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πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️ Hellbound Heart Chapter 51 - 55 Full Chapters πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️


Chapter 51 Lazy Grace

This bunos chapter is dedicated to @Sacogun and @Ivette_M11! TYSM for the supergifts! <3


As Elle watched Elijah sauntered off the dance floor as though all the earlier drama had not happened, she could not help but think how incredibly confusing this person was. Something in him truly make one wonder if he was actually a friend or an enemy. She could not quite tell if he was truly evil or not – even after being so physically close to him while they were dancing and conversing at the same time. r

This was the first time she had ever felt so comfortable with someone and at the same time, feeling as though she wanted to run away from him like her very life was in danger. This was the first time she had met someone that could scare her to bits and then make her feel so bad for him like this – all in the same breath. r

Her thoughts and gaze were immediately pulled away from Elijah's retreating back as Sebastian scooped her up into his arms in one swift movement. The action gave her a shock and she let out a small gasp before she could even have the presence of mind to hold it back.r

Elle naturally curled her arms around his neck and finally looked up at him. But she could not quite see his face clearly from this angle. All she could see was the tight set of his sharp jaw. r

"Seb… Sebastian… Elijah had asked you to stay on for a bit longer." She said out in a low voice because Sebastian had not brought her back to their table. He was striding swiftly towards the entrance instead. "I think we should stay back a little… even if it were just for a few more minutes. I mean… since you are here already." r

She had thought about the words that Elijah had said. That this was the first time ever that Sebastian had attended his birthday was the main reason why Elle was saying this. No matter what Elijah had done to her, he had already apologized for it. Furthermore, he had not hurt her. She still hoped that Sebastian would grant him his wish and stay even for a bit longer. r

"Sebastian…" she called out to him again and his hold on her tightened a little before he finally halted in his steps, making her breathe out in relief. r

Finally, he looked down at her. His jaws tight, his eyes cold and stormy.r

He was not wearing any mask as per the theme of the party. His dark hair was tousled as if he had driven over for miles with his car windows opened. And yet, that tussled dark hair did not make him look any less gorgeous. In fact, it even made him looked more attractive – like some rogue underground prince on the run. His intense metallic grey eyes bored into hers and she could not help that her heartbeats responded to that alluring picture he made by dancing around in chaos.r

"Please put me down… let's go back to our table…" she trailed off as he finally put her down.r

"Just fifteen minutes." He finally caved in. His dark mood did not seem to positively improve. Elle could tell that he had just forcefully buried and restrained whatever dark emotion deep within himself. r

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards where the champagnes and wines were served. Grabbing a glass, he sipped on it first before handing it over to her. r

Elle blinked at him before she accepted the glass and slowly drunk it while looking at him over the rim of her glass. Why had he tasted it first? Could it be… that he was testing it for poison? Realizing that it might be the case, her heart skipped a beat as a warmth flowed through her. She tried to compose herself by sipping quicker on her wine. But why would someone put poison…r

"More?" He asked when he saw that she was almost done with her drink, cutting her thoughts off.

When Elle shook her head, Sebastian led her back to their table. He sat quietly. His focus was fully on the dancefloor, but he seemed not to be watching. There was a slightly blank look in his eyes that Elle caught, telling her that he was lost in his own thoughts. He looked like he could not wait for the fifteen minutes to be over so they could finally leave the place. r

Then an unexpected announcement echoed within the hall. "Let's have our most special guests for tonight take the dance floor. Please give Prince Sebastian and his lovely wife an applause everyone!"r

Elle shot her eyes towards Sebastian, widening at the unexpected announcement. That was… certainly a surprise. r

Sebastian did not turn to look at her. He simply stared at the stage but then, he unexpectedly stood up, causing Elle's heart to pump uncontrollably hard. r

He faced her and offered her his hand. r

Elle stared down at his gloved hand as she tried to stay calm. She told herself that just like her, Sebastian must be thinking that this was their chance to shut down the rumor mill. Right, she still could not quite get over what Elijah had said earlier. There were already rumors flying around about them. So, they must shut it down now. This was a chance.r

Lifting her hand, Elle finally rested hers into his outstretched ones.r

When they stood there on the dancefloor, facing each other, Elle maintained her gaze on their hands. Her heartbeat was not calming down no matter what she told herself.r

A beautiful music started playing as she placed her hand on his shoulder and then their waltz began. r

Sebastian could dance! And he could dance really well! Well, she already knew that he could, because it was kind of expected as he was a royal – a crown prince even. But she had expected him to only be the type who mastered the textbook type of waltz, just like her. But dear, was she ever wrong. He may not be as mastered and choreographed as Elijah, but he danced with such lazy grace. The way he held her made the dance seemed so easy, so light, that she almost felt like she was flying. r

When Elle made the first turn, she was brought so much closer to him that the moment their eyes met, Elle felt like something had jolted her heart. r

But she smiled it out, trying to distract herself. She was trying hard to not get lost in those wonderful eyes of his. r

"Why… did you come over here?" she suddenly asked him.r


Chapter 52 Acting?

Background music: Adam Hurst's Midnight Waltz


Something flashed in Sebastian's eyes at Elle's question. But she did not manage to read whatever it was that was in his eyes, as he had already led her to take a reverse turn immediately after that, followed by cross steps. The turn was just perfect… just as perfect as him. r

And before she could even realize it, she was smiling in awe at him, her eyes sparkled as they looked up into his own grey ones. She could not quite believe how their bodies were moving in such harmony. It was as if this was not the first time that they were dancing but the hundredth time. There seemed to be a tacit understanding every time either she or he looked at the other and their next move just flowed as though it had been done hundreds of times before.r

She could not believe how smooth every glide was. How graceful every movement they took and how natural and effortless every step and turns were. Perfection. That was the only word she could think about if one would ask her to describe it. They were pure perfection.r

Everyone who were present at the party except for the two of them, had long since disappeared. The question that was torn from her mouth earlier had been long forgotten. Abandoned in favor of experiencing more of this magical moment she was sharing with Sebastian. r

There was just the two of them dancing in the dark, under the stary night sky. r

Elle could not take her eyes off his. She had been effectively caught again by his gaze. She had underestimated the intimacy a dance could bring. She had so wrongly thought that this dance would be no different from the one she had shared with Elijah. r

But here she was now, caught under his spell. Though knowing, she was somehow not wanting to get out of it. She knew she would not be able to break free until he deemed that the dance was over. And the worse thing was that she did not want the dance to end yet. She was reluctant.r

The restrained dark emotions in his eyes seemed to be completely gone now. He was staring at her like nothing else in the world mattered but her. And as the seconds passed, his gaze just kept intensifying as it continued focusing on her. His grey eyes had taken on a luster so bright that it was impossible for her to draw her eyes away. The occasional touch of his breath against her cheek, and the closeness of their bodies brushing up against each other so intimately, all of it were only making her face and entire body heat up way beyond what she was expecting to. And suddenly, she was reminded of his touch when he had held her that night. r

"My… my question… you're not going to answer it?" she stammered out, forcing herself to ask him that question again. She wanted to erase the erotic scene that had just flashed in her mind. r

Another graceful turn before he drew her even closer, she was now literally pressed right up against him. r

Her eyes widened as she blushed harder, her heart skipping a beat. "Sebastian…" she called out. "Uhm… I think… people might…"r

"Might what?" he whispered so close in her ear. "Did you forget that I'm your husband, huh? Izabelle?" r

Oh Lord… why would you need to talk so huskily like that? That ticklish and velvety feeling brushing over the insides on her ears was just…r

"It seems as though leaving you on your own for a few days turned out to be a bad idea, isn't it? To think you'd even forget –" Sebastian's deep mellow voice continuously rumbled into her ears as he spoke. Elle was thrown for a loop as she felt as though he was suddenly being so relaxed around her, going as far as to tease her.r

"W-what are you saying? Who would forget someone like…" she stammered out, not realizing what she had revealed at first. But when she did, her voice had trailed off, blushing extra hard at the intoxicating and irresistible sight of that dimple that had flashed into being, gracing his face. r

"Someone like me?" he supplied, finishing her incomplete statement. The tone of voice somehow communicated to her the feeling of him being extremely pleased and satisfied with something. Narrowing her eyes just a fraction as she looked at him, she noticed that he now looked genuinely amused as his grey eyes appeared to be like they were gleaming. Why was he… no… he must just be acting right now, isn't he? It must be because people were still watching them. He must be doing all these just for the sake of keeping up the pretenses. Sebastian was amusedly teasing her and being so intimate with her like this, all because everyone's eyes were on them. r

Elle had somehow convinced herself. She understood and nodded, knowing that as husband and wife who had just gotten married not too long ago, he must have felt the need to keep up the fantasy that they were madly in love with each other.r

"You, cocky prince." She rode with the flow, chuckling quietly, but she had also really wanted to say that because she honestly thought that he really was. "You are actually right. I had almost forgotten that I am actually married for the last three days." r

His pleased smile immediately faded, causing her to blink in surprise at the sudden change in facial expressions. She had even felt a sudden cold breeze that sent a tiny shiver down her back. Err… Huh? What was with his current expression? Oh… wait! Is this another act that he was putting on? If so, she needed to be quick on the uptake and go with the flow. It would not be good for the both of them to be on different pages.r

"But it's a good thing that you came back tonight," she continued the teasing, grinning at him with a bright and wide smile. "Because if you had not, I might have even forgotten your name when I wake up tomorrow." r

Elle was expecting a cocky or arrogant retort from him, but surprisingly, it did not come even after she waited the normal time for him to respond. His expression had actually darkened, shocking and confusing her for real now. r

Oh dear… could it be that she had gone too far? But there was no way, right? She had not said anything wrong…r

Sebastian led her to another graceful turn and then suddenly the dance seemed to become even sexier. Like something incredibly sensual had suddenly sparked between them both.r

And then he finally spoke. "How naughty of you Izabelle… to say such a thing right into your husband's very face. You better prepare yourself well because from here on out I am going to…" he paused for a moment and when he continued, his voice was so deep and raspy, "…stick with you all night… and day until you will never be able to forget about the existence of your husband ever again. Be it awake or asleep."r

Chapter 53 Nickname

Goose bumps rose on Elle's neck and back due to the implied meaning from his words. Her pulse skittering and missing a couple of beats, as was reflected along with their dance. r

Their eyes held each other's as their bodies finally stilled from the swaying and spinning. Elle's breath was a little labored, but she knew it was not because of the unforgettable dance that they had just shared together. It was more due to her poor little heart that had been attacked quite vigorously by those last words of his. Those words had really shaken her resolve up quite badly.r

And because of that, her heart and mind had descended into a heated war yet again. The former kept insisting that there was no way his words were not serious, but the latter was hellbent on arguing that it was nothing but an act.r

Elle was so torn for a few moments, not knowing to listen to the angel or devil part of her. But in the end, once again, her brain – the more logical side or her – had finally won the battle. All she had to do was remind herself of that night again. That avalanche of awful feeling that came lancing through her, immediately and cruelly after the pleasure. She will never let herself naively go through that again. She had made a promise to herself that she would never fall for the words that comes out from the exact same lips that had called out for another woman's name while he was still sleeping next to her. And those very same lips that could not even kiss her own.r

Effectively shutting her heart off, a naughty smile curved on her face. "Oh my… should I start running away from you now?" she continued playing along as they both finally stepped off the dance floor. Both were completely unaware how the two of them had enthralled everyone with their romantic waltz. Even as the couple sauntered away from the dance floor, all eyes were still focused on their figures. Wonder, intrigue, envy, and disbelief – different emotions were flashing across the many different eyes trailing after them. r

"Go on." Sebastian leaned closer into to her as he uttered his response, not even bothered to whisper anymore. "Run if you can, my dear wife. Try me…" r

Elle stumbled at that last line. Her treacherous heart betraying her again, before it was being reigned in by her mind. Thankfully Sebastian had moved so quickly that no one even noticed her slight misstep. Oh lord! T-this man!r

"S-such confidence." She managed to click her tongue playfully at him as she regained her composure, willing her racing heart to slow its pace. "You might not be aware, but I run pretty fast, Sebastian."r

He smirked. His lips opened and said something, but she could not quite catch it because the host's voice suddenly echoed loudly over the hall. r 

"That was such a surreal dance!" the host exclaimed with pleasure, and everyone clapped, following his hint. Their late reaction had Elle blinking at first but then she blushed hard when she was reminded again of the intimacy of their dance right in front of all these inquisitive eyes. r

Instead of letting Elle settle on her seat, Sebastian smoothly grabbed his coat off the back of his chair and turned to face her. r

"Your requested fifteen minutes is over, my dear." he reminded her, seemingly quite certain that she had completely forgotten about this one little thing. And before Elle could even react, Elijah's voice had sounded from behind her.r

"Leaving already, brother? Why don't you let Elle enjoy the party a little bit more? She seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit." he commented rather casually. Sebastian's brows furrowed as he noticed the way his brother had referred to his wife. His face darkened as the earlier light and playful mood surrounding him suddenly dropped and the atmosphere grew heavy and cold.r

Elle too, was surprised that Elijah had called her by her nickname. And in an incredibly casual manner at that. How could he refer to her that way when they had literally just met each other?! It had not even been more than an hour and he was already being so casual?! And to top it all off, she had not even seen his face yet. She literally did not know who he was!r

Frowning behind her mask, Elle could not help but feel a little awkward as she looked at the still masked Elijah. She could not help but really wonder now what was up with Elijah. His actions and words were really starting to confuse her. Somehow, it seemed as though he had some hidden agenda. And it did not feel like it was going to be simple.r

"And besides," Elijah continued, "I think you've been enjoying the party quite a bit too, brother. This is the first time I've seen you looking so human like that. Your arrival was truly a big surprise, so I didn't have enough time to prepare something entertaining enough for you. So…" he paused, something in the air seemed to have changed again as he approached closer to Sebastian. "… so, why don't you stay a little bit more? I have a surprise for you and Elle." r

"Did you forget that you're the celebrant here, Elijah?" Sebastian was quick to respond this time. His voice was calm and neutral, but still felt so absolute. Looking between the two of them, Elle felt like she was caught in the middle of a fight between two powerful and dangerous beasts. 'A mysterious prince in a dark fairytale and a devil blessed with a face of a fallen angel' would probably be the perfect description for them both right now. r

"So don't bother with it, Elijah." Sebastian added quickly, cutting Elijah off before his first words could even be formed into something understandable. "My wife and I better get going so the spotlight would be able to return to you, the rightful man of the hour. And Iza here is tired. It's time for her to rest." r

Elle's eyes stretched so wide as her head snapped back to look at Sebastian. What… what did he just called her?! Seriously?! Did he just give his very own nickname for her? r

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Chapter 54 Tiny Clue

Here's a bunos chapter dedicated to @Sacogun and @Babsia! Thank you so much for the supergifts!


"That's too bad then." Elijah sighed and then he leaned closer to Elle. "Your presence truly imparted such color and light to my usually uninteresting parties, Elle." His tone changed into something seemingly serious and genuine. His words were effective enough to distract her from the chaos and shock that was rampaging around within her mind at the moment.r

"Oh… you do flatter me, Prince Elijah." Elle shook her head with grace, trying her best to ignore the casual way he was addressing her. She doubted he actually meant what he said. Perhaps he was just trying to make conversation and being nice. "I'm sure you are just being kind in saying that."r

Elijah shook his head in disagreement. "It's not flattery, my lady. I meant every word that I said. I will never forget the fact that you still honored my invitation despite my family's warnings." He chuckled and winked at her knowingly. It seemed that even without her saying anything, he had already known how his family would have reacted to his invitation.r

Elle did not know how to respond now. She was at a loss for words on how to respond to him too. She had not expected him to say that. Was commenting on his own family that way not too straightforward? And dear lord… he knew that his family had tried to stop her from attending… r

Even after a couple of seconds, she still did not know how to react. Elle finally decided that she could only express her gratitude.r

"Thank you for inviting me to your party. I've really enjoyed the night." Elle walked towards Lucas and took out a box from inside the bag that was sitting next to Lucas. "Please accept my small present. And… happy birthday to you, Prince Elijah." r

Some kind of inexplicable silence reigned as Elijah stared at the box that was sitting in Elle's hand. She was not certain, but it seemed as though Elijah was not expecting to receive a gift from her. Though the mask shielded his face from being seen, Elle could feel the shocked aura radiating from his person. Was it so strange to present a gift to the birthday man at his own birthday celebration? Elle was a little puzzled.r

Just as when she thought that he was not going to accept it, Elijah extended his hands and plucked the box from out of her palms. "How thoughtful of you…" was all he said in what she thought was a much weaker tone than his usual voice.r

"Oh, don't mention it. Please enjoy the rest of the night and I would like to apologize for leaving early." r

"No. It's already a surprise that you've come and stayed this long actually. So, there is truly no need to be sorry." His response was generous and his tone courteous.r

Elle was about to respond again when Sebastian suddenly took his coat off and then draped it around Elle's shoulders, covering her exposed back, causing her heartbeat to once again increase its pace. r

"I can see the goosebumps rising on your skin…" Sebastian whispered, "how could you forget your coat huh, Iza?" Sebastian once again used the personal nickname he had decided on for her.r

"How sweet…" Elijah commented and then he patted Sebastian's shoulder, leaning even closer to him and whispered. "I have something really interesting I wanted you to know, brother. But since you could no longer wait to leave, I guess I'll postpone this secret reveal for another time. But I'll be generous and leave you with a tiny clue… it's about your wife…" and Elijah allowed his voice to trail off there, causing Sebastian's eyes to narrow slightly. But it was not noticeable to anyone else.r

Due to another wave of shock Elle was experiencing, she had not noticed the suffocating darkness that had momentarily reigned between the two brothers. r

She also did not hear what Elijah had whispered to Sebastian just now. But it was not only because of her loud heartbeats and the background noises, but also because Elijah seemed to really not want her to hear what he was saying to Sebastian this time.r


The trip back home was silent and heavy. The flirty and seductive and sweet Sebastian she had experienced at Elijah's party seemed to have returned back to normal now. He did not speak since they left Elijah's mansion and was just quietly driving the car. He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts.r

Elle could only snort at herself within her. See? I was right all along. The gentle teasing and lovey-dovey actions from earlier were all but an act. Good thing her rational side had won out.r

She could only sigh in relief because she had just spared herself from more disappointments or whatever negative feelings it would have brought her right now if she had allowed herself to naively believe and fall along with his top class acting. He truly was such an accomplished actor. r

Her mind was itching to ask. To question him why he even bothered coming over to the party. She wanted the real reason as he had always dodged the question all this time. But she did not want to be the first one to break the silence. If he did not want to speak to her, then so be it. She would speak to him then. Wait…!! No, she must learn not to care about what he does. Whatever it was that he does.r

Soon, the car finally stopped. r

Elle was so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she had not realized they had already arrived back at the castle.r

Sebastian stepped out and when she saw him walking around the front of the car to come over to her side, Elle quickly reached out for the door handle and wanted to push it open. But he was just too quick for her as he still beat her to it. r

Holding the car's door open, Sebastian placed his large hand over her head as she stepped out. It was another gesture that had her heart warming up whether she liked it or not. r

When their gaze met, Elle's heartbeat skipped a beat at the dangerous intensity that she caught swirling around in his eyes. W-what now? r

"You had said earlier on… that you run pretty fast, right Izabelle? How about we make a bet? I'm giving you a couple of minutes to run ahead of me…" he said in a husky voice. "If I catch up to you before you step inside our room…" he pinched her chin lightly, "… don't expect me to ever let go of you again tonight."r


Chapter 55 Cheat Sheet

Elle's mouth hung open in disbelief. His words and that look in his eyes only made her feel dizzy, making her unable to think. Seriously… what was wrong with him? Why was he… acting like this? No one was watching them anymore. He did not need to look at her as though they were deeply in love with each other anymore. What was he trying to achieve by saying and doing things like that?

She had spent three whole days without him and came out of it just fine. She had already managed to get him off her head with much effort and was able to focus on the work that she needed to get done. Her life without him had been pretty good, carefree even. But now that he was here, so close to her, looking at her with those compelling metallic grey eyes… as if he was holding back from pinning her against the car. As if… if she had not known better, she would even think that he was looking as though he wanted to kiss her right now.

And she did not like it one bit. She did not like that how he easily create such chaos within her because it only made it harder for her to hold her ground. Was he trying to set her on fire and then pour a flood of ice water on her afterwards again?

Biting the insides of her lip, Elle swallowed as subtly as she could. She could not let him see her nervousness. She would not let that happen. She would not allow herself to be that silly to make the same mistake twice.

Tipping her chin up a little at him, Elle replied in an unfeeling tone. "And what will you do if you don't manage to catch me? What will be your punishment?" she raised a brow in defiance. With her speed, and if she uses the elevator, there was no way he would be able to catch up to her. Unless he was playing with her right now or he was planning to cheat and will in fact, follow right after her just a few moments after she runs off. But even if he comes after her immediately, provided she takes the elevator, there was still no way he could catch her.

He held her gaze. The distracting storm in his grey eyes did not subside at all despite her acting cold to counter the hot and heavy atmosphere he was creating.

"Punishment…" he half bite on his lip and it was too late before Elle could even stop herself from staring at his lips. "Don't you know how dangerous that word is, huh? Izabelle?"

"You're… dodging the question again, Sebastian." She managed to retort, not allowing his words to distract her from her question.

He smiled. She really hated how that deadly smile and that damned dimple kept showing up at times like this. Times when she really needed to stand firm. They are literally his cheat sheet!

"I will sleep on the couch tonight." Came his response, causing Elle to widen her eyes. H-him? This man will sleep on the couch?! No way, right?

As if he had read the doubts in her mind, he removed the heavy long coat draped on her back and said, "Take the elevator. I'll take the stairs. Will that be enough to erase your doubt?"

Elle's lips fall open. This… little… big devil… he must be thinking that she was lying about her running speed, right? The thought that he must be comparing her pace with a turtle's had her fighting spirit surging within her. Fine. She was ready to go! She would show him what happens when he underestimates her too much.

"Alright." Elle looked at him with a challenging gaze. "I will believe that you'd be a man of your word for this, Prince Sebastian." She made this disclaimer as a precaution so that he would not back out on his words.

A short breathy laugh escaped his lips after hearing her say that. He knew she was reiterating that just so he could not back out of it. Then he finally leaned away from her, releasing her from the iron jail of his which were his two arms. He propped himself back against the body of the car and lit up a cigarette.

"Rest assured, Izabelle." He said reassuringly as white smoke came out of his lips. "This husband of yours will be a man of his word tonight. You can trust in that."

Elle felt her heartbeat skipped a beat at him referring to himself using the word 'husband'. But she stared hard at him before she kicked off her heels one after another without averting her gaze from his.

Sebastian's hand halted midair as he watched her slip out of her heels. The corner of his eyes twitched a little and just as he was about to say something, Elle sped away from him without any warning.

His lips were parted as he watched her quickly disappearing from his eyes. He did not move for a moment as if something so unbelievable had just caught him off guard.

A low chuckle echoed in the silence as Sebastian ran his gloved fingers through his hair. He looked so amused he even bent over in his attempt to control his laughter. His shoulders were shaking a little as he did that.

But after a while, he took a deep breath and when he lifted his face again, something wicked shone in his metallic eyes.

"Run… faster Izabelle…" he murmured as he drew hard on his cigarette, looking up at the direction of their room.

Pushing away from the car, Sebastian killed his cigarette between his fingers, not bothered about the sting, and with a thrilled and wicked smile, he sauntered towards the entrance. "Forgive me though… because this devil will never let you win. Not tonight my dear." Perhaps, not ever… that swift thought came and left as well.