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Chapter 301 Requirements For The Bride
As the hours in the day passed in Skellington, in the town of Meadow, Rosetta had arrived early in the noon after realising it was safer than spending time with dead people there. She didn't understand how Eugene could live in a haunted place.

She came right around the time when a few things from Dawson's residence were being loaded into a carriage that was sent by Vincent. It seemed less like a carriage and more like a wagon to her.

Eugene sucked in his breath when he saw the vampiress, wondering if his plans to scare her from here had backfired on him.

"Good afternoon, Lady Rosetta," he offered her a polite bow.

"Good afternoon, Eugene," Rosetta greeted him, trying to be polite to him, something she had never paid attention to in the past. She stepped inside the house, waiting for him to come in, but he was busy shifting things. Seeing how he was standing outside, under the sun's rays, she demanded, "I would like to have a cup of tea."

Eugene turned around and replied, "There's no milk in the house," because the last glass of milk was licked and gulped by the greedy black cat.

"I can drink water. I am parched."

Eugene excused himself from the men who were loading things and entered the kitchen. Rosetta, unable to keep herself in one place, followed him to the kitchen. Rosetta didn't realise that as she spoke to this man, her body subtly swayed out of happiness. But to the human in the room, her movement looked nothing less than a cat that was readying itself to pounce on him.

A sweat broke on Eugene's neck, and it slid from the ends of his hair to seep underneath his shirt. This was something Rosetta noticed, not knowing her staring and admiring the man in front of her, especially at his neck, was scaring him to death.

Rosetta asked Eugene, "What did you have for your breakfast?"

Eugene wondered why the vampiress was asking him about his meal. Was it because she wanted to make sure that his blood had quality before she would sink her fangs in his neck? She could have asked what he made, but no. She had asked what 'he' ate.

"Nothing, milady. I have decided to starve for the day," Eugene internally nodded, this way the vampiress wouldn't find his blood to be appeasing.

"That is not right, you should eat well or I will be worried if you turn weak," Rosetta blurted the words, before her face turned pink and she cleared her throat.

Eugene didn't understand why this vampiress was keeping an eye on his blood, when she could easily afford to drink from someone else! Was this what forbidden fruit meant? The longer he tried to keep himself alive, the more this vampiress turned fascinated by his blood to drink!

Rosetta said, "You look after Eve, but who will look after you?" Then she quickly added, "Not that I will, but my servants can." But everything the vampiress said, Eugene was oblivious to her growing affections towards him and he looked at her with wariness.

"Thank you for your concern, but I am fine," Eugene offered the young woman a stiff smile. He then said, "Looking after Miss Eve is my duty and I am happy that she treats me as her own family, better than most would along with Lady Aubrey."

Rosetta felt a hint of enviousness in her chest, that the man's attention that she wanted was occupied by her friend. She pursed her lips and asked, "What about marriage? Do you plan to keep on serving the Dawson's without having a family?"

This was Rosetta's subtlest way to ask if Eugene had someone on his mind. Eugen replied, "I am content with how my life has been going until now, Lady Rosetta. Serving the Dawson's family is what has made me happy and I would like to spend the rest of my life the same way."

,m Rosetta wondered how to approach him with the right question, because she wasn't prepared to confess to this man yet. Every time she mustered the courage, it felt like she had nothing but anxiousness in her stomach that was going to make her sick. For a moment, she wondered if she was really sick. What if she was?

Eugene looked at the vampiress, who appeared to be in deep thought, and he walked out of the kitchen. Realising he had left the kitchen, she placed the glass on the island and quickly followed him. She asked him,

"How many other things are going to be loaded into the carriage?"

"The carriage will need to make three more trips. You should go back to your mansion, milady. I am sure there are better things to do than watch things be loaded," Eugene didn't see the point of the lady being here when Eve wasn't going to be back soon.

Rosetta waved her hand, stepping out of the house, and she moved to the side. She said, "This is nothing, I have done other more boring things compared to watching things being loaded. And I am not bored. I think it is fascinating, especially with how everything is being fit, you--"

Eugene's eyes widened, when Rosetta kicked one of his pots. The black cat and Rosetta were meant for each other in creating a mess in his garden.

"This stupid pot," Rosetta muttered under her breath, "I didn't even notice it was here, how did it come here? Where was I again?" She asked absentmindedly.

"Ah, yes, it must be nice to have Eve around, because she is so nice to me and everyone else. But, she is going to get married to someone one day, you plan to move where she goes? Haven't you thought of changing positions?"

Rosetta wondered if Eugene would be swayed by the idea of marrying a woman from high society. Of course it was none other than herself. Most of the people she knew married for status and wealth, even people who belonged to the high society to improve and better themselves.

Eugene smiled at her, which had Rosetta's heart skip a beat, and he replied,

"No." He finished instructing one of the men, who carried the table out of the house, and then turned to the vampiress, who seemed chattier than usual. He said, "I am happy where I am. And even if I marry, I will find a woman who is willing to clean the dishes in the kitchen and mop the floor of this house."

Rosetta was left speechless and stared at him as if all her hopes had been drowned by the requirements of the woman he wanted to marry. Clean dish? Mop floor? Those things didn't exist in the spoiled vampiress's life.

"W-what if she doesn't want to do it?" Rosetta asked him with a slight frown.

"When I marry, I will marry a woman who can help me with the house chores. Excuse me, milady," Eugene stepped inside the house while Rosetta wondered why her life had turned so difficult. Did this mean she would have to live a life of a maid?

Chapter 302 Visiting Woodlock’s Seamstress

Hours passed in the Moriarty mansion, and when Eve finished her working hours, she picked up her things and stepped out of the room. When she climbed down a flight of stairs, she noticed Marceline standing at the side, and she would need to cross the vampiress to climb down the next flight of stairs.

Right now, this vampiress was the last person Eve wanted to come across, especially after knowing what she had done to her. She decided to ignore the vampiress and almost walked past the woman, when she heard Marceline comment,

"How rude, to be walking from here without a single greeting."

Eve noticed the vampiress's voice held arrogance, something she had failed to pick up all these days. Or it was just that Marceline failed to keep her composure that had withered in front of Eve.

Marceline, who was looking ahead of her with her back facing Eve, turned her head to the side as if the human was still beneath her in every aspect and questioned, "Or do you think you don't have to bother with the greetings anymore as you are going to be married to my brother."

Eve watched Marceline turn around and look her in the eyes. It seemed like the vampiress was finally showing her true colours, and it was hard to digest that she was this despicable. She smiled at the vampiress, whose dull red eyes narrowed at her before she said,

"Marceline," Eve ripped the title from Marceline, similar to how Vincent had broken the vampiress's fangs.

The vampiress's eyes set ablaze in anger, hearing this lowly human address her with no respect. Eve calmly stated, "I believe you and I are not that far from being similar because of no fangs in your mouth. And we all know what it means in society when fangs are broken."

Marceline took a step forward, where the two young women held a battle of glares between them, "How dare you," she questioned in a low threatening voice, "To compare a meagre self as you to be similar to be. You must be delusional."

"I was until now, but no more," Eve answered and then said, "You are right, we aren't similar, because I wouldn't have spread such an ill rumour about you the way you did about me. I am surprised that yor aren't regretful for what you put me through."

Marceline smiled at Eve's words, and she said, "I didn't do anything wrong and was only protecting what is mine. Consider it to be me doing you a favour. Do you think it is easy for someone like you to start a life in the mansion? Or have you not heard that the humans here don't survive?"

"If the humans are caught up because of vampires and are used as a sacrifice in the end, then it is not the human but the vampire's fault," Eve's words were calm, and she noticed how Marceline's eyes narrowed, while there was no trace of the usual kind expression on her face.

"You have heard it all wrong," Marceline softly harrumphed.

"I have heard it from the side you should have listened to, maybe you would have known the sacrifice your mother made to keep you alive," Eve who already knew the tragic story from Vincent, didn't need the vampiress twisting the story and she added, "But it wasn't just her who had been sacrificed but also a werewolf. Isn't that right?"

Marceline didn't like that this human was pulling up the past that she didn't like to talk about. She warned Eve, "Don't speak without being careful with the thought that you can do anything now. The faster you run, the worse you fall."

"Don't worry," Eve softly smiled at Marceline. "Now that I know, I will watch my back better. I hope you can learn from the mistakes you made, because right now, you are in the bottom level of the vampire hierarchy, which is no less than a human."

Marceline gritted her teeth, and like her family had told her since last night, she said, "I might not have fangs now, but I will get them back soon. Soon my fangs will regrow and then you will see."

But if only Marceline knew that it was possible only through Eve, she would have never spoken against her after what had happened until now. If she showed compassion and remorse, Eve would have fixed her fangs. But the vampiress was clueless.

Eve walked past Marceline, climbing down the stairs before she disappeared from the vampiress's sight. On reaching outside, she saw Vincent's carriage that had just arrived and Mr. Briggs offered her a bow.

"Good evening, Ms. Barlow," the coachman greeted her.

"Good evening, Mr. Briggs. How are you doing today?" Eve politely asked him as she stepped closer to the carriage, where the coachman had opened the door for her to get in.

"Very well, milady. Thank you for asking," he replied, and when Eve got inside the vehicle, she noticed Vincent sitting on the other end of the seat.

"Good evening, sweetheart. Lovely day, isn't it?" Vincent leaned in and kissed Eve's cheek when she sat beside him.

Eve felt the softness of Vincent's lips that wasn't overbearing, but it was firm at the same time, a quick kiss that somewhere left her wanting more for it. She turned to look into his coppery-red eyes, which unblinkingly looked back at her.

"Is someday," Eve responded to his words and saw the corner of his lips pull up.

"Everything good at the mansion?" He inquired, and she nodded.

"Yes," Eve returned his smile.

"Alright then. Briggs," Vincent called his coachman, "To Woodlock."

"Yes, Master Vincent," replied the coachman, closing the carriage door and going to sit in the driver's seat.

Soon the carriage left the grounds of the Moriarty mansion and then Skellington town, moving towards the town of Woodlock. When they reached the designated mansion, gates were pulled so the vehicle could pass.

Stepping down from the carriage, Eve stood next to Vincent while Mr. Briggs took the carriage to park it away. The butler of Sullivan's mansion appeared at the entrance and was quick enough to notice it was the Viscount's son, Vincent Moriarty, at the door.

"Welcome to the Sullivan's mansion, Mr. Moriarty. Shall I take your coat?" The butler offered with a bow and was ready to step behind Vincent when the pureblooded vampire raised his hand to stop him.

"That won't be needed," Vincent stated and noticed the previous Duke Jeffry Sullivan and his wife Hilda appear in the hallways.

"Mr. Moriarty, what a delight to see you here in my mansion," Jeffry greeted Vincent with a business-like smile, and Vincent offered a charming smile as if they knew each other well.

"It seems like you have come here with some work?"

"Indeed we have," Vincent replied and turned to look at Eve before placing his hand on her back, "I suppose you have already met Genevieve when she stayed the night?"

The older couple's eyes fell on Eve, and Lady Hilda nodded, "She is Anaya's friend." 

"Good evening, Lady Hilda," Eve greeted the older woman, who only offered her a slight bow. Though Anaya's friend, the older woman, didn't care about the human.

"We are here to speak to Lady Anaya, is she in the mansion?" Vincent questioned the couple, who looked a little taken aback.

"Anaya is right on the first floor's open balcony. May I know what it is about?" Lady Hilda asked Vincent with firmness in her words.

"We heard good things about the lady's taste and skill when it comes to making dresses. We are here for the same reason," Vincent offered a charming smile, with his eyes crinkling at the sides.

"Gilbert," Lady Hilda called the butler, "Lead Mr. Moriarty to where Anaya is."

"Yes, milady," the butler answered. The butler led them up the stairs and then to the floor, while the older werewolf couple stared at the pureblooded vampire and the human woman.

Noah's father remarked to his wife, "One would never expect that the son would make the same mistake as his father. Marrying a human."

"Let the pureblooded do what he wants. It has nothing to do with us," Lady Hilda said with an unconcerned tone, placing her hand on her husband's arm.

Once Eve and Vincent reached the open balcony where Lady Anaya was sitting out in the open, the she-wolf looked surprised seeing her and a warm smile appeared on her lips.

"Eve, what a lovely surprise!" Lady Anaya got up from her chair. She came to where Eve stood and leaned in to offer airy kisses on both sides of Eve's cheeks. "When did you return from Berkshire?"

"Two days ago," Eve replied with a smile.

"I see, I am glad to know that you are back. Looks like we'll finally be able to catch up with each other," Lady Anaya stepped back and offered a bow to Vincent.

"This is an opportune time to spend time with each other," Vincent remarked, and Lady Anaya looked between the two. "We require a wedding gown, and we were hoping if you have time on your hands, then we would appreciate it if you have it made."

"Wedding gown?" Lady Anaya asked, taken aback, and Eve smiled.

"It is for me," on hearing Eve's words, Lady Anaya was slightly taken aback as if not knowing how to react, and Vincent watched the she-wolf's expression change.

"Congratulations on it! Of course, it would be an honour to make a wedding gown for Eve, but are you sure?" Lady Anaya asked Eve, it was because until now she had never made a wedding gown. "Wouldn't it be better for you to find an actual seamstress? I am still a beginner."

"My sister Marceline was so impressed after looking at your skill in dress making that she has decided to follow your path. We are sure you will turn it stunning, Lady Anaya," Vincent's words were charming with praises for the she-wolf, who stared at the handsome silver-haired vampire.

"Okay," Lady Anaya agreed and turned to Eve, "We can discuss what kind you are looking for and how you would like it made, and then work on it."

"I will let you ladies discuss it, while I wait inside," Vincent leaned towards Eve and, without holding back, kissed her cheek. "Take your time."

Eve slightly glared and turned flustered at Vincent, while he had nothing but a bright smile. Lady Anaya was stunned by the vampire's affection and she composed her expression. When the pureblooded vampire left two of them alone, the she-wolf said,

"It seems like Mr. Moriarty is very taken by you. Let me get the measuring tape."

And while Eve was with Lady Anaya in the Sullivan's mansion, at the front of the mansion's entrance, James Sullivan arrived along with Noah, and entered inside the mansion, walking through the hallways.

Chapter 303 Killer And Victim Of Time

Music Recommendation: Milk- Thomas Newman


James and Noah walked through the corridors of Sullivan's mansion. They had only arrived at the mansion from Darthmore, where Noah looked slightly miffed for something that had happened in the town that they had visited.

"Noah," James called Noah when the Duke walked further ahead of him. The older man said, "It would be best for you to stop visiting Sylvester. The more you make your presence around him in the dungeon, things will take a turn for the worse. Sylvester doesn't want to be saved. It would be best to let go."

Noah stopped walking and turned to look into his uncle's eyes, "He might just be another person who works for you, but for me, he was my mentor, someone with whom I grew up around. I cannot see him being executed without a proper reason for why he had to kill Fowler."

James stared at the young werewolf, who looked calm, but at the same time, his eyes held a spark of fire that was trying to spill out from there. The spark was a fire that was trying to push through the ceilings and the glass of the house's window to set ablaze everything. He took two steps towards Noah and then placed his hand on Noah's shoulder,

"Sylvester did it for his own reasons. Why he did it, and what is going to happen, he knew the consequences if he were caught, so it would be best for you to look forward to building your and our future, rather than wasting your time on matters you have no control over."

Noah offered a small smile, "I have already decided the future I want to lead, you should make sure your future is safe too, unless something comes around the corner and disrupts it."

Saying these words, Noah's eyes shifted to look at the end of the corridor, and Vincent came into view with a wide smile on his lips.

James, who took a second to realise that his nephew was looking at something behind him, turned around and caught sight of the pureblooded vampire in the place.

"Mr. Moriarty," James addressed Vincent with surprise and cautiously asked him, "What are you doing here?"

Vincent's lips curled, and he responded, "I was waiting to hear you mentioning that you have something to do with Fowler's death. But alas! It seems like Duke Noah caught me before I could get more information."

The slight smile on James's lips didn't falter, and Noah stared at Vincent.

"Is that an accusation that I hear that you want to place on me, Mr. Moriarty?" James hummed as if he wasn't bothered about what Vincent just stated. "You seem to have quite some free time on your hand. And here I thought Clayton was having you solve the entire cases of the Council."

"If I did all the work, what would be the use of having you and the others in the Council. But I do have free time," Vincent nodded and said with a bright smile, "It is why I decided to get married. You know, family planning."

"A marriage to you? Who is that fortunate woman?" James questioned with a hint of sarcasm.

Noah stared at Vincent, slightly unsure if Vincent was talking rubbish or if he was serious.

Vincent replied with a dead tone, "With your daughter."

James's face fell, and his eyes narrowed, "I didn't know you were familiar with my daughter. I hope you aren't here for her hand in marriage."

"Trust me, being related to your family in any way is the last thing I want, but fate seems to have different plans. Do you believe in fate, James?" Vincent questioned the older man, while Noah turned around and took a whiff of the air around them, and it smelt familiar.

A scent that belonged to Genevieve Barlow, and his back turned stiff.

"I think it is a useless wish of a dreamer, to put hopes and responsibility on something that doesn't exist," James replied to Vincent.

Vincent stretched his hand forward towards the older werewolf as if wanting to shake hands with the man. There was a calm, unnerving smile underneath the pureblooded vampire's features, and his coppery-red eyes lazily stared into the old werewolf's eyes. He noticed how one eye of the man was positioned slightly differently than the other eye, as if the eyeball had been moved.

Noah excused himself from the place because he hadn't expected Eve to be here now. Not when his uncle was present under the same roof. When James didn't take Vincent's hand to shake it, the pureblooded vampire remarked,

"What is it, Mr. Sullivan? Seems like you aren't fond of me."

James returned it with his experienced smile, and he finally took Vincent's hand, shaking it, "When did I ever say that?"

"I thought you would be angry. Considering how I put Sylvester behind the bars, but it seems like more than you, your nephew is more worried about the vampire going to be dead. Never thought you would mix with vampires, less a pureblooded one."

"I cannot help but think you have something to say, but you expect me to know about it. How about you give me a hint?" James asked in his calm voice while they stood in the corridor with no one else around them.

Vincent took another step closer to James and said in a low voice, "Hint. There are lots of hints that I can give you, but the question is if you will be able to grasp it, Mr. Sullivan." A sly smile appeared on his sinful lips, and he let off of the werewolf's hand. "By the way, I forgot to mention this. Your men were pretty useless."

This time James frowned, his eyebrows drawing in deeper, "My men?"

"Mhm," Vincent hummed before giving a nod. "Yes, your men. The ones you sent up to the North to follow and try to kill or frame me. Your selection in choosing men is the worst, you must be paying them less that they aren't able to afford decent food to strengthen themselves," a chuckle escaped from his lips.

"I don't know which ones you are talking about," James responded, tilting his head, "You must be mixing me up with someone."

"Hm? It wasn't you?" Vincent and his conversation were calm, with barely any disruptive expression. "I know you are better than that. After all, only a coward would attack in the back, instead of sending his lackeys to fight," the smile on his lips widened, and his fangs came into view.

On the first floor, Eve sat with Lady Anaya, talking about the designs and fabric to be used, when Noah appeared at the front of the balcony. Lady Anaya, who heard Noah's footsteps stop, turned, and so did Eve in his direction.

"Duke Noah," Lady Anaya greeted, standing up from her seat, and so did Eve.

Noah walked towards where the two women stood, and he gave a nod to Anaya before his eyes fell on the woman he was in love with. Eve offered him a friendly bow.

Noah was slightly tense, and he managed a quick smile before he asked her, "Genevieve, I didn't know you were visiting."

Eve smiled, "I came here with Vincent for a wedding gown."

"Wedding gown?" Noah asked, and Lady Anaya wondered how he would react, and the news wasn't too far from now.

"Yes, my wedding gown. I am getting married," Eve softly laughed with a hint of blush on her face.

The smile on Noah's lips threatened to disappear, and he finally nodded, "I see..." And there was a gap of silence, which was short, but it weighed heavily in the air. "I am guessing the man you are marrying is Vincent Moriarty?"

"Yes, that's him," Eve noticed the sudden hint of dullness in Noah's eyes even though the smile on his lips or the look of kindness in his eyes barely left.

Noah stared at Eve, while Lady Anaya stared at Noah, where the eyes fell on the unrequited love except for Eve.

He knew this day would come. It wasn't that he hadn't foreseen it, but he hadn't expected it to be right now. He knew something to be brewing between the pureblooded vampire and her. The smile he put on his lips, he did it by keeping a heavy rock on his chest.

And now that the day had finally come, Noah found rigidity in his feet to move away. Lady Anaya placed her hand on Noah's arm and said in a cheerful voice, "It is lovely that Eve has found someone to fall in love with," breaking his continuous gaze on Eve. The she-wolf then said to Eve with a smile, "Not everyone is fortunate to find someone they love. We are very happy for you, and I will make the best wedding gown for you."

"That is very kind of you, Anaya. If you need any help while preparing it, I will be more than happy to assist you with it. I can come here after finishing my work," Eve offered, but Anaya shook her head.

"You do not have to trouble yourself with that. You can come by here during the weekends, or better, I can come to your place? You haven't invited me to your place, even though it has been a while since we have known each other," Lady Anaya tried to change the conversation after seeing the sadness appear in Noah's eyes. She added, "The Duke has been busy himself to show me your place."

Eve apologetically looked at the she-wolf and said, "Forgive me. I think you will be able to visit my home today or tomorrow, because my family will be moving to Skellington soon."

"Oh? That's perfectly fine. Isn't that right, Noah?" Lady Anaya questioned the Duke, who offered her a smile.

"Yes, I will be happy to take you to her," Noah answered and then asked Eve, "Are you all moving to the Moriarty's mansion?"

"Ah, yes," Eve nodded, and Noah only smiled.

"It is good, you will be able to start learning things that you need and it is also better to be in a place where you will be taken care of," Noah stated. He knew Vincent's reputation, but also seeing how the pureblooded vampire was always with Eve, he knew he would one day be able to finally let go. No matter how painful the feeling was, "If you are happy, we are all happy about it. Just stay well."

"I will," Eve nodded with a smile, "Thank you."

Noah heard the sound of footsteps approaching from inside the mansion's corridor, and he heard the voices of Vincent and Uncle James. Lady Anaya noticed the tense expression and turned to Eve and said, "Eve, why don't you finalise the fabrics and we can then move to the next ones."

When Eve's attention was on the book of different fabrics attached to it, Anaya softly asked Noah, "Are you regretting your decision of not confessing to her?"

On hearing the voices get closer, Noah quickly said to Anaya, "Take Eve from here. It won't go well if Uncle James sees her." Not would it go well if Eve recognized him. 

"What?" Lady Anaya turned confused.

But it was too late, as Vincent and James Sullivan had already stepped in front of the open balcony, where Eve, Noah and Lady Anaya were. Noah's face turned ghost-like, where the smile on his lips had evaporated when he noticed Uncle James step into the balcony.

Noah couldn't let Uncle James know who Eve was. He couldn't know about her existence, because he knew that the man was still searching for her.

At the same time, Vincent, who stepped out where they were, noticed Noah's tense face. For a moment, he wondered if it was the news about him and Eve getting married that had drained the blood from Noah's face. But then he noticed, the Duke wasn't looking at him, but at his uncle, and the pureblooded vampire couldn't help but narrow his eyes in wonderment.

Chapter 304 Request For The Night

When James stepped outside the corridor and then on the open balcony, Noah quickly walked towards his uncle and said,

"There is something I remember I had to talk to you about."

James's eyes had fallen upon Lady Anaya, whom he was familiar with, and for the briefest moment, his eyes fell on the woman with blonde hair next to her. Before Eve could turn to look at Vincent, Noah came to stand in front of the older werewolf, blocking his uncle's gaze from looking at Eve..

"What is it about?" James Sullivan asked, his voice was so low that Eve didn't grasp as Vincent stepped near her.

Noah said to his uncle, "It is about the case that was given about Russell's case."

"I thought Clayton closed it last week," James raised his eyebrows, and he craned his neck to the side as if more interested in Vincent.

Vincent and Eve were talking to Lady Anaya, where Vincent said, "Have the underneath skirt in satin, preferably everything satin as it is smooth under the touch--"

Eve kicked his foot so he wouldn't detail what he wanted to do after their wedding. She smiled at Lady Anaya, who tried to keep a straight face rather than look embarrassed. She said, "I think I will leave it in your good hands."

"Yes," Lady Anaya cleared her throat and said, "I will let you know as soon as I start working on the outer dress and see if it is what you want me to continue with. I will see you soon, Eve."

"Thank you again," Eve offered the she-wolf a bow, while Vincent placed a hand on her small back.

"It is my pleasure, Eve. I will try to do my best," Lady Anaya responded, and as they exchanged pleasantries, Noah and James stood with the side of their faces facing Vincent and the others there.

James returned to Noah, "Actually there was something I wanted to inquire about. About the latest bodies that were dug out from Darthmore," the man turned to look at Vincent.

Noah could feel trouble rising, and when he looked down at his uncle's shoes, he noticed the shoe's lace had come off. He pointed, "Uncle James, your shoe's lace is out. You should tie it lest you want to stumble with your steps."

James looked down at his shoe and clicked his tongue. Going to the side, he began to tie you. At the same time, Vincent and Eve had begun to leave, heading towards the exit. Eve offered a quick bow to Noah, along with a smile. While Vincent and Noah shook their hands, before stepping out of there.

Noah felt relieved when the couple left and his uncle returned, where Eve and his uncle didn't come across each other now. Lady Anaya stood afar, watching Noah and his uncle talking to each other, but she couldn't hear what they were talking about.

James said, "One of the bodies there, it was of a special human, did you get a hold of it and have it placed elsewhere?" He asked his nephew.

Though years had passed, Noah was aware of his uncle's obsession with certain things. And one of them was the woman he had slept with, a woman his uncle believed to be human, but Noah knew that Eve's mother was not a human since the body had gone under Vincent's investigation.

And even with the woman's death and the little girl had escaped years ago, Noah had seen and heard his uncle trying to find the little girl, whom he doubted that she was still alive, wanting to skin her alive and eat her after Eve's mother had blinded one of his eyes.

"Yes, the skeleton has been buried in another place which you wanted," Noah informed.

"The same skeleton?" His uncle confirmed as if he was in doubt about it.

"Yes, the same one," Noah replied.

James nodded in satisfaction and noticed Lady Anaya looking at him, and he offered a smile to the woman. But before Noah and James could step back inside, Eve appeared in front of them, and she quickly bowed,

"I forgot my handkerchief in here."

And at the same time, Eve and James's eyes met, staring into each other. Eve noticed the man's calm face, who stared at her with intrigue.

Eve quickly picked it up before waving at Lady Anaya. As she left the place, she couldn't help but turn to look at the man who stood with Noah.

She offered a bow, before leaving the place without a word as if she had never seen James before. But that was only because she didn't remember the man's face, and the voice that she believed to have remembered it had changed and disappeared as if like seasons bringing new things into it.

Once Eve was out of sight, James questioned Noah, "Who is that?"

Lady Anaya, who walked to where the two men stood, heard Noah reply with, "She is Lady Anaya's friend. Genevieve."

"Hmm, for a human she is stunning, isn't she," James remarked.

"She is indeed beautiful, and she is going to marry Mr. Moriarty," Lady Anaya informed the man, who raised his eyebrows at the information.

"How strange. A pureblooded vampire marrying a human when they know the vitality of the humans," James hummed and he then said to Noah, "I will talk to you later. Have a good time with Lady Anaya," patting his nephew's shoulder, he left the place.

Noah's tense shoulders didn't relax and his thoughts were disrupted by Lady Anaya, who said, "You keep introducing Ms. Barlow as my friend, do you hate the idea of it being known to others? Or is there another reason?" Asked the she-wolf.

Lady Anaya asked this because Noah had told his uncle was not meant to see Eve, yet when they did see each other, nothing had happened. It made her wonder what that was about.

"It is nothing," Noah's words sounded distant, before he offered her a polite smile that was enough for the woman to know that he didn't want to share about it. But at the same time, it only turned her that much curious. He said, "I will let you continue with your work."

"Don't you have anything to say about the news about them getting married?" Lady Anaya questioned.

"I don't think it would bring or change anything. It is best to not discuss matters that don't concern us, Lady Anaya," Noah's words were calm as he spoke, "Excuse me. I have work to do. I will see you at dinner," and the Duke left the place.

In the carriage that Vincent and Eve had gotten inside, which was now driven by Mr. Briggs, Vincent asked her, "Excited for your wedding gown and our marriage?"

Eve gave him a nod, "I am," and she smiled. She then asked him, "Did you find anything in the Sullivan's mansion?"

"Nothing," Vincent shook his head, "I couldn't sense anything in Noah's hands. The next best shot is to have Clayton check him. The man is known to read the internal energy one possesses."

Eve gave him a nod, "Okay."

After a few seconds, Vincent asked Eve, "Do you know that man who was with Noah earlier?"

Eve, who was looking outside at the town of Woodlock, turned to look at Vincent, "The man?"

Vincent gave a nod, "The one who is Duke's uncle. His name is James Sullivan. Did he seem familiar to you?"

Eve shook her head, "I don't think so. Why?"

"Was just curious," Vincent shrugged his shoulders.

Vincent offered a bright smile when she stared at him with questions in her eyes. Raising his hand up to her face, he pushed the piece of her hair behind her ear, he said, "My beautiful girl..." he drawled, and said, "How long has it been since you last took bath in the bath salts?"

"Five days, why?" Eve asked him.

"You should use it today. Take a good long bath, take your time and let your body and these sun lit rays of hair soak in warm water," Vincent hummed, "I would love to help you with it, but I have important work to do."

"I can manage it myself," Eve slightly glared at him.

"Don't worry, my darling. I know deep down you wish for what I want to do with you," Vincent caressed her cheek before lifting her chin with his finger, "There's no need to be shy," he brushed his thumb against her lips.

The little brushing moment left Eve's stomach in knots, and she felt him lean towards her.

Vincent's eyes fell on Eve's plump lips, and his hand that was on the side of her face, he let it slide down before he used his fingertips to brush against her neck. Just when their lips parted, he pulled back and said, "Seems like I forgot to be a gentleman. Pardon me."

Eve's eyes widened at Vincent's words, and she stared at him. He sat back in his place with his back against the seat. He then turned to look at her and asked, "Hm? What is it?"

Her lips parted to speak, but it closed before she opened and said, "Nothing."

The corner of Vincent's lips tugged, and he said, "If there's something you need... all you have to do is ask," as he said the words, there was mischief in his eyes.

Eve stared at him with her blue eyes, then said, "I don't think there's anything to ask, Mr. Moriarty," She licked her lips, noticing how Vincent's eyes followed the action, "I wouldn't want to ruin the good gentleman."

"I think that is already ruined," Vincent hummed, a wicked smile appeared on his lips. He then said, "Keep your room's window open today. I will come to visit you."

A night visit... Eve thought in her mind.

Chapter 305 Modest Me

When Vincent dropped Eve home in his carriage and left with his coachman, she walked towards the main door of her house and noticed Mrs. Edwards smile, but the woman's smile wasn't heartfelt. Eve returned it with a stiff bow and stepped inside her house.

On seeing some of the furniture missing in the house, she finally realised that she wouldn't be living in this house soon. Her life was going to change, and she hoped it was for the better.

"Good evening, Miss Eve. Did you have a good day?" Eugene greeted her, taking the lunch box from her hand.

"It was good," Eve nodded, and she asked him, "Did Vincent's men take away all the furniture that we discussed before?"

"Yes, milady. All of it," Eugene responded before adding, "Lady Rosetta came to visit you today, but she was called back home before evening. I think her parents are in Skellington."

Marquee Hooke and his wife were here. Eve wondered why the man had a sudden change of heart in trying to uncover his sister's death. At first, she didn't react, but then she replied, "I see. It will keep her occupied for some time. Anything else that happened during my absence."

"I think you should somehow stop the cat from entering inside the house, Miss Eve. He drank the entire stock of milk, and ate the meat I had cut and was yet to cook in the pot. He didn't even wait for me to cook it and selfishly ate it all like a glutton," Eugene complained, not happy with Timotei's parasitic behaviour.

"Where is he now?" Eve inquired.

"In Lady Aubrey's bathroom," Eugene sighed as if he couldn't handle Rosetta and the black cat in one day.

Eve gave him a questioning look and then walked towards Lady Aubrey's room along with Eugene. The door to the room was open, and she stepped inside to hear the sound of water splashing in the bathroom. With a frown, she stepped in front of the bath and noticed the black cat floating in the water of the bathtub.

"Ohhhh look at the water, that brings warmth on my skiiiiin," Timotei seemed to be busy with himself, and he paused before saying, "Furry me. Mhm hmm, and then comes the rainbow with many col-ours." A meow sound appeared from the cat's mouth, who failed to notice Eve and Eugene's presence. Eugene folded his arms, quietly staring at the spoilt cat who had no regard for anyone. "Water! Water!" The cat's tail flapped on the surface of the water.

"Timotei?" Eve called the cat's name.

The black cat, who was repeating the word 'water', stopped. Blinking at the wooden ceiling of the bathroom, he slowly turned to notice two pairs of shoes, and his eyes trailed up to see the two people.

"AHHHHH!" Timotei screamed, which ended with a cat growl. "My modesty has been stolen in broad daylight!"

"Timotei!" Eve scolded the cat, ready to drown it before he would startle her nosey neighbours. "What do you think you are doing!"

"What am I doing? What are you doing?!" Timotei had stopped floating on the surface of the water, and he quickly pulled his tail as if to cover the front of his body, even though he was often in this appearance without water for others to look at. "Peeping at me when it is my bath time," he gave them an accusing look. He turned to Eugene and said, "I knew you were giving me fishy looks."

Eugene held a blank stare at the spoiled cat and stated, "One of these days when there is a shortage of the logs of wood, I know what to throw into it."

"Hmph!" Timotei harrumphed, "Can't the splendid me take a good nice bath without having peeping toms? What has the world fallen into?! Such shame!!" He shook his small head.

"Have you been stealing all the meat that Eugene was yet to prepare?" Eve questioned the cat, whose bushy tail curled around his body.

"Steal? I don't steal," the black cat raised his head as if he was looking at the ceiling, but his eyes were on them. Yet he couldn't look down upon the two people in the room as he was stuck in a small body. He said, "I thought it was all for me. I ate it all, but I must tell, the meat wasn't as fresh as I expected it to be. In a way, I did you a favour, you deserve the freshest meat to eat. Maybe Eugene can go hunt fresh meat for you now."

Eugene glared and went straight near the bathtub, and at the same time, Timotei struggled to get out of the bathtub. But the water turned him slipper, and he flailed his hands only to end up drowning. Eve also walked to the bathtub and pulled the black cat out. But the cat only screamed, "Oh, my modesty has been stolen!"

"I don't think there's anything left," Eugene remarked in a mutter.

Two hours later, Eve entered the bathtub. She took extra care to wash her skin--rubbing the scented flower soap after using the bath salts. Vincent was right, as much as she was embarrassed by his words, those words stirred her in a way no one could.

Eve immersed the first half of her body in the bathtub, her head completely under the water, while she continued to be lost in her thoughts about Vincent and his family.

At the same time, a shadow slithered into her bathroom even though the room doors and windows were closed. Below the surface of the water, she ran her fingers against the almost still water in the bathtub. Suddenly, she noticed a shadow next to the bathtub that now hovered above her.

Eve couldn't see who it was because of the sudden haziness, but whoever the person was, the person's hand reached out for her, breaking the water's surface and catching hold of her neck.