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Chapter 296 Crocodile, Hamster And The Rabbit
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Though Marceline's pride had been shattered after losing her fangs from her mouth, it didn't stop the vampiress from walking through the corridors with her nose up in the air as she passed by the maids and other servants, who stopped walking and bowed deeply until she disappeared from their sight. But she did it only because the servants were yet to hear about her being a fangless vampiress.

Reaching in front of her sister's room, Marceline didn't bother to knock on the door and barged inside. Allie, who heard her door open, turned around from where she sat in her bed with a book on her lap.

A wide smile spread on the older vampiress's face, and she walked to where her younger sister was. She lovingly asked, "Are you playing with your dolls, Allie?"

Allie didn't know what Marceline wanted from her, because it was rare for her elder sister to show up in her room. Less even look for her at all. Seeing her elder sister in her room excited the little girl, and at the same time, she turned a little wary by her sister's presence.

Marceline sat on the edge of the bed, picking the doll that was next to Allie on the bed. She said, "When I was small, I had many of these. They are still in my room, kept safely. Would you like to play with them?"

Allie nodded with a hint of eagerness that her sister was offering to share her things, "I can?" Asked the little girl.

"Why not? You and I are sisters, and it is only right that we share with each other, isn't that right?" Marceline offered her a honey smile that had Allie forget that her sister had looked at her with her scary eyes a few times in the past. "We sisters are supposed to stick to each other through thick and thin, that's what sisterhood is about."

In the past, Marceline had mostly ignored Allie, as if the little girl wasn't worthy enough to be her sister and was beneath her because she had lost her fangs. The role of an elder sister to Allie, which had been left vacant for so long, had been filled by none other than Eve, who had shown the kindness and compassion that the little vampiress had craved for.

Marceline noticed Allie staring back at her with an innocent look in her eyes. If there was something the older vampiress despised, it was innocence. It turned her sour because she found the person lacking in character, and somewhere she also couldn't relate to it as she lacked it herself.

"In fact, why don't you come to my room now and you can take some of them for yourself, yes?" Marceline tried to show her kindness towards Allie because she was desperate to get her fangs back. How would she be able to show her face in front of people if the word was to spread about her being defanged?!

Allie wasn't sure about it, because she remembered a couple of months ago when her sister had scared her with her words and evident glare directed towards her. The little girl's thoughts followed the memory lane...

The memory was of the time when not more than three weeks had passed since Allie's previous late governess had defanged her. As her mother was vexed with the situation and her father was out of the mansion along with her brother, the little girl had tried to seek comfort and assurance from her sister. She had reached Marceline's room, and knocked on the door.

"What do you want?" Marceline questioned, raising her eyebrows while she combed her long black hair.

Allie stood at the door and with a meek voice that was barely above the whisper, asked, "Can I stay... with you."

Marceline was possessive about her things, as possessive as Vincent, and she stopped brushing her hair. Turning around, she questioned, "I am busy right now. I have to attend a soiree and am in a hurry as I need to leave quickly. What are you even doing outside your room?"

"I thought to...you..." Allie couldn't complete her sentence as Marceline stood up from her seat and came near the door.

Marceline towered in front of Allie, looking down at her sister's pitiful state. Her eyes glowered, which had the little girl shrink in her place, and the older vampiress continued, "I was wondering where you have been hiding all this while. If you didn't give your attention and trust to the human, you wouldn't have been in this state. Look at me, mother knows I will never do anything wrong or bring shame, because I am perfect and you should listen to what I say. Mother was very disappointed with you."

Allie pursed her lips with worry forming on her tiny face, "She hates me?" It had been a while since her mother had paid attention to her.

Though Lady Annalise was disappointed with what had happened to Allie, it didn't mean she despised the little one. The woman came from a reputed and disciplined family with values that the vampires, especially the pureblood families, were superior in the society. She herself couldn't believe that she had let her daughter go through such shame, and the worry about her future in society severely hurt her pride and mind.

But Marceline lied to Allie with a nod, "She does. She doesn't want to see your face, why else do you think she hasn't spoken to you for some time?"

Allie's already small face turned even smaller than before in sorrow, realising her mother didn't love her anymore. The little girl said in her small voice, "I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry, mother was angry at you before, but she must have forgiven and forgotten about it," Marceline's words were a contrast to what she said a minute ago and patted Allie's shoulder. She said, "Though she loves me more, you are her daughter like me. Why don't you go and talk to her?"

Allie shook her head.

"All you need to do is hide the fact that you don't have fangs anymore in front of people. It is very easy and I am sure you will get used to it," Marceline stated before a faint, cunning smile appeared on her lips. She advised, "Go ask mother for her forgiveness. It isn't too late. You want mother's forgiveness, don't you?"

Allie nodded, and after picking up courage, the little girl went to where her mother was. Lady Annalise was in the living room, talking to the guests who belonged to the high society when the little girl entered inside and said,

"Mama, I am sorry. I... the governess, I shouldn't have... my--"

Lady Annalise's eyes widened on knowing what her daughter was going to say, which had turned the guests curious. She quickly got up and said to them, "Excuse me, my daughter is sick, and she is supposed to be in bed. I will be back soon."

Allie was quickly pulled out of the room by her mother, and dragged towards her room. When they did reach the room, her mother glared at her,

"I told you to stay inside your room. What do you think you were doing by talking about your lost fangs in front of strangers?" Lady Annalise couldn't believe her daughter had tried to go against her already said words.

The little girl was shaken, as it seemed like she had made her mother angry, and she stuttered, "I--I wanted to ask for your forgiveness."

"And you didn't find any other better time but let everyone know about it? Do you understand the difficult situation you have put yourself in, Allie?" Lady Annalise questioned her daughter, who now stared at the ground. Annalise scolded in frustration, "If someone finds out that you have been defanged, do you know what place it would put you in? You will be the first target, because you have nothing to defend yourself with! Do you want to be targeted?"

Allie slowly shook her head, "No, mother," she answered meekly.

"I don't understand why you rebel. You should learn something from your sister Marceline when it comes to how to behave," Lady Annalise sighed.

"Sister Marceline said I--"

"Enough, I don't want to hear anymore. Stay in your room, and never bring up about you being defan--"

"I was wondering if someone else was defanged again," Vincent stepped into the corridor, who had only arrived from Darthmore a few minutes ago. "Seems like it is the same one. Why are you yelling, dear mother?"i𝚗𝚗𝚛e𝚊d.c𝚘m

"Allie was about to tell the Hordes that she has lost her fangs," Lady Annalise crossed her arms. She then said to Allie, "I will be going back now, so I expect you to behave," and the woman walked away from there, her heels clicking against the marble floor.

Vincent noticed Allie's head bowed and questioned, "What are you doing looking at the ground when I am standing here?" He placed his index finger on the little girl's forehead and pushed it backwards so he could look at her face.

Allie's eyes held tears while her lips trembled, "Mother hates me..."

"She will get over it," Vincent said with his lips twisting, "You don't have to stare at the ground, you are a Moriarty. Fangs are only one part of being a vampire, you have sharp nails to protect yourself. Next time dig into the flesh until you hear the person scream."

Allie gulped down her emotions and asked, "You?"

"Yes, I do that too sometimes, though differently," Vincent answered, but the little girl shook her head. Allie stared at him, and his lips curled, understanding what she meant. He replied, "Sure. Me too. I am not sure if it was carelessness or stupidity that you wanted to bring it up in front of others. Your mother is right, you know, about being an easy target for people who want to take revenge."

"Sister Marceline," Allie paused for a moment before continuing, "Said I should ask for forgiveness from mother."

Vincent stared at Allie before he said, "Your sister is dumb and lacks knowledge, don't listen to her advices unless you want a repeat of today. She's a crocodile and you are a hamster. Listen to me and you will be fine."

Crocodile? Allie asked herself. With her mood changed, she asked, "What are you?"

A wide smile appeared on his lips, and he asked, "What is your favourite animal?"

"Rabbit," came the quick reply from the small vampiress.

"Mm, I am that. A rabbit that digs a lot," and on Vincent's response, Allie beamed, not understanding the underlying meaning of his words.

Getting back to the present, Allie noticed her sister watching her as if waiting for her response. Unlike Marceline, Allie was kinder and she smiled at her sister. She answered, "Okay."

Only because she remembered the argument before she was told to leave the room where her parents and siblings stood. Marceline looked desperate, wanting help, and she would go to any means to regrow her fangs.

Marceline smiled at the thought that she had bribed her younger sister, and they walked to her room. When they reached her room, she offered her the dolls that belonged to her while closely watching Allie.

After five minutes, Marceline finally asked, "It must have been painful when your fangs grew, isn't it?"

"Not much," came Allie's voice, slightly distant as her concentration was on the dolls.

"No?" Marceline tried to play it subtly, and she said, "I am glad that your fangs are back." But she wasn't happy, because she was in the shoes that Allie was a few months ago. Right now, she didn't even have someone to accompany her. She said, "Your heart is pure, Allie, and I am happy to be your sister. Even after everything, you stood strong."

To the little girl, Marceline's words were like treasure. She looked up from the dolls to meet her older sister's eyes, which looked at her kindly.

"Me too," Allie smiled. The little girl was innocent not to know that those words were used to pull out answers from her. "Brother Vincent and you are important to me," she said to Marceline, but the older vampiress wasn't in the mood to hear about Vincent, who was why she didn't have fangs.

Marceline only nodded, the smile on her lips intact, and she asked, "How did you get back your fangs? I mean we didn't even know when you got it. You must have done something to trigger it, right?" Every action had a reaction, and there was an explanation for Allie's fangs, she thought.

If Marceline found an answer to it, she would be able to get her fangs back. She waited for Allie's answer with eager and anxious eyes, and the little girl replied,

"Kindness gave it to me," before going back to play with the dolls.

Marceline gritted her teeth because that wasn't the answer she was looking for! But Allie's answer wasn't too far from the truth, as it was Eve's kindness that had restored Allie's lost fangs.

Chapter 297 Verbal Acceptance


Alfie carried a burning lantern in his left hand, which was hung in the air at the level of his head. He walked through the underground of the Moriarty mansion, where the walls were made of dark uneven stones. Not far behind him walked Vincent, his footsteps quieter than the paws of a feline.

The butler took out the key to the cellar in his right hand. Inserting the key in the gate slot, he turned it around and opened the grill-like gate of the cellar.

"Light the place," Vincent ordered, and he went inside along with the butler, who bowed.

The front part of the cellar was built with racks of different coloured bottles that held liquor, like treasure being stored for many years. When the butler lit the room by burning the torches placed against the wall, the place soon brightened and gave a golden hue-like glow.

"Get me a glass of blood," Vincent ordered again.

"Right away, Master Vincent," Alfie bowed, barely bothered with the number of commands given to him.

Once the butler left Vincent alone in the cellar, Vincent made his way to the other side of the room, which held racks of parchments tied with thread to hold it still. On another rack sat files and books, which held labels of the years when the information was collected and stored.

Vincent walked towards the rack where the books with years were present, standing in front of the rack, he picked one that belonged to his mother and father. He took a comfortable seat by sitting on the edge of a table that hadn't been used in some time but was still clean. The front of the book read-- Eduard and Katherina Moriarty.

The book wasn't big like the others, but it had information about his parents. Small portrait-like pictures were placed in the book, bringing memories that Vincent kept close to him.

Vincent stared at the picture long enough for Alfie to return with a glass of blood, and the butler offered it to him.

"Is that Lady Katherina's picture?"

"Mm, must have been when she was with grandfather and grandmother," Vincent replied, taking the glass of blood from Alfie and sipping it. The picture belonged to the time when his mother was young.

Alfie wondered if Master Vincent was here to reminisce about his late mother's memories.

"Are these all the family record books that we have in the mansion?" Vincent questioned, pulling out the picture of his mother and slipping it into his pocket. He closed the book and pulled another book from the rack.

"These are all we have, Sire. Are you looking for something in particular?" Alfie inquired, with his hands folded in front of him.

"I met a cat that talks, which said some very curious things and I thought to take a look at the history of the Moriarty family," Vincent finished the entire glass of blood within seconds and handed the empty glass back to the butler.

Vincent's lips twisted while his eyes appeared to be holding a great concentration before he picked the book that aligned with the time when the Gauntlet family existed. He turned the pages and said,

"Looks like the Moriarty family did work along with the Gauntlet family," Vincent hummed, while Alfie still didn't know what was going on. He continued, "The Moriarty family worked as the King's advisors. Don't think they did a good job advising the King to not meddle with the Goddess of the Sea. Or the King was just a pure idiot who didn't care about the consequences."

"Most of the families that belong to the high society must be closely connected to the great King back then, sire," Alfie put his thoughts, to which Vincent nodded.

"That's how it is now, but with the centuries and generations that have passed and arrived, no one is certain of where they stand. Present yes, past not too much," Vincent stated as he turned the pages with his eyes moving across the coarse pages. He said, "There are some notable family names here, whose families still exist. Like Marquee Hooke's ancestor was a lord back then, and now the family is a Marquee. The Quintin's were in the ministry, while there are others. Not too high in ranking, but on the lower end. Mm, and the Sullivans."

"The Duke of Woodlock's family, Sire?" Alfie asked who knew the names of the men his master worked with.

"Mhm," Vincent hummed with interest. This wasn't the book record of the Moriarty family. This has recorded the time when the King was alive and his family existed. The ones who worked closely with the King were notable enough to be mentioned in the book. He murmured, "The Sullivans and Moriarty's seem to have worked together far in the past," and a slight smile appeared on his lips and he closed the book.

The next morning, as usual Eve arrived at the Moriarty mansion along with her lunchbox and her purple umbrella in hand. When she entered the hallways, she noticed some of the maids curiously stare at her. But when she turned to look at them, they quickly offered a bow before scurrying away. She wondered what that was about.

Before Eve could head towards the stairways, the butler quickly appeared in the corridor and greeted her with a bow,

"Good morning, Ms. Barlow. May I take your umbrella and your lunch box?" He offered in politeness.

Eve greeted the butler with a smile, "Good morning, Alfie. I think I can carry it myself, don't worry about it."

"The Moriarty family expects your presence in the dining room, milady," Alfie politely informed her, who continued to bow at her. He then said, "I will have your things brought to the piano room."

Eve finally nodded and handed him her things. She then made her way towards the dining room. When she reached the front of the dining room, a servant pushed the door open for her and she stepped inside and offered her greetings to the family,

"Good morning, Viscount Eduard. Good morning, Lady Annalise. Mr. Moriarty," Eve's eyes met Vincent, who looked amused by her morning greetings. When her eyes fell on Marceline, ready to greet her, the young vampiress stared at her with no hint of her usual polite and kind smile she always wore on her lips. "Good morning Lady Marceline. Good morning, Miss Allie."

"It seems like you are a meticulous person, Ms. Barlow," Eve heard the Viscount remark and he then waved his hand towards the empty chair, "Have a seat, and join us for breakfast."

Eve bowed, and walked around the table. She saw a chair pulled for her by the servant to Allie's immediate right.

Marceline clutched the silverware in her hands, and if she was alone with Eve, she would have stabbed this human for bringing her humiliation. Unable to look at the hideousness, she pushed her chair backwards and stood up, ready to leave the dining room.

"Where are you going, when the breakfast isn't served yet?" Lady Annalise questioned her eldest daughter, not liking Marceline's rude manners at the table.

"Sit down, dear sister," Vincent said looking at Marceline, before he added, "The blood served now is fresh, and it is the most fresh you will be able to drink for the rest of your life."

Marceline's face turned red in anger and shame that she was punished to carry since last night. Her eyes narrowed at Vincent. She turned to her father and complained, "Isn't last night enough that he's trying to hurt me more?"

"Vincent," Eduard warned his son, not wanting to pick on Marceline as it was a sensitive matter, even though he knew there was a way to get back his daughter's fangs if she would change her attitude. He then said to his elder daughter, "Sit back in your seat, Marceline"

Marceline didn't want to have her meal with Eve at the same table. Anger bubbled in her mind, and though she wanted to protest, the vampiress was aware enough to know that her words would not go down well with her family after being exposed to what she had done to this human.

Before the breakfast could be served, Eve heard the Viscount address her, "Ms. Barlow, Vincent told us that you have agreed to marry him. Is that right?"

Everyone's eyes fell on Eve, including the two maids in the room, who couldn't wait to gossip about this. She nodded, "Yes, that is right, Viscount Eduard." The Viscount stared at her as if gauging something. It was because Eduard had doubts if his son would ever take a wife, as no woman in high society could endure with his nature until now. If Katherina was alive, she would have been the only one.

"Why do you want to marry him?" Lady Annalise questioned Eve in an interrogative tone, her lips set in a thin line which almost seemed invisible from a distance. The older vampiress said, "I hear you are very popular in Meadow, in being wooed by many men. Why not settle with them? Unless you are aiming for status and wealth."

Lady Annalise couldn't help but be suspicious about their governess and, somewhere, found it unbelievable.

When Eve looked at Vincent, the pureblooded vampire was busy enjoying drinking blood. She answered, "I like him for who he is. We compliment well together."

"That isn't a strong enough reason to marry someone," came the curt words from Lady Annalise.

"Anna, I thought we had already discussed this," Eduard tried to stop his wife.

"I am questioning what a mother would generally ask. We don't know anything about her intentions," Lady Annalise frowned before her questioning eyes fell on Eve.

"I think Vincent is a man of good character. Most men don't hold the same intellect as Vincent. Though a little grey and odd in some things, he brings me peace, and I hope I bring him peace too," Eve's eyes fell on Vincent, whose lips curled as if loving the words that fell out of her lips.

Eduard said with a smile, "Ms. Barlow, we look forward to you being part of the Moriarty family."

Eve was grateful for the acceptance from Vincent's father. Noticing that Lady Annalise wasn't belittling her with her being a 'human', she could only guess that she was coming around after hours. But it wasn't out of willingness, but because the vampiress knew Vincent would marry her anyway without her approval.

The older vampire then continued, "I have always wanted my family to be close knit, and if mistakes have been made, it can be fixed and forgiven so that there's no bad blood within the family. It is a Moriarty family rule to keep feuds within the family, while also standing strong against the outsiders."

Marceline gritted her teeth. The same rule could have been applied to her because the human was an outsider, while she was Moriarty blood. Her mother's favourite was slowly changing to Allie, and her father's favourite had always been her brother, leaving her all alone.

Eve nodded again, "I will keep it in mind, Viscount Eduard."

But Senior Mr. Moriarty's words weren't for Eve; as he turned to look at Marceline and met her eyes, that turned curious. He said, "Marceline."

Marceline looked like a willing wolf who had been wearing sheep's clothing until now, and without knowing where it would lead itself, it now stood ready to be butchered. She blinked at her father,

"What is it, father?"

Eve wasn't unaware about what was going on. She looked at the Viscount and then at Marceline. When she turned to look at Vincent, it appeared as if he was having a good time, as he sat back and enjoyed the scene in front of him that was satisfying his sadistic needs.

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Chapter 298 An Apology Due

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Marceline was frozen in her seat, while all eyes were on her. Her father held a serious expression on his face and he said firmly, "We talked about this yesterday. As Ms. Barlow is here now, it will be easier for you too instead of going to Meadow."

"Vincent already did what he wanted to, why do I have to do this again?" Marceline's dull red eyes had gone wide, "Why are all of you enjoying seeing me being humiliated over and over again? Wasn't what happened yesterday not enough?!" Her voice went higher at the end and had Lady Annalise's eyebrows subtly furrowed.

Vincent and Senior Mr. Moriarty noticed how Marceline didn't look like she had done anything wrong with what she had done even after she had been defanged and instead was still being defensive. Vincent said, "Eve is going to be your sister-in-law, and she deserves an apology for what harm you caused her."

Eve asked Vincent, "What is going on?" Marceline tightened her jaw.

,m "Marceline wants to be a maid," Vincent remarked, and the maids in the room, who tried not to look at the family members, couldn't help but look at Lady Marceline to see if it was true or that the siblings were only jabbing each other for fun.

"I don't!" Marceline raised her voice again, and this time, Lady Annalise closed her eyes.

"We can all hear you just fine, Marceline. There's no need to shout while talking," said her mother, but Marceline was losing her mind with how she was suddenly being cornered.

Marceline clenched her hands and said, "I am not going to apologise after what the emotional trauma I went through and am still going through it."

"That isn't an option," Eduard stated.

Vincent finally revealed to Eve, "The person who spread ill rumours in your town, about you sleeping with different men was none other than my dear sister Marceline. She is the reason why the Humphrey's along with the other people of Meadow hurt you."

Eve didn't have any words for the truth revealed to her, and her blue eyes gently moved and looked at Marceline, who stared back at her with contained anger. Vincent had already warned her about his first sister's nature, but she had never thought that the vampiress would go so far as to ruin and shame her in public.

"Why?" Eve's eyebrows furrowed as she asked Marceline.

She and Marceline had shared tea more than once, and the young vampiress seemed to get along with her just fine until now. She had always spoken politely and smiled, but who knew that Marceline had looked at her with such intentions to hurt her.

Marceline, who was used to spinning lies of politeness, suddenly failed in speech. She finally said, "You don't deserve to sit at the same table as I. You don't deserve to be under the same roof as I."

"It is good to know that you aren't worthy, Marcie. It is a good opportunity to marry Horace and leave this place," Vincent watched Marceline with his calculating eyes. "Even after knowing we know, it is truly a pity that you don't have an ounce of remorse over what your actions has brought."

"It is all about her. You are all about her, while you are unable to see my pain as if it doesn't exist," Marceline gritted her teeth while her eyebrows furrowed. "You are my brother, but you favour her."

"As I rightly should. I don't need a sister with a hollow mind and heart," Vincent deadpanned, and though most of the things didn't hurt Marceline until now, his words hurt her now and she stared at him.

"If you loved me like you should, I wouldn't have done it. Nobody here cares about me," Marceline shook her head, "I am the one who lost people I loved."

"Yet you cannot cherish them even after they left," Vincent didn't make it easy because he knew whom she was talking about being lost and it was not their mother. He said, "It is time to make things right, Marcie. You will be cared for after you show your sincere regret. You get what you give."

Marceline, who was sitting until now, suddenly stood up with the chair sharply screeching against the floor. "You defanged me! I have no fangs anymore all because of this woman, and you want me to apologise to her, which I will never do!" This side of Marceline was a stark contrast from her usual calm and poised self. "Can you bring back my fangs? If yes, I will apologise to her."

Vincent clicked his teeth, "Are you allergic when it comes to being humble? I told you, change your behaviour and one day you will have your fangs back."

A loud thud was heard on the surface of the table, which was the Viscount's hand had slapped against the surface. He said, "Both of you, I have heard enough. And Marceline, it would be better for you to apologise to Ms. Barlow. Unless you want me to send you to the Sabbiet to reform your ways."

Marceline's eyes widened, and she stared at her father as everyone was favouring this lowly human. She gritted her teeth, her lips trembling as if she was about to cry out but she didn't. Turning to Eve, she started,

"I am sor--"

"You don't have to," Eve interrupted her, her voice calmer than the sea that she belonged to. Marceline let out an internal sigh of relief, because if there was something she despised, it was asking for forgiveness.

"Let her complete her sentence, Ms. Barlow," the Viscount said, wanting his daughter not to be as stubborn as she was.

Eve softly smiled at the Viscount's words. She said, "Thank you, Viscount Eduard, but I don't think it matters anymore. It isn't like Lady Marceline means it with her heart, which has no value to her words." Marceline's mouth fell agape at the human's words.

Chapter 299 King Gauntlet’s Wives

Eve's words only infuriated Marceline, and she glared at the lowly human who had suddenly started speaking as if she was already part of a high-standing family in the society. But with no support in the room, where Vincent also had a point, the vampiress drank the blood offered in the glass.

On the other hand, Eve could feel Marceline's gaze on her. It wasn't harsh, but she could feel the wrath of the vampiress. She couldn't believe that Marceline could stoop so low and busied herself with the meal and Allie, who seemed happy.

Allie asked Eve in her small voice, "Will you be living with us here in the mansion?"

"What a smart hamster. That is right, Eve will be living with us before the end of this week," Vincent hummed in approval, and his eyes met Eve's, who stared back at him.

"Ms. Barlow and you aren't married yet, Vincent, for her to share the same roof," Lady Annalise pointed out the obvious, as she hadn't wholly digested the fact that a lowly human from the town of Meadow was going to be her daughter-in-law.

"It is only the roof mother, not the room. Unfortunately, Ms. Barlow isn't forward in such matters, isn't that right, my Eve?" Vincent asked Eve with such sweetness that everyone in the dining room paid attention.

Marceline, who was slowly sipping the blood from the glass, coughed as it entered her windpipe and came out of her nose. She quickly picked up the napkin next to her plate and dabbed her nose. Lady Annalise paused eating her food because never had she heard Vincent use such a sweet tone before, while the others just stared at him before resuming what they were doing.

Eve offered him a tight smile. It seemed that Vincent had forgotten about showing his affections to her public. His words were often dipped with sarcasm that people around him had gotten used to, that his tone with Eve felt foreign.

Vincent then said to his father, "Eve's aunt right now is in Berkshire, and with the ill rumours that dear sister spread about Eve, it is uncomfortable for her to live there anymore."

Viscount Eduard's eyes shifted to look at Marceline, still cleaning the blood she had spewed. The man nodded and said to Eve, "Vincent is right, Ms. Barlow. You will be a member of this family soon, and it will be easier to also start the wedding preparations from here."

Eve bowed, "Thank you for your kindness, Viscount Eduard."

She heard the Viscount say to his wife, "Anna, you know the seamstresses, make sure Vincent's bride wears the best wedding gown made that no one has ever seen."

Lady Annalise pursed her lips and offered a slight bow, "I will see what I can do." When she looked at Eve, her expression turned sour.

Once everyone finished having their breakfast, Vincent and Eve walked in the corridor near the piano room. She said to him, "Your sister hates me."

"Mm? Hamster dotes on you as if you are her own, don't pay attention to the other one," Vincent responded to Eve, who held a worried look on her face.

"But she is your sister," they were related by blood, Eve thought and she wished she could get along with everyone. Until today, she had believed that Lady Annalise despised her, while Marceline was kind towards her. But it seemed like Lady Annalise was ready to tolerate her, but Marceline... Eve didn't know why she did it. Remembering something from the conversation in the dining room, she said, "You broke her fangs."

"Very gently," Vincent answered, adding, "She didn't feel the slightest pain," and he smiled with his fangs in view.

Eve stared at him, "Would you have done it if I didn't have the ability to restore it?"

"You ask a compelling question," Vincent's hand reached for Eve's hand, lightly pulling her to have her face him. "I did it because she deserved it. She might be my family, but you are no less to it. In a matter of days you will be my wife, and if anyone tries to screw with you, I will screw them over. You know how it goes," and his lips curled.

Releasing her hand, he brought his hand to her face to gently caress the side of it with the back of his fingers. He asked her, "How was your night? Did you sleep enough?"

"It was a little chaotic because Timotei wanted to sleep in the house, on the bed. In Lady Aubrey's bed, because he said he wanted 'privacy' but Eugene didn't want him to stay in the house," Eve remembered last night where in the end, Eugene and the black cat had ended up sleeping in the living room. She then asked him, "How was your night?"

"It was interesting. I went through some of the recorded parchment files that belonged to my ancestors of the Moriarty family. I found the name associated with King Gauntlet, who was cursed by your Sea Goddess. Sullivan's name was in there too."

"Like Noah Sullivan?" Eve's eyebrows furrowed, and Vincent nodded.

He explained, "The Moriarty's and the Sullivans worked too closely to the Gauntlet's family. The King lived his life more than he was meant to. He had five wives. A pureblooded vampiress, one regular vampire, a human and a werewolf. A witch, whose identity was exposed and she was killed. The human died out of sickness. And out of the five, one was Moriarty and another was Sullivan's daughter."

"Then... Does that mean you were related to the King?" Eve looked surprised. She had heard Timotei mention it last night, when he was talking to Vincent, but she didn't expect Vincent to belong to the same blood.

"There was only one single Moriarty without any branches for the tree to widen in the beginning years. Mine is the only Moriarty family," Vincent stated, "So yes, I am related to him, and your favourite Duke is a distant cousin of mine. Do you know if Noah had any ability?"

Eve shook her head, "He's always been human-like..." Her eyes then widened and she asked, "You think the bloodline has passed the curse to you and Noah?" To kill one, because the two couldn't co-exist together...

"It is a vague possibility, but if it is true," Vincent paused before a wicked smile appeared on his lips, "That would be something, wouldn't it?"

Chapter 300 Ties Of The Curse


Eve didn't like what Vincent said, and she shook her head as if that would help rid the information he had just told her. She said,

"How is that possible though? It has been many years since the king and his sons have passed away. Even if the curse has passed on... isn't it supposed to pass through generations where someone might have killed the other?"

"None of them have shown any kind of abilities since the king's sons. The king's sons had offspring, and then their offspring, but with no credible traits of the ability like the one that was bestowed by Nerhys," Vincent explained to her, and he said, "Hold on."

Eve watched Vincent walk near the piano room and peek inside the room. On seeing Allie sitting at the table with a book in front of her. He said, "Hamster, why don't you practice the piano sheet, while I borrow Eve for a few minutes." He offered a smile to his little sister, who nodded at his words.

The young vampiress got down from her chair and walked to where the piano was, taking her seat on the bench facing the piano. Vincent stepped away from the room, returned to Eve and said, "Follow me."

Eve followed Vincent, and they reached the library room of the mansion. He pulled out the same book that held half information about the Sea Goddess and the curse she placed on King Gauntlet and his children.

"Read this page again," Vincent handed the book to Eve to read. While Eve's eyes started to trail the lines of words, she heard him say, "Nerhys didn't just curse the people whom she had offered the rare abilities, and also the others, who supported the king. But the curse also extended to the two princes who were the last to survive. Though the prince's sons were born, they didn't hold the ability and were spared to live. Not everyone has extraordinary skills, not even the oldest and highly regarded pureblooded vampires. And many of us don't like showing our abilities until it is required."

Eve finished reading the page until the mention of the curse and where the page was torn. She couldn't believe Marceline had torn this page when this was the most essential piece of the story. She asked him,

"Do you think if I turn Timotei back to his original form he will remember what happened during King Gauntlet's time?"

"The black cat is obsessed with its tail. If you turn him back, he will miss his cat form," Vincent deadpanned, and he let his back lean against the edge of the table in the room. "If what the cat said is true, that you have the same aura as the woman who turned him, and I have the same energy as the King's son, then Noah has been hiding his abilities."

"You guys have been at peace so far, haven't you?" Eve questioned with her furrowed eyebrows.

Vincent blinked at her question, "Hm?"

Eve asked him, "Did something happen between you two?"

"I would hardly call it something. Remember the night I visited you before we buried the wrong person and the wound on my face," Vincent reminded her, and he said, "It was a little discussion that I was testing on him."

"By being hit?" Eve frowned when she saw the pureblooded vampire shrug. She had never considered Noah to be a violent person, and she said, "You provoked him about something."

She didn't want Vincent and Noah to shed blood of each other, it was something that turned her worried. It was one thing to hit, but a whole different thing to take someone's life to balance the world. Suddenly she remembered the time when she had dreamt about a werewolf attacking her.

"You are supposed to be on my side," Vincent stated, the smile slipping from his lips and he looked slightly jealous. Though he knew that Eve's heart now belonged to him, he couldn't help but feel possessive over her.

Eve smiled on noticing this, and said, "I am. I don't think Noah and you are destined to kill the other. I mean if there's no conflict, there shouldn't be a problem, right? We can prove the curse wrong."

"My silly one," Vincent pushed himself forward and kissed the side of Eve's head, "There's a reason something is called a curse. You cannot hoodwink it and are bound to it by blood and fate."

Eve pursed her lips and said, "There's also breaking the curse though. There must be someone who knows or heard it."

"The Council's library must have something regarding it. I will take a look there," Vincent said, adding, "You are free to come with me, if you want." It was because, at the mention of the Council's library, he noticed Eve's eyes widened in interest as if suddenly turning eager.

"I would like to join in to read with you," Eve accepted his invitation, and Vincent gave her a nod. She then looked back at the book and said, "It says here that King Gauntlet had initially arranged Nerhy's next daughter to be betrothed to King Gauntlet's son... Do you think he had a specific son in mind?"

"If only we could summon the ghost of the King, it would make things so much easier," Vincent's words lacked any humour in it. His lips twisted, and he asked, "Wasn't the woman whom the Duke is going to get engaged to a seamstress? I know this because Marceline suddenly ordered tons of fabrics and threads that go to waste."

Eve nodded at Vincent's question, "Lady Anaya has a passion for making dresses."

"Excellent, it seems like we have found a seamstress for your wedding gown," Vincent's eyes sparkled with mischief and rubbed his hands together. "The weather is turning chilly," he said when Eve's eyes narrowed at him.

"I should get back to Allie," Eve said, closing the book and placing it back in its place.

"Let us go to Woodlock once you are done with your work here," Vincent proposed the idea, and he said, "I will finish my work in the Council and come back to pick you."

Eve nodded and left the library room, while Vincent turned to look at the book on the shelf. He wondered if there was something more here for the people with abilities to be born in or around the same timeline. For a greater purpose or destruction.