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Chapter 46 Invitation

Three days later…r

Sebastian was standing by a floor to ceiling window, overlooking a beautiful harbor. His expression was grim, and a disbelieving smirk was gracing his handsome face as Lucas went on to report on his daily account. It was all mostly on Izabelle's situation and the daily activities that she was keeping herself occupied with. r

"So, you're saying that she had not asked anything about me at all?" Sebastian's deep voice echoed in the thick silence that had followed after Lucas took a breath. His face had darkened even more and seemed to be covered with a layer of frost. The atmosphere around him was so chilly to the point that even Lucas could not help but shiver a little – even if he was over the phone. r

"The princess had been pretty busy, Your Highness. She's actually been quite dedicated in carrying out her royal duties already, even though you both have been hardly married for a week. She has even attended a few important events on your behalf as, coincidentally, there had been quite a number of events happening during this period." Lucas blabbered on without pausing on the other side of the phone as if he did not want to give Sebastian a chance to interrupt in the middle of his report. "But don't worry Your Highness, I believe the reason she had not asked anything about you is surely because she's too busy. Also, she might still be a bit shy to ask me on when you will be heading back. The princess is also such an animated lady. Everyone could not help but adore her with her bright and approachable and graceful character. I can assure you that she's pretty comfortable and happy carrying out her duties here. So I don't think there is anything you need to worry about. I believe she's truly enjoying the last few days on her own, despite your absence. It does not seem as though she's putting up a front." Lucas mentioned to Sebastian in a reassuring tone.r

Sebastian's jaws clenched as he heard Lucas' words and his eyes closed tightly. "Are you telling me that she's actually happy and comfortable? Because I'm not there?" he snapped at Lucas after keeping silent for a couple of seconds. His voice remained calm, but his face was even darker with displeasure now. Thankfully Lucas was on the other side of the phone. He could not have imagined how scary Sebastian would look right now, going by his calm tone.r

There was a short silence before Lucas managed to speak again. "Err… I don't think that's what my entire report meant, Your Highness. I mean… that's not the point or I should say that I don't think that's the case. Well anyway, why don't you call her if you miss her so much, Prince Sebastian?" Lucas straight up asked Sebastian the question that had been on his mind the past few days. He did not know why Sebastian was going through him to check on the princess. r

Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck. He ended the call and threw the phone onto the couch, but it did not help vent his irritation. r

He had left abruptly that night hoping to cool his head. He had thought that he was just still high on her or something. He had thought all of those feelings were only temporary. And that he only needed some time off to cool his head and everything will return to normal. He was confident that her potent effect on him would eventually dissipate over time. 

But three days had come and gone, but there was no cooling down happening at all. He still felt the same as that night he left her! In fact, it was as though the feeling had intensified! As if three f*cking days had not passed at all. And the worse thing was that he could not seem to bear it any longer. r

A buzz pulled at his attention, and he went to pick up the phone he had just thrown onto the couch. It was a notification of an incoming text. r

[Lucas: Just to remind you, Your Highness that tonight is Elijah's birthday celebration. Her Highness had been invited to attend in your place. Though I tried my best to discourage the princess from going, she did not listen to me. She told me that she was obliged to attend because Elijah is her brother-in-law and an important member of the royal family. Sorry, I did my best. But don't worry, I will not let anything bad happen to her.]r

Sebastian's expression immediately changed upon reading this text. His eyes widened and as soon as he grabbed his coat, he quickly disappeared from the room. r


In one of the most famous and luxurious hills in Quesa, proudly stood Elijah's, the fourth prince's modern mansion. r

It was not designed to look like the olden castles or palaces. In fact, it was a home with the most advance architecture one would find comparable to the best in world. If one looks at it from above, they would see massive pools situated tastefully around the grounds and even on some flat-topped roof of the house. It was nothing but an elaborate display of modern wealth. A mansion that could accommodate a huge number of guests and even more cars. r

When Izabelle and Lucas arrived, the first thing Izabelle noticed was the luxurious top-of-the-line cars parked around. That alone was enough to tell her what kind of people Elijah's guests were. r

The truth was that Elle had been feeling a little hesitant in attending this party. She could not help but feel curious at how everyone in the family had unanimously told her she did not need to attend it. And then, even Lucas had tried to persuade her not to go. Even when she told him she would go, the man had continued trying to convince her to turn it down. When she asked Lucas the reason why, the man went silent for a moment before saying that Sebastian never attends Elijah's birthday. r

Of course, she had asked again, but Lucas did not want to answer her anymore. He only said that the two princes did not get along well. Elle also remembered that Sebastian had warned her about Elijah previously. But in the end, she still decided to go. It was not because she was disregarding everyone's words, but she just thought that it would not be good for her to decline such an important invitation. Elijah was one of the princes of the Reign royalty. She had gone to many other events and even attended a Duke's daughter's birthday just the night before. So it would definitely come across as disrespectful if she now rejected the prince's invitation when she did not have any good enough excuses at the moment. r

So, she could only go. She had never met Elijah yet, but she wanted to meet him, nonetheless. At least once. She could not help but be curious on why this one particular prince seemed to be kind of disliked not only by Sebastian but by everyone. r

"Your Highness," Lucas leaned on her as the two walked down a black carpet. She had raised a brow seeing that instead of a red carpet, a black one was used. "Please don't forget what I told you, okay? Please make sure to never stray away from me. Everyone's wearing a mask at this party, hence making it harder for me to trust anyone for your safety."r

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Chapter 47 Reward

Knowing how important the talk of her safety was, Elle nodded firmly at Lucas. She was already used to being guarded and the fact that the way Lucas had been guarding her ever since they stepped into this place from the beginning was something she did not find annoying and suffocating at all. It was so unlike the way her father and Brandon Haze had been guarding her from before. r

"I understand. Don't worry, I will try to excuse myself early tonight." She assured Lucas and then the two finally arrived inside.r

The party's motif was a dark masquerade, so everyone was dressed in something gothic and dark. All the guests' faces were covered with glamorous and interesting masks. r

Elle was holding her black mask inspired by a phoenix wing. She was dressed in a chiffon black-to-red gradient one-shoulder dress. Shimmery sequins decorated the strap crossing her right shoulder and also along the gathers just above the left waist. A gothic black Victorian lace necklace with black diamonds decorated her slender swan-like neck. She also put on a long open fingered black laced gloves that reached her elbows. On her dainty feet, black stiletto heels with straps going round the ankles and down the front, as well as red soles gave her an additional height to her already perfect height. To complete her ensemble, she had on smokey eyeshadow, black-to-red gradient nail polish, a red garnet flower black shiny gold ring on her ring finger and a vintage black large velvet bow clipped to hold half her hair back.r

Though she could not see everyone's expression, Elle had immediately felt gazes turning to fall on her. It was like all eyes turned and focused on her. Trying her best to stay calm, she continued walking in gracefully until they reached their assigned table. The place was dimly lit but was really beautiful. It was like a scene from a dark fairytale. The ceiling was dark but silver chandeliers hung above, lit up by long taper candles. It gave her the feeling that they were back in the past. It was a complete contrast to the exterior of this modern mansion.r

Somehow, Elle could not help but be amazed at the atmosphere of this party. She had been to many parties before, but this was the first time she had been invited to a party this extreme. The dark fairytale theme had been perfectly executed. And to think that even the feel of it gave her goosebumps. Like there was something sinister hanging in the air, something dark lingering in the beauty of everything and everyone. Just exactly what one would be expecting of a dark fairytale. Whoever the organizers and designers were, they had truly nailed the theme. And did the guests received any script to follow or some orders to stare at the other guests with those creepy gazes beneath their masks? 

"Are you okay, Princess?" Lucas asked. For some reason, the man seemed a little too concerned about her tonight. Was he worried she would get nervous with this setup? r

She smiled at him. "Don't worry. Actually, this is quite thrilling." She whispered to him. "Not the same old party I've gotten so used to. The atmosphere is pretty amazing. It's so realistic!" she gushed.r

Lucas could only fall speechless at her words and let her be. r

Soon, the party started. Like what Elle said, it was not the usual formal birthday party she had been expecting. It was completely something new to her. r

They started even without the birthday man appearing at all yet. There were no usual formalities whatsoever like that announcement of important guests. They just went straight to the main event, and everyone started enjoying the dancing and games held along the sides of the large hall.r

Soon, the games started to level up, at least in terms of sinisterness. The host began a mystery murder game that truly had Elle's heartbeat rushing so wild. The actors were so… they were so good. So realistic. Even the vampire actor who had bitten a woman to death seemed so real that Elle could not help but cover her mouth at the scent that had filled the air when the woman was dropped on the floor acting dead. That's definitely a scent of real blood, right? Did they have to go so far as to using real blood? r

A spotlight suddenly focused on Elle and the host asked her who she thinks was the real murderer among the four suspects in the stage. Elle was so distracted and felt like she was watching a real horror movie that she did not have the capacity to act as the detective right then. So, to get the spotlight off her, she just pointed a random person who she thought was most likely the culprit. r

To her shocked surprised, the host yelled 'correct' and everyone congratulated her. What?!! She got a lucky guess? r

"Congratulations my lady. You are the luckiest lady for tonight because your reward is…" the host gestured her hand and then people cleared a path. r

A tall man was walking down the dark carpet. He had on a crazily elaborate mask that covered the entirety of his face. It was covered with all types of gemstones – all in black and gold hues – giving him a very freaky yet attractive vibe. Only his eyes were visible, and they shone and sparkled with a dark interest as he stared at her. He was dressed all in black from head to toe. The only color in his clothing was on his black outer coat that had gold embroidered Victorian themed patterns all over it. Elle could not help but to be in awe at how he came across as super luxurious even though dressed in all black and with tinges of gold.

The atmosphere seemed to turn even heavier and

Elle wasn't sure why but her heartbeat picked up so wildly as the man approached her.


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Chapter 48 Waltz

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No matter how Elle tried to calm down her wild heartbeats, her heart seemed to be insistent on disobeying her mind. She was getting incredibly nervous every step the person came closer. Was it because of this prince's somewhat inexplicable air around him? Now that he was near her, Elle even could not help but feel a little shiver running down her spine. She had never felt anything like this when she met the other members of the Reign family. Was she kind of scared or was she just creeped out at how freaky his mask was?

Now that he was closer and she saw his mask's details, Elle noted the line of sharp teeth indicating the mouth area on his mask. The sight of all the details were just truly, unsettling to say the least.

He finally stopped before her. Elle found herself fighting for calm again, yet she kept her chin lifted and her bearing composed as though nothing was bothering her. Looking up at him. His height was probably just an inch shorter if compared to Sebastian's. But there was his aura. She could sense something off about him, but she could not quite put her finger on what was the problem. It did not give the similar feeling of something dark and intense or mysterious like Sebastian's. And it definitely was not something warm or light and normal either. It was simply hard to describe or something that one could not even figure out.

"Good evening, my lady." He bowed so gentlemanly. His voice was smooth, a little deep and… surprisingly polite and pleasing to the ears. Somehow, his voice and actions were a contrast to what she had been expecting from all the warnings she had gotten on her not attending this party. "I'm glad you didn't reject my invitation for my party."

"It was my pleasure, Prince Elijah." Elle managed to give an immediate and gracious response. "There's no way I would miss attending such an important event." She smiled at him.

,m "You are looking as gorgeous as I have heard." He responded and she saw his grey eyes gleaming from behind that truly unique mask of his, indicating that he might have just smiled at her. Before she could say 'thank you', he continued. "May I have this dance, my lady?"

He extended his hand to her in another gentlemanly move. But what Elle had noticed first was his black leather glove. The sight of it immediately reminded her of Sebastian.

Forcing herself to stop thinking about Sebastian for the nth time, Elle placed her gloved hand on his. There was no way she could reject his offer right in his face. She had no real reason to. And she had already prepared herself for this since she knew that this country did not have any strict protocol on their royalty regarding matters like this.

Even so, Elle was not planning to just accept any man's invitation to dance, just in case a few others would later invite her to dance. She only planned to accept a dance request from her brother-in-law in case he asked because it was his party. And maybe just one or two more with someone she might be comfortable with. She just wanted to avoid any rumors that might spark if she only danced with the prince and rejects everyone else.

"I hope you do waltz, my lady. But if you don't, please let me know. I believe I am familiar with every decent types of dances there are out there. So I can definitely make the adjustments for you." His words flowed so smoothly that Elle just found herself relaxing and smiling at him again.

"That's very considerate of you, Prince Elijah. But worry not, I can waltz. Any decent princess worth her salt should be able to waltz well enough, don't you think so?" she joked lightly.

"Perfect then. And I'm sure you are more than a decent princess, right?" Elijah then winked at her.

Elle glanced over her shoulder at Lucas and saw the man taking a half step towards her, obviously on the verge of stopping her. So, Elle smiled reassuringly at him and discreetly gestured that it was alright as she allowed Prince Elijah to lead her slowly towards the empty dance floor. Somehow, at the moment, her nervousness towards Elijah had subsided that she started to wonder if her initial impression about him was just being over exaggerated and was perhaps influenced by the atmosphere. Because right now, this man did not seem dangerous to her. At all.

When they stood in the middle of the dance floor, Elijah stared at her with a look that seemed to be promising her much enjoyment. And then the music started and flowed melodiously around the large hall.

They began to waltz along with the music, their steps going in time with the beat. He danced with so much grace that Elle, who had mastered the textbook waltz since she was young was finding herself being amazed at his skill. It was like he has had decades more practice compared to her. But that was just impossible, because she could tell he was probably at most, just a few years older than her. How much difference could that few years make even if he did practice dancing daily?

"You're pretty amazing, Prince Elijah." Elle complimented him genuinely when the dance slowed down a little. She could really feel the extent of this man's experience, especially with regards to women's bodies. But he was a gentleman, and his hands that were placed on her were nothing but respectful. He held her with assurance and poise, that Elle was starting to really feel she could really depend on him.

"And so are you, my lady." His eyes smiled down at her. "I hope you have been enjoying your stay in the castle so far?" He probed mildly.

"Yes. Everyone has been so welcoming. The people, places and things that can be found in this country is truly amazing." Elle did not hold back on her praises and was generous in her compliments.

"That's a relief to know. But sooner or later, I'm sure you'd start to see something you have never expect." His voice was suggesting something else that she did not know. Elle knew he was trying to pique her interest.

"Like what? Pray tell, Prince Elijah." Elle replied in an airy tone with mock curiosity.

Something flashed in Elijah's eyes as he stared at her. But Elle did not catch what it was as he suddenly moved a little closer to her and whispered lowly. "Bloodsuckers... like the one you saw earlier."

Chapter 49 Secret

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Elle almost stumbled because of what Elijah had just whispered to her. But thank God he was smooth enough to prevent that from happening and gracefully managed to continue their dance as if nothing had happened at all.

She was just thankful that the upper half of her face was covered with her phoenix wing inspired mask right now or else everyone would be audience to how embarrassed she was for almost tripping while dancing. Oh lord… she truly needed to keep her presence of mind running at full force! She could not believe she almost fell for what he just said! This man was really amazing to be able to talk so believably like that! To think that he even managed to send shivers down her spine was truly a feat in itself. Elijah could really pass as one of the world's best actors!

Forcing out a soft chuckle, Elle decided to play along his skit to perfection. "Vampires, hmm…" she paused for a moment to achieve what she hoped was a believable contemplation on her part. "I think I won't mind catching a glimpse of a real one. As long as he is not out for my blood."

For a moment, Elle saw an interesting complexity flash past his eyes. She was focused on his eyes just because she really could not stand how creepily beautiful his mask was up close.

"What will you do if I tell you that this place that you thought is a perfect paradise is actually hiding a deep dark secret?"

"Well, every place always has that, does it not? There is truly no place that is perfect – just the illusion that makes it seem so. Just like us… places have their own dark sides too."

A low and throaty chuckle came from him. "That's true," he admitted. And then, his voice and gaze became serious again. "So, you're saying that you have your own dark side…? I'm curious to know because you're too bright that one wouldn't believe that you have even a spot of darkness in you."

It was Elle's turn to smile. "Even the bright moon has a dark side, Prince Elijah."

"But I don't think you're a moon, my lady. You're much brighter than that."

Elle blinked and he continued. "You're more of a sun. And the sun doesn't have any dark sides. It is the source of light."

Speechless, Elle almost gasped at his words but she stopped herself and laughed quietly. "You're unexpectedly smooth, Prince Elijah."

"Unexpected…" he echoed, sounding curious. "Now I'm curious to know what you had been expecting."

"I'm just… my first impression of you is that talking to you would be awkward. But it seems that I was wrong. You felt friendlier than I had thought you would be. And I'm truly relieved for that matter."

"Did any of my family members made you feel awkward?" he asked her in a kind tone.

"Oh, no! Not at all!" Elle said without hesitation, "In fact, I enjoyed chatting with each one of them. It's just that my conversation with the other men in the family weren't like what we're having right now. I think it's because my conversation with them, except for Alexander, had usually been serious – formal I should say. I was honestly expecting you to be kind of serious as well, as this is our very first meeting." She beamed at him. She had wanted to let him know she was truly glad he was comfortable with joking around with her and did not need to remain so serious. If he was, Elle was afraid that she might be so tensed up right now, especially with that creepy mask of his and the incredibly uncanny atmosphere.

She made a turn and when she was close to him, she nearly gasped because he seemed to have reduced the distance between them. Before she could take a step back to maintain their earlier distance, Elle was frozen still at the dark whisper she heard. "What if I tell you that our conversation had never been a joke and was always serious since the very beginning?"

The words he said had Elle unable to respond. Something in his voice just made her feel like wanting to push herself as far away from him as possible. But… this man was just acting again, right? It must be! There was no way their conversation was serious! Only a child would think it was!

Taking a silent breath to regain her composure, Elle forced out another laugh. "You almost got me there. You are such a hell of an actor, Prince Elijah. Color me impressed."

"Then do you want to hear a secret, my lady?" he asked as though he did not hear what she had just said. And the pace of her heartbeat only increased at that statement. She also started to wonder why the music was not ending yet. A waltz like this should have long ended already and yet… it still seemed to be dragging on? Was this only because she was starting to feel nervous? And what secret was he going to disclose?

She feigned curiosity even though at the moment, all she wanted was nothing else but for the music to finally stop in order for this dance to end. She wanted to turn and look around at Lucas, because she really wanted to know if the music was really that long and was not just her imagination. But she was afraid that Lucas might notice she was uncomfortable and would step in to stop the dance – which was the height of rudeness in such a situation. And a scandal was the last thing she wanted being pegged to her name. So, as long as he was not trying to cross her limit, she would rather endure this strange and seemingly extended dance.

With her heart in her throat and doing her best to keep her composure, Elle nodded at him. "Of course." Was all she said, and he bent a little closer again to whisper into her ear.

Her heartbeat was pounding so loudly now that she felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. And she did not know why she was suddenly whispering desperately 'help, please stop the music, stop this dance…' within herself. 

"Here's the secret, my lady…" came his voice and Elle unconsciously held her breath. "You are –"

Then something pulled at her. But she swore she did not feel any hands touching her. It was like an invisible force that had removed her from Elijah's hold and made her do a single spin before spreading her arms out to her sides, as if to finally make a bow as thanks for the dance.

A familiar large hand grabbed her free hand and pulled her away.


Chapter 50 Apology

Despite the fact that Elle felt Elijah tightening his grip on her hand – as if not wanting to let her go – he still was somehow unable to keep her from slipping away from his grip. Effectively causing her to be spun around in another unexpected and graceful turn until she was tugged into someone else's embrace. 
Everything had happened so fast, yet it was all so smooth. As though it was already all planned out and practiced countless of times. The bystanders would even think that what had happened was actually a part of the dance. Even Elle could not quite process it. Everything just proceeded… so strangely. It was just so unnatural she was starting to wonder if she was even dreaming, and this was some sort of magical nightmare that she had stumbled into. r

Her pants were heavy as she rested herself against the solid and warm body that was now holding her, serving as her perfect leaning bar. She knew this scent well and recognized this feeling… she did not need to look up into his face to know who it was that had come to stop the dance, to her rescue. But for now, all she could think about was relief. Pure relief that the dance had finally ended for her. r

She had just realized now, with the feeling of weakness in her knees, the dryness in her throat, the heavy breaths, that the dance had indeed dragged on for too long. That was the only explanation on why she was in this state right now. She had a pretty good stamina as she always kept up her exercises, so she knew it was not her body that was to be blamed. r

"Wow…" Elijah's darkly amused voice echoed softly, "that's one flashy entrance, dear brother." Followed by a quiet chuckle that seemed to ripple in the now eerily quiet atmosphere. "And such a gracefully rude one too. But that's quite expected of you, isn't it my great brother?" r

Sebastian did not bother to say anything, but Elle could feel the heavy air emanating from him. It was so strong that Elle could not help but grip her fists harder on his shirt, wanting him to calm down for now. It was as if a raging inferno was barely being held back underneath that thin layer of stoic indifference at this moment. r

"Seems that the rumor I heard isn't actually true, hmm…?" Elijah continued. When Elle finally lifted her head and looked at him, she saw him standing there. His posture was relaxed, and his head was tilted as he faced them both. One of his hands was shoved into his pocket. "To think you couldn't even wait for the dance to end." There was laughter in his voice as he said that. He sounded as though he could not quite believe what Sebastian had done. r

"All because you forgot your manners again, Elijah." Sebastian's deep and velvety dark voice finally echoed out. "How inconsiderate and mean of you to actually drag a dance out for so long and tire your sister-in-law like that." A tinge of venom could be heard in Sebastian's cold voice. r

,m Elle was so surprised at what she just heard. She was about to look up at him, but Elijah's reply stopped her from doing so. r

"Well, for that… I admit that was so ungentlemanly of me." Elijah admitted in an apologetic tone. Another surprise. r

He sauntered closer to them and bowed slightly, placing one of his hands over his chest and using the other to lift his mask slightly, but just enough for his sharp jaw line and thin lips to be visible. "So, I would like to apologize for my behavior, my dearest sister-in-law. You are such an amazing dancing partner you had actually made me forget about the time. I hope you can accept my sincerest apology, my lady." His sincere sounding voice plus the shock of the sudden unexpected view of his face – even if only a little – had Elle's mind taken aback in shock. She had not thought that he would back off so easily and graciously. But coming back to her senses quickly, she replied to him.r

"Oh, it's… of course, prince Elijah." Elle could not help but stumble a little in her speech. It was so surprising that he, as a prince and Reign royalty would apologize to her like this. And so candidly in front of so many people. "Apology accepted and… you were such an amazing dancer as well." She managed to force out her sweetest smile at him. r

"You are really kind. Such a sweet sunshine." He straightened and Elle could have sworn she heard Sebastian snorting under his breath. She could not help but wonder what kind of expression he was wearing at the moment, so she attempted to look up when Elijah suddenly walked even closer to them and reached out to touch Sebastian's shoulder.r

And then he whispered to Sebastian. "But thanks to me losing track of time, because I also accidentally found out something very interesting. It took you much earlier to step in and stop the dance than I had expected, dear brother. Seems I was wrong in thinking that no one could ever breathe fire in your little dark heart again –" r

"Shut your f*cking mouth, Elijah." Sebastian uttered, low and calm. But there was an underlying chill that she picked up and that alone was enough to cause the tiny hairs over Elle's nape to rise. r

Elijah seemed to feel the seriousness of his warning too, before he wisely stopped talking and backed off. "Alright, I'll stop for now." He sighed as if he was a little depressed at the fact that he had no choice but to stop himself from doing something that was very amusing to him. But then his tone changed again to something more formal and serious. "Don't leave just yet, brother. This is the first time you have attended my birthday party, right? Since you are already here, you might as well stay on a little longer." r

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