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Chapter 341 Please

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"Zeres!" Alex called out, swiftly making his way to Zeres' side. With a nonchalant grin, Alex playfully slung his arm around Zeres. "Did you leave Iryz all by herself?" he asked, his tone light.

"Lilith is looking after her," Zeres replied. His gaze then shifted towards Alicia. The moment his gaze settled on Zeke, a quiet rage and a deep grudge smoldered in Zeres' eyes.

Their gaze held. Time seemed to suspend, stretching out the moment as if it were reluctant to let go. Finally, breaking the silence, Zeres spoke, his voice carrying a hint of detachment, yet laced with determination. "I can assist in extending your stay," he offered, his words resonating with a quiet intensity. Despite the coldness in his tone, his sincerity was undeniable.

Zeres' words made everyone look at him with a flicker of hope and gratitude filling their eyes, except Gav, of course.

Gav's brows were slightly furrowed as he finally spoke up, his attention fixed on Zeres' hair, as if what he was seeing held some deep-seated disturbance. "And what would be the price?" he inquired. Gav was speaking in a way that told everyone he didn't trust this other silver-haired individual and suspected he would ask for a huge price in return.

Zeres locked eyes with Gav, meeting his gaze. "Save someone dear to me," he replied, his voice resonating with unwavering conviction. His silver eyes now looked desperate, and that sight alone made Gav decide not to say anything anymore because Gav just didn't like dealing with anyone this desperate.

When Zeres' gaze returned to Zeke, it gleamed even more intensely. "Rescue her, and I'll go to any lengths necessary to ensure your stay is prolonged. You know I have the capability to fulfill that promise, Kiel."

A heavy silence reigned, tension thickening in the air as everyone awaited Zeke's response. Though Zeres appeared outwardly calm, an undercurrent of animosity was still obviously emanating from him. And this animosity was clearly directed squarely at Zeke.

"It seems this dragon harbors an immense grudge and burning hatred towards you, Zeke. I can't help but wonder what you did to earn such enmity," Gav remarked nonchalantly, breaking the silence. He didn't look at Zeres again and just settled his gaze towards Zeke.

The atmosphere around Zeres grew even more oppressive, his jaws tightly clenched in barely restrained anger.

Realizing the need to diffuse the increasing tension, Alex interjected. "Oh right, Zeke," Alex sounded like he just remembered something very important. "I think it's about time for you to address the issues concerning Iryz and Elle's..." Alex's words trailed off as he glanced at Elle, worried about potentially divulging sensitive information in her presence. However, to his surprise, Elle nodded, signaling that she wanted him to continue.

Understanding that Elle clearly gave her consent, Alex continued. "I believe you have to clarify the unresolved matters surrounding the heart transplant you performed on Little Betty over a decade ago, Zeke."

In that moment, Zeke glanced at Elle. Everyone, including Elle, fell silent in anticipation. They all wanted to hear what Zeke's answer would be.

But suddenly, Zeres took a deliberate step forward, closing the distance between himself and Zeke. Then, to the astonishment of everyone present, he dropped to his knees before Zeke.

Lowering his head in a gesture of desperation, Zeres pleaded, his voice filled with raw emotion. "Please... save Iryz..."

They had realized that Zeres didn't seem to hear what Alex had just said at all. Right now, Zeres was in desperate haste.

Alicia's grip on Zeke's hand tightened, her silent plea for him to help Zeres and save Iryz resonating through the connection they shared. And Zeke didn't need Alicia to voice anything because he already understood.

"Rise, Zeres," Zeke said.

Zeres looked up, meeting Zeke's gaze once more. And as their eyes locked, Zeke assured him, "Rest assured, we will definitely find a way to save her."

Hope immediately flared in Zeres' eyes, its radiance piercing through the cloud of resentment that had consumed him. Despite the deep-rooted grudge he clearly harbored, it became obvious to all that Zeres regarded Zeke's words as an assurance. It was as if to him, anything Zeke uttered held the power to manifest, and he trusted his words above all else in this world.

However, in the midst of this exchange, an ominous breeze suddenly swept through the area. Grayish clouds coalesced, swirling in a seemingly feeble tornado above them. The surrounding trees swayed in response, as if foretelling an impending event.

It was a sign, an indication that the time for the two summoned demons to depart this world was drawing very near.

Azy unconsciously clutched the hands of both his parents, his grip tightening as if he was afraid his parents were going to be whisked away from him without any warning.

Feeling Azy's fear, Zeke turned to him and dropped to one knee before him. "Don't worry, you heard your uncle Zeres. He's going to prolong our stay, so this is not goodbye, yet."

Azy's eyes searched their surroundings. Relief visibly washed over his features as he nodded silently at his dad.

When Zeke lifted his face and looked at Zeres, Zeres immediately spoke. "I will perform the ritual now. Please come with me. It's going to be more challenging if the gate opens."

Zeke nodded at him, and Zeres disappeared after telling Zeke about the place where the ritual would happen.

Turning to Azy again, Zeke watched the boy struggle to control his demonic power that was now starting to emanate from his very pores once again. Sebastian, too, exhibited signs of being affected, though his manifestation was much more subdued compared to Azy's. Zeke knew that the two were being affected by the upcoming opening of the gates of hell once again.

Pressing his head against his son's, Zeke whispered, his voice filled with reassurance. "Stay with your mom. I'll be back."


Chapter 342 Days

Azy struggled to maintain his composure, even as his dark magic continued to pulse out of him. His concern for his mother's well-being was undeniable as he pleaded, "But Dad... it's starting again... Mom... can you take her with you? I'm afraid she will..."

"No, don't worry. She won't be affected this time," Zeke assured, placing his palm gently over Azy's eyes.

Silence reigned as everyone observed in awe. Azy's rampant magic gradually dissipated, settling into a state of calm. It appeared almost effortless, as if Zeke's simple act of covering his son's eyes had brought about absolute control. They knew it involved his demonic magic, but Zeke executed it with such ease that it seemed like he wasn't doing anything amazing at all.

Azy's surprise and awe were unmistakable as he felt the calmness wash over him, thanks to his father's intervention. "Thanks, Dad, that was... amazing!"

Zeke couldn't help but smile gently at the admiration and pride reflected in his son's eyes.

"Stay with your mom, alright, Azy?" Zeke straightened, placing his palm on his son's head.

Azy responded eagerly, "Yes, Dad!"

With that, Zeke ruffled Azy's head gently before turning to face Alicia. Leaning in, he planted a tender kiss on her forehead and whispered softly in her ear, "I'll be back... babe."

The impact of Zeke's whisper, coupled with the touch of his warm breath against her ear, sent an electric surge through Alicia's veins. It rendered her momentarily speechless, and all she could manage was a reluctant nod as she watched her beloved disappear once again. But this time, she held unwavering certainty in her heart that he would return soon.

"Mom? Are you okay?" Azy's concerned voice broke through Alicia's reverie as he looked at her intently.

Alicia, now aware of her reddened face, felt a deeper shade of embarrassment flood her cheeks. She gathered herself and mustered a smile for her son. "I'm fine, Azy."

His worry persisting, Azy continued, "Are you sure? Your face looks reddish."

Realizing what her son had noticed, Alicia's embarrassment intensified, causing her face to turn even redder. "I'm just... blushing. Don't worry about it," she replied, attempting to brush off his concern with an awkward smile.


As Zeke and Gav materialized in the designated ritual location, Gav couldn't help but question Zeke's certainty. "Are you certain about this, Zeke?"

Without a moment's hesitation, Zeke responded firmly, leaving Gav with a sigh of resignation. "Yes," he affirmed, unwavering in his decision.

"You know what kind of trouble awaits us once we return if we stay here for too long."

But Zeke's decision remained unshaken. "Archer and Ruka are more than capable of holding their ground in our absence. I had already given them instructions in advance, anticipating a situation like this."

Gav stared at Zeke in astonishment, momentarily speechless. "Bloody hell, Zeke. Not only do you know we would be summoned, but you also anticipated that we would stay here for an extended period of time?"

Zeke's gaze remained focused, his face expressionless once again. "I am aware of the possibilities. I possess knowledge of everyone's abilities in this world, allowing me to calculate events that could possibly happen and make the necessary preparations as well."

Shaking his head, Gav remarked in a mixture of disbelief and resignation, "Well, why am I still surprised at this point, considering all the crazy things you've done?"

Zeke offered no response, his attention fixed on Zeres, who was nearing the completion of the ritual preparations.

"How many days do you think we'll stay?" Gav asked. "If you ask me, no more than two days. If we exceed that timeframe, no matter how well you've prepared, I don't believe Ruka can hold on."

When Zeke still remained silent, Gav resigned. He knew that particular look Zeke was wearing right now. That was what Zeke looked like when he's fully engaged in his mental simulations and preparations, envisioning countless scenarios and formulating intricate strategies in his mind. And he knew it was better not to disturb him because in this state, Zeke was as unresponsive as a stone.

Lucas finally joined the group gathered in front of Alicia's house. He was a little disappointed when he couldn't see the man he was expecting to see, but when he sensed his presence, he relaxed. Because although he couldn't see him, Lucas was certain he was there in the Black Forest. He didn't ask about him, though, because everyone was there.

After exchanging greetings with Alicia and Azy, he swiftly approached Alexander, aware that he was already well-informed about the latest developments.

"Sir," Lucas reported. "I have handed over the unconscious individuals to the witches. They are now imprisoned in the underground cells. Shall I proceed with the interrogation?"

"According to Elle, those individuals were talking about werewolves," Alex informed Lucas. "It seems to me that they pose another problem unrelated to Elijah's current agenda. So I believe we should prioritize dealing with the more dangerous issue at hand for now. Those little rats can wait."

"Yes, sir," Lucas immediately agreed, understanding the need to focus on the biggest and most urgent threat. "I have just received news that Elijah has successfully seized control of everything. It appears that the prophetess and the king did not attempt any resistance and simply acquiesced to Elijah's demands."

"It was a wise move on Rudy's part," Alex said. "He knew he lacked the true power to oppose Elijah effectively. And he might just unnecessarily risk losing his life if he tries to go against Elijah. However, the prophetess's actions and intentions remain unclear to me."

A flicker of curiosity colored Lucas's words. "Are you..." he paused, hesitating. "...doubting the prophetess' loyalty?"

Alex sighed. "Well, I've never been fond of her or any of the previous prophetesses, as you know. They can be quite bothersome and I honestly think their prophesies aren't really that needed in this era anymore. Perhaps, they're quite useful in the past but now... time and things has changed. I've always wondered how Zeke managed to handle them so effectively."


Chapter 343 Bonding

Meanwhile, Elle, who had overheard Alex and Lucas' conversation while her gaze was focused on Sebastian who was busy training himself to control his demonic magic, furrowed her brows in concern. She had recently discovered that the true power within Viscarria lay with the Reigns princes, and that King Rudy was merely a symbolic figurehead. Despite formal acknowledgments of Rudy's authority, the king himself understood his own limitations. He could issue orders, but if the princes rejected them, he lacked the authority to enforce them.

The intricacies of Viscarria's political system intrigued Elle, realizing that it differed significantly from the monarchies she had known. Everything about this country was unique, which was not really surprising given its citizens consisting of vampires and various supernatural beings. The country's politics were truly a reflection of its extraordinary nature.

As Elle contemplated the consequences of Elijah's successful takeover, she couldn't help but feel her worry grow. The possibility of a war between vampires and humans was something she couldn't even imagine. While fear didn't grip her, she was genuinely concerned about the uncertain path ahead. If such a conflict were to occur, it would definitely pit Viscarria against the rest of the world.

As the group discussed the situation, Alexander turned the topic to Kyle, inquiring about his whereabouts. Lucas hesitated for a moment before responding. "I heard he is in Queza."

Alex raised an eyebrow. "Where exactly in Queza? Don't tell me he's in the palace."

"I heard he went there himself, shortly after I left."

Alex looked at Lucas with disbelief before he sighed. "So he's now Elijah's captive—"

"Uh," Lucas hesitantly interrupted, looking like he really didn't want to be the one to tell Alex about this certain news but didn't have a choice. "I just actually received new information that Prince Kyle was seen next to Elijah, and it seems that he is not being held against his will."

What Lucas said sent shockwaves through everyone present, their eyes fixed on Lucas, astounded by the unexpected news. Kyle was the very last person who wasn't with them right now in the Black Forest that they would expect to side with Elijah in this situation!

Alex chuckled briefly, both amused and annoyed at Kyle's actions. "What on earth is that kid thinking now?"

"I'm not entirely sure either."

Alex clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Let's just hope the kid isn't planning something foolish. He's been quite elusive for the past ten years since Zeke left, so I'm not really confident now that Elijah cannot sway him."

Lucas's gaze shifted away from Alex before he changed the topic and inquired if there were any specific orders Alex wanted him to do or follow. Alex shook his head. "No, let's wait for Zeke's return. He'll be here shortly anyway."

Just as they were discussing their next course of action, Sebastian, who had quietly approached them, interjected. "Why don't we make the decision right now? Zeke shouldn't have to deal with this mess. He should focus solely on Alicia and Azy. My brother has shouldered the burden of maintaining peace for so long on his own; it's time he's not bothered by all of this."

Understanding Sebastian's sentiment, Alex responded, "I see your point, Sebastian. However, in matters like these, it's best to seek Zeke's opinion. We won't ask him to do more than that. Though, I won't stop him if he decides to take action himself. The benefit of involving Zeke is that it will save us valuable time in planning the best course of action. Besides, I have no doubt that Zeke already has a plan in mind. So why waste our time racking our brains?"

Sebastian could only look away, knowing that Alex's logic held true. Right now, Sebastian was even certain that his brother's very next action after Zeres' ritual was already set.

"Then help me insist that Zeke doesn't leave Black Forest, no matter what happens," Sebastian communicated to Alex through telepathy this time, his gaze determined. "I want him to focus solely on his family and not concern himself with the outside world. I will handle this mess. I want you to ensure he stays here, even if you have to use force, and let him spend time with his family."

Alex smiled in understanding, his eyes meeting Sebastian's. "Don't worry, I'm with you on that. This country and this world are no longer Zeke's sole responsibility. It's now our responsibility because we're the ones who are here."


In the quiet living room, Alicia and Azy were having their tender mother-son bond. As soon as Zeke left, Alicia had decided to be with Azy and spend every moment with him while she had the chance.

Azy and Alicia's favorite bonding moment was when Alicia was teaching Azy magic spells. So here they were, doing their favorite activity together while waiting for Zeke's return.

Azy had been an extraordinary witch. He had that innate command over his magic and possessed a unique ability that surpassed even Alicia's proudest dreams. Though Alicia could not wield magic herself due to her state, her knowledge as a former queen of witches remained intact, allowing her to guide Azy with unparalleled wisdom. She had taught Azy everything she knew he would need.

But today, she was going to teach him something different. A high-level magic—one that she had saved for last.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Alicia and Azy faced each other, meeting Azy's bright, determined eyes.

"My dear Azy," Alicia began, her voice filled with tender warmth, "today, I will teach you a spell that has been passed down through generations of witches. Are you ready?"

Azy's face lit up with eager anticipation. "Yes, Mom! I'm ready to learn!"

Alicia smiled, her heart swelling. Though she couldn't force away the sorrow gnawing inside her, she was filled with gratitude and happiness in this moment, knowing she could still have this time with him.

Taking Azy's hands into her own, feeling the magic that pulsed through him, Alicia began.


Chapter 344 Longing

"First, you must connect with the essence of light," Alicia said, guiding Azy through the process. "Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself in a bright place where there is no darkness, only light. Feel the touch of the light upon your skin."

Azy followed his mother's instructions diligently, his youthful imagination bringing the scene to life with such vividness. Taking a deep breath, he allowed his mind to transport him to the vibrant world of his imagination.

"Now," Alicia continued, her voice soft and soothing, "imagine your own magic intertwining with the magic of that place. Feel the connection, the harmony between your power and the power of light. You are one with the elements, Azy."

As Azy immersed himself in the visualization, a serene calm washed over him. He could feel the pulsating energy merging with his own magical essence.

"Now, open your eyes, Azy," Alicia said. "You are ready to learn the spell that has been entrusted to us by generations of witches."

With their hands still intertwined, Alicia began to guide Azy through the intricate movements and incantations of the spell. She explained its significance, its history, and the responsibility that came with wielding such power. Azy absorbed every word, his eyes fixed on his mother's face, determined and unwavering.

As they practiced, Alicia's heart swelled with love and admiration for her son. She marveled at his natural talent, his dedication to honing his skills, and his unwavering thirst for knowledge. Each successful execution of the spell filled her with a bittersweet mix of joy and sorrow—a celebration of his growth and a reminder of the impending separation that loomed over them.

Time seemed to both slow down and speed up, the minutes slipping through their fingers like sand. They laughed, stumbled, and persevered together, mother and son united in their magical activity.

Finally, as the lesson drew to a close, Alicia and Azy shared a tender embrace. Their hearts beat in synchrony, the unspoken love and understanding between them transcending mere words. Alicia pressed a gentle kiss upon Azy's forehead, her touch conveying a depth of emotion that surpassed language.

"My dearest Azy," Alicia whispered, her voice quivering with a mix of love and sadness, "you are a remarkable young man. I am so proud of the magical abilities you possess, and I am honored to have been your teacher, your guide. Remember, my son, that no matter where our paths may lead, our bond will always be unbreakable."

Azy nodded, his eyes brimming with unshed tears. "Thank you, Mom. I will carry your love and teachings with me always."

As they held each other tightly, time seemed to stand still, the weight of their impending separation casting a shadow over the room. Yet, within that bittersweet moment, Alicia found solace in knowing that she had equipped Azy with the knowledge, love, and resilience he would need to navigate the challenges that lay ahead.

And so, as the rays of sunlight bathed the room, the mother and son clung to each other, cherishing the beautiful and heartwarming connection they shared.

As the mother and son separated, Alicia's keen gaze caught the intensity in Azy's eyes. And when he turned to follow his gaze, her heart leaped with joy at the sight of her husband, Zeke, leaning against the door frame—an ethereal sight that stirred emotions deep within her. His coat had been discarded, revealing a sleek white shirt that accentuated his strong physique. Zeke's sleeves were rolled up to his forearms, and his stormy gray eyes held a dreamy gaze that defied description.

The sight of him in that moment was nothing short of breathtaking, and Alicia felt her heart stir with a rush of emotions, feeling like she was falling in love all over again. But she knew she had to maintain her composure, for her son was right before her.

When did he return?

She hadn't sensed his presence, which indicated that he had deliberately concealed himself, not wanting to disturb them. She could already tell that the ritual was a success. But Alicia still longed to know how much time they had been granted to savor this precious reunion. She wished and hoped in her heart that it wouldn't be just one more day. Because that wouldn't be enough.

Just as Alicia was about to call out to him, her voice caught in her throat as she realized that Zeke was lost in thought. His gaze remained fixated on the scene before him, his head resting against the door frame.

As she studied him further, Alicia's smile faded, replaced by a sudden pang of heartache. She had never seen Zeke like this.

Feeling the urge to go to him, Alicia whispered to Azy, instructing him to wait patiently. The young boy nodded understandingly, immersing himself in the ancient spells journal Alicia had prepared for him.

With cautious steps, Alicia approached Zeke, her heart fluttering in her chest. In that moment, a wave of emotions washed over her, a mixture of pain and longing. She had never witnessed Zeke so lost in thought like this before, his gaze appearing distant and detached.

Zeke's line of sight remained fixed, seemingly oblivious to Alicia's approach, until she stood directly before him. His gaze shifted, meeting her eyes with a flicker of recognition. He blinked, slowly straightening. And then, Alicia embraced him tightly. 

Time stood still as Zeke held Alicia tightly in his arms, his embrace both strong and gentle. In that moment, the distant look in his eyes faded away, dissolving like mist touched by the warmth of the morning sun.

Zeke's gaze briefly shifted to Azy, and when he saw that their son was engrossed in the ancient spells journal, Zeke swiftly pulled Alicia away from the door. The door shut closed quietly behind them and Zeke claimed Alicia's mouth with a kiss so full of longing and love that it felt as though eternity had unfolded in that very moment.



Chapter 345 Far too long
Alicia and Zeke's lips met with a fiery and intense kiss so filled with consuming hunger. Their bodies pressed against each other, as if desperate to bridge whatever gap created by their long separation. It was as if all the years that they were apart had condensed into this very moment, igniting a hunger that had long been suppressed.

Their bodies pressed against each other as Alicia's fingers entangled in Zeke's dark hair, pulling him closer as their mouth moved in a dance of unspoken and intense desires.

Zeke struggled to contain himself, to hold back and stop, as the years of yearning for his beloved wife surged through his veins. Perhaps due to that long time of longing, their kiss that moment was like an intoxicating cocktail that was simply impossible for them both not to indulge in.

As their tongues intertwined and as they devoured each other's mouths, Zeke's self-control wavered.

His hands started to trace the curves of Alicia's body, rediscovering the familiar contours that had haunted his dreams for years. Every touch sent more electric waves of pleasure through them, making it increasingly difficult to resist the overwhelming urge to...

Zeke pinned her against the wall, devouring her mouth in an insatiable hunger, as if he was trying to make up for the lost moments. The oh so composed man now turning to an untamed beast, as if the taste of her mouth had been the key to release the beast within him. And Alicia could do nothing but surrender, to let him devour her. She had been dying for this... longing for his kiss, for his touch once again, for years. So now she couldn't even make herself remember where they were.

She was quickly lost in a world of their own creation, oblivious to the passing of time. When Zeke's hand cupped her breast, Alicia couldn't stop the moan that escaped her mouth. Her hand moved as well and met his raging hardness bulging in his pants.

He made a rumbling growl that came from deep within his chest. And then he yanked himself off Alicia.

Somehow, he still managed to summon a fragment of restraint. 

With ragged breath, he looked down at her, his strong arms now braced against the wall, jailing Alicia between them. His stormy grey eyes filled with an intoxicating mix of longing, adoration, and insane desire.

He rested his forehead against Alicia's, their labored breaths intermingling as they gazed into each other's eyes. Their lips still tingling from the intensity of their intense kiss, a sense of euphoria washing over their entire being as they stared at each other.

And then Zeke cursed under his breath, his lips curled into a tender smile. "You're going to drive me crazy, Alicia..." he whispered and Alicia smiled back at him.

"I say the same to you, Ezekiel."

Zeke's eyes seemed to shine even brighter. "Three days," he said, his voice filled with emotions. "Zeres managed to grant us three precious days."

Alicia's eyes widened with shock for a moment before her face lit up with pure happiness. She felt a surge of emotions, a mixture of overwhelming joy and gratitude. It was more than she had dared to hope for. Three more days to be with Azy, to be a complete family. It was a gift beyond measure, one that she would treasure with all her heart.

Tears welled up in Alicia's eyes, threatening to spill over, but she held them back, not wanting anything to obscure this moment of happiness. She took a deep breath to steady herself, her voice quivering, "I... I can't even express how thankful I am. Three more days with Azy... It's more than I could ever ask for."

Zeke reached out, his hand tenderly cupping Alicia's cheek as he wiped away a stray tear that had escaped. His touch was gentle and filled with reassurance, a silent promise that they would make the most of every single moment they had been granted.

Three days may not have been enough, but they would seize each moment and savor the togetherness that had been denied to them for far too long.

"How about Iryz?" Alicia then whispered, her voice barely audible as she nestled against Zeke's chest.

Zeke's arms encircled Alicia protectively. He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of her head before speaking. "Gav and Izabelle are with her right now. We can trust them to take care of Iryz. They will do everything they can to help her."

Alicia nodded. She believed him wholeheartedly, without a single doubt.

She lifted her gaze to meet Zeke's eyes once again, and as their eyes locked, a flicker of desire and fiery longing ignited in Zeke's gaze once again.

Alicia's heart skipped a beat, and before she knew it, she closed her eyes, savoring the delicious anticipation that swirled in the air. But instead of their lips meeting, Zeke's tender kiss landed softly on top of her head.

Alicia's eyes fluttered open.

Zeke's voice was an intoxicating mixture of desire and restraint. "I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself if I kiss you again right now," he confessed.

Alicia blushed because she honestly felt the same. Even now, she badly wanted to ask her husband to just... oh dear, get a grip of yourself Alicia!

"Me too," she admitted, and a mischievous grin tugged across both of their faces. Their shared grin spoke volumes, a silent promise that when the time was right, their passion would be unleashed, and they would let it consume them in a tempestuous storm of desire and love.

A sudden interruption came in the form of Alex and Sebastian's arrival. Their voices cut through the air, breaking the spell of Alicia and Zeke's private cocoon.

"Sorry to disturb your lovey-dovey moment, Zeke, Alicia," Alex chimed in, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. "But I promise this is the last time."

Alicia's cheeks reddened slightly at the unexpected intrusion, but Zeke remained unfazed. He looked at Alex and Sebastian looking ever so composed and undisturbed by their arrival.