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Chapter 136 - Would You
"Game Terashima- Ibuki pair. 4-3."

Her sweat fell when she heard the signal for the end of the game. It seems like she has underestimated Yuhi-san. Despite his words at the start, it seemed like he has more skill than any of them here. But huh, wait a moment..

Could it be, he could have ended this game anytime?

"They had a handicap." Katsuragi declared.

She rolled her eyes at this declaration and sighed.

"It seems like I underestimated how stupid you are sir."

"Ibuki is so cold." Katsuragi cried.

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi harshly tugged on her hand. "Uh Yuhi-san---" She stopped talking when she saw the serious look in his eyes.

Is he jealous again?

Sumire leaned forward and kissed his cheeks. "Thank you."

At that action the crowd turned quiet before everybody burst into chatter.

"I thought that girl was familiar but isnt that Ibuki Sumire?"

Yuhi grabbed hold of her hand. "Lets go."

The sports court is larger than she thought, they ran for what felt like forever before they finally stopped at another space. Yuhi slumped down on the ground and let go of her hand. "Hah, running when I am already this tired…"

"Are you okay Yuhi-san?"

His lips curve to a smile. "I will be."

She felt her heart beat when she saw that smile. What is he implying? She took a deep breathe before she sat down beside him. "Do you think those reporters will write about today?"

"Does it bother you?"

"Well, I dont care what they write about me." Sumire admitted. Why would she care after all this time?

Yuhi flicked her forehead. "I can guess what you are thinking, and the same goes for me."

Indeed Yuhi-san has been a member of the entertainment industry since he was a child. So this should be normal. It seems stupid for her to worry about such things if the person himself is not worried. She immediately relaxed when she felt him intertwine their hands.

She feels so content and at ease. She wonders how this person does it? How does he reassure her every single time?

Her thoughts broke off when he suddenly kissed her passionately. For the next few minutes her mind turned blank.


He pulled away and brushed their forehead against one another. Sumire noted how flushed his face was. It seems like they are the same. How stupid.

"Sorry, I keep using my…"

"O—h that's fine."

"I see, you like it better that way?"

This is so embarrassing. What kind of conversation is this? Or rather she wonders about what he just asked there. Did she prefer it that way?

Yuhi likes kissing a lot, and he showed her many different types of kissing before but the ones that she liked.. The ones that leave her breathless and wanting more…



"You seem nervous but uh I guess I am not one to talk there. I wonder what I am doing with you, this seems so stupid."

She has to agree with them there. Why does she keep getting so flustered? Not just her but him too. Are they idiots? This isn't a shoujo manga or drama.

"Ive never seriously gone out with someone before, so I don't know what to do."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. "But what about your exes.."

"With Touko it was all about art and with Makino uhh.." Yuhi looked away and shifted his gaze from her.

Sumire frowned at this. She did a background check so she already knew. But she wanted to hear it from him.

"Yuhi-san, why aren't you telling me?"

"Because you already know."

"I want you to explain it to me."

A deep sigh crossed his lips. "So stubborn, it is for your own good if you don't hear it from me. Well it is like your research. Makino and I had a more sexual relationship. The two of us seldom went anywhere and when we did, we did that stuff outdoors."

While he explained it to her, Sumire noticed how he was doing so vaguely. When she asked this Yuhi insisted it was too explicit. Well she supposes she can't get anything more out of him there.

Besides it would be cruel of her to ask for those details. What he did with his ex-girlfriend should stay between them. Yuhi-san telling her all of this is enough.

Sumire rested her head on his shoulder. "Okay stop now." She trailed off and sighed. "Maybe Im the one who is being unreasonable here."

"Mmm, nothing wrong with jealousy."

She rolled her eyes at that acceptance of his. "Why did you get jealous back there?"

"You know I dislike Katsuragi and yet you two were getting all chummy."

They were? They barely exchanged any words. Sure they spoke a bit during the match but that was all. She does not understand Yuhi-sans way of thinking. But it did lead to them winning.

"Yuhi-san, could you teach me how to play basketball?"

"I will but I believe we could do more important things for now."


"Like flirting and getting more intimate."

She looked away when she heard those words and bit her bottom lip. Yuhi cupped her cheeks. "No?"

"I do want it." She admitted. "But somehow I dont think this is the time and pl--" Sumire paused. The reason Yuhi-san can do this stuff so easily is because of his ex girlfriends right?

If only she summoned the courage to confess before, then those two girls would not have stood a chance at all. She regrets it and yet there is nothing wrong with the present. If they dated back then, they would have surely broken up. But things differ now, they are more mature and can understand each other better.

"Yuhi-san would you marry me?"

"H--hey now…"

"I want us to date with marriage in mind."

At that comment Yuhi deeply sighed. "Damn, I cant win against you at all. I thought I could but it seems like I cant."


"Well, mmm okay. But Sumire if you change your mind anytime between now and graduation, tell me right away."

Chapter 137 - I Like Him More Than I Thought
How surprising, she did not think he would agree with her. But then again she has learned by now that Yuhi likes her a lot.

'Why does he like me this much? I don't remember doing anything in particular to catch his attention like this. Should I ask people?'

Before she could say anything else, Sumire felt Yuhi slump his head on her shoulder. She glanced over and noticed that he was fast asleep. Sumire blinked and sighed.

It appears as though she has underestimated this person quite a bit. Not only did she underestimate his feelings, she has underestimated her feelings for him.

'I like him more than I thought I did.'

That was the last thought she had before she drifted of.


Day 3 - Iro Road High School Festival -

"They say the flower arrangement club, is doing a haunted house."

"Whoa scary"

"But those 5 will be serving as hosts."


"We should check it out."



"Taikeru is so cute."


"They say Ibuki Sumire is amongst those guys.

"The Ibuki Sumire?"

"She is a rumoured beauty."

Sumire sweat fell when she heard these comments. She finished changing a few minutes ago, and was putting up the sign at the door. The flower arrangement club huh? She recalled what happened when Yuhi and her returned yesterday and deeply sighed. It seems like there are many things she still does not understand about Yuh-san and his school life.

To think he has friends like this from other classes and what's with this flower arrangement club thing? A bunch of guys and flower arrangement?


Entrance Fee: 300 yen

Welcome to the flower arrangement clubs ghost hunt house. However this is no simple haunted house, among the way you will encounter ghosts or hosts. Yes you heard correctly hosts. The five members of the flower arrangement club will be at your service today. But you must clear all your obstacles before you reach us. You can only enter one room once so be very careful.

-Flower arrangement club.]

At your service…huh? 'I don't want Yuhi to get close to any girls. But it seems like they planned this activity before she came to this school, so I have no right to complain about it.'

Sumire understood that but it worried her. Those girls will most likely make unreasonable demands towards Yuhi.

Should she disguise herself as a customer and then occupy Yuhi's time instead? There is nothing in the instructions about a time limit. Besides who would know how much time she spends in there?

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi hugged her from the back. "Hey, done?"

"Mmm, yes."

Yuhi turned her around and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Today we might be a bit busy, but we can spend some time together during lunch."

Sumire nodded. She wanted to ask him about what services he will provide the customers. This is still a school event so it shouldn't be anything unreasonable right? But for some reason Sumire got a bad feeling from this.

Her thoughts broke off when she heard the sound of a shutter. She immediately shuddered hearing that sound.

It was the sound of a camera from a reporter. It seems like the media intends to bother them today too. She thought this before, but what is with these people? Don't they have anything better to do? Sure this is their job and they won't get paid if they do not have a story. But there are certain boundaries they should not cross. This is a normal school event.

Artists have their private lives too. The reporters did not ask the school for permission. But unfortunately there are far too many to drive of. The school tried to yesterday, drive away the reporters. But they only managed half, and even then there are more people here today than the other day.

Yuhi kissed her forehead gently and squeezed her hands. "You okay?"

"I am--" Just before she could finish her sentence, she felt the bile rise to her throat.

She quickly rushed into the classroom and threw up on the sink on the side. A rush of bile appeared on the sink, due to the dim lights in the room she could not make out the colour. But it felt unusual to her.

Sumire felt Yuhi's large hands pat her back. "You okay Sumire?" Yuhi repeated.

She slumped her head on his chest. "Sorry."

She dislikes this weak part of her. Weakness is a sin, it only gets in the way. The moment one shows their weak side to another person is the moment they admit defeat. The moment they need to accept that their relationship with the other person will end. Sumire understood this better than anybody, and that was why she always held her feelings back.

She would not cry in front of anybody, she would bottle up all her emotions.

Yuhi shook his head. "You can rely on me, its okay."

It took her a few minutes before she calmed down. Somebody placed a cup of water in front of her, it was one of the flower club arrangement members Kojiro.

"Thank you."

Kojiro nodded. She noticed yesterday that he was a man of little words.

"Are the others ready?" Yuhi asked as he continued to pat her back.

"Yeah just waiting for you two."

Yuhi turned to her. "Why don't you rest for a few minutes?

Sumire shook her head. "No, I am fine now."

Besides she wants to make a good impression in front of Yuhi's friends. She noticed it yesterday but Yuhi acts differently around these people. Yuhi brushed his hands across her forehead. "You look sick Sumire."

"But I am--" Her sentence fell short when Yuhi picked her up and carried her. He took her out of the classroom and walked across the hallway.

This is the direction of the infirmary.

Sumire however could not concentrate on that since she noticed people looking. Despite how crowded it was, Sumire knew they gathered a lot of attention. Yuhi however did not notice and continued walking down the halls. She glanced over and noticed a distressed expression on his face. It seems like she cant say anything if he is like this.

It did not take long before they arrived at the infirmary.

Yuhi gently laid her on the bed at the furthest end. "Alright, go get some sleep. Rest for as long as you want."

"Only two hours." Sumire mumbled as she brought the blanket to her face.

His lips curve to a smile. "So you will admit that your sleepy now?"


Yuhi bent down and kissed her lips lightly. "Sleep well Sumire."

She must have drifted of right after he said those words, since she does not recall him leaving the room.

Chapter 138 - Camera

When Sumire next opened her eyes, four hours had passed. Her gaze fell towards the clock that read twelve and she sighed deeply. Why did she sleep so much again? This happened yesterday too. Yuhi fell asleep so she decided to do the same. The next time she woke up, the day was over and everybody was packing up.

She still felt sleepy even now and wanted nothing more than to dive back into the covers and rest. But Sumire knew if she did not get up now, she would not make it for the concert tonight.

The concert huh? Despite all those preparations, Sumire felt that it was useless now. The reporters on the grounds will keep a close eye on her. At this stage she might as well perform normally. But could she?

Since the festival started, Sumire avoided walking alone. But she knew it would be bad for her to call Yuhi out just to get her. It should be okay right? The classroom isnt too far away from here.

She took a deep breath.

It should be fine.

Sumire quickly got up, she fixed her hair with her hands and fixed the creases on her clothes. She made up the bed and exited the room quickly. For some reason the halls were not as crowded as earlier. Did the guests go to lunch outside?

No sooner did Sumire exit the infirmary though, she heard the sound of a shutter.

"Ah, so you finally came out. I got tired of waiting for you Miss Ibuki Sumire."

At that comment she flinched when she heard the voice. It was a reporter she recognized very well. He was one of the rather persistent types. During her debut banquet he asked so many questions that it ended up sounding like an interrogation. Her agency had to politely escort hi out of the premises then.

She did not think much of it then, especially when she realized how young he was.

Sumire turned around and saw a man with ginger coloured hair and chocolate brown coloured eyes. He wore a grey coloured suit with the collar unbuttoned and a loose midnight blue coloured tie. A auburn red coloured best shirt with orange crosses on the side and auburn red pants.

"Mr Zen."

"Mr sounds so informal, we are the same age just call me Zello."

Sumire did not say anything as she cautiously looked at the camera in his hands. It was a separate incident from the car accident, but during the time she dated Sano she got into an accident. The last thing she saw was that camera. But Sumire knew that this person was not the cause of what happened then.

"Then Zello, is your father well?" The one who caused her unease and distress is this mans father.

At that comment she noticed him flinch and Sumire said. "I apologize. Quite some time has passed since I last saw you and after what happened I am wary towards reporters."

Besides after this mans father was hospitalized, he started acting differently.

Zello sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry about that." He quickly put the camera away in his bag. Her eyes widened.

"I came here to apologize to you."

"Apologize?" Sumire repeated.

"Yes. It was my agency that published the news regarding your incident a few months ago.. I told them that we shouldnt say anything, that this time around we should leave it to professionals. But they would not listen."

"Of course not. Its your job as a reporter to capture everything and report all the details." Sumire trailed off when she saw him shifting his gaze. "So you were the one taking pictures of me yesterday?"

"No, my senior borrowed my camera yesterday. He gave it back today saying his camera arrived."

So if Zello was not the one who followed her then who was it? Sumire felt a sudden unease wash over her.

Her thoughts broke off when Zello clasped her wrist. "I am sorry for everything. Please let us be friends again."

Sumire blinked when she heard his words. No even more surprising was, her gaze fell on his hand on her wrist. Normally when guys touch her, she flinches immediately. Due to what happened with Sano, she developed a slight trauma.

Her gaze softened. It seems like she cant push away such earnest people.


When Sumire entered the room the flower arrangement club used for the event. She noted how one by one each member was getting caught. According to one of the helpers, at first nobody could get the right room. But in the past few minutes, everybody was getting caught. Sumire felt her heart speed up when she heard that announcement.

Could it be that somebody caught Yuhi out already? Four have passed, so it would not be a surprise.

Forget it, she ought to head to her location already. Just as Sumire proceeded to go there, she felt a hand clasp against her mouth and dragged her into one of the tents.

For a moment all sorts of crazy ideas played through her head. But the person suddenly let go of her.

"Hey what do you think your d --" She froze in mid sentence, realizing the person who had kidnapped her. It wasn't an assassin or that creepy man.

"Ssh." Yuhi whispered.

"What are you planning?"

"Eh." Yuhi trailed off. "Well my room is close to the exit. Guests rarely come my way. So I guess I'm really bored. Stay with me?"

A relieved sigh passed her lips. Yuhi answered the question she worried about this entire time just like that.

"If you know, don't kidnap me." Sumire said, trying to tug her hands free from his grasp.

"But it's dark here," Yuhi said. Her eyes went wide realizing. That's right.

That's right Yuhi is afraid of the dark. "You still won't stay?".

"Fine..just for a bit." Sumire reluctantly agreed.

From where they were despite the fact it was dark, they could still the majority of what was going on. Some people who get ozaki-kun wanted to try again. Her sweat dropped, well it is fifteen rooms. It would be difficult for them to get anyone. Even though the 5 were relatively spread out. It doesn't seem like he was going to let her go anytime soon.

Chapter 139 - You Chose Him But Loved Me?

After a round of intense kissing and touching, Yuhi finally looked at her properly.

"Sorry." Yuhi apologized as he moved away from her. "The last request was a few drinks. I guess they wanted to get me drunk so I could do something to them."

"You didn't?"

"Heh, don't underestimate me. I held back for so long with you, do you think these girls could easily get to me?"

"Oh, you--" Sumire trailed off when she felt her vision blur. Huh?

Yuhi extended his hand out and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Lean on me."

"Yuhi, I feel a bit strange these days. Im sick in the morning, I'm sleepy and ---"

"Ssh, just listen to my heartbeat."

"Say, do you know what's wrong with me?"

She watched as he averted his gaze and sighed. So he knows, huh? "Well, if you won't tell me, that's fine. But you have to support me."

"Heh, alright." Yuhi tucked a strand of loose hair from her. "You hungry? I snuck some food in here."

"I haven't had lunch."

Yuhi nodded and stood up. "Wait here a second."

She watched as he walked over and picked up his bag. "Say Yuhi, what else were you doing in here?"

"Only a few people came, relax, yeah?"

"Well, I was against this event. But since you planned this before I came here, it was hard for me to say anything."

"Yeah, sorry." Yuhi walked back over with a few paper bags and extended one towards her. "It should still be warm."

"Did those girls give this to you?"

His sweat fell. "You sound scary when you're mad."

"That's because---" Her sentence fell short when she felt his lips on hers. "Yuhi...."

"Mmm, you taste nice."


He brushed his fingers across her lips. "Indeed, it seems like I can't control myself around you any longer. June, huh?" Yuhi mumbled.


Yuhis eyes twitched; he didn't like this suggestion of hers.

"July?" He repeated.

Sumire nodded. "That's right, maybe mid-July."

"Sumire dear, do you plan on driving me crazy?"

She laughed when she saw how frustrated he looked. "Teasing aside, is it okay for me to stay here? I slacked off all morning and slept, so now I am in this lazy mood."

"Mmm, perfect, then let me offer you some service, miss customer."

Service? Is he going to do something weird to h-- her sentence fell short when Yuhi reached over and switched on a projector. Stars suddenly covered the entire tent. Her eyes widened. "Ah?"

His lips curved to a smile as he sat down beside her and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders. "Sitting down and watching the stars with you, another thing on my list of things to make you happy."

Her gaze softened when she heard those words. Yuhi is truly foolish, isn't he? She rested her head on his shoulders. "This is better."

"I see. Hey Sumire, do you remember what I told you last year?"

"You told me many things last year, Yuhi-san, please elaborate. I am no mind reader."

"Indeed." Yuhi trailed off. "It was during the hijack incident."

"Ah, I remember."

The hijacking incident Yuhi refers to is the assault of the main headquarters for the underworld society. People refer to it as Kyofu. A man named Narumi coordinated an attack using a famous hacker, and some assassins from abroad. The enemy team was not large, and yet they managed to infiltrate the building. During that time, she was in the building with Yuhi-san fixing her report's mistakes from work earlier in the day.

She was together with him when the attack happened, so it was natural they stuck together. The enemy got into the control room, hacked the system, and locked them inside the building.

"That was quite a messy situation."

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah, and yet Mamoru was so casual about breaking the doors to get inside."

Sumire sighed. "You probably don't know. But he was asked to pay for the damage of the broken doors."

"He did it to save you, so I am sure it was nothing to him. I wonder why I couldn't do anything even though I was with you then."

"Yuhi-san, you were hurt."

"Heh. Don't underestimate me too much. I could have saved you even in that condition. But Mamoru, who was outside, got to you first." Yuhi sighed. "That was the first time I felt threatened by his presence."


"Yeah. I was confident that you liked me, and even if you didn't, you would not say no to my confession. So when I saw him that way and then your reaction, I realized there was somebody other than me who could save you."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. It seems like he already knew about her grievances and pain. So that was why he said something like that to her. "There was nothing wrong with being confident. I did like you then, Yuhi-san, but I chose Ru."

She chose Mamoru because she understood something. Yuhi and her, no matter how close they get, could never be together. They could sit around and talk about books all day, work together, and learn each other's secrets. But there will always be a wall that separates them.

That was why she put a lid on her feelings and took Mamoru's hand instead. It was a selfish decision. If she did not do that, then Mamoru would be alive even now. There would be no complications between Yuhi and her either. It was because she made the wrong decis- she felt Yuhi brush his lips against her ear.

She could hear the sound of her heartbeat and feel the warmth of his lips against her earlobe. "Yuhi?"

"You chose him, but you loved me?"

Sumire quickly realized what she said and covered her mouth with her free hand. How could she say something like that so carelessly? Indeed she lightly mentioned something like that before, but not seriously. It seems like she lets her guard down too much when she is around Yuhi.

She wondered when was the last time she got so comfortable with another person like this. Even when she was dating Mamoru, there were many things she could not say to him.

I wasn't this honest...


"Thank you, and I wanted to hear that. There were times where I thought you liked me, but I couldn't be sure."

So he noticed it? She thought she behaved normally around him, but there was something off about her behavior for him to notice.

"Is this what you wanted to discuss?" Sumire questioned.

"Well, you know back then I told you a lot of stupid stuff about my past, right?"

"Do you think I would judge you?"

Yuhi shook his head. "The thing is so far nobody else knows about it. But you know how the media are. This is the first time I have seen such a persistent group of people. They will do anything to bring you down Sumire, and I mean anything."

Sumire assumed that he wanted to discuss something related to him, but it turns out it is about her again? It seems like, for Yuhi-san, everything is about her. She feels flattered but at the same time. "I keep taking advantage of you."

Chapter 140 - Far Too Late

She keeps taking advantage of his goodwill, his kindness. It isn't fair on him. Yuhi, however, shook his head. "I don't mind you taking advantage of me, Sumire."

"How could that be your--" She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw his face's expression.

This is unfair. If he looks at her like that, how is she supposed to argue back?

"I want to sleep."

Yuhi kissed her cheeks. "You want to ditch me?"

"I am staying here." Her gaze fell on the stars. It was indeed romantic of him to do something like this. She did not know much about relationships, but she felt that her relationship with Yuhi was going well.

The only unusual aspect is living together. In society's eyes, it would be rare. They are only high school students; she still hasn't come of age either. Realistically this is the age where they should still depend on their parents due to lack of finances. But due to Yuhi-sans situation, he was forced to grow up a little faster than others. The same went for her too.

An average high school student should not be able to afford living expenses and school. But the reason Yuhi and her could do this was due to the help of those around her.

They hear a small knock on the tent door. "Yuhi, is Ibuki-san there with you? She has a guest."

"A guest?" Yuhi repeated.

"Makoto Soujiro."

At that comment, her eyes widened. Ah, she forgot to tell Soujiro. He must have been worried sick about her.


Soujiro did not want to cause her problems by appearing at her school like this. But he wanted to speak to her for a bit. Since she returned to his side, they have not discussed their engagement or anything.

"I wanted to speak to you."

Soujiro reached over and brushed his hands on a stand of her hair as he gently kissed it. "As have I. Princess."

"Mm, I see. I'm glad. I thought you were angry with me."

Soujiro raises his eyebrows at this, "Angry?"

"Yes. Back when I stayed with you, I acted strangely. I even went through desperate measures and avoided Yuhi. I wanted to be in a place that was away from Yuhi for a while, so it was perfect timing."

So that's it. Soujiro did figure that to be the case and did think of proposing they go on a trip with just the two of them alone. "You could not help it; it's not unusual at all. Being emotionally unstable isn't a problem. You're just a little bit more sensitive than others, but that doesn't mean you're odd."

"Indeed, whenever I talk to you, I feel a lot calmer. When I was thinking about it myself, I thought that there was something wrong with me. So perhaps I came here to be consoled a bit." Sumire trails off, "Soujiro, do you remember my performance in the final selection last year?

"Ave Maria' a sorrowful and yet beautiful melody. 'Crescendo' feelings that increase like a crescendo. Both songs spoke out to each other."

Her violet gaze softened. "That's right that performance was for Yuhi. Even though it should have been for Ru, it probably then that I realized that I was seriously in love with Yuhi. Ru knew that, but I never told anybody else. Everybody thought that I chose to part from him because of senpai. In the end because I was indecisive, things become like this now. I realized that I have yet to solve and end things with my past relationships."

"If you're going wholehearted on that quest of yours. I would suggest you start with Ichinose."

"With senpai? Why?"

Soujiro shuts his eyes. "The reason I reinstated the engagement with you was because of jealousy. I saw not only your wholehearted performance for him. It was because I saw how much you loved him that I proposed the engagement despite having made a promise with somebody."

Nanairo Feather. When he saw his fiance during the broadcast of the group's first concert, it surprised him. However, even then, those people did not interest him. It wasn't until that other one showed up that he indeed turned his attention to the group. Soujiro, too saw it, the international concur broadcasts. 

His family is fond of classical music, and so during a meeting with their clients, they always without fail watched the selection. He did not know about the girl participating until the end of the first selection when they announced the girl's disqualification for the round.

His clients didn't recognize the name. But his brother did, 'So your fiance is still as mysterious as ever, huh? It's true that I once praised her for her gracefulness and manners. However, back then, I had already noticed that the aura around her is quite unusual for your everyday princess. There have been rumors about a blonde hair demon princess throughout the Yankee groups in Japan. Want a bet brother, that the demon princess there speaking of is your fiance?'

That conversation was one that remained fresh in his mind, which is why he had been indeed eagerly anticipating the girl's return. Soujiro wanted to prove his elder brother wrong. However, he was fully aware of the girl's nature of not being a typical Princess. Sumire never behaved in a manner that showed she was of noble blood. If it were not for her graceful aura, he would not see her as nobility.

After all, during there first meeting, she expressed precise desires of knowing state of affairs concerning wars. That time though, he found it to be unusual.

When he went home that night and thought it through, he realized that it wasn't as uncommon as he thought. After all, she is still a ruler; in the end, wanting to know the state of what's happening around you is normal. His brother convinced on the matter that the demon Princess everyone is talking about is her.

Soujiro continues. "I wanted to prove that you were innocent from my brother, and yet, I also wanted to monopolize you. I did not want you to belong to anyone else even when people spread the news of your family.

I wanted to believe you were alive, so when I met with Haki, she told me everything. I made up my mind that I would wait for you to come to your decision. I was surprised how much you changed when I saw you again, but I was surprised how beautiful the love you were trying to convey was."

That performance, for a person who was not him. Soujiro understood that it was already far too late.