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Chapter 141 - Fate

"You two were a couple, at least in the eyes of everyone who saw that performance. I'm sure if it was like that for me and the audience then. For the friends who surrounded the two of you, they already knew. . . I was rather envious. Sumire, it shall be even more difficult for you from now onwards. But think about it."

"But I love Yuhi. Sumire clenches her fist. "It may seem strange to say at this stage. But I can no longer return to Arashi's side properly like before. I probably came to that realization back then, too, but I felt as though if I quickly concluded things, somebody else would suffer.

If I got into a relationship with Arashi instead, Yuhi-san would end up suffering the most.

I know plenty of girls like him would have gone out with him. But it was already too late for me to go back when I found out that he was the one who did that painting.

When I realized that all along, I wanted it to be him, even the feelings I ha for senpai seemed so very distant to me. Yet yet, when I heard what the enemy plotted with se,npai, I ended all along up taking many reckless jobs. Tell me, Soujiro, what can I do? Things can no longer go on like this."

At this point, she could no longer hold back the tears from her eyes. Surprisingly she felt Soujiro pull her into his arms.

Her eyes widened. This is the first time something like this has happened. Usually Soujiro is so rigid and formal. He would not even hold her hand in the past. They only met recently again, so how come?

"There are no short cuts in love, my dear; this is just one of the many trials you have to face. I am already at this age. I have already passed the days where I could act boldly and carefree when it comes to love."

"Soujiro, you had foolish days too?"

"You would be surprised." She felt Soujiro combs her hair with his hands,

"You are still young; this is only one of the trials you have to face. This is only the middle of the clift; you still haven't reached the top."

"It sounds scary. Can anything be worse then what's happening now?"

"Do not think of the future and focus on your present. It's still frightening, so I shall stay with you. Do not hold anything back with me. You can do more than cry when you're with me, Sumire. I shall listen to your wishes, fears, selfish desires. Anything."

Sumire however, pulled away from him and laughed weakly. "I have to refuse you there. This will be the last time I cry in front of you."

Right now, she is barely managing to deal with all her emotions when she is with Yuhi. She can barely cope with her friendships with Asami and Aika. Sometimes it is difficult to speak to Hino, Shin, and Atushi. If she were to rely on anybody else right now, she would break.

"I see, then I shall respect that decision of yours."


Iro Road High School Art Main Building Rooftop - Three hours later -

It was time for the long-awaited performance.

Sumire took a deep breath as she glanced down from the ledge. There were many people gathered bellow.

From the very moment, she met Terashima Yuhi; fate decided it already.

Sumire wanted to see him; for the longest time, she had wanted to see him. She came to Tsukuhara high school indeed to meet with Arashi and sort everything out, but the second she heard of Quarto Lights involvement with the mysterious god of composers. Her attention almost shifted immediately. Before she knew it instead of focusing on Arashi, she desperately searched for any hint. ' You'll have to go to Tokyo, His main base of operation in Tokyo.

It was a stretch to say so the least because even if she went to Tokyo, there would be no chance of meeting him. It's a large place and yet even before she went. During the time, she was making her decision; he appeared before her again. Just like that, he reappeared in her life.

Sumire remembered it quite clearly, how she broke down terribly after Ru passed away, how she was taken away by Aki, and sobbed uncontrollably for days. Her world seemed to turn pitch black, and yet the second she heard was that he had been there.

Had come to see her, she found her strength to stand up. When she received that note, she didn't think he would show up. But he did, and they spoke, spoke quite a bit, and when it was time for them to part. He slyly whispered in her ear, ' I'll be waiting for you in TOKYO.'

Like a fool, she completely fell into his pace.

Had she not come here. Would things have been different when they met? Would these feelings that she could not tell him back then have disappeared? Sumire already knew what the answer was, no. Even if she didn't go, these feelings would not have disappeared. But more people would have been hurt.

Its because she met Yuhi, that she could find what she had been looking for this entire time. Even if they had no connection in their past lives, she is sure in this life they will remain together forever.

"Sumire," Yuhi called out, breaking her thoughts. "You sure?"

He was talking about the curtain. She decided not to use any of the disguise methods Yuhi planned. "I think I can do it since I am in a high place."

From here, she will not be able to see the audience. But she is afraid. "I have always had good hearing." Even if she cannot see their faces, she could still hear.

Sumire recalled it all too well. Voices of dissatisfaction and the disappointment in their voices.

Is it truly okay for her to stand here and sing? What if she makes a mistake again? What if people deny her existence? Ru, this is very scary.

How can I sing when you are no longer here? How can I--

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi kissed her. It was not a gentle nor romantic kiss but a kiss filled with passion. For a moment, she completely froze, the two of them are a couple. But even now, such kisses surprise her. She is surprised, and yet she is content. The anxious feeling and fear from moments ago vanished in an instance.

When he finally pulled away, she covered her red-stained face with her hands. But Yuhi grabbed hold of it. "Better?" One word escaped his lips, but it was enough for her to want to crawl into a hole somewhere.

Why does he suddenly look more handsome? Is she going crazy? She must be going crazy; otherwise, she would not think such things right now.

Yuhi brushed their foreheads together. "Sumire?"

"Thank--Thank you Yuhi-san."

"Your welcome, good luck."

She can't argue or even act unreasonably with this person. She has a difficult personality, and yet this person makes her submit so easily. He does not have to dominate her as Sano did; no all he has to do is treat her with genuine kindness and affection.

Chapter 142 - Reach

From here, she can hear them better than she would normally—the voices of the audience.

She doesn't have to say anything, nor looking at anything. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Quite some time has passed since she last sang this song. But why would she forget the lyrics? The lyrics that took her so long to write.

Her debut song superstar of tomorrow received many reviews. There are mixed opinions. Some people saw it as a typical idol song. But there are those analyzed it.

"A star falls down before me at dawn, that's because I miss you.

At the moment, when I don't hesitate anymore, the words I blurt out express what I think."

Happiness, sadness, and anger - emotions that she doesn't very well.

She didn't understand it. But 'he' was the one who helped her understand. How beautiful this world is because of the emotions people feel.

"I have endless words to say.

Without noticing, my cheeks flushed…

I'm in front of you."

"All lights gather into a ray.

I hope you can be a little braver.

Every word you answer is so brilliant and dazzling.

You are like a star in the night sky.

Staying on the horizon

You sparkle for me…"


Two hours later - 8:00 PM

"Is it okay for us to stay up here and not join them?" Sumire asked. Everybody looked hyped up despite the current dull folk song being played at the campfire.

"It's fine, do you want to go?"

"Well, there are more festivals to come, so I am not worried about not experiencing the campfire."

Yuhi chuckled. "That is a positive way to look at things."

"Yuhi, we won first place for the best event today. I am happy, but I ended up doing nothing to help." She ended up falling asleep again after her meeting with Soujiro too.

"You sure about that? You kept me company."

Sumire rolled her eyes. "How does that help everyone?"

"Because of you, I kept the pests away, and everybody thought I provided good service to one girl for a long time."

She feels terrible for tricking everybody, but if it contributed to good sales, then she supposes it is fine. Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi suddenly rested his head on her lap.

"Are you tired, Yuhi?" Sumire mumbled.

"Yeah, I am."

"Sorry about everything. I keep causing you problems, I know you told me it is okay to do so but--"

Yuhi extended his hand out to caress her face. "I was happy when you said that you would rely on me."


"I love you a lot Sumire. If you still haven't adjusted to me, that is fine. But I want you to understand my feelings for you."

"I do understand, Yuhi."

Sumire lowered her face, and bravely kissed him.

"Mmmmm, good. That's good."

It's good, huh? She still doesn't understand this type of thing very well. But if he is comfortable with this, then she does not mind doing it this way.

Sumire quickly regretted that thought when she realized how passionate the kiss was turning. Uh, it seems like she has underestimated him. She thought Yuhi would hold back kissing her since they are still on school grounds. But it looks like this fool does not care about time nor place.

"Yuhi-san, my neck hurts.."

He broke their kiss and sat back up. He pushed her against the railing and bent down. "Want to continue? Or should we stop now?"


Yuhi gently kissed her forehead. "Tell me when to stop."

He cupped her cheeks and slowly nibbled on her bottom lip. Sumire managed to open her mouth, and he immediately slid his tongue inside. It didn't take long before Yuhi explored her mouth again. The way he kissed her left her feeling all strange and muddled. 𝚋𝚎𝚍n𝚘v𝚎𝚕.𝚗𝚎𝚝

She felt hot all over, her face flushed. How come Yuhi-san can kiss like this? Isn't he a high school student? She felt his hand on her thighs, and she stops him.


Yuhi pulled back and ran his hands through his hair. "Damn...As I thought, only you can get me this worked up."

"Uhh, right."

That was close, what on earth was he about to do there? She needs to have more self-awareness.

"You know I've been with many girls, Sumire. I won't lie to you about that. But none of them made me feel like this."


Yuhi grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his chest.



He bent down and kissed her forehead. "You're so red right now. I guess I can stop." He moved away from her. "Mind if I smoke?"

Normally she would. But, she still felt a bit dazed after that passionate kiss. She slowly nodded her head and watched as he pulled out a cigarette and lighter. 'Yuhi-san doesn't act like a normal high school student. How did he get into the nightclub so easily? Fake ID? How did he have the means to make one--'

Ah, it's the same scene as before. Whenever he is thinking about something, it looks dazzling to her. The perfect scene to paint. If she were to capture this moment through a lens and then paint it later. 'What colors would I use?' What is the best color to represent this scene right now?

"You're singing is better than before."

Sumire blinked. "I suppose."

"Not satisfied?"

"I feel overwhelmed. I haven't sung like that in a while, so I can't tell if I did well or not."

All she knew was right; at that moment, she felt a rush of different emotions.

"I see."

"...Say Yuhi-san, could I get closer?"

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah."

Despite his one-worded responses, Sumire saw the way he was looking at her. If he looks at her like that, how is she supposed to stay away from him? Sumire awkwardly positioned herself on his lap, and Yuhi chuckled.

"For somebody so red, you occasionally do these brave things."

Sumire sighed. "I am tired, that's all."

"I see, are you comfortable in my arms?"


Yuhi blinked, and then he suddenly flicked her forehead. "You know, since we are on this subject, let me tell you something. Now that I know you're not doing it deliberately let me tell you something."

Sumire laughed softly. "Wait, I think I understand, and I'm sorry. But don't laugh, okay?" She trailed off. "When I'm close to you, I feel very comfortable. All the worries and fears I have vanished. Even if it's only for a few minutes. I find peace, that's why--" her sentence fell short when he brushed his fingers across her lips. "Yuhi-san…"

"Yeah, I get it. That's fine with me. I figured it was like that. But I end up getting worked up whenever you get near to me... Damn, I'm more nervous than I thought." Yuhi averted his gaze.

Sumire looked at him strangely. Why is he embarrassed? This time around, she did nothing to tease him. But her gaze fell towards Yuhi. A bright shade of red stained his cheeks, no his entire face.

Thump, thump. She felt the sound of her heartbeat increase. It seems like this person keeps defeating her. He has no idea, does he? The effect he has on her.

Sumire caressed his cheeks. "Yuhi-san, I want to do something bad to you."

"...do it."

She brushed their lips together and kissed him. The sounds of fireworks and their classmate's laughter from the campfire drew her attention. But only briefly when she felt his hand around her waist, drawing her closer.

She won't tell him how her heart races and chest aches whenever they are together. Whenever he holds her like this, she feels like crying due to the overwhelming happiness.

From now on, what will their future be like?

Chapter 143 - Investigate

Tuesday, April 10th, 2015

Sumire looked around at her surroundings again and sighed. It seems like she managed to lose that crowd. Ever since the performance at the school festival, she did not get a single moment of peace. Her phone kept continually ringing. On the net, she was everywhere. Whenever she went outside, she would end up surrounded. She felt like a huge star when she was still nobody.

So Hino suggested that she wore a disguise from now on. Her gaze fell towards her reflection on the shop mirror nearby and sighed. A hat, large glasses and what is with these clothes? Hino insisted that if she dresses the opposite to her usual style, then nobody would recognize her.

But it seems like that isn't working. Sumire entered one of the stores and picked some simple clothes off the shelves and got changed in the dressing room. She paused, however, when she a dark-colored bruise form on her arm.

It's happening again, the injury from that time. When she woke up in the hospital that day, she noticed this injury, but it did not look this large. Over time she noticed how large it became. It concerned her, but she did not want to fuss over it. Now that she got a better look, perhaps it would be better if she got somebody to look.

Sumire quickly got dressed, paid for the clothes, and headed out. She only walked for a few minutes before she noticed somebody. On the pathway that would lead to the outskirts of town, there was Shin. He glanced over at her and nodded.

"Those clothes are better for moving about, unlike the dress from earlier."

She raised her eyebrows at this comment of his. Was he watching her since then?

"You came here to investigate the base Mamoru was investigating before, right?"

Sumire nodded. "I thought I would find something."

"Does Yuhi know your ditching class for this?"

At that comment, Sumire flinched.

Shin sighed. "I don't even know if he is attending class this morning. So you have time to stall until he comes back."

"I see." Sumire trailed off. She felt a bit bad; she doesn't even know what his schedule is like recently. But after she got a lead, Sumire decided she would follow up on it. When she paid a visit to Sano's company the other day, she overheard something from the people there.

"Shin, your coming with me?"

"Somebody has to watch you."

"What about school?"

"I have no classes to teach this morning, and I had work," Shin explained.

Work? Ah, that's right Shin is an idol too. Since she normally saw him at school, sometimes she forgets about his real profession.

"Shin, why do you know where the base is?"

"That's because he asked me for help several times. Even though I have nothing to do with the underworld anymore, he was very persistent. He wanted my insight and skills regarding the things he found in the base."

"The things he found?"

"A large number of organs and stress care medication."

"Stress care?"

"There were other things too. But they mixed the substances up, so he sent it to me to investigate. I worked on it during my free time, but I don't know."

Sumire blinked. "Then maybe it isn't a mixed substance, but something new?"

No matter what the substance is. There will always be a reaction if it's something that already exists. If Shin couldn't find out what that something is, then it must be something new. So the person in charge of that base must be a scientist.

"Why are you so interested in this case? Do you think these people have something to do with his death?"

Sumire sighed. "You don't think so? I mean, they were the last person he was investigating."

"No, I do. They are the obvious culprits. But the police overlooked it. Mamoru met with these people the day before the accident."


Shin continued. "He wasn't there for your final practice, right?"

"That's true. So he went to Tokyo?" 

"That's right. He made a quick trip. I was with him at the time. He said he wanted extra hands just in case it was a trap. But the talk went smoothly. They even said they would surrender now that their secret is out."

"Secret?" She repeated.

A dim gaze appeared on Shin's face. "I think there was something he found out but couldn't tell me."

"It sounds like you two were good friends. I had no idea."

Shin sighed. "That's your reaction?"

"Well, when it comes to matters of the underworld, there isn't much to say."

What else could anybody say? There will always be something suspicious and abnormal.

"Then, if you can look at it that way, I will give you insight into what he discovered. The reason Mamoru investigated these people isn't a simple case of drugs like the initial report stated. It's connected to a missing person case."

"Are you talking about what happened three years ago when people started to go missing randomly? It wasn't just one case but several."

"That's right, you know of it?"

"I was also told to investigate it. Several members of Kyofu disappeared."

"That case was closed because the missing people appeared again."

Her eyes widened at that. "But none of the members returned…"

"The ones who came back were normal civilians... The important officials and members of the underworld vanished completely. When we interrogated the civilians, they couldn't tell us much either. The police did not get anything valuable."

She raised her eyebrows as she listened to Shin. How come he knows about the unreleased information from the police? It seems like she does not know anything about this person. He is an idol and teacher. But a crazy idea appeared in her head; maybe Shin is somehow connected with the police force too?

Her thoughts broke off when she hears a clattering sound. She glanced at the source to find a gorgeous maple leaf bracelet on he wrist. "This?"

"It will keep you safe." Shin trailed off when he saw her confused expression. "There is a tracking device there."

"I see." It looked like a normal bracelet, so she is sure that nobody would suspect anything. "Are you trying to dodge my question?" Sumire mumbled.

"Well, you will learn about it sooner or later. Besides, I came along intending to tell you everything. Mamoru gave me instructions anyway, just in case anything were to happen. Not only would I take over, but I would ask for your help."

Sumire sighed when she heard those words. "Normally, the guy is supposed to protect his girl from harmful situations."

"Mamoru was very reluctant. But I suggested it would be better to have you on board. You're smarter than me, and you learn faster than most people do."

She blinked when she heard his praise. Did Shin just admit that she was smarter than him?

Chapter 144 - Something Abnormal

"Don't let it get to your head." Shin looked away. "You still haven't entered any official tournaments. Until you do, these words are empty."

Sumire sighed at his words. 'This man knows how to ruin the moment. No wonder I don't see any girls around him.' Still, it would have taken a lot to persuade Mamoru to put her in harm's way. Ru didn't treat her like glass and included her in dangerous jobs before. But if it became too dangerous, he wouldn't allow her.

"I don't have any memories before I was six years old. Ru knew about this and said he would help me." Sumire mumbled. She laughed awkwardly. "I know it's strange saying this now, but I figured if I helped you - you would need this information."

She mentioned it casually, but Sumire saw Shin flinch.

"Shin? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Alright, let me give you some more details on this case. Sumire, do you believe in supernatural powers?"

She blinked when she heard those words. "Uh?"

"Well, this case is linked to something abnormal. The witness reports and according to the victim's memory, state that somebody teleported them to another space. First, they would only be teleported a certain distance from the last spot, but then the distance grew. Soon they would no longer be in the Japan they knew."

"So, you're saying they would end up in a place similar to here, but everything is different? Including people's relationships?"

Shin nodded. "Correct, one example was a particular woman. Her boyfriend was dating another girl, and he didn't know her. She found it strange. 'How can that be? Were childhood friends who live next door.' The girl went to her home and realized it wasn't there. Her home area wasn't a residential area but a shopping district. Her boyfriend lived elsewhere too."

"In the case, this is right. Why would anyone teleport humans like some kind of game?"


Sumire nodded. "It sounds like a game if you ask me. They are teleporting these people with no destination in mind like some game. They even sent some people back."

"I see, that sounds right."

For a moment, it was quiet.

Sumire noticed his change in expression right away. After all, ever since he came in, her gaze had never once left his. Though every single time, her gaze met hers, she would turn away quickly.

They talked this entire time but kept avoiding each other's gaze.

So it's like this, is it, she thought.

It was like that, after all.

Sumire sighed, she more or less suspected that to be the case. After all, she isn't completely dense when it comes to love. Whenever he came near her, Sumire noticed how self-conscious he seemed. Whenever he patted her head, he would avert his gaze from her.

She initially dismissed it and thought it was Nothing. But it turns out that's not the case after all. She figured that it would be like this...however this is a bit ---

"What are you doing?"

Sumire glanced over at the man who occupied her thoughts.

"You don't have to be that surprised. Here, let me help you up." Shin said, extending his hand out.

She stared at it blankly for a few minutes before snapping out of her trance. She stood up on her own. 'When did I crouch down and stop walking?'

Her deep thoughts were broken when he appeared inches away from her face.

Sumire stepped back.

"Hm? Do I look scary to you?"

"N---no, that's not it..."

'That's not it, but he is a bit too close for my liking.'

Shin suddenly grabbed hold of her arm, h--old on? She didn't get a chance to speak as he pushed her towards a nearby wall.

He loomed over her and brought his face to hers. "So, since you came back, I wanted to say this to you. Aren't you having too much fun playing around with people?"

He looked into her eyes, and she knew he saw her. She knew that he saw through the strong face she put through this entire time. Deliberately acting strong, acting playful when she would rather break down. He saw through everything she wanted to hide this entire time.

That frightened her more than anything, people discovering her act.

Sumire tried to maintain her composure, but he was so close she could barely breathe. She froze completely and couldn't blink or look away.

"Well? Aren't you going to use this sharp tongue of yours to lecture me again?"

Her eyes widened, alarmed at his harsh words.

This is ---like his behavior back then.

Argh, she knew it. He was still like this, after all. She wondered why he had changed so much after she recalled her memories. But as expected, it was just a front after all. He smirked; she knew he was mocking her. But she couldn't find the strength to respond.

"There is no use acting around me. I know what kind of woman you are. You pretend that you are strong and brave, but the reality is completely different." 

These words...why? Why did she have to hear it from him also? It's frustrating.

"....Even if that's the case, you don't have any obligation to care or point it out." Sumire said as she found the strength to talk back.

She wanted to run away and escape this situation. Sumire felt her body tremble, but she shook her head.

'As I thought, I don't want to see it again, see him act this way towards me.'

Since she arrived in Tokyo, the person she got know was so very kind. 'So very kind and gentle.' There is no sign of that warmth; instead, there is Nothing but coldness. What happened so suddenly? Did she say something to upset him?

Ah, what is she saying? Right now, she sounds so childish and silly.

"That's true. I don't anymore. Despite having regained these memories, I have no feelings for you like before. A lot has happened in those years; I have tainted my hands with blood and picked up weapons again countless times."

Her eyes widened alarmed. But it didn't shock her as much as it would have earlier. After that conversation, Sumire figured that he was still involved in this side somehow.

When Shin spoke, she felt a wincing pain in her heart. Even though she already knew. She even understood that it would end up this way... Why? Why does he have to be so cruel about it?

"You are no longer important to me."

At that comment, she finally managed to push him away. "We didn't come here for this." Sumire managed to say.

"Indeed." Shin nodded. "Let's get going. Follow me."

Sumire decided not to walk beside him anymore and slowed down her pace until she trailed after him. Weren't they talking about the investigation and cases then? How did it suddenly end up this way?

Chapter 145 - Stain

Sumire felt that something was amiss at the gate. But she didn't think her suspicions would be correct. The entire 'base' deserted. No trace of equipment anywhere, the place was empty. Shin bent down and brushed his fingers across the ground.

"There was a fight here." Sumire pointed out. "A huge fight."

She noticed it, small traces of blood on the leaves of the plants they passed by at the gate.

"They took everything?"

Sumire nodded. "They destroyed some things too, and there are traces of a fire."

"You can tell just like that?"


"I see." Shin pulled his phone out. "I will have to report this."

"Can you wait until we leave? I don't want to be here when the police come." Sumire admitted. After how they handled her case, she didn't want anything to do with the force anymore.

"Alright, can you see anything else?"

"Rather than see, you can't smell that?"


Sumire nodded, and she scanned the room. "There is a terrible stench of something rotting---" She paused in mid-thought when she recalled something.

She rushed over to the entrance, where there was a large box by the door. The door rusted, but she managed to open it. The moment she did, something fell out.

It was a corpse. The people who did this didn't even bother to cover it up. So that explains the smell, the smell of rotten meat. Or rather, the body could no longer be described as a body. It seems like crows came in and picked on the flesh. So what was left were only bones.

The sight repulsed her, but she knew she couldn't look away. This is the reality of the world. No matter how peaceful things look on the surface, there is darkness lurking in the shadows.

There is more darkness at this time than people would think. The fight between Yakuza and Yankees, the underworld. A society that people don't understand.


"Is this the person Ru met with?"

Shin walked over, and he frowned when he saw the body. "I can't tell, but he is probably one of the people that came that day."

"I see."

If more things like this happen, she wonders if all those secrets will get exposed? It will one day, and when that happens, she will no longer live a normal life. She is far too involved with the other side, so it will impact her if people find out.

"This is strange," Shin mumbled. "If they wanted to erase the evidence, they could have just blown this place up. Or set a fire or something. Normally one wouldn't leave everything behind like this."

"Then what do you think of this scenario?"


Sumire nodded. "The people who owned this base. So the guys Ru met with actually wanted to come to a compromise. I'm not saying all of them agreed, but a selected few did. That selected few are the group of people who you met; they are the ones who own this place."

"You're implying there was a rift in their organization?"

"Yes, and the other side decided to get rid of them. They raided the base, intending to destroy the evidence. But it turns out they were a step too late."

"Those people understood and evacuated everything beforehand?"

Sumire nodded. "I can't see many traces of broken equipment. But I can see bloodstains, torn clothes, and some hair. It implied that a fight took place, but when the base was already empty."

The strange feeling she got from this place earlier was that. It was far too empty. If the equipment got destroyed, one would at least see shards and fragments. Not even a spec of paper or a book either.

"You're smarter than I thought."

Her eyes twitched, annoyed at his words. But she sighed when she saw his expression. "You couldn't figure that out yourself?"

"Well, maybe I would have. But I would only consider it as one of many possibilities. The moment another theory pops up, backed with evidence, I would forget it." Shin trailed off. "This time around, I won't bother with other theories. I trust your judgment on this."

He trusts her judgment so suddenly? But wasn't he lecturing her earlier on? She doesn't understand this man at all.

"I would call the police now since we discovered a dead body."

Shin nodded. "I will do that."


Sumire walked down the path back to the park in a daze.

Shin decided to stay behind, so she left alone. 'That sight, I saw something similar before.' It felt like she saw it before. But where? Where did she see it? The sight of an empty thrashed building. The bloodstains and that stench. Sumire felt nauseous when she thought of the blood from earlier.

'That blood was fresh…' It must have happened recently.

It seems like Shin won't be around for a while. Shin having ties to the police force makes her uneasy, but what could she do about that? He is free to decide what to do with his life.

Still, it doesn't sit well with her at all, this situation. What was with that dead body? What kind of crazy things did Ru get involved in? That man, even though he was sick, got involved in something troublesome.

Sumire deeply sighed. 'So troublesome. Even now, I am still clearing after your mess. If he were here, he would laugh like a fool and find some way to bribe me to appease my anger.'

Her gaze fell on the pillar, not too far from where she was. There stood a man with dark hair, smoking and with his hands on his pockets.

'Uh oh, it seems like he already knew.' But is that so surprising already? Yuhi- San knows everything about her.

"Are you done?"

Her sweat fell when she sensed the coldness behind those words. "Uh, I am for now."

Yuhi didn't say anything and walked over. He extended his hand out and pinched her cheeks. "Damn brat, you put sleeping pills into my drink last night, didn't you?"

Sumire averted her gaze. "It's not my fault that it affected you for much longer than it was supposed to."

"Here is the culprit that made me miss my work this morning."

Ah, he missed work? So he wasn't at work but still sleeping?

"Well, you'll pay for it."

Pay for it? Sumire didn't get a chance to question it when he suddenly kissed her. A passionate kiss, and yet when she felt his hands on her clothes, she flinched slightly. 'This is a bit too much.'

"Y—Yuhi-san, stop for a moment."

Yuhi pulled their lips apart. "What?"

"What do you mean, what? You can't just kiss me out of nowhere like that. You have to set the mood for these things."

Yuhi rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Do you care about that stuff? I thought you liked me."

"You know, I do."

"Then, do you need to think of the setting? Normally you wouldn't be able to hold back in front of the person you love."

At that comment, Sumire sighed. 'It seems like I made him wait for so long. Yuhi-san loved me for so long, so his reaction is normal. I shouldn't be too mean.'

Indeed, this is a bit overwhelming for her. But it's not like he is forcing her, he stops whenever she asks him too despite his frustration. Sumire clung to his arm.

"Did you come out here to take me on a date?"

"A quick walk, since I have to go to work and all."

"Then let's go."

Yuhi nodded, and they walked down the path. It was oddly quiet this morning, and Sumire looked at her surroundings more. The parks in this place are very beautiful, and yet it is too quiet for her liking.