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Chapter 41 Perhaps

Much later…

In the bathroom, Sebastian was standing under a spray of cold shower. One hand was braced against the marble wall, his head down, staring at Izabelle's bite mark that was decorating his other hand.

There was a slightly dazed look on his face and a glint of alarm and disbelief were dancing across his still gleaming eyes. The experience he just had with Izabelle had rocked him to his core. It was like an earthquake that he had never anticipated would happen to him. Ever.

Rubbing his wet face with his palm, Sebastian combed his hair back and tilted his face up to let the water cascade down from his face. He stood there with his eyes closed for an immeasurable amount of time before he suddenly clenched his fists. One would not know what was going on within that mind of his and would expect that he was relaxed and calm, looking at his seemingly unruffled expression in the shower.

But with a tightened jaw, Sebastian's eyes flew open and when he looked down, he saw that his manhood was still as hard as a rock. A curse was torn from his mouth as he reached down and jerked himself off with the hand that Izabelle had bitten.

The room was utterly quiet when he returned. He silently stood there, leaning against the wall while focusing intense eyes at Izabelle who was lying on the bed. It took him long minutes before he moved and approached the bed.

Looking down at her, Sebastian's gaze bored into that fair and lovely face that was now peaceful in sleep. She had immediately dozed off after that one round, leaving him no other choice but to force himself out bed and into the bathroom to go calm himself.

Carefully lifting the covers off her, Sebastian sat beside her nude form and silently started to clean her up. He never does this. Maybe because he usually just left immediately after the act. He never sleeps next to a woman after having sex with them. And yet here he was, even handling her like she was some fragile vase. He could not explain the reason, but all he knew was that this woman was making him do things that he usually never even considered, ever since the night they met. And he hated that. He hated how she could influence him so easily.

Yet tonight… f*ck. He had come to realize how dangerous she was. For him. And the most surprising thing was that, despite how crazy she had unexpectedly turned him, he actually did not choke her in the act. Whenever he starts feeling crazy good, Sebastian usually always reaches out for his partner's neck. And he would never be able to reach his climax unless he chokes them.

So tonight, he was not expecting to feel good much less to even climax, given that he had strictly told himself never to do that to her. At least not tonight, for her sake and his as well. Because his entire family was obviously infatuated with Izabelle that his sister-in-laws even reminded him to take extra good care of her. Alexander even personally told him to treat her well. And Sebastian knew what Alexander really meant when he said that, because the man was already aware about how he played in bed.

That was why he had planned to just give her what she wanted. He had planned to drive her crazy. To make her realize how na?ve she was to tell him she was going to have sex with him just once!

As planned, he knew he had succeeded in making her feel the epitome of pleasure that she had never forget and would crave for more afterwards. But what he had not banked on was her effect on him that was unprecedented. Completely unexpected. It was like a natural disaster he could do nothing about but just to ride it out.

And it was making him feel now that, between the two of them, he was the one who was screwed! Which was ridiculous!

Shaking his head, a small and wicked smirk flashed across his face. Something danced in the depths of his gleaming eyes as he stared at her peacefully sleeping face.

After staring at her like he was wondering what kind of a creature she was, Sebastian finally stretched out next to her, threading the fingers of both hands and placing them behind his head. He stared at the ceiling, wide-awake for more than thirty minutes until he felt her scooting over to him.

He stiffened a little at the feel of her seemingly fragile hand that had crept around his waist, but he did not do anything to it. He just allowed her to hug him and shared her warmth.

It was dawn when Elle finally woke up. She found herself spooned so intimately from behind by Sebastian that she did not dare to move for a long time.

Everything was shocking her right now. She could hardly believe everything that had happened last night and now this. The feeling that this moment evoked within her… with him holding her so intimately as though he held her dear, had her heart warming up. She could feel her heart melting and she could only allow her eyes to flutter close, wondering if it was a mistake to let herself revel in this feeling. Wondering if it was okay for her to expect that after what happened between them last night, perhaps something has changed.

She could still remember the sound of his voice, especially when he called out her name. She could still remember how insanely good he had made her feel… it was like they were imprinted on her insides and outsides. He had literally branded her as his.

When she recalled all the praises that she had heard from him during their joining, her face heated up. Her heartbeat raced and she bit down on her lips to stop a smile that was trying to break free.

He suddenly groaned behind her, causing her to still in his embrace.

And what she heard next had that smile quickly fading. Those words were turning her warmed up heart back to stone cold ice. "A… li… sa…" he muttered as his hold on her tightened. "… li… sa…"

Chapter 42 If You Say So

When Sebastian woke up, he found that he was alone on the bed. His brows creased a little as he looked next to him. Putting his hand on the empty spot beside him, he felt that it was cool to the touch. She must have left for quite a while already.

Climbing off the bed, Sebastian went to the window and pushed the curtains aside to gaze outside. It was still quite early in the morning. Was Izabelle an early bird?

Still, he had not expected her to be the first to leave the bed. And to think that he was not woken up when she left.

The lines between his forehead deepened and his expression darkened as he realized that he was already thinking of nothing else, but all things related to her as soon as he woke up. Why did such a thing even matter to him?

Displeasure was etched over his handsome face as he strode over to the bathroom. The woman can do whatever she wanted. It was not like she had to wait for him to get up.

By the time he was done getting ready and left their room, his expression was now devoid of any readable emotions.

"Your Highness," a butler approached him and bowed in greeting, "if you're looking for the princess, she's having tea in the garden with Madam Abigail."

Sebastian's eyes twitched as he looked at the butler, his mood suddenly souring, causing the butler's eyes to dart to the side and tensed up. He was not sure what he had done wrong for the prince to look at him like that. All he did was to inform him of the princess' whereabouts.

"Yo! Sebby!" Alexander's voice rang out from behind him, granting the perfect excuse for the butler to escape. The butler bowed low to Sebastian, immediately turning around and leaving after excusing himself.

In the garden, Elle and Abigail were merrily chatting over tea and finger food prepared by the kitchen, while enjoying the morning sun when Alexander arrived with Sebastian in tow. Elle's smile faltered slightly for a moment when she lifted her gaze and met Sebastian's stormy eyes. But she was quick to flash him a smile before turning to face Abigail again as the two men settled themselves next to their respective wives.

"You're set to visit Keria tomorrow, aren't you? Seb?" Alexander asked and when Sebastian nodded, Alex sighed. "Do you need my help in cancelling it?"

Elle's eyes widened at Alexander's suggestion and the man immediately noticed her expression and smiled understandingly at her. "Well, it's not fair for you both as newlyweds to immediately jump back into work, right? You two deserve a honeymoon – even if it is a short one – so I guess the visit to Keria could only be cancelled." He explained to her, causing Elle to blush.

However, she quickly shook her head in response. "Oh, I think… uhm… that might not be a good idea. The people and everyone in that place must've already been waiting and it would be a let-down to them if after all their preparations, we send word for it to get cancelled at the last moment. That would not be respectful to them, right?" Elle's gaze alternated from Alexander to Sebastian as she spoke.

She had the experience of being heavily criticized before because she had cancelled out on one of her scheduled visits to a certain town in Dalenn. She had come down with a high fever that very morning of the scheduled visit, causing it to be cancelled as she was just too sick to even get out of bed. Though they had released an official statement, the people still criticized her, saying she had feigned illness to cover up on her laziness carrying out her duties.

The topic had gone so out of hand that she got a slap from her father. And since then, she had never missed a single scheduled event. She always attends it whether she was feeling sick or not.

The thought of gossip news breaking out and talking bad about Prince Sebastian cancelling an important visit just to go on a honeymoon was something Elle wanted to avoid at all costs. Keria was a beautiful and prosperous country located in the Northern Pacific. It was an overseas territory of Viscarria and Elle was aware of how valuable Keria was to the country's economy. Because even though Viscarria was not a popular spot for tourists, Keria, which was located quite far away from Viscarria was one. It was known as a paradise getaway and many affluent people visit the place, hence the tourism's boom.

Citizens in Keria were also mostly consisted of rich and powerful people. Making it all riskier for Sebastian, because Elle knew just how much power rich people have in ruining someone's reputation.

"So, I think Sebastian should just go. Our honeymoon can wait… right?" she faced Sebastian, holding on to his arm as she said that to him with a smile. "It's not that we are in a rush."

"Well, our Elle is right about this. I, too, think it's better for you not to cancel it, even if you can." Abigail agreed with Elle's suggestion and Alexander only responded to her with her with a nod.

Something danced across Sebastian's eyes as he gulped down the liquid in his glass. "If you say so." Was all he muttered, looking away from his wife.

Alexander watched as Izabelle seemed to breathe out in relief while Sebastian's face certainly turned a shade darker. It was obvious to Alex that the man did not want to agree. He bit off a mischievous smile as he stared at Sebastian.

"Well… there is one other way. You both could go together, right? Sebby can see to his work and at the same time spend your honeymoon there. Keria is the perfect place for honeymooners." Alexander said slyly and he could no longer hide his amusement when Sebastian's mood seemed to light up a little. Looks like the lad has it bad for his little wife. But Alex wondered if he was even aware of it himself. This should be interesting to watch. And it was a big relief because with this, it seems, there was no need for Abi to worry about Izabelle anymore.


Chapter 43 Bad Idea

Elle spent the rest of the day playing and getting better acquainted with Abi and her adorable and incredibly smart twins. She made sure to keep herself occupied and not have any free time to think and be depressed. To her relief, Abi's company and the children had her completely enjoying the day. The twins were just too precious and precocious that it was impossible to not enjoy being in their presence.

But evening came around too quickly for Elle and before she knew it, it was already time for Abi and her family to leave and return to their own residence. They were supposed to leave earlier in the afternoon along with Prince Skyler and his wife, but Abi decided after their morning tea and had Alex postpone and rescheduled their flight to later tonight. Though she felt a little bad for the trouble, it was something Elle was so thankful for. That way, she would not be left alone and to her own devices too early in the day.

She really liked Abigail and her family. Even after enjoying the entire day with them, she still could not get enough of her and the little ones. And now that they were leaving, she could not explain how sullen she felt. This was just a little too unbelievable, considering the fact that she had just met the woman only yesterday. It somehow felt as though she had already known Abi for a long time. Was it only a little more than 24 hours that they were introduced to each other?

But here she was, holding back her emotions as Abi hugged her goodbye. "We'll definitely visit again as soon as possible." Abi whispered to her, obviously being emotional as well while giving the younger woman a tight squeeze.

And soon, they finally left, with Alexander tactfully dragging his wife away, claiming that they would miss the flight if they were any later. That goodbye left her standing there next to Sebastian, waving at the car that was getting smaller as it drove towards the horizon.

The steam from the hot shower curled and spread through the bathroom. Elle had her eyes closed as she relaxed her muscles, letting the warm water cascade down her face.

It had been a joyful and busy day, but now that Abi and everyone else were no longer in the castle, it was like she had taken away the sun along with her departure. Now the castle felt dark, cold and kind of gloomy.

Elle knew that this feeling was also due to the thought that had been niggling at the back of her mind. Now that she was alone, and had all the free time to think, the matter that she had been forcing out of her heart and mind since she woke up at dawn have now reemerged to occupy her mind. Causing an abundance of chaos and messy thoughts to clutter her mind.

Thinking about it, Elle remembered their talk this morning about Keria. She had not wanted to go to that place. That paradise of a place was a place she would never want to visit ever again. Because that place held a nightmare, one that she knew she never would be able to forget for the rest of her life. Just the thought of her going there was enough to make goosebumps writhe and crawl all over her skin. And that was why she had tried her best to stay quiet and hide her emotions when Alexander suggested that she could go there with Sebastian for their honeymoon.

And that was not the only reason. She also did not want to go there or anywhere else for that matter, with Sebastian. Much less to have a honeymoon together. That would be nothing but pure foolishness on her part.

After he had sleep talked and called out some other woman's name while still holding onto her, Elle felt like reality had slapped her hard in the face. She had been enlightened. Now, she had sworn never to let her guard down against him ever again. She would keep her word. Last night would be the first and the last.

Last night was nothing but a lustful moment. They did not even kiss. She did not even touch even a fraction of his skin. She had not even the chance to embrace him while they joined to became one. What happened between them was just plain brainless f*cking, not love-making.

So that was it. She must stand her ground and stay clearheaded and focus on keeping her words. Unless she wanted to hear him calling out other women's name again after having sex with her.

A bitter smirk spread across her lips. Was Alisa that beautiful woman she had seen with him going into that restaurant? Was she the one always calling him?

Elle squeezed her eyes closed, hating how these things could stir her thoughts and emotions. It was infuriating because she had already expected this! She was supposed to have prepared her mind!

Taking a long and deep breath, Elle fought for calmness. When she opened her eyes again, determination gleamed in her eyes as the earlier stormy depths have cleared and quietened down. Her will was solid as the ancient glaciers again.

By the time she left the bathroom, she saw him sitting there again, sipping at wine from a glass in his hand.

Their gazes held. "I have something I wanted to tell you, Sebastian." Elle broke the heavy silence.

"Go on." he twirled the wine in his glass slowly as he waited for her to speak.

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to go to Keria with you." She quickly spoke after drawing in a breath.

The motions of his hand immediately stilled as his fingers tightened imperceptibly around the stem of the glass. His gaze twitched.

Elle swallowed nervously and tried to explain. She did not want to, but she still needed to be careful and try to not get on his nerves too much.

She tried to make her tone sound mature and reasonable. "Like we had agreed last night, I won't be having sex with you again. So… a honeymoon would be a bad idea for both of us, right? That's why I don't see the need to go with you. I will stay here in the castle and do my duties here as the crown princess in your absence."

Chapter 44 First Time

Following her statement that was rather reasonable – in her mind, that is – a heavy silence filled the room.

Sebastian's expression seemed to darken, looking as though what she had just said was something utterly ridiculous and highly unacceptable. But Elle inwardly shook her head and sighed, telling herself realistically that there was no way Sebastian was getting upset over this matter. He probably was, but she thought that it must be because he just wanted to have more sessions of sex with her, or his pride might have been hurt because she was not begging him to have sex with her again.

Well, if that did not happen. If she had not heard him uttering some other woman's name repeatedly in his sleep, she most probably would be unable to stand her ground against him after all that mind-blowing experience he had introduced to her. But it was all thanks to his sleep talk that she came back to her senses. Because whatever desire she had for getting together sexually with him was now being completely overcome by her will to shut her doors from here on out. She was really glad now on how they did not mention anything about sex in their agreement.

When Sebastian did not speak even a single word and just sat there with his darkened expression, Elle turned and moved to the bed. She did not see how his jaws clenched ever so tightly and how his hands itched to crush and break the glass he was holding. If she had looked a little closer and paid more attention to him, she would have seen that his whole frame was trembling slightly with the efforts of holding back his anger and lashing out mindlessly.

Elle stood by the bed and instead of climbing onto it, she stretched out and reached for the pillow she had slept on and held onto it.

Sebastian's eyes narrowed as he watched her every action. "What are you doing?" his deep voice finally broke the silence. It was a booming sound that had shocked Elle and caused her to startle a little, as she did not think he would speak to her.

Slowly, Elle turned to him, clutching the pillow tightly in her hands. He could see her knuckles whiten slightly as she fisted her hands in her pillow, hugging it so forcefully as though it could be her shield. "For both of our sakes… I don't think I should sleep next to you tonight. I wouldn't want to spark any possible rumors, so I won't ask to use another room. But I'll be sleeping on the couch."

His eyes stretched a little wider hearing her explanation. Then she saw a muscle in his jaw ticked. But Elle ignored his display of displeasure and took a step towards the couch. Her movements were stilted and stiff as she still felt uncomfortable having his steely eyes focused so intently on her. Though she did not know what he was thinking, she knew that at the very least, he was highly displeased with how she was going about doing this. But even so, she kept repeating within her mind, like a mantra, 'I need to stay away and stay focused' and continued heading for the couch that was on the other side of the room.

"You stop right there, Izabelle." He growled out somewhat roughly. His voice was not loud nor was it fierce, but it rumbled so darkly that Elle immediately stilled herself from taking another step. She could tell that he was really mad now and his piercing glare on her had her heartbeat picking up its pace.

But then he shut his eyes closed and a long and deep breath escaped his lips. When he opened his eyes again, those grey orbs were back to being calm and composed again. However, the set of his jaws still gave her the sign that his dark emotions were not gone at all. They were just being forcefully suppressed. She was impressed that he could suppress his emotions so quickly within a couple of seconds. If she had not been looking straight at him, she would have thought that he was not even upset in the first place.

"I will never allow my wife to sleep anywhere but in a comfortable. Freaking. Bed. And you better catch on quick, Izabelle." he said lowly, causing Elle to find her heart skipping a beat at those words and the way he was looking at her now. That was… the very first time he had ever uttered the words 'my wife'. It was the first time she heard him admitting out loud and acknowledging that she was his wife. She had always thought he would never verbally declare and recognize her as his legally wedded wife. Hearing those words somehow caused her resolve to waver for a tiny fraction of a second.

She pressed her lips together tightly. Her mind was quick to criticize her heart's reaction, reminding herself that she must not fall for his sweet and wicked mouth again. Because that was the same and sweet mouth that had called out another woman's name while he was deeply asleep.

Tipping her chin up in defiance, Elle responded in her calm voice, "Please do not worry. For me, the couch is quite comfortable. It's not like I have never slept in couches before. To tell you the truth, I really like sleeping on the couch. It affords one a kind of firmness that the bed can never have."

His face darkened once again at her rejection. Somehow, Elle mused that her being able to make him react like this seemed to be doing wonders in her. It feels as though it was making her braver to stand her ground and not back off.

He gulped down another large mouthful of his wine after hissing out what sounded like a curse under his breath. Then he sprung from his chair, slamming his glass down on the side table a little firmly that Elle was amazed that the stem did not break into half from the impact.

With such a heavy and dark air around him, Sebastian strode towards the bathroom and shut the door firmly behind him.

A couple of long and deep sighs flowed from Elle's lips. She told herself that she had done well as she went ahead and settled on the couch. What she did was the right thing. She was not going to be the na?ve wife who would just sit there and cause herself more possible pain in the future. All she had to do was stand her ground and safeguard her heart. After all, they would divorce one day. And she suspected it would be sooner rather than later. And she would be fine.

Lying on the couch, Elle allowed her eyes to flutter close. She had worn a fluffy and warm pajama, so she did not need any blanket. The lap blanket was enough to make her comfortable since the room's temperature was not cold.

Letting out another long sigh, Elle tried to relax. And thankfully, she was able to loosen up and soon, she finally felt like falling asleep. But her eyes flew wide open at the feel of hands grabbing her.

Her eyes circled as she gasped, finding herself being lifted from the couch by Sebastian himself.



Chapter 45 All It Took

Sebastian had moved so stealthily that she had not heard him approaching her at all! He had gone ahead and scooped her up, then turned around and carried her towards the massive bed on the other side of the room and then dropped her, but with his arms still behind her.

He was not gentle. She could feel what seemed like anger seeping out copiously from his skin. He had not bothered to keep it contained anymore. And when she lifted her gaze and their eyes met… she saw a veritable storm dancing wildly within his metallic grey orbs. It was as if she could almost see tiny sparks of lightning striking within those grey depths.

He lowered his face closer to hers as he pinned her back into the bed. "You really do find joy in driving me crazy, don't you?" he hissed right into her ears. His eyes narrowed. At that moment, he did not even bother masking his emotions anymore. He was… way past livid right now.

"F*ck…" he half bit on his lower lip but to Elle, he looked like he only did that to stop whatever it was that was about to leave his mouth. Then a sardonic smirk flashed across his face for a moment before his expression turned serious again. "Fine. I'm leaving. So, you stay here and sleep in our f*cking bed. I'm not that ungentlemanly to let my own wife sleep on the couch." He pulled away roughly as soon as those words left his mouth. She had no time to process that before he was no longer hovering over her.

Elle's eyes blinked and widened after a few seconds when she realized that she was no longer held down. She immediately propped herself up before looking at him with shock when she noticed that he was already dressed. However, he had not changed into his pajamas, but into a casual attire – a pair of black pants and white long-sleeved shirt. Though simple and basic, with his tall figure, broad shoulders and lean waist, the effect was too good. A sudden rush of desire for him surged within her but she quickly tamped it down by biting down hard on her inner cheeks. The pain managed to push the lust back. However, she was brought back to the present happenings, seeing Sebastian heading towards the door.

"W-where are you going?" she asked almost frantically as his hand had already reached out for the doorknob. She did not know why she was suddenly so desperate for him not to leave their room.

He looked over his shoulder while pulling the door open. His expression was again, unfathomable. "I'll be heading over to Keria earlier than planned. You can stay back." Was all he said, before shutting the door closed behind him with a slightly loud bang, not even giving her any chance to respond to him.

When Sebastian reached the garage, his mood was so dark and heavy that the guards stationed there were too intimidated to approach him. Only Lucas stepped up and opened the car's door for him before he reached it.

"Where to, Your Highness?" Lucas asked. The ginger-head was wondering who had made Sebastian's mood drop to such new depths that he had never seen before. Well, he wanted to really know because anyone who could elicit this kind of reaction from this man was worth investigating! Must be an interesting person indeed.

"Keria." Sebastian snapped impatiently.

"Okay… wait, what? N-now?!" Lucas had not expected this.

"Yes." Sebastian climbed into the driver's seat, causing Lucas to blink in confusion for a moment before he rushed towards the passenger seat. But when he opened it, Sebastian stopped him. "You will stay behind and guard my wife, Lucas. I'm leaving her safety to you." He commanded and the moment the door slammed shut, his car immediately accelerated and screeched out of the garage.

Soon, he was speeding up the highway. He had wound down his window, allowing the chilly wind to blow on him, tussling his dark hair and messing it up. But his mood did not get any better.

He could not believe all the things that she had said. Did he not make their first night together one hell of an experience for her? He was quite sure that she had been so saturated with pleasure that she could not even think straight. Even when they had reached their peaks together, he had remembered to take note of how she was glowing from the pleasure of their joining.

So, what the hell was wrong with her now? Why was it that she seemed to be hellbent on never wanting to have sex with him again? How could she not want him, crave for him after tasting the immensity of the sensual pleasure he could bring her?

His jaws tightened as he barely stopped himself from punching his fist into the wheel. Then a sudden thought came to him that made his expression soften a little. 'Could it be that… could it be that he had been too rough on her…?? No… there's no way…'

The moment that thought crossed his mind, he immediately threw that thought away in the next second, causing his face to harden again. He had made sure she had experienced a pleasure she has never known. He had seen it with his own eyes how she had reacted to his skillful maneuvering. He had felt and remembered how much her body had loved his touches, his kisses on her skin, his stimulating words, his rock-hard d*ck. Hell, last night, he was certain she was as crazy for him as he was for her! Yet now it seemed that he was the only one who was dying to be inside her again. What the hell was the problem?!! He could not seem to figure it out.
As he was alone in the car, he allowed himself to groan out loud. He could not believe what was going on with him. He could not believe he was feeling and acting like this, just over a woman! This is so unlike him! He could not believe that he was running away like this because he was afraid that he would not be able to control himself around her. He could not believe that all it took was just one taste of her sweetness, was enough to make him lust for her to such an extent that he had never known before.

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