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Chapter 226 Not Enough
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A long and heavy silence reigned after Elijah's statement.

What he had just revealed... That his mother had taken her own life had reminded Elle of her own sister. Ellaine. Her heart could only shudder in remembrance of the situation that her sister found herself in which had driven her to choose to end her own life. She could almost see that familiar look in his grey eyes. It reminded her of how her own gaze looked whenever she stared at herself through the mirror since the day she found Ellaine cold and dead in her room. That horror had been burnt into her memory and had stayed there ever since.

But the horrors reflected in his eyes were far worse. The hatred and everything else were blazing like an eternal inferno, as though never able to be quenched nor sated. The kind that looked irreversible. The kind that would demand exact repayment for every wrong - that he deemed it to be - counted against him.

He pushed himself away and Elle finally realized her breathing was uneven and shallow. His emotions and fluctuating aura had affected her once again.

She panted for air once he was a few steps from her again.

None of them spoke for a long while until Elle somehow managed to regain her normal breathing, all the while just watching him move back to his earlier spot from the corners of her eyes. She only lifted her face when she saw him leaning against the wall once again. The dangerous inferno in his eyes seemed to have calmed down for now. She really wished she could see his face clearly to at least be able to discern and have an idea on what expression he was wearing.

When he did not speak, Elle fidgeted and could not sit still to just wait for him to start talking again. Thus, she could only force herself to break the silence.

"Why... are you coming after Sebastian instead of... Prince Ezekiel? Is it because he's gone and now you are venting all your anger and frustrations onto Sebastian in his place?" Elle's brow furrowed as she tried to understand where Elijah was coming from.

She thought she saw him smirk, but could not be sure from the dimness where he was standing. However, that alone was enough to make Elle's heartbeat race harder.

"The story didn't end there, Sunshine." He replied as he pulled something out from his shirt pocket. She could not tell what it was, but she could see him playing with it in his hand. Tossing it a little and catching it. "Sebastian had done something much worse and I'm not going to tell you about it right now. I know you're doubting my words and obviously, you'd choose to believe their version of the story instead of mine. But worry not, Princess Elle, I'm not going to force you to believe me. You'll find out about it all soon anyway, once he wakes up... now Sunshine... you need to get out of this place for now and go get something to eat. We can't have you starving here, can we?"

The sudden sound of her stomach growling followed Elijah's words. But Elle could barely bother about hunger or even her thirst for water at the moment at all.

She shook her head. "Please... don't hurt him." She said softly, pleadingly.

Elle could now feel real dread. Back then, when she first met Elijah, she could not make herself feel the kind of fear she was supposed to feel when she was near him. Now she could feel it. But it still was not that directed to herself. She feared what he would do to Sebastian instead of herself.

"You said he'd been locked and chained up for seven hundred years..." she continued, just saying these words was enough to make her chest squeeze tighter. "He had su a���" 

"Enough, Sunshine." His tone was hard, cold, and unforgiving. This was the first time she had heard him in that tone. "Don't you dare tell me he's suffered enough. It's not enough. I want to drive him insane not because of some demonic powers. I wanted him to go insane for real. For real, Princess Elle..."

Elle shook her head and her eyes began to feel hot. The thought that this man was planning to most probably drive Sebastian into taking his own life in the end made her shiver so hard that her knees weakened with the fear that was threatening to overtake her.

"Please don't do this." She begged. She wanted to believe Sebastian was not going to yield. That he was stronger than anything. But she knew Sebastian was already living with nightmares and traumas. What if Elijah knew what exactly it was that could break him?

"You need to get yourself prepared too, Princess Elle." He added, as though giving her that warning was a last friendly move on his part. He did not seem to have heard her begging at all.

"Y-you're going to make me watch a���" Elle choked at the thought. Her insides twisting into a knot.

"Not just watch, Sunshine." He cut her off, causing her eyes to widen with the horror of the unknown.

"W-what are you... planning to do?"

"You will see. But for now, go and eat. This is for your own sake. Unless you want to pass out due to hunger and weakness once Sebastian wakes up."

She could only clench her fists tight and fought hard to keep her trembling under control. Fighting to not succumb to any fear.

"I'll go... If you come with me." She would not let him remain alone with Sebastian. She was very fearful that he would do something to Sebastian once she was outside. "There is no one outside and... I don't think I see any food in the kitchen."

He stared at her. And then he glanced over at Sebastian.

However... "Fine." He still gave in, causing Elle to secretly feel a little relieved as she secretly let out the breath that she had held in.

When he began to walk away, Elle glanced over at Sebastian and then followed after him. Elle was busy trying to force herself to think and come up with a useful plan, while her gaze was fixated on Elijah's broad back.

Soon, the secret door opened and when they were finally out, Elijah turned around to face her.

Chapter 227 Uncanny

Elle's mouth hung open as she looked at Elijah's face. Her heart seemed to stop at the utter shock that had surged through her body, just rocking her entire being. How... what... was what she was seeing even real? For a moment, Elle felt as though she had been transported into the twilight zone.

His face was... Elijah's face looked... exactly like Sebastian's!

The eyes, nose and even lips were almost exactly identical, that one would definitely mistake him as Sebastian if not for those... those scattered tiny moles on his face. Their resemblance to each other was just too similar that it was uncanny!

To say that she was shocked was an understatement to explain what Elle was going through at the moment. She just could not believe her eyes. And the emotions within her were in total chaos.

"Sorry for the surprise, Sunshine." He told her. There was a touch of apologetic yet amused tone in his voice. "And no. Sebastian and I aren't identical twins no matter what you think." He waved his hand elegantly and continued. "The humans say that the likelihood of two people sharing the exact same facial features is less than one in a trillion. But here we are. Not funny at all, isn't it?"

Elle could not even muster up any thoughts, much less form any words. She could only stare at him, still unable to completely snap out of the shock.

She was looking at a face which was so familiar and dear to her. The face with all the beautiful and perfect features she had memorized. The face of the man she... lord... just what kind of... please... this must be just pure sorcery, right?

"If it bothers you that much, just think of this as some kind of nasty sorcery, Sunshine." He added, literally speaking her mind and then he turned. "I think of that too, every time I see my own face in the mirror."

What he said only made Elle's heart sink. Because that only confirmed what she saw was not any kind of sorcery or prank at all. She even heard an obvious hatred in his tone when he said that last sentence. It seemed as though he really and truly despised his own face more than anyone else.

When he felt her not moving from her spot, he turned and looked at her over his shoulder. "I believe you won't like it if I hold your hand and drag you along with me to the dining area, right? Sunshine?" His voice was light, but Elle perceived the threat in it.

That was enough to make Elle move again and started following him towards the kitchen. She tried her hardest to not think about this new shocking twist. Not only because she was desperate for any plans on how to escape or call for help but also because she was certain her already reeling mind would probably combust if she continued dwelling about this any longer.

-n0ve1、com But it was always easier said than done, that she had wished she had not seen his face at all today or tonight. In fact, she did not even have any idea on when it was the right time at all!

Once they were in the kitchen, Elijah had ordered her to sit as he rummaged inside the fridge.

Elle could only obey as she discreetly looked around. Trying to find anything at all that could give any ideas on what to even do to help them in this situation.

Her eyes fell on the kitchenware when Elijah opened a cabinet. She caught a quick glimpse of the many different knives that were inside it.

"I hope you're not planning on grabbing any of these to use as weapon against me, Princess Elle." His voice nearly made her jolt out of her skin. She thought that she was discreet enough. "I don't want to hurt you... so don't even think about it."

She hesitantly lifted her gaze to his face and she instantly regretted it. Because her words of retort only got stuck in her throat the very moment she saw his face. Again! The visual impact was so powerful that she could feel her mind reeling again.

They truly looked so identical. So uncannily alike. Why... why had no one told her about this at all? Should this not be something that was a big deal? Especially for her, who was Sebastian's wife!

The longer she stared at him, the more Elle felt like his face was truly real. Those tiny and slightly larger moles beautifully scattered all over his face until they trailed down his neck... looked just so real! Something like that could not be made by surgeries or even masks. At the back of her head, she reasoned to herself that it was not impossible nowadays. But his words beforehand and the despise in his voice a while ago... that was something she could not even explain anymore.

"Good thing I'm a decent cook. But right now, I don't have the time to cook a full-on meal for you. So, I'll just prepare something easy." He said and he began to fold his sleeves up till his forearm.

While he was busy, Elle could not help but keep her gaze on him. Her body wanted her to study him, to find what was the difference between her husband Sebastian and Elijah.

She had noticed since the very first time she met Elijah, that his stance and physique was almost the same as Sebastian's too. Only that Sebastian was probably just an inch taller than him and now she realized, Sebastian's shoulders and back were a little broader too. Sebastian's jaws were more chiseled as well compared to Elijah's. But other than those characteristics, to Elle's dismay, she could not find any other differences in appearance.

"You... you purposely hid your face from me because... because of... this..." she muttered. Not really asking him, more like making a statement.

Elijah glanced at her and a moment of silence passed before he replied. "I always hide my real face from everyone, Sunshine. Every time... all the time. Today was the exception."

Chapter 228 Sunny

It was a struggle for Elle to finish her meal. She did not know how she even took bite after bite of the food that was before her. Every mouthful tasted like cardboard on her tongue. But somehow, she forced herself and tried her best to at least relax a little for her to take in the food. She knew she needed it.

To her relief, Elijah did not push her to finish her meal quickly as she had expected him to do. So, Elle took the opportunity to stall for time. She ate as slowly as she could, thinking that every minute that passed would probably give the others just that extra time to find them. At the same time, perhaps she might experience some lightbulb moment to give her that one brilliant idea to escape this situation they were in.

Elle was at least certain that Sebastian and Alex's men must be definitely on the lookout for them by now. Though she felt a little scared that the help would take a long time to arrive, based on how long it took for Sebastian to finally locate her when she went missing, she repeatedly told herself that it should not take that long this time around. Their situations were completely different! Because Sebastian was this country's very own Crown Prince! Everyone should be doing everything they can to find him right now. She also believed that Lucas had escaped to inform everyone about what had happened to them.

While she was slowly and carefully eating, munching slowly as though she was truly savoring the food, she kept on sneaking furtive glances at Elijah. But not at his face. She was trying to avoid looking directly at his face so as to not distract herself. She truly did not have the luxury to think about his face right now.

He was preparing something by the sink. She was certain it was not for himself though.

Soon, he glanced at her over his shoulder. Their eyes met and Elle could only clench her jaws once again. She could never ever get used to this. It was just so weird, so uncanny, that her body was not sure what to even feel.

His gaze fell to her food and Elle swallowed. Somehow, the look in his eyes seemed to tell her that he knew she was deliberately dragging her meal to pass time.

"Since you're not done yet, I'll go a���"

"Wait!" Elle rose in an instant, cutting him off. She must not let him go back to the underground cell without her! "I'm done." She could only say as she pushed back her chair when...

"No." Elijah's voice was a little commanding. "You're not done yet. Make sure you're completely finished with your food when I'm back. Or else I'll force feed you myself. Got it, Sunshine?"

Elle clenched her fists. She hated that she could not take his threats lightly because it always felt like he would really do what he had threatened once she did disobey.

"W-where are you going? Are you going to go feed... Sebastian with that?" she asked, her eyes darting to the small bowl he was holding. She could not see what was inside it, but she found it suspicious.

"Ah..." he looked down at the bowl in his hand before he replied. "This is not for Sebastian, Sunshine. You can't be thinking I'm feeding the person I hated the most with the same food I prepared for you, can you?"

"Y-you could've put... something in it."

He smiled. A quick and amused smile. Seeing his smile for the first time, Elle found herself feeling utterly relieved.

She would really not know what to even do anymore if Elijah had a dimple in the same spot Sebastian had too. But thank god he did not have it! And that was all that mattered to her at that moment.

"And what if you're right? What would you do, Sunshine?" one of his brows raised a little and Elle focused her gaze to the moles that were right below his eyes. All because she hated how similar that expression was with Sebastian's.

"I'll have to... fight you to death right here, right now." She replied and a short silence passed before his laughter echoed in the spacious dining area.

Again, though Elijah's laughter was as dark and sultry as his voice, Elle was just thankful nothing in his laughter and voice were the same or even remotely similar with Sebastian's.

"Really... Sunshine... there's never a dull moment with you!" He commented with laughter in his voice, shaking his head.

"Stop calling me that already!" she glared at him. But he had already turned to leave.

"Finish your food." He said before turning around and abruptly left, leaving no chance for Elle to object.

Elle rushed to eat more food on her plate. Then she stuffed the remaining food in her mouth until her cheeks were bulging out like a squirrel's, finishing her meal in a very short while.

She then rushed to the cabinet Elijah had opened a while back. All the knives were not small enough for her to hide. And there were no sheaths. How could she hide them on her body? She might end up getting wounded!

So she picked the kitchen shears instead, tucked it into the back of her clothes and ran out of the kitchen and rushed towards the secret passage. She was too afraid Elijah would lock the secret door to keep her out!

But she halted the moment she spotted Elijah squatting on the floor of the living room. She almost did not notice him as she passed.

Still trying to chew on the food she had hastily stuffed into her mouth, she faced towards him only to see him feeding a... squirrel on the floor.

Elijah glanced up at her and his eyes widened for a moment before he burst out with laughter once again, eyes curving into narrow crescents as his mirth poured from him.

Knowing exactly what had made him laugh, Elle shot him a deadly glare as she struggled to chew the food in her mouth. She tried to look around to find anything she could probably use to hit him. But could a vampire even pass out from getting hit?

Picking up the cute little squirrel he was feeding, Elijah lifted it towards her. "I think I know now what to name her. I'll name her Sunny. After you, Sunshine. What do you think? I picked her up from the roadside last night, so she's new here and still nameless." He spoke, all the while chortling at how similar both squirrel and lady were to each other.

Without waiting for Elle's response, Elijah turned again and continued watching the squirrel gobbling up the food he had fed it.

"You look adorable with your squirrel cheeks. But go back and drink some water first, before you choke, Sunshine. Also, you might want to use the bathroom. I can only give you twenty minutes to do everything you need to do before we get back down there." His tone changed when he said that last sentence without looking her way. "I'm not certain when I can let you out again. So you'd better grab this opportunity now."

Chapter 229 Stuck
When the secret door silently and seamlessly closed behind them, Elle fought to not let the fear get through to her. She steeled herself and determinedly followed after him as they walked further in.

Her mind was reeling now with all the thoughts of what will happen next from here on... if she should attack him now with the shears while he seemed to be leaving his back open for her to...

Clenching her fists, Elle secretly let out a deep breath. She told herself that there was no way she would be able to bring this man down so easily. There was no way this dangerous man would foolishly give her such an obvious opening for her to attack. Perhaps, this was him testing her to reveal if she had hidden a weapon on her.

'Right... not yet...' she whispered in her mind. 'There will be a much better chance later.'

To Elle's surprise, Elijah entered the bright path instead of the dim one that would lead them to where Sebastian was held captive.

Halting, Elle looked at the other path. Her expression now flashing with her intensifying suspicion.

"Over here first, Sunshine." Elijah's voice echoed in the silence, calling for her to follow after him to the other path.

"But... that's not a���" Elle objected, her whole person resisting moving further away from where she remembered Sebastian was being kept.

"I need to show you something else first before we go back that way." He cut her off. "Now be a good girl and just obey."

Though Elle was extremely reluctant, she could do nothing else but move her feet in the direction that Elijah was taking her towards. She knew that disobeying him in a situation like this would only have her ending up in a worse situation for her. And she could not imagine how much worse it would be for Sebastian. Thus, even if her feet felt like lead, she still forced them to move in the opposite direction that she wanted to go.

The other path seemed to go much deeper than the other. And as they reached further, Elle's stomach began to twist up in knots. This feeling... her gut told her that there was something bad waiting for her at the end of this path. Run... she should run... now...!!

But where? How? Not to mention that there was no way on earth that she could outrun Elijah.

Right. She should scream. Perhaps her voice would wake Sebastian up! He should still be able to hear her all the way from here, right?

A hand was suddenly clamped tightly over her mouth before she could even draw in a breath to scream. That action effectively stopped her from making any sounds at all.

"Shh... Don't. I don't recommend that you wake Sebastian up right now. Not just yet, Sunshine." Elijah whispered behind her. It seemed like he had moved first with vampiric speed and reached her before she could even execute what she had in mind. "And forgive me, but this will be a little painful. Don't worry, it will only be brief."

Elle's body began to feel strange.

As her wide eyes looked ahead, she finally realized the strange smoke lingering around them. It looked weirdly red.

And now her vision was starting to go reddish too. Lord... no... what was going on?

She then felt herself being lifted and her entire being protested. But her body was weirdly feeling so light. Her mind was also... lord... she knew this feeling...

It was almost the same feeling that she experienced during her birthday party. That floating feeling. Only this time, it was worse. She felt like she was in a paralytic nightmare.

Her body did not seem to be under her control anymore. It was as though someone else was controlling her limbs.

Soon, her vision went completely red. Oh lord... had she passed out? This cannot be happening! Please...

She could no longer even tell if Elijah was still holding her. Or if she was even awake. Her heart began to feel achingly heavy. It was beating so loud in her ears. Too loud, that it was the only thing she was hearing at the moment.

And then something sharp seemed to have struck her. Or more like pierced her soul. Breaking it apart. Her mouth naturally fell open and she screamed. But she did not know if she was even making a sound or if she was just screaming in her head.

The pain was so severe that she feared it would shatter her mind and soul itself.

However, there was nothing she could do but scream endlessly as she could not even move her limbs to clutch her hands over her chest. If she could, she might have clawed at her own skin to stop the pain.

And then everything suddenly went dark.

Now she felt like she was free falling. The pain had stopped. But the hollow feeling was indescribable. It was something that she could not even put into words no matter how she tried.

When the falling feeling stopped, Elle felt like she was stuck in the deepest part of the ocean. Where not even a speck of light could reach.

It was just dark. Too dark. Even with her eyes open, she could not see anything. As though she had gone blind.

She tried to keep herself calm and assess what was going on.

This did not seem to be a nightmare. She felt as though her body was moving but... it was not her who was controlling it anymore.

It was like... someone had gotten control of her body. In the darkness, she felt like her hands and feet were moving. She seemed to be doing something on her hair.

Elle began to fight the movement, to take back the control of her own limbs. But after struggling for a long while, nothing had worked. What... was going on?!


Behind the thick bars, the sound of metals echoed in the thick silence. Sebastian had finally made a movement.

His eyes slowly opened and he immediately frowned hard at the extremely jarring headache that welcomed him awake. But he gritted his teeth, ignored the ache and rose, only to realize that there were chains holding him down.

Sebastian's eyes widened as he finally realized the situation he was in.

But his shock at that moment was nothing compared to what he saw next.

A woman... his vision that was still reddish could not see her fully, but there was one thing that was so vivid in his eyes. And that was... the woman right there... approaching his cell, had long silver hair.

Chapter 230 Nightmare [Part I]

TW: This chapter contains content that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.


A/N: This chapter is a flashback. It's a bit more detailed compared to Zeke's narration in HWY. I decided to include it as a flashback for the new readers who have not read the first book, Hellbound With You(since I did promise that this book, HH, could be read as standalone). And for the readers from HWY, there will be new details/information that you will learn in this flashback.


Just the mere sight of that silver haired woman approaching his cell had instantly sent Sebastian hurtling back into the past. Back to that horrid past which was worse than any nightmare that one can ever have.

Sebastian would then see her again. That monster. On the outside, it might look as though she was a lady. But it was just an outer skin that hid the ugliness and depraved monster she was on the inside. And all he had wanted was... to slaughter her. To tear and flay her into pieces without mercy. To torture her in the most painful way possible until she begs for death.

But unfortunately, he was bound by chains that had been bespelled. He was powerless against her. She was too strong to be defeated by a young vampire like him. He had tried countless times before, but had miserably failed with every single attempt he had taken.

The female monster slowly squatted on the ground and her filthy hand reached out to touch his chin. She seemed to have an intranet obsession for him.

"Are you still stubbornly waiting for your dearest older brother who had escaped all by himself and left you behind, my little prince?" she whispered. Her voice was like disgusting slime that has been poured down his back, causing his skin to pucker and shrivel up with a nasty reaction.

"You better... prepare yourself once... he's back... you... filthy witch! He won't let you off for what you've done!" Sebastian hissed but she only smiled back at him as though his warning did not worry her in the least.

"I have news for you, my beautiful little prince." She drawled as her thumb began to caress his lips. "Prince Ezekiel has been caught and right now, he's barely even half alive."

Sebastian smirked and hissed. "You think I'd believe your lies, you whore witch?"

The woman laughed. Her sinister yet strangely melodious laughter echoing in the dungeon, before travelling further into the darkness.

"Whore..." she echoed as though that one word was something so amusing. "Now I'm even more motivated to really make you into my exclusive handsome whore, Sebastian. I had been dreaming of the day when you would finally accept this fate that you were born to become my whore –"

He spat at her face and snarled ferociously. "I'd rather die, you filthy monster!" Sebastian then pulled hard at the chains and trashed around wildly, not caring that

But the woman threw her head back and laughed somewhat maniacally. Instead of being angered, she licked off Sebastian's spit on her face, causing him to feel his stomach churn violently and the nausea rise, threatening to send the contents of his stomach decorating the floor..

"I'm never going to let that happen. Your life and body have been mine for a long while now, and I don't have any plans on letting my possession turn into bones and ashes. You're mine forever, Sebastian..." And when she moved forward to kiss him, he retaliated by biting her lip so hard and used everything he had in him to tear it away like he was an animal tearing apart a prey's flesh.

The woman's reaction was to scream out so loud. The agonized sound made Sebastian smile in satisfaction.

But his smile did not last that long because the witch had been fast to cast a healing spell on her torn flesh. And then she struck him. Hard. Until blood dripped like rain from his mouth.

And she did not stop there. She had his sister's brought before him and she had them tortured right before his eyes. They did not stop even as he begged. Even as he cried for them to stop this cruelty.

The hatred and rage... darkness and bloodlust turned his heart darker and darker as his vision kept going more and more red. He only had one wish in this wretched world and that was to torture this maniacal monster for eternity with his own two hands.

"Stop! Please... don't hurt them anymore. They'll die!" he began to beg and scream. "Please... I won't do that again. Stop... don't hurt them anymore..."

She lifted her hand and they stopped. His sisters already looked dead. The only indication that they were still alive was their ever so weak heartbeats that thumped so faintly like a bird's.

"I need you to vow, my handsome prince. Vow to me that you'll be a good boy and be obedient to me. Or else... I'll kill them right before your face." She ordered and Sebastian obeyed. His soul was dying with every word he was uttering. However, what can he do? He needs to protect his sisters. Thus, no matter how he loathed the words of the vow, he still spat it out like they were distasteful mouthfuls of rubbish.


When the vow was done, he knew that his life as he knew it, was over. He was now nothing but a living and breathing dead now.

"That's my prince." She praised, her hands began to caress his naked me, you will be treated very well and nothing will happen to your and bloodied torso. "Don't worry... from now on... as long as you obey sisters. And..." she trailed off and touched his lips again, parting it with her thumbs in a way as though she was touching the most valuable and most beautiful piece of art in the world. "I shall have you in my room from now on. This place is not suited for a precious prince like you to stay." However, Sebastian was trying to shut her words out of his mind.

And she took off his chains and took him out of the filthy prison, just as she said she would. Only to bring him to an even filthier place, that was her bedchambers.