara and in front of Roshan and his father. The resemblances still threw her off, and she would have guessed that they were brother's if she didn't feel the power emanating from his father.

Darius Golchin. 

Most people knew who he was because of his extensive wealth and business. She could already see all the gold that adorned his clothing, especially the heavy golden belt. He dressed no less than a royalty. 

"You must have heard about Zarin. We are sorry." Roshan apologized. 

"No! Please don't be. It is not your fault." Heaven felt even more angry now that his parents had to apologize for him. 

Klara was awkwardly silent. Probably feeling more guilty than Roshan. 

Darius sat relaxed, expressing no feelings. Heaven wondered if he was here for Zarin, and if so, what did he plan to do? Even if he was ancient, what could he possibly do? 

He looked up at her, knowing exactly what she was thinking. She almost forgot he could hear her thoughts. 

"I'll go make us some tea." Klara said, standing up. She left in a hurry, almost as if she had to make it quick. It was strange. 

"Father!" Roshan said with clenched teeth, looking angry. 

Heaven understood that Darius had somehow compelled her. 

"I think it is better she doesn't hear if we want to speak the truth here." Darius explained himself calmly. "Heaven have many questions, and it is good if she gets some answers to help her." 


Darius turned to her. "Deep down, you have many questions about your grandfather and you want answers. Don't you?"

Heaven remembered that she had wanted to talk to Roshan about her grandfather but forgot when the whole thing with Zarin happened. She had wanted to gather all the information she could about the devil so she would be prepared for whatever the outcome would be. 

"I wanted to know what it is like to be with the devil. I know you joined him once before." 

Roshan frowned. "Are you thinking of joining him?"

"No. But you taught me to be prepared for any outcome. I just want to know about him and his kingdoms." 

"Don't even think of that possibility." Roshan warned, looking more serious than usual. "It is easier to fight him from here than if you join him. Once you go there, it is very hard to come back. His kingdoms are made to trap you without you even realizing it. You will think that you are on vacation in paradise. He isn't the devil for no reason. He can find darkness in the brightest of hearts."

Darius nodded in agreement. 

"So is Zarin not coming back?" Heaven asked, feeling a little scared of this revelation. 

Roshan averted his gaze, but she caught the fear and doubt in his eyes before they turned away. 

Oh Lord! 

"But you two came back." She said in desperation. 

"We joined your grandfather because we made a deal. We thought the payment to join his cause wouldn't be a problem. We would work for him a hundred years, then we would be free. But we got lost, and we stayed with him for another hundred years. That is how good he is." Darius explained. 

Two hundred years?!

"Your grandfather wants people who willingly join his cause. He could just compel everyone, but then the sin will not be theirs. It will be his. That is why he gives everyone the choice to join him. You have to know that the choice is ultimately yours, so don't let him fool you into making that decision. As long as you truly want to stay here, you have nothing to fear." He continued. 

Roshan somehow didn't seem to agree with him. "The choice is yours, but it won't be easy. You will be tempted to make the wrong choice." 

"You shouldn't scare her." 

"I am preparing her." Roshan corrected. "The devil is not someone to be underestimated. Don't think of him as your grandfather because he cares for no one. He has killed…" He halted, as if realizing he was saying too much. 

"Well, if you are going to prepare her, you might as well tell her everything." His father commented. 

"Please go on." Heaven urged with heart beating wildly. What did her grandfather do? "I want to know." 

"I just want you to understand the seriousness of this." He began. "Your grandfather shows no mercy to those who provoke him. Even his own family. Only once did a few demons go against him, and he killed the whole family. The whole bloodline was wiped off the face of earth. He chased the last one of them down to the oceans. After that incident, no demon in their right mind had dared to provoke him." 

Why was he telling her this? 

"We have many people we care about." He added. "You have to be careful with your choices." 

Now she understood. He was warning her that her family could be in danger if she made the wrong choice. Heaven already knew that. If she followed the devil, her family would do anything to save her and then they would be in danger. And if the story Roshan was telling was true, then they would be in real danger. 

"If you go to your grandfather, I won't help your family to save you. I will try to make them understand that it was your choice." He said and she could tell it was hard for him to tell her that. 

"Thank you." She said, but realized that her voice broke. She didn't realize how much his words actually affected her. 

She was thankful that he wanted to help her family, but she couldn't deny that she felt hurt. Roshan had always been close to her heart, and this hard demeanor of his made pained her. 

But what did she expect? He wasn't saving his son. Why would he save her? Especially if she chose to go to her grandfather. She wouldn't be worth risking anyone's life for. 

"I'll go see where Klara is." He said standing up and leaving without meeting her gaze.

Heaven felt tears prickle her eyes. God! What was wrong with her? She was not going to cry. 

Darius stood up from his seat and came to sit next to her. "Don't cry." He said putting a gentle hand on her shoulder, as a tear that fell down her cheek. "He is just talking. He doesn't mean that. He is taking out his anger toward his son on you, and he is being harsh because he doesn't want you do to the same mistake. He doesn't want to lose another child." 

Heaven nodded, wiping the tear away from her cheek. She felt stupid. "I know." She croaked. 

"We care about our children so much that we would be willing to risk our lives for them. But Roshan feels bound since he has another child to care for and protect as well." 

Darius had a calming voice as he explained to her, and she suddenly understood Roshan's struggle even more. He had to be wise and calm when he probably just wanted to run to save his child. The fear she had seen in his eyes was real. He feared to lose his son forever. 

"Is there anything I can do?" She asked. 

"There isn't much any of us can do. We can just talk to him and hope." 

"What can I do to not let myself be tempted?" 

Darius was quiet for a moment before he spoke. "Be you." He said surprising her. 

"You are full of love and light. Even when you have the right to hate, you choose to love. When you have the right to ignore, you choose to care. That is your weakness, but also your biggest strength. So be you, because you are everything your grandfather stands against."



"If love is your weakness. Then you are extremely strong." -Unknown


Heaven didn't feel like being herself was enough. Was she strong enough just the way she was? Could she fight her grandfather by just being herself? She wasn't sure. 

"How many children does grandfather have?" Heaven asked Darius. 

"Seven or Eight." Darius replied. 

"And he only has five kingdoms. Then why does he need me?" 

Darius studied her quietly for a moment. "I think you have something that they don't. As ancients, we can sense humans or demons that are special or have something special and you have it. I don't know what it is, but I can feel it. Maybe your grandfather knows exactly what it is and wants it. Do you know what it is?" 

Heaven shook her head. She noticed nothing special about herself.

"Does your mate notice something different about you?" He asked. 

Zamiel was also ancient. He would have known if something was different about her. 

"I don't think so." She replied. 

He nodded. "I can tell there is something about you. Try to ask him. I am sure he will be able to figure it out with the bond you two have." 

"I will." Heaven said. 

She would ask him as soon as she saw him again, but the feeling of sickness came back now that she thought of him. What was happening? She thought everything was alright after last night. 

Pushing the feeling away, she decided to go and see Gina. Thanking Darius for his help, she went upstairs to her friend's room. Hopefully Gina wouldn't scold her too much. With everything that had been going on in her life, she hadn't spoken to her for a while. Maybe that was why she was upset.

Gina was reading a paper when Heaven walked into her room. She looked up, then put the paper away before standing up from her seat. 

"Heaven." She smiled but Heaven could see there was sadness in her friend's smile as she walked over to her. She motioned for her to sit down and they sat on her bed. 

"You scared me earlier." Heaven admitted. 

"Well, we haven't seen each other for a while and you didn't come to see me after you came back. "

"I am sorry. My mind hasn't been in the right place for a while." Heaven explained herself.

"It's alright. I almost thought you were angry with me because of my brother." She said. 

"No! Never! You are not your brother." Heaven would never be upset with Gina because of Zarin. 

Gina looked down at her hands with a sad expression. "I know what he did and I know it is really bad but… I can't hate him." 

Heaven took Gina's hands in hers. "And you shouldn't. He is your brother." 

"He is the worst brother." She said. 

"He is." Heaven agreed. 

"But… I want to help him. I don't know why father is just letting him go. He might never come back." She whispered the last sentence, almost as if afraid to hear it or say it out loud. And she had every right to be afraid. 

According to Roshan and Darius, it was very rare for someone to come back once they joined her grandfather and she knew that Roshan desperately wanted to save his son, but he had to protect Gina as well. 

"You know he listens to you more than anyone. I know I am being selfish and rude to ask you to help him after everything he did but... I am desperate." She admitted. 

Heaven had never seen Gina like this before and never ever had Gina asked her for something. This was the first time, and Heaven felt bad that there wasn't much she could do. She didn't want Gina to do anything rash and dangerous either, so she had to explain the situation to her. 

Taking a deep breath, Heaven looked Gina in the eyes. "I do want to help and I will talk to Zarin, but that is all I can do and all you can do as well. You shouldn't do more than that. I know you care about your brother, but you have to think of your parents as well. Don't make them worry about you too."

  Gina shook her head with a sad smile. She wasn't convinced. 

"My grandfather is trying to separate us by keeping Zarin. He knows we might disagree with each other because of your brother. We can't let that happen. We have to stay together. I know you want to help your brother and so do I, but we can't force him nor can we lure him. That won't make us any different from my grandfather. Zarin has to come back accepting the truth and not a lie."

"So you won't help me?" Gina asked with a grim expression and almost an angry voice. 

Heaven tried to keep her calm. After all the explaining, Gina was still not understanding. 

"Help you with what?" 

"To get my brother back." 

"And how are we supposed to do that besides talking?" Heaven asked. 

"You don't want to lure him, but that is a good idea. We just have to bring him back for a while and then we will convince after." 

"That is not a good idea. That is lying to him and once he knows he will leave forever and never trust us again." 

"We can talk to your grandfather." She suggested desperately. 

Heaven shook her head. "We could, but to what end? Unless you make a deal with him, he won't agree to anything you say. Or... he might pretend to agree and make you believe all the lies he tells you. Don't do that!"

Gina stood up hastily. "I have to do something." She said frustrated. 

Heaven stood up as well. She knew Gina wasn't thinking clearly and being emotional, but she couldn't help being a little harsh with her words. 

"Yes. Why don't you go ahead? Come up with a plan or a lie to bring your brother back and my grandfather will know before you even execute your plan or tell the lie and he will use that to turn your brother against you. He will make you look bad and you will ruin the little chance there is for your brother to come back. And your parents will have to worry about another reckless child." Heaven didn't breathe once between the sentences. 

Gina stared at her wide eyed. She had never seen Heaven speak like that before. 

Heaven took a deep breath, then tried to speak calmly. "All I am saying is, you can't make someone do the right thing by doing wrong. You have to do what is right." 

Gina kept staring in shock, and then she spoke. "You have really changed." 

Oh no! The last thing she needed right now was for her friend to see her differently. 

"In a good way, I mean." She added. "You seem stronger." 

Heaven let out a breath of relief. She didn't feel strong, but she had to pretend to be. "Everything is going to be alright." She told her giving her a hug. "Please, just do nothing without telling your parents. We are all going to talk to Zarin." 

Gina nodded at last. 

They spend some time together after and Heaven told her about everything that happened with the mission and Zamiel. Gina was excited for her as usual and told her about her own adventures in her grandfather's business world. Heaven felt proud that Gina had accomplished so much already. She had really missed her friend. 

Before going back home, she went downstairs to say goodbye to Roshan and Klara. She came across Roshan in the hall, and he seemed to regret what he said to her earlier. Heaven could see it in his eyes, even if he didn't say it out loud. 

"I never congratulated you for doing well on your mission." He said. 

"Well, I didn't succeed." She shrugged. 

"But you impressed many. You were clever." He told her. 

Heaven felt pressure when people complimented her because she really didn't think she did that well. Had she gone there with a plan and executed it, then she would feel proud, but she had only been lucky so far. An opportunity presented itself, and all she did was take advantage of it. 

As a general she would have to know how to plan ahead, so she wasn't angry about not getting the general title yet. She still had a lot to learn. 

"I was able to do it because of everything you and Klara taught me. I learned more from you than my own parents. I am sure Zarin has learned too and he will come back because he has parents like you. He won't be able to find what he had here anywhere else." 

Heaven hoped her words would give Roshan some comfort.

Roshan smiled and stroke her hair, like he used to do when she was little. "You have matured so well." He said. 

"Heaven, are you going home?" Klara came to the hall. 


"Why don't you stay for lunch?" She suggested. 

"Maybe some other time. I have a lot to do today." 

"You need to eat and rest. You have lost weight." Klara pointed, looking worried.

Heaven smiled. "I will." She promised. 

Giving Klara a hug and saying goodbye to both, Heaven went back home. Now, she wouldn't worry about her grandfather. She would live her life as usual and prepare to become a general. She would go back to her lessons and then find a plan to help the poor. 

Her teacher was an old, very clever man. He had a strong sense of justice and was very passionate about teaching. He had once given her a book about being a just ruler and creating a stronger civil society that helps and gives more power to the weak. Heaven needed to find that book and read it again. It was probably in her father's study. 

On her way to his quarters, Heaven found Zarin in the main garden. He was sitting alone on a bench and seemed to be lost in thoughts. Heaven halted and watched him for a moment from afar. His shoulders were hunched and at one point he buried his face in his hands. He seemed disturbed and confused. Maybe her parents spoke to him. If they did, then their words clearly had an impact. 

Heaven hoped he would think deeply and make the right choice. As much as she wanted to go over and slap him, she decided to leave him alone and let her parents' words sink in deeply. 

Punches and kicks had no impact on him, anyway. If he ever came back, which she hoped he would, then she would make sure to stab him with the daggers she got from his father. 

Where would it hurt the most to be stabbed?


"God gave us mouths that close and ears that don't. That should tell us something." - Eugene O'Neill. 


Lucian was walking out of his study when he almost bumped into his daughter. 


"Father. I think I left one of my books in your study." She explained in a hurry. 

He just motioned for her to walk in. "Thank you." She smiled, walking past him and into the study. 

Lucian didn't ask what book she was looking for. He proceeded to walk away and as he walked through the hall Lincoln came to him. 

"Your Majesty, you have a guest." He informed. 

"Who is it?" Lucian asked. 

"His name is Zamiel. I took him to the parlor." 

Lucian nodded. "I will go see him." He said. 

Lucian made his way to the parlor, wondering what brought Zamiel here. Hopefully, he had only come to visit him to spend some time together, and that it was nothing serious. 

When Lucian walked in, he found Zamiel sitting comfortably on a couch wearing an expensive wine red velvet coat with black embroideries and a black shirt underneath that matches his pants. High leather boots that seemed well sewn and a silver ring with a red stone around his finger. Lucian could only guess the value of that ring alone. Clearly his business was doing well, but he probably had wealth even before that. 

Zamiel sat with one ankle resting on the other knee, but when he took notice of Lucian, he stood up with a slight smile and bowed. "Your Majesty." 

A man of his power didn't have to bow for him, but being polite and respectful was his thing, Lucian noticed. 

"I apologize for coming uninvited."

"You are always welcome here." Lucian said. "Please sit." He then motioned for him to sit and both sat down facing each other. 

Lucian noticed that even while bowing and apologizing, Zamiel never lost his powerful demeanor. He was confident in who he was, and bowing or apologizing to someone didn't make him feel less powerful. 

The memory of when Zamiel came to the castle for the first time came back to him and when time they spoke privately afterwards. Lucian had seen the pain in the man's eyes, but Zamiel never let himself be pitied. He had made it clear from the beginning that he was there for Heaven, and he didn't need anyone's permission or approval to be with her. He was only acting out of respect. 

"I won't take much of your time. I came here to speak about Heaven and to ask what your plan is to protect her from your father?" Zamiel didn't waste time to get straight into the topic. 

What plans could Lucian have? He had been thinking for so many years, yet he didn't know what his father was planning. It was impossible. Every time he tried to gather information, his father would already know and manipulate the information to his advantage. 

"My plan is no plan. My father would know any plan I come up with." Just like Zamiel knew exactly what he was thinking right now. The advantage of being an ancient. 

"Why does your father want Heaven when he had you?" Zamiel asked. 

He had been the target in the beginning, but Lucian and his father never had a good relationship. Even after forgiving him, Lucian never found himself being comfortable around his father and they never got very close. 

But Heaven was a different story. His father spent more time with her and took well care of her. Lucian thought his father was trying to compensate for the time he missed being a good father to him by being a good grandfather, but maybe he was wrong. 

Maybe the plan was to get closer to Heaven all along.

"I think Heaven is easier for him to manipulate. They were closer." Lucian replied. 

Zamiel furrowed his thick dark brows, and his lips pressed into a thin line. It made him look more dangerous. 

"What is it you have as a half witch? An advantage?" He asked. 

Lucian was about to reply when he felt a maid walking into the parlor. She held a tray in her hands to serve them tea, but as she neared the table, she took notice of Zamiel and her pace slowed down. She looked hypnotized and stared at him instead of looking where she was going. Lucian was about to warn her when she collided with the table and almost dropped the tray before Zamiel caught it with a swift movement and helped her place it on the table. Lucian was used to maids staring, but this was something else. 

The maid woke up from her trance, and her eyes widened in shock. "I am sorry, My Lord." She said frightened as she noticed the hot tea that got spilled on his hand.

The maid turned to Lucian with a pleading look and he dismissed her while Zamiel wiped the tea away from his hand with a handkerchief. 

Lucian couldn't deny that the demon was good looking. Even as a man, he found himself staring for a while when he walked into the room earlier. His face was perfectly carved and symmetrical, with sharp lines and edges that made him look deadly. And those gleaming silver eyes. Lucian found them a bit disturbing to look at, but it made him understand why he had been hated for his eyes. The power and intimidation came from them. One look and you would be either frightened or spellbound. 

Despite looking dangerous, Zamiel gave off a feeling of calmness and safety. Lucian didn't know if it was intentional, but he had felt it since the first time he came here. It felt like he could trust the man's words. There was an honesty that was clear in his eyes, and Lucian felt like he was a man with good intentions when he knew he shouldn't have felt that way. He shouldn't have felt that he could give away his daughter to a stranger. 

Lucian had always dreaded the day he would give away his daughter to another man. All the men that had come to see her had not been good enough, and Lucian had wanted to kill them all. His daughter was too good for them. And then Zamiel came, and Lucian found himself willing to give his daughter away to this stranger. 

This morning his daughter reminded him that she grew up and now there was another man in her life. A man she loved more. A man she thought was more perfect than him, and he knew she didn't easily find men to be perfect. She had always been very critical, but Lucian could see what she saw in this man. He wasn't ordinary. And while he should be concerned about the power this man held, he wasn't. 

Why? It was a mystery. 

Their eyes met, and Lucian remembered his question. What was special about him as a half-witch? There wasn't much that was special. 

"The combination of demon strenght and witch skills which allows me to be able to draw power from demons." Lucian explained. 

"I don't think your father will have any use of that." Zamiel said simply. 

Lucian agreed with him. He could only draw power from demons that weren't much older or stronger than him. 

Zamiel tilted his head to one side and waited in silence. 

"I don't think I have anything that would be of advantage to him. He has everything." Lucian spoke. 

Zamiel nodded. "Yes, he has. Then why does he want Heaven?" 

Lucian remembered what his father had told him. "He thinks she will be a great ruler."

"Did he predict she would be a great ruler here or in one of his kingdoms?" 

That was a good question. Could his father have predicted that she would rule one of his kingdoms? 

"I don't think he wants a ruler. There has to be something else." Zamiel said. 

"What else?" Lucian asked. 

"If there is nothing more special to being half-witch, then I don't know."


"What we think, we become." - Buddha 


Zamiel wondered what the devil truly wanted. He had been thinking of why the devil would want Heaven, and the more he thought about it, the more it didn't make sense to him. It couldn't be as simple as only wanting a good ruler. 

At first Zamiel thought that it might have to do with Heaven being part witch and demon, but the combination didn't seem to bring any special qualities that would be beneficial for the devil. 

But what would be beneficial to him? 

If Zamiel found out what the devil truly wanted, then he would be able to negotiate with him to keep Heaven safe. The devil loved making deals after all.

"Do you have a plan?" Lucian asked. 

What plan could he possibly have? If Lucian or his mother couldn't come up with a plan all those years, then the devil was keeping his plan a secret. 

Yes, a secret. 

He didn't want Heaven as a ruler. That was only what he wanted them to believe, to cover up what he truly wanted. But even if Zamiel had a plan, he wouldn't share it with Lucian. Lucian's thoughts were exposed to the devil, and sharing his plan with him would be the same as sharing it with the devil. 

The only other person he could share his plans with without directly exposing them to the devil was Irene. Lucifer couldn't hear her thoughts because she was marked by him once. But Irene wasn't thinking clearly when it came to Lucifer. He was her mate, and she was still emotionally attached to him, which clouded her judgement of him. 

Zamiel had felt her forced hatred when she spoke of her mate. He knew she hated him for many reasons, but she also hated herself for still feeling something for him. 

Even though he did trust that she was a clever woman, but buried feelings would eventually resurface and therefore sharing his plans with her wasn't completely safe. The devil could easily manipulate her emotional state because of the bond they shared. The mate bond was nothing to be taken lightly. Ignoring your mate completely was very difficult, no matter how much you hated them. 

That both Lucian and Zamiel knew. A part of Irene would always be with Lucifer. 

"I don't have a plan." Zamiel admitted. 

Lucian nodded. "It is not easy." 

Looking at each other, they both agreed in silence. 

"Your business seems to be doing well." Lucian spoke. 

"It is doing very well." Zamiel replied. 

His business was growing bigger each day, and he was getting recognized by more people in the kingdom. Soon he would be someone worthy of marrying a princess.

"If Heaven becomes a ruler, people will talk about you." Lucian pointed. "Not in a good way." 

Zamiel knew what Lucian meant. If Heaven became a ruler, as her husband he would be ridiculed and seen as someone incapable of ruling and therefore letting his wife rule instead of him. He would become a laughingstock. 

"Your Majesty, people's opinions of me are of no value to me." 

Lucian nodded thoughtfully. He was thinking if Zamiel would be willing to wait for Heaven to become a ruler or if he had plans to marry her before that. 

Zamiel didn't have a reply to that. He would marry Heaven whenever she was ready and willing. He would never stand in her way to become a ruler. Instead, he would stand beside her and help her accomplish whatever goals and dreams she had. 

As an ancient, time was different to him. Waiting was not the same for him as for others. He had waited for Heaven a thousand years already. A few more years or months would be nothing. Just to see her every day was a blessing. He had thought that losing a loved one once before would make him love less, but it made him love more. 

"How much power can your body handle to draw?" Zamiel asked curiously. 

He knew witches couldn't draw much power from powerful sources because of their human bodies. They could only draw a certain amount that their bodies could handle. But Lucian was a demon, so he should be able to handle more power than other witches. 

"I haven't tried to draw power from someone as powerful as you. With your power it might only be a fraction for you but a lot for me." 

"Try it." Zamiel said reaching out his with his hand. At one point he wondered what he was doing. 

Lucian stared surprised at his hand before taking it, almost as if they were shaking hands. This is odd, he thought. He didn't like people touching him but he was very curious about the half breed. Maybe Lucian could draw more than he thought and that would give him answers. 

Lucian closed his eyes and uttered some unknown words. After a short moment, Zamiel felt a strange sensation going through his body. It felt like something was being pulled out from deep within him and out through his arm and down his hand. His power was being pulled by Lucian and with each pull of power he could feel Lucian's strength increasing and the grip on his hand tightening. 

Lucian kept drawing more and more power from him, but it didn't make Zamiel feel weaker. He felt like he still kept most of his power, and he could easily throw Lucian across the room if he wanted to or crush his hand. 

Lucian's face twisted in pain. Zamiel could tell he had reached his limit of how much power he could handle taking. Pulling his hand away, he shot his eyes open. Zamiel saw flames in them. They differed from the devil's blue flames. These were bright orange and red. 

"You have a lot of power." Lucian exhaled. "How much was I able to draw?" 

"Not much." Zamiel replied. 

Lucian nodded disappointed while rubbing his wrist. It must have hurt. But he was still a young demon and didn't reach his full potential yet. That usually happened after three hundred years. By then he would be able to draw a lot more power. But with magic there would always be consequences of using it, unlike demon power. 

"Well, no physical power can help me defeat my father. I don't know what to do." He said trying to conceal his frustration. 

He didn't have to. Zamiel already knew his every thought. The first step would be to find out what the devil wanted, and it would be best if he found out first since his thoughts were concealed from Lucifer. 

"You will know what to do when the time comes." Zamiel said.


"Hatred eats the soul of the hater, not the hated." -Alice Herz Sommer


After his meeting with Lucian, Zamiel was on his way back to his carriage when he came across Irene in the halls. 

She greeted him with a smile. "Are you here to see Heaven?" She asked. 

"No. I came to see His Majesty." He replied. Heaven had told him she would be busy, so he didn't want to disturb her. 

"May I speak to you for a while?" He then asked. He hadn't thought of talking to her, but he might as well do it now that he was here. 

"Of course." She said and led him to the garden where they could sit in private. 

Zamiel was curious about her relationship with the devil and how she felt about him, but she had used some kind of spell to conceal her thoughts. It wouldn't be that difficult to make her drop her walls. With an easy trick of his own powers, he could make her bare her mind to him. He had to know who he could trust. He was not the type to trust easily. 

"I am guessing you want to talk about Heaven." She began. 

"Yes. You told me that Lucifer's son died, and he needed someone to replace him. Do you think that is all he wants?" 

"I think he wants diversity in his kingdoms and among his rulers. Demons, half demons and half witches." 

Zamiel regarded her in silence. She truly believed what she said and blamed herself for getting used to conceive a half-breed with witch and demon blood. But Zamiel didn't believe that Lucifer was only looking for diversity. It could be one of many reasons, but not the only reason. The devil would not go through so much trouble just to have some variation between his followers. Zamiel knew that Lucifer was after something very valuable to him. 

"You don't think that is what he wants?" She asked when he remained silent. 


She nodded thoughtfully. "What do you think he wants then?" 

"I don't know. I was thinking maybe you knew." 

Many thoughts and ideas swirled in her head, but she couldn't come up with anything valuable. 

"I can't think of any other reason he would want Heaven. She is unlike his other children, who are demon or half human." 

Zamiel nodded. He was wasting his time. He should have known that they had no idea after all those years. And he was right about Irene. She held so much hate for Lucifer in her heart just to fill the void, but also in a desperate attempt to replace the love she had for him. Somewhere deep down she longed to be with him. 

Lucifer was her weakness, and he was the master of using people's weakness against them. Zamiel couldn't trust her because even she didn't trust herself. She knew her weaknesses very well. The only thing that kept her strong was her love for her family, but how much more would she be able to stay strong? 

Somehow, he felt bad for her. She had no one to confide in about what she truly felt because the person she had feelings for was someone who wanted to hurt her family. 

"Hatred blinds us." He told her. "If you can't allow yourself to love, then at least don't hate."

Irene nodded with a smile. "I knew my spell wasn't strong enough to keep you out of my mind. Thank you for the wise words." 

He smiled to himself, knowing that even if it was his words, it carried Heaven's wisdom. 

Heaven might not be very smart, but she was wise, and that made her special. He had known that she was special from the first day he met her. It was visible in her eyes. The wisdom, the courage, the strength and the will.

Today he realized the affect she had on him. On his way of acting, thinking and speaking. She brought out the best in him. He should speak to her instead of being here. 

"You are welcome." He said standing up. "Thank you for lending me your time. I'll be on my way." 

Irene stood up as well. "I am worried for Heaven. I am sure you heard about her friend. I am worried she will do something reckless because of him. Maybe you can talk to her." 

"Heaven cares about her friend, but she also cares about you and her parents. Even if she has a strong desire to help others, she knows which people are her priority. If you are worried for her, then you should find out what your mate truly wants." 

Zamiel knew he was being a little harsh, but this was about Heaven's safety and he didn't mind being the villain in order to protect her. 

Irene had a special bond with Lucifer. She had to be able to use that to her advantage to find out more information. He wondered why she hadn't done it yet, but then he remembered the hate was restricting her. She would have to put that aside if she wanted to help her granddaughter. 

He gave a slight bow. "I'll be on my way then." 

She gave him a nod, looking a bit surprised before he turned around and left the garden. When he found himself alone in the hall, he teleported to Heaven's room. 

Heaven was sitting at the table in her room with her face almost buried in a book. She was so focused on reading that she didn't sense his presence. He wondered what she was reading that made her so occupied.

Walking behind her, he looked down at the book. She was reading something about society structure and rules. 

"What are…" 

Before he could finish speaking, she hastily stood up, pulling a dagger from her hip she turned with a swift movement, swinging the dagger at his neck. She stopped right when the sharp tip touched his skin. 

Her eyes widened when she realized it was him. "Zamiel?" She breathed out, dropping her hand. "You scared me." 

He wondered what would have happened if she stabbed him in the neck and he couldn't heal in her presence. She would have to leave him there. 

"Do you always carry daggers?" 

"Most of the time. What… are you doing here?" She asked, eyeing him from head to toe. Her shocked expression turned into one of admiration. 

"I don't know what I am doing here, but there is a lot I want to do." He said leaning down and kissing her. 

He drew her into his arms, feeling the softness and warmth of her body while he kissed her with an unwavering need. 

"Zamiel." She pulled her lips away from his. "You are very distracting." She said breathing heavily. 

He tightened his hold around her, and she dropped the dagger. "You will have to get used to it." He nuzzled her neck and then suddenly he felt it. 

Her body stiffened in his arms and fear caused her heart to beat faster. Zamiel took a step back and looked at her face. "What is wrong?" 

Heaven took a deep breath as if calming down. It seemed to work. Her heart slowed down and then she smiled at him. "I am still fighting my fears, but it is better today." 

He frowned. "Are you sure?" 

She nodded while putting her hands on his shoulders and squeezing lightly. "Don't worry. This frown…" She put one finger between his eyebrows, straightening the lines so that he wasn't frowning anymore. "Doesn't belong here. You look better without it." 

Then she let her hands slide down his shoulders and chest, feeling his velvet coat under her palms. "And this color looks good on you." 

She said it innocently, yet she seduced him. "Don't blame me if I distract you after this." He warned. 

She chuckled. "There are other things you can do for me." She picked up her book. 

He shook his head like a little boy. "No, no." He took the book away from her and drew her into his arms, holding her tightly. 

She tried to push him away while she giggled. "Yes, yes. You help me understand the book and I'll let you distract me." She smirked at him. 

"I didn't know you were mischievous." He said. 

"I am not. I am only practising negotiating. As a future ruler, I need to be good at it." 

"You certainly know how to negotiate and take advantage of someone's weakness." 

"I learned from the best." She smiled, referring to him. 

Zamiel smiled, impressed. She learned quickly. 

Heaven raised one eyebrow questioningly. "It is give and take." 

"Why do I feel like you are getting more out of this?"

"That is good bargaining skills, when you get more out of the bargain." 

"I feel swindled." 

She laughed a genuine laugh. "I am not that kind of person. You can trust me." 

She took the book from him, flipped through it, then handed it out. "I need this page explained, dear husband." 

This woman was playing with his emotions.