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Chapter 406 Tears And Anguish

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Rosetta panicked when she felt Eugene's hand let go of hers, and she called his name, "Eugene! Please stay awake with me!"

But Eugene was breathing his last seconds, where he had lost his ability to move or think, as darkness began to cloud all his senses. Not a sound reached his ear, and his body went still.

The vampiress's lips trembled, and she refused to believe that the man she had fallen in love with was being taken away from her. Life couldn't be cruel to them, and she shook her head, "Eu--Eugene please! Don't die, I beg you!" More tears spilt from her eyes. She wanted to save him, and the only way to do it was for her to turn him into a vampire.

Rosetta quickly bit into her wrist and placed it above Eugene's mouth for the blood to fall right into his mouth. Her anxious eyes searched for something sharp. She got up from his side and said,

"Wait for me, Eugene! I will be back soon!"

Saying this, Rosetta held the front of her dress and ran as quickly as possible towards her carriage. She searched through the things in the carriage and found a long iron stick. She ran along with it to where Eugene lay in the forest's cold ground. On the way, the vampiress's foot got stuck in the root of one of the trees, and she fell flat on the ground.

But Rosetta pushed herself, standing on her feet and reached where Eugene's body appeared still. The weather was cold, and the vampiress hoped it would preserve and slow down his body from decaying quickly.

A human could be turned into a vampire even after the person died if the person had vampire blood in his or her body. It was a short window of time and had to be done immediately.

Rosetta prayed, "Please make this work."

She dropped the sharp metal on the ground, and her trembling hands unbuttoned Eugene's shirt. When her eyes fell on his wounds, tears fell from her eyes.

Rosetta had never paid much attention during her studies, and she cursed herself for not doing it in the past. If she did, she would know more about how to turn a human into a vampire. She murmured,

"One... two... It was two ribs on the left."

Placing her finger on the point she believed to be the one she had to stab, she picked up the metal stick before placing the pointed end on Eugene's skin. She apologised, "I promise to bring you back, Eugene. I won't let anything happen to you. Nothing can happen to you..."

All these years, Rosetta had never killed even a fly and had only attacked people with her words. And now that she had to stab this man, her heart broke. She hesitated and took a deep breath before pushing the metal into his body.

Seconds passed, but nothing happened. She waited for him to return or react, and when Eugene didn't open his eyes, she clenched her hands.

"I knew it...! I must have missed something!" Rosetta's mind was turning numb.

The vampiress tried to remember anything that could help Eugene. Her mind raced she remembered the time when she had attended a soiree and had heard one of the men in there mention,

'The human died?'

Another person, who stood in the same circle, remarked, 'I heard the blood never reached the heart as the human had already come to his end. There was nothing one could do.'

'Maybe the blood never reached where it was supposed to. It didn't reach the human's heart for it to start pumping and send it to the other parts of the body,' stated the first person. 'Anyways, it is good that the human died, there are too many filthy human turned vampires in...'

Rosetta returned to the present.

She quickly pulled out the sharp metal stick she had pierced below Eugene's second rib. She used her blood to smear on the stick and then pierced the stick where she believed his heart was.

When one drop of Rosetta's blood slid down her wrist and reached her elbow, it fell on Eugene's open wound and shrivelled the muscle. The vampiress, on noticing this, turned scared. She whispered, "I--It isn't worki--ing. What should I do?" She sobbed, and a hiccup escaped from her lips.

"Eugene, wake up!!"

Rosetta wiped her tears from her cheeks, not ready to give up on him. She got on her knees before lifting him in her arms. The vampiress struggled to carry him, while her face was scrunched in worry.

Eugene's body swayed while Rosetta carried him to the carriage and finally got him on the seat. To her luck, the two horses that had refused to stand were now standing near the other two horses, and she tied them all to the front of the carriage.

Taking a seat on the coachman's seat, Rosetta caught hold of the reins. She patted the horses back and got the carriage to move faster than before. Once she reached the town, the vampiress shouted at the townsfolk, "Out of the way! Make way!"

Some of the people were startled and jumped out of her way. One of them commented, "Who was that woman, and what was she thinking driving that recklessly?!"

"Did you not see her carriage? She probably is some wealthy man's daughter," said another person, while Rosetta disappeared from their view.

In Dawson's residence, Eve hadn't moved from the window as she waited for Marceline to appear in front of the house. On hearing the horses neighing and the wheels of the carriage stop, she quickly left the window and made her way towards the front of the house.

But it wasn't Marceline, who had come to visit her.

"Rose?" Eve asked with a frown and saw Rosetta get down from the coachman's seat. Her eyes widened when she saw blood on the vampiress's hands and clothes. She made haste towards the carriage, "What happened to you? Are you alright?"

"E--Eve," Rosetta sobbed and turned to look at the carriage. "H--he...please," she cried.

Eve placed her hands on Rosetta's shoulders and asked with concern, "Deep breath. Tell me what happened so that I can help you."


Chapter 407 Frozen

Unable to form coherent words, Rosetta raised her hand towards the carriage before she made her way towards the door. Eve quickly opened the carriage door, and her face turned pale.

Eugene... His white shirt was inked in blood. Before climbing inside the carriage, Eve asked, "What happened to him?!"

Eve checked Eugene's pulse, but she couldn't feel one. Her hands turned cold, and horror filled her eyes. She refused to believe Eugene to be dead. She turned to look at Rosetta, whose eyes were filled with tears that didn't stop from falling down her cheeks.

"Rosetta, how did this happen?"

Rosetta shook her head, trying to control her emotions, and she said,

"I d--don't know. I--I was...." she took a deep breath before continuing, "I was on my way here, and my carriage broke. And I found him on the ground. I don't know who hurt Eugene. I tried to turn him... but it didn't work." And she broke into tears.

Eve was as shocked as Rosetta by the news.

She had seen Eugene less than half an hour ago, and when he left the house to pick up the plants from the forest, she hadn't expected to meet him like this. Her head started to spin, and she held the carriage door.

At the same time, Mrs. Edwards appeared outside her house and called Eve,

"Genevieve! I didn't know you were here. I wanted to thank you for your help in repairing the house!"

Eve couldn't let this woman or anyone else in the town find Eugene in this condition. They couldn't carry him inside the house with people walking on the road. She whispered to Rosetta,

"Sit inside the carriage with Eugene," Eve stepped down from the carriage and walked to the front so that Mrs. Edwards wouldn't come to stand next to the carriage door to see Eugene or Rosetta with blood on them. She heard the sound of the carriage door closing behind her.

Eve hurriedly replied to Mrs. Edwards, "Forgive me, but I am in a hurry and need to go back to the Moriartys mansion."

Mrs. Edwards' smile faltered, and she nodded, "Of course, dear! I am sure you are busy with your job."

Timotei, who was rummaging through the kitchen cupboards, heard Eve's voice outside the house. Believing Marceline was here, he pranced out of the house and noticed Eve sitting in the coachman's seat. He quickly pushed his paws and climbed the carriage to sit next to Eve.

Once the carriage started to move, Timotei asked, "What's going on?"

"It is Eugene. He is hurt... badly," Eve replied, and the impatient cat climbed on her shoulder to look inside the carriage through the small window. Inside the carriage sat Eugene and Marquee's daughter, Rosetta, noticing blood on them.

"Who is the closest physician in Meadow?" Timotei asked, with the cold wind brushing against them as the carriage continued moving through the streets.

"We aren't going to the physician's," Eve replied with her eyes slightly dilated.

"What do you plan to do?" Timotei asked her, his eyebrows furrowing as this situation didn't look good. From what he could see, Eugene looked lifeless... as if he was already dead.

"Do you know how long it takes for a human to turn into a vampire?" Eve asked in a worried voice.

Timotei answered, "Depends on how fast the person wakes up. Mostly you get to know in a minute if it worked. The person starts looking less dead. Did the vampiress turn him into a vampire?!"

"She tried," Eve felt anxious and took a deep shuddering breath.

Timotei was speechless. It was because if Eugene hadn't responded to the vampiress's blood and transformation, it only meant Eve was right in not taking Eugene to the physician as the person was dead. He asked her, "Where are we going?"

"There's a nearby forest and river, where no one goes to," Eve answered, and the carriage left Meadow town.

Eve pulled the reins of the horses and stopped the carriage when they reached the place she had planned to bring them to. She climbed down the carriage, and Rosetta opened the door. The vampiress asked in a broken voice, "Are we here to bury him?"

"No, Rosetta. What happens from here on, I need you to keep it to yourself. You cannot discuss it with anyone. You need to promise," Eve's words were firm and she tried to be the calmer person of the two.

Rosetta didn't know what was happening, but she agreed, "I promise."

"Good. Let us place Eugene on the ground."

Eve and Rosetta carried Eugene out of the carriage, placing him on the snow-covered ground. Timotei, at the same time, remarked,

"It is good that there's snow."

Rosetta's eyes widened in shock, watching the black cat being able to talk, and she looked back and forth between Eve and the cat. Eve asked Rosetta, "When did you give your blood to Eugene?"

"I think.. I think it was late..." Rosetta clenched her hands.

Timotei came near Eugene and looked at his wounds. He commented, "These are some deep stabs. Someone who didn't like him?"

Rosetta wondered if she was losing her mind after Eugene had closed his eyes. She heard Eve ask the black cat, "What else is needed for the transformation to complete?"

"Venom of the vampire. Just blood isn't enough as you need to seal the deal for the transformation," Timotei replied, and he checked Eugene's pulse near his neck and sighed. "If she," he referred to Rosetta, "Didn't give her blood before he... quietened. That only means the blood didn't get to circulate and the body is in pause or like I like to call it, frozen state."

"It is why we brought him here," Eve's words were shaky and her eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

Eve hoped that at least one drop of Rosetta's blood had entered Eugene's body. Because if it didn't, what she was going to do next would be useless, and nothing would work. She turned to look at the river and then back at Eugene, who looked as if he was sleeping.

She wasn't going to lose Eugene like how she had lost her mother. She was no more a powerless child to run away. She raised both her hands and closed her eyes.

Rosetta asked, "What are you doing?"

"Shh," Timotei hushed the vampiress. "Wait and watch."

Soon a cold air blew where they sat on their heels. The surface of the water started to waver strongly. Drops of water started to leave the surface of the river, travelling to where Eve and others sat, forming a protective shield-like dome around them.

Rosetta's mouth went dry with a gobsmacked expression on her face. She didn't know what was going on, but she was in awe as she watched her friend do something she had never seen before or knew she could.

When Eve opened her eyes, her blue eyes glowed more than ever before, and she looked down at Eugene. His wounds were trying to heal and she placed one of her hands on his chest. She used her ability to circulate the blood that Rosetta had earlier given to him. Once the circulation was complete, she said to the vampiress,

"It is time for the venom."

Rosetta was in a trance, and so was Timotei, who noticed the change in Eve's voice.

The vampiress quickly bit into Eugene's hand, releasing the venom through her fangs, before pulling away from his hand.

Eve used her ability to circulate the venom in Eugene's body so that his transformation could begin.

"I don't think it worked," Timotei voiced his thoughts. "Were we late?"

"But her blood was inside him. It should have worked," Eve muttered, and she started to compress Eugene's chest. A minute passed, and nothing changed. Rosetta felt her eyes sting with tears, and so did Eve, who didn't want to give up.

After a few more seconds, Eve felt a subtle movement and stopped what she was doing.

"What was that?" Timotei asked, who had heard a crack.

"It sounded like a snap..." Rosetta's voice trailed.

Eve placed her hand on Eugene's neck but didn't feel his pulse. She was sure she hadn't put too much pressure on his chest for the bone to break. When her eyes fell on his lips, she noticed the colour in them. She pulled her hand away from his neck.

The next moment, Eugene gasped in pain and opened his red eyes.


Chapter 408 Aftermath Of The Blood
Music Recommendation: Juliet and Dawsey- Alexandra Harwood


Eve released the breath she didn't know she had been holding until she finally saw life being breathed back into Eugene. The man coughed, and Eve helped him sit upright, while he winced in pain because of the wounds that were still in the process of being healed.

Eugene squinted his eyes, even though there were no sun rays. He asked in a confused voice, "What happened?"

Hearing Eugene's voice and seeing him back to life, Rosetta cried more than she was until a moment ago. She covered her face with her hands as relief washed her body.

The protective glass-like dome that Eve had created earlier to heal Eugene's wound continued to do its work on him. After a few more seconds, when the wound had healed, the dome turned into drops of water and splashed outwardly.

"What happened?" Timotei repeated the question before he huffed, "You died. That's what happened."

Eve looked at Eugene with worried eyes and asked him with concern, "How do you feel, Eugene?"

Eugene took a deep breath. His eyes fell on his unbuttoned shirt, and the wound on his that had disappeared. He replied, "My head hurts as if someone is squeezing it." He raised his hand to shield it in front of his eyes. "The light is too bright."

"Is this because of the transformation?" Eve asked Timotei, and when she turned to Rosetta, she noticed the vampiress blowing her nose into her handkerchief.

The black cat answered, "It isn't uncommon. To complete the transformation, he needs to feed on blood--"

"Blood?" Eugene interrupted Timotei, where the black cat went quiet.

"Eugene... you lost too much blood," Eve informed him with her blue eyes fixed on his dull red eyes, that she was trying to get used to it. "There was no other way to save you but to give you vampire blood. Rosetta saved your life. She did what she thought was the best decision at that time."

Eugene's face hardened at Eve's words because, until now, he had never once thought about extending his life span and living as a night creature. He was born a human, and he believed he would leave this world as a human. Not stick around by being a vampire.

He didn't know what to say, apart from the thought that passed his mind that he was no more like Lady Aubrey or Eve. Because from here on, they were his potential food and the frown on his forehead deepened.

Timotei turned his head to look at Eve and then at the vampiress, who had finally stopped crying.

"Please, don't be angry about it," Rosetta said in a low voice, not meeting his eyes.

Eugene surprised everyone by offering a bow to Rosetta, and he said, "I am indebted to your action."

Rosetta stared at Eugene with the red rim of her eyes and pink nose. Her face looked flushed, and she bowed back before responding in haste, "I--I knew that Eve and Lady Aubrey would be sad if you were to die. I--I too, w--would be sad. I am just happy that you are alive. Forgive me for not taking your permission before feeding you my blood!"

Eugene wasn't ecstatic with the fact that he was a vampire, but with cons came pros when being a night creature, he thought to himself. He knew there was no point being upset about it; if it weren't for the vampiress, he would be dead. 

"Thank you for saving my life, Lady Rosetta," Eugene thanked the vampiress, whose eyes brimmed with tears. He then turned to Eve and said, "I should look for work in the vampire's house. I don't want to hurt you or Lady Aubrey."

It was because the new vampires had the worst control when it came to thirst for blood. It took time before the vampire stabilised and could walk freely without killing humans to feed on. This was also one of the reasons why humans who were not often turned into vampires didn't like to take the risk of being punished and condemned by the Council.

"You don't need to go anywhere, Eugene. Human or vampire or werewolf, we will accept you however you are and believe you would never hurt us," Eve offered him her kind words, placing her hand on his that was on the snow-covered ground. She said, "I will make sure nothing bad happens. And we have plenty of help from Vincent, Timotei and also Rosetta."

Rosetta vigorously nodded, "I will go and bring you blood, so that you don't have to worry about hurting humans! Let me go and get it now!"

Before Eugene could refuse, the vampiress had already disappeared from their sight. He softly sighed, feeling the headache increase in his temples. He apologised,

"I am sorry for not being careful, Miss Eve. I didn't expect it to happen."

"It isn't your fault. None of us knew this was going to happen or I would have come with you," Eve pursed her lips and asked, "Eugene, do you remember who stabbed you?"

Eugene shook his head, "The person threw mud in my eyes before stabbing me."

"Bastard knew not to get caught and decided to hurt you!" Timotei scolded, before huffing, "He must be a coward, to stab you like that."

"But who would stab Eugene?" Eve asked with her eyebrows deeply furrowed.

"Well, clearly the person wanted to teach Eugene a lesson. Or he would have killed him, wouldn't he?" Timotei asked, his eyes shifting from Eve to Eugene.

It was indeed strange, and Eve wondered if it could be true. If someone had followed Eugene into the forest and had then stabbed him. She said,

"Let me see if I find something," and she placed her hands on Eugene's stomach where the two wounds had earlier been inflicted, which had now healed by her ability. But she sensed nothing and shook her head. "I should have done it before healing the wounds," but if she had spent time looking for the stabber, she had feared that she would lose Eugene for good. "I don't think it's safe for you to be near Meadow, Eugene. The person could be someone from Meadow, and followed you."

"I very much agree with her. Humans can be as vile as the vampires," Timotei agreed, nodding his small head. "You will be able to rest much better in Skellington than in here, not to mention, if people find that you are a new vampire."

Eugene pressed on his stomach, which was all healed, and he said, "Thank you, Miss Eve. You have helped in bringing me back."

She smiled at his words, "I am happy that I was able to do something. I wasn't going to let you die."

Eugene then looked in the direction of where Rosetta had disappeared in the woods. Even though he had been turned into a vampire, there were still human emotions left in him, which deterred him from the thought of drinking blood. He wondered if it was possible to survive on vegetables and meat and turn into a vegetarian vampire.

But when Rosetta returned with a big leaf in her hand, which had blood in it, Eve was glad that the vampiress's attention and focus was on Eugene and not on what or how things had turned out to be.

Rosetta sat next to Eugene, holding it near his face and she said, "You can drink this, Eugene."

"Whose blood is it?" Eugene asked wearily, while feeling his mouth water.

"This? This is the deer's blood," Rosetta informed him, "No humans were harmed," she assured him. Eugene took a whiff, and it smelled better than he thought it would.

When he took a sip of the deer's blood, the taste disgusted him and almost left a burn. He turned to the side and spat it out, coughing. He shook his head, "I don't like the taste of it."

"Tch," Timotei clicked his tongue and remarked, "This is not the time to be a picky eater, Eugene. Eat what is given to you without complaint."

"You should be the last person to tell that," Eugene wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

The black cat hissed, "Who me?! How atrocious, I am not a picky eater!"

On the other hand, Rosetta was very aware of the talking black cat and hadn't forgotten what Eve had done with the water. Was her friend secretly a... witch?! That would explain how this cat could speak, and internally the vampiress started to stress. The only good thing out of all this was that Eugene was alive and, even better, a vampire!

Rosetta apologised, "I will get another animal's blood!"

"I don't think that's the issue," Eve responded as she stared into Eugene's eyes. His red eyes turned back to his black human eyes. From what she knew, only werewolves could change the colour of their eyes, not a turned vampire. She whispered, "Something must not be right. Let us go to the mansion and see if Vincent is there." Staying here in the woods wasn't a good idea, she thought to herself.

"Is Eugene a human then?" Timotei asked before taking a bite into Eugene's hand.

"Ouch!" Eugene pulled his hand away.

"Tastes like human blood," Timotei said, licking his lips, and Eve frowned.

"Let us discuss this on our way back to the mansion. Take this," Eve took out her coat and offered it to him. "It would look strange if you wore Rosetta's coat and someone asked about it."

Eve climbed on the coachman's seat and Timotei accompanied her, while Rosetta and Eugene sat inside the carriage. On their way, Rosetta sat like a statue with her hands on her lap and her back straight. Occasionally, her eyes moved to look at Eugene, who seemed to have a headache.

Timotei remarked to Eve, "You look worried."

"Wouldn't you be, if you found out that someone close to you didn't transition properly, and that the heart might be corrupted," Eve answered in a low voice.

"He didn't go crazy at the sight of blood. I would say it isn't as bad as you think," Timotei said in a nonchalant voice, "If it makes you feel better, now as he's still alive, you get to give him a proper goodbye."

"I think you are forever going to stay as a cat, Timotei," Eve said with a serious face, and the cat snapped its head to look at her.

"I told you if it makes you feel better!" Timotei meowed in the end. As if remembering something, the black cat asked her, "What about the vampiress? Do you think she's waiting at the house?"

"It's fine. When she's bored, she will return to the mansion," Eve responded, not bothering about Marceline as there were other important things to pay attention to.

Once they reached the front gates of the Moriartys mansion, the gates opened for the carriage to enter inside. Eve didn't stop at the front of the mansion and instead rode it to the shed.

Alfie, noticing the carriage Rosetta had left in return, and he quickly stepped outside the mansion. He caught sight of Ms. Barlow getting down from the carriage along with her black cat. Rosetta stepped outside the carriage along with Eugene following her. From what the butler noticed, everyone held a tense look on their face.

He quickly made his way towards where they were, and informed Rosetta, "Milady, Marchioness Aurora arrived five minutes ago and she wants to see you right now in the drawing room."

"I will see her later," Rosetta wanted to stay with Eugene.

But Alfie said, "She looks upset, milady."

Rosetta pursed her lips. She quickly removed her coat and gave it to the butler, because her coat was smeared with human blood that belonged to Eugene. It would raise questions on where she had been, and right now, the vampiress was still trying to understand what had taken place. She hadn't had the chance to sit down with Eve and discuss her friend being a witch.

Before Rosetta walked away from there, she turned to look at Eugene, he said, "Don't worry about us. We will be fine."

Eve said to Rosetta, "Don't mention what happened today. We'll talk about it later." The vampiress nodded, and she walked away from there.

Timotei, who stood next to Eugene at the back, muttered, "Will she open her mouth on what happened?"

Eve, who stood in the front, asked Alfie, "Is Vincent home?"

"Not yet, milady," Alfie replied. Noticing the worried look on her face, he asked, "Is there something I can help you with?"

The butler's eyes fell on Eugene's bloody shirt that peeked through Eve's coat. He could tell that something grave had happened, and when his eyes met Eugene's, he saw a glimmer of red in them before they turned back to black. Did he see that right? A subtle frown fell on his face.

Eve said to Alfie, "Can you please inform Vincent to come to my room once he arrives? It is urgent."

"I will, milady," Alfie bowed.


Chapter 409 Balance To Camouflage

Music Recommendation: Drive to Parkersburg- Marcelo Zarvos


Eve sat in her room with Eugene, where there was an untouched glass of blood sat next to him. The sun had started to lower in the sky, ready to set itself to bring in darkness. When the room door opened and Vincent stepped in.

A relieved sigh escaped from Eve's lips, and she stood up and walked towards where Vincent was and he hugged her. Kissing the side of her head, he pulled away and asked, "Alfie said there was something urgent."

Eve nodded. She turned to where Eugene sat and said, "Someone stabbed Eugene in the woods near Meadow and Rosetta tried to turn him into a vampire. But I don't think it went well."

"His blood tastes like a human," Timotei remarked, who had comfortably stretched himself on the chair that was in front of the fireplace.

Vincent closed the door to Eve's room and left her side. Eugene, who had stood up, felt a tension that he hadn't felt until this man had appeared in the room. He asked Eve, "Did he die?"

"He did..." Eve replied from where she stood.

"How do you feel, Eugene?" Vincent asked, taking one step forward and he came to stand in front of Eugene, whose knees shook.

"I feel like my head is going to open... as if someone is squeezing it too tight," Eugene answered with a bow, and he said, "I am not able to drink any blood... but I have been feeling thirsty. As if I am parched."

Vincent picked up the candle stand that was on the side and brought it right in front of Eugene's face, his dark eyes staring into the human's eyes that were black. He responded after briefly glancing at the untouched glass of blood, "I am guessing blood and water didn't work? Usually considered one of the beginning symptoms of a body undergoing corruption."

Eve clenched her hands and asked, "Will my ability to heal help him?"

"To revive a dead person? No," Vincent's answer was blunt. He turned to look at Eve and said, "My advice is to not try it either. You will be wasting your energy. If the mermaids and sirens could bring back dead people, then every wealthy person would keep the sea creature as a pet with no regard to lives on the land." Turning back, he looked at Eugene, he said, "The corruption usually shows up more apparently with humans turning deranged. But his eyes don't seem dilated and instead they seem normal. What else do you feel?"

Eugene was going to reply, when he felt the heaviness on his shoulders grow as if someone had placed heavy stones to hang from it. Before he knew it, he fell on his knees as if weak, unable to stand.

Timotei, who had been lying flat on the chair, turned curious and tried to take a peek by standing up. But his body felt heavy as it was hugging the gravity. His head snapped left and right, staring at furry body.

When Eve stepped closer to them, she noticed Eugene breathing heavily and Vincent stared at the man before a slow smile graced his lips. He said to her, "Eugene doesn't have a corrupted heart. He will live."

"Then he's a human?" Eve asked him in surprise.

"No," Vincent answered, and he saw Eugene release a sigh of relief as if the heaviness had lifted off from his body. "He's half vampire and half human. This usually happens when the vampire's blood is fed at the end second before the body is completely shut down to a dead state."

Eugene looked up at Vincent with wide eyes, and could sense the pureblooded vampire had done something. What was that? He asked in his mind.

Timotei finally pushed his paws and stood up, before blinking. Raising one of his front paws and wriggling it. The cat turned to look at Vincent, "Y--you. How could you..." he hissed in the end.

Vincent offered his hand to Eugene to take, who grabbed it and stood up. He remarked,

"It is rare when a vampire hangs in the balance between being a human or a vampire. You either know the vampires have turned, or they have turned deranged and dead, because they are hunted and killed. You will find that humans who were turned by pureblooded vampires have a high success rate of transformation, while the other vampires not that much." He brought his hand towards his mouth and bit into his wrist before giving it to Eugene, "Take a taste, Eugene," his eyes brightened as he said this.

Eve watched Eugene's eyes dilate, and he was quick to drink the blood dripping from Vincent's wrist. She asked,

"Does this mean he can drink only from a pureblooded vampire?"

"Only the first time," Vincent replied to her. A few seconds later, Eugene pulled his face away from the pureblooded vampire's wrist. Eugene's eyes were bright red, and Eve noticed the fangs peeking from his parted lips. "He should be able to consume blood from humans from now on. Now that he is two in one body, he can choose to use his vampire body when he wants to stick to being a human. If you ask me, it is the perfect opportunity if one wants to hide their identity."

Eugene could smell the blood wafting up his senses from the glass of blood placed earlier for him to drink. He quickly reached near the side table, picking it up, he gulped all of it as if he was thirsty. Once he finished drinking the blood, he licked his lips.

Eve pursed her lips and asked, "But from now he needs blood, doesn't he?" 

"Of course, my love. Even if Eugene does choose to live his life as a human, he will need to feed his vampire self that now exists and keeps him alive. Unless he decides that he's had enough and doesn't consume blood. Someone will kill him, because his body will start to crave and he might end up attacking people," Vincent explained to them.

Eve and Eugene took in this information. For today, she was glad that Eugene was alive.

On the other hand, Timotei jumped from the chair and came to take a closer look at Vincent as if he had seen a ghost. The black cat then turned to look at Eve.

Vincent instructed Eugene, "I will tell Alfie to take care of your meals and you can rest in your room so that you don't feel anxious around the humans. Your headache should get better once your body has absorbed the blood that you need."

Eugene was grateful for Vincent's help, and he bowed his head, "Thank you, Sire."

"Timotei," Eve said to the black cat, "Go along with him."

The black cat snapped from its thoughts and followed Eugene out of the room. On the way, Eugene heard Timotei murmur something under his breath. He asked looking at the cat,

"What are you muttering about?"

Timotei coughed, before shaking his head, "Nothing at all. I was humming a song," and it continued to walk next to Eugene.


Chapter 410 Further Into The Dirt

Outside the Moriartys mansion, a decently posh looking carriage arrived in front of the main gates. The carriage appeared to belong to a decent family who belonged to the high society. When the gates were opened, the coachman drove it inside and stopped it before the mansion's entrance and opened the carriage's door.

Marceline stepped out of the carriage, placing her foot on the snowy ground. The coachman who stood next to the door scrunched his face because he could smell something foul coming from the lady.

The carriage Marceline had rode in, belonged to Lady Jennifer Lecche. It was where she had spent her time after discarding the Dawson's carriage, and visiting the Lecche's mansion to create a good defence.

Jennifer Leeche wasn't a close acquaintance of Marceline. The lady might have been a vampiress who belonged to the high society, but women didn't like to spend time with her or invite her to any events. The only reason Marceline was here was that she knew Jennifer wanted to be close with her, and the lady was dumb enough to not use her brains.

'Lady Marceline, you must be busy or must have slept long… for days?' Jennifer had asked her earlier.

'I don't think I understand you, Jeniffer?' Marceline asked. The woman's husband wasn't in the mansion as he worked for the Council. 'Why do you ask?'

Jennifer looked troubled, and she cleared her throat before responding, 'Forgive me, but there's some strange smell coming from… you,' said the woman Marceline had looked down upon.

Hearing it, Marceline's face turned red in embarrassment, and humiliation started to seep under her skin. She couldn't deny it like before because even she could smell the rotten smell coming from her cursed leg. But the only difference was that the pureblooded vampiress had been smelling it for quite some time and she paid less attention to it, while others couldn't disregard it.

She had then said, 'I… you are right. I have been very busy planning my brother's wedding to the Marquee's daughter. It's why I am here to invite you for it.' She noticed how a woman like Jennifer Leeche naively smiled. 'Now that I have met and spent time with you, I should get back to my mansion. It was lovely spending time with you.'

'It is always a pleasure, Lady Marceline,' the woman tried to be polite and saw the pureblooded vampiress to the front of her mansion.

But once they reached there, Marceline feigned surprise and worry. She murmured, 'Oh no.'

'Did you forget something?' Asked the woman.

'My coachman must have misunderstood my orders and must have gone back to my mansion,' Marceline said with an embarrassed look.

Jennifer quickly understood and offered, 'Please use my carriage to get back to your mansion.' And then take a bath, Lady Marceline, the woman thought as she smiled.

Right now, Marceline who had got down from Jeniffer's carriage waved her hand to the coachman and ordered, "You can leave now and tell Jennifer that I appreciate her help. Also, tell her that I had a wonderful time with her, it was a good three hours worth of time. I want you to relay my exact words to her."

The truth was that Marceline had spent only an hour with the lady, but she needed the justification of her time if one were to raise a question.

"Yes, milady," the coachman bowed and quickly climbed on the carriage as he doubted he could handle the foul smell from this vampiress.

Seeing the carriage leave out of the gates, Marceline smiled. Turning around, with her head held high with arrogance, she walked inside the mansion's hallways.

Everything had gone according to her plan. She had fulfilled the four required sacrifices to undo the curse, and she had also stabbed the person who was close to the lowly governess.

As Marceline walked, she felt tired because of her leg, and she wanted one of the servants to remove her coat so that she could climb the stairs with ease. She looked around for a servant, and on noticing one of the servants climbing down the stairs, she called in a stern voice,

"You the—"

Marceline, who had raised her hand, paused her words in shock, when her eyes fell on the servant whom she had stabbed earlier in the forest.

How could this servant be alive?! Forget about being alive, even if somehow he had escaped death, how was he walking with such ease?! 

On the other hand, Timotei whispered to Eugene, "Looks like she got tired of waiting in Meadow and returned," and he quickly closed his mouth when they reached closer to the vampiress, who stared at them with narrowed eyes.

"Milady?" Eugene asked in a polite tone with a bow, not knowing that it was this very woman, who had stabbed in the forest and had left him to die.

Marceline, who was in shock and parted her lips, said, "Tell Alfie to send one of the maids to my room."

"Yes, milady," Eugene bowed, while Marceline didn't move and continued to stare. As if feeling her glare, Eugene excused himself before picking up Timotei, who had slowly inched closer to her as if readying himself to attack her.

Marceline glared at Eugene's back, and her hand unconsciously reached for her leg. Tearing her eyes away from him, she climbed the stairs as quickly as possible and made her way to her room. Upon reaching it, she closed the door with a loud bang and locked the door.

"How is the man alive?? I stabbed him twice to be sure I cut him right!" Marceline wondered if she had perhaps stabbed a man who looked like that human's servant? "No! No! That's not possible," she muttered under her breath.

She had found the right person, and no one was around to help him!

There was no way she had imagined stabbing him! Maybe if she returned to the place where she had stabbed him, she would find something.

But when Marceline walked ahead, she heard a crack and snapped before she lost balance and cried out in pain.

"Argh!" Marceline's hand gripped her thigh, and she wheezed. She quickly pulled her skirt upwards, and when her eyes fell on her right foot, her lips trembled, "No no no no!!"

The vampiress's foot was no longer straight as the bones had decayed from inside and had snapped, leaving her legs not to be the same length.