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Chapter 331 Teach me
Despite her powerful magic, Alicia had still had to give up some of her power when she had accidentally been sent to the Underworld. It was a sobering thought to consider what she would have to give up for a longer stay in another dimension.

"This isn't going to be a brief visit to another world, so I'm certain the price she has to pay would be something precious," Gav added.

"Something precious?" Alex piped in.

"There are only three things considered most precious in the Underworld: soul, power, and memories. With Alicia no longer having her power, and since she obviously can't give up her soul, she could only have one plausible option now... her memories. Zeke will most likely let her memories be taken in exchange. Though that isn't actually the main challenge here since I believe Zeke isn't planning to take Alicia to the Underworld but somewhere else. Again, that's another complicated thing that will require a lot of sacrifices to work."

"Are you saying that you and Zeke had sacrificed something too for coming here?" Abi asked.

"We were summoned here. We didn't force our way to another world, so that's a different story," Gav answered simply.

"So, there's a big possibility that Alicia will lose her memories?" Abi mumbled before looking at Gav with so much worry in her eyes. "Please tell me that's not something permanent."

Gav looked away. "I don't know how Zeke will deal with all this, but knowing him, he must have something up his sleeve already."

"Of course," Alex breathed as he held his wife closer to him. "Don't worry, everything will be fine in the end." Alex whispered to Abi in a comforting tone. "This is Zeke we're talking about, after all. There's no way he'd let Alicia lose her memories and forget about him, Azy, and us forever."

She nodded, acknowledging Alex's agreement. "You're right, Zeke must have a solution," she repeated. However, a lingering sense of worry remained within her.

Turning to face her husband, Abi held his hands tightly as if seeking solace and support. "We can't just sit here and do nothing," she expressed, her voice now determined. "Gav mentioned that it might take years for them to return. We need to find a way to help them, Alex."

Abi's worry deepened as she contemplated the possibility of Zeke and Alicia being away for years. Even though this was for Alicia's sake, Abi just wanted to at least do something for Alicia to wake up. She can't leave just like that without even seeing or talking to her son!

Alex's gaze lifted to meet Gav's, seeking guidance and confirmation of the reality they were facing. Gav met his gaze nonchalantly, emphasizing the challenges that lay ahead. "She's right, it might indeed take years," Gav said casually. "I told you, this won't be an easy journey. It's not just the healing process that will take time. Alicia's path to return to this world, especially as a non-summonable being, will be a complex and arduous one."

Abi's grip on Alex's hand tightened as she began to plead with Gav, her eyes filled with hope. "If it's going to take that long... Alicia needs to wake up. It's crucial for the three of them to be together, even if only for a little while. Especially for Azy's sake. Can you and Zeke stay a bit longer? Just a little longer, so that Azy can have some time with both his parents before they leave?"

Alex chimed in. "You and Zeke are not ordinary demons. I believe you both are among the most powerful beings in that realm, if not the most powerful. Isn't there any way for you to extend your stay, even if it's just for one whole day at least until Alicia wakes up?"

Abi's plea and Alex's question hung in the air, their hope evident in their eyes as they turned their attention to Gav. They couldn't help but believe that, given the extraordinary powers possessed by Gav and Zeke, there might be a way for them to extend their stay.

But Gav fell silent, his gaze shifting elsewhere. Alex and Abi followed his line of sight and found Elle, receiving Gav's attention.

"That," Gav finally spoke, "should be up to that red-haired lady. She's the one who summoned us, so it should be her decision whether or not to keep us here for a little longer. If she's capable of doing so."

The revelation left everyone astounded, including Elle herself. She hadn't anticipated being at the center of this crucial decision. Her expression reflected a mix of surprise and contemplation as the weight of the situation sank in. She couldn't believe that the fate of allowing Azy to spend more time with his parents now suddenly rested in her hands.

"H-how?" Elle's heart raced as she approached slowly, her mind swirling. She had listened attentively to the conversation, absorbing every word about Zeke's decision to take Alicia away and the potential years of separation from their son, Azy. The thought of Azy being left behind tugged at Elle's heart, filling her with a profound sadness.

While Elle understood the necessity of saving Alicia, the idea of her leaving her son without even saying goodbye felt almost unbearable. The weight of that realization weighed heavily on her.

As Gav had mentioned that the decision was now in her hands, Elle felt a surge of determination and responsibility. She knew deep within that she had to do everything in her power to help Azy and his parents, even though she had no idea how to make it happen. Regardless, she was driven by an overwhelming desire to take action, to find a way to extend their stay, even if only for a little while.

"Please teach me how to do it," Elle told Gav determinedly, her gaze fierce as she held Gav's stare. "I'll do anything to make it happen. I just need someone, anyone, to tell me what to do."


Chapter 332 I Can Do That?
Gav's gaze remained fixed on Elle, his expression seemingly detached despite her plea. It appeared as though he might reject her request. Doubt crept into Elle's mind, but she refused to let it deter her.

"I can help with that. But..." Gav's voice trailed off as he tilted his head, scrutinizing Elle's physical form. "I don't think you're strong enough to handle it. You might end up getting hurt."

Elle's lips pressed tightly together, her determination unyielding. "I still want to try," she insisted firmly. "It's unfair for you to judge me solely based on one glance."

A smirk tugged at the corner of Gav's lips, his response teasingly cryptic. "You think I'm merely judging you for your physique, little fae?"

Elle's bit the inside of her lip but then lifted her chin, refusing to back down. "Teach me how to do it, and we will see," she asserted. "I can't dismiss the possibility of doing it without even giving it a try."

Gav looked resigned, recognizing Elle's stubbornness. "You're quite the stubborn one," he commented. "But before I teach you, you need to convince that man of yours," he said, referring to Seb. "I don't want to waste my time teaching you only to have him come at me for risking your safety."

Elle's eyes lit up with relief. "That won't be a problem!" she exclaimed confidently. "Don't worry about Seb. He will definitely let me do it."

Gav raised an eyebrow skeptically. "I'm not entirely convinced about that, given the temperament he's shown me so far," he replied. "And even if you're right..." He paused, his gaze shifting towards Alicia's window. "I don't think Zeke will stall. His woman is in real danger, and time is of the essence."

Everyone's eyes widened, and the atmosphere suddenly grew heavy. Until Elle spoke again. "Can't you at least temporarily heal her?" she asked Gav. "You healed my wounds with your magic. That only means that... you have healing powers. I believe you can do something to give Alicia some strength for a while."

A hushed silence filled the room as Elle's question hung in the air, gripping the hearts of those present. The weight of the situation settled upon their shoulders, leaving them yearning for a glimmer of hope.

After pausing for a moment, Gav's piercing gaze shifted between Elle and Alicia's window. The look in his eyes betrayed a complex mixture of emotions, difficult to decipher.

Elle couldn't quite explain why, but she just knew that there was something more to Gav than met the eye. When he had healed her, she had felt a surge of power emanating from him, a presence that held an unmistakable touch of magic and healing. With his extraordinary abilities, she couldn't shake the strong belief that he held the key to helping Alicia.

"You're right," Gav finally admitted, his voice carrying a hint of resignation. "I did heal your wounds with my magic. But Zeke's woman's situation is far from simple. My healing powers are limited, as I am a dark fae. Light faes, on the other hand, possess the ability to heal more effectively."

The group's hope began to wane, their expectations dampened by Gav's explanation. But his gaze fixed on Elle, his eyes searching her face intently. "However," he continued, his tone shifting, "I believe there might be something you can do for her. It's the light fae blood within you that holds potential."

Elle stood there, wide-eyed and speechless, as the weight of Gav's words settled upon her. The disbelief in her voice was palpable as she slowly pointed at herself. "Me...? I can... I can do that?" she stammered, her voice tinged with astonishment.

Gav responded in his usual flat tone, his expression unreadable. "Why so surprised? You do know you have fae blood in you, don't you?" His words held a hint of impatience, as if he expected her to be aware of her own heritage.

"I…" Elle was at a loss for words. Before she could gather her thoughts, Alex interjected, providing some context to the situation.

"She barely had any idea because even we recently discovered her true nature," Alex explained. "She grew up believing she was nothing more than human. And, as I mentioned earlier, in this world, superhumans or magical beings are considered nothing more than myths."

Abi chimed in, adding her own perspective. "Elle only discovered her magical abilities recently as well. For a long time, we wondered what she truly was."

Gav's interest seemed piqued by Abi's words. "Are you saying that even you couldn't discern her true nature?" he asked Alex, eyes a little narrowed.

"Faes no longer exist in this world," Alex replied, causing Gav's eyes to widen subtly. "They are believed to be the first race to have gone extinct. As far as we know, Elle is the only one known to carry their blood."

Gav fell quiet for a while before leaning his head back and staring up at the sky. "This world of yours truly is a strange place. To think that the supposedly most powerful race is the first to be erased from existence," he mused. He smirked, but there was something mysterious in that smile.

His gaze then shifted back to Elle, his scrutiny intensifying. "I must admit, I'm impressed to learn that you are not even a halfling but rather possess only a part of fae within you," he commented. 

With a decisive motion, Gav pushed himself off the pillar and stood upright. "Well, I'll go inform Zeke about this discovery, while you go to your man and explain what you're about to do," he declared, his actions swift and resolute.

Before Elle could respond, Gav leaped towards the window. Turning her gaze towards Abi and Alex, Elle locked eyes with them, a silent exchange conveying their shared understanding before exchanging nods with them.

With a determined stride, Elle set her sights on the task that lay before her. She retraced her steps, making her way back into the house she had left a while ago.


Chapter 333 Growth

The conversation between Elle and Sebastian had been difficult, filled with worry and concern. Sebastian's apprehension was evident, his love for Elle driving him to be protective and cautious. However, Elle reassured him, promising that she would take every precaution to ensure her safety. She implored him to have faith in her, to trust that she would return unharmed.

Despite his initial resistance, Sebastian relented not only because of Elle's plea for his trust and faith but also because of his desire for Alicia to wake up, be healed, and spend precious moments with Azy before she left. He understood the importance of Elle's role in this and could only reluctantly gave his consent.

As Elle and Gav ventured a little further away from the house, a mix of nervousness and determination coursed through Elle's veins. She knew this was her chance to be more than a bystander, to step up and make a difference. The opportunity to be useful and help those she cared about.

Elle had come to the realization that fighting might not be her for her. She had learned that even with her best efforts, she had often found herself in need of rescue. However, she refused to let that define her.

Of course, with a realistic outlook, Elle understood that she wouldn't suddenly become incredibly powerful after just a few training sessions. But she yearned to contribute in any way possible not later but now. If she could provide support and aid through her healing abilities in this crucial moment, it would be more than she could ask for.

Her desire to be useful, to help those close to her during these chaotic times, burned brightly within her. Elle was determined to grow and become a valuable asset to the group, even as she acknowledged her current limitations. This was her chance to step out of the shadows and contribute in her own way.

"Are you ready?" Gav's strict tone echoed through the air, underscoring the seriousness of the task at hand.

Elle stood tall, lifting her chin, displaying her readiness for whatever lay ahead.

"Good," Gav's hand slowly ascended, its movement captivating Elle's gaze. A mysterious aura surrounded him, as if veiled in an enigmatic shroud. Suddenly, wisps of darkness materialized, encircling his arm in an ethereal and mesmerizing dance. The interplay of shadow and light painted a haunting spectacle before Elle's eyes.

Gav conveyed clear instructions to Elle. He revealed the key to unlocking her latent healing abilities, urging her to delve into the depths of her untapped potential. However, a note of caution accompanied his guidance. The path to harnessing this power was fraught with pain and discomfort. Gav warned her that the awakening process would be anything but gentle; it would forcibly rouse her dormant abilities, demanding her endurance in a single, intense surge. Because there was no luxury of gradual training or time for her abilities to emerge naturally.

Gathering her courage, she prepared herself for the onslaught that awaited, determined to embrace the pain in order to unlock her true potential. 

Elle took a deep breath, her resolve firm. She could see the seriousness in Gav's eyes, and it made her realize the gravity of the situation. Compared to her previous trainers, Caelian and Alexander, Gav seemed far more intimidating and merciless. Doubt began to creep in, tempting her to reconsider.

But she steeled herself, refusing to give in to fear. She knew that this path would not be easy, that it would demand her utmost strength and resilience. With fierce determination, she held Gav's gaze, her blue eyes shining with determination. "I understand," she declared, her voice steady. "You may start now. I am ready."

A ghost of a smile flashed across his handsome face. "I suggest you not scream too loudly, or that man of yours might come flying here and end up interrupting everything. We'll have to start all over again, or I might lose interest in teaching you if that happens," he warned.

Elle clenched her fists. "I understand," she replied, her voice resolute.

As Gav's gaze turned intensely serious, he pointed his hands towards Elle, and in an instant, the pain struck. It felt as if a blade had pierced straight through her chest, rendering her breathless. The sensation was agonizing, as if her very bones and flesh were being torn apart. She fought the urge to scream, feeling as if her very breath was being ripped from her lungs. The dark magic surged, blazing in front of her, consuming her from the inside out. Dark magic blazed before her, surrounding her in its all-encompassing embrace. It felt as if she were being devoured from the inside out, consumed by the intense and overwhelming force of Gav's power.

In the depths of her being, Elle sensed the transformative energy beckoning to her, calling for her surrender. It was as if the very fabric of her existence was on the precipice of a profound shift. She took a deep breath, anchoring herself in the present, and surrendered to the forces at play.

The dance of shadows enveloped Elle, their touch both chilling and electrifying. A surge of raw energy coursed through her veins, searing through every fiber of her being. The pain was a symphony of agony and revelation, each sensation amplifying her resolve. She gritted her teeth, refusing to succumb to the overwhelming intensity.

In that crucible of awakening, Elle found solace in her unwavering determination. She embraced the discomfort, allowing it to fuel her growth. Time seemed to lose its meaning as she surrendered herself to the process, trusting that the pain would give birth to a newfound strength.

Sebastian stood like a statue, his gaze locked on the direction where Elle and Gav had disappeared. The urge to rush to their training area surged within him, but he fought against it, remembering Iza's plea for trust and faith.

He strained to hear any sound that might give him a clue about what was happening, but there was nothing except the gathering darkness over that spot.


Chapter 334 I’m Ready


The dark energy emanating from the training area was intense. It moved with such control, like ripples on a serene lake, yet its power was enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone who came near. Sebastian's instincts urged him to go, to intervene and ensure Elle's safety. But he held himself back, conflicted by his desire to protect her and his desire to trust in her strength.

Unbeknownst to Sebastian, his body betrayed his inner turmoil. Dark magic leaked from him, seeping into the air like an ethereal mist. The unconscious manifestation of his emotions revealed the intensity of his worry and fear for Elle's well-being. The ground beneath him trembled slightly as his powers surged, a reflection of his inner turmoil and his struggle to maintain control.

"Sebastian," Sebastian's attention snapped towards the sound of Zeke's voice, causing him to turn around abruptly. His brother stood there, radiating an aura of calmness amidst the chaos of Sebastian's inner and external turmoil. "Rest assured, Gav won't endanger Izabelle's life. I've instructed him to cease in an instant if it becomes too much for her."

Despite Zeke's reassurances, Sebastian found it difficult to relax. His body seemed to resist his efforts, growing increasingly aggravated. The dark magic that emanated from him intensified, swirling like a tempest, threatening to consume him.

"You must learn to control your dark magic, Sebastian," Zeke advised, and finally, Sebastian understood what was happening to him. It was occurring once again—the shadowy smoke pulsing around him, threatening to drive him to madness if left unchecked. "Control it. Bend it to your will. Because if you don't... you may put those around you in danger."

"H-how…" Sebastian struggled to speak, his words catching in his throat. He could feel the tendrils of his dark magic tightening their grip, threatening to overwhelm him completely. He couldn't help the panic that surged within him, afraid that he would end up attacking his brother again before he realized it. But Zeke's voice cut through the chaos, demanding his attention.

"Don't fight it," Zeke commanded, his words penetrating Sebastian's mind. It felt as if he had become a puppet, succumbing to his brother's influence. Sebastian could feel the vice-like grip on his shoulder, the painful sensation coursing through him. And then, as if melting away, the tension in his body released. The dark magic that had surged out of control slowly receding.

"Go along with it," Zeke's voice continued, urging Sebastian to flow with the magic. Sebastian found himself obediently following Zeke's every word, as if his own flesh and bones no longer belonged to him, but to Zeke. Intently, he listened to Zeke's guidance, his body obediently responding to his brother's instructions. It felt as if his very being had been relinquished to Zeke's control, allowing him to guide Sebastian through the process of regaining control over his dark magic. 

"And then... guide it gently, guide it to return back to where it came from." Following Zeke's words, Sebastian visualized his power flowing and swirling around his body, no longer pulsating with uncontrollable force but finding a calm and steady rhythm.

Sebastian didn't fully understand what Zeke was doing, but as soon as he imagined his power moving and swirling around his body instead of pulsing uncontrollably, a sense of calm enveloped him. It was as if he had finally reached the eye of the storm, as if he had reached the eye of the tempest that had consumed him. Zeke's guidance continued echoing in his mind, "Yes... that's it... make it submit to your will... and then make it stay still."

Panting heavily and drenched in sweat, Sebastian's eyes snapped open. He hadn't even realized when he had closed them. The darkness that had surrounded him was gone. He was back to normal again.

"What... what did you do?" Sebastian asked Zeke, as Zeke finally removed his hand from Sebastian's shoulder.

"I've shown you a way to control your power, Seb," Zeke replied. "I did it forcefully, and that's why it was painful. But now you have the gist of it. You just need more time to practice. Once you've mastered it, you can help Azy next. I'm entrusting that task to you, Sebastian."

Sebastian's eyes widened slightly as he watched his brother. Zeke offered him a faint smile and patted Sebastian's shoulder. "Stay here. I'll go check on them," he said, before turning and making his way towards the forest where Iza and Gav were.

Elle remained on her knees, panting heavily, her body pushed to its limits. Her fiery red hair clung to her sweat-drenched face, strands sticking to her skin. She had lost track of time, but it felt like an eternity had passed. Exhaustion consumed her, pushing her to the very edge of her endurance. Raising her gaze, she found herself facing the merciless teacher who stood tall before her, his heartless eyes bearing down on her. He spoke with a cold, calculated tone, squatting down gracefully. "You did well, but you haven't passed yet, little fae," he stated. "One last challenge awaits you, and then you'll be ready to heal Zeke's woman."

Elle swallowed, her throat dry and parched. She couldn't fathom how she was still conscious after enduring everything he had subjected her to. She couldn't explain the well of strength that seemed to linger within her. It all felt surreal, but she recognized that this seemingly heartless man was an exceptional teacher. It was as if he possessed an intimate understanding of her abilities, her powers—knowledge that no one else in this world possessed. He was merciless, indifferent to her pain, but she couldn't bring herself to be angry with him. Deep down, she understood that he was doing what needed to be done, what she had asked him to do. She wasn't about to complain now, not after coming this far.

"I'm... ready," she said, her voice filled with determination as she glared at him, willing him to see her resolve.

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Chapter 335 Too Much

A smile stretched across his face, but it failed to reach his eyes.

Suddenly, droplets of blood splattered across Elle's face, shocking her into wide-eyed disbelief. She stared at his arm, which he had just brutally smashed with a pointed stone. Blood soaked his arm, the wound horrific and severe.

"What... what the hell are you..." Elle stammered, utterly taken aback by the man's actions.

"Seems my hand slipped," he nonchalantly murmured, his expression devoid of pain. "At least it's a fair exchange."

"Oh God!" Elle exclaimed, reaching out instinctively to touch his injured arm, her mind racing with concern and worry. "Are you mad?!" Her frustration and worry poured out in her words, unable to comprehend why he would deliberately harm himself in this manner.

"Maybe," he simply replied, unfazed by the severity of his self-inflicted wound. His commanding voice echoed once more, leaving no room for hesitation. "Now heal it, little fae. If you can properly heal that wound from the inside out, then you will pass."

Elle's jaw dropped in shock, unable to comprehend the extent to which he would go to teach her. Did he truly have to hurt himself so severely for her to learn?

"Now stop wasting time. You know well enough that I don't have much patience for waiting," he coldly stated, his gaze sending a chill down her spine.

"You shouldn't have hurt yourself like this," Elle protested.

"Stop talking and just do it. I warned you not to make me wait, little fae," he interrupted sharply, his tone brooking no further argument.

Gritting her teeth, Elle pushed aside her shock and objections. She knew she had no choice but to comply. With determination, she reached out and placed her hands over his arm, fully aware that he had likely broken his own bone.

Elle closed her eyes, surrendering herself completely to the teachings and guidance she had received. In the depths of her consciousness, she found a place of serenity where the wisdom resonated, waiting to be channeled. As she embraced the essence of the teachings, the words flowed effortlessly from her lips, their rhythm resembling a delicate, slow-paced melody. Each syllable carried a weight of ancient knowledge, an incantation whispered with an air of mystery that seemed to infuse her very being.

Simultaneously, a subtle transformation began to unfold around her. Her lustrous locks of hair lifted and danced, defying gravity as if responding to an invisible force. They swirled and twirled, creating an ethereal aura that surrounded her like a celestial crown. Her hands, poised in front of her, emitted a gentle and mesmerizing silvery glow, casting a soft illumination upon her face.

With unwavering focus, Elle delved deeper into her concentration. The furrow on her brow deepened, reflecting her unwavering determination to channel her healing abilities. Beads of sweat formed on her temples and trickled down her neck, evidence of the intense effort she exerted in this sacred endeavor.

As her concentration reached its zenith, the radiant light emanating from her hands intensified, casting a brilliant glow that filled the space around her. The wound before her, a symbol of pain and affliction, became a canvas upon which her healing powers flourished. Like a delicate tapestry being rewoven, the edges of the wound began to mend and close, as if guided by an invisible hand.

When Elle finally opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of the healed wound. However, Gav's words shattered her momentary relief and triumph. "Failed," he stated bluntly, his tone devoid of any sympathy. "You managed to heal the surface, but the most critical part, the core of the wound, remains unhealed."

Elle's heart sank, disappointment washing over her. She refused to accept defeat, though. Determination immediately burned within her, fueling her desire for another chance. "I'll do it again!" she exclaimed, her voice trembling with a mixture of frustration and resolve. "Please, give me one more chance. I'll do it right this time. I won't fail."

Gav clenched his jaw.

"I promise. Just one more time, please. We've already come this far," she implored.

"Fine," Gav relented, his tone filled with exasperation. "You better do it right this time, little fae." 

Elle's relief washed over her, but it was again short-lived as she watched Gav reach for the stone once again.

Elle's eyes widened in horror as Gav lifted the stone, intending to inflict harm upon himself once again. Reacting on instinct, she let out a sharp shriek and quickly grabbed hold of his arm, preventing him from carrying out his self-inflicted act of pain. Her voice trembled with concern as she pleaded with him to reconsider. "Are you crazy?! What the hell are you doing?"

Gav met her gaze with a look of impatience, as if her reaction was unwarranted. "You asked for one more chance, didn't you?" he retorted, his tone sharp.

Elle's voice trembled as she pleaded with him. "Yes, but do you really need to harm yourself like that again? Please, don't do that anymore..."

Gav's smirk deepened, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "You're seriously worrying about the wrong creature, little fae. I'm not like you or like everyone in this world of yours. Well, maybe except for a couple of individuals. My point is, this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience to me. So don't concern yourself with such insignificant matters and just finish what you started—"

"That's enough, Gav," Zeke's calm yet authoritative voice cut through the air, halting the exchange between Elle and Gav.

Elle watched as Zeke placidly approached, his presence bringing a sense of reassurance.

"It's not enough. She's barely managing herself," Gav argued as he stood, discarding the bloodied stone onto the ground.

"No, I believe she's ready to do it," Zeke asserted.

But Gav scoffed, seemingly unconvinced by Zeke's words. "You've been watching for a while already. You saw she didn't manage to heal me properly, Zeke."

"Because you're pressuring her too much, Gav," he replied.