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 Chapter 356 Zeke and Alicia - Part 5
Chapter 356 Zeke and Alicia - Part 5
Silence continued to envelop them. The only sound that could be heard was their beating hearts, their mingling breaths. Zeke's eyes, filled with unspoken emotions, searched hers for the right words. His throat worked, and then, finally, he spoke.

Silence continued to envelop them. The only sound that could be heard was their beating hearts, their mingling breaths. Zeke's eyes, filled with unspoken emotions, searched hers for the right words. His throat worked, and then, finally, as if the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders, he spoke.

"I love you," he said with raw emotion, his voice a mere murmur, yet it resonated with a power that echoed through her very soul.

Tears pooled in Alicia's eyes, shimmering with the overwhelming rush of emotions that surged within her. She reached out and cupped Zeke's face in her hands, her touch conveying all the love that swelled within her heart. Oh heavens... she couldn't explain what she felt. How... how could those three little words make someone feel like this? How could those three little words be so powerful? Or was it because she had waited for so long to hear them?

Ezekiel closed his eyes, his body trembling with a mix of passion and longing. Wrapping his arms tightly around Alicia, he held her as if he never wanted to let go. "Damn too much, Alicia," he continued, quivering as he squeezed her so tight, engulfing her, leaving her breathless and exhilarated. Alicia captured his mouth with overwhelming fervor. She was so happy... so... so utterly happy.

She moaned incoherently into his mouth as desire coursed through her veins, aching for him to be inside her, to feel their bodies become one once again after so long. Her kiss was desperate and passionate at the same time. She kissed him with everything she had, with all the passion and devotion that she was possibly able to give, as if that was going to be their last, and she was now dying to get her fill of him.

Time seemed to slip away as their mouths moved together, their hunger for each other uncontainable. The entire room was quickly suffused with the intoxicating scent of their passion. In that moment, there was nothing else that mattered except the urgent need to unite their bodies and souls in a fiery union of love and desire. As their lips finally parted, their eyes met, each gaze holding a mixture of tenderness, longing, and an unspoken promise.

"Ezekiel," she whispered, panting. As her hands caressed his back, she felt him shiver under her touch.

"I want you," she added, her core aching so badly for him that she arched into him as her nails caressed his back from spine to his hips. And when Alicia sank her teeth just over his heart, Zeke threw his head back, letting out a low growl.

"Oh, Alicia..." he moaned her name before his head lowered and latched onto her nipple while he squeezed her breast in his other hand. The way his scorching hot mouth devoured her flesh was maddening. She couldn't help but clutch at his hair, too lost in pleasure to be gentle.

She wrapped her legs around him, letting him know just how desperately she wanted him to finally devour her whole, possess her, claim her all over again. But he slipped away from her hold, moving downwards.

"Ezekiel..." she moaned his name again. She wanted him to just take her. She needed him so much she was more than certain she didn't need any foreplay. Because she was already dripping wet, practically drooling for him.

Her core was clenching, needing him deep inside. She could no longer wait. Just as she was about to beg him to just take her, she was awestruck by the sight of him kneeling there with his thighs spread between hers. His cock, impossibly thick and big, was already leaking pre-cum, and she was mesmerized, completely forgetting what she was about to tell him. Oh, heavens... her mouth literally salivated... her core tightened with ravenous greed... was it because it had been years that she felt like his cock seemed to have become so much bigger than before?

His eyes were dazed with desire as she stared at him, his skin sheened with perspiration, turning him into the perfect god of sex that he was. This elegant man truly turned into a god of sex when he was naked, when he was so aroused that his thick veins could be seen so prominently.

And then, before Alicia knew it, his mouth was between her legs. She shuddered at the mere feeling of his mouth on her. Oh heavens... to finally feel his lips and tongue on her again was driving her crazy.

Moaning louder, Alicia gripped his hair when he started to move his tongue and lick her hungrily. And when he gently bit her clit, she arched her back wantonly against his face. Her hands pulled harder, pushing his face towards her. She was losing herself with lust and need for him, and Ezekiel gave her what she wanted.

He lifted her slightly and then devoured her once again with fervent hunger. As if he couldn't get enough of her taste. He ate her like he was finally tasting the most delicious delicacy he had been craving for so long.

"God... Ezekiel..." she moaned, panted, and mewled at how good it all felt. The pleasure he was giving her in that moment was indescribable.

And when his thick and long fingers delved into her and curved into that delicious spot, she bit her lip, throwing her head back. He remembered exactly where her sweet spots were, as if years had not passed since he touched her like this.

In and out, his delicious fingers entered her while his mouth didn't stop stroking her clit. She was going to come now... and it was going to be...

"Ezekiel... I'm coming..." she moaned, sounding like she couldn't breathe because of too much pleasure.

And when she began to thrash, his other hand gripped her hip, restraining her. His fingers still didn't stop. Instead, his pace hastened like never before until she shattered so hard her entire body shuddered violently, her vision turning white.

Chapter 357 Zeke and Alicia - Part 6
Zeke was in a daze as she watched his beloved shatter before him. It took everything he had to let her come down from the high, to give her a moment.

But before she could even fully stop shaking, she opened her eyes and reached out for him.

And the moment she kissed him, he lost it.

He kissed her with lust-fueled kiss before he lifted her with trembling arms. He leaned his back against the headboard and spread her over him.

Zeke was dying for her. He desire her so much his body was shaking with need. All he wanted was to take her, bury himself inside her right here right now. In fact, since the moment he entered this room, he was tightly holding himself back.

Years had passed since he last touch her and now she's right here before him, he could feel himself literally going out of control. Right now, he couldn't help but feel worried. Because he knew exactly just how desperate he was for her. And she for him. He was afraid this extreme yearning they felt for each other might actually make them end up tearing each other apart before they even realize it.

So he decided to do everything he could to stay in control. At least until their impossibly intense need for each other subside even for a little. But fuck… it was so hard. So hard he was already trembling harder than she was right now.

His chest was heaving as forcefully as hers even though he hadn't even cum yet!

"Take me," she moaned as she kissed his neck. His plan was to have her take the reins. That way, he could at least put himself in check even for a little.

When he lined his length up to her glistening sex and felt her heat, he groaned hard. His jaws going taut as he fought not to slam his way home.

"Take me… babe," he whispered ina tortured voice and she obeyed dazedly. She lowered herself slowly and both of them moaned before she could even take him to the base.

Zeke couldn't believe he almost came right there and then, before she could even take all of him. It was almost like their first time! She was so tight that he was certain he must have busted right then if she wasn't taking him so excruciatingly slowly.

"Fuck," he cursed, gritting his teeth. "You're so…"

"You're so big…" she uttered.

"Tight." He also groaned.

And their eyes met. Both of them unable to help but smile at the way they said those words synchronizing.

"I love you," she whispered and then without warning, she lowered herself down and took him to the base.

Zeke hissed, jaw taut with strain, while she cried out and gripped his shoulders. Her walls clenched around him and he started coming violently, spurting his seed inside her.

He held her so tight against him. Fuck… it was insane! But Zeke wasn't surprised. He somehow knew he would come undone the moment he's inside her and he was ecstatic that Alicia too was the same.

"Love you… I love you," he murmured as he kissed her ear and she gripped him back so possessively.

He wanted to stop for a while. To give her some time to rest. To breath. But fuck him… because he didn't go soft after that mind-blowing orgasm.

Groaning against her skin, Zeke forced himself to pull away and look at her face. He was fighting for self-control again and he knew that if he won't look at her face, he would loss himself from this insatiable pleasure.

But as soon as their eyes met, she was smiling dreamily at him. She looked so beautiful. With her glassy eyes, skin sheened with sweat and damp hair. She was… this goddess of his was simply perfect! So seductive! And he wanted to… damn!

He felt his length twitch inside her and he hoped right then that she would distract him even for a few moment. But then…

"Please," she said, looking obviously as drunk with desire and love as he was. "More, my love."

A curse left his mouth and it sounded so guttural as he flipped her around without pulling out of her. And then he started to thrust into her while devouring her mouth. He didn't want to stop kissing her, not only because her mouth was something he'd never get tired of but also because he believed that if he stops kissing her, he would complete go out of control.

She moaned against his mouth. Her hands grabbing him, pulling him into her. And it was driving him insane.

But then, she cupped his face and whispered to him. "Please… stop holding back. I want you to stop holding back…"

"But Alicia, you're –"

"I'm completely fine, my love. Believe me. I feel stronger than ever right now, so please…" she begged desperately, looking at him with lust and desire that mirrored his own. "Please fuck me, Ezekiel."

A feral groan left him and he began to thrust hard and fast into her, eliciting a scandalous moan out of Alicia's lips. His extreme desire took over and he took her like a starve man.

Until his lust was too much his thrust became messy. He felt like his body was going out of control now. For the first time since he acquired the peak of his demonic power, his darkness leaked out of him without his permission. He knew his power wasn't going to do anything to Alicia at all but he, a now full-blooded high demon… with the way he was now, he might unknowingly break her.

"Babe… Alicia… tell me to stop if… I'm too much… cause I can't…" he forced himself to utter those words, but Alicia's response was a fuel to the fire.

"No. Don't stop. Please… don't hold back. I… please make love to me hard… fuck me hard, Ezekiel."

And he lost it. For real, this time.

Chapter 358 Zeke and Alicia - Part 7
Alicia felt like he was tearing her apart. He was so hard, so thick, and so freaking rough, and yet, the pleasure was overwhelming.

Ezekiel had always been intense when he stopped holding himself back, but right now, this was a whole new level. His strength was simply insane. If she hadn't been temporarily healed by Elle's incredible fae magic, she was certain she wouldn't be able to keep up with him. She was certain she would actually break.

She now understood why he had been torturing himself by holding back. Right now, there was no sign of the calm, collected, and ever-so-regal Ezekiel that everyone knew. Right now, he was high demon Ezekiel, out of control.

And yet, despite his impossibly hard thrusts that made her yelp in both pleasure and pain, Alicia found herself thrilled and exhilarated. Heaven above... she was truly at this man's mercy. She was fully and irrevocably his, regardless of what he had become. And she fully and irrevocably wanted him, desired him, loved him, no matter how extreme he had become.

She was just glad that despite everything that was going on with her, she had always been able to handle him. As if no matter what, she was made for him, and he for her.

As she looked up at his handsome face, Alicia felt so lucky that she was the only one seeing him like this. The only one who would ever know this side of him.

"Ez... ze... kiel..." she uttered his name brokenly due to his hard thrusts when he growled and stood up at the end of the bed.

He pulled her by her legs, and then lifted her lower back before his cock impaled into her. She shrieked, her mouth hanging open. He was so damn deep inside her.

"Oh, Ali... cia..." he moaned her name, his eyes glassy with lust. And when she followed his line of sight and saw what he was staring at, she saw a little bulge appearing every time he thrust into her. To watch her body bulge like that... she was... hypnotized.

"Fuck... you're driving me... crazy..." he moaned as his pace went impossibly fast, and Alicia felt like her breath was being taken away.

She couldn't even utter a coherent word anymore as his deliciously intense thrusts began to bring her to the very heights of heaven once again.

And then he bent and claimed her mouth without stopping or slowing down his thrusts until Alicia scratched his back, and Alicia bit his neck, drinking his blood as they both shattered at the same time.

Their orgasm was so intense it was almost impossible. So intense that it seemed to have lasted for eternity. So intense that when they finally came back to earth, they looked at each other with eyes filled with disbelief.

For a long while, the two of them remained entangled, never moving away from each other's embrace. He didn't even bother to pull out of her.

No words came out of their lips as they simply held each other, listening to their heartbeats, to their breaths.

Until finally, Zeke lifted his hand and his fingers gently brushed against her cheek.

"I love you," he whispered, his voice husky and deep as he kissed her forehead.

Alicia smiled, her heart so full of utter happiness and contentment as she remembered the exact words he had told her more than ten years ago. When he said, "When I come back... I will say those words to you every chance I get. And as many times as you want to hear it."

"I love you too... so much," she replied, tearing up because he had finally fulfilled his promise.

Zeke's fingers brushed against her cheek, his touch gentle and comforting. "Please don't..."

"These are tears of joy, my love," she said, smiling, and he kissed her eyes.

"Are you... okay?" he asked, his voice barely audible, that if she hadn't become a vampire, she was certain it wouldn't be possible for her to hear him. "I know I was... too much."

"I love you," she replied. "I loved it..."

He caught his lower lip between his teeth before he buried his face in her hair, groaning.

"It was... so indescribably good, Ezekiel. And you didn't hurt me. At all," she assured. "If you're skeptical, you can check yourself."

He groaned again, but his groan was such a sexy sound to her.

And then he released a long breath, as if he was so beyond relieved.

"You don't have to sleep if you don't want to," he murmured, his voice filled with tenderness. "We can stay like this for as long as you desire." His gaze met hers, full of love.

"I remember back when you always wanted me to go to sleep," she grinned at him, and he smiled back, his eyes gleaming like billions of stars.

Just then, Alicia was also reminded of the question she had been meaning to ask him.

"Ezekiel..." she murmured his name, her voice filled with a mix of curiosity and vulnerability.

"Hmm..." he responded, his voice laced with warmth and affection.

"Is the reason why you couldn't tell me 'I love you' back then really because you wanted to wait until you returned?" she asked, her gaze searching his face for answers.

"I... I wanted to avoid... saying it."

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"Why?" she asked hesitantly.

"Because..." he paused for a moment. "The few times I uttered those words to someone I care about... every time I returned to them, they weren't there waiting for me... alive," he revealed.

Alicia's heart clenched hard.

"I've been able to say it now, at long last, because I am no longer leaving you," his gaze held hers, unwavering. "This time, we will go together, Alicia."

She nodded, smiling back at him before she buried her face against his chest.

"What will you do when we meet again and I no longer... remember you?" Alicia then asked after listening to his heartbeat for a long while.

"I'll seduce you in an instant," he responded with a mischievous smirk.

"You do know I will most probably point a dagger at your neck if you do that, don't you, my husband?"

"I know. But I also know you will never do more than that. Though, I do expect a powerful punch from you," he told her, and they both chuckled.