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Chapter 151 - How Do I Make You Mine?

Yuhi suddenly cupped her cheeks. "So what I am saying is, it's because of you that I came this far. You told me something honestly without holding anything back." He trailed off. "I don't need to search for a place to belong anymore. I don't know of a better place than here with you. I want you so badly. I realized it after the first time I touched you. I no longer want to let you out of my sight. I want to possess you completely. But until you settle your feelings, I won't do anything."

Will he wait until she settles her feelings? But that might take a long time. Can he really hold back and wait until then? What if he gets tired of waiting? She is afraid of that scenario, what if he leaves halfway? What if he leaves when she is getting attached to him? She is so scared. But Sumire looked up and met Yuhi's gentle gaze.

It seems like she can't dislike this person. No matter what she does, she ends up getting attached to him. Yuhi lowered his face and brushed his lips against hers.

"But I will do things like this occasionally. Mm, open your mouth a bit Sumire."

She listened to him, and she felt his tongue intertwined in hers. But it was only a brief kiss. Yuhi cherishes her so much, and yet she can't do anything to repay his kindness. "Yuhi..."

"Do you like kissing Sumire?"

Uhh--? Sumire looked at him, puzzled. What is with this strange question? "Just if you liked kissing, we could do it more."

Why is he even asking her about this?

"Do we really have to discuss this?"

YUhi blinked when he heard her words. "Is there something wrong with discussing it? I thought it would be fine...Why are you getting flustered?"

Does he not understand why she is getting flustered?

"Seriously, how should I make you mine?"

Sumire pulled away from him. "I will be honest with you, Yuhi-san. I don't understand that stuff well. I know we did it twice, but it still feels foreign. I am fine with what we have now. I love you, and I am your girlfriend..." She trailed off. "I guess we do have to do it.."

"You seem reluctant, that doesn't make me happy."

"Uhh, sorry."

Yuhi sighed. "Well, this is fine; you look adorable." He slammed his hand against the wall behind her trapping her in the process. "So you want to learn about things you don't know? I mean, that is how I interpreted your words. You need to learn since you don't understand."

"I suppose."

"I wonder why I want you so much, Sumire. How far will these feelings grow? Do you want to know or no?"

"I want to know..." Sumire mumbled.

Yuhi kissed her again and intertwined their hands together. Oh, what is this feeling? She feels like crying again.

Is this how it feels to be loved and treasured by somebody? Ru, she didn't know love could be like this. But it is exactly like what he said. He told her if it was Yuhi, she would not have to worry about anything.

She does not understand. Her mind is becoming fuzzy due to the intense feeling of his lips on hers.

He is kissing her so passionately. Sumire refrained from repeating his name over and over.

"You smell like flowers. But I guess that's normal, you're just like a flower."

"Such a teas--" Her sentence fell short when Yuhi bent down and kissed her neck.

It is no good; she is so happy right now. The places he touches her burns with a sensation she does not understand. It does not make sense to her, but she does like it, that is the one thing that makes sense to her. The more Yuhi does this to her, the more she wants something. She wants him to do something else.

I want him to hold me again...

Sumire quickly realized what was happening and kicked him away. "This is enough!"

"Ouch...Ouch, I should have known. A kick right at my stomach."

She looked over-worried, but Yuhi shook his head. "It's fine, but well now you understand. Its that sort of mood."

Ah, does he feel bad about the first two times? Indeed it wasn't exactly romantic or anything. But Sumire did not mind it; she does not dislike him touching her. While she reacted violently against other men, it was different with Yuhi.

When she realized this, Sumire became even more curious about him. How come it is okay with him? What makes him so different? Is it okay for her to learn the answer to that question?

"A little."

Yuhi gently kissed her forehead. "That's fine for now."

There is one thing she understands very well. Yuhi is very warm. The sensation of his lips aside and his hands. She could not forget the sensation of his body pressed against her own. So peculiar, that feeling from earlier.

Sumire wrapped her arms around him from the back and hugged him. "I will keep trying."

"Well, I look forward to it, before that could you get changed? You're driving me crazy."

She bursts into laughter then. "I thought so since earlier you were acting weird."

"If you knew, don't wear things like this." Yuhi trailed off and placed his hand on his face. "You know you don't have to try too hard, at least not there... I mean please stop it—"

Sumire looked at him, puzzled. Yuhi seemed to be murmuring something in English. Did she do something weird? His behavior seems strange right now. Still, she truly wants to learn things about him. At the start, when she accepted his hand, she did not have such thoughts.

It was difficult for her to adjust, holding hands, hugging, and doing anything with someone who wasn't Mamoru. But it did not take her too long to adapt.

"Yuhi-san, I want to do some bad things."

Yuhi turned around and sighed deeply. He extended his hand out, and she closed her eyes. But after waiting for a few minutes, she noticed that he only pulled her down and wrapped a blanket around her. "I will carry you to the bed later, but for now, rest."

Her gaze softened, and she giggled. "I am not used to somebody pampering me this much."

"It seems like you will have to learn then. I am good at spoiling people."

At that comment, her eyes twitched, annoyed. Is he talking about his past experiences? He ruined the mood completely—her thoughts broke off when Yuhi burst into laughter. Sumire immediately understood, and she hits his chest with her hands.

"Don't tease me!"

"It was too good of an opportunity to pass on. But your right; there is no need for me to do that."

She wants to learn more. But she wonders if it is possible for her to do that when she is still so broken?

Chapter 152 - Opening Ceremony

Iro Road High School - Opening Ceremony -

The third years had their ceremony earlier, so this current reception was for the new students. Sumire looked around the place in a daze. It still felt a bit weird to her. She only just came to this school, but she would eventually have to say goodbye to everybody. This is a nice place; it is a shame that she found out about it too late.

'If I attended this school from the start, would something have changed?'

The people here and the environment is good for her. While there are the usual issues like jealous girls, she does not feel suffocated in this place. Is it because there is less pressure on her here?

Feeling warmth lingers on her hands, she notices that Yuhi brushed them deliberately when he picked up the box. Sumire blinked, but before she could react, he was already walking over to the other end of the hallway.

Before the first years finished with the opening ceremony, they had to finish clearing up the classrooms for unnecessary stuff and replace the equipment. The principal picked some people to display their artwork, of course, that included her and Yuhi.

The painting Yuhi picked was his recent festival piece. Even though Yuhi has many outstanding paintings from the past two years, he still chose the recent one. She only just came to this school, so she had nothing else other than the festival piece.

Is he trying to flirt with her? A hum escaped her lips at that thought. It seems like they both have the same idea. She picked up one of the boxes and walked over to the other end of the hall. Yuhi was helping somebody set up his work.

She slumped her head on his back.

"You alright?" Yuhi turned around.


The warmth of his hand, he's so kind. "Didn't want to disturb you and Shin, but I was watching you. If you still feel bad, rest,

Sumire nodded. She buries her face on his chest, and Kiryu's hands, his strong, large hands that hold her so lovingly was once again caressing her hair gently.

"If you need anything, just say it. Anything, I'll give it to you."


"What about you, Yuhi?"

"You already gave me enough, the other day."

The other day, '.ore, you want more? Thank you.' C--come to think of it, she behaved quite boldly. What was with that nightgown? Aika suggested that she wore it, but she did not have to agree. Sumire deeply sighed. She was the one who intended to seduce and tease Yuhi, but in the end, he got the upper hand. She does not understand how that man takes advantage of her every single time.

"So, let me do something for you today."

"Give yourself to me?"

".... you, really are killing me."

Sumire tilted her head confused, but Yuhi was already dragging her down the hallway. Yuhi stopped once they reached the back of the staircase, he pushed her against the wall. Soon his lips fell on hers. He kissed her so passionately and ran his hands through her back.

"Yu--" Her sentence fell short when he nibbled her bottom lip. What is he trying to do now?

"I'll do what you say. So, stop being cute just for a few minutes. It's getting dangerous."

Cute? But she didn't do anything? Sure since earlier, she stared at him a few times. However, that was all she did. "Yuhi-san--"

"This is nice; you're so soft."

Uwaaaaahhhh! Woaaaahhh? Dangerous, this is dangerous...

"Mmmm, it's nice that you switched to the spring uniform before leaving."

"N--nice for who?"

"I wonder, this benefits us both after all," Yuhi muttered as he licked her earlobe. A soft moan passed her lips. "Mm, you really are tasty today."

"We have to work."

"They won't miss us if I'm quick."

That's true.

"Sumire, do you want this?"

She shyly nods, and Yuhi laughed. She does still feel embarrassed, but since the other day, it felt like something has changed.

The remaining space completely vanished.

Hearing him chuckle against her ear, she hits him lightly. Or at least she was supposed to; he grabs her hands and kisses between her fingers.

Thump, thump. Sumire felt the rapid sound of her heartbeat.

"I like it when your nervous," Yuhi admitted. "I don't mind if you are always like this. Sure I like your confident self, but it makes me want you more when you are like this."

"That's a weird fetish Yuhi."

Isn't he going to stop kissing her fingers? It feels weird... Her heart is already beating so loudly. But, indeed, she doesn't want him to stop. Before Yuhi could do anything else, something comes flying in their direction and hits his head.


Uh... Sumire looked at the large book that fell on the ground. She glanced over and saw an angry looking Asami.

"Inside. Work."

Yuhi exhaled deeply. "Can't you see you are interrupting something?"

Asami glared, and Yuhi immediately pulled away.

"Alright, alright. Sheesh."

He quickly fixes her clothes up.

"We'll have to continue this later."

Sumire nodded. The places he touched just now still feels hot.

Yuhi mumbled against his ear. "Music building, room 555. One of the practice rooms>"


He hugs her for a good five minutes. Yuhi patted her head and told her to be good. He dropped his coat around her and left.

She wanted to go with him but when she saw her friend walk in the opposite direction. Sumire understood that she had to follow.

This was the first time she saw Asami get mad like this. But then again, since earlier, Sumire noted how serious the girl seemed. She thought it was just her imagination at first, but just now she saw it.

"Asami-san, are you frustrated about something?" Sumire asked.

She still isn't close enough with her to tell. Despite the girl's friendly approach, Sumire felt closer to Aika.

At that comment, the girl turned around with a tearful expression. "You have to help me."

Chapter 153 - The Red Queen Theory Part 1

Meanwhile back with Yuhi. He was amid having a serious discussion with Shin.

"Thanks for doing this, I know it's risky for you."

Shin shook his head, "It's fine. Or rather since I snuck those documents successfully. He probably wanted me to bring them to you. Even with my skills, I wouldn't have been able to hack without him noticing."

"I know."

From the moment Yuhi first met him, he got that sort of impression from that guy. It was the same as him, the same vibe. Whenever that guy looked at Sumire, he likes her, but it's not just that. Shin willing to risk so much for her sake, a feeling that resembles the one he has for her. But the methods are different. That must be why Sumire acts like that towards him.

"Still, it's rare for you to admit someone is better than you at hacking."

"Please, even I know there are many better people, and it's easy to admit defeat when you see a better candidate."

Yuhi senses the meaning behind Shin's words and puts the documents away. He takes out two cigarettes and extends one towards his friend; Shin murmurs something about having quit. But after a few seconds, he takes one and Yuhi lit alongside his. The two leaned on the wall.

"That guy Atushi introduced to Mina?"

Shin nodded. "When she told me that day during the historical park opening, she was frantically exclaiming. She didn't want me to misunderstand. But at the same time, she told me that guy asked her out."

"Well, isn't it a good sign that she told you?"

"I think so too when I asked her how she met him. She told me that it was Eijiro's friend, that's when I realized there was an issue."

"Atsuro isn't any better at you at romance."

"But, he's always cared for Sumire. That's the one thing that has always been transparent about him. Even though he moved out and barely has contact with his parents."

Yuhi sighed. "When is he coming?"

"A week or so. It could be longer, but he will come here."

A complicated look appeared on his face when he heard those words. It's not like he does not understand. "I spoke to Sumire about Atsuro, and she told me that she might have liked him before. But it was a fleeting feeling that she crushed before it became too big."

"That doesn't sound reassuring."

"Yeah." Yuhi trailed off and recalled her expression. "But I think this answer is better than nothing." If it were the past Sumire, she would have brushed aside that question and looked at him with those cold eyes.

"Did she tell you what happened the other day?" Shin asked.

"No, I wanted to ask you since she wouldn't give me the details. But is it regarding what you were doing for Mamoru?"

"Yes." Shin trailed off. "Yuhi, you heard about those mysterious disappearances, right?"

"The one where people got teleported to another world that resembles this one?"

Shin nodded. "That's the one. Mamoru was investigating that case in detail. The day before he got into the accident, he met with those people."

At that comment, he frowned. "That's--"

"We still aren't sure. But surely something must have happened."

It would be far too easy to conclude that those people did something to Mamoru. Besides, "You came with him?"

"I did since he wanted a third opinion. They mainly discussed rather scientific things, so I did not find anything unusual about it. But there was a time where I stepped out to answer a call. When I returned, the atmosphere seemed tense."

"How long did you leave for?"

"Fifteen minutes."

Not a long time or is it? At that time, Mamoru could have changed the topic altogether. Something about this bothers him, though. It is unlike that person to get so involved in something like this. When he joined the underworld society, Yuhi noticed that Tsueno Mamoru did not actively get involved. Nobody could tell if he was a member or not, with how he went in and out of the organization so freely.

Yuhi paused when something came to mind. The only time Mamoru got involved in something this large was when Sumire was concerned. Does it have something to do with her?

That guy was the reckless type, but he was, without a doubt, a genius. Yuhi doubted that somebody like that would do something like this without reason. If everything happens for a reason, then Tsueno Mamoru investigated this case for a good cause.

"Let me get involved."

It seems like Sumire will concern herself with this more from now on.

Shin sighed and pulled something out of his bag. "Take this."

Yuhi raised his eyebrows. "Arent you too prepared?"

"Read it first and then give it to her."

He opened the folder and pulled out some documents. Something caught his eye immediately. "The red queen hypothesis?"

"Do you know what it is?"

"Something to do with evolvement?"

Shin nodded. "It is an evolutionary theory that states that species must constantly adapt and evolve to survive against evolving species. In our time, it would be mankind against society. Humans must constantly evolve to continue living in this world." He trailed off. "There was a good example of this awhile ago, the story of the woman who became the first songstress. She met that man with an unusual bloodline, and their children developed strange abilities. I guess the correct term is supernatural powers."

Yuhi recalled the story he heard not too long ago and sighed. "If its to do with the latter, you already know, right?"

"Well, as a scientist, unless I see things myself, it is hard to believe. But I believe you. Besides, those who know about the red queen hypothesis do not rule out supernatural powers. The only way for humans to evolve is for something unusual to happen in their bodies. I looked at some strange cases from several centuries ago. I found cases where humans turned into monsters."

"This is turning into a horror story. But I guess it would not be unusual for such things to happen several centuries ago."

"Species involvement also includes how to prolong somebody's life span. However, there are no cases so far of somebody living that long."

"Is that so? Maybe you haven't found anyone, but surely there is


"I want to test your understanding a bit. Despite your behavior, I know you are smarter than most people."

Yuhi sighed and took a long exhale from his cigarette. "Leigh Van Valen proposed an explanation to explain the law of extinction. People end up extinct not because of their lifetime but due to their level of adapting." He paused. "If one species deteriorates due to their evolvement, it would deteriorate their co-existing species too. But what if the other species evolve too? Nobody could get ahead of the other."

Chapter 154 - Red Queen Theory Part 2

"You're a better scholar than I thought."

"You can compliment me, but Sumire was the one who taught me this stuff."

"I see. Your right there. In Lewis Carrolls, through looking at glass, the red Queen commented now here you see it takes all the running you can do to keep the same pace. To simplify what you said, Van Valen concluded that species have to run to evolve. If two species want to co-exisit and stay in the same place, this is the only thing they can do; otherwise, they will go extinct."


"There is an underworld organization called the black phoenix. These people are ruthless individuals who want to take advantage of individuals who have evolved and manifested abilities." Shin sighed. "Sumire is one of those people."


"Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"You make it sound so simple. If I told you that Sumire has powers, you would look at me like I was some kind of crazy person. But I thought you saw the signs anyway, like her unusual strength…"

It never crossed Yuhis's mind to inform Shin regarding this and simply discussed it with Atushi and Jae. The main reason was because he did not want Atsuro to know.

"She needs protection."

Yuhi shook his head. "She won't trust the police even if it is the special forces. Shin, if you want to protect her, you don't need something fancy."

He knew that Shin had feelings for Sumire even now. It is strange for him to give his rival advice like this. But this was the only thing he could do to ensure that she is safe. It is difficult to protect her openly with his status, but with Shin, it is much easier.

No matter what happens, he will ensure that she is safe.


It seemed like he arrived too early, so Yuhi decided to play the piano for a bit. If he delays that concert anymore, then it would be troublesome for Hino and the company. He does not want to cause Hino any problems. If he practices for the concert, it would mean leaving Sumire alone a lot. It seems like he has no choice.

I should tell Shin everything else.

Her safety is the most important thing right now. It is better that she is left alone with Shin than anybody else. Sure there is Atushi and Jae too, including the other guys, but Shin is different from them.

The special police force, people refer to it as SF. A group of individuals scouted from different police departments all across the world. At first, Yuhi assumed that Shin only had a minimum involvement, like knowing somebody from the force. But from his words earlier and based on past behavior, he is a member of the police force.

Yuhi thought he was the only weird one with multiple occupations, but Shin is stranger. An idol, teacher, and now somebody from the SF? That man is busier than anybody else. But he is still the best choice to become Sumire's protector.

His thoughts broke off when he spotted somebody staring at him, intently from the corner.

Yuhi chuckles and calls her over, "Come over here."


Sumire made her way over and looked around, wondering where she should sit. There were no other chairs in the room. He pulled the girl towards him that lead to her sitting on his lap. The girl's back against the piano. He murmurs against her neck. "Hah, I'm sort of tired."

That talk with Shin wore him out. Yuhi understood that Shin wanted to discuss something important but who would have thought it was that? It seems like he has underestimated that man.

He feels her gentle hands run through his hair.

"Go to sleep?"

"Mm, later. I want to flirt with you for a bit."

Sumire laughed softly. "That is quite straight forward of you Yuhi-san, but that is the part of you that I like the most."

It is huh?

"What have you been up to?"

"I spoke with Asami for a bit. Then afterwards, I watched Aikas drama rehearsal. I ended up joining, too; it was a lot of fun."

"I see, that's good." He lifts his head up to see the girl was looking at him with a somewhat complicated expression.

"What's wrong?"

"Yuhi, Im a good singer, right?"

"Yeah, a very pretty one too."

"But, unlike you. I still lack many skills. It was fun performing with Aika. But, in the process, I realized I was missing something."

So that's it. Yuhi supposes it was only normal for her to realize.

"You don't have to rush, there's still plenty of time. What?" He cut his speech short, seeing her expression unchanged—even growing worst.

"I get what you're saying, Yuhi. But, If I don't hurry. You'll leave me behind."

For a moment, Yuhi looked at her with wide eyes. Huh? Huh? Wait, what is she talking about?

Sumire sighed. "Don't you remember what I wrote in that letter?"

So that's it, he nuzzles his head against hers, "Don't be silly, I won't leave you behind. I said that earlier too. Learn to believe me more, or else I'll be sad."

"Don't be sad, Yuhi."

He chuckles.

She always notices things about him rather than herself. Really, what's going on, in that pretty head of hers? Just thoughts about him? When he saw her gaze, he leans forward and lightly kisses her lips, causing her to pout.

"Yuhi-san, you have become a boring person these days. Are you truly satisfied with that?"

If she is asking him whether he is satisfied, the answer is obviously known. But like he told her not too long ago, he wants to treasure her properly.

"You seem tired; you need to rest," Sumire said.

"Rest, huh? I suppose I do; there is no place to lay down here, though." He thinks for a minute.


When they arrived at the atler, Yuhi scanned the room and found the pillow he left on the ground last time. Sumire quickly joins him. When he saw this, though, he mustered some strength to make it more comfortable for her. He got out a futon and laid it out, alongside additional blankets. It may be getting warmer, but Sumire keeps getting a fever these days.

It must be because of her pregnancy. She sleeps a lot, fatigue, nausea - the only thing left to confirm is that. But as a guy, it is a bit awkward for him to ask her. How does he bring it up?

Despite these troubling thoughts, unknowingly, he ended up kissing her hair, cheeks and held her hand.


Sumire always finds it funny when he spoils her. Yuhi simply pats her hair and lays back down next to her.

"Yuhi, you need to be more attentive towards yourself too."

"Na, it's fine if I have strength only when it's for you."

"But, you have to take care of yourself."

Hearing the loving tone behind her scolding, he laughed softly in her hair, and she puffed her cheeks.

"I'm serious! You're just as bad as me."

Chapter 155 - No Longer Human

"So, you admit your bad, huh?" Yuhi said, amused.

The girl sighed deeply. "Well, I know I am hopeless at times. Whenever I end up working seriously on something, I end up neglecting my health a lot. I know it is stupid since, without good health, I won't be able to do anything anyway. But whenever I concentrate, it is so easy to forget everything else."

That does not make her stupid, though. Yuhi noticed this a long time ago, but Sumire is very negative toward herself. Why does she use such words like stupid and idiot so easily? It upset me whenever he heard it. She has so much potential but has such little confidence.

"I met with Shin earlier, and he told me everything." Yuhi decided to say it instead of beating around the bush.

The innocent expression on the girl's face vanished, and she sighed. "Yuhi-san, do you genuinely want to involve yourself in this?"


She looked at him with a serious gaze. "You could die."


"You should understand it better than anybody. These people are chasing after individuals with unusual abilities, such as somebody with unusual strength."

Yuhi blinked when he heard those words. Huh? So it seems like she knows that much? Then again, that information was in the documents Shin gave him. "What do you think about the red queen theory?"

At that comment, Sumire left his arms and stood up. She walked towards the bookshelves and picked up a book from the shelf. "I think it's true. I am no scientist, and I will not pretend to be one. But if the world is the only thing that evolves, then won't humanity become stale?"

"In the first place, I am surprised...I thought you..." He trailed off when he saw the book she picked up.

Osamu Dazais no longer human. The protagonist Oba Yozo leaves behind a set of notebooks regarding his true self and explaining how he lived a life of lies. A troubled man who could not reveal his true self to others and maintaining a facade. He pretended to be the fool hoping that he would learn about humanity this way. Not only could he not explain to others his true nature. But he could not understand humans; he did not know how to feel anger, happiness, or sadness.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't understand it. Why are those people so happy all the time? Even though people surrounded him, he felt alienated and isolated from the rest of the world.

One of his classmates Takeichi, saw through this facade and so Oba decided to befriend him to keep the secret safe.

"The protagonist Oba concluded that art is a form of human cruelty. Humans can express such cruelness due to their own trauma." Sumire spoke up like she read his thoughts. "Do you think a person like this will understand that humans can evolve and change? There is no person out there who is completely hopeless?"

Yuhi shook his head. "He won't understand because no matter what he tried, he still couldn't relate to humans."

"Correct. After meeting a fellow artist Horiki, who influenced his life badly. He ended up resorting to drinking and smoking heavily. A one night stand with a married woman that ended up with a double suicide via drowning. The woman survives, but he doesn't. At this point in the story, one can see that Yozo is slowly surrendering. He slowly realizes that no matter how much he struggled, he will never be human."

"The end of the story is tragic. Even though it looked like his life would turn around after meeting his wife."

"Confined in the walls of a mental institution, far from humans. Ah, it was a tragedy. He who tried to understand humans better than anyone ended up separated from them." Sumire trailed off. "It was a tragedy, even after he left the institution, he isolated himself from the world. He gave up. Despite this, I like this book a lot. I find it beautiful how he struggled to be human right to the very end."

Yuhi clenched his fist when he heard those words. He understood the meaning of her words.

She likes this book because she can relate to the protagonist. When he met her during that snowy concert several years ago and stayed at his place, he noticed it.

He noticed that there was something wrong with her emotions. Whenever she smiled, it felt hollow, and the look in her eyes seemed the same. Whenever she got angry or sad, it was the same too.

His thoughts broke off when Sumire put the book down on the table. She walked over to him and brushed her hands on his cheeks. "I told you before that everything happens for a reason, correct?"


"In this story, the protagonist gave up, despite all the pain he went through. He most likely did not realize how much he was suffering; he did not realize that he was in pain. When that incident happened with his wife, he didn't realize he was angry. He simply despaired without giving it much thought." Sumire leaned forward and lightly kissed him. "Tell me something, Yuhi-san. If I were to give up on everything like that, would you finally leave me?"

His eyes widened when he heard her words. What is she trying to do?

"I want to be honest with you. I am afraid." Sumire mumbled. "I thought I understood what I was getting involved in. But after I saw that sight with Shin the other day, I realized that this would be dangerous."


"But I can't let this go. I want to find out the truth. Ru did not deserve to die like that. He was already battling with his life. He only had a short amount of time, but they even took that from him."

Yuhi sensed the anger behind her words and pulled her into his arms. He wanted to tell her that it was all going to be okay. He wanted to tell her that she did not have to do this alone. But Yuhi understood that words would be futile now.

Osamu Dazai, no longer human, is his most famous work and also his last book. People saw it as his will since he shortly took his own life after this. A book that the author has put so much thought and emotion into. For a person who could not understand humans, his last book deciphered so many emotions.

For Ibuki Sumire, this book is her savior. There was somebody out there who had similar feelings as her; she is not unusual.

Yuhi understood that the girl most-likely had such thoughts in her head right now.