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Chapter 56 For Your Sake

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With a confident smirk, Elle stepped out of the elevator. She was very sure that she had given her all and ran like the wind the moment she was ready. The corridor was empty, but she still did not lessen her pace at all. It was no good to be too confident that she would relax her guard.

She ran as fast as she could with victory plastered all over her face. No matter how fast he could go, there was just no way she would lose. Not with the speed that she had employed. Unless of course if he had magic. An amused glimmer flashed across her eyes at the thought.

When she saw the large double doors at the end of the corridor awaiting to be opened, Elle finally slowed down. She shook her head and smiled. What was she doing? 'Seriously… Elle…' she muttered to herself, unable to believe what she had just did.

Reaching her hand out for the gold door handle, Elle laughed at herself. But oh well, that was one enjoyable way of running away from his grasp. And an exercise for her too. With this, she could probably immediately fall asleep even if Sebastian was around. She really hoped so.

As she pushed the door open, her body stiffened. Her eyes slowly stretched wide as she watched a large hand covered hers, effectively stopping her from pushing the door open any further.

"Caught you!!" Came a rumbling whisper against her ear, jolting her heart so damned bad that her hand flew to her chest as that traitorous organ jumped and thumped with such anticipation. She readjusted her mind and the sudden welling of longing stirred up by his velvety and dark tones.

Her gasp was loud as she turned around with a start. Wait…!! That could not be possible!

The world stilled for a moment as she looked up at him. Her ice blue eyes so wide that it might have popped out of their sockets if it was possible.

"Breathe, Izabelle." He muttered lowly in her ears and Elle snapped back to reality from the intense shock.

Her lips opened and then closed. How… just how did he manage to…

His dimple appeared again as he lifted his hand and wiped off the sweat on her temple. "Indeed, you truly run fast, I'm impressed." He commented in a sultry deep voice. "But..." he bent over, bringing himself close to his ears and whispered, "… it's just that too bad because I'll catch you no matter how fast you run. There is no escaping me."

Elle unconsciously stepped back only to hit her back against the door. Oh my…

"H-how… how did you…" she still could not believe it. She had lived in this wing of the castle for the last three days. The butler had told her everything already, even the position of the secret passages. So, she was extremely confident that there were no areas and secret paths she still did not know. There was no way that Sebastian could have used another elevator, right? There was only one elevator in this wing of the castle! So how? How on earth?

Tilting his head innocently, Sebastian did not wait for her question to be completed anymore and answered. "I have my ways, Izabelle."

"Ways? What ways?" she pressed him for answers, her eyes still circled wide. No, she could not just let it off so easily!

,m He braced his hands on both her sides and leaned on her. His smile had faded. What was left was the storm in his eyes that seemed to be sucking her breath away.

"Running and leaping." His answer came out flat and direct.

A heavy silence reigned before Elle closed her eyes and sighed so heavily for a couple of times before she lifted her gaze at him again, expecting to see humor and victory flashing in his eyes. But what she only saw was him staring down at her with that peculiar look.

Elle could only bite down on the insides of her lip. There must be some kind of secret short cut that the butler did not show her. Perhaps the butler thought that as the master of the house, he needed to have some secret passageway that was only known to himself and that was why he had not revealed it to her. That was the only explanation on why Sebastian was able to catch her.

But oh lord… now there goes her chance to have him sleep on the couch! What will she do now to…

Her thoughts were cut as she was suddenly being lifted from the ground. 

Sebastian was scooping her up again in his arms. Why… oh why… Did he like to lift people without any warning like this? Was he actually trying to kill her by means of a heart attack?!

"What are you doing? Please put me down, Sebastian. I can walk." She quickly protested but the man did not listen to her pleas and entered their room with her securely tucked in his arms. He had kicked the door with the heel of his shoes after entering their room with her still held in his arms.

"Sebastian…" Elle called out to him again when he did not speak. But he continued walking silently towards the couch.

When he finally sat her down, Elle was about to sigh out in relief when he squatted before her and reached out for her feet.

Shocked once again, Elle gaped at him. "W-what are you…" the words were stuck in her throat as she watched him gently lift her feet and started checking on it. Was he trying to see if she had hurt her feet?!

After placing her right feet down, he checked on the other one casually. As if that was not the first time that he had done something like this to her. As if this was something so commonplace for him to do.

She clenched her fists that were on her sides as her heart drummed up a crazy beat within her chest. Why… what was wrong with this man tonight? Why in the world was he suddenly like this?

Without putting her feet down, he finally lifted his gaze to her. And Elle's breathe snagged in her throat.

"Be thankful you had not suffered any wounds, Izabelle." He had said it so seriously. "Because if you had gotten even a tiny scratch…" he trailed off, his gaze trailing down from her eyes to her lips and then down to her throat.

"What…?" she creased her brows at him. "So what if I accidentally scratched myself while running? What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll teach you a lesson so you would no longer run barefooted like that again and end up harming yourself."


He rose and towered over her, never releasing her from his gaze. He reached for his necktie and loosened it. The set of his jaws changed and now he looked like the dangerous rage that he had buried back in the party had been unleashed. He braced his hands against the couch and said in low voice. "You've done something really dangerous tonight, Izabelle. You need to be... disciplined... for your sake."


Chapter 57 Discipline

Elle silently swallowed as her heartbeat sped up within her. Why did those words sound so dangerous in her ears? "Wh-what discipline are you talking about?" she forced out a nervous laugh, trying to dispel the tenseness that she was feeling. "I'm afraid I'm not keeping up with you, Sebastian. Why don't you enlighten me?" r

She hoped that his dark and hard expression will melt even a little with her joking around, but it did not. In fact, those eyes turned even harder if it were possible. And she could not help but feel a little scared that she had really done something wrong that might have angered him. Cracking her mind, she scrambled in trying to think back on the things that she had done which might have been the trigger point.r

"Do you truly not know why you need to be disciplined, hmm, Izabelle?" Sebastian's tone was deceptively light. But Elle knew better as she shivered lightly. It was the calm before the storm.r

"I don't." She replied stubbornly, hardening her stance. She refused to just back down and cower. "I don't know why you're looking at me like I had done something grave to anger you. I don't think I have done anything that had wronged you, Sebastian." r

"I had warned you before, didn't I? That you need to be very careful with Elijah. And yet…" he trailed off and his jaws tightened. "… and yet you had stubbornly gone on ahead and attended his party despite all the warnings I and everyone have given you. Why do you always throw yourself into the wolves' den? Huh, Izabelle? Do you find joy in encountering situations where you can't get out of? Do you like being cornered with no way out?" r

Elle's eyes widened for a moment before they slowly narrowed, her brows creasing before she replied. "Did you just call your brother's home a wolves' den?"r

"Yes." He replied confidently and without hesitation. The raging storm in his eyes intensified as he reached one hand out to cup her jaw. "You absolutely have no idea what might have happened to you tonight had I not…" the tiny muscles in his jaw twitched as he seemed to struggle to control his emotion. After a few moments of silence, he managed to speak again. "There's a reason why everyone is warning you about Elijah. He is not as harmless as you think, Izabelle. He's a man who's capable of doing things you couldn't even begin to imagine. So you need to listen to the warnings, do you understand what I am saying?" his words came rushing out in an low but angry tirade. But Elle could hear something like worry that was concealed within his tone as well.r

Elle swallowed. The look in his eyes was so intense that it had her heart shivering a little. She was not expecting this. She could see how utterly serious this matter about Elijah was for him. She could not deny she had already felt something very off about Elijah when she had interacted with him earlier. But Sebastian's reaction right now was what had convinced her that her guts about Elijah was not all false. r

As she was still reflecting, Sebastian went on to say, "If you really think I am just scaring you, then consider our family's words. Would they simply tell you to stay away from Elijah if there was no real need to do so? Would they be such a petty people to warn you away from another person just for the fun of it?" And these words from Sebastian hit her hard. What he said was true. r

"Yes… I understand." Was all she could say in the end. She just wanted his rage to subside now. She could not even make herself ask any more questions about this matter related to Elijah even if she wanted to. Because all she wanted for now was to have that burning quiet anger in his eyes to just dissolve first. She did not like him being like this. This was the first time she had seen him behaving like this and she was afraid of what might happen if this continued. "I get you." r

Silence reigned thickly for a moment and to her relief, the set of his jaws loosened. He shut his eyes closed tightly and when his long thick lashes fluttered open again, his grey orbs were back to normal. r

"Good girl," he muttered before plopping down to sit next to her. "But I'm not done yet, Izabelle. Like I said, you need some discipline for you to never forget about this." His heavy voice sounded out from beside her.r

Elle snapped her head back to look at him. r

"Come here," he held her arm and then quickly pulled her towards him.r

The next thing Elle knew, she was brought over his knee. Her eyes stretched wide after registering the position she was in. She then quickly turned to him. "Seb –" well, she tried but he held her down.r

"Shh… Izabelle. I've already promised you, didn't I? Tonight, I will be a man of my word." His sultry voice echoed out in her ears. "So, since I already said that I need to discipline you, I should do it or else you'd label me as man with only words but no action." r

Oh lord... why on earth was her heart throbbing so wildly at this moment as though she was thrilled instead of scared? Was it because of the seduction in the way he spoke to her right now? Or was it because she was… oh my lord… r

Her face burned as she realized how embarrassing her position was at the moment and she struggled in his grasp. But his strong arm continued holding her down and a second later, one sharp spank landed on her behind, jolting her and making her gasp out loudly. r

"Stay still, baby…" he whispered as he caressed her ass, and she felt her entire being heating up again. Oh, dear lord in heaven! r

"From here on…" he continued, "… promise me that you will never… ever go to that place again or anywhere near that Elijah invites you to go without me. Understand that? Izabelle?" r

When Elle was still struggling to process her answer, Sebastian yanked her dress up and slapped her right across her butt cheek. She jerked sharply at the contact. r

"Answer me." His dark velvet voice sounded.r

"Yes…!" Elle did not know what was going on with her anymore. She should be dying with humiliation with what he was doing to her at this moment. She was not a child to be laid across the knees and spanked like this. And yet, she was actually feeling something completely different from this 'punishment' and it might even be stronger than any other emotions she's feeling right now. r

"That's my good and lovely princess," he praised as he caressed the expanse of skin he had just slapped, soothing it so lovingly, reminding her of the pleasure he had made her experienced just a few nights ago.r


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Chapter 58 Punishment

Elle gasped as Sebastian splayed his large hand over the curve of her behind. It was so demeaning having her husband bend her over his knees before proceeding to give her sharp stinging slaps on her derriere! Well, that was what she was supposed to think. r

However, Elle did not know what was going on with her brain. Did she somehow got the wires hooked up wrongly today before leaving the palace? It must be it, right? If not, why was she responding in the total opposite of what she was supposed to be doing? Why on earth was she even feeling the slightest bit of excitement from this 'punishment' that Sebastian was meting out?!r

Lost in her own contemplation, Elle had not noticed that Sebastian had seen how she was no longer focusing on him fully. Thus, he raised his hand and brought his palm down on her butt cheeks again.r

Another loud sound echoed within their otherwise silent room. r

It was then followed by a short shriek from Elle. She jerked again at that slap. Struggling to get away from his weird way of punishing her, Elle used both hands to push against his legs and kicked both her legs hard. She was hoping that it would cause him to relent and release her. Who knew…r 

"Are you trying to excite me more, Izabelle?" his sudden whisper flowed into her ears. Sebastian had leaned over and pressed her down with his upper body weight, while his warm hands clutched hard on one cheek, sending her freezing into shock. "Not that I mind it. In fact, I'd like to see how you do it." And a beguiling chuckle fell from his lips.r

"N-no…!! I… I'm just–" Elle stammered but her voice trailed off. She did not know what she wanted to say. All she was aware of was that a large hot object was poking at her upper abdominal area! She suddenly felt a gush of warmth flooding her body and a heavy lethargy sinking into her womanly place. She could not help but rub her knees together awkwardly in that position Sebastian was keeping her in.r

Mortified of what was happening to her body, Elle turned her head back and glared at him through thick lashes that were wet due to tears. However, she knew that those were not tears of fright. Instead, they were tears of embarrassment from her wanting him to do something more to her so badly even when he was treating her this way. Upset with herself, she bent her head into his lap and bit down on his thighs. Hard! r

"Sss– !!" a sudden hiss escaped Sebastian's lips and his arms that had kept her pinned down loosened. Elle took this opportunity to escape from her forced restraint in facing downwards. r

Sitting up, she came face to face with Sebastian. She could see the tinge of surprise at what she did reflected on his handsome face, now made even more enticing as she was barely a couple of inches away. No, she needed to put more distance away between them!r

Just as she pushed herself up off him, in the hopes of making a full escape from this man she called her husband, he suddenly shot his arms out and wrapped them around her waist and pulled her back again into his embrace. As she was not expecting this and had been taken aback from his speedy reactions, she fell back into his lap and the first thing she registered in her mind was the feel of his throbbing hot length against her bottom. r

She blushed hard at the thought of how she literally had slammed her butt down on his covered manhood. Though she was so embarrassed she was wishing the floor would open up and swallow her whole, she still could not help but enjoy the sizzling tingle that started from their point of contact and spread through her whole body. r

"Sebastian… please…" Elle pleaded as she peered at him through lowered lashes due to embarrassment. Not knowing that by doing that, it would only arouse the predatory instincts that were barely subdued within Sebastian.r

Sebastian nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. r

"Please what? Hmm? Izabelle?" his dark and mellow voice rumbled out. And it surrounded her like a warm comforter, making Elle feel warm and comfortable.r

Oh, dear lord in heaven! Did he just purr? What was… just what in the world had happened to this man? Why had he suddenly made a one-eighty?! Just a couple of seconds ago he was still in punishing mode, but now here he was, behaving so gently and lovingly!r

No… he was just trying to seduce her! NO!! She must not give in and fall for his tricks!r

"Please! Let… go…" Elle squirmed in his hold, trying her best to get out of his embrace that was more like a trap to her.r

However, Sebastian's arms were like iron bars. No matter how much she squirmed, pushed or pulled, she could not get out of his hold. He continued nuzzling his face into her neck. And Elle could feel his soft lips brushing – back and forth – against the sensitive skin of her neck. He also kept inhaling – giving her a ticklish sensation when the air rushed between his nose and her skin – and exhaling – sending warm and moist puffs of air – while he was doing that. r

An intense feeling of ecstasy flooded through her, and Elle could feel her muscles trembling with the effort of fighting back the want of just giving in and melting into a puddle in his arms. r

The fight was real! But the pleasure was all the more tangible! A small moan escaped her lips while she was distracted. Sebastian of course, heard it and tightened his hold on her slightly.r

She forced herself to bite down on her own tongue. A sudden pain lanced through her as a sweet tangy liquid filled her mouth. She was afraid something else might end up coming out from her lips. Therefore, she had no choice but to do this to stay focused. To stay sane.r

Chapter 59 Mixed Feeling

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She must not let him seduce her so easily like this. He just most probably wanted to have sex with her again. That was why he was even bothering in doing this. There was no way he truly wanted more than just the physical act.r

"But I'm not done yet." Sebastian whispered hotly into her ears, immediately sending shivers over her cool skin.r

"What?! Didn't you already –" Elle exclaimed loudly, pushing both palms on his chest. However, it was a futile attempt.r

"Nope. I'm nowhere near done yet. Because… you ended up liking it so much, didn't you? It won't count as punishment if you enjoyed it, right?" he teased her, twirling one finger into her wavy locks.r

"Wh-who said that I liked it?" Elle stammered a little, retorting loudly even as her face flamed red in embarrassment for being called out.r

"Hmm… you don't? Are you sure?" Sebastian drawled out lazily, his eyes looking at her knowingly. r

Elle bowed her head, breaking eye contact with him.r

"Who in the world would like being… being spanked like that?!" She snapped back at him, a little agitated at herself for actually liking what he did to her earlier. Secretly within her own mind, she scolded herself.r

"Look at me in the eyes… and tell me that you don't like it." Sebastian challenged her.r

Elle jerked her head up quickly to look at him and shouted, "I don't!"r

She looked so adorable as she blushed so hard, lying at him with those teary eyes of hers.r

He bit the smile that was threatening to break through. He looked like he had changed some decision that he had earlier made in his mind.r

"Then that settles it… for now." He muttered.r

And then he turned her around in his lap like she was as light as feather and before anymore protests could come from her mouth, she was bent over his knees again.r

"Sebastian! What are you…?? Wait –!!" Elle's words kept on getting cut as she was maneuvered around like a doll by Sebastian.r

"Shh… Izabelle. I told you before, didn't I? What you did isn't something that is worthy of just two spanks alone. What you did actually deserves a punishment that you won't forget any time soon. That is to ensure that you won't ever do it again. And since you said that you didn't like being spanked like this, I guess this is the right punishment for you. Remember… a punishment cannot be something that you enjoy." r

"Wait. Seb –" r

A sharp spank sounded and had her gasping again in disbelief.r

"Sebastian…!! You devil –" Elle cursed, not caring if he was upset at her calling him that. r

Sebastian suddenly yanked her panties down to her ankles in one swift move, causing her to widen her eyes. Wait!! What was happening now?!r

Another spank. This time, it sounded louder. More full, as his palm landed right on her naked butt cheeks. It wrenched a shameful yelp from her as her face burned. r

She tingled everywhere! Especially at that place down there.r

"Please…" Elle sobbed out. Wanting this torture to stop. She did not know how long she could take this. Her mind was in shambles.r

"Please what? Tell me you were wrong, and I will stop." r

Another spank landed. Followed by a squeal and a sob.r

"I was wrong. I was wrong!" Elle quickly gave up and said what he wanted to hear.r

"Good girl." His tone was pleased as he praised her. His warm palm soothed her burning ass and then lifted and turned her around before cradling her in his arms.r

Elle covered her face in both of her cupped palms. She needed to hide her face from him. This was just too embarrassing.r

But if she were to tell the truth, her embarrassment was mainly due to herself. Though she had yelled at him that she did not like him spanking her in the ass, deep down, only she knew that her body actually somewhat enjoyed it. Though it was a mixed feeling. She disliked how demeaning it was that she had been reduced to be like a child, being spanked on her bottom. But there was still that underlying spark, every time Sebastian's hands landed on her butt cheeks, it zinged right into her core and started to get her all hot and bothered. Suddenly, she was jolted out of her own thoughts.r

He had stood up with her in his arms.r

She could feel herself swaying as she felt him walking. She was not planning to look yet, as her embarrassment was still through the roof. But after some moments, she realized that he was still walking. He must be bringing her somewhere. r

"Sebastian." She called out as she finally lifted her face out of her hands. Looking around, she realized that he had entered the bathroom with her in tow. "Put me down…" Elle asked nicely. She did not dare take a superior tone with him, just in case he decides to continue on with the punishment. r

To her relief, all he did was to put her down to stand right beneath the shower head. r

Then without warning, he turned the knob of the shower on to full blast, drenching them both in a spray of warm water.r

Elle was so shocked that she could not speak for a moment. Her mouth was agape as she turned around to face him.r

"What… what in the world are you doing?!" Her tone was clipped, more than a little displeased that she had been drenched while still clothed in her dress.r

The storm in his eyes was back in full force. r

"It seems you didn't realize yet. But Elijah's damned scent is all over you. And you're asking what am I doing? I'm going to wash every single trace of his scent off of you, myself!" Sebastian declared, his grey eyes blazing with possessiveness. r

Chapter 60 Scent

Elle could not believe the look she was seeing in his eyes. She was quite sure it was possessiveness that she is seeing. And the feelings conveyed were so intense and so raw she that could not even convince herself to believe that they were not real. But… why? Why would he be acting like this over her? As though he was… jealous? She almost laughed out loud from the thought. But looking back at his eyes, the urge died in her throat, rendering her silent.r

Her heartbeats then thudded even harder within her chest. Confusion and wonder and shock were rushing through her as her eyes trailed back to trace his unbearably gorgeous face and spellbinding grey eyes. r

"Tell me Izabelle…" came his sultry yet heart-shivering dark voice. "How is it that his scent is… all over you like this? What kind of activity did both of you share that allowed his scent to be transferred to this extent?" Though his tone was calm, Elle detected a dangerous hint within it. r

The storm in his eyes kept intensifying that Elle could not help but feel a little scared now. "W-what do you mean? You know Elijah and I danced, Sebastian. That was all we did. And I don't think his cologne was that strong to be…" she trailed off at the sight of his jaws tightening. r

"If you did not already know, my sense of smell is extremely sensitive, Izabelle." He informed her, his grey eyes were just like shards of ice, glittering down at her before he brought her crashing against his chest with a jerk. "I can smell even the faintest foreign scent that is transferred on you." r

Cupping her chin to make her look up at him, he continued in a low tone, "Now tell me, my dear wife… why is his scent not only on your arms and front but… literally all over you? It was as though you had been drenched from head to toe with his personal… flavor." That last word came out in an angry and clipped tone.r

Elle forgot to breathe for a moment due to the suffocating rage he was exuding. He was truly angry. She had never seen him this angry before. She did not know what he was like when he became angry. She did not know what was suddenly going on.r

But what she saw next in his eyes had her blossoming fear immediately replaced with rage. There was clear accusation shining from within his eyes. Was he… was he accusing her of doing something improper with Elijah? Seriously?!!r

A disbelieving and quiet laugh escaped her as she glared venomously at him. "Are you… are you accusing me, Sebastian?" she asked with a voice shaky due to anger. "Are you implying that I wronged you and our vows?" r

He was silent for a moment, but his dark expression did not change. "I'm accusing him for trying to provoke me. Did anything happen before I arrived that I know nothing about? Did he touch you all over and put his scent on you? What did he do to you –" r

"He didn't do anything to me! We only danced, that's all!" she yelled at him, unable to take it anymore. How dare he suspect her of such behavior! If anyone was to be suspected, it was more likely to be him rather than her!! Fuming, her eyes were sparking with challenge as she stared defiantly at Sebastian.r

"Then explain this." His voice turned even harder, darker. "Why in the f*cking hell am I smelling his scent literally everywhere on you? Huh? Izabelle? How are you to justify this, huh?!" r

Elle could not explain what she was feeling right now. She should be used to this already. Back home, her father had always asked her to explain what she did, and when she did explain herself, he would not believe her explanation. His anger would only escalate the more she tried to explain the truth and then she would still end up being slapped and screamed at. Since she was a teenager, telling the truth, telling what she knew and really felt, had never did anything good for her. In fact, it had always done the opposite. Always. And it was now that she realized just how bad all those experiences had affected her. r

She could not say even a word right now. Even if it was just a simple 'I don't know'. She had thought her trauma would only be triggered when she was with her father and Brandon Haze. But it seemed that she was wrong. She could not believe that all she could do at this moment was to just stand there and look dumbly at him. Unable to stand her ground, unable to respond to him. All she could do was to stand there mutely, as though accepting all the accusations as it were the truth of her actions.r

All she could feel was her trembling lips and her aching throat. The worse was that this case with Sebastian was different. Because she felt an indescribable ache in her heart. He was not screaming at her. He was not even lifting a hand to her. And yet… why does this seemed more unbearable compared to those other times she had experienced? Was it because it was him and not her father or Brandon Haze?r

Suddenly, she felt his grip on her loosening up. When she blinked away the layer of haze that had covered her eyes, she saw him wearing a peculiar expression as he looked down at her. The stormy rage in his eyes had subsided. Or… were they just securely tucked within him again and would come out sometime later? r 

He looked like he wanted to say something else, but he bit down on his lips instead. And then he suddenly yanked at his shirt. The buttons all went flying everywhere as he harshly and effortlessly tore his clothes off him, revealing the perfection of his body underneath those clothes. r

After that, he raked his fingers through his wet and dark hair, throwing his head back into the shower that was still pounding down on them. And when he looked down at her again, his face was impeccably calm. r

"There… I'm not angry anymore, Izabelle," he breathed out in a controlled voice, "you can now stop looking at me like I'm going to kill you if you say a single word." r

He lifted his hand and reached out as if to touch her face, but he stopped midway. His jaws clenched and then he turned around. r

Just when he took a step to leave the bathroom, Elle reached out and grabbed his wrist. r

Sebastian instantly halted at the cool touch of her hands wrapping around the skin of his wrist. r

"If…" Elle's voice was so weak, as if she was having a hard time to even speak. "If I tell you that I really don't know what happened… will you… believe me?" r