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Chapter 411 There’s An Intruder!
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Rosetta sat with her mother and Lady Annalise in the parlour room, sipping blood tea. Nearly an hour had passed since she had returned to the Moriartys mansion.

"Rose, where is your coat?" Lady Aurora questioned her daughter, "You went out without wearing a coat in this cold weather? You are going to get married soon."

The young vampiress, who was deep in thought, shook her head, "Um, no. I gave it to the butler earlier to wash, mother. I felt it wasn't fresh enough and needed to be cleaned."

Lady Aurora stared at her daughter, smiling, "Always the clean one in the room. My daughter can barely stand a little smear of dirt on her clothes." She then asked Lady Annalise, "I haven't seen Marceline around much today. Where is she?"

"She told me that she was going to distribute the wedding invitations," Lady Annalise politely replied with a smile. She stirred the little spoon in the teacup before taking a sip.

"Though I hate to say it, it seems like the governess won't be sticking around long, Anna. I mean, if she really is in love with Vincent, no one can stand and watch the man being married to someone else. What do you think about it? I don't mean to pry, but did you attend the Viscount's first wedding?"

Lady Annalise stared at the teacup in her hand for a moment before her eyes shifted to look at Lady Aurora, who smiled at her. She said, "The Viscount and I weren't familiar at that time in the past."

"Is that so?" Lady Aurora asked with a surprised look and said, "I was sure I heard that your family was acquainted with the Moriartys before--"

"I am telling you that we didn't, Lady Aurora," Lady Annalise didn't want to talk about the past that she had closed. It had nothing to do with the Marchioness, who was an outsider and would remain the same even in the future. She continued, "We are aware of your dislike towards the governess, but it would be in everyone's best interest, to let people be then talk about it. The Moriartys don't like to waste time on things that are irrelevant."

Lady Aurora smiled coyly. She nodded, "Of course, but I hope you will take good care of my daughter?"

"She will be taken care of the same way she has been until now, Lady Aurora. Rosetta and Ms. Barlow seems to be friends. I don't think it should cause any trouble. Isn't that right, Rosetta?" Lady Annalise asked the young vampiress, who had been spacing out for quite some time now.

Rosetta nodded, "That's true..." but there was a hint of doubt. Not because she didn't consider her and Eve to be friends, but because she didn't know how to feel about her only true friend being a witch. Did this mean not all witches were bad?

"Why does your voice sound doubtful, Rose? Is there something you would like to share with us?" Lady Aurora tilted her head, while she scrutinizingly stared at Rosetta.

Rosetta nervously laughed, "Of course, not, mother." She showed her teeth as she smiled before a small frown came to settle when the older woman looked away from her.

She wondered how Eugene was doing right now and if he was alright. Deep down, she questioned if he hadn't completed his transition because of her inability to do it right.

Far away from the parlour room, on the other side of the mansion, Marceline's red eyes had gone wide, and had slightly dilated than normal as she tried to grasp the situation.

Once reality sunk in, her numbness was replaced by shooting pain as if she had lost her entire leg. The broken bone had turned similar to an iron rust, and it hadn't been able to hold the pressure, as the vampiress had been roaming around, weakening it every time she walked.

"Ugh!" The vampiress bitterly cried, while she bit into her lower lip to stop her voice from going out of the room. She held her thigh, gripping it as the pain started moving up her knees.

She had done everything that was needed!

Even though Marceline didn't like people from the low or middle class, she had tried to be fair and had gone out of her way to talk to them. She showed them kindness and being polite, even though she didn't like them and knew she was too good compared to her status.

"Milady," one of the maids, appeared outside Marceline's room. The maid was here upon Eugene's word, as the vampiress had ordered him to send a maid earlier before she had climbed up the stairs. "May I come in?"

Marceline cried with her eyes closed and tears falling down her cheeks.

"Milady?" This time the maid called a little louder, wondering if the vampiress was alright.

"AHHH!" Marceline cried out with the pain and anguish of her incoming humiliation that was waiting to catch up to her. 𝚋𝚎d𝚗𝚘v𝚎𝚕.c𝚘𝚖

The maid, on hearing the young mistress cry out in pain, turned worried and knocked on the door once more in worry, before she tried to open the door. But the door was locked from inside.

"Is there an intruder in the room?" The maid murmured to herself and quickly left the front of the room to inform the mansion's butler for his help.

The maid ran as quickly as possible, searching for the butler, and when she found him in one of the corridors of the mansion, she gasped for air. In a hurried voice, she informed,

"Lady Marceline is in trouble!"

Alfie stopped what he was doing, and turned to look at the maid with a frown. Was someone in trouble because of the vampiress? He asked in his mind.

"Who is it?" He asked because he knew the troublesome and arrogant vampiress.

The maid shook her head and said to him, "It is Lady Marceline! I think someone forcefully entered her room and is hurting her! The room is locked from the inside and we need to help her urgently!"


Chapter 412 What’s Going On?
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Alfie didn't quite understand how that could happen, but he hurried along with the maid who followed him closely with concern. Once they reached the front of Marceline's room, and before the butler could knock on the door, he heard the crying sounds of the vampiress from the other side of the door.

Being the butler of this mansion, Alfie had keys to every room. He pulled the key bunch and looked for the right key, before inserting it into the door. When he turned the key and opened the door, he and the maid with him were welcomed by the worst stench his nose had ever picked upon.

Both of them looked left and right, searching for an intruder before their eyes fell on the vampiress, who was sitting on the floor. The vampiress had tears smeared on her pale cheeks.

As Marceline's right foot had been decaying for quite some time and now broken, neither Alfie nor the maid noticed it at first glance.

Before Alfie could ask, his eyes went wide when he realised the thing on the ground was not a wooden log, but the vampiress's foot. The maid gasped, covering her mouth in horror.

"W—what do you think you two are doing here?!" Marceline screamed at them with tear-filled eyes. "Get out of the room!" She yelled at the top of her lungs for many people near her room to hear her outburst. "I said get out of my room. NOW!"

Alfie and the maid quickly stepped out of the room, and the butler closed the door behind him with their hearts pounding as if they did not believe what they just saw.

"I will go and inform Lady Annalise," the maid said in a whisper with her eyes wide before she made haste out of there.

Alfie turned back to look at the closed door. He then walked away from there with a serious look on his face, crossing many corridors before knocking on one of the doors. The door was opened by Vincent who was with Eve and asked,

"What's the matter?"

Alfie bowed his head and informed, "It is Lady Marceline, Sire."

On the other hand, the maid, who had left the butler's side, ran, while holding the front of her skirt and ensuring she didn't slip and fall on her way. Not finding the lady in her room, she asked one of the maids who was walking by in the corridor,

"Where is Lady Annalise?" The maid's voice came out urgently.

"She's in the parlour room having tea with the Marchioness and Lady Rosetta. Did something happen?" The other maid asked in concern.

The first maid wanted to explain, to spill out what she saw, but this was not the time. She whispered, "I will tell you about it later," and hurried out.

On reaching the tea room, the maid schooled her expression and stepped inside, "Milady," she said, deeply bowing her head. "Lady Marceline is requesting to see you." She didn't want to explain what she saw in front of everyone. 

But Marceline's luck was running short. Lady Annalise said, "Tell her to come here and see me. I have something to talk to her about."

"That is indeed true," Lady Aurora agreed, as she wanted to discuss with Marceline the failed attempt of getting together Henry and the governess. "Where is the lovely Marceline?"

The maid fidgeted and replied, "S—she is in her room, milady. She is feeling unwell today."

Lady Annalise pursed her lips and then placed the teacup on the table. She got up and walked to where the maid stood, "Did you tell Alfie to bring the physician in?"

"Alfie has gone to call Master Vincent," the maid replied in a low tone, which got Lady Aurora and Rosetta curious as they couldn't hear what was being discussed. The maid added, "I think this might take a while," and she looked at the Hookes.

Lady Annalise glared at the maid for speaking in circles and demanded, "What is going on?"

The maid knew if she were to speak about the matters concerning the family in front of the Hookes, it wouldn't be right, and she requested in a low voice, "It is about Lady Marceline. Please, milady."

Lady Annalise turned to Lady Aurora and said, "Excuse me, Lady Aurora. My elder daughter needs me and I will need to attend to her. I will tell Alfie to arrange a carriage for you to go back to your mansion. I will see you tomorrow, Marchioness," and she left the room.

The maid accompanied Lady Annalise, following two steps behind the lady, and when they reached Marceline's room, they found the room to be closed. It was because Marceline had crawled across the room and locked the door so that no one could enter it again.

At the same time, Vincent, Eve and Alfie came from the opposite direction of the corridor. Lady Annalise anxiously questioned, "Is someone going to tell me what is going on here?" She looked at everyone.

"Your dear daughter has done something that she was not supposed to do," Vincent said in a calm voice. He then ordered, "Alfie, open the door."

When Alfie tried to unlock the room, this time the door didn't open. He turned to Vincent and said, "The door must be bolted from inside, Sire."

"No, issues. Step aside," Vincent ordered, and Alfie and the others took three steps away from the door. The pureblooded vampire raised his leg, and with one kick, the door cracked and broke open.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Marceline hysterically screamed.

Like Vincent and Lady Annalise, Eve had stepped inside the room. Her eyes widened on seeing a detached foot lying on the floor.

"What is that!" Lady Annalise shrieked on seeing the detached foot that was green and brown in colour, with pus covering it. She covered her nose and mouth when the pungent smell in the room attacked her nose.


Chapter 413 Hysterical Vampiress
Though Eve had already heard from Timotei about Marceline's foot, nothing could beat the sight that was in front of her. Which was even after Alfie had explained it to her and Vincent. Even though the foot had been severed, one could still see the sliminess and the pus from the skin fall on the clean ground.

The detached foot was not only decayed from the outer side, but it had decayed until the bone as if reflecting Marceline's true nature. There was also blood on the floor.

Marceline felt cornered, as she was on the floor, while the lowly beings were standing. The butler and the maid stood outside her room, watching the pitiful state she had been reduced to. She then cried to Lady Annalise,

"Mother! Look what the witch did to me! She cursed my foot even though I was only taking a stroll!"

After the many conflicts, Eve could see how Marceline liked to twist and change details so that people could look at her as if she was the victim of this brutal world.

Lady Annalise recovered from the shock and asked, "How and when did this happen, Marcie?"

Marceline looked up at her mother, "It happened yesterday at noon. I thought it was a little itchy in the beginning, but now--"she hiccuped, unable to complete her sentence.

Lady Annalise snapped her head to look at the butler and ordered, "What are you doing standing there? Go fetch Mr. Pepper now!" 

Marceline's tears quickly dried up when she heard the physician's name, whom she had visited. She shook her head, "This is a curse, mother! The physician cannot help fix it back, but only a witch can help."

Vincent sat down on his heels and took a closer look at Marceline's footless leg, which was still attached to her body. He innocently asked her, "What are you talking about, sister?" and asked, "Where did you hear it from?"

Marceline was a mess, and her lips moved, but no sound came. Lady Annalise glared at Alfie, "Go now!"

"Yes, milady!" Alfie bowed and quickly left to fetch Mr. Pepper, the physician.

Lady Annalise asked Marceline, "Why didn't you tell anyone about it yesterday or this morning? Where is that witch?"

Marceline shook her head and said, "I don't know. How would I know where to find that witch, mother?"

Marceline felt Eve's stare. She turned to look away from her mother and demanded, "What is she doing here? Send her out of this room!"

"Calm down, Marceline. Eve isn't here to cause you any harm," Vincent calmly said.

Mr. Pepper arrived at the same time when Viscount Eduard entered the room after being informed by the servants about the uproar that was taking place in one of his daughter's rooms.

"What happened to your leg, Marcie?" Viscount Eduard asked in disbelief, when he noticed Marceline missing a foot.

Seeing her father, Marceline cried more and she said, "Father, please help me! Please fix my foot!" The vampiress couldn't step out of the mansion to search another witch, not with one leg. She was desperate for help.

A deep frown came to settle on the Viscount's face, and he shared a brief look with his son, who looked least bothered by his sister's condition.

"Oh, dear!" Mr. Pepper exclaimed on seeing Marceline's separated foot. "Why haven't you cut it like I told you?" He asked with concern.

"Cut?" Marceline repeated as if she hadn't heard it. "You cannot expect me to cut my foot!"

"Hm? Mr. Pepper, you already gave her the suggestion?" Vincent asked in a slightly surprised voice.

Before the physician could reply, Marceline shouted at him, "Go back! I don't need your help!"

Mr. Pepper nervously looked at the people gathered in the room. When the room turned quiet, Viscount Eduard scolded the physician, "Why haven't you prescribed the medicines like you usually do?"

"Oh, I did, Viscount Eduard," Mr. Pepper bowed, and he continued, "But I also told her that the infection she got from insects in the garden shou--"

"From the garden?" Lady Annalise asked, shifting her gaze from Marceline to the physician and then back at Marceline, whose face turned redder than it had already. "You lied to the physician who could help you?"

"Ah! I was wondering why it looked like that. It looks like one of the witch's skin or wounds," Mr. Pepper nodded in realisation. "She told me that it was from the garden, which is why I gave her the medicine three or four days ago."

The frown on Lady Annalise's head deepened, and she questioned Marceline, "What are you hiding, Marceline?"

Marceline asked innocently with her glistening eyes, "About what? I did get cursed by a witch and need my leg to be fixed!"

Vincent clicked his tongue, receiving everyone's attention in the room, and he commented, "One shouldn't tell lies one cannot keep up, sister."

"You are the one making up things!" Marceline feigned ignorance and said, "I have lost my foot and instead of consoling and looking for ways to help me, you are accusing me."

Mr. Pepper remarked in the corner, "Lady Marceline, you should have told Mr. Moriarty sooner. You wouldn't have lost so much." He quickly went quiet when Marceline glared at him.

As if she didn't suffer enough, this physician was adding salt to her open wounds, and time was ticking. With every passing minute, more tissue in her leg was getting infected by the curse.

Viscount Eduard sighed in frustration. He turned and asked Mr. Pepper, "Is there a way to heal her leg?"

Mr. Pepper shook his head, "No medicine will help the lady, Sire. The only remedy is to amputate the leg before the curse catches the rest of her body."

Marceline yelled, "NO! I am not cutting my leg!" She then looked at her brother with pleading eyes, "Please help me! Bring me back my leg!"

"Alfie, take Mr. Pepper to the drawing room. We'll call him if we need his help," Viscount Eduard stated, and saw the physician leave. He then asked his son, "Vincent, do you know what happened to your sister?"

Vincent offered a smile to his father and said, "It is true that Marceline is in this situation because a witch cursed her. But it isn't because she got there by mistake, but because she went looking for a witch to fix her fangs. Isn't that right, Marcie?"

"Once a vampire gets defanged, I know that it cannot come back. Why would I go to a witch?!" Marceline questioned him back.

Vincent chuckled and replied, "Two councilmen found you in Palavista who killed one of the witches. They would be happy to agree that they were kind enough to see you in the carriage. Safely," Vincent explained, his red eyes focussed on Marceline. He said to his parents, "She did something she was not supposed to do. And somehow, the curse backfired and she took the short end of the stick."

Lady Annalise, who had always been on Marceline's side until now, asked her in a disappointed voice, "Did you try to curse someone with the witch's help?"

"Why would I do something like that at all? I am not so vile as to do something so low," Marceline sobbed, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

Vincent knew that whatever Marceline was trying was turning back at her, and he knew one way to fix this.

Wondering if his sister had tried to reverse the curse, he said, "Marceline, there's only one way to get the curse reversed. It has five points. Cut the branch of an unbroken tree, kill a person, kill an animal and repeat the curse that you first gave out with the right witch or witcher."

So the witcher had indeed skipped it! Marceline cursed in her mind.

Lady Annalise once again asked Marceline patiently, "Did you curse someone, Marcie? We need to reverse the curse and you need to tell us the truth."

Marceline couldn't tell the truth. But at the same time, she couldn't sit quietly when she knew all the doors had closed for her and the only door left open was family. Only they could help her.

"Marceline, if you have cursed someone it is time to come clean, so that we can figure out what to do," Eduard pushed his daughter for a reply.


Chapter 414 Burying For Oneself

Eve stared at Marceline, who looked torn and in pain. She already knew the truth, and so did Vincent, as it was only several minutes before Alfie knocked upon her door that she had relayed the information about what Timotei had told her.

She had come across bad people, but Marceline topped everyone in the list. This vampiress was conceited, arrogant and selfish.

Vincent stared back at Marceline and said, "If the curse that fell on you is because of a backfire, it can still be treated. But if it isn't, we'll end up wasting time. Speak, Marceline."

Marceline finally spilled the truth by agreeing to her brother in a whisper, "Yes… Yes, it is a backfired curse."

Lady Annalise, who stood next to Marceline, turned away and walked to another side of the room, as if she couldn't believe Marceline could had fallen to such levels. Eduard Viscount said, "You have been lying to us, Marceline. What happened to you? When you were a child, I forgave you with the thought that you were young and mischievous. That you lost your mother, but now…" he shook his head.

Marceline lowered her head in shame. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't walk out of the room with just one of her legs. Her hands clenched.

Lady Annalise hardened her heart and said, "Is it possible to get a witch to fix it?"

Vincent didn't stop staring at Marceline as if wondering how far she was willing to get back her fangs when she was only digging her grave further. Marceline turned to look at him in question of why he hadn't moved to get a witch, "One last question, Marcie. Whom did you try to curse?"

"I… I was only trying to track the person who had a hand in getting back Allie's fangs. I know that someone helped her get her fangs!" Marceline burst another time, where her calm and polite behaviour was long out of the window.

Viscount Eduard pinched the bridge of his nose as the disappointment that continued to pile up with regard to his elder daughter. He already knew who was responsible for Allie's fangs, and now that his son heard this from Marceline, he knew there was nothing he could do. Marceline was far gone than he had imagined.

Vincent's eyes turned darker and colder as he stared at Marceline. He said,

"You thought someone helped Allie with her fangs, and you were ready to harm that person. Not because you wanted to track, but because you were furious, weren't you? Guess what, dear sister. Unfortunately, a witch cannot fix your foot back because it is separated from your leg. Don't you wish that you never went to the witch and instead slept in your bed that night?"

Marceline's lips trembled, and she shook her head, "I didn't mean harm, I only wanted my fangs back," tears started to spill again from her eyes. She couldn't think straight anymore.

"If the witch's curse meant no harm, you wouldn't be in this condition would you, Marceline?" Vincent asked his sister, who sobbed. "But don't worry. We share the same blood and you are my sister, I would not let any more harm befall on you," his voice held a certain coldness, and he ordered the butler, "Alfie, bring the saw. We'll heat it here in the fireplace. Also bring alcohol."

The remaining colour in Marceline's fell from her face, and she looked at Vincent in horror.

"No! No!" Marceline vigorously shook her head, "I refuse to do it!"

"Alfie," Vincent glowered at the butler, who had stood there with a shocked expression.

"Yes, Sire!" Alfie quickly ran from there.

"Father! Mother! Please don't do this to me!" Marceline pleaded with her parents. "No one will want to marry me! Don't do this to me, there must be another way! The person who helped Allie—"

"The infection will only spread if we don't try to stop it, Marceline," Viscount Eduard said to his daughter. "If you had told us right away when this happened. We could have saved… more of your leg."

"How could you go and ask for a witch's help, Marcie?" Lady Annalise asked in anger..

"Because no one would help me here! My family didn't help me and I had to look for help outside my home!" Marceline said, half angry and half sobbing.

Everyone in the room noticed that Marceline felt no remorse over her actions. She ignored her faults and blamed them on everyone else when she was the one who had dug her troubles deeper every single time.

When Alfie returned with a saw, he handed the bottle of alcohol to Vincent who poured the liquor on the metal before having the butler heat the metal in the fireplace.

"I will not be amputated! I will kill myself before it!" Marceline picked the closest sharp object, the hairpin, and placed it above her heart. Vincent rolled his eyes at his dramatic sister.

"Don't act foolishly, Marceline. Unless you want your entire body to fall apart in slow death?" Viscount Eduard warned her harshly.

Vincent didn't bother with her act, knowing how much Marceline loved herself and her life.

His eyes briefly moved to look at Eve, and their eyes met. Sharing words in an unspoken way. It was ironic, how the person who could have helped his sister with her foot and everything else, Marceline, had tried to curse the same person. His sister was stupid, and he sighed,

"Alfie. Is it ready?"

"Almost, Sire," the butler replied.

Vincent uncorked the alcohol bottle and walked closer to where Marceline sat on the floor. He said in a whisper, "Don't worry, sister. I will cut it gently, and make it as painless as I can."

Vincent poured the alcohol on Marceline's right leg that was still bleeding a little. Fat tears rolled down her eyes, falling on her lap when she heard the butler's footsteps approaching them.

"Sire," Alfie offered the burning metal to Vincent.

Marceline watched Vincent take the saw in his hands. Her hands clenched. When he brought the hot saw downwards near her leg, she closed her eyes while biting her lip with tears running down her face.


Chapter 415 Finding The Truth

When Moriarty's butler had returned with a liquor bottle and a saw in his hand, Eve watched Marceline hold a terrified look. The vampiress's eyes carried desperation and frustration in her eyes.

Eve questioned if Marceline felt any regret for her actions. Being the forgiving one, she noticed tears fall from the vampiress's eyes as she begged for her leg not to be cut and instead be fixed by a witch's help.

When her eyes met Vincent's, she saw the aloof expression on his face. Though the vampiress was his sister by blood, he looked calm and seemed to be enjoying the vampiress's plight.

If Eve wanted, she could heal Marceline's leg. She didn't know up to what extent, but she could.

While one side there was Eve's forgiving nature, but at the same time, there was another side. A side that came from the siren that wanted Marceline to suffer for her ill actions.

If Eve hadn't swapped Allie's fangs for Marceline's with Timotei's help, it would be her in Marceline's place. With a detached foot and a leg that continued to rot. This only showed how Marceline never cared about the harm she was causing others.

"Sire," Alfie walked to Vincent's side, offering the burning saw.

Eve hardened her heart as she watched Vincent take the saw in his hands and grip it. As the saw descended to Marceline's leg, the room turned cold, and a sharp scream erupted from Marceline's lips as the hot metal sliced until the infected area on her leg.


Marceline's painful scream echoed not just outside the room's corridor, but the entire mansion.

"I will go see what Allie is doing," Lady Annalise excused herself, as she couldn't watch one of her children's legs being amputated. Though she wasn't Marceline's biological mother, she had tried to bond with her, and it caused an ache in her chest.

On the other hand, Viscount Eduard came forward to hold Marceline still, whose body thrashed as she continued to scream with the burning sensation of the metal on her leg.

Vincent had already picked up the aiding box from the closet of the room and pulled out a needle.

Unable to stand still and watch, Eve to where Marceline was. She knew what was waiting for the vampiress after being defanged and losing a leg. When her hand reached for Marceline, as if wanting to reduce the vampiress's pain in her amputated leg, Vincent stopped her,

"Eve, go and bring Mr. Pepper here."

Eve's hand hung mid-air, and they stared at each other.

Vincent knew the kind of person Eve was and he loved her for that. But his sister deserved every bit of what she was going through.

Marceline, who was in pain, noticed her brother and the lowly human sharing a quiet moment, while she was bleeding and suffering. She shouted,

"Did you not hear what my brother said? Go and bring the physician!" The vampiress's hatred towards Eve magnified because she blamed the lowly human for her current state.

Marceline glared at Eve with her red eyes filled with tears that continued to fall, and her jaws clenched.

Eve stared back at Marceline, feeling pity for the vampiress, and she wondered if the young vampiress would ever accept her faults and mend her ways. But she already knew the answer to it. It was never. Thinking about it, a small pitiful smile made to her lips, and the vampiress on noticing it turned enraged.

"What do you think you are smiling at?! This is all happening because of you, you worthless piece of whore from the lowly town—AHHH!"

Vincent poured the liquor on Marceline's wound, "Did that hurt, Marcie? Pardon me, it slipped."

Marceline screamed like a little child, flailing her hands, "Kill me! I prefer death over this humiliation!"

"I am sorry, but we love you too much to kill you, dear sister," Vincent remarked in a dead tone, "It is something that you will have to do yourself."

"Vincent," Viscount Eduard stopped his son with a frown.

"What? I was telling the truth," Vincent's eyes brightened with one corner of his lips threatening to pull. He didn't want to kill Marceline. Fortunately or unfortunately for his sister's luck, she was stuck being alive, and he wouldn't let her die. He didn't even have to torture her because it seemed like she was doing that herself.

Marceline was tired from all the screaming, and she heaved for air. She felt like the little hope and light she had in her life was diminishing. She whispered to Eve, "It is all because of you. I was cursed by a witch. I will curse you that you—"

"It is time you take responsibility for your actions rather than blame others, Marceline," Eve's words were sharp as she said it.

"How dare you speak to me in that tone?!" Marceline questioned in a low and threatening voice.

Eve responded at the vampiress, "The wealth and status that you have is not something you earned, but something that was passed on. What do you have that you are proud about? You only possess arrogance which is as empty as your heart."

"What do you have—"

"Eve has a heart that feels the pain you are going through," it was Vincent who spoke this time. He said, "Eve isn't wrong. You aren't a child anymore so stop behaving like one. You went to the witch, cursed the person you thought had helped Allie. When the curse didn't work and fell back on you, you are now crying for your own actions. Stop blaming her or anyone else to soothe your self centred self."

Marceline's lips trembled, and her body shook when she covered her face with her hands. She then said, "I don't want to live here anymore! I shall go live by myself in the Southern side. I will be fine by myself."

Viscount Eduard's frown deepened further. It was because Marceline was talking about going and staying in the other mansion that the family-owned on the Southern side of the land.

Eve wondered where Marceline's hate towards her stemmed from. Talking to the vampiress was nothing less than talking to a wall. It was because the vampiress saw her point of view to be the only right one, while disregarding everything and everyone else.

"I don't have fangs.. I don't have a leg," Marceline sobbed as her eyes fell on her short leg, which was severed until mid-thigh. "I have been reduced to nothing. There's no meaning to my life!"

"You have us, your family—"Viscount Eduard began, only to receive a scream from his elder daughter.

"No! Y—you all let this happen to me," Marceline continued to blame as she sobbed, and Vincent sighed.

"You are right. From now onwards, you aren't my sister," Vincent dropped the needle on the ground and stood up.

With her mouth agape, Marceline stopped crying and asked, "W—where are you going?? My leg is still bleeding!"

"Do it yourself," Vincent deadpanned with his eyes looking down at her coldly, and he stepped out of the room.

Eve watched Vincent step out of the room. When she turned to look at Marceline, the vampiress looked genuinely hurt for the first time. This time it wasn't because Vincent had refused to help the vampiress but because he had severed his relationship with her. The vampiress looked like a child trying to stop herself from crumbling. She said,

"Marceline, Vincent didn't mean—" When Eve placed her hand on Marceline's shoulder, she stopped speaking.

Eve froze, where she neither continued to speak nor blink as she stared at the space in front of her. She pulled her hand away from Marceline's shoulder.

"What do you know about Vince and me?!" Marceline demanded from Eve with angry tears. "Are you happy now? For ruining my relationship with my brother and taking him away from me? Are you?!" She shouted.

At the same time, Mr. Pepper arrived at the front of the room with his physician's box and hurried inside. The physician said,

"Let me stitch this up right away and then I will wrap it with a bandage."

Eve whispered in shock, "How could you do that…"

The physician looked confused, looking back and forth if he wasn't supposed to stitch the vampiress's leg. He asked in doubt, "Did I make a mistake, milady?"

Eve turned her hardened blue eyes to look at Marceline.

When she had earlier touched Marceline, she hadn't expected her body to experience joy and anguish. The anguish came from the pain of the vampiress's leg, but the joy… came from stabbing Eugene to bleed.