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Chapter 346 Mandate
Alex's smile faded, replaced by a grave expression. He gestured for Zeke and Alicia to join him in a more secluded area. Zeke nodded in acknowledgment, leading Alicia by his side as they followed Alex and Sebastian.

Without beating around the bush, Alex began to speak, telling Zeke of the current predicament they were in.

Zeke's expression remained stoic, his gaze locked with Alex's as he absorbed what Alex was telling him.

"In short... the situation is really dire this time." Alex said. "To the point that even with you now right here with us, it might be too late to solve this without spilling blood."


As they watched the videos of vampires Elijah had released in the internet, Zeke tapped his fingers. His expression stoic as he rested his temple against his knuckles.

On the screens, they watched the disturbing videos. Each video depicted acts of violence and chaos, carefully orchestrated to fuel the humans' suspicion and fear of the vampire population. The evidence was overwhelming, as if Elijah had designed the perfect trap, ensuring a constant influx of new videos that kept the humans on edge, stoke their suspicion and intrigue, and sow seeds of fear among the masses. 

Sebastian's voice cut through the silence, his tone calm. "We've tried everything to take down these videos, but they keep resurfacing."

A sigh escaped Alex's lips. "Honestly, I fear there may be no bloodless solution anymore. Humans are both intelligent and insatiably curious. Sometimes, their curiosity leads them down paths that bring more harm than good." He paused. "Even if we manage to completely halt the spread of these videos and erase any trace of them, the humans' suspicions will linger. Worse yet, I fear they may resort to drastic measures, perceiving us as a dangerous virus that must be eradicated before it spreads further."

Before Zeke could even say anything, Lucas approached the group. His voice filled with urgency as he reported that a battle has erupted on the western border. And that an unknown militia has launched an attack, targeting civilians and capturing the violence on video.

Alex's jaw clenched, "Clearly, their purpose is to expose the truth, to see if the people of Viscarria are more than just humans." Alex said. "Those little idiots. And? Is any of them still alive right now?"

Lucas nodded. "Sadly, some human citizens lost their lives in the attack but no vampire is reportedly killed. And some vampires end up killing numbers of those militia out of anger. Right now, the ones who are left alive are held captive."

After Zeke gave him an instruction, Lucas immediately nodded and left.

"Have the world leaders begun their meeting?" Zeke then inquired, his gaze now fixed on Sebastian.

Sebastian nodded solemnly. "They have attempted to convene an urgent meeting online, but we have been intercepting their communications. It's a risky move that only heightens their suspicions, but at present, I see no better alternative to handle the situation."


"Let them gather in one place," Zeke uttered, causing both Alex and When Zeke regarded Sebastian with a nod of approval, Alex interjected. "I believe they're now going to be forced to meet in person."

"Let them gather in one place," Zeke uttered, causing both Alex and Sebastian to exchange puzzled glances.

Questions filled their eyes as they sought to understand Zeke's reasoning. Before they could voice their concerns, Zeke continued, "By gathering them in one place, it will make the task easier."

"You're not going out there, brother." Sebastian rose. His voice rang firmly as he looked intently at Zeke. "We are here to hear your plan, but the execution will be done by us. You are you going to stay here with Azy and Alicia."

As the Zeke and Sebastian's gaze held in silence, their attention was interrupted by the arrival of Gav. The man sauntered towards the group, his confident stride and powerful demeanor drawing all eyes towards him. Rather than taking the vacant seat across from Alicia, he positioned himself casually next to Zeke.

"Why don't you let me be your substitute, Zeke?" Gav suggested.

Zeke's gaze met Gav's. "No, you're not allowed to go anywhere far without me," he replied, the firmness in his voice leaving no room for argument.

"Come on, Zeke. It's clear that your unique abilities are needed in this world's situation. Your brother wanted you to remain here, to spend time with your family before we depart. So the only logical solution is for me to step in and handle your part instead. After all, you can't just subject me in doing unexciting task like teaching Sebastian's woman healing magic, or I might burst."

Gav shrugged clearly letting Zeke and everyone know what he meant by letting his demonic power seeped out of him like he couldn't contain them anymore.

His power quickly turned the room suffused with dark and overwhelming energy that Sebastian own demonic power started to get triggered.

Zeke glared at Gav and the man sighed before his power subsided once again, making it easier for Sebastian to calm himself at the same time.

"You know it's not easy holding back this thing inside me, Zeke." Gav said.

"This task cannot be entrusted to just anyone, especially not you, Gav."

Gav leaned back, as if on the verge of rolling his eyes. "Don't tell me this is another boring task that requires no bloodshed."

"This world is different from the one you know, Gav. It's not brute force or overwhelming power that is needed here." Zeke said calmly before he returned his gaze back to Sebastian. "Don't worry, I'll only deal with this one thing... and it won't even take much time as it's the easiest task out of all after all."

A knowing smirk played on Alex's lips as he chimed in, his voice laced with a hint of amusement. "Indeed, Zeke. That's undoubtedly the easiest task of all. For you, that is."

As Alex playfully shook his head, Sebastian, his expression grave, captured Zeke's attention once more.

"Tell me, brother," Sebastian uttered, his tone serious and his gaze fierce. "Are we still bound by the mandate not to kill a Reign prince?"


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Chapter 347 Who Are You?
Royal Palace, Queza, Viscarria...

After the prophetess departed, Elijah and Kyle were left alone together in what used to be Ezekiel's study.

Elijah was nonchalantly seated behind the desk while Kyle was on the sofa across from him. Glancing at his younger brother, a hint of amusement played on his lips as he broke the silence. "So? Why are you still here, my younger brother?" he inquired.

Kyle lifted his gaze towards Elijah, his expression showed nothing but nonchalance. "Are you tired of your brother's face already?" he retorted casually.

Elijah smirked. "You know you won't be able to fool me, Vincent Kyle," he remarked knowingly.

"Fool you?" Kyle echoed, a wry smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "When did I even start trying to do something like that?"

Elijah tilted his head slightly, his gaze sharpening as he studied his brother intently. After a few moments of silence passed, Elijah spoke. "It appears that you have grown wiser, Kyle. I can't help but wonder what thoughts occupy your mind in this moment. So far, it seems you have done absolutely nothing since all of this began."

Kyle let out a sigh, throwing his head back and directing his gaze towards the ceiling. "It seems like you've been waiting for me to take action. But brother, I hate to disappoint you, but I currently have no plans to do anything at all. That's why I find myself just hanging out in here."

"Because you refused to go to the Black Forest?"

"Not really," Kyle shrugged, a nonchalant expression on his face. "I just believe that even if I were in the Black Forest right now, I would still be doing the exact same thing as I am here."

Elijah arched an eyebrow. "You're starting to irk me, Kyle. When did you learn to be someone annoying?"

"Now that's news to me," Kyle replied, a small smile playing at his lips. "You, getting annoyed by anyone who isn't causing harm to a dog or cat."

Elijah tapped his fingers against his temple, his eyes glinting with a dangerous intensity. "There are only three beings I despise to the core, Kyle," he began, his voice tinged with quiet menace. "First, those who abuse and harm animals. Second, Sebastian. And last but not least... Ezekiel. And now I'm starting to really see Ezekiel's influence on you."

"I thought it was only Sebastian that you hated. When did you start hating Zeke as well? I recall you used to look up to him, or so it seemed."

Elijah chuckled darkly. "When? I always despised him. I could never fathom why all of you became his puppets. Well, now I've stopped trying to make sense of it. I simply concluded that all of you were fools, willingly allowing one man to control and manipulate your lives. And I can't hardly believe that even after he's gone, you all remain under his spell, as if he's your god. The level of idiocy is truly astounding that it's almost comical. Yet none of you seem to wake up from it or ever want to. Such fools," he scoffed.

Kyle's voice turned quiet as he responded yet his face still didn't betray any emotion. "It's true... even I can call Zeke a master of manipulation. But I don't believe that any of us are his puppets. If we were, my brother Kai would have never..." Kyle's voice trailed off, his eyes closing momentarily.

Elijah's smirk widened. "What if that's exactly why Kai met his fate? Because Ezekiel orchestrated it all to reach that point?"

Kyle's gaze flew opened and locked with Elijah's. "I don't see any reason why Zeke would do something like that."

"The reason is simple," Elijah stated. "He wanted to eliminate Kai all along. One reason could be because Kai showed greater obedience to Alexander than to him. Ezekiel has a tendency to rid himself of those who refuse to bend to his will, after all."

Kyle still showed no visible reaction on his face. No one would be able to tell if he believed or even considered Elijah's reasoning. "Is that really the only reason why you despise him? I wonder what he did to you to have such deep-seated hatred against him."

Elijah smirked, but too soon, before he could even respond, his smirk faded into an expression of wary caution.

A mysterious woman then suddenly appeared. Clad in a dark crimson cloak that billowed around her, the woman's face was concealed by a large hood.

The dark red cloak... Kyle instantly remembered the red cloak that Sebastian had mentioned to him before. He was told that the witch who was said to be behind Elijah was wearing a dark red cloak. This woman definitely gives off an unnatural air around her. Her presence wasn't really the kind that awakens someone's flight or fight instinct. Kyle himself couldn't quite sense how strong or how dangerous she might be and yet… he felt like she was someone he must immediately kill without mercy and without hesitation. This was such a strange feeling that Kyle had never felt before. Just who was this woman?

Interrupting the silent atmosphere, the woman's voice slithered through the air, her tone needlessly seductive. "Did I interrupt an important private brotherly meeting?" she inquired, her words dripping with unneeded delight.

Elijah's gaze locked with the woman's, his features suddenly blank. "Nothing of great importance that you don't already know," he replied.

With calculated grace, the woman approached Elijah's desk, positioning herself between the two brothers. Then, with a deliberate movement, she turned her back to Elijah and fixed her gaze upon Kyle.

"So it's the youngest prince of the Reigns," she mused, her voice carrying some kind of over the top seductiveness it was disgusting. Slowly, she lifted her hand and raised her hood ever so slightly, revealing the lower half of her face. A sinister smile played upon her lips, stained with a crimson hue.

Her tongue traced her blood-red lips and then, her chilling whisper echoed through the room "I have been eagerly awaiting our meeting, Prince Vincent Kyle."

"Who are you?" Kyle asked.
Chapter 348 Familiar (New 22nd- September-2023)


"Are you on our side, or just some spy?" the witch inquired, her voice remained overly melodic.

Maintaining an air of absolute composure, Kyle leaned forward, his elbows finding their place on his knees. Strands of his dark hair, carefully combed but slightly tousled, fell over his forehead, partially obscuring his penetrating gaze as he focused his attention on the woman before him. "Right now, I find myself on no one's side," he replied.

The woman flicked her long bright red nails. "And you expect me to believe that?" she challenged, her voice dripping with skepticism. "You were trained by your despicable older brother, Prince. And right now, you are reacting almost just like him."

Kyle's lips curved into a faint smirk and with a subtle shift of his posture, he reclined against the back of his seat. "Well," he sighed. "Since it appears that both of you have already made up your minds, then I shall provide you with the answer you want. Yes, I am, of course, on their side. Now, I ask you in return... who exactly are you?"

The witch's lips curled into a knowing smile. "You do realize that if I reveal my true identity, you will be forever bound to this side, don't you?"

"Well, it's not as if the other side truly needs me," he said. "At this moment, I find myself far more intrigued by the two of you and the hidden agendas you both carry."

"So your real reason for staying here is merely curiosity?" the witch questioned, her voice tinged with skepticism.

Kyle's eyes twitched, his curiosity burning brighter. "I don't understand what exactly both of you are aiming for. It intrigues me endlessly, and I honestly don't like the fact that I can't find an answer I'm quite satisfied with. Would you mind enlightening me?"

"You don't understand? What is it exactly that eludes your comprehension? Huh? Prince?"

Kyle leaned forward once more, resting his elbows against his knees. His hands entwined together, fingers interlocking with a deliberate and purposeful grip, reflecting the resolve that pulsed through his veins. His gaze, once curious and probing, now transformed into an expression of utmost seriousness. "Your motives." He answered. "You're trying to ignite a war and restore vampire dominance in this world... I can comprehend that sentiment to some extent. But what I fail to understand is why you both continue to pursue this risky path, knowing full well that not just one or two, but an entire family of immortals exists. Even if you succeed in leading a vampire takeover, how do you plan to deal with those whom you cannot kill? Your goals seem utterly foolish to me, and I struggle to comprehend them."

Silence filled the room. Kyle's gaze shifted towards Elijah, searching for a reaction. To his surprise, Elijah's expression remained impassive, void of any surprise or revelation.

The woman on the other hand chuckled. It was obvious to Kyle now that these two were of course aware about what he was trying to point out. And it seems… they weren't bothered by it. Why? What exactly were they hiding for them not to be bothered by this huge issue?

"Your brother truly is another interesting character, Elijah," she remarked, a hint of intrigue in her voice.

"In a bad way," Elijah replied in a curt voice.

"Yes, indeed, in a bad way," the woman agreed, nodding. "And that is precisely why I find him fascinating and rather appealing."

Elijah's eyes widened slightly, a flicker of surprise crossing his features. He looked as though he hadn't expected the woman to take such an interest in Kyle.

Before Kyle could observe more of his brother's reaction, his attention was pulled back towards the woman as she began to move closer to him.

"I've heard that you're in love with a witch," she stated, her voice filled with a knowing undertone.

"You didn't answer my question..." Kyle tried to interrupt. His features betraying nothing.

But the woman acted as though he didn't hear him at all and simply continued. "A witch who now possesses silver hair, if I'm not mistaken." her voice taking on a seductive tone as she started to move closer to Kyle. "

Kyle didn't respond. His expression remained stoic as she closed the distance between them.

When she was right before him, the woman's touch grazed Kyle's face, sending an icy chill through his veins.

"What if I told you that I know a method for you to be with your beloved witch queen again… free from sacrifice or compromise?" she whispered, her voice laced with an enticing allure. "A way to be together without causing harm to either of you."

Still, Kyle didn't speak a word.

"The method is actually quite simple," she continued, a wicked smile playing on her lips. "And I am more than willing to show it to you myself, Prince."

In a swift and daring move, Kyle's hand suddenly shot out, his fingers latching onto the woman's hood. And faster than a blink of an eye, her face was unveiled.

Time seemed to freeze for a fleeting moment as Kyle's breath caught in his throat.

Before him stood a woman of ethereal beauty, her features both delicate and beguiling. Her eyes shimmered like a silver moon. Silvery tendrils of hair cascaded around her face,

framing it in an intricate and silken wave. It was a face that he hadn't seen in years. A face his mind had hoped to never see again even in his dreams.

"Li… Lilith?" Kyle muttered in disbelief.

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A shiver coursed through Kyle's body when the she smiled and continued to caress' his face. His eyes began to darken. The longer he stared into the depths of her eyes, the more he felt himself succumbing to a dark enchantment.

"Yes, Kyle… it's me…" she whispered, so alluringly. Her voice had changed. It had transformed into a familiar and hauntingly beautiful sound—a voice from his past.



Chapter 349 unflattering (New updated 23 -Sep. - 23)
Kyle's lips parted, his throat working as his eyes remained unable to look away from her beautiful, enticing gaze.

"Come with me, Kyle," she said, holding his hand and gently pulling him. Her eyes never released their hold on him.

As Kyle stood, seemingly in a trance, her smile widened. "You make me so happy, Kyle," she drawled, her voice growing even more tempting.

Guiding Kyle toward the door, Elijah's voice suddenly rang out. "Wait," he called, his words echoing in the room.

Ignoring him completely, she asked Kyle, without stopping in her tracks, "Your brother can't stop you from coming with me, right, Kyle?"

"Yes," Kyle replied, still seemingly entranced.

"See?" she smiled sweetly. "So, just let your younger brother be, Prince Elijah."

Before Elijah could respond, she disappeared, taking Kyle along with her.

And in the blink of an eye, they materialized inside a dimly lit room.

She guided him towards the bed, never releasing her gaze from his eyes. Suddenly, the back of Kyle's feet hit the edge of the bed, causing him to fall into a sitting position.

"Oh, Kyle... what a handsome young man you are," she praised, and as her fingers caressed his lips, the woman shrieked. In an instant, she found herself pinned against the bed where Kyle had been sitting just moments ago. Kyle's fingers were wrapped tightly around her neck as he glared down at her with fury. "You," he hissed, his voice filled with venom. "Take off your damned disguise and reveal your true face."

The woman's surprise was fleeting, quickly replaced by a knowing smirk that played across her face. "Now, that's quite impressive of you... you really made me believe I had succeeded in compelling you, Prince," she said, her voice laced with a provocative tone, as she sensually ran her tongue over her lips.

Kyle tightened his grip on her neck, cutting off her breathing. "Show your true self now, or I'll snap your neck without hesitation!" he threatened, his voice seething with rage.

But the woman's smile didn't fade as her appearance shifted once again. Her silvery hair transformed into a vibrant shade of red, her eyes turned a deep green, and lovely freckles adorned her face like scattered constellations. Kyle's eyes widened in utter shock as he now gazed upon the face of the very person he had first fallen in love with.

She chuckled innocently, flawlessly mimicking the laughter of the young girl from his past. "Oh, Prince, can you truly snap my neck? Can you bear to harm your beloved? I highly doubt it," she taunted, exuding confidence. "You loved me far too deeply to inflict any harm upon me, let alone take my life."

A dark expression settled upon Kyle's face, his emotions churning within him.

"You can't... you're a kind-hearted man. The most innocent and gentle among your brothers. You could never kill—"


The sound of bones breaking echoed through the room. The woman's eyes widened, frozen in disbelief, as life abruptly departed from her body. Her features started to shift, transforming into those of a woman unfamiliar to Kyle. Any trace of Lilith vanished until only a lifeless body remained.

Kyle stood there, numb and expressionless, his gaze fixed upon the lifeless figure before him. In the silence that followed, a soft and seductive laughter began to fill the air, echoing around him.

"Hahaha... just as I thought," the voice echoed through the room. Kyle swiftly leaped from the bed, scanning his surroundings with an intense gaze.

"Did you know that I kind of saw this coming?" she continued, her voice filling the air. Kyle froze, his eyes now fixated on the floor, realizing that the voice belonged to something non-physical—a presence he couldn't touch, kill, or even capture.

The realization struck Kyle, unraveling the answer to the question he had posed to both her and Elijah earlier. Was this the reason they had seemed unfazed? Because this witch, or whoever this woman was, possessed an immunity to death? Because she could effortlessly transfer to another body if her current host dies?

His thoughts were interrupted as the voice spoke once again, drawing his attention. "Too bad for you, but I've encountered this trick before, young man. I know where you learned your moves... it's from Ezekiel, isn't it?"

Kyle's eyes stretched ever so slightly.

"I'll share a secret with you, sweet little prince... I've also learned to counter that tactic, thanks to that very same person. Hahaha," she taunted.

With lightning speed, Kyle dashed towards the door, hoping for an escape. But as he flung the door open, he was met with a sight that immediately halted his moves—thick prison bars, surrounded by powerful enchantments.

The laughter grew louder, mocking his failed attempt.

"Poor thing... you almost managed to deceive me if only you had been a bit more patient and played along a little longer. But alas... I would be damned if I allowed myself to be fooled by the same trick more than twice," she declared, her laughter resuming as if she had achieved a triumph worth celebrating.

Kyle slowly lifted his head, his expression blank, and turned around to face the empty space.

"So, it appears that you're some cursed ghost of someone who knew my brother quite well," Kyle calmly remarked, a smirk playing on his lips as if he had just found something amusing.

"What's so funny, Prince? Are you losing your mind already?" the voice sneered.

"Not really," Kyle replied nonchalantly, shaking his head with amusement. "I just find it amusing that our enemy this time is actually a ghost. It's quite underwhelming, if you ask me. I had set my expectations too high, and I can't help but feel disappointed by this... well, unflattering revelation."

She snorted venomously, "Unflattering, huh? Well, let's see if you'll still find it unflattering once I use your body to kill the woman you love."

A slow smile crept across Kyle's lips, his eyes taking on a dreamy expression as he tilted his head slightly. "I'd love to see you try... I'm curious to witness how my queen will ruthlessly exorcise you from my body, reducing you to nothing but smithereens."


Chapter 350 Exhausted
Back in the Black Forest, Elle, Zeres, and Lilith gathered within the crystal cavern, where Elle continued her efforts to cure Iryz. The beautiful interior of the crystal cavern was suffused with a weak ethereal glow, but the crystals reflected and amplified the magical energy that filled the air.

That was the scene when Gav arrived. As soon as Gav's piercing gaze fell upon the two silver-haired individuals, Zeres and Lilith, his expression contorted with a mix of annoyance and discomfort. With a sigh, he shut his eyes tightly and pinched the bridge of his nose, as if battling against a growing headache.

"Could the two of you do something about your hair? Its color gives me headache," Gav spoke up, his voice commanding and laced with an air of authority.

Both Zeres and Lilith frowned, exchanging puzzled glances. Their expressions clouded with confusion at first, eventually turning offended. The silver hair that adorned their heads was not only a physical trait but also a symbol of reverence among witches—a mark of their power and status. For the witches, silver hair was the most exalted crown they could possess. That's why Gav's remark about their hair struck a chord deep within them.

With steely resolve, Lilith stepped forward, determined to address Gav's disrespectful comment. Her voice, calm yet firm, echoed in the cavern. "I am well aware of your tremendous and otherworldly power," Lilith stated, "but I, as the queen of witches, will not simply that shimmered with an enigmatic intensity. "Whoever said I am mocking anyone, huh, witch queen?"

stand here and allow you to mock us like that." Her voice carried a quiet intensity, and her silver hair seemed to shimmer with renewed vibrancy—a sign of her power being triggered.

Gav parted his fingers, revealing a pair of mesmerizing grey eyes that shimmered with an enigmatic intensity. "Whoever said I am mocking anyone, huh, witch queen?"

Lilith's gaze narrowed. "Your words imply disdain and disrespect. I will not let such comments go unaddressed, regardless of your power."

Sensing the growing tension between the trio, Elle stepped in between them. "Please stop... This is not the time for you guys to be like this," she said before turning to Lilith and Zeres, whispering to them. "Please don't get triggered by him. I know he's being rude, but it's true that he couldn't look at silver hair without experiencing pain." Elle's words were a plea for understanding. Lilith and Zeres, surprised by this revelation, gradually eased their defensive postures, their expressions softening.

"Alright," Lilith relented, her voice holding a touch of understanding. "Zeres and I will withdraw to the other chamber for now. Just call us if you need assistance."

Elle nodded gratefully, appreciating their cooperation.

"Let's go, Zeres," Lilith said, and with a final glance at Iryz, Zeres reluctantly tore his gaze away and followed Lilith.

When the duo was out of sight, a sigh escaped Gav's lips. He ran his fingers through his dark hair, his attention now fully directed towards Elle.

"So, how's the progress?" Gav asked, his voice carrying a flat tone.

Elle's expression reflected her worry as she met his gaze. "Her breathing is slightly better now, but..." Elle bit her lip, "I'm afraid my healing is not working on her."

Gav approached Iryz, his face remaining impassive. He studied her for a moment before redirecting his attention to Elle. His words were blunt, devoid of any sentiment. "The issue lies not with your healing abilities but with you," he stated matter-of-factly.

Elle's eyes widened in surprise. "What do you mean?"

"I've mentioned this before, haven't I?" Gav spoke as though he was exasperated by the need to repeat himself. "You cannot expect your powers to function optimally when you exhaust your essence by using your powers to heal Zeke's woman. You're drained and in desperate need of rest."

"But Iryz is in danger... You were the one who said she needed help as soon as possible. I can't rest when she's–"

"She's not going to die yet," Gav cut her off. "You don't see any progress, but your power definitely helped her tonight."

Elle blinked at him before eventually nodding, relief flooding her being. The tension in her shoulders eased slightly, knowing that her efforts had not been in vain. She sank into a nearby chair, her weariness finally catching up to her.

But a genuine smile filled graced her lips as she looked at Gav.

Her eyes shimmered with gratitude. Her hands, delicate and intertwined on her lap, conveyed the depth of her emotions. "I'm so grateful," she murmured softly. "Without your assistance and teachings, I would have remained a mere spectator, helpless and unable to make a difference."

Gav simply glanced at her, his expression inscrutable.

And then without a word, he turned away to leave. But just as he crossed the threshold of the door, Elle's voice called out. "Where are you going?" she inquired, her steps quickening to catch up with him.

"Beats me," Gav replied without pausing.

However, Elle didn't stop following him. And as she passed Lilith and Zeres, who had just emerged from the other chamber, Elle offered them a meaningful nod before continuing her pursuit of Gav.

Elle caught up with Gav at the entrance of the crystal cave, where they both came to an abrupt halt due to the unexpected duo that greeted them. Alexander and Sebastian were at the entrance and were about to enter.

Upon seeing Sebastian, Elle immediately rushed towards him. "Seb!" Elle exclaimed, relief flooding her voice as she ran towards him. In an instant, Sebastian, ever protective and possessive, enveloped her in a tight embrace. His hands cradled her face, searching for any signs of distress. His concerned gray eyes bore into hers as he spoke in a hushed voice.

"You look exhausted," Sebastian remarked in a low, worried voice.

Offering him a reassuring smile, she gently brushed her hand against his cheek. "I'm fine, Seb. I just need some rest. I promise I'll look better tomorrow after a good night's sleep."

He looked relieved, but he still appeared on the verge of whisking her away to tuck her in bed and watch over her until morning. As he hugged her tightly, Sebastian paid little mind to the presence of Alex and Gav, who stood nearby, until Alex spoke.

"Enough with the PDA, you two," Alex interjected playfully, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Go and bring Elle to the house to rest, Sebastian. I'll meet you at the entrance of the forest after I speak with Lilith."