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Chapter 416 Half And Half

Eve saw it all through Marceline's eyes, which came in flashes.

She stopped breathing when she saw Eugene sitting on the ground through Marceline's eyes, and the vampiress throw mud into his eyes. Then there was a coldness she had never felt as the dagger stabbed into his stomach once and twice. She saw him struggle, while he was left to bleed with his life slipping away.

"What? Don't sit here staring at me. Leave!" Marceline shouted, her voice still holding the same pride.

Eve was in shock, not knowing how to react. How could someone be so vile? How could someone hold this much hatred and go to the extent of killing people without any reason? She stood up and left the room.

Eve walked through the corridors as if she had seen a ghost, while the flash of images continued repeating in front of her eyes. She made her way towards the servant's quarters, where Eugene was resting.

Eve's mind continued to think about what Marceline had done. She had crossed the line this time and wouldn't forgive the woman for harming her family. It was one thing to hurt her and a whole other thing when it came to hurting the people she cared for.

On her way, Eve met Rosetta, who was being stalked by Blythe.

"Eve!" Rosetta sighed and quickly reached where she was. "I heard Lady Marceline was cursed by a witch. Is that true? Eve?"

Eve snapped out of her thoughts and nodded, "Yes."

"Oh my, I cannot believe that it isn't possible for even the pureblooded vampires to escape the bad curses of the witches," Rosetta murmured. She turned to Blythe, who was still standing and ordered, "Go do your work, Blythe. I am going to be busy now."

Blythe pursed her lips, briefly looking at the direction in which Eve had walked, and she hesitantly walked away from there.

Once the maid was out of their sight, Rosetta turned back and said, "I went to see Eugene, but Blythe has been following me everywhere I go like a ghost. I hope he is doing okay. I worry that he's not able to consume blood. Did he drink blood?"

Rosetta didn't care much about Marceline's leg or the gossip going around among the servants in the Moriarty mansion, as her focus was on Eugene.

"He drank Vincent's blood. He was doing much better before he left for the servant's quarters. Vincent said Eugene is half turned. He is a half vampire and half human. Let us keep this information to ourselves," Eve replied, and Rosetta vigourously nodded. She then said, "I am going to see him, you can come with me and it will be less suspicious."

Rosetta quickly nodded and walked along with Eve to the servant's quarters.

Once they reached in front of Eugene's room, Eve knocked on the door and stepped inside the small room. She closed the door. Eugene was lying on the bed, and his complexion had slightly improved. Timotei sat guarding him.

"Did they amputate her leg yet?" Timotei asked, and for a second, Rosetta's soul slipped out of her body as she had forgotten the cat could speak.

Eve nodded, "Yes. The physician is closing the wound now as we speak."

Timotei harrumphed, "I would have loved to see the sight of it. She screams too much though."

Rosetta walked to Eugene's bedside and leaned forward to ensure the man was still alive. After all, she did lose him today, and it had frightened her little heart.

Eugene's eyes opened, showing the red eyes in there, and Rosetta felt her heart skip a beat, "Good evening. How do you feel?" The recently turned vampire sat up right from the bed and nodded.

"Still the same," Eugene replied, and he said, "Please take a seat."

Rosetta was more than happy to sit in here and look after Eugene. Though the cat doubted who would be watching whom. When Eugene's eyes met Eve's, he noticed the slight frown on her face and asked,

"Is everything alright, Miss Eve?"

Eve offered a smile, "Yes, everything is alright. I thought to drop by to make sure you were alright."

Everything was going to be alright, she thought in her mind. She decided not to tell about what she saw as she wanted Eugene to rest and create another hurricane in the mansion. Not to mention, Marceline would outright deny that she had stabbed Eugene as he was healed.

Rosetta cleared her throat and asked Eve, "Eve... I think there are things we need to talk about? About what happened this afternoon?"

Eve realised it was time to explain to Rosetta, but she doubted she could explain how she had killed her aunt. Truth never stayed quiet and came out in the end. She offered a bow and apologised,

"I am sorry for not telling you about this sooner."

Rosetta awkwardly stared at Eve and snapped out of her thoughts before saying, "No, I understand why you felt that you couldn't tell me. I mean... you are an outcast, and..."

Eve was glad that Rosetta was head over heels for Eugene, or else this whole matter would have blown out without any control. She asked slowly, "You know what I am?"

"I do," Rosetta replied in a solemn voice. If Eve was an outcast, did that mean the kind Lady Aubrey was a witch too? She said, "You have always been kind to me since the moment we met, Eve. Never have you tried to hurt me, verbally or physically. How can I look over that fact and be angry? I know it isn't easy being a witch."

The room went quiet. Eve's eyebrows raised as the vampiress had misunderstood her. Eugene's eyes moved from Eve to the vampiress, looking back and forth. Timotei, on the other hand, suddenly burst out laughing.

"I must say, your pet cat scares me," Rosetta whispered to Eve.

Timotei stopped laughing to clarify, "I am not her pet cat. I am no one's cat. I am Timotei--"

"The cat?" Rosetta completed, and the cat softly growled.

Eugene picked up Timotei, holding the cat, who was about to jump and scratch Rosetta. Eve brought back Rosetta's attention to her, and she corrected the vampiress,

"I am not a witch, Rosetta. I am similar to Eugene."

Rosetta blinked and said, "A vampire and a human?"

Eve didn't see a reason to hide, when Rosetta had already seen her use her abilities. With the vampiress's holding affections with Eugene, she doubted the young lady would turn against them. She breathed, "I am half mermaid."

Rosetta's mouth opened and closed, looking confused and shocked by the news. She asked, "Y--you are a mermaid? A m--mermaid-human?"

"Guess again," Timotei snickered, his black tail swishing back and forth.

Eve carefully revealed to Rosetta, "A mermaid and a siren."

The vampiress's pupils dilated from the news. As if her mind couldn't comprehend the shock, she fell unconscious.

"Lady Rosetta?!" Eugene called her name in worry.

Timotei escaped from Eugene's grasp and pawing the vampiress's face, he commented, "I thought the shock would reduce, considering how she didn't mind you being a witch. Do you think we should get ropes and tie her up so that she doesn't go running to tell everyone else?"

Eve exhaled the air through her lips. She said, "She won't. She's on our side."


Chapter 417 After The Revelation
Eve knew it was risky to reveal the entire truth about herself to Rosetta. The leverage they had was that the vampiress was deeply in love with Eugene, and it was Eve, who in the end, had helped revive Eugene back through the vampiress's blood. She also hoped the friendship she shared with the vampiress would help the young woman from telling it to anyone.

As Eve watched an unconscious Rosetta, she heard Eugene ask her, "Miss Eve, Is everything really alright? You seem tense."

Having been around and taking care of Eve for so many years now, since the time Lady Aubrey and he had taken Eve to the Dawson's house that night they had found Eve for the first time, Eugene could easily tell when something worried her.

After a lot of thought, and with Rosetta still unconscious, Eve whispered, "I know who stabbed you," gaining Eugene as well as Timotei's entire attention, who had been pawing at Rosetta's face to check if she was really unconscious.

Eugene's red eyes narrowed, and he asked, "Was it her?"

Eve nodded, "It was Marceline."

"That witch!" Timotei cursed Marceline, not expecting the person to end up being the vampiress. "I thought she would go to Meadow to harm you. Did she change plans after seeing him on the way?" The black cat stood up. He jumped near the door and on the ground.

"I don't think she was ever going to harm me directly," Eve replied in a grave tone. Marceline was a member of the Moriarty family, and she doubted the vampiress was dumb enough to do it. Because if the woman had tried to stab her, Vincent would rip his sister's body by now, and Marceline was aware of it. She said, "She decided to go with the people who are close to me, and right now only Eugene is close by."

Timotei sighed, "Thank the heavens that I didn't stay around her, or I would be the animal sacrifice. Not that she could place a finger on me." He moved to the closed door and began scratching the wooden door and said, "Let me out! I will scratch her until she bleeds to death!"

"Not now," Eve said as she looked at the black cat. She then looked back at Eugene and apologised, "I am sorry, Eugene. It is because of me you almost lost your life today."

"And it is because of you that I regained it, Miss Eve. You do not have to apologise for the bad deeds caused by someone else," Eugene shook his head. He then said, "We now know whom to be careful about."

Timotei asked, "Did you ask her if she did it? How did you find out?"

"I sometimes have visions..." Eve replied, and Timotei appeared to look in awe. Walking near her, he jumped on her lap with his eyes brightly shining, where she had taken a seat on the wooden chair.

"Now, I am definitely sure you possess all the abilities that are needed to turn me back," the black cat's tail swished in the air and he promised her, "I am willing to do anything in return. Ask me anything."

"For now stay with Eugene and keep an eye to make sure nothing happens and also keep a watch on this one," Eve's eyes fell on Rosetta.

Timotei exclaimed, "Right on it! Let me go find the ropes. The easiest method is to keep her tied." He then asked, "Why not confront Marceline like the liar she is? Now even her family knows what a big fat liar she is."

Eve knew that if she told it to the Viscount and Lady Annalise, they would believe her and not their elder daughter Marceline. But what next? The vampiress would be scolded and shunned away, but would that be enough for what she had caused?

"I will confront her once the physician leaves," Eve's blue eyes started to have flecks of gold in them, and she said, "The salt from the sea shall be sprinkled when she feels her wounds are about to disappear."

Eve wanted to watch the vampiress fall from her high pedestal on the wet and muddy ground, the same place which she had until now looked with disgust. 

Two minutes later, Rosetta's body jerked. She woke up and just for a second, she looked confused about where she was.

When Rosetta's eyes fell on Eugene, her heart bubbled with happiness. How lovely would it be to always wake up to look at Eugene? The vampiress thought in her mind. Her mind filled itself with flowers and hearts, sunshine and moonlight--

"Had a good nap there, milady?"

Rosetta turned to look in the direction of the voice, and her eyes went wide when she saw the black cat. She suddenly remembered where she was and her head snapped to look at Eve, who looked back at her.

"I--I must have fallen asleep, because I was t--tired from all the crying in the forest," Rosetta explained to Eve. There was a hint of nervousness and awkwardness in the young vampiress's voice.

It was because she remembered the time when she told Eve how much she enjoyed the meat of a mermaid. But it was true and how would she have known that her friend was not just one of her favourite people but also one of her favourite dishes?

Never had the vampiress been put under this situation, where she had to choose between her favourite food and friendship.

"Rosetta, there's nothing to be afraid about," Eve assured the vampiress, who stared at her with worry. "If you are worried, I will give you all the space that you need so that--"

"I am not going to hurt you!" Rosetta blurted, taking Eve and the others by surprise. The vampiress clutched on her skirt and said with worry. She gulped before saying, "I will not eat you... I promise. In fact, I won't touch mermaid meat again."


Chapter 418 Where Cats And Dogs Go

Timotei muttered, "Looks like she's really scared of a siren."

Vampires and sirens didn't particularly get along with each other, considering how both liked to sink their teeth into human flesh. The two of these kinds were similar, where they were cold-blooded and liked to ink blood on their hands and mouth. The only difference was one was a creature of land and the other was a creature of water.

"You don't have to worry about that," Eve replied.

When they had visited Hollow Valley, Eve had heard first hand from Rosetta on how much she loved to drink from mermaids. She remembered the vampiress being excited, when she thought she had found a quality mermaid for her and her aunt. 

Rosetta shook her head and said in a shaky voice, "No, I won't do it. I am sorry about what happened before..."

Eve stared at her friend for a while, who looked at the ground now. It didn't seem like Rosetta was scared of her, but it seemed more like she was... ashamed of herself.

"Rose?" Eve called Rosetta, and the vampiress looked up before clearing her throat.

"I should have been smarter and closed my mouth before, than talk about mermaids being a... delicacy. I would never eat you, Eve!" Rosetta confessed in haste. She couldn't eat her...

Rosetta's eyebrows were furrowed, as she tried to digest the news about Eve not being a witch but a mermaid and a siren. But they were both sea creatures. How could she be both? Not to mention, Eve looked nothing like a siren. Not by appearance, nor by nature as her friend had a gentle and kind demeanour she had hoped to achieve one day.

"Please forgive me for my past words!" Rosetta offered a deep bow from where she was, leaving Eve speechless. She had only one real friend, and she didn't want to lose their friendship. To add to it, Eve was also close to Eugene.

"You are forgiven, Rosetta. It isn't like you could have guessed it," Eve replied with a small smile.

"I know! I thought that too. It would have been utterly impossible for me to guess something like that," Rosetta said in a thoughtful tone, and she murmured, "I think it is going to take a while for it to sink with everything." Then a sudden frown appeared, and she asked, "Whose cat is this?"

Timotei released an exhausted sigh and repeated as it rolled its eyes, "I am no one's cat, lady. I am pure--"

"A pure bred cat!" Rosetta exclaimed and wondered if cats of high quality could come to speak.

"A pureblooded vampire! How dare you reduce me to a cat breed!" Timotei questioned back.

"But you are a cat," Rosetta pointed, and the black cat turned to face the wall as if he had given up on his last life.

Eve explained to Rosetta, "Timotei is originally a pureblooded ca--I mean a vampire. When he tried to drink blood from a siren, she cursed him to turn into a cat. He is now trying to get back into his true form before he loses this life."

Rosetta's mouth had turned into an 'O' as she nodded and said, "I see. That is interesting."

Timotei only turned his head to look at Eve, while the rest of his body was still facing the wall. He asked, "Do you know where cat's go after their nine lives? To hell!" He hissed before dramatically sobbing, "I don't want to end up there. Did you know that all cats are subjected to hell, and all dogs go to heaven?"

"I don't think there's anything like that, Timotei. They are just stories that are untrue," Eve consoled him, but Timotei shook his head.

"I am telling you because I have heard the other cats tell me," Timotei hissed.

Eugene's eyebrows rose, and he asked, "Since when did other cats start to talk to you?"

Timotei's eyes moved to glare at the newly turned vampire, and he said, "Since forever. Do you think I would be lying about such important things about life?" But with the way the cat was persistent, Eve and Eugene couldn't help but doubt the black cat. It was only Rosetta who looked worried that the cat was going to end up in hell.

"Maybe it's because cats are so fussy and arrogant compared to dogs," Eugene murmured.

"That's garbage! Cats are the sweetest and humblest creatures you will ever find in this cruel world," Timotei defended so that Eve would start looking into his miserable situation so that he could walk on the land like the rest of them in the room.

Eve stared at Timotei, who was busy talking to Eugene. She let Eugene know, "If there's something, tell it to Alfie or Timotei, I will be in the mansion and won't go anywhere." She didn't want to leave the mansion, knowing the person who had tried to kill him was under this same roof.

"I will be fine, Miss Eve," Eugene confidently assured her because he was no longer just a human but also part vampire.

Rosetta said, "I will take care of him, Eve. Don't worry." She also realised how the three people here were of two types--mermaid-siren, human-vampire, cat-pureblooded vampire. "Mister Timotei and I will keep an eye and also stay away from Blythe."

The vampiress's words were music to Timotei, and he agreed, "Leave it to us!"

Excusing herself, Eve stepped out of Eugene's room and made her way through the corridors. The corridor she walked, she heard whispers from the opposite direction belonging to the maids as they spoke about the things happening in the mansion.

"...really saw Lady Marceline's foot?"

"It was Lydia who went to Lady Marceline's room with Alfie and saw the detached foot of the lady on the ground. How awful is that!"

"Seems the same as the lady."

"Shh, don't let anyone hear you say it or you will be the next one to be dead... "

It seemed like even the maids didn't show pity at Marceline's condition, Eve thought. She didn't wait to hear the rest of the conversation and continued to walk. When she met one of the servants in the centre area of the mansion where the stairs were, she inquired,

"Do you know where Vincent is?"

The servant bowed and replied, "Master Vincent must be in his study room, milady."

"Thank you," Eve offered a small smile before climbing the stairs and finally reached in front of Vincent's study room.

Noticing the door ajar, Eve pushed the door further open before she stepped inside the room. She noticed Vincent standing in front of the large window, watching the snow fall and hearing her footsteps approach him, and he turned to look at her.

Eve couldn't read his expression, making her wonder if he was keeping his anger from spilling out.

"How's Eugene, doing?"

"He's doing good. Rosetta and Timotei are with him now," Eve said, and she came to stand before him. "How are you doing?" She asked him.

"Disappointed," Vincent raised his hand to caress Eve's cheek and there was a heaviness that she hadn't noticed a few seconds ago. He took a step closer and kissed her forehead. He then remarked, "But not for long. A little adjustments is in need now." As he said this, a faint smile appeared on his lips.


Chapter 419 House Of Purgatory
Music Recommendation: Distress- Johannes Lehniger

Eve wondered what adjustments Vincent was talking about.

After hugging for a little more time, they pulled away from each other's embrace, Eve stared into his dark red eyes. He said,

"You seem troubled. Don't worry, the adjustments are to maintain peace in this mansion and in our minds."

"I seem to be an open book today," Eve muttered with a small smile that disappeared within seconds.

"I try to do my best to read you," Vincent responded, and he took hold of her wrist where his mark lay. Eve had worn a full sleeves dress, which hid the wings and the 'V' on her wrist. "But it is this that makes it easy for me. As I have attached or connected my soul to you, I can read or sense your emotions when you are nearby."

Eve nodded understandingly and she wished she could do the same with Vincent. It seemed like the mark wasn't there just to show who held her heart, but it also created a connection between Vincent and her. When her hand dropped to her side, she asked him,

"Were you serious when you told Marceline that you are severing your ties with her?"

Even though Marceline was different in nature compared to her other two siblings, Vincent and Allie, who had their own quirks, the elder daughter of the Moriarty was still related to them by blood.

Before, Eve had only disliked Marceline, but right now, dislike didn't cover for what the vampiress had done. Not having siblings, she wondered how it felt…

Vincent's fingers intertwined with Eve's fingers, while he held a thoughtful expression. He stated, "Sometimes you believe or hope a person will show remorse towards their actions. But then you reach a point where you know it is hopeless and it is better to let go of the hope." And though he said it, it didn't mean he wouldn't fix his sister in his own ways and a cunning smile appeared on his lips.

Eve took a moment before she told him about Marceline stabbing Eugene, and as he heard it the smile on his lips slipped and was replaced by a grave expression. She told him everything she saw through the eyes of the vampiress with her ability of vision.

Vincent squeezed Eve's hand and apologised, "I am sorry that you had to go through something so terrible because of Marceline's action. You have been brave, my Eve. You did well," his other hand went to pat her head, making her wonder if she had done a decent job.

With Rosetta crying and Eugene who was dead, Eve had tried not to break down. The heaviness that had begun to sink in had pushed her to a dark side in her mind that she was revisiting after her mother's death. She whispered,

"I was scared…"

"I know you were, my love. Eugene is your family," Vincent's thumb caressed the back of Eve's hand.

Eve pursed her lips and whispered, "This time she dug her own grave. And to think I wanted to ease her pain…"

Anger bubbled in Eve's mind towards Marceline and she clenched her jaw. Marceline held no remorse even after what had happened to her. Eve was glad that Rosetta was there in time to help Eugene. Rosetta was a blessing, as if it weren't for her, they would be now preparing a casket for Eugene.

"I told Rosetta about what I am," Eve looked in the direction of the window, watching the snow continue to fall. "She saw me use my powers when I used it on Eugene, so she thought I was a witch."

"But you corrected her," Vincent commented and she nodded at his words.

"I did… I didn't want to lie to her. If she found out the truth in the future, it would break the trust that we have between us," Eve said in a low voice, and she remembered Lady Camille's blood on her hands. She then said worriedly, "I was nervous about her accepting what I am, and told her not to eat me but could eat others. Something along those lines."

Vincent couldn't help but chuckle at Eve's words that brought a confused look on her face, "But the truth is you don't want her eating your kind," and she nodded. He said, "No one can control what one eats. But I think for the sake of the friendship you both hold, she surely understood your words even though it might have not come out right."

After talking to Vincent, Eve felt the anxiousness that had been brewing in her chest now settling down. She wondered if Marceline understood the gravity of the situation she had put herself in. It wasn't just about not being able to walk through the crowd of the high society, but with her missing limb and her attitude, the vampiress had hit rock bottom.

"You have a forgiving nature, Eve. One who wants to see the best in people, but some people don't deserve it," Vincent replied to Eve, feeling her slight anxiousness. "You shouldn't blame yourself for someone's blackened heart."

"How did Marceline turn out like this?" Eve asked because none in the Moriarty family were like Marceline. The vampiress didn't grow up with bad parents; the only thing she could think of was the story Vincent had told her. Of how the vampiress had lost her childhood friend, the same time when Lady Katherina had died.

"She was probably swapped when she was born for another one and we just didn't know," Vincent shrugged his shoulders before he offered her a crooked smile. "Don't be sad, little girl. Things could have turned for the worse, but the culprit is caught."

Even though from now onwards, it would be hard for Marceline, Eve wasn't sure if the vampiress would try to cause harm to her and her family again. That was if the vampiress could.

At the same time, Viscount Eduard and Lady Annalise appeared in front of Vincent's study room. Hearing their footsteps, Eve and Vincent turned and looked at the door. When they entered the room, Eve offered a bow to both of them and said,

"I will step outside," and was ready to leave the study room.

"That won't be necessary, Ms. Barlow as this also involves you," Viscount Eduard said to Eve. He said, "Mr. Pepper just left. He's given Marceline a sedative so that it can lower down her pain in her leg."

Eve noticed how Viscount Eduard and Lady Annalise wore worried looks on their faces. But it was the latter, who appeared to be worn out since the past few days. With Marchioness Hooke constantly invading her space, while she was trying to tolerate the woman on her husband's word, and Marceline's recent shameful actions, the vampiress looked like she was in need of a break.

Viscount Eduard said, "Marceline… She has walked down the incorrect path so far, without realising that she is adding to her suffering. I don't expect you to forgive her for the things she has done. Or could have done," his words now were directed to Eve, and Lady Annalise looked slightly startled. The older vampiress wondered if her husband was apologising for the time when Marceline had humiliated Eve in her town. "I presume with her current behaviour, it will be hard to have her stay in the mansion."

"You said she wants to go and stay in the South mansion?" Lady Annalise asked her husband.

Viscount Eduard nodded with a grim expression.

"I object to it," Vincent responded in a cold voice, having his parents turn to look at him.

"Don't tell me that you want her staying here in Skellington?" Lady Annalise questioned with a deep frown. Even the vampiress knew things wouldn't be the same as before, not when Marceline refused to accept her wrongdoings. "If you marry Ms. Barlow, things won't go well, Vincent."

"Things won't go well for Marceline, that is confirmed," Vincent ran his tongue across one of his sharp fangs. He continued, "Dear mother, I understand that you want to save Marceline from turning bitter than how she is now. By sending her somewhere quiet and peaceful, but no one can guarantee that she won't repeat what she's been doing until now."

"Marceline is only going to turn more against Ms. Barlow," Lady Annalise pointed out to Vincent, who nodded.

"That is very true," Vincent agreed in a nonchalant tone with his eyebrows furrowed.

Viscount Eduard, who was listening, asked his son, "Are you thinking about Sabbit?" It was also where he had initially thought of sending Marceline so that she could reform from her current behaviour.

"No, not the Sabbit," Vincent replied, and his father looked at him questioningly. "To the House."

"House of Purgatory?! You cannot be serious, Vincent!" Lady Annalise exclaimed in shock.

Viscount Eduard frowned and said, "The House of Purgatory isn't for people like us. It is nothing like Sabbit. At least the Sabbit reforms people in a more fair way."

"What is the House of Purgatory?" Eve was curious as this was the first time she was hearing about this place.

Vincent explained it to her with a smile, "It is a place where most of the notorious criminals end up. It is worse than the dungeons. Some of the reputed members of the high society leave their children there, children who they want to hide from the society. The rules there are unconventional and severe, and people are punished for mistakes one might think are unimportant."

"The place is nothing less than a dungeon! She isn't a criminal," Lady Annalise didn't want her family to fall apart. Though she knew Marceline required a rude awakening, thinking about the House of Purgatory left an unsettling feeling in her stomach.

"You would be surprised," Vincent calmly answered.

"What did she do now?" Eduard asked in a serious tone, pursing his lips.

"She killed someone who was close to Eve," Vincent remarked, and he added, "Of course, we all have had our fair share of killing people and burying them like plants that won't grow, but Marceline crossed the line."

The Viscount and Lady Annalise turned to look at Eve, who stood quietly in the room. Viscount Eduard sighed loudly. He parted his lips, "I don't know what to say, Genevieve, but I am sorry for your loss."

Eve was about to correct him, but then she remembered Lady Annalise didn't know anything about her true self or that she had used her ability to bring Allie's fangs back. Lady Annalise rubbed her temples, while Viscount Eduard weighed the current situation that had formed in their family.

On the other hand, Eve watched the torn expression on the parents' faces as they tried to come to a decision on what to do with Marceline. Though Eve was able to protect herself from the vampiress, and so was Eugene as he had turned into a half-vampire today, still there was Lady Aubrey and others whom the vampiress could target.

Viscount Eduard sighed and nodded, "Okay. Marceline will be sent to the House of Purgatory."

"Eduard," Lady Annalise turned to look at the Viscount, "Please give it another thought. I don't think Marceline will agree to go there. What if she runs away in the middle of the night to god knows where after hearing about it?"

"With her missing foot, it is hard for her to run," Vincent chimed, before he said, "No one is ever happy about going to the House of Purgatory, which is why we will be telling her that she's going to the mansion in the South side, as per her wish. The House of Purgatory comes on the way and she can be dropped there."

Viscount Eduard wasn't happy with the decision he and his family took, but Marceline had left them with no choice. He said,

"It will be hard for her to move. Until the wedding is over, let her stay here. The physician told he would be getting her a wooden leg… to attach to her amputated leg, so that she can walk. He took the measurements before he left."

Knowing Marceline's prideful self would be too ashamed to even step out of her room, Vincent remarked, "Sounds fair."

Chapter 420 East Lands

Music Recommendation: Two figures by a fountain - Dario Marianelli


Somewhere in the far east lands, Noah stood with one of the town's magistrates, discussing the improvement needed to be done in the town.

"I have already told Ramsay to arrange the resource that you need so that you can start working on the grounds here," Noah said to the magistrate, who in height was a lot shorter than the Duke and had to crane his neck to look at Noah.

The magistrate nodded, "Thank you very much for your help, Duke Noah. I cannot tell how much I appreciate yours and your family's assistance as usual. I was actually hoping to meet your uncle, James Sullivan with you during this visit of yours, because I have gathered the sea creatures he wanted."

Noah tilted his head with his eyes holding a question, and he asked, "Sea creatures?"

The magistrate said, "That's right, yes. He said he wanted my help in capturing the mermaids and sirens that walk on the land. He has been working hard in gathering the outcasts."

This was the first time Noah was hearing anything about this. He wondered what his uncle was up to. Why mermaids and sirens?

The magistrate continued, "I must say, it is hard to find a mermaid with them being swept clean from the lands and captured. No one ever leaves the mermaids and sirens alive, you know. Would you like to stay for supper, Duke Noah? You can pick your own choice to eat. Fresh from the pond."

Turning curious over the magistrate's words, Noah smiled and replied, "I would definitely like to choose one. Where are they, Mr. Shaw?"

Mr. Shaw chuckled, and his whole body shook before he looked at Noah with a deceiving look and replied,

"I bought this property which includes the forest and abundant supply of water. To keep the creatures in perfect condition. Of course, your uncle is the one who offered to pay for the expenses in maintaining them. You know," he paused for a moment before continuing, "The mermaids are rare and sirens are vicious in nature, they need to be kept in control."

Together, they began to walk towards where their carriages were, and Mr. Shaw led him to the forest in their respective carriages. After travelling for some time, the carriages halted, and they stepped down on the snowy ground of the forest.

"This way, Duke Noah," the magistrate stretched his hand forward. They walked until Noah's eyes fell into an opening like a cave, where four guards stood, guarding the place. When his eyes moved farther away from the cave, he noticed a few more men standing at a distance.

Once they stepped inside the cave, it led to a long trail of stairs and they reached the ground. There were two little pond-like waters, with a waterfall.

One of the ponds contained four mermaids, connected to a waterfall and in the other were three sirens that looked as if they were dying. Noah's eyebrows subtly furrowed, and he asked,

"How did you find these many?"

"I had to send my men all over the Eastern lands. It has been extremely hard, and this is the collection that took place in two years," Mr. Shaw replied, looking at his captured work and he smiled, "If it weren't for your uncle, I would have sold and made quite some money, or just have those delicious flesh in my mouth, but your uncle hasn't come here in the last two years. Though he did say he would be visiting soon."

"If you have captured them from the lands, wouldn't they try to escape?" Noah asked, because from what he saw, the mermaids and the sirens didn't appear to have consciousness and laid their heads on the edge of the pond as if they were tired.

"Oh that!" The magistrate exclaimed and then replied, "There were four sirens before, but one of them killed two men of mine, so we had to inject them with something to calm them. Of course, as you know, we couldn't keep the troublesome siren in here and we have caged it on the other side. With the deprived food, and lack of salts for the last two years, their fins don't have the energy to turn and walk. We took all the precautions that would be needed. Though I wonder what Mr. James is thinking by saving them. Perhaps for the King and the Queen for some special occasion? I hope I will be mentioned in it."

The magistrate had offered to cook one of the mermaids as Noah was James Sullivan's nephew. He doubted it would cause any problems, and he had been craving to have these mermaid meat.

"It could be," Noah responded, and he couldn't help but question what his uncle was trying to achieve. He said, "I think it would be best that we don't eat any of them, as they have been saved for Uncle James."

"Y--yes, of course. Whatever you prefer to be the best, Duke Noah," the magistrate quickly fixed his disappointed expression as he had hoped to have a good supper tonight.

Noah asked, "When was the last my uncle wrote to you?"

"It was three or four months ago. He said in the letter that he was busy capturing the sea creatures in the West, and that he would come when he would find time," Mr. Shaw replied and asked, "Is something the matter?"

"I was merely curious. I will remind him once I get back to Woodlock," Noah offered a small smile and, giving one last look, they walked up the stairs and out of place. While the Duke continued to walk towards his own carriage, Mr. Shaw followed him and asked,

"About the supper..." 

"I remembered I have something to attend in the evening, Mr. Shaw. Pardon me for not being able to spend more time, but hopefully I will the next time I visit," Noah let the man know. Before reaching near the carriage, something struck his mind and his footsteps lowered. "Mr. Shaw... I was just curious."

"About what, Duke Noah?" The magistrate stopped walking and leaned closer, wondering what it was about.

"The creatures in the pond, is it a coincidence or did you find the ones who were around the same age?" Noah couldn't help but question it. Because the sea was not too far from where they were, sea creatures sometimes got caught. The sea creatures appeared to be not too young, nor did they appear to be too old.

The magistrate appeared impressed by Noah's sharp eyes, and he praised, "I can now tell why you turned into a Duke, Duke Noah. You caught such attention with such a short time that people would normally not notice." He answered Noah's question, "These mermaids and sirens are between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-five."

"That's oddly a specific way to choose the food," Noah remarked calmly.

"That is what Mr. James Sullivan wanted. He said the meat is particularly tastier in this age range, than the others. I had no idea about it until he told me. We learn something new everyday, don't we?" Mr. Shaw chuckled.

"We do learn something everyday," Noah repeated the magistrate's words.

The information given by this magistrate didn't sit well with Noah because he came to realise that this had something to do with Eve. And though Eve was twenty-five by age, she appeared younger as if she had only crossed eighteen.

Was his uncle looking for Eve? But why?

"I should get going now," Noah said, and his coachman, Kieran, opened the carriage door. " I will see you soon, Mr. Shaw."

"I look forward to it, Duke Noah!" The magistrate bowed his head and watched the Duke climb inside the carriage. Once the carriage disappeared, the magistrate climbed in his own carriage and left from the place.