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Chapter 306 Vindictive

The water in the bathtub violently splashed, while Eve tried to pry the person's hand away from her neck. The hold of the person's hand was too tight around her neck, and though she could breathe underwater, it didn't mean the person couldn't hurt her.

Eve's blue eyes turned to gold, the pupils in there constricted to turn into slits, and she dug her nails into the person's hand. Suddenly the pressure in the water increased and the bathtub couldn't contain it anymore. With the building pressure of the water, the walls of the bathtub broke and released the water all over the bathroom.

Her eyes were wide, and she turned her head while her eyes searched for the intruder. But the person had escaped.

She took a deep breath, looking around where the person in the room had disappeared. She picked the towel lying around, and wrapped it around her body before stepping out of the bathroom.

Knock! Knock!

"Miss Eve? Is everything alright? We heard the sound of something breaking," Eve heard Eugene ask her from the other side of the door and when she didn't immediately respond, he opened the door, and next to him stood Timotei. "Miss Eve?"

Eve looked slightly breathless and replied, "Someone was in here a minute ago."

"This place seems filled with peeping toms," Timotei responded, looking left and right.

"Miss Eve, there is no one here apart from us. Me and this cat were at the stairs when we heard the splashing sound of water," Eugene answered her with a look of worry on his face. He said, "If there was someone, we would have seen the person come out from your room."

Eve carefully walked near the windows and took a peek outside; like they said, there was no one. She nodded, "I am sorry for worrying you both."

Eugene nodded and said, "Let me and the cat take a look around to just be sure." He then asked, "Would you like me to set the dining table to have supper?"

"Finally there would be food. I have been starving," Timotei answered, with his tail moving back and forth.

When Eugene and Timotei left, Eve stepped back in the bathroom and her eyes fell on the broken bathtub. She wondered if she had slipped into her sleep and was dreaming because the person in the room felt very real. If it was a dream, she wasn't sure if she was supposed to worry that she was going to meet that fate in the future. And if it was a person in real life, then who was it?

Drying herself and dressing in her home clothes, Eve walked down the stairs with her hair still wet after she finished towelling it. She walked down the stairs where her eyes had gone back to the usual blue ones. Reaching the dining room, she noticed Timotei sitting on the table, waiting for his share of food.

"Timotei, are you aware about mermaids or sirens having dreams that come true?" Eve asked the black cat as she took a seat at the dining table, and Timotei, who was eagerly looking at the kitchen turned to look at her.

"Everyone at my time knew about it. Why do you think King Gauntlet didn't allow the Goddess of the Sea to return to her home?" The black cat purred.

The little creature stared at Eve, taking a dramatic pause before it revealed, "Rumour had it that Goddess Nerhys had dreamt something. And of course, as I was in such a prestigious position, I had inside information," he looked proud about knowing it, even though that was something that had happened years ago.

"What did she dream about?" Eve asked the cat. Eugene entered the dining room, carrying a vessel in both his hands and he placed it on the table.

Timotei licked the corner of his mouth, losing focus to the delicious smell of the warm food, before he looked back at her. He said, "I heard that she dreamt of her daughter killing King Gauntlet's sons. The King wanted to marry one of his sons to her daughter, so that he could rule the sea along with the land. But once he found out about Nerhys's dream through one of the maids who was attending the woman, he captured her without letting her go back."

"I thought that he fell for her beauty and didn't want to part with her," Eve responded, and Timotei waved his small paw in the air.

"That was just a small reason, this was the actual one," the black cat nodded. He then continued, "But King Gauntlet acted like a coward and brought chaos to his family and kingdom. If he had let Nerhys free, maybe he would still be alive along with the princes. I mean, if you look at it, it wasn't Nerhys's daughter, but his own sons who killed each other."

"I thought the mermaid's dream came true," Eve murmured. Was it perhaps a faulty dream?

Once Eve finished having supper with Eugene and Timotei, she returned to her room and lay on the bed. She wasn't sure if it was the long bath or the dream she dreamt of that had exhausted her. And while she waited for Vincent, who had told her to keep the window open, within a few minutes, her body and mind lulled to sleep.

Eve, who drifted to sleep, was soon woken up feeling hot. She turned in her bed, wondering why the weather had drastically changed, until she opened her sleepy eyes for a moment to notice something red and orange glow accompanied by clear screams and shrieks outside her house.

Realising what was happening, her eyes snapped open. Her house was on fire along with the rest of the town!

"Good nap? There was still time so I didn't want to wake you up."

Eve turned around and noticed Vincent sitting in the room with a book in his hand and his legs crossed. She said in a panic, "The town is burning. The house is burning!" Noticing how calm the pureblooded vampire looked, she asked, "Was it you?"

Vincent closed the book in his hand and got up from where he had been sitting until now. He placed the book in his coat, "I need to know what happens with the book next," and walked towards the open window. The scene in front of his eyes cooled his mind, and he said, "It is pleasing and a lovely sound, isn't it? People screaming in panic and losing things that they love so much."

"You are burning their houses, Vincent!" Eve stared at him with worry in her eyes. She noticed Mrs. Edwards crying out to her husband--

"What happened! Every house has caught fire and we need to take some of the things out! My valuable curtains!!" Mrs. Edwards cried. "AHH! Somebody help!"

"Just stay here!" Mr. Edwards scolded his wife, "There was a sighting of rogue werewolves in here and they lit the place ablaze! We need to save what we can!"

Eve didn't expect Vincent to burn down the town, and she turned back to look at him, and she met his coppery-red eyes, "You already punished them. There was no need for this..."

"Not everyone. They started it, I am just ending it with peace," Vincent leaned towards Eve and pecked her parted lips, who stared at him. A bright smile appeared on his lips and he said, "This is how I am, when in love."

"You are insane," Eve whispered, while shaking her head.

The smile on Vincent's lips widened, "But you like it, don't you? The crazy me that you fell for." He then watched outside the window and hummed, "What a lovely bonfire."

Chapter 307 Bonfire Of The Town

Eve stood next to Vincent, watching the roofs of the houses that had been covered in the hay before, had disappeared into the air after burning in the fire. The reflection of the flames could be seen in both hers and the pureblooded vampire's eyes, but it was Vincent who enjoyed the sight of it.

She knew Vincent was different than most, a person of unusual behaviour but she hadn't expected him actually to burn down Meadow. The man was greyer than she had believed him to be. Even though it was done with respect to love, it didn't justify his actions in her eyes, and she said,

"You went extreme on this one, Vincent."

"Hm, I didn't?" Vincent questioned, making Eve wonder if he was asking her in doubt or telling her that he hadn't done enough.

Eve looked outside the window, watching the townsfolk panic and said, "These houses were of people who worked very hard to make a living. They don't have money like the wealthy families of Skellington to be able to afford it. You are burning their hard work."

Though her own house's roof was burning, but not as much as other houses, the couple didn't step out of the house yet, as Eve was left in shock over what Vincent had initiated. She heard him say,

"Their actions brought this upon themselves. You know why people do bad things? Because they believe no one will know."

"Like you did now?" Eve asked him with a look of bewilderment in her eyes.

Eve didn't know if she had to be worried about Vincent's nature. Because when it came to her, it had softened with him showering her with affection. One would believe that her company would affect him in toning down his craziness, but instead, it seemed like it had only spurred him even more, and there was a look of happiness mixed with madness in his eyes.

She noticed the wide smile on his lips, and he said, "But you know about it and I will own my actions, but you see... if there's no one to regulate the other's deeds, they will not take responsibility for their actions and continue doing the same. Silly girl, did you really think that I was done dealing with them? I dealt with the people who physically and directly hurt you, but what about the rest of the people? The ones who stood and quietly watched it, without stopping the ill treatment or murmuring a protest."

"So you decided to burn their houses," Eve sighed because it didn't feel right.

But to Vincent, what the townsfolk had done to Eve wasn't right, and he had sworn to punish them. He said, "Today's bonfire would have taken place sooner, if you didn't go to Berkshire, but well, everything fell into place. Do you know what will happen now?" His coppery-red eyes looked like gemstones, because the place caught fire.

"They will be homeless?" Eve asked, worried with a deep frown and she heard him chuckle. It was a dark chuckle, and the smile slowly started to burn down and the look in his eyes turned serious.

Vincent responded, "People are going to wonder why only their town was targeted by the rogues. And though some will come to believe that it is because they are weak, soon they will reflect that it happened because of you."

"This feels like a double-edged sword," Eve whispered.

"Anything but that. My actions are always fireproof, my beloved girl," Vincent said nonchalantly. He came back to the point, "The townsfolk will think that they are being punished for hurting an innocent woman. Life gets back at them for the injustice they caused, but then they aren't very bright and they will just continue to panic, with fear in their minds."

Noticing the look of worry and disturbance in Eve's eyes, Vincent raised his hand and caressed her face, "We should step out of the house. Want to take a walk on the streets?"

Earlier that day, when Vincent had told her to keep her room's window open for him, the last thing she had expected was for her to wake up to houses burning. The pureblooded vampire slipped his hand into hers and pulled her out of the room.

Eugene and Timotei appeared in Eve's room to alert her, "Miss Eve!" Eugene shouted in worry, and then noticed Vincent and Eve standing at the window without attempting to move to shelter themselves.

Timotei exclaimed, "Fire! Fi--Oh, it is the vampire."

All of them walked down the stairs and stepped out of the house. The four stood in front of the house, before Eugene went to fetch a bucket of water to put out the fire. Eve turned her head, noticing some houses didn't burn as brightly as the others. At least not as much as the Edwards or other houses who had tortured Eve with their thoughtlessness.

"The heck! I was sleeping and dreaming that I was back in the warm bathtub only to see that the place was burning and I would burn in it too!" Timotei complained before he hissed and he stared at the house. "Looks like we will be moving to Skellington sooner than the decided date?" His tail swayed back and forth, while he followed Eugene.

Eugene turned to look at the black cat, who had decided to stick to him. He said, "Don't you have a home of your own?" Surely if this cat vampire belonged to the high society in the past, he would have a mansion of his own.

"Of course, I do," Timotei coughed because of the smoke, and he picked up his tail before brushing the end of it as it had caught dust. He said, "But when all of you are having such a difficult time, it would be rude to leave your side. I will offer the emotional support you need."

"You mean you want to freeload on us," Eugene deadpanned.

The black cat gasped in shock, "The rudeness of this lowly human has no bounds especially after peeping on me when I was taking my bath."

Mrs. Edwards, who saw Eve standing out of her house, turned to where she stood and said, "Look at what the rogues have done, Genevieve! They seem to have not spared our town. Lit and torched every house as if we humans don't go through enough!"

Eve silently stared at Mrs. Edwards, not knowing how to respond to the woman's statement.

As minutes passed and after the shock reduced on their minds, they finally started to splash water on the fire, trying to extinguish the fire, which took more than an hour. Light smoke moved up to the sky, where the woods had burned, and the damage wasn't too much, but the people couldn't ignore it as it had created holes in their roofs, or some houses' windows had broken.

There was a heaviness in Eve's heart that she couldn't explain on seeing the sight in front of her. But at the same time, somewhere deep down, she wasn't sure if the siren's characteristics brought peace to her.

Eve turned to look at Vincent, where the pureblooded vampire stared at their surroundings with a peaceful expression. The pureblooded vampire had burned the entire town to avenge the humiliation brought to her.

Not too far from where they stood, Eve caught sight of Mrs. Humphrey and her family holding glum expressions on their faces. Compared to other houses, their house was burnt more than the rest, and one of the townsfolk, who noticed this, remarked,

"Mrs. Humphrey, looks like your house took most of the burn. This is why you shouldn't cause trouble to anyone. God must be punishing you for the harm you did to Genevieve."

"My family has already suffered enough for you to badmouth me, Sarah! If you aren't going to help fix my house, then stay quiet!" Mrs. Humphrey snapped at the woman, while she appeared to be distressed. It was one thing when her son Patrick was working with a good wage, but it was another when his current wage could barely even restore the house.

Though the thought about what the woman just said didn't pass her mind, it continued to linger in her mind and made her question if God was furious at her. Her eyes fell on Eve, who held a slight hint of smudges of soot on her face and clothes.

For a moment, Mrs. Humphrey couldn't keep her frustration inside her, and she loudly accused Eve, "You burned my house down!"

The accusation was true because Vincent had done it out of his spitefulness. Eve stared back at the older woman, slightly anxious. Patrick appeared beside his mother with fear in his eyes after seeing the pureblooded vampire next to Eve, and he pulled his mother to the side.

Patrick whispered to his mother, "What do you think you are doing, mother?! Haven't we already meddled enough with Genevieve and that vampire that you go now looking for trouble??"

Mrs. Humphrey half glared at Eve and then ducked her head when her eyes met the red eyes of the vampire. She whispered, "Look at her strolling to look at our ruined house."

Patrick quickly said, "Genevieve's house has also undergone damages and burns because of the fire, mother! Can you stay quiet than speak without knowing the facts at first?" And he dragged his mother away from there.

Eve watched the townsfolk and the town before she heard Vincent remark, "Now that the bonfire is over, it is time to go home. To the Moriarty mansion."

Chapter 308 Guests Of The Moriarty Mansion

Music Recommendation: Sharpening My Knives- Kris Bowers


The sky was cloudy with no hint of the stars or moon. Marceline stood on her room's balcony, staring at the street right in front of the mansion with a serious expression. She knew it was impossible for anyone outside the mansion to know about her being defanged, and she decided to keep it that way.

Humiliation had sunk in the pureblooded vampiress's mind, and she hadn't stepped out of her room except for having her meals, and even less from her room. She wondered if she should perhaps find someone who could help bring back her lost fangs. A witch? Surely they would have something, but witches couldn't be trusted.

While Marceline was busy thinking about her situation, a carriage arrived at the front of the mansion's gates. Her eyes moved to look at the carriage that didn't look like it was of a person who belonged to a high-class person. She looked down at one of the mansion's guards and ordered,

"Go and find out who is at the gates at this hour." She then added, "Don't let anyone enter. Whatever the matter is, finish it right there out of the gates."

The guard who had looked up at the vampiress bowed and walked to the gates. He and another guard moved closer to the carriage to see who it was.

"Who are you and what do you want?" One of the guards asked Eugene, who wore a coat around his body and a hat on his head.

But before Eugene could answer, Vincent, who was inside the carriage, responded, "Open the gates."

"Yes, Master Vincent!" The guardsman quickly obeyed the order, while the other guard offered a deep bow before opening the gates so the carriage could enter.

Soon Eugene drove the carriage inside the Moriarty mansion's premises and pulled the horses' reins to stop the vehicle in front of the mansion's entrance. A frown appeared on Marceline's face. Her eyes narrowed on wanting to know which human had the nerve to enter their mansion. She quickly left her room's balcony while going below where the carriage had halted.

In the meantime, Eugene climbed down from the carriage and opened the carriage door for the passengers to step out of it.

When Marceline arrived in the hallways, she noticed Alfie entering the mansion with two servants carrying trunks in their hands. She demanded, "What is with all these trunks? Is it some sort of gift by someone?" She was curious to see if there was anything of high value.

Alfie bowed and replied, "These are Ms. Barlows trunks, milady."

"What?" Marceline quickly walked past the butler, who led Eugene along with me, while she made her way towards the entrance to catch in time her brother and the lowly human, who was accompanied by another human. "What is going on here?"

"What a perfect time that you have come here to greet your sister-in-law, Marcie. Seems like defanging you did you good," Vincent remarked with a bright voice.

Eve noticed Marceline wanting to glare at her, but she tried to hold it back. The pureblooded vampiress stated, "If you are going to get her to the mansion, can't you do it after you both are married? Or have you forgotten the basic protocols and decency of the society that we live in?"

Vincent blinked at Marceline and asked, "Decency? I think the Moriarty children lack it. But you should already be aware of it. You should be the last person talking about decency, dear sister. Now if you would be a doll and carry my beloved's umbrella. From today onwards, Eve will be living here with us. A big happy family, isn't that lovely?"

Marceline gritted her teeth, and though Vincent stretched his hand forward to hand it to her, the vampiress glared. Turning around, she left the place.

And though she walked away from there in speed, the vampiress stepped to the side and stood behind at the corner of the hall, watching the couple giving each other romantic looks.

Back to where Eve and Vincent were, Vincent informed her, "You will be sleeping in the room next to Allie's room. The room has already been cleaned and is ready to use. It would be better for you to stay in company than in the guest room. Even though, personally I would like to have you in my room. Stop moping now."

"I cannot believe you expect me to be okay with what you did," Eve muttered.

"But you did expect that I would do something of that sort. You worry for nothing, I was frankly quite fair in choosing the degree of heat," Vincent offered her a charming smile, and they walked past the wall where Marceline stood. The vampiress's eyes fell on a black cat that somehow managed to enter the mansion. With her concentration away from the couple, he said, "It is the people who still speak ill about you, and didn't come to your aid, whose houses have been burned similar to your neighbour and the Humphrey's."

"How do you know who did what?" Eve asked the crazy vampire, whom she had agreed to marry.

"I got my special ways to find out about such information. The people you are so worried about whose houses were burnt, don't forget that these were the same people who watched you drag through the streets of the town, without offering a word of protest to help you." He paused and then said, "No one is ever innocent. Not you, not me, my beloved girl. Not even the hamster."

Eve's eyebrows raised, and she asked, "What did Allie do?"

"Keeps treats in her room that comes from the lowly bakery her mother so despises, hide sensitive information of crimes that takes place in this mansion," Vincent shrugged his shoulders.

Eve didn't have any words for this as the secrets Vincent mentioned about Allie knowing was one of Eve's crimes. It was hard to refute what he said about people's innocence because his words made sense when she paused and took a closer look. She wondered if it was because she was spending this much amount of time with him, which was why it made sense.

Vincent said, "If it makes you feel better, some of the houses will be fixed in your name."

"My name?" Eve asked with a slight frown.

He gave her a nod, "Mhm. Your name. We'll be fixing your house from tomorrow, and the ones who can afford will be working on their own house. I will help rebuild some of their houses, which will be done under your good name."

Eve turned to meet his eyes and realised what he was doing. He wasn't just reconstructing the damaged house but fixing her name by bringing her good name back into the townsfolk's eyes.

"I thought you didn't care about what people thought," Eve remarked, and Vincent's lips curled.

"It doesn't matter to me, but it does to you, doesn't it? I didn't feel it would cause any harm, in brushing the dust off your name," Vincent replied as they continued to walk in the corridor. When they came near the room that was supposed to be used by Eve, he said, "What matters to me is your happiness, and no one else's. You are my priority. The rest can go to hell, so stop thinking about others and think only what I think, and that will be enough."

This was a hard thing to do for Eve, and she answered, "I will try."

Far away from where they were, Marceline walked near where the black cat that had intruded into the mansion. She waved her hand and said, "Shoo! Shoo from here!"

The black cat stared at the vampiress, blinking once before it walked past her.

Marceline clenched her hands and called one of the servants, "Take this filthy cat out of here! We don't know where it has been."

Timotei wasn't impressed by this woman's words and sized her up and down. Especially when he took such a long time to groom himself. When the servant came to pick him up, he pulled out his claws and scratched the servant's hand.

"Meow," Timotei growled, and he huffed. Did they think they could throw him from here?

The servant noticed the light scratch marks on his hand and made a second and third attempt to catch the cat, but the black cat kept playing with him by moving back and forth.

"How hard is it for you to catch a small cat?" Marceline questioned the servant and rolled her eyes at the servant's incapability.

Timotei noticed the vampiress making her way to him and her nails sharper than his claws. When Marceline bent down, ready to grab the cat's tail, his eyes narrowed, and he scratched her face.

"AHHH!" Marceline screamed, feeling the cat's claws swipe across her face.

Hearing the vampiress's shriek, Eugene quickly ran to see Timotei somewhere between glaring and sneezing at Lady Marceline. He picked up the black cat without prior notice before closely hugging it so its paws wouldn't move and over its mouth..

"Forgive me, milady. The cat is untamed," Eugene apologised to Marceline with a bow.

"That horrible cat cannot live here! Throw it out, right this instance!" Marceline demanded with a glare, feeling the burn on her face.

Horrible? He would show what horrible meant, but Eugene had covered the cat's mouth. If Eve didn't need this cat around, he would have kicked it out himself, but this cat was notorious. He said,

"This is Miss Eve's cat. Please forgive it!" Eugene quickly ran to the servant's quarters carrying the cat, leaving behind a fuming Marceline.

Chapter 309 Shadowers


Eve noticed a maid light the wood logs in the fireplace, and in a minute the room started to brighten apart from the light that came from the candles already burning in the room.

"If you need me, I will be in my room. It is two corridors away from here," Vincent said, watching Eve look at the painting that hung on the wall.

Eve nodded, "Thank you for offering us to help us this early."

"Well the mansion has plenty of rooms, it would be a sin to not use it when in need," Vincent remarked, turning to look at the closed door, "You should get some sleep."

"Yes," a sigh escaped Eve's lips, and she said, "Earlier today when I was taking a bath, I had this weird dream when I was still in the bathtub."

"What was it about?" Vincent inquired in curiosity, watching Eve purse her lips and her eyes met his coppery-red eyes. "Another bonfire? Or something ominous?"

"It was ominous," Eve tried to remember the dream and the person who had tried to choke her. But she was a half mermaid and half siren to be drowned in the bathtub. She said, "I couldn't see who it was, but the person appeared to want me dead. The bathtub broke."

Vincent stepped closer to Eve and brushed his hand against her hair resting near her neck. His eyes narrowed, and he said, "It wasn't a dream. You have fingerprints on your skin here. It is good that you are here now."

Eve turned alert, while she hadn't paid attention to her neck until now. She said, "But Eugene said there was no intruder, and no signs of breaking."

Vincent wondered who had tried to enter Eve's room and hurt her. He said, "It could be the shadowers. A person's shadow is controlled and manipulated so that it behaves as a person, by leaving the person's side and doing the work. It is probably why you didn't see a face."

"Are they different kinds like vampires, mermaids?" Eve asked him.

"They can be anyone from any kind. There are certain conditions to be met, if you want to be a shadower. It isn't an innate characteristic, but something you achieve over the time," Vincent explained, and on noticing Eve's curious eyes waiting for him to speak more on it, he said, "If a person wants to use their shadows as a shadower does, they need to kill the person, who is closest to them. Rip the victim's heart out, and make a binding and offer it to their shadow. Along with a few other sacrificial rituals and spells."

"This doesn't sound good," Eve whispered, as if one thing wasn't enough to worry her, now there was some stranger who wanted to kill her.

Vincent took Eve's hand and said, "It isn't, but I will help you protect and fight the shadowers. You aren't alone and have me." His words felt warm, and they put her mind to ease.

Her eyes lowered for a moment before she looked up at him, "Thank you for standing next to me and always having my back."

"I don't mind having your front," Vincent shrugged before a wicked smile appeared on his lips. Leaning forward, he kissed one side of her temple and took a whiff of the flowery scent wafting from her hair. "You smell nice. Sweet, ready to be devoured."

Now that they were once again alone in the middle of the night with no one to bother them, Eve felt him press his nose in her hair.

Vincent whispered, "Were you planning to tempt me tonight, my little girl? No shame in admitting it," and he wrapped his hands around her waist. Bringing her close to him, he lowered his head to her ear and said, "If you admit it, you might get what you have been craving."

A sigh escaped from Eve's lips, and for a moment, she closed her eyes to feel the pressure of his lips, and it started to stir the emotions in her heart and the other parts of her body.

Vincent continued to circle his hands around Eve's waist before he pushed her back further towards him, and she stared into his eyes, a breathless breath escaping from her lips as if waiting for him to breathe life back into her mouth.

"So what is it, my dear Eve?" Vincent questioned her, bringing his head back to trail the tip of his nose down her cheek and neck.

"What?" Eve asked, lost in her thoughts, and a smile emerged from Vincent's lips.

"Is there anything you are interested in tonight? A goodnight kiss perhaps?" Vincent whispered those words reverberated against her neck. His sinful lips didn't touch her skin, but they hovered, evoking Eve's arousal, and she clutched on his arms. The grip of his hands on her lower back had her legs pressed against each other, and she started to feel heady.

"A quick goodnight kiss?" Eve replied breathily, and Vincent raised his head, taking a good look at the woman in his arms.

"I doubt you will be satisfied with something so small, and now that you are home, I don't think there's any hurry to it," Vincent hummed before lowering the height of his body from Eve's by bending down, while releasing his hands from her waist.

Soon, Eve felt Vincent lift her with his arm going around to settle on her bottoms, and he instructed her, "Wrap your legs around my waist."

Eve blushed at his words but shyly did what he asked her, putting her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall. Vincent walked her to the table present in the room, letting her settle there for a moment, and she released her legs to let them dangle at the edge of the table.

Vincent looked straight into Eve's eyes. He placed his hands on her knees and stepped close enough, and pulled her towards him such that he balanced her.

"Someone will come in," Eve whispered, and when her eyes shifted from him to look at the main door of the room. But feeling his hands move up, her blue eyes quickly looked back at him.

"No one is going to disturb us. Most of them here have common sense to not interfere when I am busy," Vincent's hand continued to trail up such that Eve's skirt hitched up, and she heard him ask her, "So far good?"

"This is in no means a goodnight," Eve stated, noticing Vincent's lips spread with a wide smile while his eyes seductively looked at her.

"Hm, is that so? You are mistaken, but this is exactly how you start a goodnight..." Vincent's voice trailed, and soon his lips touched hers.

With her feet dangling and being supported by Vincent, she felt slightly more vulnerable, and her toes curled. Prying her lips open, he took in her upper lip to suck at it first and then bite into her lips. She winced because of the sharp pain and felt him run his tongue along the length of her lip before sucking it between his teeth.

Eve sighed in the sweet tantalising sensation, getting lost in Vincent's lips, which sucked and bit her. She realised it was something she very much liked and was aware of his hands that moved higher and higher, which came to settle next to the sides of her bottom. She felt her heart hitch when he pulled her such that she pressed against him.

"Ouch!" Eve yelped, feeling one of Vincent's fangs nip into her bottom lip so that he could taste the blood that he had missed for so long.

,m Vincent's eyes glowed bright red, like burning charcoal that could burn anything that touched it, and he let her burn in his arms. When she felt he was going to bite her again, her fingers gripped his hair near the nape of his neck, which did the trick of pulling him away from her lips. She saw him send her a slight glare, where he looked like a beast that wanted to consume her.

A gasp escaped from her lips when Vincent locked his hands on the back of her knees and pulled her such that she almost fell off the table, but he caught her.

Lifting Eve up in his arms and having her legs wrapped around his waist, Vincent walked them towards the bed. Once they reached the edge of the bed, he let them fall on the surface of the bed such that her back was pressed against the surface of the bed, while he hovered above her.

"I am hungry," Vincent murmured.

"Eugene is an excellent cook. If you want to eat no--" Eve's words were hushed by Vincent's thumb that brushed against her bottom lip.

"Why look for the cook when the sweet delicacy is right in front of me like an offering," Vincent hummed with a wicked smile. He whispered to her seductively, "I can eat you... can't I?"

Chapter 310 May I?

Music Recommendation: Little Heart- Amarante


Eve felt her heart thundering inside her chest, threatening to break free as if it had suddenly received wings. Vincent's gaze held her captive, even though he was yet to restrain her with his hands or body.

She replied, "It has been a while since you last drank my blood." She knew the little nips and drops from her lips didn't quench his thirst.

Vincent hummed with a cunning smile on his lips. He said, "Indeed it has been long since I last drank your sweet blood, and today we shall find a sweeter spot for me to drink from."

Eve's heart thumped harder at his suggestive words. She clutched the sheet beneath her. She asked him, "A place different from the previous one?"

"Mhm," Vincent responded, and without saying it in words, he cupped the part between her legs over her dress. A soft gasp escaped from Eve's lips, and blood rushed up her neck, some rushing between her legs.

"Vincent!" His name rushed out of her lips, and she looked utterly embarrassed, unable to meet his eyes.

"Shh. It's okay," Vincent assured her when she raised her upper body to meet his eyes, while she looked startled. "I won't hurt you, I promise. I want to eat you here."

"E--eat me..." Eve stuttered, trying to keep her mind and body from falling apart in his arms.

"Yes, eat you. And it is unfair that I am the only one to enjoy."

Eve felt Vincent's hand gently rub between her legs, and the more he did it, the more she wanted him to continue as if she was the cold coal coming to life as she started to burn under his touch. She gasped, feeling his entire palm stroke her intimate part before feeling one of his fingers push on her core over the fabric of her dress, which made her softly whine.

"What is it, my beloved girl?" Vincent asked her, his coppery-red eyes staring into her blue eyes. He tilted his head to the side and asked, "Something you wanted to tell?"

Eve's face had turned bright red, and her breathing was uneven even though Vincent was yet to eat her. She asked him, "What are you doing?"

There was a faint hint of wickedness in how he looked at her right now, where he barely smiled at her. He ran his tongue over one of his fangs and remarked, "So impatient."

Vincent continued to rub the place between her legs, feeling the intimate part as he wanted to get acquainted with it, with the entire being that belonged to Eve. He watched her with fascination, where the young mermaid's breathing had deepened, and her chest moved up and down.

He then pulled his hand away from her legs and placed his hands back on both her knees, sitting upright against the bed's surface. Once his hands were settled there, he gently pushed the skirt's fabric up her legs, which moved higher until the hem of her dress's skirt had moved above the knee.

Eve felt Vincent's fingertips trace up from her ankles to her knees and then disappear behind the skirt that had been hitched up.

During the whole time, the two of their eyes met and didn't leave each other. Vincent watched Eve out of certain allure that she held to her with every expression of arousal passed by her face. While she watched him to know and decipher his next move, nothing could prepare her against his actions, such was his effect on her that she felt like she was drowning with him in pleasure.

The back of Vincent's hand brushed against the inside of Eve's thigh, and the grip of her hands on the sheets of the bed tightened. When his hand brushed against her underwear, he asked,

"May I?"

It wasn't like Eve was going to stop him when they had come this far, but even if she didn't want to, she knew she couldn't refuse him. It was hard to resist a charming man like Vincent and hard to compare anyone to his words and actions.

A trickle of fear mixed with excitement seeped into her bones. She was half worried about someone barging inside the room through the door, while a nervous excitement filled her body with anticipation. She finally nodded, "Okay," she whispered.

Vincent didn't have to be told twice. As soon as Eve uttered the word, his hands moved to either side of her waist, and he felt the strings of it between his fingers. Another splash of fresh blush came to settle on Eve's face. Hooking his fingers at the top of the underwear, he slid it down her legs. Letting it pass through her feet before he noticed a wet patch on the off-white undergarment.

If Eve could, she would have buried her face under heaps of pillow after seeing Vincent crumple her underwear in his hand. He brought it near his nose to take a good whiff of it. Her scent was more potent there, and it drove his senses wild.

Dropping her underwear on one part of the bed, his hands grazed on both sides of her legs. He then moved his hands to the inside of her thighs and pushed her legs apart. Soon he dipped his head under her skirt that hadn't been hitched up completely.

Eve felt Vincent press his lips against the inside of her thigh, the pressure just enough to let her know the wicked things his lips were going to do to her.

Instead of leaving a trail of kisses across Eve's skin, Vincent used his tongue by having it slowly trace up her thigh, and she softly gulped down the building nervousness she felt in the pit of her stomach.

A gasp escaped from her lips when Vincent blew air to the core of her sex, and she felt her body tighten, a shiver running down her back. He once again blew air, and heard him say,

"You smell heavenly, Eve. Let me see if you taste heavenly too."

His words sent a jolt down her body even though he didn't touch her yet. When she felt his warm tongue lick her core from the bottom to the top, she went to place her hand on his head, but he caught both her hands with his, keeping them still.

The sensation she felt was nothing like she had ever felt before, and for a moment, it felt like her body would sink into the bed. But that was only for two seconds before her back arched because soon, when Vincent's mouth covered her wet sex, an inaudible cry escaped from Eve's lips,


Her cry of pleasure only spurred Vincent as encouragement. He vigorously used his tongue up and down, occasionally probing it to elicit soft whines from her.

Eve's nails dug into the bed, feeling every bundle of her nerves starting to light in an unexplainable pleasure that had her lips part in an inaudible sigh. Knowing it was Vincent's mouth that now licked her intimate part only aroused her that much.

When Vincent started to suck on it, Eve felt her eyes roll and threw her head back. His tongue turned aggressive as if he wanted to suck her dry and they lost track of time. Her body writhed under the ministrations of his mouth, and when his tongue probed further into her darker part, she moaned in pleasure.

Vincent continued to devour Eve until the room was filled with her whines and pants. He sucked and licked, feeling her body tremble until her arched back finally touched the bed. Pulling his mouth away for a moment, he murmured,

"You taste delicious. So good and wet," and Vincent's breath hit Eve differently. He ran his tongue across the length of the lips between her legs, making her moan. He went back to suck her wet sex before kissing it.

Eve felt Vincent give her small kisses that made her shiver, while her heart rapidly raced in her chest. Releasing his hold on her hands that had turned weak, the pureblooded vampire pushed the skirt further up so that he could look at the art he had made on the woman.

Vincent licked his lips, his tongue running on the corner of his lips to collect the remnants of Eve's essence left on his lips.

Eve's mouth had parted as she breathed through it, her eyes holding a dazed look as if she was trying to get back to the ground from the sky that Vincent had taken her to. Her blue eyes had turned to bright gold, her arousal obvious in those beautiful eyes, and it took a lot of effort for him to hold himself back from taking more than what she could offer.

While Eve tried to catch her senses, Vincent didn't give her a heads-up, and he lowered his head again before taking a bite closer to the sweet cavern between her legs.

"Ah!" Eve winced, feeling Vincent suck on her upper thigh's blood.

Vincent closed his eyes in satisfaction, as it felt like it had been years since he had tasted her blood, and he continued to drink from her soft skin.

When Vincent took his fill of blood while ensuring he didn't overtake it, he retracted his fangs in his mouth. He licked her skin and ran his tongue across his teeth to relish her taste.

Eve watched Vincent pull himself back. He picked up her underwear and slid it above her feet, helping her wear it. His sinful lips stretched in delight, and he remarked, "I look forward to having more of you for eternity."