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Chapter 351 Name
Seb nodded and eagerly scooped Elle up in his arms. Then with a graceful leap, he carried her away.

As they swiftly moved through the forest, Elle reveled in the familiarity of Sebastian's embrace. Her heart fluttered with joy as she held onto him tightly, cherishing the scent of his presence and the comforting warmth of his body. Even though it hadn't been long since they were in each other's arms, it already felt like days had passed, when in reality, it had only been mere hours.

In no time, they arrived at the house. Sebastian carried her with grace, his arms supporting her as if she were the most delicate treasure. Once inside her room, he gently seated her on top of the table, his gaze locked with hers.

Elle was tempted to wrap her legs around his waist, to pull him closer and prolong their time together. However, a sense of responsibility and understanding held her back. She knew that Sebastian and Alexander had urgent matters to attend to, and she didn't want to hinder their mission with her desires.

"I'm going to leave you here, again," he said in a low voice, looking like he hated even saying it but had no choice.

Elle smiled softly, her eyes filled with understanding. "Don't worry, Seb. I won't let anyone abduct me again," she assured him, her voice filled with determination.

He sagged against her, his forehead resting gently on her shoulder. "I wish I could take you with me, but it's too dangerous," he murmured. "For now, it's still safer for you to stay here."

"Mm," she nodded, smiling. "Zeke's here, so please rest assured, Seb."

Sebastian visibly relaxed, the tension in his body dissipating. It was as if the mere mention of his brother's presence brought him a sense of reassurance, as if his brother's presence alone could take away all his worries and doubts.

"You're right, Zeke's here. I can finally focus on my job," Sebastian murmured, his forehead gently resting against Elle's.

"Yes, and I still have something important to accomplish here," she replied, her eyes sparkling so brightly that it made Sebastian pause, unable to find the right words.

His gaze lingered on her, seemingly captivated by the radiance that emanated from her eyes. "You look..." he trailed off, at a loss for words.

Her smile widened. "I'm just happy that I can finally help, Seb. From now on, I'll do my very best," she declared happily.

Suddenly, Sebastian leaned in, his lips capturing Elle's in a passionate kiss.

Elle momentarily froze, overwhelmed by the intensity of the kiss. She initially felt the need to resist, to be the one to stay composed, but resistance was futile, and soon she found herself reciprocating with equal fervor. Their tongues intertwined, their mouths moving in perfect harmony, as if it had been forever since they last kissed.

When they finally pulled apart, their breaths were ragged, their chests heaving. Sebastian's voice was laced with desire and frustration. "Fuck," he breathed, his eyes dilated. "We need to put an end to this as soon as possible so I can finally bring you home and..." He paused, biting his lip as he took a deep breath, his fingers gently loosening their grip on her scalp. "I need to go now before I lose control, Iza," he admitted, chuckling helplessly.

Elle nodded and pulled him into a tight embrace, holding him close as if trying to anchor him to the present moment. "Please be careful, Seb," she whispered. "Come back to me safe and sound, okay?"

He kissed her knuckles and then pressed a tender kiss to her forehead, his touch filled with reassurance. "I promise," he murmured. And with one final touch, Sebastian vanished before her eyes.Top of Form

When Seb materialized before the Black Forest's exit, he was surprised to see that Alexander wasn't alone. Gav was unexpectedly with him. Sebastian couldn't help but voice his confusion. "Why is he with us? I thought my brother said he couldn't stray too far from him."

Alexander shrugged, a calm expression on his face. "He promised not to interfere, just to tag along with us," he explained. "Don't worry, Seb. Despite his troublesome nature, I believe he'll keep his word."

"Are you sure he didn't put you under a spell for you to agree to bring him with us, Alex?" Sebastian asked.

Gav's eyebrow lifted slightly, amused by Sebastian's wariness. "Would you rather me stay here and disturb your brother's precious moment?" Gav asked, a smirk playing across his face.

Sebastian tsked. "You better behave yourself then," he warned, not fully convinced of Gav's trustworthiness.

"I will. Stop being such a worrywart, younger brother," Gav teased.

Sebastian scowled at the term "younger brother," his irritation rising. "Stop calling me that. I'm not your brother," he retorted, walking past Gav with a cold demeanor.

Gav didn't react, as if he hadn't even registered the coldness in Sebastian's words. His gaze remained steady, unfazed by Sebastian's attitude towards him. "You truly have a temper, Zeke's brother," Gav remarked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Why the fuck do you insist on refusing to use our names, except for Zeke's?" Sebastian snapped, his patience wearing thin. He had grown increasingly irked by Gav's disrespectful way of addressing everyone, particularly when he referred to Elle as the "red-haired" and Alicia as "Zeke's woman," despite them both already introducing themselves properly.

"I don't know what kind of world you came from, and I don't really care if it's the norm in your world to call everyone so disrespectfully," Sebastian pressed. "But you are here in our world right now."

Gav simply glanced at him. Again, he didn't look affected at all. "If you insist," Gav responded. "But don't get mad if I end up calling you different names because I cannot remember names."

Sebastian scoffed. "You cannot, huh? You're not going to tell me you only remember my brother's name, are you?"

Gav's eyes settled ahead of them. "That's right, Zeke's name is the only name I remember."

Sebastian paused for a moment. Somehow, he could now feel that Gav wasn't lying. Silence suddenly reigned between the trio until Alex broke the silence.

"Why is Zeke's name the only one you remember?" Alexander, who had been quiet all this while, finally piped in. "Is it because of the blood oath between you two that Zeke mentioned?"

"Perhaps," Gav simply replied before the three of them finally stepped out of the Black Forest.


Chapter 352 Zeke and Alicia - Part 1

a/n: There will be several chaps under this title 'Zeke and Alicia' and it's going to be focused on Zeke and Alicia. After these chaps, the focus will be back to our main characters.


Back in the Black Forest...

Outside the house, the ethereal glow of moonlight filtered through the trees, casting an enchanting ambiance over the area. Inside, however, it was calm, warm, and quiet.

In the kitchen, Alicia joyfully prepared a meal for her husband and son, infusing the room with the aroma of love and home-cooked goodness.

Meanwhile, in the adjoining room, Zeke and Azy were finally having their long-awaited father-son bonding—an extraordinary bonding that had been a decade in the making. Zeke's presence was as commanding as ever, but this time, there was also an unmistakable tenderness emanating from him. He sat across from his son, his eyes locked onto Azy as the young boy attempted to control the tiny and wild pitch-black flames flickering in his small hands.

As Alicia moved quietly amidst pots and pans, she lifted her gaze towards Zeke and Azy. And instantly, her attention was captivated by the scene unfolding in the adjacent room.

It was a moment she had longed for—a moment where Ezekiel and Azy were finally together, bonding like any ordinary father and son.

As Alicia observed the scene, her heart swelled with both joy and a tinge of sadness. It was a bittersweet moment for her, as she couldn't help but reflect on the years that Ezekiel had been absent from their lives. She had often imagined what it would be like if he had been there for Azy from the very beginning. The countless moments and milestones they had missed as father and son.

Now it was finally happening, after a long... long wait. A decade to be exact.

Alicia could still remember it vividly in her mind, that moment when the darkness was swallowing her husband, taking him away from her… from them. That was the very same moment Ezekiel had broken to her the news, that she was pregnant with their child, with Azy.

Now he was here and Azy's grown to a boy that's exactly a small version of him.

She had often wondered how the father and son would connect once they were finally together. There had been a lingering worry in Alicia's heart, a fear that perhaps Azy wouldn't be able to form a normal bond with his father or that it would take a long time for him to feel comfortable around Ezekiel. After all, Ezekiel had been absent from their lives even before Azy was born. The absence of a father figure during Azy's formative years could have created a barrier between them. However, as she watched them now, Alicia's worries began to fade away.

Because here there were, already synchronizing as if this wasn't their very first time being together like this. Their demeanor, their expressions, even the subtlest of movements, mirrored one another it was simply amazing.

Alicia's eyes shimmered with unshed tears as she witnessed the pure joy emanating from Azy's face. His eyes were alive with wonder and delight she had not seen in Azy's face for a long time. Alicia could tell that it was because he was finally experiencing the love and guidance of a father he had yearned for so long. It was a joy that had long been absent—a joy that had finally blossomed with the presence of his father.

Wiping her tear away, Alicia turned away, a tender smile gracing her lips as she continued with her cooking.

And as the clock ticked on, Zeke's guidance gently led Azy to gain control over his pitch-black flames. The room seemed to hold its breath, until finally, Azy's power responded, dancing under his command. Azy's face lit up with a radiant smile, his eyes sparkling with confidence and pride.

Alicia soon entered the room. Her face beaming as she proudly acknowledged Azy's ever so quick improvement.

Azy grinned at her. "Thanks mom, but it's all thanks to dad's teaching," he looked so happy. The happiest he had ever been.

"Not at all, son," Ezekiel said, his voice filled with pride as he gazed at Azy. "You are simply amazing, Azy. The way you handle your powers at such a young age surpasses anything I could have done when I was your age."

Azy's eyes widened in disbelief, his cheeks flushing as he cast a shy glance at his mother and father before speaking again. "It's because I am the son of two powerful individuals like you, Mom and Dad." He beamed at them and Zeke's smile widened.

Alicia's heart swelled with warmth as she savored the sight of Zeke's relaxed features and the unmistakable light in his eyes as he spoke with their son. It was a rare moment of pure happiness, one that she had longed for and now cherished. She couldn't help but trace the lines of his face with her gaze, memorizing every detail, every expression.

"Yes, you are right. But the power you inherited from us isn't going to define your real strength Azy. In the end, everything will be in your own two hands." Zeke told him and Azy nodded with firm gaze.

"Mom always told me power isn't everything. And I also know that my power could be very dangerous…" Azy's voice weakened a little as he stared down at his own hands. "I also know you and mom are worried because of this power I possess and that's why you are doing your best to teach me how to control it." Then he clenched his fists tight before lifting his gaze and holding his parent's eyes with determination. "Please don't worry. I will tame my own power and learn absolute control, just like you, dad. I promise I will do my best so that… when you two returns… I'm going to make you both very proud of me."

"Oh, Azy…" Alicia hugged her son.

"You are already making us proud, Azriel." Zeke said as he too joined their warm embrace.

In the cozy dining area, the family finally gathered around the table. The aroma of Alicia's cooking filled the room, mingling with the sweet atmosphere. The table was filled with dishes that reflected Alicia's love and care.

As the room was filled with the soft clinking of silverware and the gentle crackling of the fire in the hearth, Zeke was taking a moment to observe his wife and son, his eyes shimmering.

When Alicia glanced at Zeke and saw him watching them with that breathtaking look in his eyes, she reached out and took Zeke's hand.

Soon, in the midst of their meal, laughter and conversation flowed naturally. Alicia was the one who talked the most, but eventually, due to Azy's obvious intense desire to hear more stories from his naturally. Alicia was the one who talked the most, but eventually, due to Azy's obvious intense desire to hear more stories from his father's mouth, Zeke also broke his usual silence and began sharing stories from his past, allowing both Azy and Alicia a glimpse into the days of his youth when he was being trained by Alexander.


Chapter 353 Zeke and Alicia - Part 2
As the night wore on, the cozy atmosphere in the house gradually quieted. The family sat together, their fingers intertwined, enjoying the peaceful ambiance surrounding them.

After some time, Azy, feeling a mix of contentment and a desire to give his parents space, mustered the courage to speak up. "Um, Mom, Dad, I think I'm going to head to bed now," he said softly, his voice filled with a hint of shyness.

Alicia and Zeke exchanged surprised glances, recognizing the subtle intention behind their son's words.

"And I want to sleep in the other house tonight, with Alexis." Azy continued and he abruptly stepped back as if eager to go. "Goodnight mom, dad. See you both tomorrow."

And he turned around and walked away, leaving Alicia and Zeke unable to speak or move for a while until Zeke whispered in Alicia's ear. "You've raised him too well, he's now way too thoughtful for his age, Alicia."

Alicia shivered at the delicious warmth of Zeke's breath against her ear but she still managed to retort. "I don't think so, Ezekiel… I strongly believe that that very personality is something he inherited from you."

Zeke chuckled lowly, making Alicia feel both seduced and struck at the same time as the sheer sexiness and temptingness of that sound. Oh dear…

"I'll take him there…" he then stood and Alicia immediately nod at him.

"Go," she urged when he pressed his thumb over lips and pressed gently.

"Don't sleep." he said and it's Alicia's turn to chuckle.

"I won't. Never." She replied and Zeke bit his lip before finally disappearing into smoke.

He materialized just outside the house, stopping Azy who had just taken a few steps away from the door.

"Dad." Azy blinked, looking confused why his father was here and seemed to have stepped out the house to stop him from leaving. Did they not want him to go? But… don't they need their alone time together? Azy wondered.

Zeke extended his hand to Azy. "Come, let me walk you to Alexis'."

Azy was immediately relieved and nodded as he took his father's hand. He had wanted to spend more time with his parents but he also wanted them to spend time with each other. Besides, there's still tomorrow and he was actually already excited about spending more time with them once he wakes up.

As they walked hand in hand through the silent forest, the moonlight casting gentle shadows, Azy couldn't help the smile lingering across his face. He felt an overwhelming sense of contentment and joy, as if in that moment, everything in the world was perfect. It was a feeling of pure bliss, where he couldn't imagine asking for anything more because he was experiencing the happiest moment of his life.

Finally, they reached the other house. Azy turned to Zeke, looking a little hesitant to let go of his father's hand. However, he looked up to his father with a smile. "Goodnight, Dad." He said.

Zeke was about to reply when the door swung open. From within, two figures emerged—Alexis and Alice.

Alexis's eyes widened with awe as he stared up at Zeke while Alice hid shyly behind her brother, peeking at Zeke with curious eyes.

"Uncle... Zeke..." Alexis stammered, his voice filled with both excitement and nervousness. His admiration for his uncle was obvious in his voice and the way his eyes sparkled.

Zeke's eyes softened as he met Alexis's gaze. Memories flooded back to him—of that day when Alex had forced him to carry the new born Alexis in his arms.

Taking hold of Azy's hand, Zeke approached the twins, a gentle smile gracing his lips. "Yes, I'm your uncle," he said, his voice warm and affectionate. "You both have grown so much, Alexis, Alice."

Alexis beamed, his confidence momentarily faltering in the presence of his revered uncle. "Uncle Zeke," he said, his voice filled with a mix of excitement and shyness. "Alice and I were so eager to see you! We've heard so much about you!"

Zeke reached out to ruffle Alexis's hair. "I'm glad to see you both again," he said. "Thank you for taking care of your younger brother, Alexis, Alice."

Alexis grinned happily. As though his uncle's praise was one great honor for him. "Please rest assured we'll always be taking good care of our younger brother, Uncle! I promise we will always be by Azy's side."

A warm gleam filled Zeke's eyes as his hand lingered in Alexis's hair. "I know I can count on you, Alexis."

Alexis beamed at his uncle's words, his chest swelling with a sense of responsibility.

"You can rest assured, Uncle," Alexis replied, his voice steady with determination.

Alice, still hiding behind Alexis, continued to steal a shy glance at Zeke. Her eyes held a mix of curiosity and timidity. Sensing her shyness, Zeke knelt down to her level, his voice gentle and reassuring.

"Alice," he called her name and then Zeke patted Alice's head gently, causing the shy girl to blush even more. Her cheeks turned a rosy hue as she shyly glanced up at Zeke.

Just then, Abi emerged from the door, her smile radiant as she observed the interaction between Zeke and the children. "Alright, young ones," she said, her voice gentle and motherly, "your uncle really needs some rest now. Let's let him go for now, okay?"

The twins though a little reluctant went on to grab Azy's arms. "Well then, uncle. Leave Azy to us for now." Alexis said causing Zeke to smile again.

"Right, goodnight, Azy," Zeke said, his voice tender. "And good night to you both as well, Alexis, Alice."

"Goodnight, Uncle Zeke," Alexis and Alice said in unison. Alice's voice was barely above a whisper, but it carried the same heartfelt sentiment. With those words, the trio finally stepped through the door.

Zeke nodded gratefully at Abi and when she responded with an understanding nod, Zeke then dissapeared.

Once the door was closed, Azy, Alexis, and Alice linked arms and made their way upstairs. The atmosphere was filled with a bubbling excitement as the trio's voices buzzed with enthusiasm.

"Your dad is so cool, Azy!" Alexis exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement. "He really feels so strong and powerful."

Azy smiled with pride. "Dad... is amazing," he replied.


Chapter 354 Zeke and Alicia - Part 3


With a soft towel wrapped snugly around her, Alicia stepped out of the bathroom when she suddenly halted at the sight that welcomed her. There he stood against the closed bedroom door, her one and only Ezekiel. The mere sight of him made her breath hitch, his gaze smoldering with desire, sending a shockwave through her body, causing her heart to race as an overwhelming surge of yearning coursed through her veins. In that moment, it was as if time suddenly stood still.

Zeke's expression had transformed into one of raw desire, so intense that his eyes were practically brimming with devouring hunger. Everything about him right now was such a stark contrast to the composed and calm presence he had been displaying just several minutes ago. Alicia's chest rose and fell with each deep breath, her body responding instinctively to his presence. Though they were still several feet apart, the magnetic pull between them was simply inexplicable. It was as if not just their bodies were desperately longing to be one, but their souls as well.

As she looked at him, every fiber of Alicia's being yearned for his touch, his kiss, and his intoxicating warmth. But she fought the urge to rush into his arms. She just stood there, her body vibrating with anticipation, awaiting his cue. Zeke's hands clenched at his sides, his desire evident in every line of his body, yet he didn't make any move. The air crackled with tension as he finally spoke, his voice filled with need and longing. "I need you," he whispered.

And in an instant, Alicia's resolve crumbled. The yearning in her heart became unbearable, and she closed the distance between them with slow steps. Without hesitation, she threw herself into his arms. Zeke's strong arms wrapped around her, drawing her closer as their bodies molded together in a perfect fit. And then their lips collided in a passionate kiss, igniting a fire that had long smoldered within them.

"Alicia," Zeke uttered her name against her mouth. The roughness of his voice, the rasp of it, was warm and luxurious, making her core tighten in response, sending a delicious ache spreading through her body. "Finally holding you like this... kissing you like this feels like I'm dreaming again..."

"Were you dreaming of me while you were in the underworld?" she whispered back with a ragged voice, cupping his face.

He smiled. "You don't have any idea, Alicia. I dream of you every time I sleep. Sometimes I purposely tire myself out just to see your face."

Alicia's heart welled and constricted at the same time. "You're having a hard time sleeping there?" she asked, her voice now weakened.

"Demons don't sleep, and my body doesn't really need it. I can only fall asleep after a long battle, after I tire myself to my limits," he explained. "Huge battles and chaos were both a curse and a blessing for me down there because it's the only way I can see your face again."

She caught her lip between her teeth, her eyes glassy with tears. "You cannot... see me... imagine my face except when you're asleep and dreaming?"

"At first, I could... I would look at my ring and see your face, but as time went on, I suddenly became unable to even imagine anyone's face. I have not forgotten. I remember everything, but I can't visualize anyone's face," he trailed off, pressing his forehead against hers. "I was wrecked the moment I realized this. I thought I was also doomed to forget your face. That day, I fought until my entire being was numb, and for the first time, I fell asleep. When I saw you in my dream..." he licked the corner of his lips, smiling helplessly. "I was so..." 

He took a deep breath, and Alicia's tears flowed silently over her cheek. She tried not to cry, she tried her very best, but she couldn't help it. Right now, her heart was also wrecked. She never even imagined that he had gone through something like that. She knew his life in that world was definitely dark and chaotic, but to think that he had to experience something like that too... it was just... she couldn't even say a word but just hold him tight.

"Shh... don't cry," he said, and when Alicia heard regret in his voice, she wiped her tears and stared up at him again.

"I love you, Ezekiel," she replied. She didn't know why those words came out of her lips, but perhaps it was because these words were all she knew in that moment.

Zeke's eyes dilated, and all of a sudden, his mouth was on hers again, devouring her almost desperately. Each deep lick and exploration of his tongue conveyed his unbridled passion, leaving her breathless and craving for more, awakening a primal desire that had long been dormant within her.

"Alicia," he moaned her name against her mouth, his hands delving into her damp hair. The tremor in his touch mirrored the intensity of his need, and she couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the depth of his desire and longing.

"Fuck... I need you so much... miss you too much... it's killing me," he rasped. Every syllable he uttered reverberated through her.

But he didn't give her any chance to respond as his mouth once again devoured hers. And all Alicia could do was incoherently moan to him just how much she missed him too... just how much she loved him.

Her whimper of pleasure mingled with his own groan as their mouths danced together in a symphony of utter desire. Her fingers, entangled in his silky black mane, held onto him desperately, as if she was afraid he would pull away from her.

With a growing hunger, her hand then slipped beneath his shirt, seeking the warmth and solidity of his body. As her fingertips glided over his taut, chiseled muscles, she was intoxicated by the mere sensation and allure of his physical form. Every ridge and contour beneath her touch was a seductive work of art. Dear lord... she had waited for so long for this... to touch him again like this...


Chapter 355 Zeke and Alicia - Part 4
As their breaths mingled, Alicia gently bit Zeke's bottom lip, capturing its delicious full curve. He groaned deep within his throat, and Alicia smiled with pleasure at that raw and primal sound he let out. It washed over her like an intimate caress. She loved the way that sound burned her already scorching body.

When her towel slipped away, his breath caught in his throat. His hungry eyes devoured her body for a moment before he swiftly discarded his shirt, revealing his mouth-watering chiseled chest and defined physique.

And when their naked bodies collided, an electrifying jolt of desire coursed through them both.

His hands found their way to her hips, his fingers flexing against her flesh. As they pressed against each other, the tips of her breasts met his chest, igniting a surge of sensation that rippled through her. A gasp escaped her lips while he groaned and crushed her against him, lifting her effortlessly off the ground. His arms encircled her, securing her in his powerful embrace as he carried her backward toward the bed.

His arm supported her back as he gently placed her on the bed. He hovered above her, his body settling into perfect alignment with hers. And then he claimed her breast with his mouth. His soft lips sucked greedily like a starving man, while his hand plumped and kneaded the other mound so possessively.

"Ah..." she moaned. God... she missed this. After years, she was finally being touched like this again. "Ezekiel..." His name echoed as she hooked her legs around his calves, causing him to groan.

"Oh... Alicia... I've missed you..." His words spilled out in a low, guttural groan, declaring his yearning for her. She could feel the intensity of his need seep through her skin, the longing and hunger that matched her own.

She pulled him closer, urging him to merge their bodies together. She arched her hips, seeking more friction and pressure. The fabric that separated them became a teasing barrier, heightening her craving for him. She wanted him inside her again. Maddeningly so.

But she wanted something else from him first and foremost. She wanted him to say it... those words she had been waiting forever to hear.

"I love you..." she told him once again. And he stilled. Their breaths mingled as he looked down at her.

"Say it," Alicia coaxed, her voice barely audible as she locked her gaze with his. Her heart pounded in her chest. She needed those words, the affirmation that he had promised he would utter once he returned to her. She yearned to hear them, to feel their weight and power seep into her soul.

Gently, Zeke's hand brushed aside strands of her silver hair, exposing her forehead. His touch was tender, his fingers seemed to be shaking ever so slightly, filled with a mixture of so many intense emotions. She swallowed hard, willing herself to be patient.

Seconds stretched into eternity as she waited. Her eyes never wavered from his beautiful, dazed grey eyes.

It wasn't that Alicia had ever doubted Zeke's feelings. No, she knew, deep in her heart, that Ezekiel loved her more than words could ever express. She had felt his love in the way he looked at her, in his tender gestures, in every choice and sacrifice he had made... in everything. His actions spoke louder than words, and she had always understood his love without needing verbal confirmation.

But she still longed to hear those words from his lips. It was a craving buried deep within her. Alicia had always wondered why he had never said it. She knew that Ezekiel was a man of reasons and intentions, so she could already tell that there must have been a reason why he couldn't... or perhaps he didn't want to say it. She had thought that maybe he believed his actions spoke louder than words, or maybe he feared the vulnerability that came with speaking such powerful sentiments. But Alicia always felt like the reason was something more than that.

In the past, she hadn't found the chance or the courage to ask him why or to encourage him to finally voice those three little words. But now, in this precious moment with him back in her arms, she refused to let the opportunity slip away. She wouldn't waste another moment pondering or hesitating.

Because she knew, deep down, that this could be her last chance to hear it. She had realized this fact once again when she woke up and found out that if Elle hadn't accidentally summoned Ezekiel, there was no guarantee of what could've happened to her. Everything was uncertain. Unexpected things could happen at any time, and she and Ezekiel were not exempt from the unpredictability of life. She trusted him, but she could not bear waiting for another ten or more years to hear it.

Not to mention the knowledge that she would soon forget everything, including him. The thought of forgetting him, of not recognizing the man who held her heart, was overwhelming. How would she treat her husband once her memories were wiped away? Would she push him away, plagued by doubts and uncertainty as she had done in the past?

Ezekiel would always be an enigmatic persona for those who knew nothing about the real man within him. And now, with all his new powers, he had become even more terrifying and dangerous. Alicia was a rational and skeptical person, particularly when faced with someone as powerful as Ezekiel. She couldn't help but imagine herself instinctively avoiding him, questioning his motives, and second-guessing everything about him once her memories were erased.

Though she also felt confident that Ezekiel would always be able to smash any barrier she created against him, Alicia wouldn't dare to think that it was going to be that easy. She didn't know why, but she couldn't shake the feeling that the path they would tread after her memories were erased would be arduous and uncertain. Something in her gut was telling her that she needed to cherish these three days now with everything she had because there was no guarantee that they would have this chance again anytime soon once her memories were erased.

So, she wanted to hear it, spoken directly from his lips. She wanted him to tell her those words while she still remembered him.