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Chapter 446 Memory Gift
Music Recommendation: Forgiveness- Hyunpill Shin


The following morning, the old flowers were replaced by fresh flowers. There was a quiet peace that hung in the air of the Moriarty mansion, and news about Vincent and Eve's wedding had spread across the towns and lands, along with the news about the Hookes.

Alfie brought the town's newsletter from outside, walking through the corridor, and he stepped inside the drawing room where Lady Aubrey sat by herself with her morning tea. He bowed and offered the newsletter,


"Thank you, Alfie," Lady Aubrey smiled.

"Would you like me to pour you some more tea?"

"That's fine. I would like to have some room for breakfast," the older woman replied and watched the Moriarty's butler step out of the room. After two seconds, Eugene appeared in the room. "Oh, I didn't expect you to be awake this soon, Eugene."

"Good morning, Lady Aubrey," Eugene offered her a bow, and Lady Aubrey gave him a nod of acknowledgement.

"Good morning. Come, sit with me. Where is Rosetta?" Lady Aubrey inquired, while still holding the newsletter in her hand.

"She's sleeping. She slept rather late last night and I don't think she's used to waking up this early in the morning," Eugene answered, and he took a seat next to the elderly woman.

Last night, Rosetta kept turning around in her sleep and apologising when she moved too near or was about to fall from the bed. Earlier, when he had just woken up, he didn't have the heart to wake her as she seemed deep in sleep. He also came to learn that the vampiress spoke in her sleep.

"Mm, it will be good to have her rest before the day starts and reality strikes her," Lady Aubrey murmured before her eyes fell on the newsletter. "There are good things written for the wedding that took place, but Rosetta... she will need to be looked after and taken care of. You know how people are, especially the ones in high society."

Though Rosetta had no hand in taking debt from people or killing anyone, she was the marquee and marchioness's daughter. And because of the relationship between them, society wouldn't let her be and would pick and blame her.

"I will do my best to protect her, Lady Aubrey," Eugene bowed, and Lady Aubrey nodded.

"I know you will. Have tea with me, I have missed having tea with you," the elderly woman said, and Eugene was quick to pick one of the empty cups and pour himself a cup of tea.

On the other side of the mansion, in the newlywed couple's room, Eve and Vincent were still wrapped in each other's arms in the bed.

Vincent's arms were wrapped around Eve's waist, holding her body snuggly as he spooned her, with his head buried in the crook of her neck. When he felt her stir awake, he whispered,

"There's no hurry to wake up if you want to sleep some more, the world can wait until you catch your sleep," Vincent planted a kiss on her shoulder.

Eve turned in his arms such that she now faced him, and she whispered, "Good morning, my husband," and a wide smile spread on his lips.

"Good morning, my lovely wife," Vincent watched the clear blue eyes stare at him, which looked the same as they did when they first met. Beautiful and gentle.

"How long have you been awake?" Eve asked him because he seemed to be awake for quite some time now.

"Since your heartbeat slowed down and your head rested on my arm," Vincent replied, bringing a frown to Eve's face.

"You didn't sleep at all... You should have woken me up."

Vincent caressed the side of Eve's face and said, "I am used to the little sleep, and you needed more rest than I do." Partly, he was excited to have her in his arms, knowing nothing could come between them. They were married to each other. "When you know you have the most precious thing in the world, sleeping would be a folly."

A soft smile graced Eve's lips, and she said, "I am not going anywhere."

"There is something I would like to give you," Vincent said, lifting himself, and Eve sat upright on the bed. "A memory gift."

"A memory gift?" Eve repeated, not knowing what it meant.

"That's right," Vincent responded and stretched his hands forward with his palms facing the ceiling. "I want you to place your hands on mine and close your eyes."

Curious and at the same time excited, Eve did as she was told and placed her hands on his. Taking a deep breath, she relaxed, and soon the memory that her mind had faded with time returned to her through the help of Vincent. It was their first meeting in the snow when her hand reached for the bun at the fair, and she was caught by the vendor. And like many other times, Vincent rescued her.

Eve opened her stunned eyes and asked him, "How was I able to look into your memory?" She had never done this before.

"Most of the memories are often locked away by people, or because their walls are high and strong that you cannot penetrate through it. But opening the memory to a person like you, a reader, makes it possible for you to see it without hindrance," Vincent explained to her and then said, "This moment of ours, it is a pivotal one that I have held close to me."

"Thank you for remembering it so clearly," Eve thanked him because she could see every little detail he had captured in his mind even though he was young when they first met.

The truth was that when the young pureblooded vampire boy dragged the small mermaid away from the crowd, the boy had thought of getting her things to eat. So that she wouldn't get into further trouble by trying to touch any other food from the vendors around them.


Chapter 447 Pack Those Shoes!
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Once Vincent and Eve stepped inside the bathtub filled with water, Eve rested her back against Vincent's front. For once, it felt like there was no one in this world except them. They were in their own world, secluded from any harm or worry.

But when Eve's right wrist submerged under the water, she noticed the left wing mark that Vincent had given her, temporarily disappearing from her skin.

"Even without the mark, you will always belong to me," Vincent kissed the side of her head when he heard the pause in Eve's breathing and noticed her eyes move to look at her hand.

"Always," Eve whispered, and Vincent nodded.

"Always each others," he hugged her from behind.

While Vincent and Eve spent their time together on their own, where no one dared to disturb them, on the other side of the mansion, where Viscount Eduard and Lady Annalise's room was located, they held serious expressions on their faces.

Viscount Eduard had folded his arms across his chest, while he stood in front of their room's tall and wide glass window. Lady Annalise stood four steps away from him, watching her husband's stiff back. Even though they were happy for one of their children, there was another child of theirs that needed attention.

"If the decision you have decided upon is weighing too heavily on you, it isn't too late to change your mind on it, Eduard," Lady Annalise said to her husband. 

The Viscount didn't speak immediately, and when he did, he seemed tired. He said, "No. I know what has been decided is the right one, but it hurts to see how things have transpired so far and for so long." He took a moment of pause, and then continued, "We raise our children with love, and with rules. Now it makes me wonder if the rules were not enough…"

Lady Annalise stepped closer and placed her hand on Viscount Eduard's shoulder. She said, "We did what we thought was best for them. You don't have to be hard on yourself. Vincent and Marceline strayed away in different directions, one still on the right path, while the other fails to acknowledge what she has done."

Like many others, Lady Annalise had been fooled by Marceline's false facade, which was why there was never a reason to discipline the young vampiress. But the longer she spent time thinking about it, she had recently come to wonder if she subconsciously was aware of it. If that was why she was strict with Allie and had not let loose of herself.

"Marceline has already readied her bags and ordered the maids to have them in the carriage," Lady Annalise said to her husband. She had received the news from Alfie a few minutes ago.

Viscount Eduard knew that if his first wife were still alive, she would be disappointed and hurt over how much Marceline had strayed. He wondered what his wife would have told him or their daughter… He sighed and then said,

"Let us have breakfast together."

Lady Annalise nodded before accompanying her husband, as they stepped out of the room.

Little far from their room, and on the opposite side of the floor, where Marceline's room was located, the young vampiress ordered the maid in her room, "Did you pack everything I told you to? What about my jewellery? Was it locked?"

"Yes, milady," the maid answered while her eyes were on the floor.

Marceline walked towards her cupboards, checking every single drawer and when she came upon one of the cupboards, where her shoes were lined, her jaws clenched. She glowered and demanded, "Why aren't these packed?"

"That, milady… I didn't know if…" the maid fidgeted from where she stood. "If you would be able to wear—"

Marceline's eyes narrowed, and she picked up one of the shoes before turning and throwing it at the maid, who dodged it in the nick of time. She scolded the maid, "I will wear them or not, that's my decision to make. How dare you insinuate that I won't wear them at all! Are you telling me that because I have lost my foot?! Do you want to know how it feels? Let me break your leg!"

The maid turned terrified when Marceline walked towards her, but in rage, Marceline put too much pressure when she walked and the two wooden sticks that acted as her leg got stuck, refusing to move as the bolts connecting the two wooden sticks had jammed. It ended up looking as if the vampiress had a short leg.

"GET OUT!" Marceline snapped at the maid, who quickly ran out of the room. "Somebody get the physician right this instant. Bring Mr. Pepper here!"

Once the maid stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her, Marceline hopped towards her bed and sat down. She pulled her dress skirt, which revealed her wooden foot. It wasn't one wooden stick but made out of two, shaped to look like a leg while there were bolts and screws in the middle, which was where her actual knee would have been, and it was now jammed.

Marceline touched the wooden leg, which was cold and stiff, and right now, all she wanted to do was wail and scream. But she had caused too much commotion in the last few days. If she was planning to have a clean image in the South mansion, she would need to start fixing her expressions from here so that her actual feelings wouldn't spill out for others to see.

After several minutes passed, the physician, Mr. Pepper appeared in front of Marceline's room.

"Milady, the physician is here," the maid returned with Mr. Pepper.

"Let him in," Marceline ordered, and the physician stepped inside the room. The maid bowed and left. Once the door was closed, she glared at the man and said, "Mr. Pepper, did you use cheap quality wood and screw bolts that keep jamming and hindering my walk?"

Mr. Pepper shook his head with a frown, "Of course not, milady. I put the best ones and the most expensive ones as you wanted. You should be extra careful when you walk. You probably used too much force which was why it snapped back. Like I said before, you shou—"

"What do you mean force, I am walking as gently as I can but it keeps on getting stuck," Marceline replied in frustration.

"More gentle than that, milady. Right now, these are the only ones available. I am working with metal to create an artificial leg so that it can grasp when it comes to movements. The Council is keeping a watch over it too," Mr. Pepper explained, and Marceline turned interested.

"With movements?" The vampiress asked, wanting something better than these stiff wooden sticks.

The physician nodded and continued to explain, "That's right, milady. The metals are going to create movements, however you like. Just like an actual hand, leg or fingers, but it is still under initial stage. Until it is ready, you will need to bear with what is available. Please, let me fix this one," and he bent forward to oil and refixed the screws.

Chapter 448 Last Meal Of The Vampiress
Music Recommendation: Seis Meses Despues- Ivan Palomares


When everyone gathered in the dining room, Viscount Eduard said to his son, "Vincent, from now on, I want you to sit here. You will be the one to lead the Moriarty family." He patted the chair where the head of the family sat.

"That is right," Lady Annalise agreed to her husband's words and walked to the other side.

But Vincent refused it by saying, "You are the eldest in our family, father. And until you are here, I wouldn't like to take that place from you which rightfully belongs to you. I am more than happy how things are, and have my lovely wife Eve next to me."

"Ugh," Marceline muttered under her breath and received a few looks at her in the room, while she looked in the other direction and said, "Can we eat? I am hungry and need to leave for the South."

"What's the hurry? I just got married and you are leaving already?" Vincent asked Marceline, who took a seat across from him.

Marceline offered him a tight smile and replied, "I don't think I can handle the amount of love that is being filled in the room. It is better I leave than suffocate me."

"Marceline," Viscount Eduard warned his daughter.

"Always seeing only my mistakes," Marceline muttered before her eyes fell on the lowly governess, who shared the table with her. She said to Eve, "You must be very happy. Not only are you chasing me out of here, but you married into a wealthy family. Now you don't have to work, but attend soirees and relax. The perfect life, isn't it?"

Eve noted the bitterness Marceline's words held. She replied, "You don't have to go to the South. Stay with us."

Lady Aubrey, Lady Annalise and Vincent's eyes moved to look at Eve before they looked at Marceline, who stared back at Eve. Marceline questioned,

"What for? You stole my family, and now you are stealing my peace. Why should I stay here?"

Eve was giving Marceline one last way out from stepping into purgatory, it was subtle, but it was an option that the vampiress could choose if she wanted to make amends. She said,

"We all make mistakes, but if you are willing to fix the mistake that was made, things can always turn for better. You are Vincent's sister, and I would like for you to be close with our future children, to get along as their aunt."

"I love that you are talking about children," Vincent remarked to Eve, and he said, "We should work hard to make the children's aunties proud."

Marceline clenched her hands, her breath coming heavy as she controlled herself. She said in a civil tone, "I would never want to be related with the dirty blood of yours. Others might have agreed to accept you, but I will never accept you as part of my family."

"Don't have to worry about that. You are not part of the Moriarty family, and even if you are, it is by name," Vincent responded to Marceline before adding, "What a pity that you aren't related but have dirty blood running in your veins too."

"Let us all have our breakfast. This might be the last time we sit together to eat," Viscount Eduard announced.

Marceline had hoped, like many other times in the past, her parents would come around and request and coddle her before giving in to her demands. But seeing nothing had changed, she stood up with the chair harshly screeching.

"Where are you going?" Viscount Eduard asked his daughter.

"I think I shall pass from having the meal with you. It isn't worth eating here. I will eat once I reach the South mansion," Marceline stated with an arrogance that everyone was surprised she still carried it.

Vincent responded, "You sure about it? You are going to miss everyone one of us, once you leave."

"I rather eat in a place where I am valued, than eat here with--What are you smiling at?" Marceline's eyes narrowed slightly when she caught Vincent chuckling.

"Marceline, sit down and let us have a peaceful meal. It is time you start acting like an adult," Lady Annalise was not happy with Marceline's display of disrespecting nature.

"It's alright, dear mother," Vincent responded as he stared at Marceline. "You can take a horse to the river but not make it drink water. That is on the horse."

Marceline stormed out of the dining room, with the door shutting loudly with a bang that had the Viscount and his wife close their eyes at the harsh sound. Viscount Eduard apologised to Lady Aubrey, who was sitting at the table too,

"Forgive her for her behaviour. Usually, she's much more composed and nicer."

"That's fine, Viscount Eduard. Children have their phases, some grow out of it and some continue to cling to it," Lady Aubrey replied politely.

The maids started to bring in the freshly prepared food that was made early this morning for the family members. Before they could begin eating, Eve said,

"There is something that I wanted to talk to you all about."

"If it's about Marceline, you don't have to worry about her as you know where she's going," Viscount Eduard gave his word to her.

Eve shook her head and said, "No, it isn't that. It is about Eugene and Rosetta."

"What about them?" Vincent asked her, tilting his head as he waited for her to speak.

Eve's eyes moved to look at Aunt Aubrey, who looked curious, and she then looked back at the other members of the Moriarty family before she said,

"As all of you know, they are married and I thought it would be right to have Eugene work in a higher post. This way Rosetta can also somewhere be more at ease in the future."

"If it is work, I am sure Vincent will find one. Isn't that right?" Viscount Eduard asked his son.

But Vincent could tell that was just one sentence supporting what Eve was yet to say. He said, "You don't have to hold back on your thoughts, Eve. You are part of the family, more importantly my wife."

Eve then revealed her request, "Eugene is my family, someone who ate with me and Aunt Aubrey. I was wondering if it is alright for him and Rosetta to join us at the table for meals."

Hearing Eve's request, Lady Annalise's face hardened. As much as she had given Eve a pass, she wasn't comfortable nor willing to let a person of servant class join them at the table. She opened her mouth to refuse when the Viscount placed his hand on his wife's hand under the table. He replied,

"Your request is a tough one, Genevieve. We will need to discuss it before I can answer about my thoughts on it."

Eve then said, "Pardon me for my words beforehand. Isn't it often considered that when a person marries another person, it ups their status. And Rosetta is the daughter of a marquee and a marchioness's daughter." She didn't like that Eugene and Rosetta weren't sitting at the table, when she wanted them to be treated rightly as she had in the past.

"That's because women often take the status of their husband," Lady Annalise replied to Eve's words.

"I think both men and women bring things to each other, milady. But it is also why I asked if Eugene gets a better job than what he has now. They will be returning to Meadow once the house gets fixed, but until then, I would like to spend time together with them," Eve explained politely. She turned to Vincent, who smiled at her and said,

"Eugene is your family, and Rosetta has been your friend. It would be rude to treat them anything below it."

Eve smiled, but then turned to look at her in-laws, who held grave expressions on their faces. Viscount Eduard said, "I guess as a family, it would be wrong to not have them here. What do you think, Anna?"

Viscount Eduard played by letting the decision in his wife's hands in front of everyone, so that the answer would come from her mouth, and she couldn't refute it. Feeling the eyes on her, Lady Annalise, with great difficulty responded, "Okay."

Vincent turned to look at Alfie and ordered him, "Tell Mr. and Mrs. Weaver that they are invited to join us for breakfast and the rest of the meals until the time they stay here."

"Yes, Sire," Alfie bowed and left the room.

Eve turned to look at Vincent and mouthed, 'Thank you.'

Vincent leaned towards her and whispered with a wink, "You can thank me once we are alone."

Chapter 449 Time To Leave
In the Moriarty mansion's kitchen, Rosetta stood next to Eugene.

As Eugene cut the vegetables, teaching her on the first day of her work, so that she knew what to do in the future, the vampiress collected the slices of vegetables in separate bowls.

Rosetta wasn't sad or offended that she was reduced to a servant. Because she knew about it since the beginning that her life would not be easy once she married him. Not that her life would have been easy if she had followed her parent's words. Maybe if she married another man, she would still be able to keep her status, but she doubted the man would respect her after knowing what her parents had done.

The thought crossed her mind because she noticed some servants stare her way. She had also heard whisperings that often stopped when she came into the whisperer's view. None of it mattered, as her mind was occupied with Eugene and his arms around her last night.

But the important thing right now was that she was extremely hungry.

Being used to timely meals and looking at the delicious food, her mouth watered. She had only found out a few minutes ago that the servants ate after the main family were done eating.


"Huh?" Rosetta snapped out of her thoughts, a blush coming to splatter on her cheeks. "What happened?"

"You need to place them in a circle. Did you forget how to do it?" Eugene patiently asked her. "Here, let me show you."

Rosetta was ready to be a kitchen maid in the next lives if Eugene was going to be next to her. She felt warm and fuzzy, making her grin in her own thoughts.

When Eugene noticed it, he stared at her. She quickly said, "I know how to do it. This is easy, see," she quickly started to place them in circles. 

One of the servants came near them and said, "The upper guest rooms need to be cleaned. Will you both go there and clean it?"

"Yes, we would like to do it together," Eugene replied, as he didn't want Rosetta to be lost in what she was supposed to do or break anything valuable.

"Together," Rosetta murmured, beaming like a love-struck fool before she shook her head and told herself to focus.

Alfie, who entered the kitchen, informed, "Eugene and Miss Rosetta." As he had been calling the vampiress with a title, and considering how naive she was, he didn't want to strip the title away from her right away. The servants there looked back and forth, while the butler informed the couple, "You have been invited to join breakfast and the other meals with the Moriarty family in the dining room."

Eugene was going to refuse until he noticed Rosetta's eyes lit up at the mention of food being served now. He then left the kitchen along with the vampiress and the butler.

After spending an hour in the dining room with everyone dear to them, where everyone finished having breakfast, Eugene and Rosetta left to continue their work for the day, while the Moriarty members were still in the dining room, and Eve had stepped out of there with Lady Aubrey, taking a walk to the front of the mansion as they walked down the hallways.

Land Aubrey said to Eve, "Do you know how proud you make me, Eve?"

Eve smiled at her aunt's words, and she said, "I only do things that you taught me when I was young."

"Sometimes, no matter how many times you teach someone, not everyone picks and applies it. The example is right in this mansion," Lady Aubrey responded as she looked ahead. "You are a gem, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. If Vincent was already a Viscount, you would be a Viscountess, not that you aren't indirectly. But people often forget and leave the others behind. Yet you pull everyone as you take a step forward, and I am sure that is something Vincent is also proud of."

"We have lost people who were dear to us, and I want to make the most of the time we have. With you too, auntie," Eve hooked her hand around Aunt Aubrey.

"I know what you mean," the elderly woman nodded. "Not that it hasn't crossed my mind since Eugene turned, but I think unless there's a need, I would like to join your uncle. We have been apart for many years now."

Lady Aubrey's words brought a sadness that Eve had avoided thinking about. Considering how humans had the lowest life span, she knew one day the older woman wouldn't be next to her.

"Everything will turn out well, Evie," Lady Aubrey patted Eve's hand, and she then said, "And I will always be there, watching over you and Eugene. No matter how far I am."

Two hours passed, and it was finally time for Marceline to leave the Moriarty mansion. Everyone stood before the mansion's entrance to send off the young vampiress. Marceline didn't let anyone hug her; she wanted to let them know that she was furious with them. They had nothing to be disappointed about, unlike her, who had lost one of her limbs and was fangless.

Lady Annalise held a troubled look as she had never thought of sending her children away to a place like where Marceline was going.

"Take care of yourself, Marceline. We will write you letters and visit you," Viscount Eduard said to his daughter, who didn't look at him right now.

"You don't have to do that, father. I will be fine without it. You can come once a year instead," Marceline shook her head. "I don't know why Vincent and this human are coming with me. Don't tell me they are going to live there too."

"Trust me, Marcie, that's the last thing I want to do. You will have the place all to yourself without disturbing you," Vincent promised her, one of his lips pulling up. Though Marceline felt something odd, she brushed it away when her brother said, "It is time to leave."


Chapter 450 Carriage Ride Through The Night
Music Recommendation: Bad dreams- Alex Baranowski

When Marceline stepped inside the carriage and took a comfortable seat, waiting for the coachman to close the door, soon Vincent and Eve joined by climbing inside it. The vampiress's eyes narrowed, and she asked,

"What happened to riding in your own carriage?"

"Don't be so cold, Marcie, when we should make the most of our time together until we reach the South. With that one leg of yours, you might need help," Vincent smiled at her and took a seat right next to her that had her scoot to the other corner. Eve took a seat on the opposite side in front of them. "Who knows, maybe you will change your mind and decide to come back here to stay with us."

The vampiress rolled her eyes before her lips set in a thin line. She said, "As if I don't know that you will try to humiliate me if I stay here in the mansion."

"I don't have to do that, because you are doing that yourself," Vincent responded, crossing his legs one over the other and he leaned his back against the seat. The carriage door was closed by Marceline's coachman Adam.

Marceline gritted her teeth and said, "This is why you want to come. Because you want to make me feel miserable the rest of the journey. After all, you cannot rest in peace without causing some damage. I will never want to return here again."

"Even if I say your life in the South will be miserable? There won't be me or father to cover up your little murders," Vincent stated.

"You are an expert in it, I will learn it too," Marceline retorted.

Vincent clicked his tongue, shaking his head with amusement in his eyes. He said, "It seems like you don't want to live in the mansion, but in a dungeon. Don't think of contacting a witch or witcher from the South, they are quite notorious and will probably use your heart as a sacrifice."

"Why do I need enemies when I have you in my life?" Marceline softly harrumphed and turned to look outside the window as the carriage began to pull itself away from the front of the Moriarty mansion's entrance, riding through the opened gates and on the street.

Marceline turned to look behind and noticed another carriage following from behind, containing her trunks and other belongings.

The three of them barely spoke the whole ride, and it was almost a quiet ride. At least that is what one would feel without any words exchanged there, but every once in a while, Marceline's eyes moved to glare at the lowly woman, who was now equal to her in status.

Hours passed, and the carriage stopped when they needed a break to attend nature's call or the inn to eat.

Marceline was not used to travelling for a long distance, and somewhere on the way, she had fallen asleep.

Eve, looking outside the window at the snowy landscape, noticed how the density of the trees reduced, making it easier to look through the gaps of the land as they travelled through the path of the forest. The sky had started to turn dark, leaving a continuous shadow darker than the land next to it.

Her eyes moved to look at Vincent, who held a serious look, while he supported his jaw by the edge of his palm. As much as he annoyed his sister, there was a distant look in his eyes which didn't reach his lips. As if sensing her gaze, he turned his sight at her and a slow smile appeared on his lips.

"Are you hungry, my love?" Vincent asked her, and she shook her head. "I am, you wouldn't mind me taking a drink now, do you?" And though he didn't receive an answer, he stretched his hand, to hold her hand.

Eve readily offered her hand and Vincent clasped around her wrist before he leaned forward. His fangs grew and he sank them into her skin, drinking her blood by sucking it. To Vincent, he could survive on Eve's blood alone, and he savoured every drop before licking her skin clean.

"So delicious," Vincent hummed with a satisfied look in his eyes.

When Vincent raised his eyes to look at her, she noticed how the distant look had disappeared and there was hunger in them. He said in a low voice, "Only if my sister wasn't here. I would have eaten you up. Little by little."

Eve blushed at Vincent's words and quickly looked at Marceline to ensure the vampiress was still sleeping. She then said to him, "Can you not talk about such things in the presence of others."

"She's sleeping," Vincent remarked with a crooked smile.

"Still," Eve said, feeling his thumb caress the bite on her skin. "Also, it will be uncomfortable."

"You don't know that," Vincent whispered with a teasing smile. "Imagine the moving carriage and a few bumps will give you just the right push and angle. Why sit quietly, when there are so many interesting things to do?"

"You have perverse thoughts, Vince."

"But you love them," Vincent grinned, noticing Eve worry about being listened to. As naughty as she was in the bedroom when they were alone, she was very embarrassed at the thought of someone catching them speaking naughty things.

Eve asked him, "How long is the journey to where we are going?"

"A few more hours. We can stay in the mansion for a day or two, rest and then leave. It is where my ancestors of the Moriarty family used to live before my grandparents decided to settle in Skellington," Vincent responded to her.

"I thought the Moriarty family used to live in Skellington," Eve said with a look of curiosity in her eyes.

"Technically, the Moriarty family comes from the North, but as the family branched, over the centuries, they moved to the South in Holy Oak. Then finally in Skellington. We used to visit the town often when our grandparents returned to live there again, but they are put in their coffins now," Vincent explained to her. He continued, "You might like the mansion better than the current one. It has beautiful architecture and the gardens are as big as the royal family."