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Chapter 359 Calm
The morning sun cast a gentle glow as Alexander and Gav returned to White Falls village. Alex and Zeke had actually planned for Gav to only leave the Black Forest during the night and under Alex's watch. The previous night had been a close call, as Gav's fascination with human technology had nearly led to his accidental separation from Alex. But despite a few close calls, Gav was somehow able to successfully keep his dangerous powers in check.

Now, as they reached the entrance of the forest, Gav was so quiet Alex couldn't help but tease him. "No sulking allowed, future king of darkness," he quipped, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. "The future king of darkness isn't allowed to sulk."

"Who's sulking? I'll simply resume my explorations once the sun sets." Gav replied flatly.

Alex chuckled. "Well, I don't recall Zeke granting you that permission, but perhaps you can make your case later today."

Their banter was interrupted by a sudden yell that caused both Alex and Gav to halt in their tracks. "Dad!" Alexis's voice echoed.

As the twins approached, Alex immediately opened his arms wide, welcoming Alice into his embrace while Alexis gazed up at Gav, his eyes shining with curiosity and awe.

"Hello, uncle," Alexis greeted politely, his mature attitude shining through his words.

Gav tilted his head. "Uncle..." he echoed.

"You're Uncle Zeke's friend, aren't you?" Alexis inquired, his inquisitive nature prompting him to seek clarity. bed𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.𝚌𝚘m

"I believe so," he responded.

"I'm Alexis," the young boy introduced himself with a maturity that belied his age. "I'm happy to meet another strong person like you, Uncle Gav."

Gav didn't respond and simply acknowledged the boy's sentiment with a simple nod. His reaction towards Alexis made Alex smile as he wondered if Gav wasn't actually comfortable around children.

In that moment, an idea sprouted in Alex's mind. He turned to his children.

"Alexis, Alice," Alex called out softly. "Why don't you two take your new uncle on a tour of the forest?"

Gav opened his mouth, perhaps to protest or declare that he didn't need a tour, but before he could utter a word, the twins eagerly agreed to their father's suggestion.

"Leave him to us, Dad," Alexis responded with enthusiasm, exchanging a telepathic conversation with his father. "Do you know anything that he likes, Dad? It should really help us a lot," Alexis asked.

"Hm... oh, he's incredibly curious about human technologies," he replied, knowing it would be the perfect element to keep Gav entertained. Alexis's eyes immediately brightened, as though his mind was already formulating a solid plan to captivate his uncle's interest and attention.

"Alright, leave him to me, Dad," Alexis declared confidently, his words eliciting a smile from Alex. He knew he could always rely on his son, who seemed to have an uncanny ability to avoid major mishaps that there were moments when Alex actually wanted Alexis to experience a little more trouble or mistakes, just to embrace the fullness of youth and also to learn from it.

As soon as Alex left, the trio then set off, Gav a bit in disbelief that Alexander had entrusted him to two children. "We have something to show you, uncle, and I strongly believe you will like it." Alexis said as they move.

Gav remained silent, simply following the two children until they led him to a treehouse. The spacious place was adorned with modern conveniences, including a television and various gadgets. Alexis proudly announced, "Welcome to our hideout. This is where I, Alice, and Azy spend our time."

Gav's eyes wandered until it settled on a computer. Alexis noticed his interest and guided him towards their gaming room. "This is what I'm going to show you, Uncle," Alexis said, his voice filled with anticipation. With a flick of switches and buttons, the room sprang to life, ready for a gaming adventure.

And the moment Gav held the game controller in his hands that Alexis gave him, the familiar music of Super Mario Bros echoed in the room.

Meanwhile, n the tranquil meadow located in the northern reaches of the Black Forest, a gentle stream meandered through the picturesque landscape. Underneath the soothing shade of ancient trees, Zeke, Alicia, and Azy were having their very first family picnic.

As the sunlight filtered through the leaves, painting the scene with dappled hues, Zeke and Azy continued their bonding through another training session. The contrast between their powers that screamed darkness and danger, and the bliss and contentment filling their eyes was indescribable.

The meadow seemed to hold its breath as their dark powers coexisted with tranquility. The scene seemed to be proving that darkness and light could find balance within the embrace of a loving family.

When the training session momentarily paused, Zeke and Azy joined Alicia on a checkered blanket, their faces radiant with joy and contentment. And soon, laughter filled the air.

The scene exuded an aura of serenity, encapsulating the essence of a perfect family moment. It was a tableau of bliss, where the worries of the world seemed to dissipate, leaving only the purest form of happiness in its wake.

The night descended upon the treehouse, casting a veil of darkness over the forest. Inside, Abi arrived, carrying a tray of food with Alice by her side. Gav and Alexis remained engrossed in the gaming room, fully immersed in their virtual battle.

As Abi peered through the door, a smile tugged at her lips. She couldn't help but be amused by the intense focus displayed by Gav and Alexis. They seemed to be in their own world, completely captivated by the game before them. It appeared that Gav had forgotten everything else, his attention solely fixed on conquering every opponent in the virtual realm. Alice shared with Abi that Gav despised losing and was now determined to conquer every opponent in the game.

Abi couldn't contain her laughter at the thought of Alex and Zeke discovering that the dangerous man Zeke had brought into their world had now become an avid gamer in just one day. It was such an unexpected twist!

Realizing that they should not disturb the focused duo, Abi and Alice retreated to the balcony, relishing in the tranquility of the night. However, Alice's gaze soon shifted towards the entrance of the Black Forest, her eyes taking on a crimson hue.

"Mom," Alice spoke softly as Abi approached her. "I think... someone's coming," she added, her eyes fixated on the direction of the forest's entrance.

"Do you know who it is?" Abi inquired, aware of Alice's extraordinary and unique ability to see far beyond the capabilities of any vampire. Alice possessed an uncanny gift of seeing people's faces so clearly even from miles and miles away."

"It's... Uncle Kyle, Mom," Alice revealed.