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Chapter 131 - I Want To
Hino shook his head. What is he doing? Such negative thoughts are beyond him. "Then discuss it with Yuhi first and tell me right away. Will you two still attend the remaining days in the festival?"

"Mm, since I am supposed to sing."

"I will send a car around in the morning. The reporters will be laying wait early, but I doubt they will realize you will do the same."

"Okay, thank you."

He said a few more words before ending the call. Hino returned to his computer screen.There were many people discussing how Sumire should indeed come out and say something. His gaze fell on the hate comments and frowned.

Should I delete them?

But if I did that, the netizens would notice and it would reflect badly on Sumire. For now he should leave it but he wont allow such negative things about her on the net for long.

It is difficult for him to take action since Sumire is not a member of his company.

Posting her statement on this website was fine, since she is Yuhis girlfriend. But other formal announcements and events, it would be hard for them to intervene. It is not like she has a bad relationship with her company. So Hino wondered why Sumire was not contacting them.

Is there something he doesnt know?


The second day of the festival, Yuhi remained more vigilant and cautious. While Hino sent the car around and they managed to arrive safely. Yuhi could already see members of the media lurking around. However because he remained by Sumires side the entire time, nobody could get close to her.

It helps that their other classmates are around Sumire too. Everybody must have silently come to an agreement to help out after they saw the painting yesterday.

With normal people around Sumire, it wont be easy for the media to get close to her. So Yuhi supposes that was one problem solved. Still it wont do him any harm to remain cautious.

Yuhi cursed in his head when his heart sped a beat when she extended her hand out.

'I destroyed all the impulses I have for her a thousand times. I made sure to crush it all. But what is this situation now? I can't let you get closer. God, I want —

"Ah!" Sumire eyes widened at her hands. "The honey! It's dripping everywhere!"

Honey dripping? Yuhi finally realized what was going on. The two of them were having a short break and were eating silently in the corner of the stairwell. He was pouring honey onto Sumires waffles for her but it seemed like he accidentally got it on her hands instead.

"Hm? Oh."

He brought her hand to his lips like it was the most natural thing in the world. He managed to catch the trail of honey that was about to vanish into her sleeve.

Her hand trembled but she didn't pull away. "Um…?" Sumire suddenly looked nervous. "What on earth..?"

Honey coated his lips, as Yuhi continued to suck on the tender flesh.

This isn't enough, he wanted more. The voice inside his head was making him lose control. He wanted her fingers in his mouth, wanted to taste each and every --

"Ah.." hearing the small moan that came out of the girl's lips, he lost all control of his senses and pushed the girl down. "Yuhi…"

"Sorry." Yuhi mumbled. "I wont do anything but I just want to.."

He wants to feel her. He wants to do more things to her. Stupid age difference. If Sumire and him were the same age then he could do something and nobody would care. Maybe he would not have these thoughts if he did not touch her that one time.

Then again it seems like even if he didn't touch her, something would have happened eventually.


Once the brunette left, he heard a clapping sound. Yuhi sighed once he saw a man with blonde hair.

I thought this guy returned to Star Town already. But it seems like he is still lurking around.

"What do you want Masaru?" Yuhi said.

"Such a cold hearted guy as usual. Careful though that type is popular with the ladies, they become extremely cautious."

At that he clicked his tongue recalling the brunette's behaviour earlier, so that was just her being cautious? Somehow its irritating, though its something he knew already.

"As for what I want, I just came here to see the festival."

"Liar, nanairo feather are having problems aren't they?"

Masaru smiles. "As expected your sharp."

"Not really. Hino likes to surf the net a lot and found out. Though it hasn't been made public yet so she hasn't caught wind of it..." Yuhi trails off. "The reason is Ichinose?"

"Indeed that's right. Even if we all do our best, plenty of groups have centers now - a single one. Our group has gained attention for the wrong reasons. Everyone snaps a lot whenever ' center' is mentioned - and not to mention how you all seem to sing Lady's songs so well.

Mikaze was the first to loose it, followed by Masa - Daiki, Ochiibichan. Me and Nao while we were still calm came over here but even I'm beginning to lose my confidence.

I came here to check on Sumire. But it seems like I don't have to worry at all." Masaru pulled out a rose from god knows where. "Over here, there is a chance for her to be free."

At that comment his eyes went wide, what is he...?

"If by some chance something does happen to us. Yuhi take her."

Hold on what? When Yuhi looked up and saw that a serious looked replaced the playful look.

"You want me to take her away?" Yuhi repeated making sure he heard correctly.

How is that possible? Yuhi understood how important Sumire was to the guys in Nanairo Feather. To think Masaru is saying something like this. Is the situation that bad?

Nanairo Feather is the group Sumire composes for. They were also her main inspiration for that painting back in middle school. After seeing that painting, he understood how important those people were to her.

He found this hard to believe. While he kept up to date with that groups activities. Yuhi did not think the situation is worse enough for Masaru to say something like this. Maybe there is more to this situation than meets the eye.
Chapter 132 - Worried
Soft laughter escaped Masaru's lips. "Exactly that. Although her staying by our senpai's isn't too bad either. You've always cared so much for her, and I'm sure that behavior reflects on those surrounding you. The lady is important to us, and she is the reason we all came together.

But we found a reason to stay together even when she left, yet it all came crumbling down. I am still quite fond of this team, and I'll try to keep everyone together, but I've never been suited for quite a role anyway." He walked off and halted. "The article will be published during the summer. When that happens, there will be a lot of fuss around the lady, too; you'll accept my proposition then."

With those words said, the golden-haired boy left, leaving him completely stunned.

His gaze lands on the painting behind him and the one opposite --... Ah, in the end, despite Sumires days becoming brighter now. There will always darkness lurking in the corner. The truth is Sumire already knows does-- his thoughts broke off when he spotted a familiar shade of brown.

Sumire? Yuhi knew that the brunette would not leave easily. But he did not think she would wait in such an obvious place.

She leaned on the pillar outside with a dazed expression on her face. She already heard it all; it seems. Yuhi walked over to where she was." What will you do?"

"That caught me off guard. So let me have a time out for a second…"

There was silence for a little while before he heard light and awkward laughter.

"I knew from the beginning. I understand that it's because of me, and at the same time, I can't do anything. Things will only get better if I return,' that's what most people would say. Indeed that may be the case. But its no good, even now I have no desire to leave here even if I do long to be with them. Those days are so very precious, and even now, I still store them from the depths of my heart. Everyone over here has become so very important. That's why I won't go."

Yuhi closed his eyes. "If I let you go?"

If he allows her to leave, then there is a high risk that he will never see her again. Sumire will return to her lifestyle there, and what reason would he have to see her again? What excuse would he need to

"Would you?"

"If the need arises then I will. Having nanairo feather disband isn't good for us after all, let alone you---" Yuhi stopped when she reappeared right beside him and grabbed hold of his hand.

For a moment, he froze. What is she doing?

"Right now, no matter what anyone says. I belong to you. I won't return to them. I wish to stay beside you, is that so difficult to believe?" Sumire said.

I belong to you.

Those five words repeated over and over like a spell in his head.

She says such bold things so easily. Ahh, really, this person truly is foolish. But at least she is smiling now. Sumire suites a smiling face better.

"Ah, your blushing."

Yuhi pulled the brunette into a deep embrace once more and brushed their foreheads together. "Take responsibility."

"So silly."

After that, he decided to have a quick smoke break. However, when he recalled the warmth from Sumires lips earlier, he chose not to smoke for long. He wanted to savor the sensation more. Yuhi found her in the middle of the corridor on the second floor of the main building.

His gaze fell towards the girl who was cheerfully speaking to Aika.

Sumire leaned forward. "That was fast."

"Mmm." He kissed her lips. "Anything happened?"

"I was thinking of lending the fashion department a hand. They need extra models."

"Then, I will join you."

While the fashion department mainly has female students, there are still male students there. If he isn't careful, one of them could try to make a move on her again.

Her gaze softened. "Then, okay." She trailed off. "Yuhi-san, did you notice? Your strangely clingy to me recently."

"Does that bother you?"

"No, I like it." Sumire laughed. "A bit too much actually. So if it is only temporary, then please stop now before I get addicted."

Yuhi blinked when he heard those words.

I did notice that something differed now. But even then, this change is something.

Sumire was always a cheerful girl. But due to what happened when she was a child, slowly, she could no longer act childish. She had to shoulder the weight and responsibility behind the Ibuki family name after her parent's accident. Discovering that she has abnormal strength and becoming a prominent figure in the delinquent world. With all that crazy stuff going on in her life, it is no wonder that she seldom smiles.

Crap...this is bad. She was cute before, but now she has transcended a whole new level of cuteness.

Sumire tilted her head. "Yuhi-san?"

"Well, could I kiss you for five minutes?"

At that comment, Sumire covered her mouth with her hands. "Uh, right. I wondered what you wanted from me." She looked around and made eye contact with Aika.

Aika rolled her eyes. "The stairwell over there is empty. But don't blame me if you get caught fooling around."

"We aren't fooling around."

"Yes, yes."

Yuhi tugged on her hand, and Sumire laughed. "Okay, let's go."

It did not take them long before they reached the stairwell at the end of the hall. As Aika said, it was empty. It seemed like no students went by here to get to any of the locations. It was the perfect spot for him to harass-- no kiss his girlfriend.

He did not kiss her right away, despite his eagerness to do so. "The reporters didn't harass you?" This was why he was reluctant to take a smoke break earlier.

"They didn't." She played with the buttons on his collar. "Yuhi-san, what are we doing?"

He chuckled at her words. "Sorry, is this a bit too much for you?"

"Well, it is a bit new to me. But as Shakespeare said, everything in this world happens for a reason."

Yuhi sighed. "Don't quote things from a book of tragedies now of all times. You will destroy the mood."

"Then should I quote Dazais no longer human?"


Sumire laughed. "I am joking with you."

Geez, this girl, and her teasing.

"Today, please don't leave my side. I am very worried."

Since earlier, Yuhi could not erase this feeling that something terrible would happen. He could be wrong, and that will be the end of this. But until somebody proves him wrong, he won't let Sumire out of his sight today.

"Is that not a problem? What about going to the bathroom.."

"Sumire," Yuhi said sharply. "Be serious."

The girl sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned forward. "I am trying to lighten the mood. I understand you are concerned for me, but please calm down."

Calm down, huh? That is easier said than done. What if something happens to her? What if those reporters corner her? What if they ask her about Mamoru, and she breaks down? It is too risky.

Chapter 133 - Is This A Date?
Sumire glanced over at Yuhi who was surrounded by a huge group of people. Of course some people praised her for getting Yuhi to come here.

But many were jealous girls, so the majority were sending death death glares in her direction. So it turns out they only used her to get Yuhi here. She deeply sighed, well it cant be helped.

Not everybody has accepted her yet. She managed to win over the hearts of her classmates with that painting yesterday, and most of the art students. But there are still many who disliked her.

During the commotion online last night Sumire noticed one thing. Several usernames stood out to her. These people were members of her school. They tried to be clever but it failed.

Logging on using a school computer… It seems like they had no idea that there is a small star next to their names that symbolizes which organization they came from.

It was amusing to see which individuals thought they could trash her.

Clearing my name huh?

Such a thought never crossed my mind before.

After what happened with Ru, Sumire thought it was fine for people to continue trash talking. She did not see the need to correct them, since there are more important things to deal with. Who caused Rus accident? Why did they do it?

Her thoughts broke off when somebody placed a small box on her lap.

She looked up and found Yuhi.

"I thought you were too busy flirting."

"Hey now it isnt my fault."

Sumire sighed. "Whatever, is this a bribe?" She pointed to the box on her lap.

"Mm, open it."

She opened the box and a familiar aroma caught her attention.

"Your forgiven."

Yuhi chuckled, he bent down and kissed her lips. "Mm."

Her eyes widened. It was only a brief kiss and yet.. What is with this guy? Why does he randomly kiss her out of no where?

"Say Yuhi-san, why are you so popular?"

His sweat fell at her question but Sumire continued. "I am serious about this. It does not make sense for somebody like you who has a bad personality to be popular and yet here you are enjoying your harem everyday."

"You need to do something about that foul mouth and wild imagination of yours. Maybe if I keep kissing you, you will say sweeter things."

Sumire sighed. "If that is what you want from me then I am afraid you will have to break up with me. You should know by now that I have a difficult personality." Her sentence fell short when Yuhi leaned forward and took a bite out of the manju in her hands. 

She immediately froze at this action of his.

"Too sweet."

Aagghhh, she underestimated him. Yuhi-san is more shameless than she thought, or mayb this is normal behaviour for people like him? It is difficult to say.

"Yuhi-san, shouldnt you be helping?" She pointed to the group of girls who were looking over and glaring at them.

"Na, I was thinking we should go elsewhere."

Her eyes widened when she heard these words. "You turned them down?"

"Since they tricked you." Yuhi stood up and extended his hand out. "You can eat and walk cant you?"

Sumire nodded and they quickly left the classroom. Out on the corridor it was still bustling with life. Though the main attractions are outside due to the good weather, there is still plenty of activities inside. Sumire looked around curiously. For an arts school the decorations are more extravagant, bright and colorful. Each piece is decorated with care.

It seems like they went all out. She didnt get a chance to look around properly yesterday, so this was the first time she could look around. Her gaze fell towards Yuhi.

He looks bored, does he not like these events? Or maybe he does not want to walk around with her?

As she thought this Yuhi suddenly pulled her into his arms. Sumire looked at him puzzled when she saw a couple walking past. Ah, did she almost bump into them?

"I know you are excited. But is this stuff that exciting?"

Sumire nodded happily. "Yes, I never went to school events before. So this is the first time for me."

"Not even last year?"

"All that stuff with Sano happened in June, so it was difficult for me to concentrate."

"I see. Well you will like it here then, we have two grand festivals and the regular one in June."

Her eyes brightened at that. It seems like she chose a good school to come to after all.

"I see. Then I'll have to go to all the places you want today."

Sumire smiled at him. "Really? Yay."

"But sometimes weird ones slip in to these cultural festivals. So you better be careful." He explained.

Her eyes went wide, at his sudden serious tone. He looks really concerned. It's almost like that time.

That moment in the infirmary. If Shin never came back with the guys, what would have happened? The brunette tried to forget about it, but it clearly wasn't possible. They were so close to each other then, and he even kissed her.

Ah her completely messed up heart. These feelings are weird. Now that she thought about it, she had that trial date with senpai. It was then she realised she didn't love him in the same way he loved her.

When senpai said he loved her, why didn't it make her happy? When senpai was about to kiss her, why did she push him away?

In the end she concluded it with she no longer has any feelings for him. It is different with Yuhi though.

Yuhi hits her head. "You okay?"

"Ah yeah. Sorry I just spaced out for a second"she said with a nervous chuckle. Before Yuhi could respond, somebody tapped her shoulder. The two turn around to see someone head to toe in a black cloak.

"Pardon me you guys. What did you have to eat this morning?

"Eh this morning? What was it again?" Sumire pondered. Atushi prepared such a feast this morning. So she couldn't really remember. He always does make a big deal out off her breakfast for some reason.

She turned to Yuhi. "What did you eat?"

"I don't eat." He said casually. He doesn't eat breakfast? She was sure to lecture him about it later on. Now that she thought about it, normally he is too busy fooling around and flirting with her.

"Ehhh! Oh no a great disaster will fall. For today beware off your surroundings."

Their surroundings? The person puts her hand out. "That will be 1000 yen."

The two of them gave their money, and the cloaked person rused over to a group. "I spoke with Yuhi-sama."

"Kanako your so lucky."

Kanako? Ueda Kanako from Class C. So that's who it was.

"What on earth was that though?"

"I told you to watch out for the weirdos."

Yeah but she had no idea that they would show up so soon. "But anyway shall we get something to eat?"

"I'd like something to drink first before having something to eat."

"Hmm. I'll get some stuff so wait here."

Sumire nodded and watched as Yuhi disappeared into the crowd. What a strange feeling. Is this a date?

Chapter 134 - Is There Anything You Want?
A date huh? Since they became a couple, it was difficult for them to go out. Yuhi has a very busy schedule. She does not want to disturb him too much. For her it is enough that he is staying by her side. But occasionally she would like to do things as a normal couple. Sumire shuddered when she felt a gaze on her, she looked at the direction and saw somebody suspiciously dressed.

A pair of huge sunglasses, a large bag and the camera in their hands. The media huh? Since they cant get close to her, they are resorting to doing this.

Her thoughts went back to the fortune, it was a strange fortune. But the way that girl said it made her curious. Be aware of her surroundings? Is that referring to the media? So far they did not do anything, but for how much longer will this continue?

"Um excuse me. Do you have a minute?'

She glanced over to see two nervous looking guys. "We are doing sign ups with this cultural festival. But because off the atmosphere in this place we don't have any clients."

The atmosphere? Ah-- maybe it isnt anything art or music related? Indeed she could understand why students here would not bother with other things. All the clubs in this school are tailored towards art or music.

"Sign ups?" Sumire repeated.

"Yes. This is it." One of them handed her the clipboard with the empty list on it.

"If it's okay with you would you like to cooperate with us?"

"Please show your support for give unblessed children the hand of love."

At that commented her eyes widened.

"What --What wonderful people." Sumire said her eyes sparkling.

Normally she would neve sign up for anything that looked so suspicious. But these people seemed so friendly and nice.

"Of course I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it. Everyone's really mean ignoring your hard work."

"Ah thank you very much." The dark haired one thanked her. Before adding. "Um if you came with someone could you also get him to sign?"

Huh? That's strange how did they know it's a guy she came with? She shakes the disturbing thought out off her mind. "Yes I'll put his name down while I'm at it."

Ibuki Sumire

Once she finished writing her own name. She wrote down Terashima Yuhi.

The two looked at the name with widened eyes.

"Terashima Yuhi?"

"Is it the same Terashima.."

"Could it be the super popular guy from the art class .. Terashima Yuhi?"

Sumire thought their reaction was strange but nodded. "Ah yeah that's right."

"Is something wrong?" Sumire however only just asked this question when she felt somebody knock her head lightly. She glanced up and saw Yuhi holding up an ice cream cone.

"What? Are weirdos harassing you?" Yuhi asked as he glanced over at the two guys.

"No I just signed your name to a sig--"

Yuhi cut her off again, a pissed off looking expression on his face. "My signature ?"

"It's the real thing." The dark hair guy said grabbed hold off Yuhis wrist. "Yes we got a big one. Now with this we don't have any problems with our quota."

Wait there what?


People often told her before, no matter how smart she is - there are many things she does not know. Atushi and senpai often commented that she is the type who is deceived easily. She always rejected that idea because of how cautious she is towards other people. But it seems like she ought to rethink this situation.

Her sweat dropped when she heard people murmuring. She was glad in a way they weren't making any comments about her. But she felt bad for Yuhi. Since they exited the main building earlier, he was sulking.

"So Sumire, why didn't you confirm it properly?" That sign up was class 3-D basketball register."

Yeah she got tricked. Currently the two were siting on one off the benches, in the basketball club grounds. She didn't know that the school had a sports court like this. So it seems like cultural clubs are not the only things one would find here?

"Sorry." Sumire apologized.

"Even so your influence is amazing. Since you are participating in this plan. The bets have increased. Even though we have a lot of members, nobody is special so we had a difficult time…"

"I understand your problem. Look at us were only here because you used that cheap and cowardly trick." Yuhi said bluntly.

If looks could kill, these people would be dead by now. This is the first time she saw such a look on his face.

"I mean if you didn't use us, this place would be a ghost town."

Her sweat dropped, hey hey now that is way too harsh. But he seems really angry, he probably wanted to go to other places too.

"Besides if you think about it. Isn't it too damn hot to play sports?" By this point the two shrunk away and rushed of. They made some excuses up about preparing.

"Hey are you mad?" Sumire asked. It was a stupid question, of course he is mad.


"You warned me and this is what happened. It's my fault you got involved." Sumire glance down at her feet. Even now she is dragging people down with her, even though it wasn't intentionally she was still doing it.

"Well I think your a big idiot."

She knew it. "But you know." He interlocked his hand with her own, causing her eyes to widen. His arms were around her once again.

"I got used to it." Yuhi said licking the ice cream he just bought her. She turns a bright shade off red, as he licked his lips. There was something seductive about the way he moved his lips.

Thump, thump - she hears the repeated sound of her thumping heart.

"More importantly I will be be sad if the person I bought this for didn't eat it now. Are you going to eat it?"

Her is still beating rapidly, her palms sweaty but there is nothing she can do about it now. "Okay.."

This guy beside her is Terashima Yuhi. He was her most important person right now. The only person who could understand her, and watched over her the past few years. So this is what Atushi meant by something special, happening in the cultural festival huh?

Is it okay for her to be happy? Is it okay for her to make memories with this person? Even now Sumire doubted it, but just for a little while longer it should be okay.

"You don't have to join on." Yuhi suddenly said.


"I am worried that you would faint since it is too hot."

Sumire chuckled softly. "I am surprised you remember that."

"Mmm. I stalk you remember?"

"Yuhi-san." Sumire said as she leaned forward. "I would like it if we remain like this for awhile. I was thinking too that I do not mind getting closer to you."


"As your girlfriend, is there anything you want from me?"

"Anything huh?" Yuhi trailed off. "There is something I want but I will wait."

Is he talking about that? It seems like all guys think about that stuff huh?


Chapter 135 - Game
On a day as hot as this, she wanted nothing more than to remain indoors. But when she saw the huge crowd, she decided to help out.

In the end, they ended up going against the disciplinary president and vice president. Really what is with this situation? She knew that the disciplinary club president Katsuragi had this sort of weird relationship with Yuhi. Still, the two always seemed to get so worked up when they see each other.

"We look forward to playing you."

"I haven't played in so long," Sumire admitted. "There are a lot of people too." Though she said this casually, she felt nervous seeing the huge crowd. There are too many people here.

I don't want to stand out any more than this.

But isn't it too late already?

"Hmm, I hope you don't make a mistake and slow me down."

"Wait; what? You want me to start? I don't even know if I can hit the ball or not. It's been so long; you would do a better job than me." Sumire insisted.

"Yeah. But I never played basketball before so.."

For a moment, she did not register the words he just said. How is it possible?

Wait, what the? What on earth was going on here? "Eh wait just now, weren't you talking all big about how we would win? You made it sound like our victory was guaranteed."

She couldn't believe that he didn't even play basketball that much, what on earth were they supposed to do now?

"Ah, is that so? Then you can count on me. I will win for sure." Yuhi said with a huge grin on his face. Her sweatdropped, where on earth did all that confidence come from.

"What what? The match hasn't even started yet, and you guys are arguing already? If that's the case, then I don't think you guys have what it takes to play against us junior level nationalists. Right, Miss ?" Katsuragi said, wrapping his arm around the vice president, who seemed shocked.

Sumire rolled her eyes at that. It is so obvious she likes that man. But forget about shooting. These two are on a completely different level. She thought this was all messed up from the beginning and all.

Now the conditions for this scenario are getting even worse. It does not matter for her if she were to lose.

But her gaze fell towards the crowd of people. Despite the large crowd, it was easy to spot the reporters. She does not want Yuhi-sans reputation to get ruined because of her.

Since they cant catch her out, they will surely direct their frustration towards Yuhi instead.

"It will be fine, don't worry about it."

"If you guys are in, you better make it worth our while," Katsuragi said.

It seems as though they will just have to finish them off.

It is strange, though; she has never fought alongside Yuhi like this before. No, whenever they worked together in the past, it was something to do with the delinquent world. Working as a pair like this for something other than fighting and painting makes her feel strange.

What is this odd feeling?

The crowd grew more excited.

"Yama-senpai good luck."

"Got it," Katsuragi said, smiling.

So fake, he acts like a completely different person when he is around Yuhi.

"Miss Nako looks gorgeous."

"Yuhi is so hot."

"Go, Yuhi."

"Which team did you bet on?"

"Yama-senpais, of course."

"Eh but Yuhi-sama wont lose."

"True, but he paired with some unknown person, so I think he will lose this time."

"Your right, I have never seen her before."

"Can she even play? She looks so fragile."

"It's irritating enough that Yuhi-sama paired up with her."

The brunette heard boos from the crowd, and she knew they increased more. However, her focus wasn't on that; she had to focus on the game right now. That's all she had to think about right now, nothing else.

Take a deep breath. She closed her eyes; it is okay. Quite some time has passed since she last played, but how could she forget the skills engraved into her growing up? As a child, she often played basketball with her cousins.

So this is not hard for her.

Feel the movement of the ball, blank my mind, and clear my thoughts. I could do this.

Her eyes went wide when she managed to shoot it inside the goal. Wow, she..

"I managed it. Quite some time has passed, but I guess my body still remembers it." Sumire said happily. The thought that she could still play one of her favourite sports excited her.

When she debuted as an idol, the company instructed her not to play anymore. So it has been quite a while. When she grew older, playing basketball was one way for her to release some stress.

"She is good."

"What's with that girl? She's actually like super good."

Her lips curved to a smile when she heard those comments. The reporters from earlier who looked eager suddenly wore distressed expressions on their faces. It seems like she can turn this situation around.


Quite sometime later

Neither side had yet to yield.

Just when one thought the game was over, it extended. Both teams were in the same situation, panting heavily and entirely out of breath.

Sumire deeply sighed; she knew that participating in this would exhaust her. But she was way too naive about things as usual. Yuhi said it was okay, and that he didn't mind getting dragged into it. However, she really was worried.

She found it hard to believe that he was okay with this. It seemed like when they started playing, Yuhi did better than she thought. But it was because of this she noticed. Ever since the game began, he did not play seriously.

Something special, huh? Something like that happened. In a way, was this a stroke of luck? Or really just bad luck. The brunette was no longer sure.

"What done already?" Katsuragi mocked. "Entertain us some more before you lose."

"As you wish."

The brunette glanced over at Yuhi, who seemed rather irritated. Her sweat fell. It seems like she ought to end this match quickly before Yuhi-san blows. "Actually. I don't get why your talking so big when we're tied right now."

"That's because it's obvious were the superior team. Beauty and intelligence wise." Katsuragi responded.

Yumi's sweatdropped. She should have known it was for a reason like that. "Playing sports like this reminds me of anime and manga."

"Ah, I know what you mean. I just want to try those killer moves even once. Just once is good enough for me."

Sumire blinked. It seems like she may have a few things in common with this person. She did not bother with him before since Yuhi-san seemed to— her thoughts broke off when somebody snatched her ball. It was Yuhi.

"Err Yuhi-san? What is wrong?"

He did not say a word, but she noticed how cold his gaze was. Did she do something wrong? Before she could even react, Yuhi scored a three-pointer from this distance. With the remaining time being a few seconds, that three-pointer ended the game.