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"I will do anything to reach the truth."

A drop of ink can penetrate the walls, even the walls you took too long to build.

After losing her first love due to a traffic accident, Ibuki Sumire transfers to Tokyo. She wanted to escape, to run away from everything that happened. To start over in a place that didn't have him. But a series of clues lead her to investigating the case behind the accident.

In that place she learns about the masks people wear. The masks people wear to disgui se their feelings. Sometimes you have to look past what you see on the surface.

There she meets him, the person who helps her move forward. But Sumire quickly learns how alike they are. His cold personality is different than the kindness she is used to. However, he is the only one who understands her feelings.

It keeps going around in circles, like a drop of paint. Round and round - an endless stream of pain and lies. But, that stream ended the moment she laid her eyes on his paintings.

Such rich and vibrant colors, it felt like his emotions exploded. Yet, in the corner of his studio, she found it. The real him, a sakura painting of two people walking hand in hand.

A gentle and sweet feeling, something she has never felt before.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A young woman with long chocolate brown hair, wearing a white off-shoulder sundress, with a purple-colored cardigan on top, sat in front of an easel. The sound of gentle brush strokes. She was painting slowly today, and yet her palette seemed to run out of paint quickly.

It seemed she would have to drag him back home soon, Sumire thought as a cold gust of wind blew across the room.

The story of their love was quite a roller coaster. Sumire understood that well. From the very moment he reappeared in front of her, she knew her future would be in his hands.

The moment she initiated that kiss, and the moment she accepted his hand.

Perhaps it was more of an experiment because of the feelings that had been building up inside her heart. Yet despite it being an experiment - it was something she couldn't forget. Her gaze fell on the young girl looking at her paintings.

"Hey Lila-chan, do you want to listen to a story?"

"Mommy, you're just going to talk about father again."

Sumire chuckled, "This is a different story." Her gaze softened as she pulled her daughter onto her lap. "A pure romance story, like the one's you like reading about."

Lila looked up, "I'm listening."

"You see, Lila-chan when I met your father after losing touch. It was already our fourth encounter, but this time he stayed in my life for longer."

When they first met again? It was during the harshest time of her life. She went through so much pain and suffering before she could find happiness.


Twenty years ago Monday, February 4th, TOKYO 2015

In a nightclub was where it all started- the place where she met him again.

Love was just an illusion.

After she lost her boyfriend because of an accident, Sumire escaped to Tokyo to forget it all. If it's in this place, maybe she can forget everything. But that's a lie, she won't forget no matter how much time passed by.

People hate liars, and yet, many like them too. They lie and play with a person's emotions, its human nature. But liars lose nothing since nothing they say is real. They had nothing, to begin with.

She is a liar - and yet for the first time in so long; she wanted something to happen. Something to change.

Sumire had always been so reckless, but of all the things she had ever done, this had been the most reckless. She arrived in Tokyo only three hours ago. Usually, one would use that time to settle in. But instead, she wandered aimlessly around the streets, with no destination in mind.

But now? Now she found herself pinned against the wall in a popular nightclub, cornered and vulnerable? No, not vulnerable. They cannot use such words for a person like her.

The man who pinned her against a wall had black hair as dark as the pitch-black skies, and his eyes. For the past few minutes, Sumire tried to determine what color his eyes were.

A palette of brown shades appeared in her head. Beaver, beige, buff, chestnut, coyote, desert sand, or maybe even the color of earth? No, it differed from that.

'Chocolate brown.' Yes, it was the same colour as chocolate. 'Would his lips be just as sweet as the color of his eyes?' Sumire couldn't help but think such crazy thoughts now they are this close to each other. She wondered what type of situation is this.

Who is this stranger? She didn't know him personally, but she heard rumors and saw him surrounded by girls. The moment her violet-colored eyes met his, she felt an electric shock through her body. But Sumire avoided him, and yet they still ended up like this.

Seconds turned into minutes. Sumire didn't even know what she was expecting from this.

"So hey," he slurred his words. From the looks of things he was very drunk, and yet she didn't push him away. "You're Ibuki Sumire, right?"

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. Huh? Why does he know her name?

She quickly composed herself and asked him. "I am and you are…"

"Terashima Yuhi."

The name that left his lips was one she couldn't forget. Memories of her childhood flashed through her head. Different colored paint, bright and vibrant colors. A small studio and a thread, a single color. A combination of something new. For a moment, Sumire froze. She didn't know what to say, 'it's him?'

Sumire noticed one thing. Yuhi wore a black hoodie, and he seemed to blend in with the surroundings. 'Wearing clothes like this, normally nobody would recognize him.' Then again, she was wearing similar clothes. She wore pure a black leather jacket and grey trousers. Also, her gaze fell on the white material at her feet, 'and a mask.'

But when Yuhi cornered her, he threw it away.

He also wore a pair of black frames across his eyes. Those aren't sunglasses. A normal pair? Is his eyesight bad?

"I came to fetch you," Yuhi rubbed the back of his hair awkwardly. "I mean, you will be living off-campus, right?"

Off-campus? Sumire had yet to regain control of her senses. She couldn't process it. It's him, it's Yuhi. What does she do about this? She didn't think she would encounter him so soon. Or rather, to think he was the one who those people asked. She has to talk to them later. Why did they send Yuhi of all people to fetch her?

Then again, her agency wouldn't be so careless asking Terashima Yuhi to pick her up. A famous figure like that getting involved with her would end up in another scandal. 'It must be Asuka.' Out of all their mutual friends, only that girl would intervene this much.

She took a deep breath; she needs to calm down. "I will be fine alone."

"Why are you acting tough for? It's stupid."

Stupid?!! Sumire angrily turned away. She did not want to waste her time on him. Sumire quickly walked away and hastened her steps. At first, she heard him following behind her, but his footsteps quickly faded away. A deep sigh crossed her lips. 'What is she doing?' Did she have to get mad at him?

He only meant well. Now that Sumire thought about it, even though those girls surrounded him. He wasn't flirting with them. It seemed like he predicted her coming here before she did. Should she go back and apologize? But, Sumire recalled the way he looked at her. It would be better if she doesn't go back.

Her thoughts broke off when she felt a menacing presence. Sumire immediately stepped aside. But the moment she did, somebody grabbed hold of her from the back. Despite the dim lighting in the corridor, Sumire knew who they were.

The girls from earlier who were with Yuhi. It seemed they saw him taking her away. 'What a problematic situation.' Sumire wanted to walk away, but she couldn't. The girls continued attacking her verbally.

A group of girls with voluptuous figures, far different from her own. While people complimented her for looking mature, figure wise, Sumire knew she couldn't compare. It made her feel bitter knowing Yuhi hung around with such people. But she quickly shook that thought out of her mind.

"Bitch, I can't stand you hanging out with our Yuhi-sama!" one of them exclaimed.

"Yeah," the girl with curly blonde hair agreed. "Do you think you're so great because you debuted recently?"

The short girl at the front sniggered, "This girl is a bitch. I mean, wasn't she dating that Mamo- whatever recently? Just because he died she is flirting?"

At that comment, her gaze darkened. Sumire wasn't angry before, she was calm. But now? She was angry. She felt her blood boil due to the intense anger.

"Flirting? She's openly seducing. What a slut. Then again, maybe that's what that guy liked about her."

Sumire could no longer take it, and spat on the girl. Since she was standing close to her, it landed directly on her eyes. The girl screamed. "Aaah."

The one holding her down seemed startled, and she used that chance to break free.

Initially, she was casually dodging, but when one of them landed their fist on her shoulders. Sumire's lips curved into a smile, and in the next second, she was fighting back.

Regarding stuff that people rarely believe in, Ibuki Sumire believed it easily. However, they're also individuals who hold a belief in strange matters that she didn't see the significance in, like the imprint on her palm.

She heard many tales on the matter. Tales on which each color meant, but out of all those colors, she instantly realized that she had an unusual one.

The nurses had made a big deal out of it upon discovering she and another child had it. That child was Mamoru, Tsueno Mamoru.

"Why you, don't think you can get away with this," one girl at the front growled as she rushed forward. Sumire quickly appeared at the girl's side and knocked her out using her palm. The girl landed on the ground with a huge thud.

"Do you still wish to continue?" Sumire asked. She saw the fear in their eyes, and yet they responded by charging towards her.

What a foolish group of people. But isn't she the same?

When she and Mamoru noticed it, their reaction was pretty much,' Oh it's the same' - then the conversation ended like that. He hadn't been the type of person who focused on such matters, nor did she. But perhaps there was already a silent agreement between them, that even if they didn't have the same that it wouldn't have mattered.

People always believe in rumors connecting them to another individual. In the end, isn't that because 'Humans crave for love and attention?' It was one of the few things she learned from that person in the past. How accurate that statement was.

Her gaze flickered onto the pile of bodies that lay at her feet and the surroundings. The fight ended a few seconds ago when she knocked down the leader. Uh oh, she did it again. Why does she keep causing problems like this? Is she a hopeless case after all?

Sumire saw something from the corner of her eyes. The colour red.

A crimson red color.

'Not her favorite scarlet red.' Sumire crouched down and bent down. Her gaze darkened. She didn't have to look at the state of her hands to know. Her hands stained with this color time repeatedly. She did it again. How many times does this make this?' Her thoughts broke off when somebody pulled her to her feet.

Her amethyst colored eyes met his chocolate brown ones. "Can you run?"

"I can."

Sumire's eyes widened when she realized he wasn't letting go of her hand. He increased his speed and ran. So Sumire had no choice but to follow along. She couldn't see his expression anymore, only his back and yet. 'This sight is familiar to her; this happened back then too.' A young boy who dragged her along everywhere.

Long before they had ever met, this destiny awaited them. They were not like ships passing in the night. It wasn't like they didn't understand each other. They understood each other better than anyone else, and they focused solely each on each other.

After running for a good few minutes, they eventually arrived at the back of the building. Sumire spotted a large item covered by a sheet. Yuhi let's go of her hand and walked over to it. The absence of warmth left her feeling strange. 'Odd...' But then again, Sumire wondered when was the last time somebody held her hand.

Her thoughts broke off when he moved towards her. She flinched slightly, 'will he try something?' This would be the perfect place in a dark alleyway like area, a small space.

Yuhi, however, shrugged his jacket off and draped it around her shoulders. "It's still winter."

"Thank you," Sumire muttered.

Yuhi nodded. "I'm taking you back."

"I'm not going with you," Sumire mumbled.

"Suit yourself; you will get caught by the police if you stick around here."

At that comment, Sumire bit her lip. She knew she couldn't argue back there. She glanced over at the motorbike curiously before she made her mind up. Yuhi passed her a helmet; their hands briefly brushed against one another.

Thump, thump. She felt the sound of her heartbeat increase. It was a peculiar sensation, something familiar and yet something foreign. A flash of maroon-colored hair appeared in her head, and she shook her head. What use is there thinking about it now? Didn't she come here to forget everything?

Sumire immediately pulled her hand back and snatched the helmet from him.

Yuhi sighed. "You know, I will not bite. I'm quite drunk, yes. But I won't attack you."

'So he admits to being drunk at least.' "You will not make a move on me? " Sumire said warily. "I'll have you know. I can pack quite a punch. So if you try anything funny."

"Gee woman, you don't trust anyone do you?"

At that comment, Sumire paused. Indeed she doesn't trust anybody at all. The only person she ever trusted was that guy, and now he is no longer around. It should be fine; he isn't a bad guy, right? Sumire hesitantly nodded and climbed on his bike.

Yuhi was already in position, and he pointed to his waist. "Hey, grab on."

Sumire looked away, "I will be fine."

"You'll fall off, don't be stupid."

She took a deep breath before she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Don't try anything funny."

"I already know what kind of reputation you have. Even I want to avoid crossing you." Yuhi said it normally, and yet Sumire sensed that he was making fun of her.

'It feels like he is mocking her.' She didn't bother replying as Yuhi started the engine, and soon they were on the road. Despite it being quite late already. Sumire noticed that so many people were on the streets. 'Indeed, this is Tokyo.' Even though this is a time where people should be fast asleep, a time where people should be sleeping, and yet the streets are lively.

A sea of bobbing heads, voices, groups of people everywhere she looks. Busy shops. The streets filled with multicolored lights. Her old town was in the countryside. So this was a new experience for her. 'It's beautiful.' The beauty of the city differs from the country.

In the countryside the air is fresh, surrounded by bright green fields and flowers. Over here, the sky seems polluted. Tall buildings and crowded streets. Yet, something is mesmerizing about all of this.

Her gaze fell on the man in front of her. Since they got on the road, he hadn't said a word to her.

She wonders what experiences he has had in a place like this. From her memory, Terashima Yuhi was an awkward kid who was terrible at talking to others. Then again, she wasn't any better either. This person, the experiences he has had since they last met and the people...

"By the way," Yuhi mumbled. "I didn't have dinner, do you mind if we grab a bite to eat?"

"Ah," Sumire nodded. "Sure."

'Dinner?' Sumire didn't even think of food. The moment she arrived here, she simply got off the train and wandered around. Thankfully she sent her luggage away to her accommodation; otherwise, she wouldn't have it by now.

It didn't take long for them to reach their destination. Yuhi immediately stopped the engine and parked his bike at the edge of a familiar building. 'Twenty four hour burger joint.' Her sweat fell when she saw that sign.

"I'll get you something too, stay here."

Sumire only nodded her head and sat down on the curb by the bike. Her gaze fell on her surroundings; in the distance, she watched the scenery. She could see the tall buildings much clearly now.

It's strange, but the place is so beautiful. Sumire didn't know what was wrong with her, but since she arrived in Tokyo, she couldn't help but stare at everything. It's almost like she is in a foreign country.

'No matter where they are, the sky will always connect us..' Didn't Mamoru tell her something like that? That guy told her many things, and yet... at the end of the day, he still left her, didn't he?

Sumire didn't realize when Yuhi emerged from the shop entrance until he placed something on her head. Sumire looked up and saw a small package.

"Here, you're eating too."

"Thank you. I will pay you back."

"You don't have to," Yuhi shook his head. "Sorry for getting wasted before you came."

'So he felt bad about that? It's nothing he has to feel sorry for.' Sumire didn't say a word and opened the wrapping. She hears the sound of rustling and found him opening his food too. It was only a burger, and yet when Sumire bit into it. 'It's so delicious.'

Is it the food that's delicious or, her gaze fell on the person by her side. Is it because of him? It seems like meeting him has stirred such strange feelings inside her. She wonders what all of this means.


Iro Road High School - Tuesday 6th February 2015-

Iro Road High school, a specialized art and music academy.

The main reason why she entered this academy, despite the numerous art academies in the country, was for a particular person. She wanted to meet the person who did that painting.

The national middle school art competition, the name of the person in second place. 'Terashima Yuhi.' Ever since that day, their fates were already intertwined together. But she didn't realize how much she wanted to see him until she saw him again yesterday.

A deep sigh passed her lips as she crossed the courtyard. She was in a terrible mood, but her gaze fell on her surroundings.

It was a lively sight, groups of students working on their pieces. Statues, paintings, drawings, even using dance to paint pictures. There was no uniform, and everybody wore their own clothes. Such bright and vibrant clothing, she suddenly felt out of place.

"Hey, miss," a voice from behind her said. Sumire looked towards the source of the voice and saw a man with blonde hair tied in a bun. Sumire scanned him up and down and frowned. He gave of player like vibes. Is he trying to hit on her?

Sumire walked away.

"Are you the new student?"

She froze when she heard those words and turned back. "I am."

"Let me show you around. Or rather, I've been asked to show you around. Miss Ibuki Sumire, correct?"

'Great,' Sumire thought. Why did they ask such a strange guy to show her around?
Powder Blue Coloured Sky Part 1

Her tour guide's name was Konjo Akatsuki. From what she learned, he was quite popular. People kept calling out to him, so they stood out a lot. When she heard somebody mention 'don't flirt with her too.' It confirmed her suspicions about him, so she escaped.

Sumire didn't mean to stray away. But did they have to pick somebody so frivolous as her tour guide? Yuhi's words from yesterday appear in her head. 'Can't trust people, huh?' It's more like she reverted to how she was before she met Mamoru. Sumire didn't realize how large of an impact his death would have on her.

She remembers it all too clearly, how she woke up from that incident to find out he passed away already. He passed away before she could even say anything to him. No last words, no final goodbye, no final kiss.

Tsueno Mamoru wasn't her first love. No, the person she loved as a child was not him. It was somebody else. However, those feelings she chose to bury it away. Her thoughts broke off when she spotted something from the corner of her eye.

A clock tower? Sumire looked around curiously and noticed something odd. 'The students don't seem to approach that area.' She didn't know what it was, but she found herself drawn to that building. So she gradually made her way over, Sumire quickly approached the building and realized why. Broken windows and the exterior walls were pale. The door looked like it would fall apart.

Thankfully she found a staircase at the side of the building. Though the rest of the building looked like it would fall apart at any moment, Sumire realized that the stairs were strangely clean, no spec of dust. It looked like somebody worked hard to maintain it.

Sumire carefully made her way up the stairs. It was a long flight of stairs, but she somehow managed to climb it. She didn't know what she was expecting to find. But Sumire wanted to get away, and she wanted a better view of the campus. Each step felt like an eternity before she finally arrived.

The moment she did, a strong gust of wind blew. Her eyes brightened when she caught a glimpse of the scenery. 'This was a good choice, after all!' From here, she had a clearer view of the campus—the students working on their pieces, even people leaving their classrooms.

It seems like she will enjoy her life here. If, if she could forget even for a single moment, it would be good for her. If she can forget the painful feelings from that day, even for a moment. Her thoughts broke off when she spotted somebody fast asleep not too far from where she was.

Huh? She walked over, and her eyes widened when she saw who it was. Terashima Yuhi was fast asleep. Sumire started humming as she sat there beside the sleeping Terashima Yuhi. It's not like she has anything better to do.

Besides, isn't he too carefree? Who falls asleep here of all places?

Oh, he has some paint on his hair. 'Orange..' She extended her hand out to brush it away, but she drew back immediately when she saw his eyes open.

"I wondered who it was, interrupting my nap. You're already here." Yuhi mumbled.

Sumire felt her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. He heard her sing?

"Hey, don't get embarrassed about it. Aren't you an idol?"

"I only just started two months ago," Sumire averted her gaze. "Don't make fun of me; I know I'm no good."

"No good, huh, but loads of people talk about you. I think you're quite popular already."

"They only talk because of what happened recently," Sumire muttered.

Of course, they would talk. A recently debuted idol and her boyfriend got into a major road accident before her second solo concert. Sumire clenched her fist.

To her surprise, Yuhi said nothing. "You staying here?"

"They gave me an annoying tour guide, so I wanted to escape."

"Ah," Yuhi nodded. "They gave you Akatsuki; you know he is the student council president, right?"

At that comment, Sumire sweat fell, "And I ran away from him? Won't I get in trouble?"

Yuhi shook his head, "You won't, that guy will even laugh about it. Besides, I wanted to tell you this last night too. But quit holding yourself back. What's the use holding back your real ability?"

"Aah," Sumire laughed lightly. "And here I was hoping to be all mysterious about it for a while longer. When more then one person finds out, it's no longer a secret."

A chuckle escaped his lips, " I wonder if I should be offended or not."

"Mm up to you."

Even though it has been a long time since the two of them last saw one another. To think they can interact so naturally.

Whenever they meet, it feels like they were never apart from each other at all. Still, who would have thought that she would end up seeing Yuhi so soon. This person whose bond she can never severe. Someone who she thought was a fool, and yet the person that is reflected in her eyes is still Tsueno Mamoru.

"It's been a while, huh?" Sumire mumbled. Yesterday she wasn't in the mood to speak with him, so she seldom said anything. But today was different.

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah, I didn't think I would see you again so soon."

So soon? So many days have passed.

Her thoughts broke off when he reached over and interlocked a strand of her hair in his fingers. Light dusk of pink appeared on her cheeks, "What is it…?" Sumire said, startled. "Why are you touching me suddenly?"

"You had something on your face."

Sumire moved away, "I see."

'How strange.' Didn't he touch her far too easily? Then again, she heard the rumors about him. People call him a player, so he must have done something to earn that reputation. Sumire, however, wasn't going to judge him for that. She knew how he was like when they were children.

For her, that's the real Terashima Yuhi. No matter what anybody says.

Then again, she wonders if Yuhi recalls the first time they met. Since it's him, he most likely forgot it already. That snowy concert five years back. 'Would that be the first time they met?' She remembered briefly crossing paths with him when they were younger. But, then again she forgot about it until much recently too.

That snowy concert five years back. Terashima Yuhi's first debut solo live.
Powder Blue Coloured Sky Part 2

A concert in the snow, most people would cancel that concert. Indeed his organizers said the same thing. However, he pushed for it. He even went so far as to put a dome shelter with heating around the stage seats. When Sumire saw this, she wondered why he didn't do it around the stage area too. Or rather shouldn't that be the first thing he thought of? But, he didn't do that.

For a while, even though he gained popularity and momentum, Yuhi couldn't just use that much budget in one go. It would trouble the company. They would lose more than gain, so Yuhi paid for the domes and heating with his own money.

'What a kind person.' Or maybe he is just foolishly honest? When she met Terashima Yuhi then, she forgot what happened when they were kids. They only briefly spoke then, so she couldn't remember. It was a fleeting encounter. Yet Sumire remembered it quite well.

He performed a fifty song setlist in the harsh freezing winter and didn't falter once. When she saw him like that, she wanted to do something. So she slipped out of the protective area and stood aside. The moment she did, Sumire understood just exactly what conditions he was singing in. It was an unusually cold winter, and there he was singing without stage lights.

His face looked so beautiful in the side, like a dream in the snow. If she accidentally touched it, it'll break and disappear. So fragile, and yet so very beautiful. Sumire couldn't forget the emotions she felt that day.

After the concert, the harsh snow melted completely, and the blizzard stopped. It was like it had never snowed even though the weather had been bad for days. It was during that night, under a full winter moon, that was the night she first met. Her second encounter with Terashima Yuhi.

She was freezing after the stunt she pulled and went to a nearby karaoke place to warm up. After hearing such an amazing live, she sang the setlist. He entered her room and told her, 'Your singing isn't bad' and started to sing.' That night when she was thirteen, Sumire remembered it clearly. Ever since then, she felt her emotions towards change.

The next time she encountered Terashima Yuhi was the middle school art competition when she was fourteen though they didn't get to know each other until later that year.

Now seventeen years old, here they are. Her gaze flickered towards Yuhi. The two of them stood so close together that their shoulders touched. Yuhi didn't seem to notice this, or maybe he did. One thing was for sure, though, 'he doesn't mind being so close to her.'

"Just now, you seem startled when I heard you sing," Yuhi commented.

"Ah, that's because I haven't sung in front of anyone in so long." Sumire murmured. After the accident, Sumire no longer wanted to sing in front of other people. She felt traumatized.

"Is that all right with you?"

"I used to think so too. But, recently, I have changed my mind." Sumire said. "I'm sure the others told you what happened already."


"I was so scared that I would die there without being able to do anything. If Asuka heard me, she would probably comment that I'm contradicting myself. However, recently my opinions have changed, and for the first time, I felt so scared," she paused. "I was frightened that I would die without being able to change anything."

If only she could carve her existence somehow.

"That's impossible," Yuhi said.

That's right...it probably was. Even though she was a strong contender in the idol industry, unlike the others, it still wasn't enough. Even Yuhi thinks so; maybe it would be better if she gave up. What use is there continuing this useless charade?

"That's impossible because you're still hesitating."

Her eyes widened when she heard this. Eh? Sumire looked over at him; he wore a troubled expression on his face.

"If you want to do something like that...Then you should throw away your hesitations."

He picked up something on the ground. 'A paper airplane?' He throws the airplane, and she watched as it flew off into the distance. There was something mysterious about the sight. His words and appearance don't match at all.

Terashima Yuhi looks like a scary guy, but his words and his actions are so very gentle. She wants to know, after all. What kind of paintings does he paint now?

She walked over to him, hoping to ask this question. But when Sumire got closer, she saw a rosy red color on his cheeks. 'He was embarrassed?' Geez, even though he acted all high and mighty there. Truly, what a strange person. But she is one to talk, isn't she?

Sumire chuckled, "You're mean, Yuhi."

"So, I hear."

"I guess I want everyone to convey it, after all. I want to tell everyone, so will you watch me paint?"

"Go ahead."

Sumire blinked when she heard his straight forward reply. Usually people would refuse such a crazy-sounding suggestion.

"By the way, like a diligent student. I carry my art supplies with me. Knock yourself out," he pointed to the right where she found him sleeping.

She glanced over and spotted the scattered art supplies on the ground. 'Was he painting up here?' Sumire tried to look around for something, but Yuhi shook his head.

"Forget my work for now. Isn't there something you want to convey to people?"

Her haze softened, 'truly this person understands her far better than she understands herself.' If it's him, it's okay, right? It's okay to sing in front of him. Sumire took a deep breath, "I'm in love with two things, these two things are the only way for me to convey my feelings. Hey, can I sing in front of you?"

Is it okay to sing again? Sumire regretted the accident so much. It was her fault, insisting Mamoru drove her to the concert. Initially, they were supposed to go their separately. But instead, they went together.

Yuhi placed his hands on her shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze. "In front of me, you can do whatever you want. I won't judge you. I will listen. So sing, Sumire."

Sumire felt the tears well up in her eyes. 'Coming to Tokyo was the right decision, after all.' She doesn't know how long she held back these tears, but now, now she can cry freely. After crying for a few minutes, she took a deep breath and started to sing.

"Tell me about the dream you had yesterday and the story of the neighbor's dog

Teach me about the world you see that I don't know

Even though I'd like you see you now, after just a little longer,

I want to close my eyes and hear the voice of the person I love but can't see...." Sumire sang.


One hour later - Iroroad High school, main building -

After she rushed off like that, Sumire awkwardly had to return to the teacher's lounge. Thankfully they didn't blame her. But, her gaze fell on the sheets of paper in front of her face. It seems like she has to choose, after all.

She entered here as a scholarship student, so the school would pay her school fees. However, she received two scholarships, one for the art side of the academy and one for the music.

It's up to her to decide. This decision would affect the next two years of her life here. Sumire took a deep breath and recalled what happened in the rooftop with Yuhi. 'But, she's already decided, hasn't she?'

Sumire reached out for the purple file on the right and extended it towards the teacher. "This one, please."

"Are you certain?" the old man seemed very surprised.

For the first time since she came here, a bright smile, not a light one, appeared on her face. "Yes, I'm sure."
The same colour

Two hours later - Class A1

A certain black hair boy lets out a massive sigh. His gaze lands on the white bandages wrapped around his left arm. Guess he shouldn't have charged in when he still has a broken arm from what happened that time before. Stupid Akatsuki, it was entirely his fault.

When he fell off the ladder when he fetched those supplies, Yuhi didn't regret it. He intended to show the materials to Sumire and wanted her opinion on it. So even though it was dangerous to get the supplies, he agreed.

He didn't think about it rationally at all. Come to think of it, the old man said it too.

'People's thoughts, wishes, hopes, and desires... We live in a time where many people govern our decisions and control our way of thinking. But, we still feel other emotions. People lie; they steal and try to harm others. If that's not irrational, then what is it?

Everything you have learned is based on theories and logic. Soon you will probably come to realize how pointless they are in the world we live in.'

Irrationality and logic.

Either way, no matter what, it seems like this world we live in really is complex. Ibuki Sumire taught him that too.

Only two-and-a-half hours had passed since he was last on the rooftop with her. Yuhi couldn't hide his concern for her. He was anxious. Would she be okay? She was crying.. Yuhi felt very awkward when he saw the girl cry. He didn't know what to do. He was not good at comforting girls.

After the Principal called, Akatsuki headed over. The Principal asked to see him later and seriously reprimanded him on the matter. It seemed like they caught word about Sumire and him being in the bar.

Thankfully, Yuhi convinced them not to blow up the matter.

Since then, he couldn't speak to her. Yuhi leaned back in his chair; he agreed to it, didn't he? He decided to be her partner again. In Iro Road high school, the second-year students have to pair up for the final assessment at the end of the school year.

He wonders if it was okay. Okay, for him to say it like that. Besides, it's not decided whether she is joining the art or music side. He can still be her 'partner' if she chooses music. They can collaborate.

Yuhi sighed, 'he can't stop thinking of her. It's driving him crazy.' There is one thing that bothers him. Ibuki Sumire had a fiance before she lost her parents because of an accident when she was twelve years old. That fiancé recently returned from abroad. If he finds out Sumire is alive, won't he come for her?

If that happens, he can no longer see her. Yuhi refrained from meeting her for so long for a reason. When she dated Tsueno Mamoru, Yuhi respected her wishes. 'He came too late.' Just when he thought of confessing, she already started to date that guy.

Say sensei, is this the change he spoke about? A drastic change that will impact his life, that change is Ibuki Sumire.

If so, then he wonders if it's okay for him to....his thoughts broke of when he heard the chair beside him slide. Oh, right, this must be the new transfer student. The black-haired boy turned in the direction on his left, only to spot a girl with brown hair and violet colored eyes.

Huh? Yuhi knew who it was, of course.

She must have realized too since her violet orbs widened, and she stepped back a bit.

"W--hat the...Yuhi?" Sumire said, startled.

Yuhi stood up, his eyes widened. He was shocked. "Sumire?" It was indeed Ibuki Sumire, but Yuhi didn't know why she was here.

His gaze flickered onto the purple folder in her hands. It was the same file they gave to the second-year art students. This folder acted as a guide, mini portfolio to put your sketches and small pieces in.

So she chose the art side? His gaze softened. For a while, her descision worried him, but it seems like he can see her works again.

Sumire laughed, "Aha. I can't believe this; we ended up in the same class?"

"Yeah," he mumbled. "There aren't many classes anyway, but still..."

'It's still a strange coincidence.' Did the Principal interfere? What's more, "Your seat..."

"Mmm, I'm next to you."

The same class and same seat, this is strange. After that stunt, he pulled last night. Yuhi thought they would separate him from Sumire. But it seems like that isn't the case here. How does he bring up the partner thing? Sumire sat down, so he also returned to her seat. However, after a few minutes, she suddenly moved her desk, so it joined his.

Yuhi raised his eyebrow, "What do you want?"

"I joined in the middle of class. I don't know what we're doing." Sumire admitted. "Show me."

Yuhi awkwardly lifts his sketch. It was a simple drawing of a bird, but he noticed how she was looking at it carefully. Isn't she way too close? He didn't know what it was. But he felt his heart beating loudly. Yuhi tried to edge his seat closer to the window, but he still got a glimpse of reflection from the window glass.

Large amethyst colored eyes, fair skin, beautiful chocolate brown colored hair. 'The same color as his eyes.' Yuhi noticed it immediately; it was the same as his. He awkwardly ran his hands through his hair.

"Do you like it that much? It's only a sketch."

"I love it!" Sumire exclaimed.

Yuhi couldn't miss how her eyes brightened when she said those words. But, 'I love?' This girl should know better than to say such words with that straight forward attitude of hers. That caught him off guard.

"You probably shouldn't say I love so easily," Yuhi mumbled as he averted his gaze from her.

"What do you mean?"

Yuhi did not bother explaining and turned to the window. It seems his school life won't be peaceful anymore.
Canary Yellow

30 minutes later - Iro Road Main courtyard -

Yuhi didn't know what possessed their teacher to let them draw outdoors as the next task. 'It's winter, and 5°c...' Then again, maybe it was Sumire's fault. The way she kept looking out of the window and drawing everything she saw outside. She wanted to go out.

In the end, the two of them found a quiet corner to work. Yuhi glanced around and was relieved nobody else chose this spot. He is still uncomfortable drawing in front of other people. That's why he sat in the last row by himself. With Sumire's personality, he thought she would sit at the front. The teacher does not fuss about seating arrangements.

'Drawing in the outdoors is good.'

Even with limited tools like this, he wants to create something grand. Yuhi shook his head, 'just focus on the sketch.' Besides, he will have plenty of chances to show Sumire. He doesn't understand why he wants to show her his work so badly.

"Your so skilled, Yuhi. It looks like a photo."

"Isn't this norm--" Yuhi glanced over at her drawing. "Do you want my honest opinion?"

Sumire sighed. "Don't bother, I already know. I lack detail. When it comes to painting, you can't tell. But, normal sketches?"

His lips curve to a smile. "Well, it isn't that bad. But it could use some work. Give me that for a second."

Sumire passed him her drawing without hesitation.

This girl doesn't have any fear, does she? Yuhi replaced his drawing with Sumire's and started to sketch over it. "You know, I will tell you this in advance. But you shouldn't give your drawing so easily."

"How come?"

"People here get jealous." Yuhi paused when he saw her expression. He swiftly changed the topic. "Well, I have been doing this since I was small. The old geezer that took me in was also an artist. When I saw him draw so much, I drew too. That's the reason I started drawing; that's why I exploded too."

Sumire nodded, "It seems like you were surrounded by art since you were younger. That must be nice. I didn't have such a luxury."

That's right, Sumire lost her parents at a young age. If she didn't mention it, Yuhi would have forgotten about it. Sumire is so cheerful and honest. Nobody would think she had a rough childhood. Most people who lose their parents when they are younger would have a closed personality. But Sumire is so bright, like the sun.

Despite the uselessness of that old man, he was good at drawing. Yuhi admits that he learned a lot from him.

"It is much better to be free and to draw anything you want."

Yuhi glanced over at the brunette and saw an expression that he never saw before. It's different, a completely different look.

'How strange, even now, he still finds many sides of her.' Then again, if Sumire knew how long he watched over her after discovering her identity... Would it creep her out?

Sumire suddenly stood up.

"Huh? Where are you going?"

"Don't you think drawing on this small sheet of paper is too boring?"

His eyes widened when he hears her words. 'Well, he thought the same.' It seems like their thoughts are in sync, after all.

"So, what do you suggest?"

"Hey, can I borrow some paint?" Sumire asked.

Yuhi nodded and pointed to his bag. Sumire walked over and took out a rectangular box. She picked up some tubes before walking back over to him. She removed her drawing from his pad and placed it down on the ground.

Her next action surprised him. Then again, she didn't take any brushes from his bag. So when she squirted the paint clumsily, Yuhi chuckled. 'What is she doing?'

Sumire heard him laugh and pouted. "Don't laugh! This will be amazing."

Amazing, huh? This girl is confident. People call him a harsh critic for a reason. Any normal person would run away. But here she is challenging him. He watched her silently for a few minutes and eventually she eventually finished.

His eyes widened when he saw the picture. It was the same bird drawing as his that lacked detail but it looked realistic now. A mixture of different colors but what stood out to him was yellow. Canary yellow. Why did she choose this color?

"See, it's flying." Sumire beamed.

Flying? He looked at the drawing again, indeed to confirm her words. The yellow stood out among the other colors since it was the color she used for the bird. An unusual colour to use but canary birds are yellow. When one thinks of the word canary they would think trapped. To think she used such a bright shade of yellow.

She is out of his reach. Yuhi knew that from the very start. But when she does things like this, it reinforces that opinion.

"Being able to draw anything she wants. That's her talent. The one who released me from my prison and allowed me to be free was her." Yuhi mumbled.

He was a trapped bird in a cage. But after he met Ibuki Sumire, all of that changed. This girl probably has no idea that he remembers every encounter they've had. That memory, when they were thirteen years old, however, was the most memorable. To think a year later, he would lose to her. Yuhi already thought her voice was special. To think she would beat him in the art department too.

'I'm alone, and that's why my paintings are empty.'

Her words from a year back echoed in his head.

Though he can't refute her words about being alone, however, he can argue against the comment about her paintings. From the very start, Sumire has always brought her drawings to life. Whenever she paints, she shines brightly. For sure, even if he isn't beside her, she can easily convey those feelings. That's why it was easy for him to leave her in the hands of another person.

Yuhi walked over to her.

"Hey Yuhi, I also want to be a painter."

His eyes widened even more; this reaction didn't go un-noticed. The girl's cheeks turned red; she was embarrassed.

"Ah! I know I will never be as good as you. I'm not talking about something big. But one day, I want to draw something that makes people happy."

She can already do that. Yuhi glanced down at the picture. "Don't submit this."

"Eh?" Sumire said, puzzled.

"Could I keep it?"

Sumire blinked, but nodded. "I don't mind, uh, you like it?" she seemed puzzled by his actions.

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah."

He likes it a lot. It's a simple picture; he knows she can do better than this. But this is her first work here. It's not like him to get so sentimental. However, he glanced over at the girl looking at him curiously. 'He wants to get closer to her.' Yuhi doesn't understand these feelings very well.

But, he wants to know more about her.

Sumire's smile brightened as she passed him the picture. "Thank you, Yuhi."

"Thank you?" Yuhi repeated.

"Mmm, ever since I came here yesterday. You've been very kind to me. I was worried about coming here alone. But I think I will be fine if I'm with you."

Was she worried? Even though she was the one who came here by herself. So she also had her doubts and hesitations. Of course, she would. Sumire is still a seventeen-year-old girl. Yuhi reached over and hesitantly wrapped his arms around her.

"Yuhi?" Sumire mumbled confused.

He wants to protect her.

Silent Kiss

Yuhi tightened his hold. "Sumire, listen to me," he said seriously. Even if he doesn't confess, Yuhi wants her to understand his feelings.

At that comment, Sumire pulled away from him as he expected. She didn't reply but hurriedly grabbed hold of her bag. Yuhi sighed when he saw how frantic she was. He walked over to her and grabbed her hand. "Listen to me."

"I don't want to. Yuhi you, you said you wouldn't mention it anymore.." Sumire mumbled.

'That's what he thought.' He wouldn't mention what happened the last time they met a year back. However, just now, he realized his feelings for her again. He wants to see her smile; he wants to get closer to her.

"You're a pervert."

"Call it whatever you want." He walked towards her, and she took a few steps back until he had her backed against the wall.

Moments later, Yuhi closed the distance between them and drew their bodies closer. His forehead touched hers. The only reason he wasn't kissing her yet was because of her expression. "I have done nothing yet."

"Yet," Sumire repeated. She looked down at the ground. "I thought you would have a girlfriend by now."

"I had one, but I broke up with her," Yuhi admitted. "She cheated on me."

"I see."

"Did you want to confirm that before I kissed you?"

Sumire kept looking away. "I won't let you kiss me."

"Is that so? But can you escape?" Yuhi questioned. His hands wrapped around her waist, one of them slid down. His fingers curled against her shirt. He brought his lips to her ear and licked it.

Sumire shuddered. "Yuhi.."

"I let you go once because of Tsueno Mamoru. But you came here willingly to me."

"I didn't come here for you," Sumire mumbled. "It was a coincidence."

"You do realize that your seventeen now, right? You shouldn't lie."

"What does age have to do with lying. Geez." Sumire trailed off. "What is it with you and pushing me against walls?"

"It's easy to corner you this way."

Sumire hesitantly played with the hem of his shirt. "I think I should tell you in advance. I'm not ready for a relationship now."

"That's fine. I can wait for you."

Her cheeks reddened. "Do you really like me? I find it hard to believe."

It isn't like; he loved her from the very first time he met her. Sure that snowy incident all those years back confirmed his feelings for her. However, during their first brief encounter, he already liked her.

"Can we make this work?" Yuhi asked. "I know you just got here, and honestly, I don't know what I'm doing."

"You don't know?"

Yuhi laughed. "Yeah, I don't know. But I won't let you go until I get a kiss."

Sumire rolled her eyes and sighed. "Even if you kiss me, it won't mean anything."

This girl is so stubborn, but then again, he understands what she is trying to say. Currently, IbukiSumire is a shell of her former self. Though she may smile around him, Yuhi realized how difficult things are for her now.

It's hard to hold back when she makes those cute expressions in front of him. However, if he pushes her too much, she may end up hating him.

Yuhi didn't want to risk it; he finally got her here. If she runs away from him, it will seriously damage his self-esteem. Yuhi debated about it for a few minutes before he closed the distance between them. He bent down and covered her mouth in his. It was surprisingly easy for him to open her mouth. 'Maybe she changed her mind.'

He kissed many girls before, and he considers himself to be quite experienced. But even then, Yuhi never felt like this before.

The kiss felt great, but something was wrong. Yuhi opened his eyes and saw it. A strange look on Sumire's face. Her eyes were hollow and empty. Her entire face seemed lighter than earlier, pale like a ghost. 'She looks like a puppet.' Sumire didn't even react when he pulled away. She remained still. Right now, what is she looking at? Right now, who can she see?

He was furious. Yuhi knew it was stupid to feel such things. Sumire is hurt; she must be in a lot of pain right now. Yuhi hesitated, but he resumed his kiss. He quickly pried her mouth open again and stuck his tongue inside.

His tongue teased hers; his hand gripped against her shirt, which he lifted slightly. The girl's skin was smooth as he expected, and he felt heat course through his veins. He couldn't forget how he kissed her a year ago. A kiss that went slightly overboard that ended up with her slapping him.

Ibuki Sumire always had a way to make his desires go crazy. To think their simple interaction since yesterday would cause him to want her so much.

He always thought of her as a beautiful girl. But now, after kissing her for a good few minutes, she looked even more exceptional. With her ruffled hair, traces of saliva from their kiss dawned on her lips. 'Not to mention..' A beautiful shade of red on her cheeks.

Yet something bothered him. Sumire's eyes still seemed dead to him.

Yuhi chuckled. "What happened to staying composed?"

He was teasing her, of course. Yuhi felt her trembling the entire time he kissed her. He removed his hands from her shirt and fixed her clothes up. "I will leave it at this for now. If I scared you, I'm sorry." Yuhi apologized. "But, I want you to understand what my intentions are from now on."

He wants her to understand this.

"Your intentions?" Sumire questioned.

She still seemed lifeless, asking this question. Her violet-colored eyes bright as a jewel looked directly at him. But something was missing.

"I will pursue you." Yuhi declared. It felt stupid now that he said it out loud.

Pursue? Does he have to say that openly?

Then again, he doesn't understand the current situation very well. Yuhi awkwardly ran his hands through his hair. He felt sweaty after that kiss they shared a few minutes ago. But Yuhi knew better than to dwell on it. The girl didn't reply to him, and the atmosphere around them was heavy now. He just went ahead and made it awkward for her.

Yuhi took a deep breath and extended his hand out towards her. "Let's just go, okay, Sumire?"

"Okay," Sumire mumbled.

The girl quietly followed behind him. Yuhi stole a few glances and sighed. 'Maybe he overdid it.' She may have trembled. But her reaction as a whole frightened him. Right now, anyone can do anything to her, and she would still react this way.

After walking for a few minutes, Sumire suddenly tugged on the edge of his clothing. Yuhi glanced back at her, and the second he did, he felt her lips brush against his cheeks. It was a sweet and light kiss, but it was still a kiss. Yuhi immediately froze.

'What did she just do there?' For a moment, his brain couldn't process what happened just now. Sumire pulled away from him.

"Yuhi, can you please give me some time?" Sumire mumbled.

Time? Yuhi was still having a hard time processing what happened. So her words did not make any sense to him.

"I need to think a lot of things through." Her voice sounded so desperate and her gaze. 'She looks so lonely.' It pained Yuhi to see her this way.

The death of her most crucial person destroyed her. He shouldn't have kissed her. What was he thinking?

Sumire buried her face in his back. "I'm very sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. Yuhi, you kissed me. But to me, it's all the same. I felt nothing."

So he didn't imagine things there. Yuhi sighed. He wanted to tell her he didn't mind. But he couldn't do it. He didn't say a word and watched as she pulled away from him. A blank expression, soulless eyes. 'Tsueno Mamoru, this girl can't live without you.'
Nothing has changed

Iro Road High School Class 1-A - 3:50 pm

They stayed out far too long, so the teacher told them to stay behind and clean up. Yuhi sighed when he put the last canvas away. 'Todou-sensei doesn't hold back, does he?' Then again, they did stay out for long. He reentered the room and discovered something. Sumire was fast asleep on the table. He glanced over and noticed the window was slightly open.

'Geez, this clumsy woman.' He walked over to her and draped his jacket around her. The moment he got closer, though, he noticed small droplets of tears against her eyes.

"Mamoru." She mumbled.


It's not like he didn't know. Ibuki Sumire is still in love with Tsueno Mamoru. But, he supposes hearing it directly from her like this is more painful than he thought.

Yuhi often regretted not asking for his memories to be erased too. Especially on days like this, where he ends up much closer to her, then he should have. All the pain comes crashing down on him. A curse to remind of what has already longed passed between the two.

A long time ago, yes, he met her. He knew about her for the longest time. Back when he was still in the dojo, he already met her. But it's normal she already forgot what happened then. It surprised Yuhi when she said it to him, ' I knew you once before, didn't I?' He couldn't contain his excitement and said yes.

Nothing has changed between them. They did not meet in so long, but his relationship with the woman called Ibuki Sumire hasn't changed at all. Her clumsiness is still the same.

Not much has changed, except well, the important things. But everything minor remains unchanged - the way Sumire laughs, how she fiddles with her fingers when she gets nervous.

Whenever she blushes, her entire face would heat up and turn several shades of red. How, whenever he gets close to her, Yuhi can hear her heartbeat. Whenever he accidentally made contact with her hands, she would laugh nervously and look away.

But everything important has changed - she still calls him Yuhi, but now she is cautious. Everything between them has changed. Yuhi can't stand it, but he can't escape.

Although he accepted the fact that some strange fate connected, he didn't expect it to turn out this way. He glanced back at the room where he could make out Sumire, still fast asleep.

He placed his hand on his eyes, covering his face, blocking his eyesight. His cheeks were still flustered. Crap, Sumire went ahead and did it even though it was taking him everything not to do anything to her. The fact that she goes ahead and caves based on vague remembering and feelings isn't fair at all.

Tsuneo, how on earth did he date this woman? She is so reckless.

'You're in love with me, aren't you so why don't you just say it?'

If she says it so directly like that, how can he deny it? He isn't good at love; even now, he still doesn't understand it well. What is the difference between love and partners? But whenever he's with her, there is a strange attraction, a peculiar pull that he can't seem to escape. He can't escape her.

Yuhi recalled a brief conversation he had with her last year.

'Yeah. Switching it to the point of reincarnation. No matter how many times the soul goes through that cycle of rebirth. There will always be traits that remain the same. Well, it's not usually noticeable. But it's obvious in you .'

Those traits remain the same, huh?

It seems like things will never change. Yuhi was unusual, and unlike most people, he could remember his past life memories clearly, which is why he was finding this whole thing to be ironic.

After all, it was the same back then too, their fates crossed closely then too. In the end, it's still like that. Even if he doesn't understand love, what he feels towards her is different then the others.

His thoughts broke when he someone wave a drink in his face.

A man with short blue hair wearing a white lab coat. Nakara Shichiro, one of the youngest teachers in this school. Twenty years old, a young genius who was accepted into an American university at the age of ten.


"So did she remember?" he asked, casually leaning against the wall beside him. So it really was a set up like he was thinking.

Yuhi had heard about the physics teachers' connections with the girl - directly from the girl herself. He has yet to see them interact, though. Nakura is testing it, whether or not it's possible to get back something that was supposed to be gone.

Even if he doesn't admit it directly, he does want her to remember, huh?

"A little." His explanation was vague, but Yuhi blushes when he recalled what happened earlier. Was it just him? Or when he kissed her, there was a moment where she kissed him back?

"If I weren't a teacher, I would hit you." Shichiro seemed frustrated.

Yuhi laughs. "Yeah, maybe I do deserve to get hit."

It isn't fair, after all. It isn't fair on all the guys who's been with her this entire time. He was the one who vanished from her life and just conveniently reappeared in front of her again. It isn't right. But, for now, none of those other guys are here.

"If she were to tell you she loves you. What would you do?"

He shuts his eyes and opened them again. "There is no way that would happen."

After all, just now, he saw her expression. Sumire was horrified; she was confused and puzzled at his actions how she seemed to be disgusted by what she did.

She won't fall in love with him, because she is still in love with Tsueno. Tsueno Mamoru is still the only one for Sumire. Even if he is no longer here, her heart still calls for him.

That important

Rose Apartment - Tokyo 2015

Yuhi didn't know how he could carry her back home. He would have taken his bike, but he parked it a bit too far from the school. He does this, so the teachers don't catch him out. His entire brain felt fogged due to the lack of rest, and his steps weakened by the minute. However, he wanted her somewhere safe.

He somehow entered the pin code to her apartment despite carrying her. Don't ask him why he knows the code; he needed to get her inside. If she is inside, then she is safe. Sumire is that important to him; everything else paled in comparison.

When they entered the apartment, he noticed only a dim light was on in the corridor. It gave off a cold feeling. He fumbled around and switched on the lights.

But that didn't make any difference. Pitch black walls, narrow grey stripes from the ground to the top to the black wall. Plain oak flooring and the lights were pale too.

'She's living in a place like this?' Even though only a day has passed, Yuhi found it hard to believe. Still, he managed to get inside with her key, so this must be it. Yuhi settled her down on the couch. He would have brought her to her bedroom. However, Yuhi wanted to cook a meal for her.

He has a feeling that her room is the same way. How could she stay in such an uncomfortable place? Maybe he should convince her to go to the dorms. Yuhi walked over to the kitchen area and noticed how clean it was. 'Did she not eat breakfast...?' He glanced back at the girl and sighed.

It seems like he has to take care of her. Right now, she is hopeless alone.

Once he found the cooking equipment, he opened the fridge. It was surprisingly full. If she has food, she should eat it. He picked up some ingredients and brought it over to the counter.

To measure a person's worth, you must do more than push them. The real way to test their worth is to give them power. When they gain the freedom to act outside the boundaries of law and ethics, it becomes easier to see their souls. When the weak become strong.

Terashima Yuhi, he was raised without ever knowing who his parents were. If he had them, he certainly wouldn't know anything about whether or not they were alive or cared about him or not. Throughout most of his life, he was alone.

He had to do everything by himself. Whenever he tried to reach out for the things that most people took for granted, people treated him as this savage beast. Somebody told him that no matter how hard he tried, nothing would change. His status in society was determined already.

A monster, a beast. A tool he had heard it all before, at a very young age, he was told by the person who took care of him—a dojo teacher who found him abandoned in the middle of the forest.

That teacher told him,' You are a person who is different than that of a regular person. Your actions and words will influence a great number of people in the future. Your words alone are like 'Gods.'

Back then, Yuhi didn't understand what those words meant. However, once his sensei passed away, Yuhi left the dojo. He was faced with the rest of the world. He understood it. The second he stepped foot into society, it became apparent.

His thoughts broke off when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist. For a moment, Yuhi is startled.

"Yuhi," Sumire mumbled.

"You alright?" Yuhi asked. "You have a fever. I think you should go back to sleep." Or rather, he wanted her to quickly get away from him. He does not want to misunderstand her intentions.

"I feel bad." She admitted. "But I wanted to ask why you came here?"

"Someone has to look after you."

"I'm not a child," Sumire argued.

Yuhi sighed. "What use is there acting stubborn? Go, rest."

The reason he sent her away was because he didn't want to get close to her. If he is close to her again, who knows what he will do?

Sumire buried her face in his back. "You're so cold, Yuhi. Yet you're here; your right here." Sumire mumbled.

Yuhi bit his lip when he hears her pained words. He put the fire on the stove down and turned around. He scooped the girl up and carried her back to the living room. "Do you want to move to the dorms instead?" Yuhi asked.


"Yeah, won't you be lonely out here?"

"It's okay, I'm fine." Sumire quickly interjected.

Fine? How can she be fine in a place like this? Yuhi would scold her, but the girl already looked so fragile and weak. Yet he couldn't forget her smile when she was painting earlier. As he thought, he wants the best for her even if she doesn't end up choosing him.

Yuhi brushed his fingers across her forehead. The heat from her forehead transmitted from her skin to his palm. "You're still feverish, after all. Can you go to your room and get changed?"

"Okay." Sumire agreed. Yuhi settled her down and watched as she weakly walked over to the staircase.

'Will she be okay?' He shook his head and turned to the food he was preparing for her.


After he made her meal, Yuhi made his way to her room. It was easy to navigate since the girl left the door to her room open. He carefully pushed the tray into her room. Sumire has all the kitchen supplies and even food. But why did she not eat? Yuhi did not understand that logic at all.

Yuhi searched the room for the girl. He found her on the ground, with ice packs all over her body. For a moment, he did not know what to do until he saw her pained face. He put the trolley of food aside and rushed over to her.

Yuhi removed the ice packs from her cheeks, "What are you doing, you, stupid girl? You gave me a shock. No matter what, you can't paste too many ice packs on." He briefly scanned the room, and his gaze darkened.

It was like he thought. This room is lifeless and dull, or rather is this place a room? No signs of life at all. She may have just moved in, but it's frightening how cold this place is.

"B-but I'm feeling so hot. One isn't enough." She edged closer to him. "Yuhi, is that really you?"


"Why are you here?" she trails of. "Or maybe I'm dreaming? Or maybe it's the fever that's making me feel weird."

Yuhi's eyes widened when he heard those words. Damn, how many times will this girl catch him of guard? Is she doing this deliberately? Isn't she admitting that she dreams about him? He hesitantly placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Yeah, it's me. Sorry for kissing you."

Sumire doesn't respond to that and wrapped her arms around him. She…

"I was so lonely, so very lonely. I didn't have anyone. I wanted to see you, but it felt wrong."
Can I rely on you?

Lonely? Yuhi clenched his fist. If she called him after what happened with Mamoru, he would have dropped everything and gone to her. But Sumire probably didn't even think to call him. Did she want to meet him? Why didn't she then? What stopped her from booking a ticket to Tokyo to see him? It isn't that far away, so she can't use that as an excuse.

Yuhi wrapped his arms around her. "Yeah, it's alright now. You have me here."

He is no good at comforting girls. But with her, he wants to make an effort.

Damm. He is the one with the problem here, what's with these clothes she's wearing? Although people know her for being a cool-sexy type idol, he didn't think that her undergarments would be the same. The brunette wore a dark grat camisole with lighter gray lace material over the chest and lining the straps and bottom.

Dammmn, if this continues, he will assault her in no time. Her clothes didn't use to be like this. She wore conservative clothes.

But come to think of it since he got back, whenever they meet she always comes back from work…so he hasn't seen her home clothing up until now.

There really is something wrong with this situation.

"You're here, Yuhi." she murmurs softly.

She is hugging him far too tightly. She's so close to him; it should be alright for him to take the initiative, shouldn't it? She's the one who's making him lose control like this...

He has to calm down. Since she came here, such crazy thoughts have entered his head. But she is so close. What is with these thoughts? He took a deep breath and carried her back to the bed. He tucked the blanket around her.

"I made you some rice porridge. It's still hot, so wait until it cools down."

"I understand."

Yuhi awkwardly ran his hands through his hair. "Can I use your shower?"

Sumire nodded and extended her hand out. "Can you wait until I've eaten and gone to sleep?"

'Is she scared being alone after all?' Yuhi thought. It was hard to tell with the blank look on her face.

"Yuhi, I feel boiling."

"You have a fever." Yuhi paused when he glanced over at her. The girl's entire body was flushed red. He brushed his hands across her face. "Do you want medicine?"

Usually, one shouldn't take fever medication without eating. But if it's that tablet, she ought to be okay. Yuhi glanced over at Sumire, who opened her mouth.

Yuhi tosses the packet of medicines to the brunette. "Look here, take them yourself."

"No! To my mouth! Feed it to me."

His eyes twitched in annoyance at her childish actions. What is she, five years old?

"Are you serious?"

He glanced over at the brunette and saw that she wasn't budging from the idea. It can't be helped, huh? Yuhi does as she said, but as he did it, his gaze landed on the brunette's expression.

Just her opening her mouth like that is sensual. Who would have thought that a girl like her would start looking like a woman in his eyes? Once she swallowed it, she slumped back down - one of her hands had grabbed on to his arm preventing him from going anywhere.

Yuhi sighed. "I didn't know you would act so childish."

Sumire laughed. "Did I surprise you?"

"You keep surprising me." he rubbed the back of his neck. "Let me stay over tonight. Your fever is unusually high."

She looked at him cautiously. "Don't do anything, okay?"

"If you don't trust me, don't let me stay."

"It seems you don't trust yourself."

'He can't seem to win a single argument against this girl.' Yuhi sighed and extended his hand out. He pulled her down onto the bed and hovered over her.

"I think you should stop trying to tease me and test my self-control," Yuhi mumbled.

He isn't a gentleman. If she keeps playing with him like this, then he will lose it. To his surprise, the girl replied calmly. She extended her hands out and caressed his cheeks.

"Do you like me, Yuhi?"

"I do," Yuhi admitted. "But, I'm not unreasonable."

He understands that she still loves Tsueno Mamoru. "I don't want anything from you right now. You can take your time. I won't be unreasonable."

'Well. He may sneak in a few kisses here and there.' But that won't harm anyone, will it? Or maybe even kisses would be too much. The more he thought about it, the more agitated he grew. His gaze fell on the girl who was looking at him curiously.

He honestly disliked the situation. Sumire tested his self-control a lot. It doesn't help how she isn't stopping him.

Yuhi quickly pulled away from her and sat up. He proceeded to turn away when he saw her expression. The color of her cheeks, a rosy red. Is she embarrassed?

"Hey, Sumire, talk to me about Mamoru."

For a moment, Sumire didn't say anything. He understood his words surprised her.

"Talk to you about Ru?"


His thoughts broke off when she buried her head on his back.

"That would be unfair and cruel of me."

"You're unfair and cruel already."

Sumire laughed weakly. "Indeed."

Yuhi turned to her and cupped her cheeks. The same rosy red color remained. "Why are you blushing?"

"I think I'm nervous."

"You think?" he mumbled. What is that supposed to mean? If she is nervous, does that mean she likes him? This is giving him a headache. "I said I wasn't going to ask you anymore, and I'm not. This time, I'm telling you straight go out with me."

At that comment, he noticed her avert her gaze. "Seriously, what kind of knight are you?"

"Sumire," Yuhi mumbled into her ear. "Go out with me, Sumire."

"Aren't you being pushy? We only just met again, shouldn't you give me time?" Sumire exclaimed.

"Unfortunately, I'm an impatient guy."

"Quit saying my name."

Yuhi placed kisses down her neck. "You sure?"

Sumire shuddered. "You're very unpleasant."

"Haven't you heard the rumors about me? Those weren't lies. I never said I was a knight too," Yuhi replied, he slipped his hand onto hers. The softness of her skin made him burn up.

Only a thin piece of fabric separated their hands. Their fingers intertwined. "You know, I think I'm a bad guy. I want to steal you away even though I know what you're going through right now." he bites her earlobe, and Sumire moaned lightly. Yuhi blinked.

'She's cuter than he thought.' He heard the rumors about her adventures in the delinquent world and how people feared her. So seeing her this way is slightly surprising. Yuhi, however, couldn't help but look at her rosy-colored cheeks. The rest of the room is dark, and Sumire wore dark clothing too, so that rosy red stood out.

"I'm a bad guy," Yuhi repeated. "But I think you should give me a chance. I will make you fall in love with me."

It wasn't a declaration; he meant it. He will make her change her mind. Sumire hesitantly leaned forward until her face rested on his chest.

"Do whatever you want stupid. I don't know how to stop you, anyway. Is it okay for me to rely on you?"

His gaze softened when he hears her question. "Of course, it is."