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Chapter 121

Music Recommendation: Be my Doll- Adrian VonZiegler

The passage in front of the cell rooms was deserted. Eve could hear the light chatter that belonged to the guards. Some of the prisoners, like her, didn’t dare to speak and looked soulless, while a few leaned in front of the cell, holding the rusted iron bars. There was a look of thirst and violence in their eyes, and they snickered looking at her.

One of the prisoners whistled at Eve, “What is your name?”

But Eve didn’t respond. She heard another man comment, “Judah was lucky to be placed next to your cell, but he didn’t know how to treat a woman.”

Eve felt like she was surrounded by scavengers in the dungeon. The right cell beside her was occupied by an older man whose skin appeared to stick to his bones. The memory of what she had seen before the time of dawn was hard to erase, not because she hadn’t seen something like that before in her town. She knew if she couldn’t get out of here, she would end up, or worse.

“I heard that you were falsely accused. Allow me to help you, and I will give you solace in my arms,” said the man who first spoke to her. His cell was on the opposite side and the left.

“Me too,” another prisoner said before adding, “I would be more than happy to help you remove your clothes and bathe you. Isn’t that right?” A couple of chuckles erupted in the corridor, and dread increased in Eve’s mind. “Stop behaving like you belong to a high family, we all know that no one from a high family comes here.”

“What’s going on here?!” A loud voice questioned the prisoners.

The guard named Deacon walked through the passage, glaring at the criminals inside the cell rooms. When the prisoners made noise, he hit the baton against the rusted bars to quieten them.

“Hey!” One of the prisoners called the guard and said, “Judah’s cell is empty, how about you put me in there?”

Deacon raised the baton with a sneer on his face, “Shut up and sit down, you bastard! No one is moving from where they are. I hear another word, and you know which part of the dungeon you will end up in.”

Noticing Deacon in front of her cell, Eve’s body stiffened. The guard’s eyes moved to look at the untouched food inside her cell.

“Leaving the food untouched? Are you expecting something better?” Deacon taunted her, but Eve didn’t retort and only stared at him. “You might as well start eating it unless you prefer to die out of starvation. We can’t let you die unless you start talking.”

Over the last few hours in prison, Eve realised that this guard wasn’t any guard but the person in charge of this place. The food looked stale as if it had been prepared four or five days ago.

“I have been told to keep the interrogation with you on hold before I deal with you for killing a man from the inner circle,” the guard named Deacon let Eve know with his eyes ready to rip her apart. “I am waiting for the orders. Once I get it, you better pray that you have enough strength,” the guard wickedly laughed.

Eve felt trapped here. She couldn’t defend and couldn’t fight for the crime she didn’t commit because the people here didn’t care. Speaking and not following the orders warranted being punished.

After a minute, another guard walked in and whispered something in Deacon’s ears, who stared at Eve. He then commented,

“Looks like your time is here, you whore,” before turning to the other guard and ordering him, “Open the gate and bring me the whip.”

The other guard, who had come to inform Deacon, quickly turned to him and said, “As this is a high profile case, we cannot harm her.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill her. Just enough to force her to open her mouth,” Deacon replied, and the other guard hesitantly opened the gate.

A chill ran down Eve’s spine, and she stood up from where she was sitting. Her voice trembled as she pleaded,

“P-please. I have nothing to with that man’s murder, I was only walking through the place, when I came across the dead person. You can ask my family. You can ask the family I work for! I am a governess in the Moriarty mansion. Please talk to Vincent Moriarty, he–”

Deacon glared at her, the whip in his hand swished near Eve’s feet. He demanded, “How dare you bring a respectable family’s name to associate yourself with it!”

Eve shook her head, “Vincen–”

“Stop your trash and start answering me. On whose order did you kill Mr. Fowler?” Deacon stepped inside the cell. Eve quickly backed towards the wall. The guard was angry that this woman hit him yesterday and he wasn’t able to do anything that time because he had to follow the orders. But now, he would let her know who was in the higher position in this dungeon. “You better start talking. The faster you comply with me, the fewer consequences you will face.”

When the guard raised the whip, Eve clenched her hands and closed her eyes.

Away from the dungeon, in the town of Meadow, Lady Aubrey stood in front of the magistrate’s building, who was the head of the town. He was an hour late than usual. She had sent Eugene to visit the places where the bids and other transactions of valuable items took place.

When the magistrate’s assistant appeared, Lady Aubrey stopped the young man from entering the building.

“Good morning, Lady Aubrey,” the young man bowed his head with a polite smile, “What brings you here?”

Lady Aubrey offered a bow and replied, “Good morning. I wanted to talk to the magistrate. Do you know when he will be here?”

The young man shook his head, “I have been waiting for him too, milady. He has many documents to sign and I thought he would be here by now. Is there anything I could help you with?” Asked the assistant.

“It is something we wanted to talk to the magistrate,” replied Lady Aubrey, and the young man bowed his head and stepped inside the building.

Lady Aubrey tried to find the next options on what to do next. She took another carriage and visited the town of Skellington. She came to stand in front of the Moriartys mansion’s gates. When she tried to enter the mansion, the guards there quickly stopped her and questioned,

“Where do you think you are going?”

Lady Aubrey politely said, “I am here to meet Mr. Moriarty. Vincent Moriarty.”

“Master Vincent isn’t home right now. Come back later,” the guard tried to chase her from the front of the mansion.

Lady Aubrey had come here with hope that Vincent would offer his help in finding Eve quickly. She didn’t know what happened during the ball, but she had noticed Eve had returned home with a bandage around her foot, and somewhere she had tried to understand and believe that the young Master Moriarty had helped Eve. As Eve worked there as a governess, she hoped to be able to find Eve through him.

The little hope she had last night had disappeared, that Eve would return home and wasn’t in trouble.

“Do you know what time he will be here?” the elderly inquired.

The guard shook his head, “Master Vincent has gone to the council. Come tomorrow before nine and you might see him.”

Lady Aubrey shook her head. Right now, she was desperate for help, “This is urgent, I need to talk to him–”

“What’s going on there?” came a soft voice from a distance, and Lady Aubrey’s eyes shifted from the guard to look at a young-looking woman in her twenties with black hair.

The guard quickly bowed and explained, “This woman is here to meet Master Vincent, milady. I told her to come tomorrow, but she doesn’t seem to understand.”

Marceline walked towards them, scanning the older woman, who was a human. She questioned, “What work do you have with my brother?”

Brother? This young lady was Vincent Moriarty’s sister? If Lady Aubrey was meeting Marceline for the first time, she would have been fooled by the vampiress’s sweet demeanour. But the older woman had heard about the vampiress. And though Eve had never told anything bad about the lady, Lady Aubrey already knew the kind of person Marceline was from her perception.

Without giving any details, Lady Aubrey replied, “There was a little problem in the town and I wanted him to look at it. I was hoping to see him here.”

Marceline scoffed, a smile appearing on her lips as she said,

“Do you think my brother is someone who will sit in the mansion, waiting for you to offer him work… you pathetic human.”

The vampiress didn’t hesitate to reveal her true nature because Lady Aubrey wasn’t anyone from her circle or belonging to a high family. She said,

“Such matters are handled by the guards or magistrate. Go there and follow the procedure before it moves to the higher ups. My brother doesn’t work for small people, not humans at least. What a brainless woman. Get out of this place, or my guard will throw you out from here himself. Get out now.”

Lady Aubrey didn’t speak back, as she had to look for help, and it wasn’t her style to lock horns with arrogant children. She politely bowed and said, “Thank you for your time, milady,” and left the front of the Moriarty mansion.


Chapter 122

Three more hours passed in the dungeon. Eve, who had been standing earlier, now lay on the ground, on the side of her body. Her body was in indescribable pain that the guard Deacon had caused after using the leather whip on her back, arms, and legs.

She could hear her muffled screams of pain echoing in her ears while the prisoners around enjoyed the sight earlier of her being whipped by the guard inside her cell.

Another guard stood outside with Deacon and said, “She must be a trained killer. You whipped her to the point where her dress ripped on her beck and arms, yet she hasn’t shed tears.”

Deacon had noticed this too, which was why he now stared at her. The whips used on the supernatural creatures and the human prisoners differed in the dungeon; he had used the human whip on this woman.

“Looks like we have something interesting to look forward to. Unless she gives the name of the person who appointed her to kill Mr. Fowler, until then I get to whip her and see the proud woman break in front of my eyes.” He then said to Eve, louder for her to listen, “I will be back later. Make sure you bring the name on those pretty lips of yours that time.”

In the last three hours, whenever Eve tried to explain and asked for help by bringing Vincent or the Duke’s name, the guard whipped her harder. It left a searing burn on her skin because of the lashes she had received. Some sides of her skin bled, and some were on the verge of bleeding with the skin peeled.

Eve didn’t look where the guards were, but she heard their footsteps as if they walked away from her cell.

She tried to hold back her tears, trying hard not to cry and let anyone in there see pearls fall on the ground. Her mind had turned numb, and she continued staring into nothingness. Unable to keep herself awake, she passed out because of the pain in her body.

Two more hours passed, and Eve suddenly woke up to the harsh sound of a baton hitting against the iron rods.

When she tried to sit upright, she felt pain shoot up everywhere in her body, and she bit her lip. She crawled towards the wall, and with a lot of difficulty, she pushed herself up before letting her body lean against the wall. She tried to breathe, taking deep breaths.

Eve pulled her knees towards her chest, wondering if this was only the beginning of her time in her and wondered when it would end. She doubted she would handle any more whips because she couldn’t tolerate any more pain on her skin. She closed her eyes when she felt her eyes prickle in warmth, and her vision started to blur, she tried to swallow the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

Another guard came before her cell and took out her untouched food. Feeling thirsty as she hadn’t eaten anything since she had been captured and brought here, she pleaded,


But the guard didn’t respond and left the front of the cell room.

“Seems like Deacon has taken quite a liking towards you,” commented one of the prisoners. “He’s whipped you all nice. At night, he will take you. At least there will be something to look at for all of us,” and the prisoners snickered and laughed without pity in their eyes.

Eve didn’t react but stayed quiet. How could she get out of here when she had no key to open the gate. Even if she did, the prisoners here would inform the guards before she would be punished even further.

But she had to get out, and she devised a plan without letting anyone know what was going on in her mind.

Away from Raven town, Lady Aubrey and Eugene met each other, where they still had no idea about Eve’s whereabouts. Eugene suggested,

“Milady, how about we go to the Duke’s place and ask him for his help? Miss Eve and the Duke share a good friendship with each other. He will surely help us.”

Lady Aubrey shook her head, “I have checked and he isn’t in his mansion either. I don’t know where to look anymore or who to ask.” The older woman rubbed her forehead in worry. “I don’t think Eve’s identity has been revealed. Otherwise we would have heard a wave of rumour about it. Where else can she be?”

While the two of them worriedly discussed the possibility of where else Eve could be, it never occurred to them that she was held in a dungeon. After all, it wasn’t common to end up in the dungeon.

Far away from the dungeon, in Darthmore’s official building’s deserted corridor, the vampire who looked like a small boy stood with Vincent. He said, “Why do you refuse to join the inner circle?”

“To be part of the old group where everyone is a prude and has a stick up their…” Vincent smiled at the boy when the vampire narrowed his eyes. “You manage them well enough. What am I going to do there? Quite frankly I don’t think they would like me being there.”

The small boy frowned before replying, “You are an asset. What happened yesterday is only the beginning.”

“Hm?” Vincent tilted his head, “Worried that someone will come after your head?”

“Some things don’t change. People will always want to take over a higher position. Fowler wanted to dissolve the inner circle and the outer bodies with a reelection. Do you know what it means? More enemies than you already have,” Clayton explained as his eyes moved to look at the deserted corridor. He continued, “Only a person with a pea-size brain belonging to the lower side of the society would try something like this. But there are many in here.”

“Did you go through the reports?”

The vampire nodded his small head and said, “I couldn’t find any overlapping activity of time. It’s too clean.”

“Did you expect the person who killed Fowler to not have a plan? At least we know it is someone with brains,” responded Vincent, “Do you want me to take a look into it?”

Clayton shook his head, “I have ordered Cripps and he’s already on his way. You don’t have to waste your time on it,” and as he said it, he gave a look at Vincent.

“Excellent,” Vincent replied, watching the midget vampire making his way through before disappearing at the end of the corridor. When Vincent stepped out of the building, Patton ran after him,
“Sire! We have a new case of a dead body found in the forest,” he appeared next to Vincent.

“When have we not found dead bodies, Patton,” murmured Vincent as he continued walking towards his carriage. “Collect the reports and keep the people who found the bodies under question. I will go through it in two hours.”

Patton nodded before frowning and asked, “Where are you going?”

“To Raven’s town.”

Patton’s eyes widened in surprise, “Where Mr. Fowler died? W-what are you going to do there?”

“Have supper.”


Chapter 123

Music recommendation: Down the Dungeon- ASKII

Vincent sat on his heels, his hand touching the ground as he questioned, “Is this where the man was found dead?”

Two villagers, accompanied by a guard, stood a few steps away from him. One of the men nodded, “This was where the body was, Sire.”

“Did you hear any scream?” Vincent brought his hand to his nose and smelled it. Whatever evidence was there had been mixed with other scents.

The men shook their heads, and the person who spoke earlier said, “We didn’t hear any scream. We were passing by the place. It was eleven I think, when we caught this woman murder the man. W-we didn’t know he was from a high standing status.”

“Why? Would you have offered yourself to be killed in place of him?” Vincent turned to the two humans, whose eyes widened at his question. “You didn’t hear a scream, but you saw the woman kill Mr. Fowler. The woman must have been slow not to run away after murdering the man, don’t you think?”

Vincent’s eyes fell on the blood on the ground, which had darkened with the hours of murder that had taken place. The other villager said,

“I was wondering the same. She was probably shocked after realising the crime she commited. I still remember her hands covered in blood.” As the men were from the village, the facts had mixed with rumours, “She looked terrifying, with blood dripping on her clothes. She must be a witch to be able to pull out the man’s heart.”

Though the case didn’t belong under Vincent’s supervision, he couldn’t help but to take a look into what might have happened here. After all, Jones Fowler was a member of the inner circle, and when a person from such a high position fell, that only meant there was a secret trying to bury itself with the dead.

Vincent’s eyes fell on the guard, and he questioned, “Where is the head of the village?”

“He’s at the office building, Mr. Moriarty,” informed the guard.

“Go and bring him here. Tell him I have a few questions for him,” stated Vincent, and he waved his hand at the villagers for them to leave.

The two humans offered a deep bow and left. Vincent took a walk around the village, which was rather average size, and some villagers peeked behind a door or window. He wondered what Fowler was doing here that day. From what he had learned, the man was supposed to head home after working overnight in the council. Instead, he had come here. 

“What do you think you are doing?! Let go of my shirt, right this instance!” The head of the village had a thick moustache and a round belly covered in a coat that was better than the clothes worn by the other villagers. “Do you know who I am?! I am the most important person in this village.”

The guard pushed the head of the village in front of Vincent. The vampire stared at the human with probing eyes while the village head glared at him.

“What do you think you are doing? I have work to do!” The village head harrumphed.

Vincent stretched his hand forward for the village head to take, “I am Vincent Moriarty, from the council.”

The village head took a quick look at Vincent before stretching his hand towards the vampire. But the handshake was much firmer than the human had expected. The human flinched in pain as if his bones were being crushed, and when Vincent let go of his hand, he quickly brought it to his chest.

“Thatcher Jarman. What do you want? I have already answered everything the council wanted to know. I believe it was Mr. Cripps?” Mr. Jarman gave Vincent a look.

“I am Mr. Cripps’ partner. I am surprised you haven’t heard about it,” Vincent offered a polite smile before asking, “Did you meet or see Mr. Fowler in your village?”

Mr. Jarman shook his head, “I didn’t see the man until I saw his dead body.”

“Are you sure?” Vincent pressed for answers.

“Of course I am. How would I have known that the man had come?” Questioned Mr. Jarman, who looked weary and pursed his lips as if to hold his tongue. He continued, “It was only after I heard that someone killed him that I knew he was in the village.”

“And what were you doing before you were informed?” Questioned Vincent, his coppery brown eyes holding a glare, he added, “I don’t know if you have heard about it, but the penalty for trying to hide is far worse than you can imagine. On top of my head, crushing your feet and losing a limb and that’s not pretty,” his voice lowered.

The head of the village huffed, “What was I doing? I-I… I was in my office, having my lunch.”

“Rather too early to have lunch at eleven, don’t you think?” Asked Vincent, and his ears picked Mr. Jarman’s hitch in his breathing. “Perhaps you must have not had your breakfast and were hungry. Happens to me too.”

Mr. Jarman nodded, now turning silent and softly gulping down the fear that started to crawl into his mind. When Vincent raised his hand, the human blurted, “Don’t hurt me!”

Vincent placed his hand on the man’s shoulder, lightly massaging it before tightly gripping Mr. Jarman’s shoulder, who winced in pain, “Usually I am a very patient man, the most understanding in the room. But when a person thinks they can try to make me a joker, I need to show them who the real fool is. Do you think it is the right thing to do, Mr. Jarman?”

The human’s concentration was on Vincent’s hand, to pay attention to what the vampire said. “Sire?” He asked.

“I will ask you again, did you see or do something you shouldn’t have done?” Vincent calmly asked with a peaceful-looking smile as if he meant no harm.

“Let go of my shoulder! What you are doing now is threatening me!” The man sputtered and tried to turn to look for help. But they stood at the spot where Mr. Fowler’s body was found.

“Threatening?” Vincent looked at the man with shock. “I was being friendly. Hold on, let me tell what threatening means–”

“AHRGHH!” The village head bent his back and tried to get away from Vincent’s grip while feeling a sharp pain shooting on one side of his shoulder. “What are you doing?”

“I think you are turning quite rusty there, Mr. Jarman. It is time for retirement from work. What do you say?”

“I will report your actions to the council and tell them how you are crossing your line and protocols!” Mr. Jarman complained in pain.

When the human looked at Vincent, the polite smile had changed into a cunning one. Though the smile was bright on the vampire’s face, it didn’t reflect in his eyes. When his lips parted, the human noticed the sharp fangs.

“If not retirement from work, perhaps retirement from life?” Vincent tilted his head in question. “We can reenact the details of Mr. Fowler’s death. Sometimes we need to insert ourselves to solve the case on a deeper level.”

Chapter 124

Music Recommendation: Evil in the deep- ASKII

In the Dungeon in Raven’s town, Eve sat in the same position as she had earlier. The pain inflicted on her skin didn’t let her rest, and the slightest movements of her body rubbed against the fabric of her dress.

The guard named Deacon hadn’t returned to her cell. Eve couldn’t help but count every second without his presence as a blessing. She stared at the dark wall that she rested the side of her body against.

Eve used her strength to push herself and take a look outside the small window. She tried to see where the sun was now positioned in the sky, and though she couldn’t see it, the colour of the sky had softened as if it was preparing for the time of evening.

She keenly tried to listen to every conversation that was taking place in this passage and the distant voices that came from the guards at the end of the corridor.

As dry as her mouth and throat had turned, Eve tried to bring in as much spit as she could in her mouth. Seconds felt minute, and every minute that passed by felt like an hour had passed.

When Eve stood up, using all the energy she could muster, her eyes burned because of her dress fabric rubbing against her tender skin. Taking deep breaths, she walked to the front of the cell and waited for a guard to appear. A guard she hoped wouldn’t be Deacon because she wouldn’t be able to pull the plan in her mind. Even if it wasn’t foolproof, she wanted to try to escape from here and not wait to be violated.

Her legs were weak as she tried to stand still, but they lightly started to shake. At first, she believed it was because of the lashes. But then she started to count the days.


The last Eve had bathed with the salts was six days ago. Forget about getting salts here. The guards had refused to give her a glass of water to drink.

This was now or never; now was the only option she could choose.

When she finally heard footsteps echo at the other end of the passage, she noticed it was another guard who was earlier with Deacon.

Calming her heart and mind so that she could focus and not panic, she waited for him. If she missed the timing, she would need to wait again and she didn’t have that energy. One of the prisoners, noticing Eve stand in the front side of the cell, commented,

“Such a waste of blood here. I can smell the sweetness drifting from you. Do you want to come into my cell? I will make it worth your night,” the prisoner chuckled.

But Eve didn’t react, and she heard the guard use his baton to hush the chatter of voices in here. At the same time, Eve’s eyes moved to the back, and foam started dripping from her mouth. The foam didn’t stop, and the prisoner who had earlier commented noticed it.

“Hey! What’s happening?” Questioned the prisoner, which alerted the other prisoners to see what was going on, while a few didn’t bother. “Yo!”

Foam continued to come out of Eve’s lips, and she fell to the ground, her body starting to convulse.

The guard in the passage quickly made his way to Eve’s cell and noticed the human’s mouth foam. Not knowing what had happened, he opened the gate and quickly entered her cell. He tried to wake up the woman, shaking her shoulder,

“Wake up! What did you eat?!” Demanded the guard. “Can you hear me! Wake up!”

“What happened?” another guard appeared.

“Get me a glass of water!”

“I don’t think she is going to live,” said the second guard, making the first one curse.

“Deacon is going to get us all screwed! I knew it was a bad idea to whip her. She’s involved in the case that belongs to the council!” The first guard complained before signalling the second guard. He said, “Help me carry her. Let us take her to Fletcher so that he can take a look at her on what’s wrong with her. We need her in talking condition when the council comes to interrogate her. Quick!”

The first guard puts his arms around Eve’s underarms to lift her upper body, while the other guard caught hold of her legs. Lifting her, they took her out of the cell and carried her to the physician’s room in the Dungeon.

The Dungeon was built wide with two floors. On reaching a laboratory-like place, the guards placed the unconscious woman on the stone cold table.

“Where is Fletcher?” asked one of the guards, noticing the man not in the room.

“Let us go find him to come check on her,” and their footsteps quietly receded away from the place.

After two minutes of silence, Eve opened her eyes before looking around her.

Finding the opportunity, she escaped from the room and tried to find a way outside this prison-like Dungeon. She would have hid somewhere, until someone would come to get her out. But no one would come to help her.

While Eve tried to stay out of the guards’ sights as she walked through the corridors, not too far away from the Dungeon, the village head looked at Vincent in fear, who had pulled out his black gloves from his hands.

Mr. Jarman stumbled backwards to keep distance from this vampire. He warned Vincent, “Stop right there.”

Vincent stretched his fingers while looking at them, “Are you ready to die, Mr. Jarman?” When his hand reached the human’s chest, the human shrieked in fear and raised his hands as if surrendering.

“I will tell you the truth! I will tell you everything! Please, don’t kill me!” the village head blurted.

Vincent’s eyes narrowed, and he said, “Keep speaking.”

The human’s lips trembled, and he fumbled through words, “I-I didn’t kill Mr. Fowler. I didn’t know he was going to die. That day I saw his carriage in my village, and was going to talk to him, when I saw him walk on the other side of the village. I was only curious and I followed him. Someone came to meet him, but I don’t know what the person looks like.”

“Did you momentarily turn blind?” Vincent deadpanned and Mr. Jarman gulped before shaking his head.

“The person wore this hood that covered the person’s face. I went back to call for help, but by the time I returned–”

“There was a little crowd?” The man quickly nodded at Vincent’s words. “Who knows, the mystery man must have been you. After all, you had a temporary memory loss for a few seconds.”

Mr. Jarman’s eyes widened, and he quickly defended himself,” I was scared that the murder blame would fall upon me. But I swear I had nothing to do with it!”

“The council will decide on what to do with you once we reach there,” stated Vincent, and the man looked at him in horror. He ordered the guard, “Put this one in the carriage. We are going to Darthmore.”

Mr. Jarman continued to protest while being dragged back to where the carriage was parked. The guard pushed the man into the carriage, and the human pleaded, “Please spare me! It was the woman, who murdered him! She must have used the weapon she had with her.”

“How interesting,” came the dull words from Vincent, and he said, “It would be better to comply and speak the truth in front of the members of council and the inner circle. After all, you don’t want to accidentally fall out of the carriage on our way, would you?”

“It wasn’t me, but the woman. The person, who killed was definitely a woman,” the village head tried to save himself by randomly picking the gender of the murderer. “She definitely used her umbrella which had blood in it.”

Vincent paused for a moment and repeated, “Umbrella?”

Mr. Jarman vigorously nodded, “She must have used the tip of her umbrella.”

A frown appeared on Vincent’s face on hearing the unusual weapon used. He demanded, “What colour?”


“The umbrella,” Vincent’s eyes narrowed at the human.

“Y-yes, that… that I d-don’t remember,” replied the human, and when he noticed the vampire’s eyes darkened, he quickly said, “The umbrella should still be there in my office. I seized it when the woman was captured. I-I can go and get it…”

The village head climbed out of the carriage to retrieve the said weapon and the guard followed him. The human returned after three minutes with the purple umbrella in his hand. Vincent’s eyes narrowed further and he glared,

“Where is the woman?”


Chapter 125

Music Recommendation- Too many legs- ASKII

The head guard of the dungeon started to make rounds in the passages to ensure everything was under control. Though many of them behaved, some liked to cause commotion and needed discipline.

Deacon’s hand made its way to touch his head and felt it had swollen. For a human and a woman, she had hit him too hard and he wasn’t satisfied with the punishment he had passed to her. He wanted to see the woman cry and beg him, something she hadn’t done and it left a thirst in his mind.

He quickly walked through the passage with light and darkness because of the lit torches placed against the wall at regular intervals.

Deacon reached the front of the cell where the woman he had whipped was held. At first glance, he didn’t catch sight of the human in there.

He wondered if she was sitting in the corner of the cell where light didn’t reach. He raised his baton to the front before hitting it hard against the iron rods that caused a vibration. But the woman didn’t respond.


Deacon pulled out the bunch of keys from his pocket. Picking the key, he went to open the gate, but when he touched the gate, it pushed itself open without needing to be opened. “What the hell…” Why was the gate open?

The head guard quickly stepped inside the cell and didn’t find the human. Where did she go?!

When he stepped outside the cell simultaneously, a man with refined clothes and clean shoes appeared in the passage, with his shoes clicking against the dusty ground. The man’s thin blonde hair had been combed to the side. He was accompanied by one of the dungeon’s guards.

The man introduced himself, “I am Bryant Cripps. The person incharge of Jones Fowler’s murder case and I am here to speak to the offender.”

Deacon bowed, “Welcome to the Raven’s dungeon, Mr. Cripps. I am the head guard here, Deacon Sampson.”

“Lead me to the offender,” ordered Mr. Cripps. Noticing Deacon not make any effort to move, he questioned, “What is it?”

Deacon stared at the empty cell. There was no way the woman had escaped from the cell because only the guards carried the keys. When another guard appeared in the passage, he demanded, “Where is the woman who was in here?”

The guard bowed his head before answering, “She was convulsing earlier and foaming from her mouth. Talon and I took her to Fletcher’s room.”

Deacon glared at the guard and then turned to the councilman with his face red, who said, “Take me to where she is.”

“Please follow me,” replied Deacon, leading the councilman to the floor below and toward the physician’s room.

But when Deacon and the councilman arrived at the physician’s room, they only found the guard and the man in charge of this room. He questioned Fletcher, “Where is the woman?”

Fletcher shrugged his shoulders and pushed the thick-rimmed glasses up his nose. His hair was unkempt, and he replied, “I don’t know.”

“Sire, we left the unconscious human right here,” explained the other guard, who had gone to get Fletcher to have him look at the sick woman. “She was foaming too much and her eyes went blank. We placed her here and I went to get Fletcher.”

Deacon clenched his jaw in frustration as anger started to bubble in his blood. He ordered,

“Find the woman and bring her to me immediately! She shouldn’t have gotten too far and is still in the dungeon! Inform the others too!”

“Yes!” The two guards quickly bowed their heads and ran out of the room.

The councilman didn’t look pleased with the poor management in the dungeon. He said, “Is this how you manage prisoners here? Who roams around without notice?”

Deacon bit his tongue as this was the first time something like this happened, and he had always been efficient in his work. To think the woman had dared to think that she could escape from here. He assured the councilman,

“The dungeon is completely secure and it has been years since anyone has been able to get out of here. The escapee mustn’t have gone too far and is hiding somewhere in these very passages. How about I lead you to the office, and I will bring her to you myself—”

“That’s not needed,” snapped the councilman, who didn’t have the time to sit around. He said, “I will come with you. I want to see this woman who murdered Fowler and is now out of her cell where no one noticed.”

Deacon bowed his head as the dungeon operated with the council’s help and the inner circle. He complied, “Of course, Mr. Cripps. Let us find that rat.”

Soon the guards started to spread and looked for the human who was out of the cell and was trying to escape from there.

In the meantime, Eve ended farther into the dungeon, as the paths she had crossed had guards securing the place.

When Eve heard a guard’s footsteps, she quickly hurried away to the other side before she would be caught. The further she walked, the colder the place turned because of the lack of torches and heat around this place. The sky had turned dark, leaving the place slightly unclear in the shadows. She carefully navigated through the passage while keeping her ears alert for any noise or movement.

She wanted to return and walk in that direction but at the same time feared crossing paths with the guards.

Eve noticed that the place she had wandered into was not only dark but it was left in ruins. A few walls were broken along with the pillars, which left the stones scattered on the ground with dust.

Knowing this wasn’t the way to get out, she wondered if this place had a secret passage to get out from here. She was desperate to leave. She knew that it was only time when the guards would be alerted and would come looking for her. She couldn’t hide in here forever. She would die… or her legs would turn.

Turning around, she quickly made her way through the passage and hid from the guards’ sights. She noticed other prisoners here looked lifeless, as if they had lost hope to live. They were in dull white gown-like clothes. There were only two torches lit in this long passage.

But it wasn’t long before Eve heard footsteps from both sides of the passage. Sweat trickled down her forehead and back, and the salty water that dripped down her wounds that burned her skin.

Eve looked back and forth, realising at any moment she would be caught. Noticing a cell’s gate, which was left ajar, she quickly stepped inside it and carefully tried to lock the gate. Her hands and legs trembled out of fear, and blood rushed up her head making her dizzy. The sounds of the guards footsteps turned louder, and she looked at the dress she wore.

If one were to peek into the cell she was in, they would realise it was her with the vibrant dress she wore. After all, she was the only offender brought to the dungeon since yesterday. Running out of ideas with the stress she felt of being caught, she did what she thought was best and removed the outer layer of her dress. It left her in her sleeveless, beige inner dress, which was enough to cover her body modestly.

The backside of her beige dress was stained along with some sides of her skirt because of the blood bled out earlier from the head guard’s whip on her skin.

Hearing the guards’ footsteps ring in her head along with her loud beating heart, she tried to calm down. She took a corner and laid down on the ground with her back facing the front of the cell.

“Did you find anything?” Eve heard one of the guards question.

“This side is clear. I didn’t find the woman anywhere here,” replied the second guard, who came to stop in front of the cell Eve had taken shelter. He huffed, “Can’t believe that the woman escaped. It looks like she will set to step on the Gallows sooner than the expected time.”

“I heard Deacon wanted to do the woman tonight, but the councilman is here too.”

Do her? Eve’s hands clenched while she hoped the two guards would leave the front of her cell.

One of the guards laughed and whispered, “She is beautiful, isn’t she? Even I felt like touching her. I wonder if she’s been touched before.”

“She must be. A woman who is capable of murdering a man of such high position, she must have whored around. But I wouldn’t want to do her, who knows how she even killed the councilman,” said the other guard. “We need to find her quickly, who knows we might rank higher today in the presence of the councilman.”

As if two guards weren’t enough, more footsteps approached, and this time it was the head of the guard, Deacon and the councilman arrived with two guards following them.

“Did you find her?” Deacon barked at the two guards because twenty minutes had passed, and there was no sign of the human.

The councilman said, “You should have disciplined the offender. She wouldn’t have thought to step out of here.”

“Believe me, Sire. I did.”

“Clearly, not enough though,” stated Mr. Cripps, who looked at the passage before his eyes fell on the cell, where Eve was.