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Chapter 336 Weak Voice

Gav's posture relaxed, a hint of amusement crossing his features. "There you go again, acting unlike yourself and being uncharacteristically gentle," he remarked, his words laced with a touch of teasing. But then, Gav shrugged elegantly, running his fingers through his dark hair.

As Gav turned to walk away, Zeke extended his hand towards Elle.

The moment Elle looked up at Zeke's outstretched hand, she couldn't help but linger her gaze to the black leather glove that covered it. A rush of memories flooded her mind, fragments of her past where she had held onto a gloved hand. It was a peculiar sensation, a feeling of déjà vu that left her momentarily speechless.

But as she placed her hand in Zeke's, she felt a comforting familiarity. His grip was strong and reassuring, enveloping her smaller hand in his larger one. The warmth that radiated from his touch sent a wave of reassurance through her.

"You've done well," Zeke commended, and Elle immediately beamed. The simple compliment held so much weight, filling her with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

"Thank you," Elle replied, her voice filled with gratitude. "It's all thanks to that merciless teacher, though. He taught me so much in such a short period of time. I don't even know how I managed to absorb everything without my brain exploding." She chuckled, the excitement of her progress evident in her voice as she walked beside Zeke.

A slight smile tugged at the corner of Zeke's lips, his gaze fixed ahead. "Gav hails from a world where magical creatures like faes dominate. His wife, is the most powerful and the queen of the light faes," he explained.

Elle's eyes widened in surprise at what Zeke said. "Gav has a wife? And she's a queen?!" she exclaimed, her voice filled with a mix of curiosity and astonishment.

Zeke nodded. "Yes, and a family," he replied, his words carrying a sense of underlying complexity.

Before Elle could inquire further, Sebastian appeared, rushing towards her and enveloping her in a tight embrace. His eyes scanned her form, searching for any signs of invisible injuries. Elle reassured him that she was alright, and with Sebastian's support, she took a moment to rest and gather her strength.

Finally, the time came for Elle to enter Alicia's room. As she stepped inside, a mixture of anticipation and trepidation coursed through her. The room was filled with an air of quiet tension, and Elle approached Alicia's bed with a mixture of reverence and resolve.

Gav and Zeke stood by Elle's side as she prepared to begin the healing process. The rest of the group waited outside the house, giving her the space she needed.

Zeke's voice resonated with a soothing tone as he spoke, offering words of encouragement. "Don't pressure yourself too much, Izabelle. Don't rush, and just do your best."

Elle nodded, grateful for Zeke's calming presence. His words reassured her, alleviating some of the nervousness that had settled within her.

Gav's piercing gaze met Elle's, his eyes reflecting expectation. "Remember what I taught you," he said, his voice steady and firm. "Trust in your abilities, and stay focused and centered."

Elle nodded. She took a deep breath, grounding herself in the moment.

As her gaze settled to Alicia's unconscious and pale form, the memories of her past intertwined with her determination to wake her up and heal her, albeit temporarily, fueled a fire within Elle. Alicia was Zeke's beloved wife, Zeke, the man who had saved her life and given her a second chance. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't be standing here today.

In the depths of her heart, unanswered questions lingered, particularly about the enigmatic condition of her own heart. She longed for a conversation with Zeke, a chance to unravel the mysteries that lay within her. But for now, those questions would have to wait. The urgency of the present moment demanded her undivided attention. In this room, at this very moment, nothing held greater significance than the success of Alicia's healing.

The room seemed to pulsate with anticipation, an electric current that matched the fervor burning within Elle. With closed eyes, she shut out the external world, focusing all her thoughts, intentions, and energy on Alicia's well-being. The air crackled with an intensity that echoed the depth of her resolve.

Taking deliberate, deep breaths, Elle centered herself amidst the profound silence that enveloped the room. Each inhale brought with it a renewed sense of purpose, while every exhale carried away any doubts or distractions.

The world seemed to hold its breath, as if in synchronous anticipation of what was about to transpire. Elle harnessed her willpower, allowing it to surge through her veins, infusing her very core. Finally, with a sense of profound reverence, she lifted her hands and positioned them with gentle precision over Alicia's chest, commencing the ritual of healing.

Outside the room, everyone sensed a shift in the atmosphere. Hopes and prayers intertwined, as they anxiously waited for Elle to awaken Alicia from her slumber. Time stretched on, with each passing moment feeling like an eternity.

And then, as if responding to the fervent wishes of those outside, a brilliant light erupted from Alicia's room, bathing everything in its ethereal glow.

As the light gradually dissipated, leaving behind an air of tranquility, Sebastian's anxiety propelled him forward. He stormed into the room, his eyes scanning the scene until they landed upon Elle, cradled in Gav's arms. Without hesitation, he rushed to her side, his voice laced with concern as he gently lifted her from Gav's grasp. "Iza!" he called out, his voice filled with a mixture of relief and worry.

With weary eyes, Elle forced herself to open them, seeking Sebastian's reassurance. Her gaze met his, and with a tremor in her voice, she uttered her plea. "Please, Seb, tell me I... I made it." Her heart raced as Sebastian's eyes shifted towards the bed, where Alicia lay.

But before Sebastian could respond, a weak voice filled the room. "Ez... Ezekiel?"



Chapter 337 Real

Alicia's hand trembled slightly as her fingertips were about to make contact with Zeke's face. She halted, her lips parting and closing, unable to find the words to articulate the overwhelming emotions coursing through her. Her eyes remained wide with disbelief as they fixated on the man she had been yearning for with every fiber of her being, the man she loved beyond measure.

Zeke's face, still exuding its timeless handsomeness, bore a subtle transformation. She couldn't quite tell put to words what exactly had changed but there was something about his appearance had hardened, toughened. And it only made him look even more breathtaking. Whatever had changed certainly had molded him into a more intriguing figure than ever before.

His grey eyes… they shone with an intensity she had never seen before. The enigmatic calmness that once defined his gaze had been replaced by a whirlwind of emotions, mirroring her own inner turmoil. His eyes seemed to reflect her deepest sentiments, except for that flicker of unadulterated relief. In this moment, he seemed so vivid, so achingly real. Despite the dreamlike quality of his appearance, Alicia couldn't shake the overwhelming sensation that this Ezekiel before her was not just a figment of her imagination.

"Ez... Ezekiel?" Alicia's voice quivered with a mixture of longing and disbelief. Her yearning to touch him, to embrace him, and validate that he was indeed real surged like tidal waves within her. She needed confirmation that this was not another fleeting dream but a reality.

Yet, a lingering fear coiled within her, threatening to overshadow her longing. She feared that the moment her fingertips touched his skin, he would dissolve into nothingness and vanish like a wisp of smoke. If he were merely a figment of her imagination, Alicia wished to at least prolong this precious illusion, to etch his face into her memory a little while longer.

But then, Zeke's smile unfurled, accompanied by a gentle and deep hum. His eyes sparkled with a warmth that transcended words. "Yes, Alicia... it's me," he assured her, his voice filled with tenderness and sincerity, looking at her like he was already more than aware of the exact doubt and turmoil that was consuming her.

As Alicia's body remained frozen and her hand was still suspended in midair, Zeke slowly lifted his own hand, and gently grasped her wrist. With a tender touch, he guided her palm to rest against his cheek.

"I'm not a dream this time, my love," Zeke whispered, his voice carrying an assurance that echoed in the depths of her being. Then he leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. The sensation of his lips against her skin sent waves of relief cascading over Alicia, mingling with overwhelming joy and disbelief.

In that moment, as Zeke pulled away from the tender kiss, Alicia's hand moved swiftly, capturing his face between her palms. The touch was filled with fervor, a silent declaration of her longing and the uncontainable relief that was coiling within her. She felt the texture of his skin, the contours of his face, and it was real— so undeniably real.

Alicia pressed her palm harder against Zeke's cheek, as if seeking more confirmation in the solidity of his bone and flesh.

"You're... really real..." Her voice escaped in a fragile whisper, choked with a mix of awe and vulnerability as tears began to well in her eyes.

Zeke's gaze remained fixed on her, his eyes filled with remorse and an unspoken apology. He watched as her lips trembled and as her tears threatened to overflow.

"Alicia..." His voice wavered with a tenderness that only deepened the ache within him.

And in a heartbeat, she cried out his name, her voice carrying a mix of relief, longing, and the weight of all their shared pain. Her tears cascaded uncontrollably, and Zeke, without hesitation, pressed his forehead against hers.

"I'm sorry..." His whisper held the weight of remorse, of regrets that stretched beyond words. He yearned to ease her pain, to bear the burden of his absence and the impact it had on her heart.

As their foreheads touched, bridging the physical and emotional space between them, Alicia's tears mingled with a cathartic release of emotions, while Zeke, seemingly calm, carried a tempest within. But his hand trembled against the bedsheet, knuckles white and veins strained—a testament to the depth of his emotions that threatened to consume him.

The room was filled with an atmosphere of surprise and disbelief as Zeke's voice resonated with a vulnerability that none of them had ever witnessed before. Gav, in particular, was the most stunned among them all, his features etched with shock.

Recognizing the need for privacy and space, Alex, subtly gestured for everyone to leave the room. And with a shared understanding, the others followed suit, their footsteps silent as they exited.

Elle, cradled securely and lovingly in Sebastian's arms, turned and looked behind as the door slowly closed. The scene she saw made her smile. Despite the heartache underlying the reunion, there was an undeniable warmth in witnessing the reconnection of two souls who had long yearned for one another.

As the group gathered outside the room, their attention turned to Azy, who had quietly followed them. Alex was ready to offer his thoughts and was about to speak when Azy, with a single uplifted finger, urged his uncle to remain silent, his sweet smile conveying a message that resonated with each of them: "It's okay. Let Mom and Dad have their moment."

Azy's expression said it all, assuring everyone that this was what he wished for—his parents having this long-awaited reunion. His genuine desire, coupled with the joy radiating from the boy's face, left them all unable to find words. In that moment, they understood that honoring Azy's wish was more important than any immediate questions or explanations.

Amidst the silence, Alex reached out, his hand coming to rest gently on Azy's head. With that gentle pat, Alex silently conveyed his support and understanding for Azy's decision.


Chapter 338 Comfort
Upon entering to the adjacent room, where Elle could rest, Sebastian settled Elle onto the bed, his face still etched with concern and worry.

Sensing his emotion, Elle met his gaze and could see the underlying tension in his expression.

"Are you... alright, Iza?" Sebastian's voice was low. "Are you in pain anywhere? Or do you need anything? Let me..."

Elle gently caught his face, her touch interrupting his words, and a smile played on her lips. "I'm alright, Seb. I'm not in any pain, and all I need right now is... you, by my side." The love in her eyes and the sincerity in her voice conveyed her reassurance.

Sebastian paused, his eyes scrutinizing her face, searching for any signs of distress. Gradually, he released a shaky breath. He pulled her back into his embrace, holding her close as he whispered, "Thank you... for waking Alicia up. You don't know how incredible you are, Iza."

Elle was taken aback by Sebastian's words, her heart swelling with warmth. She could feel the depth of his worry and the depth of his appreciation. In that moment, she realized how much she had accomplished, how she had played a pivotal role in bringing happiness and healing to her loved ones. Albeit temporary, she felt an unparalleled sense of fulfillment and joy.

This feeling, of being able to do something so significant, of being a source of relief and happiness for those she cherished, no matter how short—it was beyond words. Elle's heart overflowed with gratitude and a profound sense of purpose. Knowing that she had made a difference, that her ability had certainly turned a course of something into something better was a feeling she would cherish forever.

"And thank you for believing in me despite all your fears and worries, Seb." She told him, her voice filled with gratitude.

Sebastian didn't respond with words, but instead buried his head in the crook of her shoulder, holding her even tighter. As Elle returned his embrace, wrapping her hand around his head, she suddenly caught sight of Azy, their innocent observer, and her cheeks flushed with a blush.

Whispering softly, she alerted Sebastian to Azy's presence, and he turned his attention to the young boy. Reluctantly, Sebastian released his hold on Elle, his hand absently rubbing the back of his neck.

"Do you have something to say to your aunt, Azriel?" Sebastian asked gently, giving Azy the opportunity to express himself.

The boy nodded meekly, his steps hesitant as he approached Elle. 

Elle on the other hand smiled warmly, encouraging him to speak without pressure or expectation.

As Azy stood before Elle, his fingers fidgeted nervously before he mustered the courage to lift his gaze and meet her eyes. Elle, sitting eagerly on the bed, couldn't contain her excitement at finally being able to have a conversation with this adorable young boy.

"Princess Elle," Azy began, but his words were interrupted by Sebastian's interjection.

"When we're not in public, call her Aunt Elle, Azy. I've told you that a few times before," Sebastian corrected, a hint of feigned displeasure in his voice.

Azy turned to Sebastian, blinking innocently. "But she's not your wife anymore, Uncle."

Sebastian's expression froze, caught off guard by Azy's remark. For a brief moment, it seemed as if he had malfunctioned, trying to process the unexpected statement.

"I'm sorry... I overheard that information accidentally," Azy confessed, looking away with an apologetic expression. He seemed to sense that he had stumbled upon something that wasn't meant for his ears.

Elle on the other hand pressed her lips together to stop herself from giggling. That utterly speechless reaction of Seb was priceless she wished she could have immortalized it in a photograph.

After taking a deep breath, Sebastian seemed to have finally gathered his thoughts and responded. "That's a terribly incomplete information you've overheard, Azy. I divorced your aunt because I wanted to marry her again."

Elle and Azy blinked in surprise, their minds struggling to comprehend the revelation. Azy tilted his head, his gaze fixed on Sebastian as if he was already attempting to piece together a puzzle, the gears turning in his young mind.

But Sebastian didn't wait for Azy to speak first. His hand rested on Azy's shoulder and explained, "Our first wedding was... a bit ordinary. So we've decided to have a real wedding this time. A traditional and yes, extravagant wedding."

Azy's eyes widened in genuine surprise. "Like Mom and Dad's wedding?" he asked, referring to the cherished memories he had seen in the form of wedding pictures and videos.

Sebastian nodded with a smile. "Yes, just like that. And if you'd like, you can be the best man."

Azy blinked, taken aback by the suggestion. "But am I not too young for that? Or are you trying to say that you'll wait for me to grow up before..."

Sebastian interjected, cutting off Azy's train of thought. "Who said only adults can be a best man? Age doesn't determine the role. If you're up for it, you can definitely be the best man."

Elle could no longer help but chuckle at their exchange. Azy's innocence and genuine curiosity were always endearing, but now she saw another side of Sebastian. He seemed to have shed the weight of guilt and distance that had once plagued his interactions with Azy. It was heartwarming to witness his growing comfort and openness with his nephew.

As the atmosphere in the room lightened, Elle gazed at Azy and Sebastian, her heart brimming with warmth. In that moment, she realized that the Reigns journey as a family was filled with surprises and unexpected turns, but it was those very moments that made their bond even stronger. And with Azy now standing as a beacon of hope, Elle believed that they were ready to embark on the path of a new beginning—a journey that would weave their lives together in a tapestry of love, growth, and shared moments of laughter and happiness and pain as they overcome whatever more challenges that was waiting ahead of them all.


Chapter 339 Only Way
Sebastian redirected the conversation back to Azy, curious about what the boy had wanted to say to Iza. "What was it that you wanted to say to your aunt, Azy?"

Azy turned his attention towards Elle. After a few moments of silence passed, he dropped his head with a polite bow and he addressed her.


"This little..." Sebastian interrupted with feigned frustration, but Azy turned to him, his expression serious. "I'll call her Aunt after you two are married again, Uncle," Azy stated, causing Elle to chuckle at his words. Why was this book so cute? He was seriously saying those words so seriously like that and he was just adorable!

However, her laughter ceased when she saw the genuine sincerity in Azy's eyes as he focused on her. "Thank you... thank you so much for healing Mom, Princess."

His words struck a chord deep within her heart and Elle's heart melted at his gratitude. Without hesitation, she opened her arms wide, inviting Azy into a warm embrace. Azy responded eagerly, throwing himself into her arms. She held him tenderly as she whispered, "I may have only offered temporary healing, but you're very welcome, my dear."

"You are so... amazing, Princess," Azy continued, his words filled with shy admiration.

Back in Alicia's room, Alicia's tears finally subsided. Zeke lovingly wiped the remnants of tears away. His gentle touch accompanied by silent kisses on her eyes.

Even though his eyes regained their calmness, she could still sense the slight trembles in his fingers as they caressed her face.

When she gazed into his face once more, Alicia couldn't hold back any longer. She wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his broad chest, inhaling deeply the scent she had longed for. His presence, his warmth—it was a sensation she had been yearning to feel again. The intensity of her longing was overwhelming, as if the very depths of her soul had been starved for him.

Zeke held her tighter, his heartbeats echoing loudly in the stillness of the room, his breathing shallow.

"I've missed you so much," Alicia confessed, her voice filled with raw emotion. She no longer held back the words that had been brewing inside her, the depth of her longing for him laid bare.

Zeke remained silent, but she could feel his breath hitch, his embrace tightening. Without uttering a word, he communicated volumes. His love, his yearning, his unspoken devotion—she felt it all in the way he held her.

"Alicia..." He spoke her name softly. In that moment, they held onto each other as if their lives depended on it, unwilling to let go. The depth of their connection transcended words.

In each other's arms, they found solace, love, and the reassurance that their separation had only served to deepen their love. The world around them faded into insignificance as they clung to one another, cherishing the precious gift of being together once more.

It had been over five long years since Zeke last held Alicia in his arms. During that time, he had encountered her presence only in his dreams, hearing her voice as a distant echo. Those dreams had served as his solace in a world consumed by blood, power, and death. But now, in this moment, as he held her, Zeke finally felt alive again. He felt like he had returned home, no longer a monster but just himself, the man he was meant to be.

This woman, Alicia, held his heart and soul in her hands. He now understood that if ever he were to lose himself in the darkness, she would be the one to guide him back to his true self. She possessed the power to bring him back from the brink, to remind him of what and who he truly was.

For what felt like an eternity, they remained locked in each other's embrace, until Alicia's gasp broke the spell that enveloped them.

"Az... Azy... Did you already..." Alicia's words trailed off as she caught sight of the gentle expression and the proud smile tugging at Zeke's lips.

"Our son is just as you described... he's as incredible as you," he affirmed, his voice filled with pride.

Alicia's heart swelled with joy at his words. "I wish I could have witnessed it... your first meeting."

Zeke cleared his throat, his smile growing crooked but tinged with a shy charm. "Well, Alex ended up teasing me because I was so stunned that I forgot to say anything when he called me 'dad'."

Alicia's mouth formed an 'o' shape, her eyes shimmering with happiness. "And...?" she prompted eagerly, wanting to hear more about her husband and son's very first encounter.

"I told him I was his dad, and he didn't hesitate to hug me." He sounded really happy but then the look in his eyes dimmed slightly as he uttered his next line. "He then asked me to come see you immediately." A flicker of worry shadowed Zeke's features. "He was so worried and desperate..."

The memories began to flood back into Alicia's consciousness. She finally recalled the feeling of being in grave danger just before she had passed out.

"You are in grave danger, Alicia," Zeke told her, his eyes dimming. He hated that he had to broach this topic so soon after their reunion, but he had no choice. He needed to tell her everything while they still had the opportunity. So, he proceeded to explain the events that had transpired, her real situation, including Izabelle's temporary healing and his plan to take her away from Azy.

Pressing his forehead against Alicia's, Zeke whispered, his voice filled with remorse, "I'm sorry I couldn't find another way other than this. I'm sorry..."

But before he could continue, Alicia silenced him with a tender kiss, causing him to grow still. Her lips spoke volumes of understanding and acceptance. "I know you tried everything, Ezekiel," she reassured him. "I know you exhausted every possible method and concluded that this is the only way."


Chapter 340 A Little Bit More


Alicia caressed Zeke's face tenderly, "I have already faced death before, so I understand that my chances of survival this time might… I know this isn't going to be easy at all. I had felt before I pass out that… that my situation is going to be hopeless. But you found a solution. You found a solution that no one else could find. So please... don't be sorry."

The door creaked open, drawing their attention. Their eyes turned to see their son, Azy, standing there. Just the sight of her beloved son filled Alicia's heart with both overwhelming love and bitter ache. She couldn't believe she was going to leave him… this precious child of hers. But a temporary separation was better than leaving him forever, right? "Azy, my dear," she called out to him, her arms outstretched in an open embrace.

Without hesitation, Azy ran into her waiting arms, uttering a single word, "Mom," with a sense of utter relief. His small body shuddered as he finally released the fear that had been lingering within him since the moment he felt that his mother's life was fading away.

As Zeke observed the scene before him, a soft smile tugged at the corners of his lips. These two—Alicia and their son—were the very air he breathed now, the essence of his world and his life. The mere thought of separating them shattered everything within him.

When Alicia looked at him, she gestured for him to join their embrace. There they formed their first hug as a complete family. Zeke's arms enveloped them both, and an indescribable feeling coursed through him. No words could capture the depth of his emotions in that moment.

In that moment, Zeke vowed silently that he would do anything, everything, to ensure that they could be together like this again one day. He would make any sacrifice, even challenging the gods themselves if necessary. This time, he would not allow anything to go wrong. It was time for him to choose his very own world. Yes, Alicia and Azy were his world now, and he would prioritize them above all else from here on.

As their embrace loosened, Azy spoke, his words filled with a deep longing. "Mom, Dad... I can't explain it, but I would love for us to hug like this again someday."

Alicia's eyes shimmered with tears, moved by their son's heartfelt desire. Zeke reached out and pressed his forehead against Azy's, a silent promise passing between them. "I promise," he vowed, his voice steady and resolute.

Azy smiled confidently, gratitude shining in his eyes. "Thanks, Dad. And as I promised, I will be waiting here for you and Mom's return."

And so, they held onto that promise, cherishing the moments they had together and looking forward to the day when they would embrace again.

As the three of them remained locked in their heartfelt embrace, Zeke's attention was briefly diverted by something that was occurring outside the house. He instinctively chose to ignore it, wanting to remain in the precious moment with his wife and son. However, Azy broke the silence.

"Uhm, Mom, Dad," Azy began, his voice hesitant. "I actually came here because... that powerful man, Uncle Gav, asked me to tell you both to come out first. He said there's an urgent matter you both need to settle."

Zeke meet Alicia's gaze and when she nodded at him the tree of them rose.

As the trio stepped out of the house, Alicia's eyes that were filled with renewed vitality and strength was the most noticeable. The pallor that had plagued her complexion moments ago had been replaced by a healthy glow, and her steps were steady and determined. Beside her, Zeke stood tall and resolute, while Azy had never looked so contented.

The trio, now a picture-perfect image of a united family, commanded attention as they walked towards their companions.

When Alicia spot Elle as soon as they were out of the house, Alicia hurried over to her, taking hold of her hands before silently embracing her.

"Thank you so much," Alicia whispered, her voice filled with heartfelt gratitude and emotion.

Elle returned the embrace, her eyes brimming with warmth and relief. "You're welcome," she replied softly. "I'm just glad I could help, Alicia. Seeing you awake and well is all the thanks I need."

As Elle and Alicia hugged, Zeke approached Gav. Gav was covering the upper half of his face again with his hand as if he suddenly had a terrible headache.

Zeke stepped closer, deliberately blocking Gav's line of sight to ensure he wouldn't catch a glimpse of Alicia.

"I know you already feel it, Zeke," Gav stated, peeking at him between his parted fingers. His words hanging heavily in the air. "Honestly, the summon has already been remarkable, considering the length of time both of us have stayed in this realm."

The revelation left everyone in shock. They couldn't believe that the time for their departure had already arrived. Alicia had just awakened, and it seemed unfair to be faced with such a limited amount of time. Couldn't they have a little bit more time together?

Elle stepped forward, facing Gav. "You said I have the power to prolong your stay since I'm the one who summoned you." She spoke. Wanting to hear from Gav that she could still do that. Refusing to believe that this was really it.

Gav glanced at her. "Yes, you are right. However, I honestly don't believe you are capable of that now after performing the healing ritual. No matter the ability you possess, you can't possibly perform two rituals of that level just within a short period of time. Well, you can, if you don't care about what would happen to you next."

As the weight of their impending departure settled upon the group, a voice echoed, capturing everyone's attention. "I believe I can help with that… extending your stay for a bit more, I mean."


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