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πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️ Allure Of the Night Chapter 126 - 130 Full Chapters πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️


Chapter 126

The councilman’s eyes fell on the person inside the cell, and he questioned Deacon, “Why are some of the prisoners put here when there are vacant cells up there?”

Following the councilman’s line of sight, Deacon’s eyes fell on the person who was hurled in a fetal position, with bare legs visible but head hidden in the dark because of the lack of light in this part of the dungeon. The head guard turned to the councilman and explained,

“The one’s at the top are noisier than these ones. Also some here are not worth mentioning and are better forgotten with the long-term punishment before being put up there,” Deacon wasn’t interested in talking about these prisoners when he wanted to find the human. The woman didn’t know what was coming at her for trying to escape, thought the head guard.

“Have these prisoners shifted at the top. And look at the dust collected here along with cobwebs!” Mr. Cripps scolded before looking away from the cell.

The guard who carried the torch looked closely at the prisoners inside the cells. He then reached the cell where Eve was.

As he stepped closer, so did the light crawl on the ground, inching closer to where Eve lay.

Sensing the brightness in the cell increased, Eve clenched her jaws and her hands turned into fists while trying to keep her heart still without letting it fluctuate much. The light from the torch had entered the cell, and as the guard moved closer, Deacon’s attention went back to the cell, ready to catch sight of the woman they were searching for.

The light moved closer to Eve, ready to touch her, when another person ran in, calling the councilman’s attention.

“Mr. Cripps!”

This pulled Deacon and the rest of the men’s attention away from the person in the cell. It was a councilman who had entered the passage.

It was a fellow councilman, who whispered something in Mr. Cripps’s ears, and on hearing whatever news was informed, the councilman’s face turned sour. Mr. Cripps turned to Deacon and said, “I will be back in a few minutes. Find the woman and bring her quick. This is your territory and neither you nor your guards have been able to find her. Pathetic.”

The two councilmen left the corridor as if they had to attend to a pressing matter immediately.

Deacon turned to his guards and demanded, “Where the fuck is that bitch?”

The underling guards quickly bowed, and one said, “We have been searching for her, but we haven’t been able to find her so far. It’s like she disappeared in ai–”

Deacon slapped the man to get him quiet, “What the fuck do you mean she disappeared in thin air? The guards at the gates have not left and there’s no way she knows how to get out of here. She’s somewhere in here, so you better start looking for her. Because it was your carelessness that she’s out of her cell!” He glared at the guards.

Blood dripped from the guard’s mouth as Deacon had slapped hard. The head guard ordered, “Keep looking for her. We aren’t going to stop until we find that woman.”

“Yes!!” The guards replied collectively and dispersed from there.

Soon Deacon left the place and walked away where Eve had earlier walked, which finally turned the passage on this side of the dungeon quiet again.

Eve didn’t move for the first few seconds, fearing someone would return. When she was sure there was no one, she turned her body and took a peek to see no one outside the cell. Getting up, she decided to leave her outer dress in the corner of the cell and stepped out before continuing to walk and hide.

She wondered how much longer she would be able to keep herself from being caught. She wondered if she had any luck escaping because even the councilman who had spoken to Deacon seemed cruel.

Away from where Eve was, the two councilmen continued to walk. Mr. Cripps questioned,

“What is he even doing here?!”

The other councilman who worked for Mr. Cripps looked nervous and said, “He told me he was here to tour the place.”

Mr. Cripps clicked his tongue in distaste and said, “Bullshit! He’s here to steal the case from us. Where is he now?”

“Right at the entrance, Sire,” replied the other councilman as they continued to walk through the passages. When they reached the entrance, he said, “I saw him right here,” he frowned.

Mr. Cripps looked around before calling the guard at the entrance and questioned, “Did Mr. Moriarty leave?”

“Mr. Moriarty?” The guard asked before answering, “He went inside looking for you.”

“For me?” Mr. Cripps questioned. He turned around, once again stepping inside the dungeon. “We need to find him or this woman. This case is ours, and the sooner we close it, the quicker we will have a name for ourselves. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Sire!” Replied the councilman, following Mr. Cripps back inside the dungeon.

Inside the dungeon, Vincent walked through one of the long passages with quiet and quick footsteps as he looked for the governess. His eyes had turned darker, and a frown on his face. He wondered what condition he would find the mermaid in. He was slightly annoyed.

When he came near the passage that he would have found Eve in if she hadn’t escaped, which now was empty. He looked at the prisoners who stared at him.

One of the prisoners commented, “Looks like today we have many high standing visitors here. How fortunate.”

Vincent turned to the prisoner and questioned, “A woman was brought in here yesterday. Where has she been taken?”

“Looks like Deacon’s woman is in demand, hahaha,” the other prisoners laughed and jeered at it.

Vincent would have enjoyed talking here, but at the moment, he wasn’t in the mood. Not when his dessert was stolen from him. His eyes fell to the ground, and he picked up the small piece of wood.

He broke it to sharpen the little piece of wood and played it between his fingers. He demanded,

“Do you know where this said woman is?”

But the prisoner only mocked Vincent and said, “Who the fuck knows? She would have been in my cell or next–”

Vincent threw the wooden piece that passed between the rusty rods and then into the vampire’s open mouth before getting stuck in the back of the vampire’s throat.

“AH! ARGH!” The prisoner caught hold of his neck with both hands and struggled to speak, while his eyes widened because of the pain the sharp wood caused inside his throat.

The other prisoners who were smiling suddenly turned quiet and stared at Vincent.

The other prisoners didn’t know what Vincent had done to have one of the inmates groan in pain. One of the prisoners then raised his hand and pointed to his left, “T-they took her this way. The floor below.”

Besides guards spread out in different parts of the dungeon, the two councilmen searched for Vincent and the woman while Vincent looked for Eve.

Deacon had turned back and returned through the earlier passage when his baton fell from his hand. He picked it up and was about to leave when he paused and turned to see the cell he had earlier been standing in front of. His eyebrows furrowed when he noticed the previous prisoner there to be missing.

When he got closer, he noticed the woman’s dress crumpled and placed in the corner.

“Bitch!” Deacon cursed before running past the cells and looking for her.

Chapter 127

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“The guards at the front side of the dungeon haven’t seen her. She’s hiding somewhere on the inside!” One of the guards passed the information to the other guards.

“All the cellrooms have been checked and they are clear,” said another guard.

“Keep searching for her. She cannot hide for too long. Look at the cells once again and lock the ones you find to be open,” ordered the guard, who had spoken first. He moved along with the other guards, with their footsteps receding from there.

Eve stood behind a thick pillar, where no light came to fall on her. Though she tried to calm her breathing, her heart didn’t stop beating louder than usual. To her luck, the vampire guards in the dungeon were all low-grade vampires who couldn’t hear her movements.

When another guard came searching near the pillar where she stood, Eve moved herself to the side, making a half circle around the pillar to avoid the guard from catching her. When the guard went back to look into the cells with the fire torch in his hand, she quickly left the spot and stepped into another passage, not knowing where it would lead as she had never walked through this place.

Eve didn’t know how much longer she could do this because the stress was getting to her head, making it hard for her to think, knowing the guards were looking for her. There were one or more guards everywhere she went, and she fell back further away from the dungeon’s entrance.

She ended up somewhere dark and cold, where the torches were left cold for quite some time now. Her ears tried to pick up any sounds, but she only heard her laboured breathing.

A gasp escaped her lips when a rat moved near her leg, startling her. The rat squeaked, moving across the ground before escaping through the crack in the wall.

Eve’s legs trembled.

Not because of fear but because it was losing energy. She turned anxious and pulled the beige skirt to look at her legs. Bending down, she noticed the light appearance of patches of scales on her skin.

What was she going to do? It seemed like she would be killed either because she had been falsely accused as a murderer or because of being exposed as a mermaid.

Hearing footsteps coming from one side, Eve quickly took shelter in the shadows. When she took a peek, she noticed it was the head guard searching for her with his eyes moving across the area. She brought her hand and covered her mouth and nose so the vampire wouldn’t catch her even by mistake. After a few seconds, she heard his footsteps turn distant as if he left.

Deciding to leave this place, she stepped out, but Deacon stood right in front of her and glared at her. She turned, ready to flee from him, but the vampire was quick to catch her and he pushed her harshly to the ground.

A shriek escaped from Eve’s lips and she tried to get away from him.

“Did you have fun playing hide and seek?” Deacon questioned her and walked toward her.

Eve crawled backwards, and her hand picked up a stone in her hand. She said, “I did not kill anyone, you have found the wrong person. Let me explain and let me go.”

“Tch,” Deacon clicked his tongue, “Forget about explanation, because you are going to be severely punished by none other than me for trying to escape from here.”

Trying to talk sense to this guard was useless because he wasn’t willing to understand.

He said threateningly, “You are dumb to think you could outsmart me? It is good that you escaped from your cell. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t be here alone. Looks like the whip was useless on you and I will have to discipline you another way.”

When Deacon grabbed Eve’s legs, she screamed, kicking and pushing him. But the vampire was strong, and he dragged her towards him. At the right time, she struck the stone against the vampire’s eye with force.

Eve pushed the head guard away from her and started to run. But she didn’t go too far as Deacon caught up to her and held the back of her neck, squeezing it. He pushed her against the wall, making it difficult for her to move her head.

“You have some nerve to keep hitting me, when you know that it is only going to worsen your time in this dungeon,” Deacon whispered those words into Eve’s ears.

“AHH!” Eve screamed in pain when Deacon twisted one of her arms painfully, where she felt if he turned it anymore, it would break. Pain contoured her face.

Eve’s eyes started to burn, her eyes glistening every time the guard turned her arm to show who had the upper hand here and the pitiful state she was in.

“You fucking bitch. I will break a limb of yours and no one will find out what happened. I will claim that you broke it yourself while trying to flee,” Deacon continued to threaten, trying to fill her mind with fear.

Deacon wanted to enjoy her as it wasn’t often they had such a beautiful woman in the dungeon, and this woman was in a different league. But one hand of his held her neck, and the other had twisted her arm to touch her. He pulled her away from the wall and roughly pushed her to the ground with force.

Eve scraped her palms against the uneven ground. She tried to look for anything to protect her, and in the end readied her fingers. She would peel this man’s skin if she had to defend herself.

Deacon licked his lips, wondering how this woman would taste. He unbuckled the belt around his pants and approached her with a sneer. But before he could get closer to this human, a stone flew in his direction and hit his temple, which had him stagger to the side.

The head guard angrily turned, not knowing which person had interrupted him.

A look of shock which was replaced by confusion entered Deacon’s eyes when it fell on Vincent Moriarty standing at the end of the passage.

Eve had never felt more relieved to see Vincent as much as she did now.

When Vincent’s eyes moved from the low-grade vampire to his high-grade mermaid, he noticed bruises on her arms and one side of her face swollen. She was in a beige inner dress, and her shoes were missing, leaving her feet bare. She looked vulnerable.

Deacon tried to hold back his disappointment and said, “You seem to have caught me during work, Mr. Moriarty.”

The guard spoke with utmost care because he was no idiot to not know who this person was. This man was Vincent Moriarty, a pureblooded vampire, who ran in high circles and though not part of the inner circle in the council, he was regarded as a highly influential man. And as Vincent had visited the dungeon more than a few times in the past, where his visits concerned cases for Deacon to be familiar with him.

Vincent’s eyes didn’t leave Eve and he turned annoyed.

“What brought you to the dungeon Mr. Moriarty?” Deacon asked in a subservient way to gain favour from the pureblooded vampire. “Can I help you with something?”

“You are standing too close to what is mine. Step away from her.”

Chapter 129

Deacon moved toward the woman and grabbed Eve’s hand with force. Eve winced in pain but didn’t stop struggling from his hold and stopping him from dragging her. She had been scared that her legs would transform and reveal her mermaid tail to the people present here. She resisted the guard by throwing a handful of dust from the ground and into his eyes.

Scrambling away from him, Eve’s back hit the wall as she gasped for air.

“You bitch! I will fucking kill you myself for this!” Deacon tried to get the dust out of his eyes, which had momentarily blinded him. Rubbing his eyes, he walked towards her and closed the distance between them.

Before the head guard could cause any harm, Vincent gripped Deacon’s hair and pulled it hard to get the guard away from Eve while he kicked another guard’s knee, and the guard fell in pain. A chuckle escaped from Vincent’s lips, and he asked, “You have some nerve, don’t you?”

Deacon somehow wriggled away from Vincent’s hold and glared at him.

“Don’t you think you are going a little too far for this woman, Mr. Moriarty? Seems like something is going on that we aren’t aware of. What will people say if they find out?”

“Why don’t you get closer and I will tell you,” whispered Vincent with a nerve-chilling smile.

“Stop this madness, Vincent! The members of the inner circle won’t be happy if they find the damage you have caused here,” Mr. Cripps stated in a furious tone. Vincent had turned this place into a mess!

There were blood drops that belonged to the guards on Vincent’s face; some were heavy enough to slide down and smear down his skin.

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“What will people think?” Vincent repeated Deacon’s words. “People will think you were foolish to think you failed to follow simple words. Do you have a small brain which is why you cannot comprehend my warning?”

Now that Deacon had the other two councilman’s permission, he used all force in fighting with Vincent. But the more he tried to get a hit at the pureblooded vampire, the more he stumbled forward as if he was swinging his hands in the air, and Vincent chuckled.

Vincent turned to the council members and asked,

“Would you like to take part in it?”

“Don’t think I won’t report your actions of disrespect to the higher ups,” glared Mr. Cripps with a hardened expression.

“Go on. It might save your time,” Vincent challenged the councilman.

The other councilman whispered to his senior, “Sire, this is not going well…”

Mr. Cripps disregarded what his subordinate said and questioned Vincent, “Why are you doing this? Your actions will be considered going against the council, and you will be punished far worse than this woman.”

Vincent responded, “Firstly, this woman has nothing to do with your case. Secondly, she’s my precious governess and thirdly, I am not pleased with the condition I found her in.”

“She might be your governess but that doesn’t erase the fact that she’s under suspicion of murder. The villagers and the magistrate have given their statements against her,” stated Mr. Cripps.

Vincent dodged Deacon’s punch when the man came to attack him. Getting hold of the head guard’s body, he kneed Deacon’s stomach before punching him. He kicked him twice before letting go of the head guard, who hunched his back and scowled.

“What’s the matter, head guard? Did someone falsely promote you in here, because you seem weak,” Vincent taunted, one corner of his lips curling with smugness. “Or are you able to display your strength only in front of the unfortunate, because you are weak.”

Deacon spat the blood on the ground and said, “I thought you were a reputed man, Mr. Moriarty. You should just follow the orders.”

“Did you?”

On hearing Vincent’s question, Deacon’s movements froze, and the council members wondered what Vincent was even talking about.

“This is how offenders are treated,” huffed Deacon, and he came back to leave a blow at Vincent.

But Vincent caught the head guard’s arm, “You made a mistake touching her. But you know what they say, you reap what you sow. And do you know what you sowed?” He hit Deacon’s chest with his other hand, which had the person throw up blood. “You sowed death.”

By now, Deacon realized the rumours about this man in front of him were true. But it was too late to make amends, as the damage he had made was visible on the woman.

Vincent caught hold of Deacon’s hand, twisted his fingers and questioned the guards around, “Anyone here kind enough to tell who hit this woman here? Don’t be shy,” he hummed.

Vincent turned to Eve, his head tilting in question.

Eve was in shock on seeing the amount of blood spill. She couldn’t believe that Vincent had killed half the guards just to stop them from taking her back into the cell.

When her eyes met Vincent’s waiting eyes, her gaze moved to Deacon and the pureblooded vampire smiled.

Deacon screamed in pain when Vincent didn’t just break his fingers, and maybe it would have been better to be broken. But the pureblooded vampire held two fingers in one hand and the other three in another before tearing it in two different directions for more blood to spill.

“AHHHHHH!!!!!” Deacon clutched his hands as blood dripped on the ground continuously.

And then Vincent’s hand reached for Deacon’s neck, clasping it in an iron grip and making it hard for Deacon to move.

“Let go of the head guard. Let us sit down and discuss the matter in front of the council,” Mr. Cripps finally used the approach that his subordinate had earlier suggested prior to all this mess.

“I am not interested in it anymore,” Vincent was least bothered with the consequences. “If there’s one thing I hate, that’s people having trouble listening.”

Deacon tried to get out of Vincent’s hold, but it was useless. His quickly pleaded, “F-forgive me, Mr. Moriarty. I wa-as only doing my duty here. P-pleease. It wasn’t me, I didn’t do anythin-ng,” he stuttered.

Vincent stared into Deacon’s eyes and said, “Life must be hard doing your duty here, isn’t it?”

“Vincent, what do you thi—” Mr. Cripps’s words were stuck in his throat when Vincent separated the head guard’s head from his body before dropping them on the ground.

Vincent then turned to look at the councilman and asked, “You were telling something, Mr. Cripps? It was hard to concentrate with that eyesore in front of me.”

With the end of the fight, shock filled the people’s faces, and silence befell again.

Mr. Cripps was left speechless, and so were the others who were still alive. W-what did this man do? He killed the head guard of the dungeon without a second thought! He gritted his teeth and shouted,

“Such recklessness, you—”

“Shhh,” Vincent silenced the man. “There’s no need to burst a vein at this age of yours. Don’t forget that you were the one who started the fight.”

“What the hell are you talking about?! You didn’t let the guards take the woman—”

“We could have sat down and calmly sorted it. But you refused even after I clearly stated that this woman has nothing to do with the murder of Mr. Fowler or the case itself,” Vincent put the blame on the councilman, who looked furious and ready to burst like a boiling volcano. “The lead to the case is sitting in the carriage. Can you imagine what people would say if they were to find that you randomly allowed a woman get tortured in here?”

Mr. Cripps gawked at Vincent in shock before his hands turned into fists, and he tried to control his anger.

“Why… Why didn’t you tell me this before?!” If Mr. Cripps knew about this, he would have inquired before letting things get out of hand!

Vincent didn’t respond to the councilman and quietly walked to where Eve sat while taking the wall’s support.

Gregory, the other councilman with Mr. Cripps, said, “Sire, this is not looking good. If this woman is really innocent and if the lead and culprit is sitting elsewhere.”

“You think so?!” Mr. Cripps’s eyes snapped at his subordinate. Right now, Vincent had put him in a difficult spot becaus e of the number of deaths in the dungeon.

Chapter 130

Eve stared at the head guard’s lifeless body that bled on the ground while his eyes were wide open. Hearing footsteps approaching her, her eyes quickly snapped to see Vincent walking in her direction.

There was a slight frown as she continued to stare at him.

The council members appeared angry and disappointed because Vincent had gone against their protocols to protect her. He had killed the head guard who would have planned to hurt her further.

“You killed them…” Eve whispered.

“Did you expect me to stand and watch you being dragged inside the cell?” Vincent questioned, staring at her. “Besides, haven’t I already told you that your life is mine and not yours anymore?” His eyes fell on the severe bruise on her face. “You look terrible. Let us leave.”

Eve pushed her hands on the ground with strength before standing up. But her legs had turned weak, and she used the support of the wall next to her. The earlier worry hadn’t left her mind as she could transform at any moment. She let him know,

“I cannot walk.”

Vincent noticed Eve’s body wobble. Clicking his tongue, he bent and carried her in his arms. He asked her, “How much time do you have?”

“Not much,” she replied while trying to hang on to him. This was the second time Vincent carried her in less than a week.

“Hold on for a few minutes longer. I will get you out of here.”

Eve held onto Vincent as he carried her. She felt the tingling sensation in her legs and tried to hide her feet in the long coat covering her body. The councilmen were stunned by Vincent’s actions and watched him walk past them while carrying the woman.

Mr. Cripps’s senses returned, stopping Vincent, “Where are you taking her?” He demanded.

“To Darthmore. To the council, you will find me there,” Vincent offered a charming smile before he walked away from there, leaving the council members with gobsmacked expressions.

“You better be there,” Mr. Cripps warned with contained anger.

“If you don’t you can put a missing person poster around the place,” stated Vincent before walking away from there.

Mr. Cripps rubbed his forehead with a headache forming in his head. He looked at the dead bodies that lay on the ground and said, “Once we return to Darthmore, I want you to draft a report about this. We need to get the place cleaned and re-assign the guards. He could have just told us what he knew about the lead.”

Gregory nodded before asking, “Why do you think he didn’t tell us before? We could have avoided this mess.”

“Exactly the very reason,” stated Mr. Cripps, and his eyes fell on the head guard, where blood pooled around him. “If he told us beforehand, he wouldn’t have been able to kill this one and it would have allowed us to report him for his misconduct behaviour. If we do now, it isn’t just him but us two who will get into trouble,” he gritted his teeth.

The councilman nodded, impressed by Vincent’s mind. He said, “We must agree that Vincent doesn’t just have a skill to kill people but also brains.”

“It would be better if you stop patronising him, unless you want to face disciplinary actions,” Mr. Cripps warned the young man.

Away from them, Vincent walked through the passages that had lit by the torches of fire on the walls. The prisoners who were wondering what the commotion was about until now, saw Vincent and turned quiet.

Vincent’s footsteps were quick and he stepped out of the dungeon. He made his way to where his carriage stood, and his coachman Mr. Briggs noticed the woman in his master’s arms, who was none other than the governess.

Mr. Briggs quickly opened the carriage door. Seeing the village head sitting in the corner of the carriage, with his hands and legs tied in rope to stop him from running. Vincent ordered his coachman, “Shift him.” 

“At the front, Master Vincent?” the coachman inquired.

“No. At the back,” replied Vincent, and for a moment, the village head believed the vampire was being sarcastic until the coachman put him at the back of the carriage and tied him like a piece of luggage.

Vincent helped Eve sit inside the carriage, before joining her. He noticed her continue to tremble, half in fear and half in anxiousness, while her eyes trained on her lap.

“You okay?” He asked her.

Eve slowly nodded. The panic that had been running high in her body slowly subdued. Her anxious mind, trying to keep herself from being caught earlier, turned quiet. She was finally safe, away from being violated or killed or exposed.

“Where are your shoes?” Vincent was subtle with his question. As he had found her without an outer dress and only inner dress, along with her bare feet, he didn’t know what the lowly guard had done to her.

Eve’s lips parted before she replied, “I was trying to hide… So I removed the top dress and shoes.”

Vincent noticed Eve’s voice had turned slightly hoarse. Leaning forward, he pulled out a small bag that contained water and passed it to her,

“Drink.” Eve took the bag from him and heard him say, “Slowly, we don’t want you hurting more.”

She took little sips before returning it to him. But her eyes started to well up in tears, and unable to control the stress she had been trying to hold within herself, she finally broke into tears.

For the first time, Vincent noticed delicate tears slipping from Eve’s eyes. While some drops rolled until the end of her cheek, some turned into refined, high-quality pearls before falling on her lap and some on the carriage mat below their feet.

When the coachman finished tying the village head and made his way around the carriage where the door was still open, Vincent pulled Eve into his arms, hiding her in his chest from anyone’s sight but his, while she continued to cry.

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