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Chapter 146 - Because Of Him
A long time ago, there was a time where she blindly followed all the rules. Blindly followed whatever her parents had told her to do, lessons in various activities that elite women participate in.

But despite following them, Sumire realized that those things didn't mean anything to her. No matter how much she tried hard in them, she got to work hard on her lessons no matter how motivated.

In the end, it felt fleeting to her. For her, it was something that could vanish at any moment. Something she won't be able to reach, something that didn't have any meaning to her. Whenever she participated in these activities, she realized that her world's colors had become even more monotone.

Like this, there is no meaning in anything. She couldn't understand why the friends she had then were so excited when it came to lessons. She couldn't understand their passion and drive, and along the way, she began to drift off from them. It was like that with Yuri, too, because she could not understand the girl's passionate feelings.

There was the matter with Atushi too, yet the brown hair girl knew what played the most part in the argument. By the time she understood it, Sumire saw no reason to try to approach the girl. ' I don't have anything,' indeed the words she had told Nao weren't a lie. However, there was something that had always been sleeping in her heart.

Those bright feelings she felt when she came to this place accidentally and watched that person's stage.

It was then something inside her heart had stirred up. It was because she saw such a bright world that she could compose that brightness into a melody.

Supposedly she took into account every individual feeling when she composes the songs, All of those traits into a song. It was because of that person that she began to have so many more different encounters afterwards.

It was because she met Terashima Yuhi that day that she realized something she neglected before.

One by one, she slowly realized that people who have dreams are not bad. They aren't superficial; they all work very hard.

"Yuhi-san, your concert was delayed quite a bit, right?"

"Mmm, since I had other things to deal with."

"I see."

"Something wrong?"

Sumire shook her head. "I'm feeling a bit light-headed. Could we rest for a bit?"

"Hmmm?" He brushed his hands across her forehead. "You seem feverish." Yuhi looked around and pointed to the benches. "Sit down. I will fetch you a drink."

Sumire nodded and walked over to the benches. The moment she sat down, she covered her face with her hands. She felt exhausted.

She pulled out her phone and looked at the updated male idol individual rankings. Sumire placed her hand on number seven…even though he hasn't been performing. Somehow his rank has increased a bit. It really is like the fans are telling him to come back.

7: Ichinose Arashi

Come back, huh?

Certainly, that person will be back, because he went through all that trouble.

That person-- the reason why Sano became uneasy and turned into a monster. It was mainly because of Ru, but what caused it was Ichinose Arashi. He was two years her senior and the center of the male idol group Nanairo Feather.

Back when they attended the same school, there were many rumors about them being a couple. Sumire never bothered to clarify them. Why should she? People can think what they want to.

'Even if I explained, there will be those who don't believe.' Why does she have to go through something so tiring? Let them misunderstand. But she supposes it was this attitude of hers that made Sano turn into a monster.

She couldn't blame him too much. What he did to her was terrible. But he wasn't completely at fault. She was the one who drove him to a corner.

Sumire pulled a pendant from her pocket out and clutched it with her hands.

'Everyone's waiting for you to come back, no…everyone's waiting for both our center and composer to come back. we can't be nanairo feather without you two.'

Sumire recalled Masaru-senpai's words after the festival. Her gaze softens, really since when did he become so straight forward with everything? That laughter of his...

For her, that person has always sparkled so very brightly. She ended up saying such words because she could see it clearly—a glowing aura around that person.

Heh, listen to her thinking about some other guy in detail. Yuhi is definitely going to get jealous. Even though she is dating him, perhaps she truly hasn't given him her heart.

Even so, Sumire knew that no matter what happens, she wouldn't break up with Yuhi. When she is with Yuhi, it is warm; it is the only warm place- her only solace. When everything in her life was falling apart, and she could no longer control her longing, he stopped her.

Ever since she came to Tokyo, every day is fun. Her gaze landed on her hand that was in a clenched fist position. It's alright; there is still some time left. She can still make some happy memories.

Her thoughts broke off when she felt Yuhi's warm hands across her cheeks. "You look very pale. Maybe we should go home?"

Her gaze softened when she heard his concerned tone. She shook her head. "It's okay. I have somewhere else to be today, either."

"Not going to school?"

"I have some business matters to deal with." Sumire sighed. "I am not fond of the business world. But my parents and ancestors worked hard on the Ibuki family legacy. So as the only one left, I need to preserve it."

"I see, you'll be meeting with Sano?"

Sumire chuckled when she heard his tone. "Hino-san will be with us, so don't worry."

"That makes me even more worried."

She looked at him, confused, and Yuhi brushed his forehead against hers. Their lips lightly touched. "Yuhi?"

"I can't stop you, but I want you to be very careful from now on." Yuhi sounded very concerned. She could tell from the look in his eyes.

He can't stop her, huh? But he could if he wanted to. Sumire knew that she would listen to him. However, Yuhi will not tell her that he does not want her to investigate; he will respect her decision. What a foolish person. But this is the person she chose to be with.

She chose Terashima Yuhi despite the pain of loving another person after what happened.

Chapter 147 - Invisible Light Part 1

A few hours later - Yuhi's apartment -

A simple walk? It didn't end up like that at all. After Yuhi expressed his concern for her, he received many calls which he couldn't ignore. They ended up heading to the same place.

She knew that Yuhi involved himself in business matters too. But, that was the first time she saw him like that.

Yuhi fell asleep at last. It felt like he was even more stubborn than usual. Well, it was probably due to the talk of other men. That didn't stop him from kissing her, though. Kissing is already a problem. Why does he always have to do it without clothes on? A deep sigh crossed her lips. Perhaps she has underestimated this person a bit too much.

No, that's already obvious. But, ahh-- a conflicting thought appeared in her head. She thought she could tease him, but it seems like she can't when he teases her first.

Sumire opened the door and found Yuhi sleeping soundly on the couch. Yuhi curled up in such a narrow space. He looks like a large animal.

When she saw the dog there too, she quickly hugs her.

"Thanks, Aoi, for staying with Yuhi."

The dog woofed in response as though it understood before leaving the couch.

She plops down and stares at Yuhi. 'This is the first time I can look at him like this.' She usually falls asleep before him, so she never has the chance to stare for long.

Pfft, he has creases between his brows. Is he dreaming about work? Those businessmen must have hassled him a lot. It's a good thing he managed to slip away from them. He looks so innocent when he is sleeping.

Mature and child-like. She only briefly got a chance to see these sides of him. But now she could see everything. A part of him, she doesn't know. 'What other things will she learn about him?'

Learning all this makes her feel ticklish. Its amazing isn't it, falling in love with someone? If she confessed to Yuhi sooner, would she have felt this happiness a long time ago? It feels strange still. But she does understand that she doesn't want to let him go.

Her thoughts broke off when somebody pulled her onto the sofa.


"Hey, are you content with just looking at me?"

"Nope." Sumire bravely leaned forward and brushed their lips against each other. A hum of approval escapes Yuhi's lips. It's embarrassing. But she wanted to do this for a while.

He pulled away. "You seem tired too."

Sumire shook her head and leaned forward again. "I'm okay, I'm more worried about you."

There's a lot to do. A deep sigh escapes his lips. It never bothered him to be this busy before. Being busy meant he wouldn't get a chance to think too deeply about what he can't have. But now that he's formulating on what to start with, everything comes rushing back.

In the end, all humans are weak. The same goes for her. She may be one of the most fragile people out there. But it's exactly because she has both a strong and weak side, that she is still here today.

This is the reason why she chose a path that carries a heavy burden.

'Ru is the one who taught her how to get back up even when things seem helpless.' But, it's because of Yuhi that she found her dream.

As she thought, she still wants to sing. It isn't enough to just perform or stand on stage. She wants to convey these deep feelings that she buried in her heart this entire time.

"Say Yuhi. I want to sing again. But I'm still scared."

Yuhi caresses her hair. "Yeah.

"I want to be on stage, to talk with fans during handshake events again. It makes me very happy. But even more than that, I want the entertainment industry to grow. I want idols to be loved by people for the next decade."

As for her goal, she wants to reach a place no other person has before. If she could do that, then maybe the emptiness she had been feeling would finally go away.

Her current situation is better now. But, there are still many complications.

She wonders if she could meet with that person despite feeling this way. Her dear senpai, the person she respected the most. Takahashi Yumi, she still recalled everything that person taught her.

She recalled everything, but the moment that remains fresh in her mind is that day three years ago. Yumi-senpai invited her to one of her events. It was rare for her to do that, so Sumire decided to go.


Three Years ago Tokyo Dome -

A fourteen-year-old girl with long brown hair arrived at her seat. 'I somehow managed to make it.' Sumire deeply sighed. It wasn't easy slipping away.

Her gaze fell on the stage. It seems like she made it on time. Her senpai Takahashi Yumi was amid her speech.

"It's a strange feeling, but I believe we're all connected by that sky above us. I am twenty-one years old now. I have to move forward properly and let all the bad memories of my past stop haunting me. Though it's one year too late, I'm glad I'm becoming a better person during my twenties. Though I'm still not much of an adult, I hope one day I'll become more responsible and fit your expectations.

From now onwards this third chapter, I will make sure to lead it. Though I won't be alone, I'll have all of you to support me now. Many have commented on entering the top sixteen. Yes, I agree with everyone else that this view is truly amazing. But I don't think rank is everything. Hotaru has already said it; we are who we are. No matter what happens, you are you. The other sister groups finally receiving so much attention, I'm glad. Now we can all move forward this third chapter together.

So many goodbyes and so many sorrows, and yet I still can't cry. Aha, perhaps it's that? Perhaps I've finally used up all my tears. If it's like that, then it will be alright. I want to keep on smiling for everyone. Somiya-senpai always told me to be myself, at the time she said that I didn't understand what she was saying at all. But now I suppose I do. I would tell you the answer, but right now I can't do that.

Like Amu mentioned before, this is the present. This present is what matters now. Though that doesn't mean we will forget the memories of the past. Those memories are ones we truly won't forget."

Sumire placed her hand on her chest. Her cheeks flushed. "Ah…"

What is this feeling? What is it? How come this person --can say such things that affect other people? How can somebody smile so brightly?

Chapter 148 - Invisible Light Part 2

"At the beginning of my idol career, I showed up out of nowhere. It led to many complaints from fans. Why is this woman suddenly everywhere? Why is she taking up the good slots in the singles? During that time, I felt depressed and thought that I wasn't wanted anywhere. However, this person helped me overcome that thought, and I could sing freely.

I said it in my speech last year that I am blessed to meet so many lovely people. Indeed I've always felt that I took others' kindness for granted. I took advantage of people and could not repay them.

But after singing beside her, after finding her again, I realized that there is only one thing I could do. It may be small, but I will convey my feelings of gratitude and love through my songs."

This person can shine so brightly. How come? Right now, Yumi-senpai isn't singing, and yet she can still sparkle so brightly.

Thump, thump, and thump.

Sumire felt the sound of her heartbeat increase. How come it is like this? Just listening to senpais speech makes her feel this way.

The woman named Takahashi Yumi is amazing.

One day she wonders if she can stand on a grand stage like this. Sumire wondered if she could admit her feelings openly in front of so many people one day. Is it possible for somebody as vile and disgusting as herself?

If she admits everything she held back this entire time, then won't people notice? Won't they say she is strange? She is still too frightened to step out of her shell.


Her thoughts broke off when she felt Yuhi kiss her forehead.


"I want to ask you something, Sumire. Surely you know what they say about me? Do you know the rumors?"

"Are you close to them? the girls you mess around with?" Sumire asked.

"I don't see myself as close to them."

"Then, why are you together? Does this not only increase your loneliness?" Sumire questioned.

"It's better than being alone," Yuhi said, and leaned towards her neck, gently kissing it. He did this for a few minutes before he to her again. "Are you different? From those girls. Were you any different? Weren't you just filling in your loneliness? Makino was the same. Even if she did appear to have feelings for me, for a while, it worked. She forgot about her ex.

She could pretend and stay with me. However, I could tell, whenever we were together, she looked at another person. She was just filling the void, trying to love me. My friends were the same, too, even though he liked somebody else from the beginning. All of them were all telling lies, in order to fill the void in their hearts. Sumire weren't you doing the same thing too?" Yuhi said.

His words are so very cold, and yet there is a meaning to them. A meaning to them, huh?

She is seventeen years old now; love shouldn't be something new. She should be able to handle these types of situations. But that doesn't seem to be possible. This guy's has always been reckless, but he's always done things for her sake.

Even though he behaves this way, she knew the truth. Yuhi-san is very clumsy at expressing his feelings; sometimes, she thinks he is worse than her. He is clumsy and awkward at times, but Sumire understood already. From now on, she will continue falling in love with him. She may have accepted his confession on a whim, but she is relieved.

'If I didn't say yes, then even now this person would put up with this pain all alone. I can't leave him be.' Sumire parted with a strand of loose hair from Yuhi's face.

His gaze softened. "What are you doing now? I thought you would listen to me rant a bit more."

"I'm listening."

She is listening to every single word.

He already made so many kind and gentle expressions in front of her. When it came to her, Yuhi is honest, kind, and gentle.

Yuhi is always there for her whenever she is sad and lonely; whenever she needed somebody, he is there. It was the same back in the past too.

That conversation she had with Atushi awhile back replayed in her mind.

'I didn't know what to do when you ran away at that time. I was confused and lost. I didn't know how to go about the situation, even though I loved you. In the end, the person who told me to get you is that guy. Even though I hate him, even though he loved you, he helped me out then. It was Yuhi, Sumire.'

She could see through this person already. "What's wrong? You're so slow even now. If you're not careful, then I will make a move." Yuhi said.

She placed a hand on his face, causing his expression to change. "I see you. That's why I know you are forcing yourself."

Yuhi sighed. "You paid attention to me properly; it seems. Sorry."

Sumire laughs. "No, it's fine."

So clumsy and awkward. But this is one of the many things she loves about him.

"I should make it up to you."

"Then carry on."

Yuhi blinked, and he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Well, as much as I want to kiss you, don't you think this is fine? What do girls call this kind of thing, cuddling?"

Sumire rolled her eyes when she heard those words. "Since when did you become such a boring guy, Yuhi-san?"

"Since I started dating you."

She immediately got offended. "Hey, are you blaming me?"

Yuhi chuckled. "Just joking, Sumire."

A joke, huh? Then again, maybe it is true. Since she started dating Yuhi-san, he has held back with her and not done anything. Sure there was that promise with Hino, but Sumire understood it was unnecessary. He already seemed to regret it the second time.

This person intends to treat her preciously. She does not know what to think about that. Nobody has treated her this way before and with so much affection. Sumire is used to people ignoring and not listening, she is used to being alone. How can she adapt to this?

Chapter 149 - Invisible Light Part 3

"Damn my phone." Yuhi sighed and pulled away. "Hold on a moment Sumire, let me take this call outside."

Sumire nodded and watched as he walked over to the balcony area.

A deep sigh passed her lips. That caught her of guard a bit, she did not think he would suddenly do that. But then again what does she expect to happen when they are here all alone? She previously thought of Yuhi-san as a gentleman. Back then he did not do anything to her, so she assumed he was safe. But Yuhi-san is still a guy after all. In front of the woman he loves, it is normal not to have self-control.

Sumire scanned the room and noticed how messy it was. She supposes it would be okay to clean up. She quickly left the bed and walked over to the desk area. So much paper...from a glance she could see many papers written in english. Are these business documents? Unfortunately for her, she does not understand the english language very well. It was the only thing that hindered her when it came to business meetings. Maybe she ought to start to learn it. She maybe able to help Yuhi.

She recalled what he whispered in her ear a few minutes ago. The words I love you, huh? Whenever she heard Yuhi say it, she still felt peculiar. To think they suddenly became a couple. Quite some time has passed since they started to date, so now she could look back on things properly. It is hard to believe that she stubbornly gave up and surrendered to him.

No matter what he said before, she never took it seriously. When he confessed to her, she hesitated but ended up rejecting him. Its not possible for Yuhi to love her. Maybe he noticed her feelings and is pitying her? A part of her knew that was not true.

Yuhi is not the type of person who would do something like that. He would not pity another person like that since it would degrade them. Back then she already suspected that something was weird about him, about their relationship - the way he looked at her.

Sumire paused when she saw several sheets of papers. All of these sheets contained sketches of her.

Yuhi is too sly, when he does things like this how can she push him away?

She thought so before. But recently that word always comes to mind. He's too sly..saying that he loves her before they kiss. No matter how many times she hears it, her heart feels like it's about to burst out of her chest. So sly, saying words like that - even if she doesn't want to, she will be dragged in to his pace just like that.

She knew even without looking at the mirror how flustered she was. This is embarrassing. Seventeen years old and yet such a thing still makes her feel embarrassed. Just hearing the words ' I love you' from Yuhi makes her heartbeat. He says it a lot these days, or rather she can't even remember a day now where he doesn't say it. The reason he says it so much is it to reassure her?

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi suddenly appeared behind her. "What are you doing?"


Sumire didn't notice that something was wrong until she suddenly found herself on the ground. "I think you're tempting me."

She blinked puzzled at his actions. What is this man talking about? Tempting? Who is tempting who-- Sumire paused in mid thought when she realized something. Yuhi-san was gently kissing her neck. Even for a person who is usually so calm, anybody would end up flustered.

The heat slowly creeped onto her skin. It seems like she provoked a beast. Maybe she shouldnt have worn these clothes? Her current outfit was a normal nightgown but with her shoulders and legs exposed.

"Mmm, you smell sweet."

Should she stop him? Or maybe she should let him be. Sure there is that promise with Hino-san, but its not like anything bad would happen if they broke it. "Alright---come at me!" Sumire declared.

At that comment Yuhi burst into laughter. "I understand, sorry-pffft hah." Yuhi laughed. "Seriously Sumire your too funny."

Sumire looked at the man puzzled. Yuhi was laughing very hard and she does not understand why. Maybe he is teasing her again?

"Thank you for thinking of me. But mmm, not yet." He suddenly changed his tone to a serious one and looked over at her. His gaze gentle and filled with warmth.

"With the current situation, I may have to go abroad a bit."


So thats why he has all those english documents, something big must be occurring over there.

"There is the option of taking you with me. But with your current situation it would be hard to."

Sumire looked down. "When do you have to go?"

"Usually around summer. But I want to delay it for a bit. If I dont I will be gone for at least a year or so. I want to be able to graduate in Japan."


"So don't blame yourself. I will stay here for you and for graduation."

This person is truly willing to sacrifice anything for her sake huh? She does not understand why he loves her so much, but maybe one day she will find the answer to that question.

"It's during nights like this where I wonder about my parents."

"Your family?" Sumire asked.


Yuhi-san was abandoned when he was a child. He grew up without the warmth and love from his parents. Does he miss them?

"I actually met my mother a few months ago."


"But she was on her death bed. Her last words to me before she passed away was about father. She explained how she was pregnant with me before my father married his current wife. When they found out about me, they wanted to get rid of me. So my mother did her best to let me escape. She ran into the woods and decided they would go after her and not think that she would leave me somewhere."

That sounds like the type of stories one hears about in movies. But Sumire knew how insensitive that would sound if she said those words now.

Chapter 150 - Invisible Light Part 4

When she was together with Ru, it was easy for her to push him away. It was easy for her to remain normal. But it is different with Terashima Yuhi. How does she push away somebody who likes her this much?

The stories people see in movies; everybody assumes it is fiction. If the director said it is fiction and resembles nothing in real life, people could enjoy it more. It will generate more profit. Those who claim their movie based on real-life events and experiences will invite criticism. Sure, many watch it and enjoy it since it is real and not made up.

But the majority will criticize it if it is a movie about an individual's emotions, a bad past, for example, Yuhi-san's situation. If the rest of the world learned his background, they would undoubtedly mock and insult him. Sumire understood that better than anybody.

The Ibuki family mansion that caught on fire and the death of her parents.

It was a story nearly everybody knew about. Their daughter, the sole survivor, where did she disappear to? Who is looking after her? When she re-appeared in front of people after the accident, many people were surprised.

Her other relatives were amid dividing the assets among themselves. Sumire sighed at the memory. When she appeared, all of them looked guilty. Instead of using the resources to see if anybody survived, they decided to use it for themselves? That was the first time she saw how black humans could be.

Yuhi-san's family situation and hers differ entirely. But they both decipher how dark the world can be.

"Now that I think back on it, humans are so screwed up."

Yes, they are. Sumire silently agreed.

Humanity itself is messed up. But people still live their lives; they still keep walking straight ahead despite the pain the world brings them. Sumire buried her face in his back.

"Sorry about this. I know I am rambling right now."

"It's okay; usually, it's me," Sumire mumbled. Usually, it is her rambling on about her issues, her fears, and her concern. "Yuhi-san, you can be selfish when you want to. Im always causing you trouble after all."

"Well, I can't disagree there, since you appeared my life has changed."

"Is it a bad chance?"

"How could it be? Now I have a girlfriend who I can attack with kisses every day."

"Idiot." Sumire scolded, but her gaze softened. "I want to learn more about you. So I don't mind if you ramble or whatever you call it."

"I guess we can start with my business matters; you can't read English after all."

Sumire sighed. "I will learn, but were those documents.."

"Mmm, some proposals and other events I have to approve of. Realistically I should be at the exact location and approve of it. But I am still a student, at the end of the day, my main concern should be my education. Even if I am not there, they will do fine. I made sure to hire capable people. I might have the world in my hands, but I would sacrifice the world to be with you."

That last line is unnecessary. See? If he does sly things like this, how is she supposed to refuse him?

"Honestly, I did not intend to stay in Japan long. My involvement in the underworld society was supposed to be small. I intended to help out a few times and then leave, but then I met you."

At that comment, she recalled how they first met again. Her cheeks turned crimson at the memory. When she saw him at the festival before Aki introduced them, she could not help but think how beautiful.

"I genuinely thought there was something wrong with your head when you said that. I shouldn't have gotten involved with a girl purposely causing trouble."

"I was helping somebody."

"Help yourself, first idiot." He trailed off. "Well, it was good for you to help that girl out. But did you think about what would happen to you?"

When she met Yuhi again after their meeting five years ago, it was during a summer festival. Aki-san was running late, so she decided to walk around the stalls herself for a while until he arrived. It was then when she noticed a group of guys surrounding a defenseless woman. Naturally, she stepped up and got involved. If she did not do at least that much, then she would never be able to forgive herself if something terrible happened to the girl.

"I thought it through but still concluded that I would help her." How could she possibly turn a blind eye and ignore when somebody needs help?

If a person has power and strength to help, they should use it. It is a sin to have power and not use it when others are in need. Sumire understood that not many people thought the same way as her.

"So when I saw you like that, I thought you were the kind that gets into trouble easily, making it impossible for me to leave you alone. Yet not only did you think I was one of the bad guys, punched me and gave me a roundhouse kick--"

"Stop stop. I am sorry, already!" Sumire exclaimed.

Just the mere mention of it made her feel embarrassed. "Yuhi-san you were dressed head to toe in black, of course, I was suspicious!"

"Eh, were you the type of person who would judge based on appearance?"


Yuhi laughed. "Just joking Sumire. You know because you hit me that day I remembered the real reason why I entered the business world too. For money? For fame? I already make millions as an idol, why did I have to do business too? I pondered about it for so long, but you gave me a bit of a wake-up call." He extended his hand out towards the balcony. 

From this distance, they could see the stars sparkling brightly in the night sky.

"I want to see exactly how far my hands could reach despite having no place to call home. I want to see how far I could go with my strength."

"Isn't Japan your home?"

"My mother was, but my father was American. My great grandmother and father also have some Spanish blood. So what do you think I am?"

Sumire scanned his face for a moment. "Does it matter? You have the type of face that I like, so that should be the only thing on your mind."

She does not want him to think too deeply about anything else. She does not want to see that look of sadness on his face anymore.

Yuhi blinked before he burst into laughter. "Indeed, I should only care about your preferences, my lady."

For her, all that matters is seeing this smile on Terashima Yuhi's face.